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FAQs about Ultraviolet Sterilizers 3

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"You gotta keep it circulated"

TMC uv sterilizer, repair!       2/8/14
Hi I was hoping you can help me with my v2electron tmc uv sterilizer, the bulb and the quartz work but the light to tell me when the bulb needs replacing is not, it is meant to flash from green to orange to red but it is a constant red! I replaced the bulb yesterday and tried to reset it but it won't reset! I am hoping you can help me identify what the problem is?
How do you know when the ballast has gone?
<Am referring you (Bcc'g) to friends who own and run TMC for their input here. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Tmc uv sterilizer      2/8/14

Thank-you I just noticed the ballast is boiling! So unplugged it!
<Yeeikes! Good. BobF>

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