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Wet Web Media Input #11

Thank you for your donation to WWM      2/16/17
Tricia; much appreciated. Bob Fenner
Thank you for your donation to WWM      2/16/17

Adrienne, much appreciated. Bob Fenner
Thank you for your donation to WWM      2/16/17

David; much appreciated. Bob Fenner

Wet Web Media San Diego still open?     2/5/17
Hi, just making sure this didn't end up in spam, since I didn't get a reply.
<Still here; we've had prob.s w/ our spam filters... too aggressive>
Can I call the office? +1858397XXXX?
<Please don't. Bob Fenner>

Re: WWM Queries      2/2/17
I wondered about that/why things were so slow...glad to hear it wasn't just a loss in interest/participation.
<Me too... just am bummed to think that anybody would write us and think that we didn't respond. We have ALWAYS responded to all. BobF>

Re: Compatibility         1/21/17
Did you get my email on compatibility questions?
Please reply ASAP
Thank you!
<Did you not receive my response? Is on the Dailies now:
Wait; I see my response down below here!

Thank you for your donation to WWM     1/16/17
David; much appreciated.
Bob Fenner

Just another reason I love WWM.     1/1/17
I was, as I am wont to do, reading old stuff and came across this gem when reading about Panther Groupers (a fish who's appeal far outshines my ability to ever appropriately house one)
Wo! The Toby (puffer) just snuck up behind the Picasso and tried to sample its tail fin. Doesn't he realize the Picasso runs this tank?
<(Do you realize the Banks run the corporations and governments? And in turn citizenries?)>
Anyway... Keep on keepin' on... Haha
<All we can Ab. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Just many thanks      12/24/16
Hello crew,
I do not have any specific question. I started to read your website about seven years ago. I learned everything about fish tank from your website: about water chemistry, fish stocking and compatibility, lighting and gravel. I have happy and healthy 5 years old 75 gallon tank. You might be interested to use some of my fish pictures for your website.
Happy holidays and many thanks,
<Hi there Mark, and thanks for the kind words! Some nice looking fish; that male Humphead Cichlid is really quite something! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas, Neale.>

A Quick Question... Re WWM Link Pg.s       12/16/16
Good morning,
<Christine, howdy>
I was just looking through your website, and had some questions about this page that I came across:
Are you the person I should talk to about the page, or is there someone else that I should ask?
<I am! Bob Fenner>

Thank you for your support of WWM        11/13/16
Steven, much appreciated. Bob Fenner

Hi there, you have a broken link...       10/21/16
Hello there,
I was looking on your page (
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMadminSubWebIndex/general_links_pg.htm)  and notice the first link was broken. I just thought I'd let you know!
<The "first" link? Tried a few... that do work. Which is it please. BobF>

Thank you for your support of WWM      10/19/16
Cheri, much appreciated.
Robert (Bob) Fenner

CONTACT        9/30/16
I would like to know if you still have contact of Joaquin Meier from Argentina, we have an interesting offer about a reef. Hope you consider to send us his information.
Aquarium FishmAr
<We don't retain anyone's contact information unless they expressly request it be posted to our sites.
Bob Fenner>

For Dr. Monks         9/14/16
Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for some wonderful laughs this morning! I love www.wetwebmedia.com <http://www.wetwebmedia.com> and it is my go to site for when I need help answering a customer's question. I looked up info regarding treating red tail black sharks for ich, and nearly fell out of my chair, your sarcastic wit was so on target! We all wish we could give similar responses to our customers here on a daily basis!
Thanks again for being you! Keep on fishin'!
<Well, thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated. Humour is difficult to get right 100% of the time, especially when you're talking with people from all around the world. And yes, sometimes we do get kinda cranky, but that's really more about being animal lovers and consequently frustrated by problems with animal welfare. But I do think we help more people than we annoy, and have helped them to look after their pets so much better than otherwise. That's what makes this fun to do! On the other hand, I have had a few "can I speak to the manager" moments here at WWM, and God bless Bob, he's usually in my corner! Again, thanks for the kind words, and good luck with your Red Tail Shark.
Cheers, Neale.>
Re: For Dr. Monks       9/15/16

LOL, you actually turned your red tail shark person around and they ended up apologizing and thanking you!
<Oh! Have to go back and look at that thread!>
Unfortunately, if I ever told a customer exactly what I thought they should hear, I would not have a job by end of the day!
<Understood. As a teacher, I'm often in situations where I have to hold back (by adult standards) and listen to teenagers, try to remain sympathetic, and do my best not to take their insults personally. So yes, I agree, oftentimes honesty *is not* the best policy!>
Occasionally, I do manage to reach someone, by going about it in a roundabout way, but it's not easy. I loved the points you made when you referred to cats and dogs. It constantly amazes me how little people care about their fish and turtles, and how they rarely do any research prior to getting a new pet, especially turtles. I have a rescued one in a 90 gallon tank with lots of swimming room, weekly water changes, and a big canister filter. She's so spoiled she has toys! She loves her water ball and her rubber ducky, I kid you not.
<I believe you! There's increasing evidence that reptiles are smarter than we gave them credit for, and that being the case, adding stimulation to their lives through toys and scenery is probably worthwhile.>
Your customer was particularly dense, yet you managed to make her understand, in the end. Kudos to you and Dr. Fenner both! Keep up the great work, I'll continue to recommend you guys as always!
<Much appreciated, Barbara. Take it easy, Neale.>

Something's not right: WWM broken links     9/1/16
I run across some of the resources on your site, and while most of them worked fine, I was unable to access some of the links I was interested in.
Who'd be the right person to address those issues? I can send the list of those URLs if someone could take care of them.
Kelly O'Neal
<To me Kel, here.... used to be (shuddering, when Frontpage was the editing prog., I could run "broken links" et al. reports... Now don't know how to do. Thank you, Bob Fenner>
<Oh, here it is: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc295525.aspx      9/1/16

Thank you Vanessa       5/16/16
For your contribution to WetWebMedia.com
Bob Fenner

20 years as a reader, just saying thank you... for everything.       4/20/16
So... I'm trying not to be emotional, but I have to give you a bit of my background in the hobby, so you understand just how much Bob has meant to me over the years.
<Ahh, please do share>
I moved back to the US when i was 6 years old, after a two year stay in Wellington New Zealand, where i had tide-pools within walking distance...
and a childhood sweetheart...
And a Jacques Cousteau pocket species guide...
I always pined over that place.. and hoped i would find her again... like that one memory that shapes your heart, for the rest of your life...
So... she moved away... my family came back to the states...
And my dad and i got into building our own tanks.
My first saltwater tank was a 10ish gallon in 1988...
two damsels and a Picasso trigger, air-powered undergravel and an AquaClear mini!1 lol... oh how little did we know back then.
I experimented with reverse flow in a 29 gallon, kept a ritteri alive for 2.5 years without even knowing about iodine...
Nursed it for 2 months before it attached to a rock...
... i only found out 20 years later about the bacterial infections on the base...
Anyways... no need to tell me the tank was too small... it ran for 8 years and i cultured all the dead rocks by sifting Caulerpa for cleanup crews...
ghost feather dusters... brittle stars...
Good times when you're a kid and the grownups hardly know better...
I always let algaes run wild to compensate for my small tanks..
They call them "nanos now... but to me.. they're just reef tanks for poor people, lol.
So... finally lost that tank in Katrina...
Was homeless for a few years... rough times.
(Now comes the emotional part)
... its been 11 years since the storm hit...
and I've finally got a new reef tank setup...
2, 20gals and a 29 gal... all closed loop...
I keep a ten gallon with a damsel and hermits in it and a ten gallon QT setup (battled ich in the 90s.. lost my Picasso to it)
... and I've been on wwm constantly for the past few months...
Getting the rust off... and realizing... just how much i know now...
Seeing the hobby evolve over the decades...
How much we've all learned...
and a lot of that is thanks to you, Bob...
Am i mistaken, or was this site the go-to place even back in the mid 90s?
<Ah yes; started in 1995>
I've been reading Bob's advice for that long???
That being the case...
I seem to be one of the "gurus" now... and will likely soon purpose-build my own aquarium store and marine breeding facility...
And i watch and listen to all these guys my age who have been doing this for 5 years and are full of "advice" they just read...
and all i can think of is...
these kids need to give up on the echo-chamber and go read up on wwm.
I always felt like Johnny 5 on this site...
realising everything that happened to every person i can gain wisdom from..
Its like, Input, input input!
So yeah...
I've developed an entirely new breeding method that simulates the natural polegic process... and once I've got something breeding besides clownfish, i am hell-bent on breeding some things no one has bred before.
The collection method is nearly automated, and uses floating seaweed as a safe haven for larvae...
anyways... i have two beautiful and quirky Indonesian Percs that croak and chirp to tell me to feed them, and i have a blood orange female mated with a maroon male... to hopefully see what double-blood will look like...
From there i plan on jumping straight into dwarf angels and tangs because they fare so poorly when caught...
Im tired of powder blues dying...
so... 8ft round pools and a massive recirculating system..
the whole facility will be shaped like a pyramid and have a central tank i hope to actually grow kelp in...
Basically... the show tank... will be a refugium.
My ultimate goal is to start an organization that will restore coastlines with mfred live-rock strainers and pre-planted mangrove tree structures...
once i find the specimen i think can acclimate... looked up the existence of it... cant remember the name... but there's one variety that handles temp swings and poor conditions... perfect thing to save Louisiana if it works... but basically i intend to use my profits and additional donations to do any and everything i can to give back to the ocean.
I've enjoyed eavesdrop-reading on my kindred spirits long enough... always been impressed with your insights as well as the tone with which you sportingly advise people.
You've been a guide as well as an inspiration...
Please pray for me, if you do that sort of thing.
<I wish fervently; sans invisible friends>
I've been in the grocery business, the car business... and now my back, my wrists, my shoulder... all calling it quits...
and I've still got human kids to raise (girls, 7 and 11)...
... im married to the little girl i knew...
The one from the tidepools in new Zealand...
Turns out we lived near each other for 30 years and didn't even realize it.
So now my life has gone from a nightmare since Katrina...
to having every humble prayer answered...
I've got a friend shutting down a reef store (ricks reef) within the year, and the perfect chance to clean out his stock for cheap so i can set up my own LFS...
In a place where the nearest one is a 50min drive...
Ohyeah... im building a market...
And i just cant thank yall enough... even the "new" people...
I wouldn't be nearly as knowledgeable, these days, without my seemingly decades-long, slow-digestion of all the wonderful information provided on this site.
<It is for you; folk like you; I/we endeavor>
If you ever come through the south, i would like to shake your hand.
In the meantime, feel free to check out the YouTube channel attached to this email...
Maybe you can figure out what this PetCo pimple-worm is...
Its like an anchor... but singular...
But maybe the copper just irritated it before it could mature.
anyways.. this wasn't a help msg... lol
That's all.. i guess..
Just... thank you...
thank you thank you thank you.
Oh... and... some info for you...
Just fed a large anemone while trying to starve out various large bristleworms from my top 20g...
and the worms came, trying to get through the anemone to get to the krill they could still smell...
I had to put two more krill in a trap that hasn't been working, just to distract them...
Ill get some more experiment videos uploaded soon... though I've been getting them out with chopsticks mostly... if you don't want them somewhere but cat catch them... chasing them down their hole with a chopstick  usually makes them move.
I got a piece of Pukani with 5 species of sponge on it... not thinking it had the most organic matter in the whole live rock bin.. and the most holes...
i swear, i had over 100 worms in a frickin 20 long 0.o
Ok... so... clearly this email is long enough... but hey... 20 years as a reader... so its about time i caught yall up on one of your long-time fans.
Thanks again,
-Sean Morris
Something told me Bob might find this gratifying as well as amusing...
please fwd.
<Thank you for your kind, encouraging message Sean. Bob Fenner>

Thank you!     3/15/16
Hey there wwm crew.
I just want to say thank you for all your hard work. I've been reading your stuff ever since I was 12 (9 years ago) and I'm so surprised that you guys are still giving your time and energy to help the aquarium
enthusiasts. I love reading all your stuff, especially the horseshoe crab stuff. I've wanted one for so long but I'm a college student who travels around all the time so that's a no go haha.
Anyways just wanted to say that.
Have a good day :)
<And you; Bob Fenner>

Thank you     2/17/16
For your donation to WetWebMedia Jay; much appreciated.
Bob Fenner

Thank you for your donation to WetWebMedia.com        11/17/15
Werner; much appreciated.
Bob Fenner

can we partner up?   (WWM, actually RMF content commercial use)      11/5/2015
Aside from running an aquarium business I am developing e-commerce websites for several fish distributors. One problem I keep running into is the need for descriptions and images for all the fish stock on the websites.
One solution I thought of was to partner with a company like yourselves to have the right to use the images and fish descriptions.
<I do sell, license my work for commercial purposes>
I'm not sure how you'd feel about that, but I figured if at the bottom of each of the images and description we linked your site and had a logo of your company there,
<Uh, no>
there could be lots of opportunity for your own sites traffic to increase exponentially.
<We have about 30k users per day. Are the category killer; don't need more>
Please get me to at your earliest convenience with your thoughts on my proposal.
<Ten dollars a image in bulk; full-size scans>
P.S. I'd love to redo your website, and if we can work out a deal quick, I will be more then happy to even do it free of charge for you.
<Send along what you think this might entail, result in for consideration>
Remy Medranda
<And you, Bob Fenner>
Re: can we partner up?       11/6/15

As for the website revamp, I'd like to move you over to a Wordpress environment with your own Cpanel hosting.
<Have looked at.... don't know how WWM might be migrated to though>
It can either be self managed or fully managed, up to you.
Remy Medranda
<Will continue to manage, build the sites myself; turn WWM over to Neale Monks in my passing.
Bob Fenner>
Re: can we partner up?       11/6/15

Hi Bob,
How much the gallery of work?
<Don't know what you're referring to here. What is "the gallery of work?".
Remy Medranda
Re: can we partner up?       11/6/15

stock gallery of images, the whole gallery, need like one of each fish, and if you have descriptions available for use.
Remy Medranda
<Five k US; descriptions you could lift from WWM, FishBase.org, elsewhere.
Re: can we partner up?       11/6/15

I don't think you realize how easy it is to copy the sites over....
<Likely correct. But the site, WWM was built on Frontpage, starting in 95.... has had other (e.g. Shockwave) elements added to it; have encountered duplicitous code issues over the years, conversion to CSS (Web Expressions) software>
I can actually run a demo by stripping currents sites content, and reimporting into a new theme. Would make the site incredible looking, and you could add functionalities that don't exist in current platform......
Remy Medranda
<Oh, I do have a question for you: Might you know how to code a form for folks sending data and images (for an ID website), that would send said info. directly to, and parse to the site? BobF>
Re: can we partner up?       11/6/15

Yes Bob.... I can make ANY kind of form you need, and I can make it collect
any information you need emails, collect images, post the images in a forum, blog, whatever you ideas you have.
<Ahh! Am sharing this mail w/ Tiff>
Converting the site from FrontPage would BE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM> EASILY done.... ALL Content don't care how big the library size is.... It can be done with databases and csv files... Just finished importing a 25k SKU for Exotic Reef Import site....
Remy Medranda
<I thank you for your interest and consideration. BobF>
Re: can we partner up?       11/6/15

I thank you!
Re: can we partner up?            11/10/15

Any word back yet?
<Back from whom Remy? It really is just me. BobF>
Re: can we partner up?       11/11/15

you were going to talk to some members or crew or something. I had offered you a chance to transfer the site over to a Wordpress installation with forum.
<Ahh! No to this offer.... too much at risk (perception wise by moi) and am happy enough w/ the site, routines for building, maintaining. Another (new) site we might greatly appreciate your work on... I'd mentioned re making a form... What is it you propose otherwise? I've responded to you re the use of my photo work already I believe. BobF>
Remy Medranda
Re: can we partner up?       11/11/15

Whats the new site you need the form on? I can set it up easy.
<Ahh; Great! Am going to ask Tiff. to chime in here. I have her analog designs here. T? B>
Remy Medranda
Re: can we partner up? /TiffB, co-conspirator           11/12/15

Will share my thoughts this weekend, caught up with work and personal family stuff until Friday.
<Hotay. B>
Re: can we partner up? /Remy/WWM           11/12/15

You should embrace the new. ..the one thing i hate hate hate about wwm...
is the responses inline...to every question. ..it's such a displeasing way to read information.
<Don't know what you're referring to.... and again, AM fine w/ how WWM is built, greatly enjoy the current processes; AM really only interested in trying new software, means on new sites.... which will take up the remainder of the "free time" I intend to expend on such efforts for the duration of my life. Thank you, BobF>
Re: can we partner up?     11/13/15

Ok, QUICK question Bob....
What if I showed you a working demo on my own demo servers, so it wouldn't interfere with WWM?
<Willing to look; try to understand. Are you able to haul out to S. Cal. for a visit perhaps?>
All I would need would be a backup of current wwm, that I could use to import the data. It's so easy. Embrace the changes... You will be beyond satisfied. TRUST ME please. I wouldn't try and misguide you.
This is not about profit. This is about making the content on your site more user friendly for today's modern browsers.
Remy Medranda
<Thank you Remy... for your continued/continuing interest in improving WWM (and myself). BobF>
Re: can we partner up?     11/13/15

Haul out?
<Yes; might well pay for you to come out, demo., and teach for a few hours>
I go out there occasionally... I use to live in Calabasas. I still keep my Cali plates and license.
<Ahh! B>
Remy Medranda

Thank you for your donation to WetWebMedia.com       10/10/15
Linda; much appreciated.
Bob Fenner

Site Is Broken?      7/18/15
<Hello Jess>
I found a few links that seem to be broken on your website. Could you tell me who I should contact about them?
Thanks! :)
<Me; thank you... years back, when the site was built on Frontpage; there was a routine one could run that would disclose broken links.... there are more than a million on the site (mostly intact!). Bob Fenner>

Re: Long tentacle anemone       7/1/15
There was nothing in your reply?
<Strange... second time in two days that this has happened. Please see WWM's dailies re:

LA Fishguys       6/25/15
<Thank you Jim. BobF>
Hi There, I uploaded last week Episode 143 A Bigger Refugium
Your promotion is in Part Two
Part One https://youtu.be/bwn9fNB4fFo
Part Two https://youtu.be/bLuLviWfLkI
Part Three https://youtu.be/j9KNVPYuMiU
Part Four https://youtu.be/QsqXe04Y2fg 
Jim Stime, Jr
Aquarium Design - Installation and Maintenance
Midwater Systems - JELLIQUARIUM Jellyfish Display Systems
MyFishTank.com - Acrylic Aquariums, Stands and Canopies
LA Fishguys - Aquarium Reality Television

Unidentified hitchhiker. About WWM       6/25/15
Someone posted the coral below for identification. I don't know how to contact them but I really really would like to see if they would sell me a frag.
<Ahh; we don't retain folks email addresses>

I'm colorblind and it is very soothing to my eyes (hard to explain). If you could pass my request and information on to them, or let me know how to contact them, I would greatly appreciate it. My name is Ray Wyatt, my number is 256-493-3793, and my email is rwXXX@cableone.net thank you very much. Sincerely. Ray
<Nor usually post their complete names. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
The original posting is below:
Encrusting SPS ID 5/22/15
Hi gang,
Have a coral that we're having trouble identifying. It's really cool. Came
as a hitchhiker and grows pretty fast. Attached pics. Thank you!
<Mmm; due to your stmt. re fast growth, the size and shape of these exsert
polyps, am guessing this is some sort of encrusting Porites... but, am
sending off to friends for their input. Bob Fenner>
Re: Unidentified hitchhiker; WWM resp.      6/26/15

I understand. If they happen to contact you would you please pass my contact information along?
<.... not probable.>
I would just like to get a frag for my 11 year old sons birthday (and I would enjoy it too). Thank you and thanks for the great service you provide. Sincerely. Ray Wyatt
<Wish I could be of more help... but for fear of betraying someone's personal privacy... BobF>

Re: Wet Web Media Website Comment/Resource Suggestion       6/19/15
Dear Bob,
Thank you for adding Gograph.com to your excellent aquatic website, I very much appreciate it. Have a wonderful day!
<And you, BobF>

Re: Algae in tang barb      6/9/15
Hello again! I will watch the tang and wait to see what happens. Your site is a wealth of information and when I cannot find an answer, I am glad to be able to email you. Thank you for all of your help. I will update you if anything changes, for better or worse. Have a wonderful day and thank you again.
Kellie Kyser
<Glad that we, our site is doing what we intend: to serve as a resource of useful, readily-available information and inspiration... along w/ being a platform for responding, adding new content. Bob Fenner>

Porc. Puffer help      6/6/2015
Hi is this the right place to Msg for help regards porcupine puffer health?
<Yes. BobF>

Thank you for your donation to WWM      5/16/15
Amber; much appreciated.
Bob Fenner

Re: Affiliation offer!     2/25/15
Follow Up!
I have sent to you a paid ads request few days ago, you did not reply back yet, please let me know if you are interested then I will send you more details.
<No thank you. BobF>

Happy New Year and a Question' using/citing WWM       1/1/15
Bob and crew,
Happy 2015, hope it is prosperous and productive! A sincere thank you for the knowledge I continue to gain from your work on a daily basis!
<Ah, welcome>
I find myself more and more often providing forum answers that include a link to one of your articles in some of the forums that this is acceptable.
<Heeee; me too!>

I thought that I should check with you to make sure that was Okay with you as the material is yours after all.
<Certainly... the world wide "web", "net" is intended for this use. The small bit which is our efforts of course as well>
I always state that I am directing them to the site, or leave the address showing in the link so it is obvious. Is there any problem with this?
<None whatsoever>
Thank you,
Matt Bowers (Muttley000)
<And you, for your courtesy and efforts in helping others. Bob Fenner>

Merry Christmas to Bob and the Crew    12/23/14
Merry Christmas Bob and Crew.
Thank you for all of the wonderful contributions you continue to make for our benefit.
<Ahh, thank you for your well-wishes>
I very much enjoy reading the daily faqs and continually return to the archives to answer questions I have. My systems are doing exceptionally well and provide tremendous enjoyment for our family.
I really enjoyed reading the article linked on the biblical spawning event that occurred in Hawaii.
All the best!
William F. Rothschild, MA, CSCS, MES
Fitness Manager - City of Monterey - Monterey Sports Center
President - Management Employees of Monterey
<And happy holidays to you and yours. Bob Fenner>

Thank you for your donation to WWM      12/17/14
Pamela; much appreciated.
Bob Fenner

WWM Donations       12/13/14
Hi WWM Crew!
Wanted to reach out with a quick question since I had trouble finding the answer on the FAQs. The end of the year is coming and I was wondering if donations to WWM are tax deductible? (501c).
<Are not tax deductible, unless you can claim them as a health benefit! Bob Fenner>

Re:"WetWebMedia"  Is it a come on? Oh yes  9/6/14
Dear Manager,
(If you are not the person who is in charge of this, please forward this to your CEO, Thanks)
This email is from China domain name registration center, which mainly deal with the domain name registration and dispute internationally in China.
We received an application from Huaxing Ltd on September 1, 2014. They want to register " WetWebMedia " as their Internet Keyword and " WetWebMedia .cn "、" WetWebMedia .com.cn " 、" WetWebMedia .net.cn "、" WetWebMedia .org.cn " domain names etc.., they are in China domain names. But after checking it, we find "WetWebMedia " conflicts with your company. In order to deal with this matter better, so we send you email and confirm whether this company is your distributor or business partner in China or not?
Best Regards,
General Manager
<Mmm; this is WWM's progenitor Robert (Bob) Fenner. We don't have liaisons in China. Thank you for this notice. Bob Fenner>
WetWebMedia      9/12/14

Dear Sirs, Our company based in Chinese office, our company has submitted the " WetWebMedia " as CN(.cn/.com.cn/.net.cn/.org.cn) domain name and Internet Keyword, we are waiting for Mr. Jim's approval. We think this name is very important for our products in Chinese market. Even though Mr. Jim advises us to change another name, we will persist in this name. Best regards
Jiang zhihai
<I am the owner/originator of this name and don't want it (illegally) used by others. Robert Fenner>
Cn domain names & Internet Keyword     9/15/14
<Scam. B>

Dear Manager,
Based on your company having no relationship with them, we have suggested
they should choose another name to avoid this conflict but they insist on
this name as CN domain names (cn/ com.cn/ net.cn/ org.cn) and internet
keyword on the internet. In our opinion, maybe they do the similar business
as your company and register it to promote his company.
According to the domain name registration principle: The domain names and
internet keyword which applied based on the international principle are
opened to companies as well as individuals. Any companies or individuals
have rights to register any domain name and internet keyword which are
unregistered. Because your company haven't registered this name as CN
domains and internet keyword on the internet, anyone can obtain them by
registration. However, in order to avoid this conflict, the trademark or
original name owner has priority to make this registration in our audit
period. If your company is the original owner of this name and want to
register these CN domain names (cn/ com.cn/ net.cn/ org.cn) and internet
keyword to prevent anybody from using them, please inform us. We can send
an application form and the price list to you and help you register these
within dispute period.
Kind regards
General Manager
Shanghai Office (Head Office)
3002, Nanhai Building, No. 854 Nandan Road,
Xuhui District, Shanghai 200070, China
Tel: +86 216191 8696
Mobile: +86 1870199 4951
Fax: +86 216191 8697
Web: www.yg-registry.org.cn

Millennium Rainbows Emaciated      7/17/14
<Neale responded to this already: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/rainbowdisf.htm

Re: Broken link      7/18/14
Oh, sorry, I understand now! In the construction section of this page about 2/3 of the way down.
<Ahh! Again I thank you Matt. BobF>

Thank you for your donation to WWM       7/16/14
Much appreciated Mike. Bob Fenner

WWM revamp, thanks to DarrelL, and Neale (actually wife, having a baby)     7/15/14
Am... it's finally... sinking in; the fab re-do of WWM... Now/back w/ Google Ads... and Neale... not only gets a cat, a bride, but... what the? A child on the way?!
Congratulations to Neale et ux., and another thank you to DarrelL

Darrel, Neale, Sue... am wondering if you might know someone who might help on WWM re reptile and amphibian queries.       6/26/14
Yes; I know the vast majority of queries are due to folks not looking/searching and reading ahead of time...
But the public is what it is... and we/WWM could really use some new person who is knowledgeable, charitable, has a facility w/ written English... and willing to help.
Please do contact folks you know and in turn refer them to me here.
Thank you, BobF

Happy Ramadan    6/28/14
Sinai Sharm is wishing you A Happy Ramadan
<And you; Bob Fenner>

Re: Limestone Holey.... Summat missing in comm.      6/11/14
<We (WWM) don't sell either rock, nor books. My written works can be purchased on Amazon.com. BobF>
Thanks for replying to my message want sandstone mountain boulders.
Livestocking Pico, Nano, Mini-Reefs; Small Marine Aquariums: Book 1: Algae & Invertebrates; Successfully discovering, determining, picking out the ... under-40 gallon saltwater systems (Volume 1) Paperback – January 3, 2014
by Robert Fenner (Author)
Be the first to review this item
400 pieces them shipped to this address
Street Gudmundur Jonasson Travel
City, Borgartun 34 ,
Country, ICELAND

Christmas     6/11/14
Wishing the crew at WetWebMedia a very merry Christmas.
<A little early here; but thanks. BobF>

Link Removal Request For www.wetwebmedia.com       5/10/14
Will look on the morrow. Bob Fenner
Dear www.wetwebmedia.com Owner:
We have discovered that a company we hired to help promote our website www.XXXX.com have used a variety of questionable techniques to secure links to our website. These links were placed purely for SEO
purposes, with the intention of manipulating search rankings.
It appears that there may be links like this that have been placed on your site.
The presence of these links is harmful to our site's good standing with search engines, and unfortunately, retaining them may also be potentially harmful to your own website's reputation.
We would ask that you please remove any links on your site that link to www.XXXX.com.
So far as we are aware, there are (or have been) links at these URLs:
We would greatly appreciate your help with resolving this problem.
You can also let us know once the links to www.kineticfountains.com have been removed by return email.
If you need any more information from us, please email me and I will be happy to assist.
We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and do appreciate your help.
Jessica Janet
Done. B

Re: Articles      4/1/14
Hi Bob,
I don't see how one can find the vendor page on WWM home page. Am I blind?
<Nah, is just not as obvious as it should be... see the blue box on every page above the right shared border ads... that says "Sponsors Websites"
? This is THE link to the area. Oh yes; WWM NEEDS a HUGE re-vamping. B>

Re: White film on glass / dusty water. WWM Thanks        3/12/14
Hi Bob
<Hey Robert>
Please let me take this opportunity to thank you and all the crew at wet web media.
Together, you guys provide unparalleled support in a field that is still much unknown to me and many other budding reefers.
A sincere thanks from Phuket!!
<Oh; thank you. Have been to this part of Thailand a few times; both public aquaria; and as a jump off point to diving up to (but not including yet), Myanmar/Burma. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Thank you for your donation to WetWebMedia.com  2/17/14
Tim; much appreciated. Bob Fenner

Donation to Site   2/2/14
I just sent “another” inquiry/update through your site in regards to adding a Paracanthurus hepatus and a few Chaetodon semilarvatus to my 375 gallon tank with Mr. Zebrasoma xanthurum. You (personally) have responded to my last couple inquiries and I’d like to say Thank You. In fact, I just donated $500 towards your website (operation, maintenance and Thank You) – it is so valuable for all of us in this fantastic hobby. I’m not sure if you are “allowed”, but in return I’d truly appreciate a copy of your Marine Aquarium Algae Control (do you have a PDF copy you could forward in return – if not, no worries?).
 <Have the original pdf; yes. Will attach here>
All the Best and keep up the Great Work!
 Richard (Rick) C.
 <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words, and material support of WWM. Bob Fenner>     

Request for a volunteer    12/13/13
Hello Gentle Readers
The Crew of Wet Web Media isn't really a crew in a traditional sense. 
We're more what Hedley Lamarr would call "a group of rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, bloggers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, train robbers, bank robbers, nose pickers, pot stickers and Druids."   Others have likened us to Planter's Big Old Bag of Mixed Nuts.
But of the many talents we possess, knowing as we do, everything there is to know about everything that swims, dives, flies, paddles, slithers or campaigns for public office ... we're not particularly good at web design.  That is to say that the designers currently on our crew have moved on to better, more honest, dignified and PAYING jobs and what we're looking for is someone with a sense of style and proportion  who has some time and the talent to help us revamp the look and feel of the
WWM site while remaining inside the envelope of basic tools (html & js) and, as always, subject to the laws of the State and the bounds of good taste.   As a public service web site, we don't have the funds to commission a real project, but we can feature you name and creativity on some of the most heavily cited web pages in the industry and, of course, you'll have the pride of knowing that the new web design is all your fault.
Should any of you possess the skills outlined above AND the obvious poor judgment to volunteer for a mission like this, please drop us a line to crew@WetWebMedia.com with "I'm your huckleberry" in the subject line.
I might be your Huckleberry    1/4/14

I do have some experience in making web sites and would generally be willing to help out. I do have two questions, though:
a) What would be the time frame?
b) Would the functionality remain as it is or would you like to go the route of using a database for the content? (Maybe with a system that automatically adds your outgoing e-mails to the database and then gives you the option to publish them with one (or a few) clicks.)
As for my background: I am one of the admins/moderators of a large German marine animal site, am “in the business”, speak occasionally at conferences and am about to start work on a WWM-like site for German-speaking countries since it’s something that’s sorely missing here (it’s so much more than a forum can provide to normal aquarists).
Cheers, Alex
<Thank you for coming forward Alex. I've sent your msg. here on to Darrel for his input. Bob Fenner>
<<Just a follow-up Alex. We're still trying to figure out how to proceed. Kudos for your efforts at generating a WWM-like site in Deutschen. BobF>>
Re: I might be your Huckleberry      1/8/14

Thank you for the follow-up, Bob!
<Thank you Alex; danke for your interest, offer of help>
I explained to Darrel what I could help with and what I haven’t done yet but might be able to learn - just let me know when/if you can use the help I can offer.
Cheers, Alex
PS: I could do some mock-ups of what a new site design could look like (at least for a few pages), if you’d like something like that.
<Yes, please. We have some ideas; but seeing yours, another person who is familiar w/ the fields, has a keen interest in the same goals would be very helpful. Bob Fenner>

Thank you for your donation to WetWebMedia      12/17/13
Nick; much appreciated.
Bob Fenner

Thank you     11/20/13
Nick; thank you for your contribution to WetWebMedia.com
Much appreciated.
Bob Fenner

Thank you     11/20/13
Joe; thank you for your contribution to WetWebMedia.com; it is much appreciated.
Bob Fenner

Good questions and responses from you as always... Enjoying them. B    10/24/13

Thanks Bob; and I'm surprised you didn't bolden "<If you are in a rush, then SEARCH WetWebMedia.>"!
Cheers, Neale
<Heeee! Not always my friend. B> 

Thank you for your donation to WWM     9/16/13
Nick, much appreciated.
Bob Fenner

Re: Link Removal Request    9/13/13
Hi Robert,
Thanks for taking the time to get back to me and I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. We've had issues with our internal email accounts but it's all fixed now. Here is where we found our link:
Please let me know if you have any issues removing the link.
Done; but am curious. These links were to American Greetings... Is there some reason you don't want traffic directed to your site, content? BobF

Herp questions on WWM, looking for help       6/8/13
Should/shall we look for more help on WWM re? Am concerned that questions are aging, including ones that need immediate resp.
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/8/13

Hello all,
I do sympathise, and do look into the turtles folder periodically, but my expertise just isn't as deep as Sue's or Darrel's.
<Ahh, nor mine>
Given it takes some days for these questions to get replies, it may well be that we're (collectively) spread too thin. Darrel, Sue, are there chelonian forums where we could send these questioners for urgent help?
<A good idea>
Cheers, Neale
<And you, BobF>
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/10/13

In the old days you used to be able to go into a tourist shop on any boardwalk and buy a wooden disk that was labeled "tuit"
It was a Round Tuit  -------   For people who can never get a Round Tuit

My problem (at least the ones not diagnosed by psychological doctors) is the inability to getting around to checking.   And then once I check, I see so many that are the same question over and over.
Repetitively and redundant.  Again.     When I first joined up 1198 responses ago, Bob sent me a tutorial that someone else had written in which they suggested that the fastest way to get burned out and bitter was to try to correct their spelling and grammar before responding and oddly enough, I don't mind the grammar (Due knot Re: lie two much on spell Czech!) But I do admit that I get bored easily answering the same question when I have nothing new to add.   This often gets me leaving a
question in the box until I think I'll be in a better mood - or that Neale or Sue will see it and scoop it up -- and I guess what happens is that I accidentally leave an urgent one unanswered.

?? Am I the only one that feels that way ?? 
<Ah no>

As an immediate solution, if there is an urgent one - I can be emailed here or text messaged at (310) 344-XXXX and notified and I'll do my best to jump on it.
<Mmm, won't post your phone #>

To answer your question, no I don't think the WWM forum is a place to refer care questions until/unless it was moderated in real time by people which actual credentials -- I have yet to find a Herp forum (not that I'm looking) that allows only qualified people to answer.
<Me neither... and scarce few pet-fish ones>

I think that Sue brought up a solution years ago that we all discounted too easily and I think we should reconsider.   Not a Web Form per se that needs to be filled out, but to use her same general idea to make a tree of contact pages

Contact WWM
     Fresh Water
     Marine Aquarium
            My fish appears ill
                                   Link to common diseases
                                   Link to Ick (Crypt)
                                    OK - click here to contact
           What kind of turtle is it?
                                    Link to some article
                                     OK - Click here to contact
            How do I care for it
                                   Link to the basic care article
                                   link to two others, etc
                                    OK - click here to contact
            My turtle is sick
                                   If your turtle is sick - read this first --> Res Care
                                   Eye infections
                                   Respiratory infections

                                     OK - click here to contact

I'm guessing that each of us could EASILY come up with the top 20 questions that there's no real reason answering again and perhaps if we encouraged the user to stumble upon the answer on their way to the email, we could cut the message traffic down.
<I wish this process "were so" easy... Something like this was insisted on by the olde owners (John Caskie, Eric Silverman) for Fly Fish Express, expanded into Petstore.com, then Pets.com... then gone... Folks REALLY didn't like filling out forms, being systematically shuffled/shuttered to real answers... At least not in the fashion I mention, they tried... Instead of complying with their requests to develop this pattern I objected, then quit, pushed the job off on others... And they folded>

Or maybe that's just me ....
anyway,  I have to sign off now before they trace the line!

<Someday the mass of folks will be (psychohistory, ala Harry Seldon, Isaac Asimov's character) predictable in large groups; but I doubt if this will be in our time... in the meanwhile we have the ever-accumulating FAQs, articles, images/graphics... I will gladly co-adapt the above proscribed service model, ALONG w/ pretty much what we have already. BobF>
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/10/13

> I like this idea; a lot!
> Cheers, Neale
RE: Herp questions on WWM     6/10/13

> Hi Guys!
> Bob - Not to gang up on you, but I like Darrel's idea, too! Actually I
> think you even liked it the last time we suggested it!
> I also think it would help address your concern about getting some help to
> people more quickly on those occasions when Darrel and I can't get to them
> right away. While Darrel's idea may be more complicated to implement with
> fish, in our case with the turtles, 4-5 of our articles would probably take
> care of at least 80% of the questions we get.
> Darrel - correct me if I'm wrong, but Bob, I don't think he was suggesting a
> form for people to fill out. I think he was just suggesting SOME kind of
> screening device to help cut down on all the repeat queries we get. And
> actually - we're ALREADY doing this, but NOT with Darrel's links:
> http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/b4youwriteneale.htm (See bottom
> of this page under Turtles - there are only 5 items on this list!) It's
> accessed from #1.5 on the "Asking the WWM Crew a Question" page. In fact,
> Neale's two links that Darrel mentioned are already on this list - #1
> (respiratory illness) and #2 (eye disease). #3 is a link to an article on
> shell rot, another common problem.
> However - I DO think we need to update this list --
> - Add Darrel's link to common illness (maybe make this #1 on the
> list). That would make it a list of 6 items instead of 5 - still a short
> list.
> - To the current #4 on the list: Replace Gage's basic care
> article/link with Darrel's basic care article/link. Darrel's recommendation
> for water temperatures contradicts Gage's (and I believe Darrel's to be the
> correct recommendation, not Gage's).
> Gage recommends a water temp of 84 degrees which is WAY too warm
> IMO - and was even what caused me to write WWM in the 1st place!
> - To the current #5 on the list: Replace the link that's there now
> with this plant link http://www.redearslider.com/plants.html This link
> seems to fit better with the green plant material Neale referenced in #5.
> The link that's there now just takes
> you to general food FAQs.
> If this is what you had in mind Darrel - and if you agree Bob - that would
> be great, Bob, if you could make these updates. I think they would help cut
> down the repeat questions AND give people information that can help them
> right away in most cases. (And as for emergency questions we sometimes get,
> thx Darrel for giving me a way to text you for the ones I can't answer -
> such as the most recent 3 that came in this week!)
> ~ Sue
<Please do formulate what you have in mind and let's post it. B>
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/11/13

Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 14:47:31 -0400
Hi everyone, Per Bob’s request, here’s my take on a possible update to Neale’s original linked page – actually ONLY the BOTTOM section of his page that pertains to Turtles.
<I see it/this Sue; outstanding!>
It’s mostly just the same with a couple of additional links and a little re-ordering. Here’s also my own 2 cents though for whatever it’s worth! -- 1.     To make it stand out more, you might want to consider making it its own separate page/link rather than keeping it at the bottom of Neale’s page where it is now (see here for his original article  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/b4youwriteneale.htm )
<I strongly suggest we at least for now place directly on the "Herps" subindex page, directly ahead of the listings for articles and FAQs on Turtles>
2.     If you DO decide to make it a “stand-alone” page, make sure to add the link to it to Item # 1.5 on the “About Asking the WWM Crew a Question” page (the one people are brought to after they click on the “Ask WWM” button from the Home Page.)
<Mmm, okay>
3.     You may have to “tweak” my formatting so it appears OK on the website.  I don’t believe it’s compatible with yours.
<Will take a look after posting>
Let me know what you all think! Cheers, Sue
<Well done. BobF>
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/11/13

Thanks, Bob; glad you like it! J
Darrel and Neale, feel free to weigh in on this also, but my concerns about only adding it to the sub-index is that --
1)      It will get lost with all the other links that are there now.
2)      In the past I've read some crew members' comments that they don't feel most people access the info on WWM via the sub-index pages.  Assuming that's true, many people may not see this information before writing us, and it may not adequately address yours and Darrel's concerns.
<... where would you place it/this then Sue? B>
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/11/13

WOW!!!  I LOVE it ... it's got my vote!!!!
From: Neale Monks
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/11/13

I like I like I like!!
Yes, snappy - yes refined - but EXACTLY what I kinda thought.
Way to go team!!!!!!!
<um .... team?  what team, you fatass - you tossed out and Idea that Neale & Sue ran with while you just sat and watched!>
Like I said ... WAY TO GO NEALE & SUE !!!!!!!
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/11/13

Hello guys and gals,
Sue: your excellent efforts prompted me to try a different approach to the page layout itself. Have a look, here:
<Ah, very nice>
I have used your words, though abridged a little as you'll see, and organised in what I think is a more snappy arrangement for those of limited attention span!
Bob: in creating this page I lost some of the background formatting bits because I couldn't edit your template. So that's something we'd need to fix if you like this approach.
Cheers, Neale
<Is fine as is for now... where to insert this? BobF>
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/11/13

Hi Sue,
Yes, my feeling would be to remove (or at least remove links to) those "before you write" and "how to use WWM" type pages wherever they are. Streamline things down to just the one. With the 4-part photo frame at the top, readers can see where to start instantly, and the table those photos links to allows us to add more detail if necessary, though I think we do want to keep these bits as lean as possible, otherwise information overload sets in.
Cheers, Neale
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/11/13
Agree, Neale.  I really like the visual of your 4-part photo frame and agree that we should keep the text within each of the 4 simple and to a minimum.
The only afterthought I had that I’d like to get yours/Darrel's/Bob's feedback on is the idea of ending each of the 4 categories under your “Before You Write to Us” page with a final link that takes people directly to the FAQ section for that category if they still have more questions.  For example - ending the Turtle section with #5 that says something like, "Still have more questions about your turtle?  See here."  (with "here" being a link that takes them directly to the complete sub-index listing of all the Turtle FAQs and info)
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/11/13

> Quite so, Darrel.
> The problem is that Dreamy won't let me edit the template that Bob (Home Page?) uses to format the WWM pages. So I couldn't add a table for the four photographs at the top, for example.
>  Darrel, if you know how to get past this problem, let me know.
> Cheers, Neale>
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/11/13
> > My bigger suggestion is that we not rush this into production.
> > If everyone chips in on what they think is still important about the question_page.htm we can add that stuff to the bottom of Neale's page, then I'll warp it in the regular shared border - and we can all look at it and see what we think.
Re: Herp questions on WWM  /N     6/11/13

Darrel- Sound good; that page looks like it could be cleaned up a little!  Just off the cuff, my initial thought is that with Neale’s 911 page, we really don’t need to have Neale’s freshwater link in #1.5 anymore as it would be redundant:1.5) Still lost or want more help in understanding searching here? Please read Eric Russell's Guide to Searching WWM, & For Freshwater Issues/Organisms Neale Monk's: A Checklist of Common Problems with Freshwater Aquaria, Bettas, Goldfish, and Freshwater Turtles (Terrapins)Also – it looks like Eric Russell’s “Guide to Searching WWM” has some of the same information as the 1, 2, 3 instructions, so maybe this could be eliminated as well. As for the rest of 1, 2, 3 -- my eyes are starting to glaze over from being on the computer for the last few hours, but I’ll try to take a look at it tomorrow and give my penny’s worth of thoughts on it!  
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/11/13

> In my opinion, Neale's new page should be saved as
> http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/question_page.htm
> In other words, the info on the existing question page - the stuff about 1,2,3  should be added to the bottom of Neale's new page and then that page be THE page for "contact the crew"
> D
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/12/13
Please do so. B
Re: Herp questions on WWM  /S     6/12/13

Sounds good Darrel.  I think we all seem to be in the same ball park!
Re: Herp questions on WWM     6/13/13

> Hello all,
> The story so far can be seen here:
> http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/Before/Before.htm
> I've taken onboard Darrel's and Sue's comments. There are now links to the index pages (or articles) heading the turtle, goldfish, etc. sections. After the Crew e-mail link there's a link to the article on how to write/search WWM. I've made these unobtrusive but clear, I think.
> Bob, I can't get the formatting to match the original WWM page. It may well be impossible for me to do so with Home Page or whatever you use. Please have a look and see if you can reapply the background, banner/sidebar ads, etc.
<Will have to rely on Darrel's expertise here. D, can do? Please place. B>
> Cheers, Neale
Questions page      6/14/13

Hi everyone -
This is my initial attempt to help:  I made a copy of all Neale's stuff (so in case I break something I haven't damaged the original) -- I added the standard template and I cleaned up some borders and cell sizes just to clean it up a little -- but no one should ever assume I have taste, so please shout out if I made it worse.
As soon as we're agreed this is ready to launch, I'll begin the process of updating all the pages templates so that the "Ask the WWM crew a Question" on all pages is a link to this page
Regardless, I would like to suggest that this page should ALWAYS be considered a work in progress.  With each letter we answer, we become a tiny bit more versed in what THIS page should have offered or suggested and we should always be kicking that around.
So now I'm done for the moment, waiting to hear what y'all think
<Looks great! B>
Re: Questions page      6/14/13

> I think this looks great Darrel; thank you!
> I do wonder if having boxes around the Betta section, the turtle section and so on makes it clearer that "that" section is relevant to the reader. But it's not a strong opinion either way.
> Neale
Questions page      6/14/13

On Second thought .... something I think we should reconsider.
I know that Marine tanks are a bit more problematic, but we should still have a section on Marine tanks simply because they can't be conspicuous in their absence.
Now, I'm not the one to do it, but I have a suggestion for whomever does:
As I recall from my early days, an absolute CRISIS is almost always precipitated by Ammonia, Temperature, PH or Crypt ... or at least -- one of a few very basic things.  And the advice can be very basic, too.   In an emergency, how would MacGyver lower the ammonia, temp or raise the pH without the proper tools?<Mmm, when, where in doubt, emergency, water change/s!>
What I'm getting at is that it shouldn't look like we FORGET Marine aquaria
<I'd just leave out for now. B>
Re: Questions page      6/14/13

> Probably true, but I do suspect (hope) that aquarists keeping marines are a bit more savvy than goldfish and Betta keepers, so less in need of hand-holding.
> Could be wrong though'
> Cheers, Neale
Re: Questions page      6/14/13
Hi Darrel -
Just checked out the link and 2nd Neale; I think it looks great!  Thanks for putting it all together for us!
The only aesthetics comment I have is that you might want to consider removing the bullets on the "trio" of links, and bring them all the way out to the left margin.  Otherwise looks fine to me!
You had also asked for feedback on the 1, 2, 3.  One thing I noticed when looking at it again (besides the 1.5 that I mentioned yesterday that we may want to remove) -- is that #3 on that page doesn't seem to "fit" with the rest of the stuff there.  #3 to me seems to be more about "instructions to follow when emailing WWM", rather than "tips for getting the most from WWM" -- i.e. it says --
        a)      Please check your grammar and spelling... as all content is answered, then posted on this website and read over MANY times by others. 
        b)      Please write in complete sentences,   
        c)      PLEASE, NO MESSAGES IN ALL CAPITALS! Though, please do capitalize proper nouns (including company product names), organisms' common, genus and taxonomic names, the personal pronoun "I"...   
        d)      If you want to send attachments (particularly of photographs), please limit photo size to a few hundred Kbytes... and send along as jpegs or bmps.
Don't know how to do this? Read here re: Resizing Image/Graphics Files
        e)      DO send us as much pertinent information/data as you have. DON'T worry re length of your message... We NEED to know what you have in terms of the system, its history of operation, water quality tests, livestock, observable data...
        f)      CELL PHONES. It is fine to inquire via cell phones. But the same above guidelines still apply! A cell phone email is NOT an excuse for poor form!     
Maybe instead of hiding these instructions amongst the tips like they are now, how about removing them from that page, and have your “email” link take people to a page with them listed on it, then put the email link right beneath them?  Just a thought

Re: Questions page    6/14/13
OK - I think I get that, but let me recap to see if I understand what you are saying:
We have a new "before you ask" page If you still decide to ask, you are linked to the "How to Ask" page
and THAT page has the email address.
So Before you ask gives you quick links to basic info How to ask tells you to check spelling and resize your pictures, etc.
And both of those pages have the same links to the "how to search and get the most of" page?
If that's what you mean, I think it makes sense.
Re: Questions page    6/14/13

Hi Darrel – is your question for me or Bob?  (That’s my blurb on the bottom that I sent you last night) If your question is to me, I don’t think it should be necessary to repeat all the “tips” info on the “How to Ask” page.   I kind of view the “How to Ask” as the 3rd and final step that happens AFTER the person has read about turtles, goldfish, etc. (Step 1), and AFTER they’ve searched our site (Step 2) …  where they’ve now decided to write us (Step 3), and now all that’s left to give them are the specific grammar and resizing instructions.   And given that deciding to write us IS the final step, you might want to put that step last in your sequence – i.e. -- Instead of this order:
Want more answers? Then click here to go to the Goldfish section of WWM So you want to write to us?
Then e-mail us at crew@wetwebmedia.com
Click here for tips on getting the most from WWM
You’d have them in this order instead --
Want more answers? Then click here to go to the Goldfish section of WWM
Click here for tips on getting the most from WWM (this link would give them tips for how to search the rest of the WWM site)So you want to write to us? Then e-mail us at crew@wetwebmedia.com (this link would only contain the grammar/photo sizing, etc. instructions followed by the link to our email address
(That 3rd bullet could say something like, “Still can’t find what you’re looking for?  Click here to write us” – which then takes them to that list of 5 instructions below followed by linking them to our email address. Just my thoughts!  But whatever you/Bob/Neale think will work best for those last two bullets is fine with me!  I’m just happy to have Step 1!! 

Ask; looking for Antoine      4/29/13
Good day,
I would like to Anthony Calfo send a cover letter and invitation to a new forum has been created in Spain. I have an email address readingtrees@yahoo.com, but I think it is old. Can you give me an e-mail to contact or send my mail.
A greeting and thank you very much.
<This is the only one I have as well. Am given to understand he's working as a retail clerk at Elmer's Tropicals in Pittsburgh, PA... Bob Fenner>
Re: Ask      4/29/13

Thanks, for the information..
<Ah, welcome. BobF>

Brief enquiry for wetwebmedia.com      4/29/13
I have read this page of your site and I find it very interesting and informative.
If it is okay with you I would like to add a relevant resource that will be useful to your readers.
It would be a very simple text link that is not promotional and will point to a page related to your topic.
Of course I would be happy to compensate you for your time and effort if this is something we are able to work out.
Let me know if this would interest you and I will send you the complete details of my proposal.
Kind Regards,
Paige Venn
Send along this text link for review. Bob Fenner

re: 120 gallon tank on 2nd fl    4/10/13
Thanks Bob, it's been a long time since I last posted a question. Glad to be back!
<Ah, good. BobF>

Turtle queries    3/6/13
Hi Darrel!
There are 3 queries in the Turtle In-box. I took one but the other two are coincidentally both asking why their turtles have suddenly developed "pink bellies", and I have no idea what could cause this. Would you mind replying to them and I'll be on the look-out for your reply so I can learn too?
~ Sue
Thank you Sue, Darrel. B 
Turtle... help! 3/8/13

There are now seven queries... Am starting to feel bad re folks looking for such help on WWM. What to do? B
Re: (MORE!) Turtle queries     3/9/13

Hi Bob, Darrel,
<Hey Sue>
More turtle queries in the box.  The 1st two still there from Monday about pink belly color, now a 3rd query as well that's also a question about a pink belly. From what I've seen on all 3 of those, they don't appear to me to have resulted from an external colored object.  It also seems too coincidental that all 3 of them could have happened from red dye in food, so I'm deferring to Darrel on this. Will keep an eye out for his response to see what he thinks it might be in all 3 of these cases.
The 4th one has to do with an ornate wood turtle. The other 2 are from someone who thinks she accidentally burned her turtle in hot water and  show
pics of him gaping with red swollen eyes. (I asked her if she thought it could also have been a cleaning agent since you'd think she'd have noticed if the water was too hot.)  I DID reply to these two, but all I could really say to her was to take him to a vet immediately. However, I left them in the In-box in case Darrel could add anything that may be of additional help to her.
~ Sue
<Thank you. B>
Re: Turtle... help! - 03/09/201
Hi Bob,
<Sir Neale>
I saw these. But honestly, I am not a turtle expert. I haven't kept them since I was a teenager, and now little/nothing about turtle "triage" for want of a better word.
Do fear that we might want to have a standard reply page we can link to, listing the main pages we have (especially Darrel's one on basic care) but otherwise including a link to something like RedEarSlider.com where there is a much bigger group of turtle experts at work.
Cheers, Neale
<Understood. I will refer people to this should their queries start growing beards. Cheers, BobF>

no questions today   3/5/13
Just wanted to say thanks for such an informative and friendly website.
Marci Franklin
<Ahh, thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Bob Fenner>

UCF needs your support    2/21/13
We really appreciate the help of WetWebMedia..   You are listed on our sponsors page, (and have been for some time) as well as being listed as a sponsor in our program.  
The donation you made will be used to help fund an exceptional student from out of state to attend and present their ecology research. 
<A worthy cause to support>
Thank you,
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
Joshua Solomon
Graduate Student
Coastal and Estuarine Ecology Lab
Department of Biology
4000 Central Florida Blvd
Orlando, FL 32817

Thank you for your donation to WetWebMedia.com    2/19/13
George, much appreciated. Bob Fenner
Thank you for your donation to WetWebMedia.com

Bill, thank you for your donation to WWM. Bob Fenner
Thank you for your donation to WetWebMedia.com
Janice; thank you. Bob Fenner
Re: Thank  you for your donation to WetWebMedia    2/19/13

I'm grateful for the knowledge you and your crew share with all Marine Aquarist, Bob. I can't afford to be a sponsor yet, who knows what the future may bring.
<Ahh yes, and you. BobF>

Slightly different, peer review of college paper    2/5/13
Dear Crew,
I was wondering whom among your ranks had the highest degree?
<I think Neale (Monks) and Marco (Lichtenberger) have doctorates... don't know re the rest of the crew>
 I am currently writing a paper on the ecological importance of stony cnidarians vs. their soft-bodied cousins, and few of the resources for processing, and critiquing such types of papers are unreliable at my college. I want to ensure that my paper is completely correct in terms of physiology, and morphology of Cnidaria. I also am using both my old bio advisor, and a book entitled Invertebrates by Richard C. Brusca as points of reference.
<Ahh, an olde standard. I have a few editions>
 This paper is aimed at convincing those who know little to nothing about cnidarians, the fact that stony cnidarians are keystone species. I would also like to source WWM, and several of Bob Fenner's articles in my paper.
Would I be allowed to do this?
<Certainly. Am not familiar w/ the "how" of such citations, but most all my in-print work is in pulp 'zines (and books) that were "picked up" by citation services (BIOSIS, The Zool. Abstracts) over the years. That is, can be found, cited via computer search bibliographic tools>
 Could I entrust my paper to a highly educated member of the crew for review?
<Have bcc'd Neale and Marco here; up to them>
Considering I am miles from any coast, or marine program I don't trust my bio professors as much as I probably should on this one. If it would be bothersome to the members of the crew, than please just advise me on the correct citations needed.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

A brief thank you for your donation to WWM   1/17/13
Janice, thank you for your earnest involvement. Bob Fenner
Re: A brief thank you for your donation to WWM   1/17/13

A very small token of my appreciation. I've just started a business making my own ornamental marine fish food using chemical free and sustainably sourced ingredients. It's been a big hit here with many WAMAS members.
They have been my driving force. As I become more successful I will contribute more. You and your crew have been a tremendous help for me in this hobby over the years. I thank you for your time, guidance and for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us all.
Jan's Natural Reef Foods  
<Ahh! Congratulations on your new venture. Do make it known if I can/may be of assistance. Bob Fenner>

Your contribution to WetWebMedia.com   1/17/13
Thank you Svilen. Bob Fenner
Thanks    1/11/13
This is just to let you know that I made a modest contribution to your site to say thanks for the hours of enjoyment and wealth of information you provide. Your work is invaluable, and I wanted to do my part to help keep you going.  Bill G.
<Ah! Much appreciated Bill. I/we thank you, Bob Fenner>

Articles  1/2/13
Hi Bob,
<Hey James>
Hope all is well with you.  I have written quite a few articles that are LED and coral related for the Orphek website.  I am willing to share them with you for the web site if you would notate at the end of each article, "Article courtesy of Orphek LED Lighting, www.orphek.com .  What say you? 
<Will gladly post/share your work; but do make sure it/this is okay w/ the Orphek folks> There would be no charge for this and you can choose which articles you wish to post.
<Thanks much James. BobF>
Re: Articles  1/2/13

I have the permission to do this. I will send to you tomorrow. You can choose which articles you wish to post. <Ah, thank you. B>
Re: Articles  1/2/13

No problem Bob, how does this sound?  You can place it at the end of each article you wish to post. This article is provided by James Gasta (sales-3@orphek.com ) who is employed by Orphek LED and generates blogs and articles for the Orphek website, www.orphek.com .  James also volunteers his time as a crew member for wet web media (crew@wetwebmedia.com ).
<Great. Thanks James. B>
Re: Additional articles you may wish to post    1/2/12

You're welcome Bob.  If you want to look at the Orphek oriented articles I can send them and you can decide what you would like to do.
Cheers, James
<Please do send them/these along. No problem w/ the admission that you're under their hire. B>

RMF to the WWM Crew:     12/24/12
Cheers! What a joy it is to read (while parsing the dailies) your responses... To realize the good we do collectively to inform and inspire fellow aquarists and folks interested in aquatic natural history. Here's wishing you and yours joyous holiday seasons. BobF
Re: Thank you and happy holidays!     12/24/12

And may I extend the same wishes to you Bob.
<Ah, thank you my friend. B>
> Ah yes, for sure Bob and all, Merry Christmas!
> Neale
Likewise to everyone. Thanks for letting me into the club!  (See you tomorrow, Bob.)
Rick Novy
Thank you and happy holidays!    12/24/12

Thank you Bob; same to you and everyone else on the crew!
~ Sue
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year!!
The laCour Family

Just a general thanks :)    12/20/12
I just wanted to thank all of you for sharing your knowledge and experience.  I'm currently planning my first SW tank and found myself putting 'WetWeb' at the end of the animal's name when searching Google in order to find this website faster.  Although I do read various websites when researching, yours is the most informative and helpful.  Also, I have emailed questions before for my freshwater and brackish tanks and received a response that was not only very quick but spot on in information.  So yea, for those of us dabbling in this art, thank you so much for simply existing :). Looking forward to future inquiries as I learn about the saltwater world :)
<We thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Bob Fenner> 

Thank you!    11/7/12
Hi WWM Crew!

I've never written before and I'm happy to say I'm not writing with a question today. Rather, I just wanted to send out a big thank you to all of you for all the work you do. I understand you're very busy with people who actually have issues, and I recognize that WWM is not a forum for discussion between hobbyists, but I wanted to let you know there are people like me who are happily (and usually quietly) enjoying our fish because of you.
I started a 20 gallon freshwater tank in mid-August and so far have had almost no problems at all (slight algae bloom; after several regular water changes didn't work, I added a few more quick-growing plants to out-compete the algae for nutrients, problem solved). I am keeping zebra Danios and emerald Cory cats, and I have had no death or illness to date (on the contrary, they procreate like mad, I'm lucky the two types of fish I have eat each other's eggs/fry or I would have a crowding problem). I am also growing dwarf hairgrass, Anubias nana, and java fern.
Before starting this tank, I spent about three months surfing around your site, picking up information here an there as I let interest and "related articles/FAQs" guide my journey. I learned a lot about both fresh and saltwater setups before I even considered starting one for myself. Because of that, and because of the quality of information on your site, I've been able to largely anticipate the needs of my tank and appropriately deal with potential issues before they occur. My father, who also kept fish during college (as I am doing now), is amazed and impressed with my success and good luck, but not to downplay my role in aquarium maintenance, I really do think it was the information I gathered before starting -- the information provided, in large part, on your site -- that was the most help.
I'm looking forward to continuing to pursue my interest in fish keeping, and I'm very happy to know that WWM.com will be there for me as I investigate more challenging setups and try my hand at keeping more delicate livestock.
Thanks again, WWM!
<Outstanding; thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Am sharing w/ the rest of the WWM Crew. Bob Fenner>
Re: Thank you!    11/7/12

If only this were the norm and not the exception.
<In all actuality Rick... this really is the norm... We/WWM have 30-40k users per day; the vast majority whom are very grateful, find our work/efforts of use. Just not that many folks write in their impressions, thanks. Cheers, BobF>

platy question - Internal note, WWM input f'  - 10/21/2012
I'm confused by three answered emails on this topic in my folder. Is this just getting me updated on what transpired since my last login, or do I have an action to do here?
<Sorry Rick... I sent you Neale and I's responses so you'd see them. It oft happens that more than one of us responds to the same or follow-on threads that have been replied to by another/others. No need for action on your part. BobF>
Re: platy question - Internal note - 10/21/2012
That's what I thought. Thanks, and thanks for thinking of that.
<Ah, B>

FAO Bob F (I think): Admin/reformatting/corrections     10/18/12
Hi Bob
First of all, let me say thank you to you and your crew for the resources and advice that have guided me through my first year of FW tropical fishkeeping. I have entirely no illusion that the whole experience would have been considerably more difficult and downheartening if it wasn't for WWM, to the point where I might even have given up. Instead, the opposite is true: I now have 7 tanks running, not all stocked but we're getting there. The basics are now pretty much down to pat and I'm at the point of looking for new challenges.
<Ah, good>
The reason that I am writing is because I would really like to give something back. I couldn't say that, at this stage, I'm experienced enough to be let loose on the advice front. However, from what I read, you do seem to have a fairly large issue with poor writing, grammer <ar, heee!> and format to the point where the real experts have to spend a lot of time correcting these flaws.
<Mmm, not so much... I run a standard spelling and grammar check/er on all before posting, and am wont to not allow in some discrepancies, particularly for non-native speakers... BUT we have REAL troubles w/ having gone from Frontpage to MS' Web Expressions... with their contradictory coding... so... if you're a crackerjack HTML type...>
 I am more than happy to do a bit of tidying up if it means the stars of the show have more time to help people out. You probably have many people volunteering to do this kind of thing but if I can be of any help, please let me know.
<I/we have dreams of revisiting much of the site, paring down the FAQs files, but this is too onerous a task to ask of folks at this point. Thank you for your offer though. Bob Fenner>
Re: FAO Bob F (I think): Admin/reformatting/corrections - 10/18/2012

Hi Bob
Sorry I have no HTML experience, I'm afraid.
Still, if you need anyone for any donkey-work in the future, I'm more than happy to help.
<As a fellow donkey, I REALLY appreciate it>
"large issue with poor writing, grammer <ar, heee!> and
format". What a perfect place to make that mistake! I can only follow it up with a "WTF lol m8!!!!".
<And you, BobF>

Not question, nor complaint, WWM    10/3/12
Dear Crew,
    I wanted to take this time to thank you for all of your hard work. I realize you probably get quite a few questions, and rude sarcastic remarks too, but I wanted to sincerely show my appreciation. Due to your help I have been able to propagate my Duncanopsammia sp. Huge Open Brain, Orange Sun, Goniopora (has been growing despite typical mortality rates), Candy Cane that is dividing, Favites Brain that is slowly growing, and a few really pretty Acan Lords. My Pavona also are nice looking, but I am not sure what they are supposed to look like, so since they have good full color with no skeleton showing I am thinking/hoping they are good. I also have Montipora with great polyp extension. A thriving tank with different small schooling fish (4 Banggai Cardinals, 3 Zebra Bar Fish, 2 Firefish Gobies), which makes a nicer tank than two larger fish in my opinion. The perfect lighting unit for my current tank, and thriving macro-fauna. You guys/gals should set up a rewards program. Where all successfully remedied situations end with a diving trip, or free frag. Thanks,
<I'd go for that! Thanks BobF>

This is what I think   9/29/12
After due consideration, this is what I think
1) You should take the FAQ formats in the samples and then open those to semi-public debate ..
asking not "which one do you like?" but rather "what is good and what is bad about each?"
Asking 16 people what they like will give you 16 different opinions.  Asking 16 people what they like & don't like about what you have chosen will give you valuable data.
<Okay; will do>
2) You should stop filing FAQs -- it is a waste of your valuable time and even more valuable talent.
As I said and Neale agrees, about 95% of their questions have already been asked and answered a dozen times - and at least 75% of our answers add nothing new to the debate.  We leave the FAQs in the daily_faqs_by_date format ... and then on the occasion where you really DO get a good question and/or a stunning answer - then you add it to the permanent section of the site.
<Mmm, but I enjoy it so>
3) This frees your time and talent - which is desperately needed, Bob.
That's what I think
<I thank you. B>
here is a sample page  http://www.xupstart.com/wwx/daily_faqs3.htm
<I see it>
feedback / opinion    9/30/12

I'm not sure why you're asking the general public,
<Mmm, for their valuable input>
 but examples 2, 5 and 9 are extraordinarily easier to read and follow #2 being my favorite.  The indents are not necessary, but the spacing is great.
<Thank you Allen. BobF>

Question about your site      9/25/12
I'm wondering if any of you ever thought about the fact that your site is IMPOSSIBLE to read. You continually turn up in search results for information I need, but who wants to wade through a bunch of jammed together text with some strange irrelevant highlighting.
<Can you send a URL example of this?>
It's just atrocious. It's a shame, since there is probably a lot of useful information on it.
Also, just a suggestion; I have seen a few replies, usually near the top of the pages, because that's as far as I get, but it would be nice if someone ask a question and doesn't get a condescending reply. If you don't like people, or answering the same questions, over and over, then maybe you should just close the site down.
<Mmm, it's used by 30-40k people a day who find it very useful>
(PS. The two comments above are structured in paragraphs, maybe you've heard of them?)
Cindy Stotts
<Maybe start your own? Bob Fenner>
Re Question about your site       9/26/12
Wee dew knot Re: lie two much on spell Czech, ether!!
We're all volunteers and do this just for the fun of helping when we can.
If we had more volunteers to work with the editing and content distribution we might be able to get ahead of the curve.
Have any extra time to devote?
Best aquarium hobby site ever!   9/29/12

Hello I can't help but feeling sad when someone like Cindy can't understand how something works...I know I wont be the only one to weigh in your favor and I'm sorry to waste your valuable time and space.
<Never a worry>
This place helped me with, freshwater, brackish, saltwater and planted tank! English is my second language and I never felt attacked by you guys.
I agree to give a little attitude. when someone ask an easy question that could be answered by a 2 minutes search! And I mean, have been answered a gazillion times already.
The site is an easy read, and I found 99% of my answers in a decent amount of time. It just take a little getting used to, since its different from other forums, and that's great in itself!!
Thank you Thank you Thank YOU!
<Thank you for your kind, encouraging words Phil. Bob Fenner>

WetWebMedia Crew 9/20/12
Thank you for your donation to WWM Zina. Much appreciated. Bob Fenner

More herp help on/w/ WWM    9/7/12
Darrel, Sue, Neale... do you know of someone who might help us? Am concerned that the incoming queries are lagging... some are here from Monday... B
Re: More herp help on/w/ WWM     9/7/12

Hello Bob,
<Good morrow Neale>
While I'm happy to look at the occasional turtle question if it's about a species I know (i.e., red ears) and concerns basic care, I'm really not at all comfortable answering questions about their healthcare, medication, or details of other species than red ears. So if I ignore your pleas on these, it's not that I haven't looked, but that I've looked and can't help to anything like the degree of Darrel's or Sue's expertise.
<Ahh, yes>
Of course I'm happy to look after amphibian queries because I know more about them.
Cheers, Neale
<Thank you for this clarification. Cheers, BobF>
Re: More herp help on/w/ WWM     9/7/12

Hi Bob, Darrel, Neale
1st Neale (the most important thing 1st!) - Congratulations on your engagement!!!  (Darrel - don't discourage Neale for goodness sake, LOL!!)
Seriously, Neale, very happy for you - all the best to you and your fiancé!!
Bob ... sorry about the lagging queries. Things have been non-stop for me the last couple of weeks after being gone for a month out west, and then with school starting back up � for me as well as my kids!  I was on WWM a little earlier and saw that Darrel got to the rest of the queries in the In-box � thanks Darrel!  I did, however, finally send off the one that had been in my box since Monday (will respond to the most recent one tomorrow), and did get to one of the 6 last night that was in the Turtle in-box.
However, I had a massive headache last night and couldn't do any more after that one (which I have no doubt was caused by my commuting up and back from Boston - I'm not sure why MA keeps issuing drivers' licenses to all the nutty drivers there � the only worse drivers I've ever seen are in L.A.
sorry Darrel!)
Darrel - do you want to try to work out a schedule where we split up the week/pick alternate days to check WWM? And maybe Neale could pick a day?  Or is this too rigid? The only thing with my suggestion is that like Neale, there are some queries I don't have experience with or feel comfortable answering.  So even though I may check WWM, some may still get left for Darrel!  Any thoughts Darrel?  I'm open to any/all!
~ Sue
<Thank you Sue, all. B>
Re: More herp help on/w/ WWM  9/9/12

 Hello all,
 I do check the WWM e-mail most days, and will look inside the Turtles inbox when I do so. But I'm not a turtle expert by any means. I've kept red-ear sliders of course, and dwarf African frogs, but that's about it. Since no-one else seems to tackle them, I'm happy to look after amphibian queries, but please don't rely on me to do reptile questions. I'm just not qualified, either in terms of experience or by having a library to hand.
 Perhaps we might want to ask people who send in queries to direct themselves to redearslider.com -- it seems a good site and has an active forum. Or would that effect the quantity of new FAQs on WWM and hence its advertising revenue?
<Mmm, the ad revenue has nearly nothing to do w/ our excellent coverage of aquatic reptiles (and amphibians). I would refer any/all to other places on the Net of use. BobF>
 Cheers, Neale

Selling WWM   8/1/12
> I was wondering if you had any interest in selling your website
> www.wetwebmedia.com?
> Thank you.
Not much... unless I went along w/ the deal. What would I do with my time otherwise? Oh, would like to generate the content/site for Persica americana... BobF
Re WWM    8/1/12

> I don't know what Persica americana is.
> So, that is a no?
Re WWM    8/1/12

Well, the content on the site is great but very hard to navigate.  We would be organizing it and putting it into a searchable format.  The content would be free for use.
Re WWM    8/1/12
I can provide you with an NDA if you need an answer to the "we" part.
> It will take a couple of days because legal is in CA this week for some conference.
> Have you ever received an offer before?<Not what I would deem as bonafide, no. However, some folks in the trade have asked if I'd be willing to sell Are there multiple domains?
<Mmm, yes. The bb is separate if you wanted this too>  
Do you own or lease a webserver? 
Is all the content licensed for your use?
<No and not>
Re WWM    8/1/12
Which bulletin board?
<? http://wetwebmediaforum.com/forum.php
how can you purport to wanting to purchase something you haven't investigated?>
> What parts of the site are NOT licensed to you?
<... just not "licensed" per se. See the stated Content Use on the site. B>
Re WWM    8/1/12
I wasn't sure which bulletin board you were referring to since you seem to have a question/answer section as well as links to a different BB system.
> OK, I'm afraid the "content use policy" would preclude us from using any of the content since we don't see image credits or attributions on the majority of the photos on the site.
> Thank you.
Ahh, thank you for your interest. B
Re WWM    8/2/12
If you had a list of what material is yours and what isn't, we'd be interested in what we can legally purchase from you (i.e. articles,  magazines, photos, forums).
<Most all the articles and images are mine... Only the FAQs and their image work, the articles and images therein ascribed are by others... Again, though, I'm not really a seller. I enjoy the work, it grants me avenue, insight and momentum to other "work" (paying and not) and we really do a great service to others in helping, inspiring them in their care, expression, and building/sustaining the trade. B>
> Thanks.
Selling WWM
> Hello Bob,
<Good morrow Neale>
> Very curious correspondence on today's FAQ. If this were me, I'd be looking to see what else the potential buyer owns. There's been a spate of aquarium and other hobby sites (and forums) being bought by companies that have zero interest in the subject matter. All they want is the visitor hits so they can paste the site with advertising. I guess you should be flattered -- obviously they think WWM is a high traffic site!<Ah yes... but/also am not a seller (of course)... What we do is... no better way to put it: priceless. I'd have to be very poor to sell my bit of it
 Cheers, Neale
> PS. Do you mean Persea americana? The avocado? I don't get the reference, either!!!
<Heeee! A bit of a rouse I admit. "Peachy". Cheers, B> 

Thank you for your donation to WWM     7/16/12
Dave, much appreciated. Bob Fenner

Thank you     5/28/12
Just a note to say thanks.
I am a fairly experienced aquarist, have had many successes with fresh and salt water. Been out of the hobby for about 10 years, finally started a new salt tank.
I have learned soooo much from your information that I realize I really didn't know much before.
The main reason I am writing- I recently bought a Ricordea from one of my LFS and  was having issues. Turns out it was badly bleached and on the way out. Reading your site I found that I must feed heavily until his natural color and internal Zooxanthellae returns. As of now, he is looking much healthier and is starting to regain some green color. It is my main objective now to return it's health an if I can do that I will consider it a victory. I have done many inverts before but he is my first coral.
I am looking forward to his recovery and hopeful I can get him to divide and such.
Thank you so much for your guidance and am looking forward to continuing my education with your help.
Bob in Thornton, Colorado
<Thank you for your note, acknowledgement. BobF in San Diego, Ca>

Re: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/tubeanfdgf.htm?h=why+do+tube+anemone+curl+up%3F , Facebook, Twitter buttons & WWM?  – 5/22/12
   Just read that! Wow!
   You need a Facebook button at your site so we can share articles.
   I know, we can all copy paste, but a button would be great too!
   While you're at it, Twitter would also be welcome,....right?
<Mmm, sounds good... We do have a FB "page" gratis of AJ... Will ask him re these matters... Oh, and Darrel (high tech. king here).>
   Forgot to include this link!
   I bought one and now hope to return it, as the description left out many negative reasons for not including this in your reef tank!!!!!
<Thank you Pam. Bob Fenner>
Re: Bob Fenner please!!! – 5/22/12

Ok, reading and learning,..."wide and deep!"
Thanks Bob!
Re: Bob Fenner please!!! – 5/22/12

What's the " W "  ?????
<Ah, W/welcome. B>
WWM FB and Twitter Buttons?
Hi Bob this would be something separate of our actual Facebook page. 
<Oh? Okay>
It involves adding a script to the coding of each article and FAQ page which when clicked upon allows someone with a Facebook personal profile to automatically share the page on their profile.
<Aye yi yi... am sure you're aware of how large the site is>
  It is convenient when employed and allows us to keep stats and tabs on who shares and reads it, having said that the shear size of WWM alone would make employing this a rather LARGE project.  As the reader mentioned the same can be accomplished by copying the URL and pasting to their page or profile which is what I do in the WWM Facebook page.
<Let's stick w/ that for now Adam. Thank you, BobF>

Carbon Dosing Article 4/15/12
I was going to post a link to the subject article in a query I answered today but all the pics are missing from the article.
<What the?! They were there ayer when I posted the piece... Have the original thank goodness (not deleted in the trash bin yet), so will
replace. Thanks, B>
Re: Carbon Dosing Article

what's the article/url James?
The pics are there somewhere ...
Re: Carbon Dosing Article 4/15/12

OK, thanks. I save all my work to a back up drive so even if you did delete it, no problem.
<Strange... saw Darrel's stmt. that he could see (presumably using Firefox as his browser), and did see inside WWM... but not outside. Have re-posted and saved images, and now they appear outside... B>
Re: Carbon Dosing Article 4/16/12

I was just chatting with Darrel on IM. He said he was going to make some changes to the site tonight. If I go to compatibility view in IE9, the carbon dosing pics appear but the AquaC pics do not appear in either viewing mode.
He suggested that when I save an article to save as a filtered html file. I checked my Word and it does not offer that option.
<Mmm, and I didn't run (post, copy) the pieces through Notepad... Will check the AquaC pc..... B <<Fixed>>

Re: Carbon Dosing Article    4/16/12

Darrel has the AquaC photos fixed and I found out how to save a document in html filtered which Darrel recommends.  First you click "save as", then select "other formats", then in the file window paste/type ".htm (HTML, filtered)".
I don't normally drink this early but a shot of Jack is in order.
I fixed both pc.s this AM and had too much Jack on Sat...
Fw: Carbon Dosing Article    4/16/12

Whoa, gave you a bum steer.  You do not have to type or paste.  Instead select the drop down window instead of the file window and  ".htm (HTML, filtered)" appears.  Sorry but I hate computers.
Want to start a club?

WWM in boxes
Chuck, Neale, there's a cichlid ID enquiry that I ask you look at... And Neale, have placed some resp.s to you and an aging Bombina query in your folder. Thank you both. B

Re: Thank you for your donation to WWM 3/19/12
My pleasure, hope it helps the site and "The Crew" even a fraction as much as it helps all of us users.
I don't even have a system of my own yet, but have been using WWM for research for probably a couple years now in advance. I honestly feel between that and Bob's great book I have already learned so much. Don't worry though, once I actually get around to setting things up and am fumbling around on my own I'll be sure to hit the tip jar again along with my questions.
<Looking fwd. to it! BobF>

Re: Tang Problems - Many of them! 3/19/12
Hello Crew,
<Hi Adrian, Jordan here.>
I sent an email over a week ago and never heard back... just checking in again.<I responded to an email from an Adrian on 3/12/12 concerning an injured Blue Hippo Tang. It is listed on the FAQs-
http://wetwebmedia.com/AccruedFAQs.htm - Is this the email in question?>
Do you still offer emails answer/question?<Certainly do but mistakes can happen. Feel free to send your question in again and someone will answer it in a timely manner.>
<Quite welcome.>

Carrie, much appreciated. Bob Fenner
Re: Thank you for your donation to WWM 3/18/12
Of course. It doesn't even begin to compensate for the quality and quantity of information I have gained (and will continue to gain) from your site.
<Ahh! Again I/we thank you. BobF>

Thanks! 3/17/12
Hello. I just wanted to say thanks for all the helpful information. I have an African Dwarf Frog and have been all over the internet looking for help and your site provided everything I needed!!! Hopefully she will get better after I make the correct changes I found out about! :) Thanks again!
<Thanks for the kind words, and glad you're enjoying the site. Cheers, Neale.>

Feedback on FAQ Replies 3/3/12
First of all, I hope you don't mind, but this is a suggestion/feedback
rather than a question.
I'd like to start by saying this website is a wonderful resource, I'm incredibly grateful to all that contribute, and any criticism is not meant to be personal or devalue the service you provide. The thing I felt I had to mention, however, was the tone of some of the FAQ replies. Now, I completely agree on the subjects of grammar, spelling, etc. (especially "txt"-speak--I cringe enough when I see it in text messages), and on the idea that people should try to search for their own answers and read the provided articles before asking a question easily answered by an article.
What I found troubling was that not all of the rude/condescending/just plain mean-sounding comments were made in response to questions like this.
<I see>
I personally am (was?) planning on starting my first community tank soon, and I was interested in mollies specifically, so I decided to do a bit of research beyond what the local Petco could tell me (knowing that this store is...less than reliable, on these matters, even if the employees seem knowledgeable). I found this site, and found some info that matched what I had learned elsewhere, some that differed drastically, and some that left me terribly uncertain. I was excited to see an extensive FAQ, though, and began browsing, fairly certain that people would have had the same uncertainty I did. While a lot of the answers provided seemed generally helpful and informative, I began to find myself
<Really? With what? Why?>
By the time I read through one page of FAQs, rather than feeling clearer, I felt so discouraged that I'm honestly about ready to put my life-long dream of an aquarium back on the shelf again. Having conflicting information thrown at you can be extremely unnerving for a beginner, even when you know one source is probably much more reliable than another, and ESPECIALLY when the life of a pet is concerned...but rather than understanding this and being supportive, I found most of the replies seemed to be scolding if not harshly chastising the sender for not having already known the answer. Yes, perhaps sometimes it's written in the article, but perhaps the person asking was told the exact opposite by another source, and feels more comfortable giving the specifics of their individual case to a live person for advice? Granted I may be extra sensitive to some of this because I'm already so embarrassed not to be able to figure it all out for myself, but I'm telling you the way this made me feel because there may be others like me out there, and I don't think you intend to hurt or discourage anyone.
<You are correct>
Some things may even be meant in jest, but since tone can so hard convey over the internet, I think that intent is sometimes lost. I just wanted you to be aware that for someone already overwhelmed, confused, or scared about beginning an aquarium, some of these cold, abrupt comments can really hurt, and make one feel like they should just forget the whole thing. The small comments throughout the message commenting on individual thoughts may be a wonderful format sometimes, but when the comments are abrupt and rude, it stops feeling like someone's trying to help. It feels like being held up in front of everyone and being picked apart to be made fun of. Some frankly made me cringe just to read because I know if I had sent a question and gotten a reply like that, I would be near tears.
I know this is a free service offered by volunteers, and obviously you're free to answer the questions any way you choose, but I wanted to let you know about this, because I doubt it's your intention. It's probably difficult not to lose your patience being asked similar questions constantly, I just hope you remember that some people come to you already overwhelmed and vulnerable, and sometimes even the most informative reply, if worded in an insulting way, can do a great deal of harm. I'd like to think there's help out there if I need it, but help that seems to come with an unspoken "oh my god how stupid could you be not to know this already" is not something I can subject my already horrible self-esteem to, and I find myself wondering if all experts will be looking down on me. It makes me afraid to ask anyone anything. In fact it makes me want to give up altogether...and I'd guess I'm probably not the only one.
I'm sorry that this got rather long, and I'm very sorry if it seems preachy at all, because I don't mean it to. I just wanted to bring this up, since it seems very likely that you're a bunch of lovely, helpful, and generally friendly people that would want to know if they were potentially hurting anyone.
Best wishes,
<Thank you for sharing. Will share in turn w/ the WWM Crew, think on. Bob Fenner, progenitor>
Re: Feedback on FAQ Replies 3/4/12

Thank you very much for the reply, and the fact that it wasn't outright dismissed or laughed at was quite a relief (and reassuring)! Though I'm probably a bit paranoid about that sort of thing, I'll admit. I just want to stress that the feedback I gave was in no way referring to all replies, only some, and I've still found your website to be incredibly helpful and wonderful in many ways. After a bit of calming down, trying to remind myself that A: I won't always automatically fail at everything I try and B: not to take everything so bloody personally, there were probably a few comments that bothered me initially that aren't even as bad as I was reading them to be. And after even more reading of various articles and FAQs, there's also quite a bit of very encouraging material here, that I believe does greatly outweigh the things that initially bothered me. In short, I still believe what I wrote before, but feel like a bit of an ass for wording it so seriously and probably making it sound worse than it is.
<No worries>
And yes, I think I've decided to swallow my fear and go ahead with a 20 gallon community tank (I was prepared to go with a 15g even though I knew it was a bit small, but from some material here I decided to hold out for a 20g, as I think it would make a better first tank). Still fairly overwhelmed, particularly since I'm someone that likes to know ALL their options before making a choice, so stocking this thing will be hard! The most important part to me is that the fish are happy and healthy, but it would be nice to have as much variety as possible--it would be easier if I could even pick one fish to build the rest of the community around! I've got quite a bit more research ahead of me. You may hear back from me with questions later, now that I feel a bit more comfortable. Thank you again!
<Thank you. And better to take one's time, investigate as much as it takes you to feel comfortable. Bob Fenner>

Thanks, data sheet to fill out sugg. for WWM 2/28/12
You're a very informative and helpful site. Thank you for requiring proper grammar. Now not a question but a suggestion. Why not make a general information sheet required to get an answer?
i.e., Personal data (email etc.)
Problem Tank
Chemicals used (including salt / chorine removers)
Live plants
All fish in tank type and size
Other tanks
I'm sure you get the idea
So many times I read you asking the same questions to help. Thanks again keep up the good work
<Thank you for your input/suggestion Jack. We have gone back and forth re this possibility... indeed, WWM is derived from my work w/ FlyingFishExpress.com in the mid-90's; and they adopted a fill-in-the-blanks form... and folded. Too many people it seems don't want to provide such data in this format... but I do wish in almost all cases they did. Will share w/ the Crew. Thank you again, Bob Fenner, progenitor>
Re WWM info sheet 2/28/12

> Good Morning Bob!
> I was reading the email yesterday on the info, and was wondering if it might be used more often if WWM had two or three smaller sheets instead on one large sheet. One sheet for say lighting questions, one for stocking, one for diseases and maybe a general sheet. That way people wouldn't have to fill out extra info that's not really relevant to their question. It might also do better if you ask people to use it, and don't force them. Put it under a title lime " To help us answer your question in a timely manner please use our info sheet" , but still leave the regular email up for those who don't want to use it. Just a thought. Adam.
<A good idea; worth trying. Would you pen these sheets for us/WWM? BobF>

Dailies 2/9/12
Hi Bob,
For some reason the first six or seven pictures on today's Daily FAQs are blank windows with the red x and "show picture" does nothing. Below that, the pictures appear. Hopefully not my computer.
<Thank you for this James... my nerves are shot, as am sure my bothering Darrel many hours this past week... All will be fixed soon. B>
Re: Dailies 2/9/12

Sometimes I hate these damn things.
<Oh, here we differ. I hate them all the time. B>

Just a Thank-You 2/4/12
Bob and Company:
At the risk of taking space from truly urgent questions, I just wanted to write and say thank you. Although I have over two decades' experience with freshwater systems, I started my first marine aquarium a year ago last December (12/15/2010). In the year since, I must have spent 50+ hours reading your site, and have asked you questions by email twice (once regarding an unknown coral which you helped me ID as a crater-type Zoanthid, and once more recently about my green sun corals). Thanks in no small part to the information I learned from you (and seahorse.org), I have a thriving system filled with healthy, happy corals and three healthy seahorses.
<Ah, good>
Your advice and information are top-notch, and I just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate you as a truly valuable resource.
Susan Spann
<Thank you for your message. Much appreciated. Bob Fenner>

Mail is back up -- all is as it was on Thursday. 12/30/11
<Yay! B>
Hosting moved a COPY of the site to a new server (in order to TEST an upgrade that Bob needs)
in the process of moving, the Email was moved as well (accidentally) and thus no mail
Hosting moved the email back to the original (proper) address .... and our original login and password is back.
So now .. life goes on for the crew and the site while Bob tests the new site

Several Things. WWM, other sources of info. & lvstk. 12/30/11
Dear WWM,
Due to the fact I consider myself a beginner I like to observe multiple websites for information. I think getting multiple perspectives helps for making a better decision.
<Me too>
Anyway, I love using your site for issues that occur and when I don't know what a species is or needs. However, I have some trouble trying to find what I need in all the information to make my decision; yes, I do use the search bar on the side. I was wondering if, when you get the time, you could briefly look over this site and let me know what you think.
http://animal-world.com/Aquarium-Coral-Reefs/Acan-Echinata From what I can tell it looks good, Goniopora are labeled as leave to experts, Bubble are good beginner species, etc. I don't want to come across as insulting because I really do love your site and I am not looking for a replacement just something for cross reference.
<Seems a credible source>
Secondly, I happen to live in a state with the lowest population, which I usually would celebrate, thus meaning the only pet store we have is PETCO. I have already concluded the 'specialist' is nothing more than a college student who doesn't actually really know anything and it is not a good place to attempt to order corals through. I got a nice Bubble Coral thought them but chose to pick up the specimen before it could even be put in their main display tank. I know you don't recommend this practice but they keep the salinity at 1.019, use NO fluorescents, etc. In this case would you say that using an online source would be best?
<Likely so... even these have a wide range of quality, service, knowledgeable staff. A fave is Dr.s Foster & Smith (.com)>
I have ordered invertebrates before and they did very well so would you say this could be an indication of the care or other animals?
<Yes, in general>
Would it be better to travel to Colorado for one?
<... not if this is inconvenient>
I feel despite the obstacles I have done well thus far. I have a thriving Coral Beauty Angel, Royal Gramma, Four-Stripe Damsel, Blue Green Chromis, and Percula Clown.
Inverts: Bubble Coral, 3 growing Feather Dusters, 2 Serpent Stars, 30 Blue Legged Hermits, several assorted snails. The species I am interested in getting via travel or online are: Frogspawn, Hammer, Trumpet, Galaxea, Blastomussa. I have been feeding Kent Zooplex, pieces of fish, flake food, Formula II, and Nori to try and keep everything alive. Anything I should add to increase live expectancy? Thanks, for your time and energy.
<Continuing as you have; gathering information/opinions, judging them, keeping an open mind. Bob Fenner>

Merry Christmas Crew and thanks for all your help. Shawn 12/24/11
<Thank you Shawn. Happy holidays to you and yours as well. BobF>

AFI Mag and BF Article 12/3/11
Just received two copies of the February 2012 Issue of AFI. Part of my BF/Coral article is in that issue and the other half will be on their Fish Channel Site. I put a little plug in my bio for WWM.
<Ah, congrats. B>

WWM upgrade/s ala Darrel
Morning Bob,
I've spoken to Jeffrey Swain regarding his offer to help.
Much like Jessie and my friend Doug and (to a much lesser extent) me, Jeffry is suggesting an entirely new way of doing things.
Interestingly ... the SAME brand new way of doing things that the rest of us see as well.
What they all see & suggest is also how all the big players on the web do it and the thinking behind it is solid.
<I see>
MY goal is a site that looks better to advertisers so that you can get more ads and charge more money - without having to actually work harder.
MY interest is to get us there incrementally.
<I do agree w/ this approach>
Which brings me to the pages I mocked up a few weeks back:
My intent was to make indexes that are less confusing to people and, in some cases, less frightening.
<Have looked at again. Please institute these... change the names to replace the current, but keep the old and label as such on WWM>
Although you expressed your dislike for them, I have to remind you that this is how an index is SUPPOSED to look.
<Oh man!>
Unlike articles, indices are not supposed to be entertaining or capture our imagination - just an easy way to scan the data to find what we're looking for.
<Understood in concept... Just hard for me to change it seems... but please go ahead as you have time and modify all indices like this... for the reasons you state and consistency/conformity of the site>
These were supposed to be rough ideas, not finished products -- for example, when listing FAQs by number (plumbing 1-22) when there is no indication of content in them ... then yes, a columnar list is a bit tedious and perhaps they could be three-up -- or better yet FAQs could be a single link pointing to a page containing the first RE: of each faq on that page (basically, create a table of contents from that FAQ page)
<Likely there will not be improvements/changes to these "rough ideas" until you make them...>
But that's all in the tuning and - to some extent - experimentation based on feedback.
But it's a start.
<What would Jean Luc Picard say? "Make it so!">
I'm saying that I'd like to rebuild the indexes to the 7 topics on the main page to more or less get that format started ...
and before I can do that ...
I need for you to overcome your apprehensions and give me the go.
<Am done w/ such apprehensions. Dang the torpeedeez>
<And you, B>

New Mail Site, WWM smart mail release/upgrade or so they say 11/28/11
Hi Bob,
I like the new mail format but it sure is slow, at least on my computer.
<Mine too... "clunky"... Microsoftened... more features, options on new drop-down tables et al. that I don't need nor want... and no button to just go back to the old release>
Takes a while to send, delete, move, and switch folders. I see several smart phone apps are available as well. I'll stick with my plain Jane cell phone, cannot justify the cost and monthly data plan fee for my
<Sigh... me too. B>
Re: New Mail Site 11/28/11

It's different ---
change for the sake of change so far ...
but it's a built-in feature from our hosting company so ... we get what they give us.
Maybe ... like the kid running through a room full of horse manure all excited ... we'll eventually find a pony!
<I do hope so. B>

Private for RMF e: fw: re: Naso Tang not feeding 11/26/11
I wish I'd thought of it!!!!
Re: Naso Tang not feeding... DarrelB commentary on offer of Database WWM conversion help

Dear Jeffrey,
Thank you for your kind offer to help. As you have surmised, we are very much in need of that help.
The problem is that while our fearless leader and founder is a magnificent man ...
He knows every fish that every existed, most of them personally. Every classification, family and gang affiliation, too.
In fact he's so scientifically able - he can actually build a fish from scratch.
He's a kind, decent man, a good cook, so-so volleyball player and an all-around fungi
But when it comes to computer technology, Bob is so technologically backwards that the Amish routinely make fun of him.
<Tis true>
Our challenge is to come up with a path to modernization that does not require that everyone involved learn a completely new way of doing everything
AND - I might add - a completely reasonable hesitation on ALL of our parts that whatever we choose, it's not a technology that's obsolete before we get phase 1 completed.
I'll be in touch privately to discuss your ideas ... and possibly to make you rue the day you made such a reckless offer :)
As an preface, a friend of mine once pointed out that I made so many typos, that I might as well stop trying to correct them.
She was a psychologist and she said "as far as I'm concerned, the typo is usually more entertaining and revealing anyway"
The reason I bring this up is because I typoed right out of the gate on this letter - right on the greeting.
Originally ... "Dear Jeffery," typed out as "Fear, Jeffery"
<And you, RMF>
Re: Naso Tang not feeding 11/26/11

Dear Sirs and Mr. Fenner,
I do not know who DarrelB is. If I can be of any further assistance, of if you would like references, list of sites I've developed, etc. feel free to get back to me. This is a completely free of charge offer and I'd be
happy to put it in writing. I just want to make sure other hobbyists have good, fast access to the same information. It would probably save you a lot of time if the site more adeptly sent them to the correct article rather than the laborious process of scanning a lot of content for the most relevant information.
If you're not interested, that's fine too. Keep up the good work.
Jeffrey A Shain

too good. Kudos for WWM 11/4/11
Hi all WWM,
your site is fantastic! I have browsed sites and sites, and spent hours lurking in the e-waters of the net, but you stand head and shoulders above all. what I like best is your warmth, empathy and simplicity, and it
reminds me of Leonardo's famous quote: 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'.
<We thank you for your kind, encouraging words>
If fishes, inverts and plants could read and browse your site, they would have been surprised at being found out!
<Mmm, well>
I have recommended your site to friends who had no interest in fishes other than the fried kind. now they text me when their Black Mollies pop.
I am from India and you all have (unknowingly) helped me keep a humble planted 22 gallon community tank, that is hardly 'aquascaped' but the inhabitants look happy!
Thank you and keep up the brilliant work!
<Will do>
Devakalpa Ghose
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>

SueG's input re making WWM more formal in requesting info. from queriors 9/19/11
> Hi Bob & Darrel -
> 1st Darrel - I'm happy to see you're still alive! I hope/trust you didn't get hurt.
> 2nd - I wanted to ask/run an idea past both of you. Besides from just telling people to search WWM before writing in, should we also consider designing an online form/questionnaire about people's set-ups (with REQUIRED FIELDS about their set-up) that they must complete before writing us? See my FAQ reply below for example of at least what some of the TURTLE questions might be. I honestly don't know how or even if such a similar form might work for fish. But at least for the various aquatic turtle species, although the ANSWERS may be different in some cases, most of the QUESTIONS we ask about set-up are almost always the same.
> If we could do such a thing, it would help us, and possibly also help the person writing in. Just the act of filling out the form might give them a clue to what their problem might be. For example, if we ask them what the temperature is under their heat/UVB (and they have no UVB). To that end, we could possibly also include links to both the care article and the illness article right in that questionnaire (the 2 most common links we give people who write in), and also ask them to read both of those articles first before writing in. Pointing them to two specific articles rather than the entire website might make the website less overwhelming for them, and more likely that they WOULD actually read at least SOMETHING first before writing in.
Would be curious to get both of your thoughts on this. I'd be happy to put together a draft questionnaire on (aquatic) turtles if you think the idea in general could work for fish, frogs, etc.
<Mmm, well, I do agree w/ the sensibility of such a request for information, but am resistant to making this a demand... Limiting people in these ways results in diminished interest on both our ends... request for help as well as responding... This was the end of "FFE", Flying Fish Express, which was really the beginning of WWM. I will gladly expand on this if you'd like. BobF>

Re: Questionnaire for queries 9/20/22
It's up to you of course, but I could see where it might be worth exploring the idea some more.
<I do agree Sue>
I realize I'm coming into this after many years of the website's existence which probably is what's giving me a bit of a different take. If done correctly and with the proper tone, I see it as more of a 'win-win' for both us and the person writing in, rather than a 'lose-lose' for both. Yes, I can see if we put a 'negative tone' to it and put too many stipulations on such a form that it could turn people off.
<Again, there is definitely advantages in getting folks to supply us w/ pertinent information... They'll realize that we are informed, that we care/are trying to help them. The issue of such a routine becoming formulaic is my only concern/reservation>
However, I've seen many emails from people over the last couple of years saying they've spent literally hours combing through the website for an answer, and that has been a turn off for them. It also creates a delay in getting their sick animals help.
<An important/valid point>
Doing a search for key words on the website is also not a perfect process. Even with that it can often take hours to get the information you're seeking. I don't know for sure but would guess that a lot of people just give up after 15-30 minutes. And all the repetitive answers make even that much more information that people need to wade through before they get to what they need.
At the other end, I've also seen people write us with little to no searching, no information about their set-up, and that also creates a delay in getting their animals the help they need. It sometimes takes several go-arounds and days later before we get all the information from them that we need in order to help them.
In both these latter cases (which in our case at least with turtles seem to represent most of the cases) I could see where having a questionnaire that both prompts them to answer a few key questions about their set-up as well as also provides them with a couple of links to articles -- one a basic care link and the other a 'most common illness' list -- would help them by getting information into their hands right away and in turn enabling them to help their turtles right away. At least for us anyway with turtles, most of the questions we get are common questions with answers that can be found in one of these two links.
If you think making them fill out a questionnaire is too 'off-putting', perhaps we could provide a checklist instead, along with a couple of links. This to me is trickier though because there are likely many more common 'questions' that could apply to a range of fish and turtles then there are 'guidelines'. This is why I was thinking a questionnaire rather than a checklist.
Anyway, it was just a thought!
<Thank you. Please put together this guideline and we'll place it... on the "Asking Us" page, and possibly elsewhere?... and refer folks to it if they send scant information. BobF>

Re: Questionnaire for queries - 9/20/11
<<Sounds good, Bob! I'll put something together and run it by Darrel for his input, too. Thanks! ~Sue>>
<Thank you. Please put together this guideline and we'll place it... on the "Asking Us" page, and possibly elsewhere?... and refer folks to it if they send scant information. BobF>
Re: Questionnaire for queries - 9/20/11

Hi Everyone!!
Back from Reno and catching up on Emails.
I'm putting this thread top on my list because I know that everyone has been on pins and needles all weekend wondering what I had to say on the subject. -- So here goes (short version & long version)
Short version:
We can make a form that asks questions and leads to an email process, but we shouldn't make any fields REQUIRED because we honestly aren't smart enough to know what questions are critical in what contexts. At least, *I* am not smart enough. I think that a better solution is to make the CRITICAL data already on the site more easy to find.
[[ End_of_Short_Version]] -- those of us with gnat-like attention spans may now move on.
Setting up a form with fields to fill out that in turn generates an email to us is not a problem, but I hesitate for several reasons
If anyone has ever tried to contact EBay using the 'contact us' links on their site, they find that every click leads to a different faq that leads to another contact form that leads to a few more questions that in turn leads to another faq. The process is driven by a kind of arrogance on the part of EBay that thinks that you can't possibly HAVE a question for which they don't already have an answer. And these are professionals. What would possibly make us group of volunteers (who often don't have the time to do a spell check on a response) think that we would have the time OR the wisdom to know what questions to ask?
The questions would either have to be so broad as to be generalized 'on-size-fits-all' in which case their value is somewhat diminished ... -or- there would need to be a decision tree of drop downs, etc. that would put us, just like EBay, of having to theorize all the possible scenarios in order to ask the relevant questions. For a FOWLR tank, the pH of the water would be a MAJOR question -- as would the big 3 Ammonia, Nitrate & Nitrite. But if you're writing in to ask what Bob thinks of the new LED lights or asking Sue, Neale or me what to do with a turtle with an injured limb, we'd manage to be wasting your time AND look arrogant in the process.
The solution, in my opinion (also known technically as the "right" or "correct" opinion) is a multi-fold approach.
1) The Ask Us page should ABSOLUTELY have a checklist of data that should be included 'if applicable'
The key is that it would have so be a short ordered list written in unambiguous, SIMPLE instructions, such as
o If this is about fish health
o Include pH, Ammonia, Nitrate & Nitrite readings, please don't tell us "chemistry is in range"
o Tell us how long the system has been running, how long since the biological filter has been cleaned
o If this is about hardware repair
o Stumped here ... but you get my point, I hope.
The list would have to be short enough and direct enough as to guide people and not ANNOY people.
**I have been consulting with Bob about some redesigns on the entire web site with an eye toward expanding the concepts, not just the volume of data and I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that we can and should take steps to make the data more accessible.
2) Existing sections need "introduction pages' much like the forward to a book.
Ex: When the user navigates to the cartilaginous fish an appropriate forward from an expert should tell readers what they will find in the related articles: A) That the keeping of sharks is difficult in the best of conditions and that B) The bamboo, cat & horned sharks make passable pets in large to huge tanks [and then links TO articles on JUST THOSE fish ] and C) The pelagic sharks should not even be considered by anyone who is not The Monterey Bay Aquarium
The forward to Bettas can be just Neale Monks stating "No, you may NOT keep them in a jelly jar."
... etc.
3) MOSTLY .... the new design should include articles that are primarily just INDICES of existing data.
For example, a section entitled *For Beginners *-- in which we start with a great article that Sara wrote a long time ago about picking new and used gear for starting out -- and then follow that with 10 or 12 links to existing articles that are heavily skewed to the questions and problems that beginners almost always have. Didn't wait long enough for the bio-cycle. Too many fish. Too many changes too quickly.
Section: *Repair Shop* -- in which we index the top 10 articles regarding glass & acrylic repair, plumbing breaks, leaks, etc.
Section: *Turtles* -- not to brag in any way, but if every turtle person who got to WWM would read just that ONE article I wrote on Turtle care, then 75% of the questions ON turtle keeping could be avoided.
Section: *EMERGENCY ROOM * -- and this one speaks, I think, to Sue's point:
An exiting article (or write one) that says "/if you come home to find your fish lying on the bottom gasping, check the pH and THEN Ammonia.
If they are extremely high, change the water IMMEDIATELY. Change fully 1/2 of the water NOW before you worry about acclimation, temperature shock or anything else. This is like their house being on fire and if you don't put the fire out NOW, nothing else will matter./"
And then a page of links to the common situations that require decisive and urgent actions.
The good: Almost all these article already exist on the site.
The bad: *WE* would have to do the site searching that we urge others to do in order to FIND those articles. But then, who knows the site better than us?
That's what I think.
But then, way back when, I thought that the IBM PC was far too little & too late to ever catch up to Apple.
<Yeeikes! Thank you Darrel. B>

Re: Questionnaire for queries, draft form for turtles - another thought 9/21/11
I like the idea -- one way or another the Ask Us has subject matter links so that IF they ask about turtles, for example, they do get Sue's page admonishing them to read three different links before writing and then a short lust of things almost always necessary.
I bet we could come up with similar pages for Fresh/marine/brackish/inverts/hardware/repairs .. etc.
<I'd bet>
If some of the 'older timers' could give Sue & I a list of the
We could knock out the Ask Us Pages in a week.
What say, RMF?
<Let's see what others on the Crew and outside say okay? B>
Sue Garrett wrote:
Bob & Darrel,
Addendum to my email below: To Darrel's concern about the form not addressing outlier questions, maybe we could divide up the 'draft page' I just sent this way:
1) 1st tier: If your question has to do with either (Basic Care, concerns about behavior changes, or possible illness -- or WHATEVER constitutes 75% of the Goldfish, Freshwater fish, etc. questions!**), please read the following (article/s regarding Basic Care and Common Illnesses). (This will hopefully weed out the first 75% of most commonly asked questions, at least for turtles!)
**Again, don't know if this tier would work for fish given how many possible Basic care/Common Illness articles there might be for fish -- are there 'general' guides like this written for broader groups of species of fish, rather than species specific?
2) 2nd tier: If your questions are (the same as above) BUT you didn't see your question answered in the article, please tell us ('� the key things we need to know about their set-up). (This will hopefully weed out the next 10% of the inquiries)
3) 3rd tier: If your question is OTHER than a question about (the above), please click on the link below and email us your specific question. (This would take care of Darrel's concern about the remaining outlier questions.)
Again, I'm addressing this only from the 'turtle perspective'. Have no idea whether this would also work for the other categories on WWM!
Re: Questionnaire for queries, draft form for turtles - another thought 9/21/11

Bob & Darrel,
Addendum to my email below: To Darrel's concern about the form not addressing outlier questions, maybe we could divide up the 'draft page' I just sent this way:
1) 1st tier: If your question has to do with either (Basic Care, concerns about behavior changes, or possible illness -- or WHATEVER constitutes 75% of the Goldfish, Freshwater fish, etc. questions!**), please read the following (article/s regarding Basic Care and Common Illnesses). (This will hopefully weed out the first 75% of most commonly asked questions, at least for turtles!)
**Again, don't know if this tier would work for fish given how many possible Basic care/Common Illness articles there might be for fish -- are there 'general' guides like this written for broader groups of species of fish, rather than species specific?
2) 2nd tier: If your questions are (the same as above) BUT you didn't see your question answered in the article, please tell us ('� the key things we need to know about their set-up). (This will hopefully weed out the next 10% of the inquiries)
3) 3rd tier: If your question is OTHER than a question about (the above), please click on the link below and email us your specific question. (This would take care of Darrel's concern about the remaining outlier questions.)
Again, I'm addressing this only from the 'turtle perspective'. Have no idea whether this would also work for the other categories on WWM!
<Aye yi yi... more circuitous than the crappy roads here in Labasa! B>
Re: Questionnaire for queries, the Ask us page 9/21/11

Hahaha! Yes, the 'Top Ten list of repeats' that are taking up 90% of the storage space ... that's EXACTLY what I'M talkin' about!! If Bob/crew agree it will also help them and send us their 'top 10' lists, I'll be happy to help out however I can with the 'Ask Us' pages, Darrel.

WWM input please 9/14/11
Darrel has installed a new template for the site... starting/practicing on the Daily FAQs: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/daily_faqs3.htm
On my laptop here in Fiji I am having a hard time reading it... the font is so/too small... What say you? BobF

Things, WWM improvements, musings 9/7/11
Howdy RMF -
Hope you're enjoying paradise.
<Actually... there's no hot water, the food is limited and very... odd most of the time... and the system isn't up/running, so haven't been in the water much... but...>
Thing1: there is a page on the web site named "page.htm" This is, essentially, a blank page of the new template. What I was thinking was that - in order to get wider feedback on the direction ... if you could use 'page.htm' as a basis for posting the dailies page ... in other words, post the dailies into that page and then save it as {whatever the name for the dailies is} and then start using that as a base ... we could expose more people and see if they like the wider page, font change, etc. without messing with the rest of the site.
<... don't know how to "do this"... the current dailies page is linked to most all other pages... in fact, all... would I/we change the "direction"/link to the new page.htm? I'd just go ahead and change the whole site, or at least the root/marine and reef web>
Thing2: What *IS* the syntax for saving the dailies? I get that you paste in new at the top and take out older at the bottom to keep the page size from being so big ... but is it "always" re-saved as daily_faqs3.htm ? I seem to recall, at odd times, seeing other names used... but then again that could be the vodka.
<I use the linked (on dailies page) EDFP (Editing Daily FAQs Page) to stage (copy and paste) all new... add graphics, spell and grammar check, justify... then copy, paste onto the Dailies>
Thing3: I have been searching around for an index of aquatic topics that I can use as an outline. When I read the site now, using MARINE as my example, I see the logic ... the Cartilaginous Fishes as a group, then sub grouped by sharks vs. rays, etc. but when we get to other fishes, for example "Percoid & non-Percoid" fishes ... we just leapt the wall that separates scientists (those of you that dun studied this in skool) and those of us that tripped and fell into an aquarium one day.
<Yes... I agonized over this many years back. The arrangement of topics and biological groups follows a lagging systematics of organization... MUCH of the biological likely makes little sense to non-specialists... yet is how the vast majority of scientists group... I'd thought it might be better to place alphabetically by family name... but my file cabinets (analog) and hard drives are built in the same fashion... As time goes by this will for sure make more sense to/for you>
I'm trying to build a Linnaeus fennerus that is grouped in terms a layman would understand -- just they way various tropical fish handbooks are laid out without resorting to outright plagiarism. Any direction or resource you can provide would be appreciated.
<Better by far to do what you have and are trying to do: make the search tool more available, friendly... encourage folks to use it/this... The site will only grow with time, effort and we're not likely to change the sophistication of our user/base... and no worries re. IF they can spell what they are looking for, the search tool/s will find it>
Thing last: I'm on my Gold Wing up the Sierra Nevada to Reno tomorrow, back Thursday night.
<Enjoy! BobF>
Re: Things
I certainly hope you're writing some sort of blog about it -- the trips you take, the things you see and the things you think -- should be key to the fully revised site!!! One day, like Les Stroud, I hope you can bring back video, too.
<I do write travelogues for the dive industry, my own enjoyment... not of much use archived as the situations (not the NJ show serial star) and personnel change way quick... and telling folks that all is great can be disastrous w/in months>
Regarding the dailies, changing the page will be a snap(tm) once I get back from Reno I'll show you how - it's a one time 'set & forget' thing.
<Am familiar w/ changing names for just the one page, but again, I think we should just go ahead and change the .dwt for the root... and update all pages>
The reason I'd like to do one page before updating the site is merely for test purposes -- I always like to see if I'm remotely as good in practice as I am in theory. One week of the 'new' outline for the dailies and I can whack the entire site (sorry for that poor choice of expression!!!! LOL)
<Ok. Up to you>
Onto the Index - one of the beauties of ALL plans ... at least all MY plans ... is that they may never come to fruition for many reasons, anything from hitting a wall on my level of competence to getting distracted by a 25 year old woman in a short skirt and heels ... sadly the former has been much more a curse than the latter.
That said, the project IS just a way to aid searching. I have no intention of reorganizing the data or the pages. First there are too many and even more important there IS NO arrangement that is not taxonomic and familic (I made that last word up, but I like it).
And article or faq you write that mentions that Platies will live happily in brackish water but require freshwater to spawn would eventually end up in the INDEX LIST of fresh/aquarium/fish/plattys/spawning
brackish/fish/plattys/spawning/ .. etc
<Yes; does>
so .. three places POINT to that one article, regardless of where you physically place it. AND it's mostly automatic, too!!
..... aquarium fish (vs. game fish)
........ guppies, platies & mollies
............... conditions
............... special concerns
............... spawning
........ Angelfish & cichlids
........ catfish, Plecos, etc.
........ Knifefish, Ghostfish, elephant nose
........ eels
........ spawning in general
You are correct in that my theory may be flawed ... but I remember the old INNES book had a dynamite table of contents .. so I was just asking.
Anyway .. on to the Scenic Byway!!!!
Right at the 14/395 intersection, some agency posted a sign "Begin Scenic" and 250miles later "End Scenic" (beyond which, I suppose, it's not proper to appreciate?)
<Am seeing such anomalies here in Labasa... the stacked chairs in Patel's (a sort of housewares, hardware store) with signs saying "do not sit" on them... Cheers, B>

Site loading problem? 9/6/11
Hey Crew,
Anyone else having ridiculously long wait times for the mail site to open/load?
<Not here in FJ... currently... Try again... do what BillyG does; turn your computer off/on. B>

James/Thanks 9/1/11
Awesome. Thanks so much for the advice. Your time, expertise, and willingness to help others are appreciated more than you know.
Darrel Owen
You're welcome, Darrel.

Progress, WWM 8/31/11
Hey Bob,
Hope you're having fun.
Made a ton of progress on this end. I figured out what has to be done to clean up the site's coding without messing up the site.
<Wowzah! Great news Darrel!>
The first set of changes I'd like to make clean up some text and move the search boxes front & center, as we'd discussed.
Main page would remain unchanged, internal pages would look sort of like this: http://www.xupstart.com/wety/page.htm
<I see>
Nothing that can't wait until your return ... on the other hand I'm here and idle.
<Shall we send this about to the rest of the Crew for input? B>
Re: Progress 8/31/11
One of the small accomplishments here is that the style directives are being removed from the pages themselves (not all of them, but a lot of them) and being placed in a style sheet.
This means that the font size for the FAQs is in a separate file, easy to change and the results are instantaneous.
Anything else?
Progress, WWM 8/31/11

Hey Bob,
Hope you're having fun.
Made a ton of progress on this end. I figured out what has to be done to clean up the site's coding without messing up the site.
<Wowzah! Great news Darrel!>
The first set of changes I'd like to make clean up some text and move the search boxes front & center, as we'd discussed.
Main page would remain unchanged, internal pages would look sort of like this: http://www.xupstart.com/wety/page.htm
<I see>
Nothing that can't wait until your return ... on the other hand I'm here and idle.
<Shall we send this about to the rest of the Crew for input? B>
Re: Progress 8/31/11
One of the small accomplishments here is that the style directives are being removed from the pages themselves (not all of them, but a lot of them) and being placed in a style sheet.
This means that the font size for the FAQs is in a separate file, easy to change and the results are instantaneous.
Anything else?

Website problems 8/23/11
I have never had any problems with your website until now. When I try to go to your Google link bar, I enter a question, I get no text. Any suggestions?
<Darrel. Help! BobF>

WWM traveling about, diving 8/8/11
Robert Fenner wrote:
Party FOUL! Are you keen to haul over to Fiji next mo.? B
Sadly, no. My "backup guy" for my client services is unavailable until after December so at least until then, I need to be within an overnight of the house and a place with 24/7 internet.
<Ahh... Ah! I may be back out there by then!>
I did, however, find & dust off C card (Big Pine Key, Fl 1994) and resolve before Christmas to find my B/C & computer and see if 9 years in storage has done any damage (what could possibly go wrong???).
<DO take the reg. et al. in for a check up>
So eventually I'll be on-board somewhere, just not immediately.
Which brings up a subject. I'd like the new site idea to have a travelogue section ... almost a blog/photo blog for you to detail where you've been and what you did ....
<Would this be... a new feature? Would it look different?>
and from that came an off-shoot idea. Would you consider, perhaps once a year, publishing an open-invite for WWM readers to travel/dive/surf/fish, etc. to meet at some place you were going anyway?
<Ahh! We used to do this... and would greatly like to re-start... I'd even say every quarter!>
Assuming that most of the dive trips are for you to dive, explore & relax with friends ... if one a year could be more open (NOT asking you to be a tour guide, but probably having to meet, greet & hoist a beer or two with a larger throng) .. it could be arranged in such a way as that it pays for a few of your other trips. Just a thought.
<A good one. B>

Thank you for your donation to WWM 7/20/11
Darrel, much appreciated. Bob Fenner, common progenitor

Your web sight e-mail address/issue, Re Navigability of WWM 7/10/11
<in medea res, writing to:> Jamie
When I tried to click on your email address from your website a window pops up and says my email client is not configure correctly. I use yahoo email and do not have this problem with any other sights/email links. Also if I may add...
I read your email on WetWebMedia, so I thought I'd check out your sight. I see you are just starting this sight up. Now I'm just a guy who loves WWM and do not agree that WWM is hard to navigate at all. I'm afraid by you stating this on your website as fact,(is it really hard for you to navigate? The crew/in fact the website itself can help you learn to find information quickly) that it would discourage people that have never visited WWM from even giving it a chance.
Therefore others would/may not reap the benefits I and 20-30 thousands of others get every day from this sight (WWM). That's why Bob responded thanking you and asking you for suggestions to improve his sight!
If you really want to help others (LIKE BOB AND THE WWM CREW) take care of their pets and for the sake of life of the fish, animals, aquarium life for/of all, I'd like to see you edit somewhat. Maybe say, huge but takes time/effort to learn how to find information relevant to your interest! Or just remove "huge but hard to navigate sight" and let others judge for themselves.
I love WWM.........
<Thank you Scott. BobF>
Fw: Your web sight e-mail address/issue 7/11/11

Bob I received a reply from Jamie and thought I'd share with you his thoughts. I guess everyone has a right to their own opinion. In any case, seems like I've accomplished what I attempted, we shall see if/when he/she edits, and how it is worded! Wishing you the best of dives...
<Thank you Scott and Jamie. Please see my comments below. BobF>
Re: Your web sight e-mail address/issue
Many thanks for your mail. I too love WWM and would hate to give them a bad listing! Luckily as my site is only just starting not many people will have seen this yet so I have time to edit. After Bob's reply to my email I have been thinking carefully about rewording the site link and also providing the WWM crew some feedback as to why I wrote that and to be honest, much as I do love WWM it is hard to find specific pieces of information, especially for the newbie to the site - personally I would call that hard to navigate.
For instance, say person comes on looking for compatible tank mates for their school of 10 neon tetras
they've just bought from their LFS. They hit the front page - now do they go for FAQs or the *New* Articles link? Say we choose
<Hopefully the FAQs or articles themselves... the "New Articles":
is as it states is simply a listing of major new article, features additions to the site>
articles - now we're on a page which is nearly in date order but doesn't have any other discernable order and only says 'latest articles'. Although there are some interesting looking articles there, none relate to our query. Ok so as we're giving WWM a chance and not just going to give up we'll scan for somewhere else. Hidden (above banner links that look like adverts even if they're not) over to the left is a black underlined bit of text to Freshwater Aquarium Articles. Try that. Ah now we're getting somewhere, we've got tetras listed there under Livestock 1. Now we're on a great big page which we have to keep scrolling down to find the articles on tetras. There's lots of really good info in each of those pages but you're certainly going to have to dig to find it.
<Or use the search tool, linked on every page>
Please don't take this as a criticism of Bob et. al, they clearly love what they do and it is great that the information is there for all to see and they take time out to answer peoples queries and then post them to benefit everyone.
However it is still my opinion that the site is hard to navigate. On the other hand though I think you're right about potentially putting people off and I will indeed reword what I have written.
I hope you'll let me know if you find anything else I can do to improve the content or layout of The Aquarist List, I honestly do want to make it a really useful unique resource for both newcomers to the hobby and also experienced aquarists.
Thanks again for your mail,
Editor - The Aquarist List
<WWM is purposely, how to put this, very large... meant to be all-encompassing in the fields of ornamental aquatics... Science, Business, Hobby... Marine, Fresh, Planted, Brackish, Pond and Lakes... There is work afoot to try another revision of our homepage and DarrelB has just modified searching... Again, thank you both for your input. Bob Fenner>
Re: Fw: Your web sight e-mail address/issue/ Darrel to RMF 7/11/11
It took a while to decode this letter, having left my Captain Midnight Decoder Ring in my other box of Wheaties ...
In looking at the Alexa data base stats on WWM we see, as you already know, a HUGE number of hits on the site
-- The vast majority from Google searches
-- Again the vast majority a one-page visit
-- Significant # are classed as "bounces" meaning that they didn't stay more than a minute on the site.
The main factor here is that, I'm sad to say, the world is now firmly in the hands of a generation with the attention span of a gnat and there is nothing to be done about that. More and more, people seem to surf for a site entitled 'what to do when your tetra won't eat dried shrimp' and so even when they see a page entitled 'what to do if your tetra won't eat dried krill' they sigh and bounce off. Nothing to be done about that, either.
<Understood, I understand you... and agree>
Any revision/new design should find an elegant way to state that this is a reference site and searching is required ... and then place the search box in the most prominent spot possible - which is why, I think, Jessica chose the sweet spot - upper left just below the logo. Also in any new design, the table of contents articles, faqs, photos, reference works, etc. should be right in the template, so that the index to fishes (or whatever) is never more than a click away.
<Darrel IS there a WAY to do the above changes, move arounds RIGHT NOW? The homepage and Subweb homepages or all can be part of the .dwt that is/are common to ALL pages for all I care. I STRONGLY agree w/ your stmt.s above>
Regarding the Aquaristlist.com ... a nicer way for him to state the same thing would be to say
"The sheer volume of data on WWM defies a simplistic cataloging system but since the site undoubtedly contains the answer to every question aquatic, exotic or erotic ... dedicated use of the Search Box will produce satisfaction and satiation"
Or words to that effect
<One last "agree" and I'll be posting this to WWM (to show some example of intelligent life on our planet), unless you have objections. B>

site stuff 6/20/11
Fun fact: WWM contains 18,919 pages
Some, it appears, aren't linked by any other pages, meaning that they can't be accessed unless their name & url are known.
I suspect this is something that happens to large web sites over time in spite of people's best efforts.
<Ah yes>
This may sound like a basic question ... but ... your intent ...
to really learn from WWM, on say, brackish aquaria
1) pick the brackish link from the home page
2) read the basic article on the subject
3) read the follow-ups posted on that page
4) search the FAQs posted on that page (using that really COOL highlight feature) to get specific questions answered.
<Oh yes>
Was that, more or less, your intent?
<Indeed yes. SaraM/L's work>
Re: site stuff 6/20/11
That being the case, it's also fair to say that the site index requires that we maintain the Freshwater, Brackish, Marine pages, etc. list the most recent/comprehensive/up-to-date articles first
<Mmm, not this. We do have a "recent addn.s" page: http://wetwebmedia.com/Latest%20Articles.htm
but I don't update it w/ CA ed.s, nor added FAQs pages>
- since this is the focal point of the education ... then the FAQs are at the reader's option?
<All are>
anyway, that's what I'd think ... so here is my idea:
I'll generate a web page that is a complete URL list so that every page on the site is at least LISTED. That way, the net time Google crawls the site, it will find the url list, crawl and index every page ... so "lost" pages will - at least- show up on Google Searches.
<If you'd like... There is another, larger possibility. There's a "Report View" part of the Web Expressions web program... that can/will list all "non-attached" pages... Oh yes, someone could link them, delete ones deemed not-useful... even change their "page properties" to reflect their content, such that they would be "picked up" by crawlers.>
OK widchoo?
<Sure. B>

Web site security 5/22/11
Hello, crew. I'm sorry to say that the malware issue on your site has NOT been resolved. I just got a warning from NOD32 about a deflected attempt to access my machine. Just thought you wanted to know ASAP. Sam
Argghhh! Thank you Sam. B

Problems With Website 5/20/11
This morning. As soon as I clicked on the Marine Aquarium category, the webpage came up then I got a warning. This one seemed to come from Microsoft. Said it had been reported as unsafe. The code came up on the warning govsin2.co.cc
<Please refresh, or turn your machine all the way off, back on... This issue has been solved as far as we know>
Previously, it was when I did a search and clicked on the results that I received a Google warning. That was several days ago.
<Yikes... I do hope all's okay here. Thanks again. BobF>
Thank you Alvin... Had thought we fixed the issue. When was the last time you saw such a warning?
Bob Fenner

virus notice 5/15/11
Hi Guys,
You probably heard this from someone already but I am getting a virus protection notification when I access your site. Yesterday was the first time it showed up.
Web Attack: SID 23980: Bleeding Life Toolkit Request Detected
Just an FYI. The message came from Symantic Endpoint Protection, on my office network. I also got a flag on my iPhone.
Your avid reader,
Deanna Evju
<Thanks for the heads up. We have noticed the same thing! Working on it, scratching our collaborative heads on what to do! Scott V.>
Malware listing
Just thought you might be interested, Google thinks you're a suspicious site. Maybe it has to do with the advertisers.
Andrew Angrist
<Thanks for the warning. We are trying to track down what is causing this!
Scott V.>
I just tried to access www.wetwebmedia.com<http://www.wetwebmedia.com>
using Google Chrome, but I received a warning that Google detected that the site contains malware and wouldn't let me access. Just thought you might like to know.
Thank you Andy... we're working on "it". BobF
Re: Do not log onto WetWebMedia or mailbox! 5/15/11
It appears to be a Google Chrome problem.
Chrome has decided the site contains malware, but in reality it doesn't.
This is confirmed by someone (a visitor) telling us the same thing (RMF check your mailbox)
Thank you Darrel. Will post on WWM... though am querulous re folks logging on to see/read it! BobF
Re: Do not log onto WetWebMedia or mailbox! 5/16/11
OK - now ...
the warning I *WAS* getting w/ Google Chrome is now gone ...
So... am wondering if all is fixed? B
WWM ASP software hacked, fixed 5/17/11

All, DarrelB figured out the source of the Google Malware issue, and with half his cerebellum tied behind his back.
Am taking steps to prevent further issues. B
Re: WWM ASP software hacked, fixed 5/17/11
So we do have a computer whiz on the crew, eh?
<Actually... quite a few. I'm about the only slow one. B>
Well then there are two slow ones.

Just a thought... on changes that come w/ the hobby, if you're fortunate 5/6/11
Bob and Anthony. I was sitting down reading The Conscientious Marine Aquarist this evening. I had read most of Anthony's book on coral propagation and decided that, before Reading on to the fragging specifics, that I would try to expand my knowledge further. I am fairly new to the hobby, but fully engaged. I have learned so much from Anthony's book that I felt I should not take another step in acquisitions or additions prior to reading Bobs book. After reading the intro to Bobs book I had to stop and write both of you to tell you both how much appreciate all that you have done.
I've wondered, more than once, if I am doing the right thing in keeping these animals in a captive environment. I have made a lot of mistakes in the last 18 months. The more I read, the more mistakes I've made. I've had two fish jump through a hole the size of a half dollar and die, that I knew I should have secured. I have combined unsuitable tank mates, and still have to some degree, that led to the death of at least one of the unhappy inhabitants. I started with no idea whatsoever of the needs and requirements of my livestock and moved forward by throwing money at the problem instead of knowledge. I never researched a damn thing until I started feeling like I was being taken advantage of by my LFS and my own ignorance.
After about 8 months into the hobby, and studying every night, I really began to respect my responsibility as an aquarist and take it more seriously. I am amazed at the relationships between the life in my tank and my responsibility to protect it and give those creatures the best conditions I can. Trying to filter through all of the info out there (and products) really became daunting. After discovering WWM things became easier. I soon realized that If I relied only on manufacturers and sellers of products for advice, I would price myself out of the hobby, and destroy many Innocent creatures. I decided it was time to get serious. I've developed a love affair with coral and started thinking about propagation. I bought Anthony's book on the subject and began reading. What an eye opener!
Anyways, I am looking forward to reading on. I do plan on setting up a coral propagation system as soon as I decide whether I am selling my house. moving my tank is going to be a big enough task. Thanks again for all of your hard work and knowledge, and also your willingness to share.
<Thank you for sharing. BobF>

Checking In 4/10/11
Hi Bob and Crew,
Just checking in and updating status. I have been helped so much by your sage advice and your wonderful archived information and wanted to let you know that I check in nearly daily and have improved my knowledge and husbandry skills so much through your support.
<Ah good>
Current systems include a 150-gallon gyre tank with mixed LPS corals and DSB, LR and moderate fish stocking with a 30g sump. Moved up to a Octopus 3000 skimmer and using ozone - water quality is excellent and very happy with setup. Downstairs system is 240g DT with a 220g plumbed in refugium and a 30g sump. This is another mixed reef and have worked with Jason Kim in getting a AquaC 2000 skimmer on this system - again water quality is pristine and I'm very happy with the system - as are the livestock.
Outside system is a 130g Amazon planted system which will soon be broken down to a 1,000g pond that will give the 18" Red Bellied Pacu much more room to graze and gobble algae pellets. We have also moved several systems to the high school laboratory and all are doing well.
I couldn't be happier with the systems and the support and advice you have given over the years.
Thank you Bob and all the crew at Wet Web Media for the support and time you give all of us in this wonderful hobby.
<Very glad that we have helped/assisted you. Bob Fenner>

Thank you from WWM 3/27/11
Kathy, thank you for your donation. Rest-assured, all monies at WWM are well-spent. Cheers, Bob Fenner
Re: Thank you from WWM 3/27/11
Hi Bob,
Of that I have no doubt - Rock and JW thank you for enlightening their caregiver. :)
Kat McLaughlin
<Ah, good. BobF>

A thank you from WWM 3/25/11
Tim, thanks much for your donation to Wet Web Media. Much appreciated. Bob

Orphek - 3/22/11
Hi Bob,
We got our name in lights again (pardon the pun).
<Ahh, B>

You truly are Gentlemen/Ladies and Scholars. 3/22/11
Hello to whomever I have the pleasure of writing to.
I have no question to ask as such, just an undeniable urge to write an e-mail of thanks from across the pond.
<Well, all right!>
A little over a year ago I set up a Marine Aquarium, and yes like so many others before me, and undoubtedly many after me, I made many School-boy errors.
<I do still... every day>
However, at each hurdle I came across your site provided an abundance of information and advice to overcome, and the best bit about it, it's free. I have spent many an hour searching for the answer to a particular problem, often picking up many other valuable insights into other aspects of the hobby. Indeed the articles and FAQ, in particular the response from the crew, and their charm and wit that flows is of great entertainment to me.
<Ahh, you must be referring to Neale Monks!>
I wish the crew best wishes and thank them for their efforts in training me to be a more conscientious aquarist.
Antony Hibberd.
<A pleasure, indeed honour to serve. Cheers! Bob Fenner>
Re: You truly are Gentlemen/Ladies and Scholars. 3/22/11
Wow! An answer from thee Bob Fenner, the land bourne Poseidon of the aquarist world. I am honoured. Thanks for the reply I know you're busy.
<Welcome Antony. BobF>

Wet Web Media is AWESOME -- 03/22/11
I didn't know who to email about this, but I am SO impressed with this site! I am new to SW Aquariums and I found soooo much helpful information on here about my new little Valentini Puffer baby! Thanks to your site I know I'll be a better care taker to him! Thanks again!
CPT Erica M. Branch, USA
<Ahh! Thank you for your kind, encouraging words Erica. I am the "common progenitor" of WWM, that with many good friends help and folks writing in has built to become a useful tool for folks who would enjoy and keep aquatic life. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

A small to larger proposed addn. to WWM
> Subject: Recommended forums?-- 03/20/11

> Hello Bob,
> I came across this web page for a exotic pet store a couple miles from where I live. It's all about the quality -- or otherwise -- of information found on the internet.
> http://www.mynasga.org/sugarglider_chatrooms.htm
> I particularly liked this quote:
> One experienced Veterinarian who was interviewed for this article summed up the dangers of relying on Sugar Glider chat rooms and message boards as follows: 'Getting information about how to care for ANY animal -- especially a Sugar Glider -- from an internet chat room or message board community is no different than deciding to let your children get their entire sex education from a junior-high lunchroom'� For sure, there will be lots of opinions that more-or-less all agree with each other'� a handful of facts here and there'� and even a few people with a very limited scope of experience'� However, what you WON'T find is any scientifically-validated, RELIABLE information put forth by licensed professionals that could help them avoid making mistakes that could severely hurt - or even kill - them'�'
> Is there mileage in the WWM crew pulling together a page on forums that we particularly like and rate as worthwhile? I know WWM has a bulletin board, but there are some very specialised ones on the FW side of things at least where I like to direct people. PlanetCatfish, Loaches.com, and so on. I'm sure there are SW forums that you rate more highly than others.
> Cheers, Neale
Good morrow Neale,
I do think such a list/guide of pertinent links... more inclusively, "other" media merits addn. I had thought when devising the "sub-FAQs" categories of having a prominent (first listed) "Information Sources" or references section per organism, topic... As it is my contention that citing ones sources, making them available or at least stated, is as important as proffering second, referred... input itself. What say you? Shall we "skip ahead" and add such (a ninth) Sub-FAQs category? Or as you more directly query here, article/s on other websites of note/worth... or simply more links to our links pages by SubWeb? BobF
Re: A small to larger proposed addn. to WWM 3/20/11

Hello Bob and Darrel,
My goal here was simply to produce something that might read like a list of links that we, as crew members, happen to rate as above-average in terms of quality. Nothing too in-depth need be done. Perhaps simple categories, with links and brief notes alongside them. For example:
Site: www.planetcatfish.com
Scope: Consistently high quality descriptions of catfish species common and
obscure, along with their aquarium requirements, diet, social behaviour, etc.
Audience: Primarily intermediate to advanced aquarists.
Format: Website, gallery and forum.
Site: www.thepufferforum.com
Scope: Devoted to the care of freshwater, brackish and saltwater
pufferfish; a good place to get help with sick puffers.
Audience: Beginners and experienced aquarists.
Format: Forum.
<Ah yes. Both excellent sites; accomplished in the fields>
Darrel, I do agree with you that WWM does sometimes present conflicts and/or dated information. My assumption is that reflects its organic growth, and I have observed that Bob tends not to disagree with what's been written by other authors. As you say, this may well allow advanced aquarists to read through a range of opinions and to draw their own conclusions. But to what degree this helps beginners is hard to say. One problem perhaps is that many readers will come through Google, in which case indexes and contents pages on the WWM site may matter rather less than we imagine.
I do like the idea of ranking articles as "beginners" and "advanced" pieces.
At the same time, I don't think we need WWM Lite.
<I too agree with this stmt. There are other sites that "do" this. I am presently going to send both of you a bit of pers. corr. from a fellow hobbyist who is considering a smart phone app. that might well provide the input we're bantering broadly about here. Cheers, BobF>
Cheers, Neale

Thank you for you donation to WWM 3/17/11
Tim, much appreciated. Bob Fenner

Re Be Aggressive About Phosphate/Algae From The Start, Or Wait And See?/Algae Control/Nutrient Control 3/1/2011- 3/2/2011 3/4/11
James -
Thank you!
<You're welcome.>
You folks are wonderful. Before embarking on this hobby, I spent $400 on marine aquarium books and studied them all, even taking notes. But there are so many 'practical' issues that they do not address, and you folks are my source for those.
<Keep reading/learning. James (Salty Dog)>

An Endorsement, tank leveling 3/4/11
Hey guys
I realize not everybody can read the daily FAQs regularly, but I wanted to share a story as to why trying to check them often is a very good idea indeed. When reading the email today on the acrylic tank and leveling, I was made aware of a *massive* problem in my set-up. After filling my tank in October (65g, my first), I noticed that the it was not level, leaning a bit to the front and the left. There was about a 1/2" deviation between the low corner and high one.
<Yowzah! Too much!>
We live in a 90 year old house, with carpeting, and all of our bookshelves lean forward from the wall too, and need to be anchored to keep them level (and also safe. $5 for L-brackets and screws is a good investment in personal safety). I assumed it was the old-fashioned tackless strips under the carpeting and didn't really worry; the tank weighs so much, it would take a lot to topple it. It never occurred to me, and I never ran across this fact in any reading (that I remember) until today, that it put a huge strain on the lower joints! Thankfully I read the email and linked articles, and immediately started draining my tank. We tried moving it out a bit (to get it off the tackless strips), but that didn't help (I guess the floors are just slanted from the walls), so I grabbed some shim material and we got it leveled out. I still need to add some across the bottom to give it full weight distribution, but I'm thinking I've dodged a pretty serious bullet. I'm pretty sure my renter's insurance
won't cover flood damage due to a broken aquarium....
It also was an excuse to do a big water change to help get some annoying nitrates down (immediately after my last WC they were still at 10ppm).
So thanks, and trust that I will continue checking the dailies as often as I can!
<Bonus! Bob Fenner>

Dailies 3/2/11
Well ... it turns out that Size *IS* a function of growth after all!!!!!
My ex wife and I were happy for over 25 years .....then we met!!
Seriously, El Roberto:
When I do a letter, I hit REPLY and then I copy the entire letter into Word, where I edit, spell check, etc. and compose - then I save it locally, copy the entire text and PASTE it into the Smarter mail response ...
I'm sure this is similar to what most do ...
<Mmm, no unfortunately... so there is a good deal of "editing" to do daily... and in foreign places, using a wireless mouse (which is more and more temperamental) this takes the bulk of time of pre-loading>
My question is this: Is there any way to get the text formatting options available in any word processor into the dailies without the editor having to do a great deal of extra work?
<You've certainly got me Darrel. I know naught>
<And you, BobF>
Re: Dailies 3/2/11
I tried Darrel's method of copy/paste into Word, but unfortunately Word does not recognize fish names, company names, etc and doesn't prompt you to capitalize during spell/grammar check so I gave up on it and do it all when I reply. Can be a pain when folks text/type everything in lower case, ticks me off and I'll occasionally send it back for them to correct.
<Ah... understand, understood. B>
Re: Dailies 3/4/11

Really, changing the webmail back to HTML (which we have done here and there over the years) would make the posting easier. I do as big turtle D does, cut and paste most all into Word. It gets jacked up there. Word needs to be set to an HTML output too for this all to work. In the end for Boberto, swapping to HTML will make the format easier for you. It should cut out all of the line spacing crap you have to do now and the links should be live without having to make them so.
Scott V.
<If you say so. B>
Re: Dailies
Agreed with Sara -- I can't think of any situation where using MS Word would actually produce BETTER formatted text for pasting into an HTML
document. Remember, just because it looks nice on *your* computer doesn't mean it'll look nice on everyone else's. Much to be said for plain text.
<Ah yes>
I do agree that making an effort to remove carriage returns is a plus, but you should be using a plain text editor -- e.g., TextWranger on the Mac, or vi on UNIX, or something similar on Windows. These do nothing more than change the alphanumeric character and work with ASCII code just as it. As soon as you use a word processor, then just as Sara says, you'll start dumping invisible codes specific to that word processor.
Cheers, Neale
<And now... my MS laser USB mouse 6000 is on the skidz... Trouble... very time-consuming to do the routine straightening out... May just post warts and all. B>
On 3 Mar 2011, at 14:58, Sara Allyn Liva wrote:
> Yeah, but does doing that add a bunch of stray formatting tags?
Re: Dailies
Do please advise on what you're using.
<Web Expressions... 2.1 I think... a latter day, though CSS compliant FrontPage>
When I was using the Dreamweaver demo last year, editing the text part of the Dailies took very little time, maybe 30 minutes, tops. The only things that held be back were the images and the way they're pasted into the text.
For the life of me I couldn't see the trick to them!
Cheers, Neale
<Are "tables" pre-made in the EDTP file... with images inserted pre or later spiffed up, sized, perhaps cropped, resampled (for size)... have to be jpg's, bmp's... (not tiffs, proprietary formats)... B>
Re: Dailies

I think this is the problem -- it's a specific template to the software you're using. If you were happy to phase out using that template in favour of just centre aligning the images within plain vanilla formatted text, Dreamweaver would handle this extremely easily. If was ever to do the Dailies for you again, I'd be insisting on a copy of Dreamy, let me tell you!
<Perhaps I/we should both get a copy>
Doing by hand-crafting the code in a text editor was just too tedious for someone as impatient as me! Dreamy has the nice advantage of cutting/pasting formatted text quite well, usually stripping out garbage code from Word, etc. As I recall, it also removed carriage returns automatically when I used a specific keyboard command, Paste-Special instead of Paste, I think.
Cheers, Neale
<Every page in WWM has code errors... slower, likely trouble... for some
now, who knows later. Much to consider. BobF>

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