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FAQs about Ecotech Marine VorTech Pumps for Circulation 

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EcoTech Marine, 1349 Lynn Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18015

Two mp40's sufficient for a 180 gallon (6-foot long) reef tank?     5/29/12
Hi, Crew!
<Hello Kevin>
Sorry to bug you with this.  On paper, it seems up to 6400 gph (up to 35x turnover per hour) would suffice here, but I received a reply on my local reef forum that two mp40's would not be enough for a tank of this size.
<Need to factor in rock-work and livestock as well.>
 I know to take forum responses with a grain of salt, but wanted to check with you folks.  I have done some research while acquiring my gear slowly over the last 6 months, and the turnover, even when alternating from max to lower output between the two pumps, seems adequate according to info on your wonderful site and others.  But, with this being my first experience with a tank of the size, I want to know if I should consider adding more pumps or bumping up to mp60's if necessary.
<I would step up to the MP-60s; they will provide many more options when it comes time to program. Two 40s may work with minimal rock work but flow in the middle of the tank is going to suffer.>
As always, a huge thanks to the Crew and WetWebMedia.  Your site has been a tremendous tool and has guided what gear I have chosen as I prepare to begin setup on this tank.  Cheers,
<Happy planning>

Ecotech mp10 or mp40 on cube tank/Water Flow/Pumps 5/10/12
Hi Crew,
wwm: Hello Steve
I am setting up a new cube tank, the dimensions are 32" X 32" X 20". I will have a sump return pump running between 800 and 1200 gph. I have a 2" drain and a 1.5" drain down to a 30 gallon sump and 30 gallon refugium in cabinet. I have already tested the return pump out and the flow is fine through the tank. It will be an mainly an sps tank so I will want high flow. My return pump is going to be split into 2 returns up over the back of tank so they are adjustable for flow direction. I wanted to have to vortechs in the upper back corners of the tank. My question is which pumps to get. Since they will both be facing forward and wireless. Would I be good with 2 mp10's or should I go with 2 mp 40's?
wwm: I would go with MP40s, the MP10s would be pushing it a bit. In the event you go to a larger system, you will not have to upgrade the Vortechs as they are quite expensive.
There is only 31" of space from front to back and with 2 mp10's I would have a little less than 3000 gph depending on programming and also 800 to 1200 with my return pump. I am asking because of mainly the price difference and the need for higher flow in sps systems. I have never owned a Vortech pump and im a little hesitant of two mp 40s pushing to much water to the front of the tank and possibly overflowing out the top.
wwm: These great pumps are completely programmable, you can always lower the flow rate if needed. With your unique tank you will want to use the "create your own wave" feature of the Vortech controller. It's quite easy to do and the harmonics will match your tank perfectly. Because your system is perfectly square, it won't make much difference whether the pumps are on the back or the sides.
Thank you for the time you spend reading all these questions.
wwm: You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)

final opinion on powerhead debate - 4/17/12
Hello, Crew!
<Hello Kevin, Bobby here>  What an incredible database of information.  I love you guys.
<Thanks! We feel loved!>
I am finally almost complete with my 180 gal reef tank, gear acquisition stage.  My last pieces are my powerheads.  My tank is 6x2x2, and will be a mixed reef, including some SPS.  A quick summary of the rest, if needed: LifeReef Berlin-style sump with attached ~ 20 gallon dsb refugium, return via a BlueLine HDX 40, in-sump Reef Dynamics 180 protein skimmer (rated up to 600 gallons), lighting is SunPod 3 x 250W 14,000K HQI.  The tank will have live rock and live sand, and all water will be RO/DI.
Okay, I really have researched my needed circulation.  I have been on many forums, checked on here (Tunze seems well respected), checked with local reefers and the experienced staff at my LFS, as well as having read books by both Bob Fenner, Anthony Calfo, Julian Sprung, among others.  After all of this, I am down to two possible setups for circulation on my tank.  Both of these will put a significant dent in my wallet so I just wanted to check with the educated crew before (gulp) taking the plunge here.
Option 1- Two Tunze Turbelle Stream 6105 controllable pumps with the newer 7096 controller.  The pumps are rated at 740-3400 gph and can be controlled anywhere in between, with multiple "modes" like tidal, lagoon, pulse, etc.  The controller connects to my computer and everything is managed with the software.  Night mode can also be set by ramping down the pumps at night to whatever power % desired.
Pros: Tunze quality and customer service, can be directed in any direction, supposedly considerably quieter than option 2 Cons: compared to option 2, heat production w/ motor in the water, but I hear this is negligible, cord in water.
<You are correct in all regards and I agree the any heat put out is negligible as they use so few watts in general>
Option 2- Two EcoTech Marine wireless mp40's with built-in controller.
These have very similar gph ratings and can apparently be fine tuned in all the same ways as the Tunze setup, directly on the included controller.  I know many swear by these, but I have no experience with either myself, as I only had a FOWLR with maxi jets many years ago.
Pros:  supposed great quality and customer service as with Tunze.
Every known option in fine-tuning circulation, exterior motor so no/minimal heat added to the tank, no cord inside the water.
Cons:  non-directional, supposedly a good deal louder than the Tunze when ramped up toward full power, and my tank is my living room one the same wall as our big screen.
Any help here is much appreciated.  I will feel better with either purchase once I hear from you folks.  Thanks!
<OK Kevin, i will try to give you some feedback as I use and own both of the products you are referring to.  Let me start by saying as you suggest, you cant go wrong with either option.  That being said, I am going to suggest the MP40's for a few reasons I will list, but mainly as it is what I have done and I always try to provide a question like this with real world feedback. 1.  The Vortechs will provide a broader 'wall' of flow. 
The Tunzes have a more acute angle in the way the flow exits the unit.  2. Variability of flow options.  Although the Tunzes can be adjusted to what ever output you want, the pre programmed modes on the Vortech are really nice.  Especially when you consider they can be linked to work together without the need of an additional controller or the PC like the Tunzes need.  3. Aesthetics. Quite simply, you don't realize how distracting cords in the water are until you don't have them anymore.  On the negative, yes they are a bit louder than the Tunzes, but I cannot hear them over my TV which is also in the same room as my 220g which uses them.  In the dead of night when the house is quiet though, yes you can hear them.  I hope that helps with some real world experience.  Again, I would use either on a tank, but If I were to choose between the 2, the Vortechs win for me.>

EcoTech Marine - Vortech MP40 Pump And Controller   4/27/11
Hi Bob,
<Monsieur Gasta>
Expecting delivery of the subject pump today and planning on doing a review on this also. I had a hard time clicking on the "submit order" button as these babies run $450.00 each. It is suppose to be the Midas of all pumps and I might add that the user manual is 44 pages in length covering every conceivable programming option.
<We'll see. B>
EcoTech Pump System   4/27/11
Too tired to play with it now as I'm under the weather pretty good with a nasty head cold. But, my first impression upon opening the box was, "I paid 450 bucks for that". We'll see how it performs once I download and print the operating manual sometime tomorrow. Just don't feel like screwing around with anything the way I feel. I just got it hooked up and set it to one of their pre-programmed modes. I'll say one thing, it moves a hell of a lot of water and the build quality appears to be very good if not excellent.
<And you. B>

EcoTech Marine Introduces the EcoSmart Driver    3/12/10
EcoTech Marine, the company that revolutionized the reef aquarium propeller pump, has launched the EcoSmart driver. The latest in a series of groundbreaking technological advancements for the market, the EcoSmart driver has exciting new modes and a wider wireless range. EcoTech Marine expects the new driver to begin shipping with VorTech pumps by the end of March 2010.
�EcoSmart is the culmination of 18 months of development and our efforts at complimenting the best pump technology on the market with the most versatile, controllable and customizable driver ever manufactured,� said Tim Marks, president of EcoTech Marine. �The current VorTech wave driver is ground-breaking in its ability to deliver high performance and extensive functionality right out of the box. EcoSmart takes things to new heights.�
With EcoSmart, EcoTech Marine has taken the guesswork out of positioning and setting up pumps, and automated the process of creating the best environment for a coral reef. Position pumps according to EcoSmart�s instructions, select an EcoSmart mode and EcoSmart does the rest, orchestrating pumps to work together, providing the most efficient flow and wave conditions. EcoSmart creates results: less detritus accumulating within aquariums and increased coral growth.
The EcoSmart driver, with its sleek LED interface and dial controlled speed adjustment, offers unprecedented fine-tuning to enable reef enthusiasts to set the perfect environment for their aquarium.
A limited number of review units are available for testing. Please contact Amanda Dickson, marketing@ecotechmarine.com with requests.
Major features of the EcoSmart Controller include:
� Convert any MP10 and MP40 to an EcoSmart driver, and to wireless
� Increased master-slave pump relationship functionality
� Easily auto-tune and program customized waves
� New modes including tidal swell and nutrient transport for an even more realistic reef experience
� Time and speed adjustable for feed and night modes
� Sleek LED interface with on/off switch
� Auto-dim automatically turns the LED's off after a user-set amount of time
�Adjustable battery backup speed and remaining power indicator
Pricing and Availability
The EcoSmart driver will begin shipping with all new VorTech pumps this spring. Owners of existing VorTech MP10 and MP40s who wish to upgrade may purchase an upgrade kit.
Visit ecotechmarine.com/EcoSmart for more product details, specifications and information on the manufacturer's rebate.
This message was sent by: EcoTech Marine, 1349 Lynn Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18015
<You folks interested in advertising, sponsoring WWM? Bob Fenner>

EcoTech Marine Service Parts Store Now Available Online (Vortech pumps)  -- 2/23/10
EcoTech Marine is pleased to announce that its new online service parts store is now open. The parts store is accessible at ecotechmarine.com/parts-store. The parts store includes the most commonly ordered service parts for EcoTech Marine's Vortech line of products.
�We are excited to have the parts store up and running,� said Tim Marks, president of EcoTech Marine. �At EcoTech, we are always looking to improve the experience for our customers, and this was something we've worked on for quite some time. The store will continue to evolve as we add more parts.�
EcoTech Marine Vortech pumps are still available only through the company's retail network. Pumps will not be sold through the service parts store.
�The great thing about the store is that replacement parts can be purchased there, any time of day, at a customer's convenience,� added Marks. �We are committed to raising the bar in customer service and this was the next step. If a customer needs something, they can order it 24 hours a day online.�
EcoTech Marine previously took orders for replacement parts through its 800 number. Note that the parts store is currently only available to domestic customers in the United States.
Visit ecotechmarine.com for news, information, product descriptions, customer images and more.
This message was sent by: EcoTech Marine, 1349 Lynn Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18015

Will post, share on WWM. Bob Fenner
EcoTech Marine New Product Announcement
EcoTech Marine Releases Development Kit for Third Party Aquarium Controllers  11/14/09

November 13, 2009�Lehigh Valley, PA� EcoTech Marine, the company that revolutionized the reef aquarium propeller pump, has announced the release of a development kit for third-party aquarium controller companies for its award-winning VorTech line. Although no firm release date has been established by manufacturers, stay tuned for announcements as controller companies begin to bring this desired technology to market.

"We are extremely excited about this development," says Tim Marks, president of EcoTech Marine. "While the VorTech wave driver already provides extensive functionality right out of the box, this enables customers to integrate our market-leading flow technology with their lighting, dosing, pH and other systems. We look forward to enabling VorTech customers to be able to fully customize and control their pump using the aquarium controller of their choice."

In addition to offering customizable controllability of the VorTech remotely through your controller, EcoTech customers will be able to download firmware updates and be remotely updated as to the operating conditions of the VorTech. The vast benefits of the controller are emerging as companies take interest and start working with the development kit.

EcoTech's development kit is now available to the industry's leading controller companies and together we are making the necessary arrangements to bring controller interfaces to production. "We have heard our customers' request and have worked diligently to bring a solution that will maintain the same level of quality and technological superiority that you have come to expect from us," said Marks.

The patented VorTech technology produces unmatched broad yet gentle flow while placing the motor outside the tank preserving the beauty of the aquarium and enhancing the health of the tank's ecosystem. With all the electrical components outside the aquarium and a variety of easy-to-program modes, the VorTech is the safest, most versatile pump on the market.

Visit http://ecotechmarine.com for news, information, product descriptions, customer images and more.
This message was sent by: EcoTech Marine, 1349 Lynn Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18015

EcoTech Marine Shipping Highly-Anticipated VorTech MP10  (ad sent in)  7/15/09
- [http://ecotechmarine.com/] EcoTech Marine, the company that revolutionized reef aquarium propeller pumps, has begun shipping it newest pump, the ultra-small [http://ecotechmarine.com/products/vortech-mp10/]
VorTech MP10, to its family of retailers and distributors.
A limited number of review units will be provided to the reef aquarium media. Please contact [mailto:%20amanda@altitudemarketing.com] Amanda Dickson if interested in receiving an MP10 for review. Terms and conditions apply.
Possessing the smallest in-tank footprint while providing unmatched broad flow, the MP10 is a must-have for nano-reef enthusiasts around the world.
Leveraging the patented and award-winning VorTech technology the MP10 is the premium pump that customers demand.
The MP10 is ideally suited for aquariums ranging from 2.5 gallons to 50 gallons. Like other EcoTech products, the MP10�s motor is outside the tank preserving the beauty of the aquarium and enhancing the health of the tanks ecosystem.
With all the electrical components outside the aquarium and a variety of easy-to-program modes, the VorTech remains the safest, most versatile pump on the market.
The MP10 has an MSRP of $195.
For complete specifications and a description of MP10 operational modes,
- [http://ecotechmarine.com/products/vortech-mp10/]
To see how small the MP10 is compared to other leading products, visit
To see the simple assembly of the MP10 and to watch its power in action, visit
Product Inquires:
Tim Marks, EcoTech Marine

Closed Loop vs Vortech MP40w, Oceanic vs Aqueon 11/4/08 Hello WWM, <Hello Ryan.> Let me start off with you guys are great I spend days reading information on your website, the information is truly overwhelming but super informative. One suggestion for your website'¦. Could you make it look more like an excel spreadsheet? Then my boss will think I am working when I am reading! <Ahhh, a good idea ? Glad you have found the site of so much use!> I have had a 70 gallon reef running for 6 years and am ready to take the plunge into a bigger tank. My current setup is a disaster waiting to happen. I have two CPR over flows (the biggest ones they make) off the back of the tank draining at full capacity into my refugium/sump. And actually I to put one of the out puts of one of the CPRs directly into the chamber of the refugium where the pump connects because the refugium could not handle all of that water flow. My Dolphin Amp Master 3000 pumps the water back into the tank with 4 - ½ inch nozzles and a manifold 1 ½ pvc with about 40 1/8 inch holes down behind 120 pounds of Fiji live rock. <That is a lot of flow for the boxes to handle!> I know the tank is more rock that anything. The water movement is great my fish and soft corals love it but it took a lot of work to keep it from sand storming. This setup did cure my hair algae battle I fought for a couple of years. The Chaetomorpha in my refugium grows like a weed; I have to groom it down all the time. Also the halimeda in my tank grows like no other as well. I have some candy corals that I have split a few times, various polyps, and Xenias that are growing like crazy. Along with a yellow tang, some Chromis, and maroon clown. My snails and hermit crabs are doing great and I have a Stomatella population thriving. The problem which I am sure you have noticed is the overflow boxes, and the water levels to keep the pump not blowing air are at capacity. I put a ball valve on the return side of the pump to try and line it up with the overflows. Yes it has resulted in a couple of floods, my wife not so happy. <I'll bet.> I realize this potential disaster but have figured the wrath can't be that bad'¦'¦ My wife has limited my spending (like so many others) so I have been saving for a while. I want to make sure I am heading down the right path. I realize there are many different ways to accomplish the same thing but I am sure your collective infinite wisdom will be priceless. <Will try.> For the Tank I am looking at the Aqueon 180 with built in overflows. Realizing it is not drillable for my Dolphin Amp Master 3000/4000, or the Oceanic 178 or 215 (with over overflows) that would be drillable. <Do keep in mind the Aqueon can be drilled through the back/sides.> I want to run the overflows down to my refugium/sump and run a small pump (1200 GPH) back up for filtration. <These overflows typically have 1" drains, which are in reality only good for 300 gph per. You can special order any of these tanks with larger/more holes predrilled for a small charge per hole.> Obviously that will not be enough water turnover through those alone so I was going to drill 2 inch bulkheads (Qty 2) for a closed loop with my Dolphin Amp Master. Then at my LFS I found the Vortech MP40w's. I could go with the cheaper Aqueon tank and not have to drill but still keep the interior of the tank clean (No power heads/pumps visible.) Also I would not void the warranty by drilling the Oceanic Tank. <Reason to have them do it!> Realizing the money I save from going with the Aqueon Tank I will be paying more for the set of MP40w's with controller, but again would keep my warranty on the tank. So really I need a shove in the direction of the best way to turn over water in my tank between these two options????? I read up on your website about these Vortech pumps and I didn't find much'¦.. Any new experience on reliability and functionality of this product? <They have vastly improved in quality over the few years out on the market, you won't go wrong with these.> They are pricey but if they get the job done maybe worth it long term?? <They are IMO, you savings in power monthly will be noticeable over the Dolphin. More traditional powerheads can do the same for less, but then you have powerheads!> My thought is 1200 GPH through the refugium is plenty for filtration? <Or 600 gph, tis enough for filtration.> So what is the best way to increase circulation? <The Vortechs/powerheads.> Also is Oceanic tanks that much better than Aqueon (both made by the same company) is it worth it and still go with Vortech pumps requiring me to save a little longer? <Not IMO, unless you want to spend the big bucks on the Oceanic Starphire tanks.> Or is the versatility of a closed loop system (water flow in any direction) better than the Vortechs? <It is a tradeoff, but experimenting with the placement on the Vortechs, good flow can be achieved.> Wow so I have reread this questions a few times I apologize for its length. Any help and advice at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ryan <Welcome, have fun, Scott V.>

EcoTech Marine Begins Shipping the MP20  -- 07/28/08 REVOLUTIONARY PUMP TECHNOLOGY FOR REEF AQUARIUMS July 28, 2008 EcoTech Marine Begins Shipping MP20 EcoTech Marine, the company that revolutionized coral aquarium propeller pumps with the VorTech MP40w, has begun shipping it newest pump, the VorTech MP20, to its family of retailers and distributors. Pre-order sales have been brisk and shipping is right on schedule. A limited number of review units will be provided to the reef aquarium media. Please contact Andrew Stanten, Altitude Marketing at andrew@altitudemarketing.com if you are interested in receiving an MP20 for review. Some terms and conditions apply. The MP20 is ideally suited for aquariums smaller than 70 gallons, and, like its big brother the MP40w, produces unmatched broad yet gentle flow while placing the motor outside the tank�preserving the beauty of your aquarium and enhancing the health of your tank�s ecosystem. MSRP on the MP20 is $295. To view a list of retailer outlets, click the following link: http://www.ecotechmarine.com/retailers/distributorlist.php The MP20 leverages the patented and award-winning technology of the MP40w and offers many of the same features, including: - Feed More: Slows down your pump for 10 minutes to allow you to feed your aquarium. - Constant Speed Mode: The pump runs at a constant speed you set based on your aquarium�s specific needs. - Reef Crest Mode: Simulate the high energy conditions of a natural reef crest environment. - Lagoon Mode: Simulate a calmer, lagoon reef environment. - Long Pulse Mode: Allows for wave pulse timings of between 2 and 60 seconds, enabling the creation of slow alternating flow throughout the tank. - Short Pulse Mode: Allows for wave pulse timings of between 0.3 and 2 seconds, enabling the creation of resonant standing waves within the tank. - Night Mode: Enables the pump to operate for 14 hours in whichever mode is selected for the day and go back to Night Mode for 10 hours. - Pump Disconnect: Automatically shuts down the system if the wet and dry sides become separated. - Optional Battery Backup: Keeps the circulation going during power failure for 120 hours or longer. MP20 specifications include: - Appropriate Tank Size: 20 to 70 gallons - Dimensions: - Wet Side: 3� diameter by 2.25� long - Dry Side: 3� diameter by 2.25� long - Flow: 500 to 2,000 gallons per hour - Power consumption: 6 to 18 watts - Aquarium Wall Thickness: 3/16� to 3/4� - Clearance needed behind aquarium: 3� �We have on-going dialogue with our customers, engage in frequent conversation with our retailers, and the market has spoken,� says Tim Marks, EcoTech director of production. �The interest in VorTech technology, for smaller tanks, with a limited range of functionality and at a lower price point, is huge. Not everyone perceives the need to have wireless communication between their pumps or is ready to purchase the high end model of the most superior product line on the market.� The MP20 can easily upgrade to the MP40w by purchasing a special upgrade kit which provides additional functionality and flow and enables wireless communication between pumps. With all the electrical components outside the aquarium and a variety of easy-to-program modes, the VorTech remains the safest, most versatile pump on the market. EcoTech Marine | 610.954.8480 | sales@ecotechmarine.com This message was sent by: EcoTech Marine, 1349 Lynn Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18015


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