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FAQs about Toxic Aquascaping Materials in Marine Systems

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Marine Safe Paint     12/7/17
Hello Crew. I have a 155 gallon fowlr tank, and some of my fake ceramic coral pieces have faded with age. I'm wondering, is there an aquarium safe paint I can use to repaint them? Thanks in advance for your help.
<Yes; there are marine epoxies that are safe and best for this application.
Re: Marine Safe Paint     12/7/17

Cool. Do you know of any off hand that I can use? Maybe something at a home improvement store?
<Would have to shop online or foot... but should have small quantities at hobby/craft shops. BobF>

Plastic Anemones.       3/13/14
Hi Bob,
I am glad to report my Emperor and all other fish are doing fine.
<Ah good>
I have two Ocellaris clownfish and want to treat them to plastic anemones.
Have you heard of any reports of them polluting the water as they must be heavily dyed.
<I know of folks (the Smiths of WSI/Nature's Image, Marty Beals/Tideline...) that made ones that are chemically inert. Can't/won't vouch for the safety of all. You can/could make your own...>
Thanks in advance.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Metal tank decoration... Not in SW     2/7/14
HI everyone.  I have a saltwater 75 gallon tank and have been having issues with ammonia lately.  I emailed your staff last week and got some good advise.  Something that I have been wondering about however is that my girlfriend knows nothing about the hobby except what looks " cute " or "pretty".... That said, she ran off and bought me a metal ship to put in the tank.  It has been in there for about a month now.  I'll tell you that I do not know what type of metal it is except that it is not stainless steel. It is about 14" long, looks pretty cool cause it's made to look like it was crashed/sunk.  Anyhoo... am I reaching here or could this be contributing to my recent ammonia spike or to the overall water quality that could have contributed to the recent outbreak of Ich in my tank?
What's your take on metal decorations in a saltwater tank?
<Maybe... I'd remove it>
I should tell you that she DID purchase this from a LFS not just at some hardware store which is why I initially thought that it would be okay but now I'm beginning to wonder.....
<Well; the item might be coated/sealed in some way; but... eventually, not to be trusted in seawater. Bob Fenner>

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