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professional aquarists association  11/29/13
What ever happened with the professional aquarists association?
<Over the years; limbo. Just no one/s to head up, direct, add content, excitement. You? Bob Fenner>
Re: professional aquarists association  11/29/13

Well, it's something that peaked my interest for sure. There is currently no medium for professionals in the hobby to connect on. Nothing to enable networking, sharing ideas, promoting the hobby, collaborating, etc...
<Ah yes; a time that has definitely come... and w/ modern tools like the Net, transliteration programs...>
Anyways, my name is Joey Mullen. The hobby is my full time profession, so i figured i would fit in. Im not a company, but rather a simple hobbyist that turned the hobby into a fulltime job.
I'm better known as "uarujoey". I make YouTube videos on the biggest aquarium channel on YouTube, own a couple of popular aquarium forums, and sell my book.
<Sounds good>
With that said, i think something like this, if ran by a neutral party could potentially be extremely beneficial to anyone involved..
I think it could be something that requires a small paid membership to be involved in, with a few qualification rules to be accepted. Making it more elite and only attracting those that are serious and that bring something to the table.
<What would the group need, use money for? BobF>
Re: professional aquarists association      11/29/13

Money, if charged would be used for hosting costs, marketing costs, etc...
Plus ward off people that are not serious.
<Ah yes. B>

PAA, MARATA    2/26/11
Hi Bob,
<Hey Craig!>
My name is Craig Borowski and I just wanted to say hello and thank you for offering me a position on PAA's Board of Directors. Adam Jenkins and I have been in touch and it sounds like an exciting, useful project, and it's one which I'll be happy to help out in any way I can. I'm looking forward to our first Skype meeting and hearing what ideas you and the others have for moving it forward.
<I thank you>
Speaking of moving things forward... I started an organization back in November which is slowly plodding along. It's called MARATA (Marine and Reef Aquarium Technicians of America) and its goal is to improve the state of the marine aquarium maintenance industry through certification of independent and LFS-affiliated aquarium techs. We have about twenty members so far, but lots of support from some of the bigger names in the maintenance business. (I'm currently in the process of applying for Federal 501(c) status and hope that with that under our belt things will progress a little faster.) Any thoughts, ideas or opinions you have about MARATA or its examination (Adam should have forwarded you the log-in for that. Let me know if he didn't.) would be very appreciated.
<I looked at your site, and am very much in agreement w/ your goals. I "spent" a couple of decades doing installs and maintenance of marine systems... Our corporation designed and fabricated as well. I do hope to meet you, see your organization at some of the upcoming hobbyist/industry get togethers>
Have a great day,
Craig Borowski
<And you, Bob Fenner>

MARATA.org, PAA   1/31/11
I spoke with Craig last night and he is excited about being on the PAA board. We also spoke about his MARATA project and I think its a great idea. Take a look at his site http://marata.org/ . I was also talking to him about doing a write up on MRK about it and to learn more about his testing he set you and I up a free run at it to get our opinions.
Thank you Adam. A very nice set of ideas. B

Re: PAA   1/11/11
We had a post on PAA suggesting a "Jobs" section for people hiring or looking. what do you think?
A great idea! Will you please add it to the business side Adam? BobF
Re: PAA   1/11/11
Got a question on PAA for you.
Thank you Adam! Responded to. Will try to take a look/see daily... maybe even start posting content of use. B 

Re WWM meeting  1/5/11
Maybe the first PAA conference would be a good time to meet up. Hint, hint.
An excellent idea Adam. B
Re: WWM meeting  1/5/11
I give up. What's a PAA Conference......population association of America?
<Oh! A new site: http://professionalaquaristsassociation.com/
BobF>  1/6/11
Re: WWM meeting
James brings up a good point, Bob. You promote the concept of sharing in all you do, but looks like you've been keeping this other website of yours a secret ... even from your own crew ... heee!
<Oh!? Thought I'd mentioned this/PAA over the last few years... sent the new URL along to the Crew. It's VERY new>
I like Adam's idea. A PAA conference would seem to have a lot of applications.
On your new PAA site, you mention its main purpose is "information interchange" between businesses, the science community, and hobbyists.
Folding the WWM crew into this mix I think would have a lot of value both for us, and for WWM: For us (the crew) by increasing our knowledge base; and for WWM by enabling us to better help the public, hobbyists who write into the site for help.
Part of a PAA conference could also be used for the crew to gather and exchange new ideas and information just amongst ourselves. It could also be used as an opportunity for all of us to gather together and collectively share thoughts and ideas on how to further improve/develop/expand the WWM website.
An annual or so PAA conference/meeting would seem to serve many purposes ... wouldn't hurt us either! ... just have it in a warm place, will ya Bob?! :)
W/ warm clear water if it's up to me! See you Sue. BobF>
Re: WWM meeting  1/6/11
Ah, you did... it started out as a Google Group you asked me to initiate. People joined, but didn't participate so much. ::shrug::
Oh, I don't think this is a new idea. Bob asked me to start a Google Group with the same title. But, unfortunately, it didn't really develop into much of anything. I do think we sent notice to the WWM grew about it...
You may have Sara. I'm one of the newbie's to the group though, so possibly before my time. Hopefully this new venture, with a conference(s) associated with it, will grow/further develop. SueG
<Will be a major platform for sharing, progressing all's interests in time. B>
Re: WWM meeting, PAA
I do have to comment here. I have been a member from the beginning. RMF posting in a forum, holy S! By S I mean Scott. I like the concept, love that it is pros only, but a forum makes it all too easy for anybody with a computer to. find. cool site. Approve new subscribers, but ask who, why.
Scott V.
<Mmm, will take under advisement... I do hope the "gathering" will be self-adjusting. Cheers BobF, headed back down to Iberostar in late Feb. if you'd like to haul out again!>
Re: WWM meeting
Hi Scott,
Not going to touch that forum thing w/ a 10' ___; heee! I'll leave those details to Bob. But the idea of a professional association, annual conference sounds good (at least on paper anyway)! Another idea, though one that may be completely out in left field (my background is health care, not aquariology!) is with Bob's background in education, to possibly tie in membership to the association with some type of certification; obtainable either through some online course work and/or courses taught at annual conferences, etc. I belong to such an association now for health writing (www.amwa.org) Not sure this type of concept would be applicable to what Bob has in mind; just a thought on one possible way to keep it more on the 'professional' end vs. as you say, a 'free for all' for anyone with a computer!
Re: WWM meeting
Yes, I did sense a bit of 'needling' in your reply to Bob! I know you two know each other well. Not sure how serious my input is either -- here I am giving Bob another full time job, 'pie in the sky' idea! :)
Re: WWM meeting 1/6/11
Haha. I don't know. Honestly, my email was just to harass Bob a bit about actually posting in a forum. The two of us see eye to eye regarding those! Not really a serious inquiry or input on my part!

Re: http://professionalaquaristsassociation.com/   12/22/10
The forum is now up. I still have a few things left to do but it is functional.
Great work Adam. BobF 

A note of thanks and an announcement re "PAA"  06/04/09
Crew/friends, a thank you for your work in my absence... has taken much time to place all the outstanding (in both senses) FAQs from the last couple weeks or so... Very enlivening, informational... I do thank you all.
And a note re a new effort... actually, more accurately a culmination/synthesis of input from many years and more... a conference (initially) bringing together the hobby, trade and sciences of ornamental aquatics... the Professional Aquatics Association... discussed with Rob Bray and ongoing... with credit to many others... Dr. Bob Rofen (formerly of Kordon/Novalek and more), Sue Busch (of Backer corp. and more)... a show
date to be determined, much work to be done to continue our legacy here of inspiring, informing, sharing what is known in our related fields... for all's benefit.

Re: A note of thanks and an announcement re "PAA"  06/04/09
The conference idea sounds great Bob, as long as you promise not to pick on the scientists :).
<Heeeee! As you likely know, I am indeed an "equal opportunity picker-on-er">
Keep me posted, I'd like to help. Especially now that I am officially an "academic" as well as "industrial" (though not hobby industry) it is glaringly clear that everyone could benefit from more cross-talk.
<Great Christine! I do so very much look forward to the participation, involvement of all. BobF>

Re: A note of thanks and an announcement re "PAA"  06/04/09
Just remember, what one disheth out, one must taketh.
<A verity fo' sho'>
See you at IMAC West it seems--I'm back on the schedule of speakers.
<Ahh! Will look forward to chatting, visiting with you there. Am pretty sure ScottV, SaraM, ScottF, MichL and other WWM Crew will be in attendance as well. BobF>

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