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Advertisement inquiry      7/6/17
Hi Editor,
I hope you doing great. My name is Lyuthar Jacobs, working as a PR manager for a marketing Agency. Right now we are looking for Sponsored guest posts and banner ads for Clients marketing campaign.
Please let me know if you're accepting sponsored post or banner ads in your website WetWebMedia. I will look for your response.
<Indeed we are. Info. here: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/wwmsponsors.htm
Bob Fenner>
Thanks & Regards,
Lyuthar Jacob
*Editor & Publisher*
Re: Advertisement inquiry     7/7/17

Hello Bob,
Thanks for sending along the details. I can see that you've added a banner on the top section but the link is coming out from your tracking URL.
Actually, We're looking for direct link to our website not any connecting bridge to track the clicks.
<Mmm; thought all these banners were direct links>
And also, We're not after rotation basis ads so basically Bottom tower ads on all pages will be the best bet for us which is not rotating.
Are you able to agree on our terms?
<I/we can add just bottom (or other placement) banner ads; rotating and not. What are you offering?

Announcement for MAX?       2/28/15
Hi, I wasn't sure if there was an announcements forum somewhere on WWM appropriate for placing this announcement of the 8th Annual Marine Aquarium Expo.
If so, I've pasted the appropriate code necessary to display the message.
Bob is speaking at this event as he does every year.
Kevin T. Adams
Marine Aquarium Expo
Title: The 8th Annual Marine Aquarium Expo is April 18-19, 2015
<Yeah Kev; howsit? Did see in looking a couple days back... and a dang conflict w/ scarce time window/slot to get on out of here dive-adventuring... Cheers. Oh, will post the banner on WWM for the duration for the usual extortion/charge of five hundred dollars. BobF>

Marine Aquarium Expo 

Re: FW: just making sure you got home OK?      11/25/13
Good morning Bob,
<Yohimbo (the guardian in Nijongo)>
It was great to see and film the interview with you last Saturday. Thank you
for implementing the LA Fishguys banner link on your site so quickly.
Unless there is a benefit for you to link to the You Tube LA Fishguys page it may look much better if the viewer were to land on the LA Fishguys home page www.lafishguys.com
<Real good. Will switch. B>
Jim slime, jar
RE: FW: just making sure you got home OK?      11/25/13
Hi Bob,
Not to be a bugger and thank you for updating the LA Fishguys link but  it does not work properly  :)
<? Define
I have update my web site Home Page to include your square WWM banner and all new episodes will include the banner on their Episode pages.
Jim slime, jar
Ahh, see your two mails ago msg.... there needs to be a forward slash.... /

Hi Bob,       11/26/13

WHOOPS, earlier today the link went to a Verizon Search Page ....but seems to work just fine now. Yahooooooooooooo!  :)
Jim slime, jar
Thank you  :)      11/26/13

Jim slime, jar

Re: Lost Image, Edits, Help with Banner Ads     2/23/07 Hello Mich, Yes in fact I do have some experience in this area.  I will E-mail you the information that I need later, as I am at work and I am not supposed to be doing E-mail replies.  My internet connection went down last night. <Hi Brandon,  Mich here.  Thank you for your help.  It is greatly appreciated.  I saw your other email.  I think you will be hearing from Bob in the morning.  Again, thank you for your help.  -Mich> Brandon.
Re: Lost Image, Edits, Help with Banner Ads    2/23/07
Hello Mich, <She's placed this corr. in my in-folder Brandon> I am going to go out on a limb and guess that you are going to be my point of contact on this one, but in the very likely event that I am wrong, a warm hello to whomever else I may encounter in response to this.  I have some experience in placing rotating banner ads, well more accurately, Rotating image slide shows, but they are not that different. <Ahh!>   I learned how to rotate images while I was learning to rotate ads.  I never thought that it would be of use to me seeing that the site that I had was not going to be advertising.  I would be more than happy to create a small script for you guys, or troubleshoot the one that you may already have.  From your last correspondence: <Oh!  Do you know anything about placing rotating banner ads?  We have been trying to place the ads on our site and have run into multiple issues.  I received the image with the other query.> <<I need a short description of each of these multiple issues.  As well as a more specific description of what you are wanting to do.  For example, do you just want to have an ad on the main page, or an ad on each?  I ask because it will be easier to put one on he main page, you only have to trouble shoot one page, but ads on multiple pages is very doable.>> <At this juncture... if you are aware of a software package that has a "dead simple" GUI I think this would be best... I will send a query to our ISP re whether this will run on their/our server... I really don't understand, nor have confidence in the learning process/time it will likely take me to do so... what is involved in "maintenance such scripts"... Our sites are built (no groaning) with FP (2003)... and the homepage, subsites will/would have to be revisited... almost every month... and the new/er shared borders "rolled through" (there are thousands of folders, pages... something short of 400 megs worth... to refresh... daunting, and something I am hopeful can be avoided by using a third party program> The only other question that I have is, would you like me to do the work myself, or do you want be to send you prefab code that you can easily insert on your own. <Don't know if either one would work... Am accustomed (through decision) to relying on myself...> I will also add that I noticed, (This is one of the things that made me like you all right off the bat.), that you use a Linux server solution.  I used to be the Linux administrator for my school.  So if you all have any questions in that area please let me know as well. I mean really, I take up so much of your time with my questions, I should at least offer some of mine.  Please let me know when you need this by, and I will do my best to set it up. Thank you all, Brandon R. Foster <I am grateful for your offer of help... I will gladly ask your input... when I know a bit more. Am waiting on a response by our ISP, Datapipe, re what software they suggest here. Bob Fenner> Re: ad rotator ... part deux, or is it trois ...    2/22/07 Hi Bob, Did you get the CGI script attachments with the last email? <I did... and didn't! Can't seem to figure out how to open .cgi files... could/would you send these files as attachments, some other open-able way?> They do the actual banner rotation. <Yes... understood... I hope... I'm to copy/paste these scripts in the shared border HTML...> They html code towards the bottom of the message was not to rotate ads, but a way for your sponsors to track their # of hits. <Okay... hopefully this will be obvious> Instead of linking the ads on your pages directly to their site, you link them to a page within your site that just has the redirect code in the html. <Yes... placing one first...> That page actually sends the user to their site. <Yes...> Then, your sponsors can go to your stat page, and see the number of people that were sent to their site from the re-direct page. WHEW ... Clear as mud ... are you thoroughly confused now ? ? ? You can call me on my cell, 816-383-1101, or I could set up an example page on my website to show you what I am talking about. Bob <Much MUCH appreciated. Wish me luck! BobF>

Re: ad rotator ... part deux, or is it trois ...    2/22/07 Well, we are getting closer ... (hard stuff to get into words ...) <Agreed> Just open these files with notepad: (right-click, click "open with," click notepad, click OK) <... the files... don't allow, show this as an option when right-clicked... is there someway I can/should "save them as" to make them "open-able?"> You have to save these files to your web server as a '.cgi' file. Your web service will be able to give you the location to save this in the correct cgi Perl script location. (The first line in the banner.cgi file is the folder location that they supply you with) <... Okay... will ask them to do so... when I can see, send> On your web pages, you include this in the html: <!--#exec cgi="/banner/banner.cgi"--> This will call up the script and rotate the banner ad. * * * * * <Mmmm, and someway, somehow I can add/delete said banners? Link them to URLs?> OK, that is for the banner rotator ... Now to make a free way for your sponsors to read their stats on your stat page. That is were the re-direct page comes in. When you place a banner ad on a page, you make it link to another page on your site ... i.e. www.wetwebmedia.com/thatpetplace.html On this page you place, in the html code, the redirect tag: <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="0; URL= http://www.thatpetplace.com/"> (the content # is the number of seconds before the user is redirected) With this page, the folks at that pet place can look at your stat page and see how many people exited your website via the page: www.wetwebmedia.com/thatpetplace.html OK ... this stuff can really give you a headache ... <Am on my big container now!> Talk to your web guy and the people that host your website about the cgi script part, and the redirect page will come together ! ! ! Thanks, Bob <Thanks much Bob... for your continuing support/input, impassioned assistance... Have contacted our ISP re help. BobF> Banner ad rotator   2/20/07 Hi, Still looking for a banner ad rotator? <<Ah, yes>> < ... Do you know how to place rotating banner ads on the top of our site? Now that would be most helpful!> I saw a test page on the "questions" page that seems to be working for you, but if you would like other options, I have a nice, simple, easy, cgi script I have used in the past for banner rotation. Thanks for all your help over the last year, thought I would offer help in return. :-) Let me know, Bob Poirier <I REALLY would appreciate your input Bob... Have done about all I can do w/ looking/seeing... re software that would/will allow folks to see their own stat.s, Applets/Java scripts... If you have a simple/r GUI type... I'd really like to see/use it. BobF>

Re: Banner ad rotator  - 02/21/07 Hi Bob, <Bob> This is just a simple CGI banner ad rotator. No GUI interface for your sponsors to look up their stats ... <Okay> One thing you can do: Your stat counter should keep track of exit pages ... <Ah, yes... of course> You can set up all ads to link to a specific page for the sponsor within your website, and make that page an auto-redirect page to their website. <Yes> That way they can log into your stats page and see the number of hits that you sent their way. Here is an HTML tag for an auto-redirect: <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="0; URL= http://www.yourwebsite.com/"> (the content # is the number of seconds before the user is redirected) <I see, I think... I place a value there... that equates with the number of seconds the ad is displayed...> Hope that helps ... let me know if I can do anything else. (thanks again for all the aquarium help) Bob Poirier <Thank you. Will be trying later today.. I hope! BobF>

 Brandon's efforts at making Banner ad software real to/for RMF <<<hello again Mr. Fenner>>> <Howdy! And just Bob, please> I am going to go out on a limb and guess that you are going to be my point > <At this juncture... if you are aware of a software package that has a "dead simple" GUI I think this would be best... I will send a <<<Mr.  Fenner if you are using Front Page, you are already using the simplest GUI software that there is.>>> <Heeeee! So I've been told> query to our ISP re whether this will run on their/our server... I really don't understand, nor have confidence in the learning process/time it will likely take me to do so... what is involved in "maintenancing such scripts" <<<rather simple and easy, besides you are the smartest guy I know.  It is really not that bad.  All you would have to do is replace a little text, and > stay away from anything unfamiliar.  I am sure that you have seen raw html before.  This would be no different than that.>>> <Mmm, if so, I'll give what you offer a go then> ... Our sites are built (no groaning) with FP (2003)... and the homepage, subsites will/would have to be revisited... almost every month... and the new/er shared borders "rolled through" (there are thousands of folders, pages... something short of 400 megs worth... to refresh... daunting, and something I am hopeful can be avoided by using a third party program>>  <<<There is a way to take all of the code that you would need to make these banner ads and put it in one page that you could "link" to all of your other pages.  Thereby taking alot of the effort out of updating.  See, you would only have to edit this one page of code, which would cause all of the other pages to change too.  The only thing is, there is still a piece of code that you would have to place in all of your pages.  It would look similar to this: <script type="text/javascript" src="myjavascriptfile.js">, where my javascriptfile.js is the file that I am going to write for you.  Then using search and replace you can then (hopefully), insert this tag in the heads of all of you pages.  This way, you don't have to work too hard.  Once > you are done this way you only have to edit one page. But as far as an all in one software suite that will do all of this?  No I don't know of one. > Maybe Dreamweaver, but it is quite expensive, and you would have to learn how to use it.>>> <Yikes> > The only other question that I have is, would you like me to do the work myself, or do you want be to send you prefab code that you can easily insert on your own. > <Don't know if either one would work... Am accustomed (through decision) to relying on myself...>> <<<I understand your sentiments in that area, "No one understands my artistic expression like me?" It was a merely a suggestion.  I hope this letter has something that you can use in it, and I wish you all a very wonderful day.  I have to be at work soon.  Brandon.>>> <Ahh, not an issue of artistic expression (I have precious little of either these, or ego... This interest, overall activity (am sure you're aware) humbles/makes one self-aware of their limitations... Oh, is a matter of just not wanting to rely on someone, have them bear the burden of the maintenance here. If there were some "third party" that would provide this service (have been told they are about), I/we/WWM/Gaia might well subscribe to their services. B> Re: Brandon's efforts at making Banner ad software real to/for RMF Hello again Bob, I am going to start a new thread here.  The old one is starting to become a bit convoluted.  I will begin working on the Javascript file tomorrow night, as it might take me a while.  You know how it goes, test -> does it work? -> then you are done -> no? then fix it dummy. <Yes>   Heh.  So it might take a bit of time to debug it.  I still have to work in the mean time.  I will also say that I am not going to groan about Front Page.  There are some things that it will not do, but for some things (especially visual editing) it is great.  Heck, I was even taught Front Page in College! <Heeee! And myself ANSI Fortran IV! In 71...> So it must at least be okay.  I will also add detailed instructions to help you add this to your site. <Yay!> If you have any questions about any of it you can reach me at my e-mail account or at (706)-662-1348.  I will not guarantee that you will catch me on the phone, as I mostly work 2pm EST - 10 or 11pm EST.  But if I am at home and can get to the phone I will be more than happy to walk you through any issues that you might have. <Much appreciated> As I mentioned before, I was also a Linux System Administrator at one point in time.  If you need any help there let me know as well. <Errr... I relay on our ISP/Datapipe to do all with this/these> There are two things that I care about, Saltwater, and Computers!  I guess I have a tendency to gravitate toward challenging things.  Also if you need someone to work on the site with/for you I would be more than happy to volunteer my time to your cause.  I did have a six month block of college that was devoted to web design. <Ahhh!> I will also tell you something else.  When I first "got my feet wet" I stumbled onto your site looking for information on how to keep plants alive.  I built my own CO2 reactor based off of a design that I found through you site, and went on to keep a very successful heavily planted aquarium.  I got so inspired by the work that you and the crew have done, that I set out to create a chapter of aquarium keepers in the town that I live in. <Outstanding!> I went about starting a site for this society, where we could disseminate information about ourselves and what we would be doing.  I got so involved in creating this site, that every time that I had a problem I would learn the solution.  Then I would learn how the solution worked.   <A very important component... w/o this I find my efforts unsatisfying> This went on for a while and soon I found myself writing small scale software solutions.  I had completely gotten side tracked and became a Computer Science major.  So in a way you exposed me to what has amounted to be the love of my life.  I owe so much thanks to you, Anthony, Eric, and everyone involved with your organization.  Because without you guys, I would not be where I am.  In a way you all completely shifted the entire course of my existence. <Ahh! High praise indeed> I am now involved in Computer Security because of your site.  So if there is a way that I can help, or lend my services, expertise in computers, or technical ability, to you all in any way shape or form please let me know.  I owe you all a great debit of gratitude that I would really like to repay.  Plus any work that I do for you guys although volunteer, would help my rather skinny resume. :-D. To you and the crew, Thank you all, and have a wonderful night.  My dog that has been gone for the last three days finally showed up tonight.   <Very good indeed> I am going to play with her and be happy that she is all right. Brandon R. Foster <Bob Fenner> Re: Banner Ads  2/27/07 <<Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like you tried this on a personal computer.  I was under the impression that you were using a linux based hosting solution. Is this not the case? <I actually don't know...> If you are in fact using Linux then ASP will not work as far as I know, seeing that it is a Microsoft Technology. <The ISP has all types of servers... had sent them the note that I sent you yesterday... they posted that they had amended the server... but it still does not work... Will be writing them again this AM>   Again I could be completely wrong.  There is a solution out there that provides ASP for Linux, but it is not something that I have tried.  Also, are these dsn-less samples that you provided something that you used in the past? <I thought so>   Or are they something else entirely?  Or is this an error message that the program spit out once you tried to run it? <Yes, this is it thus far>   I have to take the family to eat right now, and pick up some fish food.  When I get back I will try to find out what might have went wrong.  As far as biting off more than you can masticate, you have more schooling under your belt than myself and all of my friends combined.  I am sure that you can and will eventually pick this up.  By the way, you are not located in a 317 area code are you? <Mmm, no... 858 in San Diego>   I think that you might have called today. <Ah, no>   I will be working on this tonight.  I was just going to do moderately complicated in JavaScript, but ASP is good too.  It will give you better long term flexibility, but the > pages will load slower. Brandon <BobF>

Re: Banner Ads Hello again all, <Brandon> I have created a script that will rotate banners for you. <Thank you for your help>   This one should rotate ads randomly every time that you reload.  The issue, and I know that you are not going to like this, is that there is some code that you will have to insert on every page that you want this script to work on. <If needed, I will post on all the subwebs, the root and homepage... but the maintenance... terrible> Again, this will not be too much code, but you will have to insert it.  Beyond this, I am not sure what I can do to help.  I am not terribly fluent in ASP.  I would be willing to try to learn more about it for you if that would help. <To come right out with it... I DO wish that you (or someone) was part of our Crew... and could not only help with the code, but the entire mgmt. of this program... Not only daunting in that I am unfamiliar with much that this process involves, but more time out of a diminishing reserve for such activity... Sorry for this demonstrative plea... but is so> What I have come up with is the most simple thing that I can think of.  If you want to E-mail me the images, and the addresses to their websites, I will go ahead and add them to the script.  All that you have to do is create a folder in the top level of your web directory called images. This folder is where the images will go.  If we do it this way, I can do all of the editing on the script without having access to the server.   <Ahhh, outstanding> Then all you have to do is insert one line in the head of your web pages.   <This I can do> Once you do this, the ad rotator will work just fine.  I am happy to say that I have finished testing just now and we are ready to roll.  This last bit of information is all that I need, or I can just send you the script will detailed instructions, and you can insert the proper information into it. <Mmm... send it on> I hope this helps, and it is was a privilege to write this for you guys, Brandon <Again, thank you Brandon. BobF> Re: Banner Ads Hello all, <Brandon> It is Brandon once again, and I write bearing good news.  The script and tutorial is finished ahead of time.  There was a horrible storm in town last night, and due to blocked roads, I had to stay home today.  Boo Hoo (insert sarcasm here).  So I used this time to write what I hope is an informative, yet simple enough tutorial for you to use the script that I wrote.  So without further adieu, here it is I hope that this is what you were needing.  As I have said before, you can reach me for questions at this E-mail address, or at (706)-662-1348.  Also as I mentioned in the last E-mail, I would not be opposed to joining the crew, and handling tech questions that you all might have. <Oh?! Perhaps I've missed this... I didn't catch that you might help us in responding to queries as well! Would you please send along a brief bio. for posting... and we'll sign you on!!! We do have some technical questions most days... and a paucity of folks with exposure, input for these>   Also I would be willing to assist in the editing of the site code if this would help you guys. <Great!> Again, thank you for all the help that you all have given me,  

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