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FAQs about Tunze Pumps for Circulation 

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Re: Pump Recommendation 6/19/09
Scott: as per your recommendation I ordered the 2 1262 Eheims.....now if you please- do you have an opinion on the new Tunze recirculation silence pumps??
<I have never personally used these, but am a fan of anything this particular company puts out.>
Also can you recommend a single pump that will deliver 1200 gph to the tank not too loud and no flow accelerator will be used....just up and over the side of the tank from about 52" below in the sump?????
<Ocean Runner 6500 or Reeflo Snapper will do the trick.>
Thanks in advance...
<Welcome, Scott V.>

Limiting Pump Noise'¦Large External or Tunze Stream? -- 09/26/07 Hello Crew! <<Howdy Don!>> I am in the middle of setting up a new saltwater 210 AGA. <<Sweet>> I went out and bought a Via Aqua 8000 to use as the sump and buy another one for a closed-loop. <<Mmm, have you heard these pumps run? I find this brand of pump to be very noisy>> It's an o.k. pump but a little noisy. <<Indeed>> I might be expecting too much and pretty much have read all your articles on power heads and pumps. <<Okay>> Do I go and buy either a Dolphin 7500/6500 for a closed-loop (or tell me what pump is awesome at being very quiet) <<The Japanese-motored Iwaki's, some of the Pan-World pumps, and those from Gorman-Rupp Industries are a few examples that will offer a good balance of quality and power vs. noise'¦but none are truly 'silent'>> or scrap the closed-loop and stick about 4 Tunze in the tank. I would love to run a closed-loop but much rather have a real quiet tank running. <<Then go with the Tunze Stream Pumps, mate. If you can live with the look there's absolutely no comparison re efficiency and flow volume, with virtually no 'noise'>> Thank you for your time. Don V. <<Happy to assist. Eric Russell>>

Which Tunze Pump? - 11/28/06 Hey! <<Hey!>> Once again with a stupid question! <<Never!>> I have a 36 x 30 x 30 (Approx 140G) reef. <<Ok>> I am currently using an AZOO 2500Ltr/Hr and an EHEIM 1000Ltr/Hr powerhead for water circulation.  Was planning to buy a Tunze pump for circulation. <<Tunze Stream pump?  Excellent!  I use these pumps myself...excellent quality/function>> Please let me know which one would you guys <<and gals>> suggest? <<A pair of model 6000 or 6100 pumps with controller.  Either will do, with the model 6100 pumps providing a bit more leeway/range.  Just depends on how much you have/want to spend>> Is there harm if I use more water flow in the tank? <<If misapplied, yes...but most any reef system will benefit from additional water flow...and the "controllable" Tunze Stream pumps make application a snap>> Thanks in advance! <<Quite welcome.  EricR>>

Chiller Pump - 12/25/05 My tank is around 890 L and the sump around 175 L.  With the return pump rated at 3400 l/h, I expect less when running through the chiller. <<Yep>> Do you think the two Tunze Turbelle Stream 6100 pumps, Which can provide a flow rate from 4000 to 12000 l/h plus the return pump, Will provide enough flow for my fish only tank. <<Should be fine.>> I wish to provide the best conditions possible. <<Be sure to research your fish selections thoroughly...before purchase.>> Please advise if you think there are any further mod.s to be done. <<I have none, based on the information provided.>> Thank you for your time and knowledge, Alan <<I hope it has been of help, EricR>>

Tunze Stream/Eheim/Seio - 04/26/05 Hi, < Hello! > I am looking into buying pumps for circulation. < Always a good thing, 10x - 20x tank volume as a starting point please. > I am thing of buying either a Tunze or Eheim but I need to know which one is better between the two in the sense of reliability and life span of the pump? < You won't go wrong with either.  Both are very well made, reliable, and quiet...though they are applied in different manners. > Does any one know how good the Seio pumps are? (reliability and life span) < Mixed reviews on the Seios.  In comparison to the Tunze/Eheim, be assured you get what you pay for. > Thanks Mohamed. < You're welcome, Eric R. >

Marine Water Flow Pump Selection Thanks Adam. <Sure.> About the pump? <The Iwaki is a quality pump and it will (depending on your overflows/plumbing) likely suffice for your tank.  However your tank is over 200 gallons, and this will boot be sufficient flow (less than 10 times per hour). The tank should overturn at least 10x an hour, and I prefer 20+.  Research a Closed Loop Systems on WetWebMedia or look into a product called "TUNZE streams."> Ed
<Adam J.>

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