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Sustainable Aquarium Industry Association  9/22/10
WetWebMedia is listed as a "supporter and partner" on the website of SAIA.
<Mmm, this is news to me. I do know Christiane Schmidt begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting (cc'd above) and don't know if Tim is still involved...>
It's been suggested in one of the forums that you don't, in fact, support them. Could you clarify?
<Don't know what exactly constitutes "support"... I/we are not "card-carrying members", but I've read over, tried to help with some of their written tenets, and I do believe (as w/ MAC before them) in the basic thrusts of what the organization is trying to accomplish>
And at the risk of opening up a huge can of worms, could you comment on the role of industry bodies like SAIA in promoting sustainability in the aquarium trade?
<I am (always) hopeful that such NGOs can/will add to the purposes of diffusing useful information and practices of conservation of resources. Sorry to be so vague, but I just don't know (that) much re what SAIA has accomplished thus far.
Bob Fenner>
Re: Sustainable Aquarium Industry Association
Hi Bob,
thank you for the update.
<Mmm, it's my habit/practice to include folks who are mentioned in emails>
Tim is still with us (as a member and soon as a board members and official representative in the UK &US).
<Ah, good>
SAIA is developing well, we receive more and more attention, especially since we published some education materials for hobbyists. However we did not and never aimed at developing into a mass organization.
You should be in our mailing list, I think, and thus receive the latest updates. If you are interested to learn more, signal me and I'll provide more background information.
<Thank you for your input here Christiane, and your efforts on improving the trade, preserving our planet. BobF>
Christiane Schmidt

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