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Opaline Gourami - big belly  12/3/10
Hello there,
I come here a lot, as my LFS usually can't help me out. Before I get into my problem, my water levels are such: pH - 7.5, Nitrate - 10-15 (the color in the test was more towards to the 10 level though) , Nitrite - >0.1 (the color was much lighter than the 0.1 level, but it wasn't completely clear),
<Should be zip, nada, 0.0>
Ammonia - 0. I used the Nutrafin tests. My water temp is always at 78 and I do 50% water changes monthly, with the last water change three days ago. I have two Opaline Gourami's, one Gold Gourami, one Pleco Algae Eater, and 5 Dwarf Gourami's.
<And a Kisser in your pic>

I also have 2 Odessa Barbs, but am in the process of selling them. I got the one Opaline Gourami about... 4 months ago. I was weary of getting him/her because it had a small green mark on it's head. It was at the store for at least a month before I bought it. It's grown from about 2 inches to roughly 4 inches now. It eats more than my other fish. (Not sure if this matters?)
<Not really>
Over the 3 weeks, it's belly has been getting bigger. At first, I just thought it had eaten too much, but now it's belly worries me. It's gotten to the point where it looks as though (s)he is carrying eggs,
<I do think this is a female and it may be full of eggs>
which I know it isn't because (s)he would have released them within a few days. Yesterday, I brought him/her into the LFS and was given this golden piece of advice, 'I have no idea! Wait and see if it lives.' So, I called a knowledgeable FS out of town and they told that it may be gas,
<Mmm, no; else this fish would be floating>
in which case it'll last another 3 weeks. (S)he is still active, eats, acts, looks normal, expect for the belly. Have you any other ideas as to why it's belly is so large?
<Could be a dropsical condition... Of various causes. Read here:
My camera sucks at taking photos, but I found a picture that looks just like my fish.
<Oh, so this image was lifted... stolen>
I'm not sure if this will help you guys at all, but I figured a photo would be of some help. (Note: My Opaline's belly is not that... Outstanding? The Gourami in the photo has a slightly larger belly than my
own.) Thank you for all your help, Selena.
<Read on! Bob Fenner>
Re: Opaline Gourami - big belly 12/4/10

Thanks for the info Bob! Okay, so, I'm currently feeding my fish Nutrafin Max fish flakes
<Mmm, am not a fan of this mode/flake or brand. I would switch to something better... Even to a different format. My fave, Spectrum (pellets) of appropriate size>

and every 2-3 day they get left over bloodworms (the left-overs being that I give half a unfrozen cube to my puffer fish, and the other half to my other fish.)
<And Bloodworms have unfortunately been implicated in some serious issues, even frozen ones>

I don't have any tinned peas to fed my Gourami... Would unfrozen peas be okay?
<Yes, squished twixt your fingers>
Your FAQs say to use Epsom Salt, so I'll be picking some up tomorrow. Is there a particular type of Epsom Salt I should use?
<No. All are MgSO4, Magnesium Sulfate>
I do have regular Aquarium Salt, but in the FAQs, Neale told someone with that it might make it worse, and I'm guessing that the same applies in my case. If it means anything, I have Marine Salt? The rest of my fish are fine, all are looking good and acting normal. The Opaline's scales aren't sticking out and she doesn't float or lay at the bottom of the tank either.
Hmm, I just did a 50% water change 5 days ago, but since my Nitrite was at 10-15, should I do a 25% change? Thank again, Selena.
<Skip on the bloodworms, get a better dried/prepared food and all will likely be fine here. BobF>

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