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Bob.F Trying to Make a Buck




Bob - Its Dan from Reef Splendor need some help   2/22/09 Bob, I lost your personal email address. hope all has been going well I officially closed RS in March of 2008. <I see> I am putting together some images for a retail store I own part of Can you get me a pic of Ocellaris clown in an anemone. It has to be more than 2 mb If there is a charge just let me know Best regards Dan DiCarlo <Dan... you didn't pay your bill to WWM... No pix for you! BobF>

Re: Bob - Its Dan from Reef Splendor need some help   2/22/09 Bob I looked at my old apay and I show zero balance for WWM <Thank you for this. Our General Ledger Peachtree records show that Reef Splendour owes for 1, 2 and 3/03.. We have email et al records of dealing with Judy. Cancelled your ads for lack of payment. BobF>

Re: Bob - Its Dan from Reef Splendor need some help   2/23/09 Bob <Dan> Let me know what the outstanding amount is. <$1,500> Also please forward the correspondence with Judy because I can't find them. <All I have are notes> The company is closed but I don't like owing anyone money. <I understand... not having money> Keep you pictures I don't need them BUT I do need to be morally correct <... I do wish we could go back in time... If you closed March 08, what happened to our relationship back in 03? BobF>

Re: Bob - Its Dan from Reef Splendor need some help Bob <Dan> We can't turn back the clock if I could there are SO many things I would have done differently. <Ahh, I too> As I earn money I will pay small amount a little at a time until my debt is Paid. What happened to the relationship since 2003.... Life happened... biz going bad... personal illness.. Etc. <Sorry to read of your travails> I didn't track the payables all I was watching was in the system as apay & AR (one of the reasons for failure)... Judy walked out in 2006... I have 3 vendors that I Owe money to. One isn't going to get a dime because they actually owe me money but they 'forgot' what truly happened. I am paying the other two as I can <If interested, there is time, I will relate the collapse of our old employee-owned corp... and the unraveling of finances, efforts to pay APs... emotionally harrowing, grueling at times> I recall part of the situation with the WWM but I don't remember enough. I took the time to look at my accounting and I see that your recap is probably accurate. You are now a 3rd that I must address I have a huge amount of money owed to Reef Splendor from retail stores that either went out of business or simply don't have the money to pay. I am sure I won't see any of it. <Unfortunately, I must agree> My accountant and attorney tell me I am crazy because when biz closes that is it unless you have personal guarantees sign.... like the bank loan I have to pay back. What is legal is not my concern it is what is morally correct that I live by. <A good personal stance, philosophy... If only our and all other gov'ts/people were so compelled> In life people can take away many things.. your money.. your life... your freedom. <Mmm, again... if/when we have occasion, I will gladly chat this over with you> What I hold in the highest regard is honor and integrity those are things no one can take only I can give them up. I have never allowed that to happen and don't intend to start now. Regards <And you. Bob Fenner>

QM, Chris, BobF 9/28/06 Hi Bob, <Hey Chris!> Long time no see or talk ! <Too long my friend> I sincerely hope all is well with you and Di....  You probably heard that I got Married in Kona in late May, I think Marty got a chance to dive with you? <Ah, yes. Congrats!> It was pretty hectic time for such a small wedding, but we got through it.  Unfortunately, my father Passed away the day I got home, just a week after the wedding and totally unexpected.  Mary and I spent a week in Kauai after the wedding, and my folks flew home.  All was well and normal with my dad until Memorial Day, when I got the news from Mom.   <My condolences> We've been busy bees around here this summer nonetheless, lot and lots of stuff to do as always.  The biggest task just now nearing completion is our completely re-designed website.  It's pretty cool, and I'm sure you will like the format.  If you remember, you sent us a hard-drive to use for images etc. <Oh, yes> We used a couple of "reef-scape" images for some of the pages on our site, namely in the news and events section, and then we used a bunch of invert pictures in the invert products section.  I'm told we could go live in the next week or so, but before we do, I wanted to be sure to touch base with you to discuss how I can compensate you for your images? <Mmm, ten bucks per if you can afford it> Fortunately, we had most of the fish pictures we needed already, and it's our plan to slowly take photos ourselves here in-house of items we still need images for. <No worries. Real good>   Over time as we develop the site and need images for our newsletter and additional articles etc, I'd like to be able to consider pictures from your archive also, how to handle that in the future? <Send along a check from time to time works for me>   You also have a fantastic database of tech articles and the like - would you like use to publish those in our searchable tech-articles database? <Mmm, the articles on WWM? Would you just like to link to these?> If not, I fully understand,  but would also like to know if you would be interested to contribute occasionally to our feature article section and species spotlight sections, for compensation of course. <Will gladly do so... I have great interest in the Net as a/the vehicle for informing, inspiring all... providing ready reference... Have put, continue to invest a huge amount of my time in building content, helping others there> I'm really excited about the new site and hope it will be a valuable tool for industry types...  We're always open to additional ideas from people like yourself,  so if you ever see something that might be improved, please let me know. Again, I hope all is well... Many Thanks & Best Regards, Chris <I look forward to seeing, being part of your/the new QM site. Cheers, BobF>

Thank you and refi information Bob and Diana: Thank you for the wonderful dinner last night. As always I had a great time. <M/We too Mary... thank you for coming out/over> Since you follow the stock market, <I followed it down... gave up> you are aware that the mortgage interest rates have gone up since we spoke last week. The mortgage rates follow the 10 year treasury bond and the yield has increased over 50 basis points since last Friday. <Yes> Since neither of you have a w-2 income anymore, the only way to document your income is by providing your 1040 tax returns. You have a complicated return, with your income property, various businesses and losses you have claimed the last few years. Because of this you should not apply for any loan that requires tax returns. <I hear you> With all the previous loans I have acquired for you, we did not use your tax returns. The one time we did was on the Canyon Point transaction and we all know what a huge hassle that was. The best program for your current situation is a stated income. For regular Fannie Mae programs there are rate increases for each of these categories; stated income, non owner occupied, cash out refi and loan to value. Today, the same program I quoted you last Friday as 6.5 is now 6.875 to 7%. <Rats!> The good news is I have just found an awesome program perfect for your situation. With your mid credit score of 717 and assists, if you keep the LTV to 65%, I have rates ranging from 6.125 to 6.375, with a 10 year interest only option. Like I mentioned, there is a closed sale for the same model as yours on Stanwell for $355,000. So at 65 LTV you could get a loan amount of $230,500. <Great! Make any difference (in what way? Would you, under what circumstances?) for the ten year int. only? Or... the principal paydown means little to me> If you are interested in discussing these programs further, please call me. <Please do start the paperwork going on the Stanwell property Mar, Thank you again. Bob Fenner> Thanks again for the great evening Mary 619-284-2202

Re: That time again! Royalties Bob, <Man, about the only time we talk!> Royalty statements and checks are coming this week, on time. I'll ask Cherry to include a print inventory note as well. <Thank you> Will you be at MACNA? <Yes. Am driving in with Di (she's hauling a bunch of Knop products w/ her... and Daniel.K himself will be there. Am sitting at a table and chatting> James <Hope to see you then, there. Bob F>

That time again! Royalties James, any word, time frame? Is there any way I can get a count to date of copies printed of CMA, in how many editions? Bob Fenner

RE: Dan, need pix for your livestock sales? Bob I did mention this to one of your crew. <Yes... do recall seeing something re... likely sent while was out trying to make... more images! And lost in the meanwhile> Yes, we would like to use some of the pics the quality is good. What's the deal? <Have many good quality pix for identification, selling livestock on the internet. Ten dollars a copy in quantity. Do you have a want list? Fishes and non-fishes? Bob Fenner.> Dan DiCarlo President Reef Splendor Tel: 845-227-6750 Fax: 845-227-5653 Web Site:HTTP://WWW.REEFSPLENDOR.COM

RE: Dan, need pix for your livestock sales? $10 is reasonable I guess <A good deal compared with trying to make them oneself> I will put togeather a list which may perhaps Be large enough for a few tanks of air !!!! <Like the way you put this. Hopefully you'll be coming out with us someday soon. Looking forward to your list. Bob Fenner> Dan A. DiCarlo President Reef Splendor Inc

Concerning a credit We dived with your service back in March of this year, and had paid in advance for six- three leg cruises (record date on my charge card # 4888 6032 0160 XXXX  posted Feb 25). One of the three of us took ill and you kindly refunded 1/2 of his (1/6th) charges in the amount of $525 AUD. My friend and I cancelled our second half of our trip and had John the skipper call in such. As yet I have not seen the credit for this cancellation. Would you please check your records for me? Thank you, Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com reefdive@whitsunday.net.au

Check out Greed Is Bad  Hyak said socialism would fail because the type of people who become leaders would be unscrupulous. Does it apply to capitalism, too? <Most times, yes... has been my experience. However, as a system, abiding mechanism driving self-governance, it is THE only policy that works. A/the "trick" is to arrange our codification of personal and supra-personal laws to continuously "even the playing field", while never being too apparent or discouraging in promoting "getting ahead". The latter is ultimately the undoing of both democratic and capitalist systems. Bob F> <A HREF="http://www.nytimes.com/2002/06/04/opinion/04KRUG.html?ex=1024212092&ei= 1&en=7fd190e596188dbb">Click here: Greed Is Bad </A>

Re: Check out Greed Is Bad Hey, thanks, Bob. And welcome back. I've got to hear about the Red Sea trip. <Ah, looking forward to sharing... Will call you when a few of the folks want to, can get together to show video, slides. Am trying to pen a trio of "Red Sea Biotope" pieces to (re)issue much of the same information, issues re such matters: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/rsbiotopes.htm and the link to the other two there... Just done with the fishes parts... whew! Now onto the rest! See you soon. Bob Fenner, who did mention you BTW in my first draft of the TFH fifty year pc. for David.B... and read over your letter in Al Klee's Guy Jordan/ACA tribute "History" redux recently.> Best regards, Dick

House Hunting Hello Bob, <Howdy Patti> Sorry I missed you house warming party last weekend but I already had plans out of town. I'm sure it was a great time. How many people did you end up having? <About a hundred... I think> As you know I have a new job which I started in Dec and will be looking seriously again to buy a house. I was wondering if you were still interested in your previous offer to assist me by means of the down payment. <Yes... my triple re-fi try didn't go through... so have those places "in waiting". Do you have a specific property in mind?> I certainly understand if you have changed your mind since we spoke last fall and do not want to. I am just thankful you offered.... We spoke briefly about it a few weeks ago but it was not clear to me if your assistance was still an option. I am about to go through pre-qualification again and will need to know my options. <As far as I know there is money, borrowing ability on my side. Am hoping to find something with Pete, Jack, traveling about in Australia next month to buy this year. We saw Gnog at the CLH3 last night, and he's moving back, bought a lot just in from the ocean in Townsville, is having a nice place built for very reasonable... reminds me, need to add his email addie> Thanks again Bob

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