This is a partial accounting for a challenge involving a property I supposedly own (no, in the U.S., the gov't owns all) and the City of San Diego; in which they, having gone broke financially and morally, have begun stealing citizen's net worths.



          Clarification of Brush Management Regulations and Landscape Standards (NCCD evidence C 43) 6/26/08: excerpted section

Letters and Demand Doc.s, "Invoice", Photos and Video link

Tom Marshall Corr.s 

          TomM letter 6/4/10 

TomM letter by RMF 6/13/10

TomM letter by Di 6/16/10

Leslie Diamond, Permits, Costs

Resp. to TomM ltr. on 6/16/10, refusal to show area of concern at 8586

City of San Diego demand doc.s

Cover Letter, City of San Diego NCCD "Invoice", "Findings of Fact and Decision"

RMF rebuttal to the above

Interpolated (OCRd) City Findings/Fact/Dec. and RMF rebuttal (with links to pertinent documents, photographs, video)


Powerpoint Presentation given at Hearing 1, available on request,

Supporting Photographs, Documents and Graphics

Appraisal and Escrow and doc.s showing pre-existing patio cover

Pix of 8586 to the left/west and 8596 right/east hillside/back property. and Ex.s of invasive iceplant wherever orig. grade/slopes are disturbed

Pix of Eucalyptus stump, biomass used to make weir dam, fill in gulley

Pix of Filled in gulley/wash out on 8586 prop. and ex.s of weir dams

Pix of west-side neighbors' (8576, 8566...) hillside showing iceplant growth

Ex.s of easy erosion of unconsolidated backfill on 8586 property

Photos of washed down vegetation from storm drain, behind 8586 prop.

Photo of 8596 and Bernies pole, 14 foot of land lost by erosion from original

Photo of extant plastic greenhouse

Carla Cope meeting note and bus. card from 2/11/02

Notice of Cancellation of Homeowners Insurance due to brush, 2001

Views of City storm drain, erosion canal from on 8596 property

Storm drain egress video linked here:

Grant Deed

Skyline Sunroom (Stmt. re Permits, Drawing/Bid, Billing stmt.)

Skyline site drawing showing slope is 43 feet back from patio