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  Carcharodon carcharias, "The Great White Shark" consuming two silly, unsuspecting Homo sapiens sapiens, "Zo" and "Bob", from left to right. July 2001, Stephen Birch Aquarium, San Diego. Click the image for a better view!

David Bell and projects  8/12/06 Bob, Thanks for the quick response! <Welcome> At about the same time we last talked I went back to college at U. of North Texas and received a B.A. in History and another B.A. in Applied Spatial Geography. <Neat> Currently working on a M.S. in Environmental Science/Water Resource Management. That has put me out of circulation for awhile. <I'll bet> Good to hear from you again. Any special projects going on? <Mmm... nothing in particular... writing, gardening... traveling/diving/photography... takes up most all my time. We are still in process for building a public aquarium out in Kailua/HI's Big Island... but still in the data-gathering, site-discussion stages. Cheers, BobF> Regards, from David A. Bell From out of the past comes someone no doubt long forgotten   7/22/06 Howdy Bob:   Ah yes, it's truly me. <... Really, THE Don Wolfe... from 4277 Taylor St. and so many other retail and wholesale adventures... back in the sixties, early seventies?> The encore SN comes from both my piano  playing and my orchid growing  (they bloom again and again). I see you  just missed being a fellow Leo by one day. <Yep, on the cusp>   Sunday the 6th of August is going to be one of those celebratory  days, sort of a birthday party, get together with a lot of my fishy and other  friends. Actually going to have a band here:   _ http://TheBurningOfRome.com_ ( http://TheBurningOfRome.com)  Site has  videos & songs  etc> <See part of the third panel of "The Garden of Earthly Delights"... reminds one of the Prado...>   You should check out their website, 3 of the quintet work at the  local fish store, and they could be call "the fish store group"  (4 guys  and a gal)   All of the some 12 odd employees of the store (Tri City  Tropicals) along with the owner are planning on being here.  Have to tell  you their top salesman is quite an admirer of yours, having read you books and a  number of your articles. <Thank you for this>   You are probably wonder who the hell this is.  You know when  ever I have a salt water question, I say to myself "what would Bob Fenner  say?" <Have heard of someone else referred to in this way...> This goes back many years when I would wonder just what to do, and  you would say to me "What would Frances Knippel say?" <Heeee!>   I find myself back in the hobby with  over 40 aquariums both  fresh and salt with a lot of discus ( I use over 2 lbs of live blood worms each  week, and get live brine shipped in from Florida about weeks).   I am still married to the same woman after 45 years (her health  could be much better, she is diabetic on dialysis and in a wheelchair). <Ahh! I do recall... very glad to find both of you in acceptable health. My recollection is that many years back you had suffered from some heart condition...> I  have 2 granddaughters ages 8 and 10. <Ahh, time whips!> Son just left today for 3 weeks in  Paris, other daughter is the deli manager at the Carlsbad store   I still live in the same place, <In north county, San Diego... Once site of North County... and Black Angelfish Hatcheries...> although it's a lot larger  now.  I know we did not part company on the best of terms.   However....hopefully that is forgotten, <Not forgotten, but certainly forgiven. No sense, merit in holding grudges, negative feelings> and the situation understood, you having  been a store owner yourself. <A few times over... not easy> Anyhow, would like to invite you and yours to  my party on Sunday the 6th of August starting around 3pm for food drink  conversation. <Ahh... will just be back on the mainland then (out in HI presently)> I expect to play a few numbers myself on the piano.   If you would rather just blow it off and say screw it, I  understand.  But if so, or one way or the other, please give me at least a  heads up and say "no thanks"  or   let me know if you will  attend.   Sincerely and best regards,       Don Wolfe   PS: re your scar from the queen trigger bite, <Man! You also have a good memory!> have to tell yah I  still have a very prominent one on my left leg, from one of those horsing around episodes we had one Sunday while cleaning glass tanks, squirting water, you me  and Jim Peterson.   <Heee! I wonder what has become of him... his brothers John and Ed, sis Pat, mom...> And if you do come and he is still around ask him to  come also with a guest if he would like. <Please send along the address, what to bring. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: From out of the past comes someone no doubt long forgotten  7/23/06 Aloha Bob: So very happy to have your reply.  Makes me feel  good, especially the "forgiven"  Yes I did have a "heart" problem with 13  days in the hospital, not sure I was that sick or just that I had lots of  insurance.  truthfully I still have a little angina now and then, stress I  guess. <Yes, likely... do take such things, all easy>   What to bring: nada got all of that covered.  If you have a  preference for beer, let me know what brand.  We usually have coronas,  Budweiser and Heineken... <All delicious...> also will have a selection of wine and an open  bar.  Should be a great affair.  Delighted you will come.   Address is : 1055 Buena Vista Drive, Vista Ca 92081.  Take I-15  north to 78, 78 west to Mar  Vista off ramp, left on Mar Vista to Buena  Vista, turn right up the hill , 4th house on the left.  Or am sure you are  also familiar with mapquest.  Once again thanks for your reply, looking  forward to seeing you. Regards, Don <I do hope to see you again my friend and former employer. Bob Fenner>

Re: speaker this is a 7th grade general science class, so there is a varitety of levels of student, their interest level is fairly high. The student that wrote you is interested in pond biology, the topic is any science relat4ed career, so y9ou could talk about your different science careers and how you got where you are today, here is a list of questions students will be answering, if you don't mention the answers they will ask you at the end. What is the name of the speaker? <I see> What is their career? Describe in a paragraph what they do? <Okay> What are the requirements for this career? (college degree, experience, special school) What type of person would be good for this career? <Allright> What are the good/positive things about this career? <Mmm, seems pretty straightforward> What are some of the unpleasant things about this career? <Yikes!> What is the salary range for this career? How can I get more information about this career? Any more questions? Thanks, Andrea Pfaff Challenger Middle School "A Distinquished Middle School" 10810 Parkdale Ave. San Diego, CA 92126 phone: 858-586-7001 fax:858-271-5203 <Is 2/7 or 2/28 available? If so RSVP and I'll be seeing you. Bob F>

speaker Bob, sorry, it took a while to get back to you, I guess I had an old email (aol) for you that I kept sending things to. anyway We got your letter and would love for you to come speak to class. The best time would be on a Thurs anytime from 12: 30 to 2:00,2nd choice would be on Wed from 9:30-111:00 or any other time on Thurs. A 45 minute presentation would be fine(but you could go longer or shorter, we are very flexible), with pictures or videos or I even have a projector where we can show the internet and your webpage. Thanks, Andrea Pfaff <Is there a topic? What is the make-up of this class... ability and interest level wise? What sort of curricular exposure has this group had? Bob Fenner> Challenger Middle School

MASM, Troy, Michigan... Um, Bob... I've been catching the faintest clues that you will be in Michigan sometime soon... and a quick investigation (http://www.masm.org) turns up direct evidence that you will in fact be speaking in Troy - THIS FRIDAY - halfway between work and home, about 1 block away from my daily commute... <What? Curse my geographic backwardness! Like languages I think humans have (only or a greater) capacity for such learning when/as young... If we were in the tropics I'd know about where you are...> I was going to ship the Firewire drive tomorrow - think you can just throw it in your carry-on? <Yes. Bob, who has given out dozens of "Geographic World" subscriptions over the years... should send one to himself... or at least read the hundreds of pounds of NG he keeps (okay you helped!) toting about. See you there.> -Zo

Re: Upcoming events with the folks who make WWM Dude... Cleveland is only about 2 1/2 hours from us... and we are serious aquarists that live for road trips...hehe. Actually, even Tropicorium is a one day trip for us! 5 hrs each way... lots of eating and drinking (non-alcoholic) and more "fish talk" than any non-aquaristic spouse can stand! <I'll bet... been here, lived that> By the way... about the bring your laptop comment... you wouldn't happen to recall the name of that site selling refurbished pc equipment that you mentioned once before with favor would you? <Oh yes. Ubid.com Peter.C is a regular (too regular?) there> It seems that a certain someone may have blown up his laptop recently... who'd a thought you couldn't compress windows files to save space?! <Aiyee! In this day, age, don't compress anything! RAM, ROM are cheap!> Actually... my Dell is a bit of a dinosaur anyway. <Mike's going that route (Mike.D that is). Bob F> Thanks

Re: trip to michigan from John Dawe (looser) with the correct phone # Bob, I must be a dyslexia typer on the phone numbers The correct phone # is 517-749-XXXX. for Brian Wagner. What can I say. Six years of college and all I can say is that my english teacher said " I done gooder in english." Sorry about the phone. <No worries... Bob F, who spent many more years in "higher edjumakation" and has about the same to show for it.> John

DMS-April Bob, I don't know if you saw what I wrote at the top of the last e-mail, so I'm gonna ask again. Bear with me if you've seen this already. Is April 25th okay for you, if not the whole calendar is open to you. Pick a month. Let me know. Lavanda <Oops, sorry. Yes, inked in! See you then or before! Bob!>

trip to michigan Bob, We are trying to plan you site seeing tour in Michigan. Can you Please give Brian Wagner a call on his cell phone 517-479-5936. He keeps it on 24/7 and you can call as late as 1am Eastern time, thats 10pm westcost. He is the Saltwater Manager at Presuss Animal House, <Will do so today> www.Preuss4u.com <Nice... I'd like to visit their store> and is trying to set up your tour for Saturday. He needs to know exactly what you would like to see and can customize your adventure. He already knows what you want to drink. We want this to be a trip to remember.............. <Thank you> I may go down to Cleveland on Thursday and drive you back on Friday or just Drive down and back on Friday. Will have to wait and see how much snow and how many degrees below 0 its going to be..... <Yeeikes... I better wear underwear under my shorts! Be seeing you. Bob F> John Dawe johndawe@umich.edu www.masm.org PS Does Diane's website take credit cards? <Oh, yes. It/she does...> And did you want to bring any of your 'fish watchers' books to sell??? If you do, save one for me.. <Will do so. See you soon. Now, where's my sub-zero coat? Bob F>

Re: DMS Bob, Great to hear from you so soon. Really meant to get out to see you this past summer, but you know life happens. Hopefully we can get a club trip out this summer.  Think we would have a blast.  <Yes... much to visit here... Ocean Nutrition, Aquanetics, Aquadyne, Compact Sea Life, A few nice retailers (Fountains, Aquatic Warehouse, Octopus' Garden...), the Birch Aquarium... maybe even a tank tour of sorts can be arranged (will send note to Maurice Bullock for input)... I'll help arrange with trade.... you can bring sleeping bags, sleep over in mid SD (Mira Mesa) at our house if the group would like> Have you been doing fun and wonderful things(that we dream about) lately. <Constantly> You are my favorite speaker and I would like to have you come and speak as soon as possible, if you are available.  <Almost anytime...> If not we'll take whenever you are. Our next meeting is Thursday, Feburary 28 and if that's not convenient then the last Thursday of every month is our normal meeting night. <March would work> But we can make exceptions if need be. By the way, what would you like for dinner this time around. Every place in Phoenix sells a Margarita, Thank God. Hope to hear from you soon. Lavanda <Most all types of foods are more than palatable to me, yum! Bob Fenner>

DMS Hey Bob, This is Steve & Lavanda Nosek from the Desert Marine Society and we would love to have you come and speak for us again. <About time!> Had a great time last time. Could you possibly fit us in? <Most any month... do let me know what days are open> We'll take you whenever you're free. Hope to hear from you soon. Steve & Lavanda <Chat, visit with you soon! Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia>

Re: Fwd: EXPEDIA Paper Ticket Delivery Information (Chicago, that talk of the town!) BOB, a 'PORTAL' as in a phone line??? <Actually... don't have an on-the-road ISP... > We need to know what subject you will be speaking on?  <"Pet-Fishing in Fiji!" Wish we were there right now.> Anything you want is fine We will bost it on our web page www.masm.com , you know, the one with a like to wetwebmedia. You should be getting a plane ticket in the mail.. <Got it John. See you soon. Bob F> John

Fwd: EXPEDIA Paper Ticket Delivery Information Bob, fyi on your trip. What are you going to talk about? <Most anything. Have a few current "canned pitches"... Pet-fishing in Fiji, Above Water (aquarium) photography, tank-troubleshooting, sources of mortality on the world's reefs...> An you will bring it on a lap top or cd?? <Better to bring Laptop (and hope someone can let me online for a few hours of work daily... and that you have the gear for broadcast/Powerpoint from...> John Dawe ps Would you like to be one of the 'Back up speakers' for our March 23, 2002, midwest marine conference?? Which means if one of the speakers has to cancel, I can call you to see if you can make it? You spoke at the 1st conference in 1999. <About time I'm being asked back! Oh, sure, I'll go on "stand-by". Bob Fenner>

trip to the midwest Bob, Talk in Cleveland Thursday 1/17, Detroit Friday 1/18 Dick Perrins and speak at meeting in evening. visit local home aquariums on Saturday in the Lansing area. Someone will take you around on a 'grand tour' of all the really nice tanks. <Woo hoo! What an itinerary. Sounds great. Maybe I can talk about pet-fishing in Fiji.> And fly home Sat. night or Sunday morning or afternoon? When do you want to go home? <Never... it's cold here. Wait! It's colder there!!! Saturday or Sunday, whichever works out, is cheaper John. Bob F> John Dawe

Re: trip to the midwest BOB, Do you have a preference, Northwest or Continental? There is a $3 difference. I think we can afford $3. They are both 7am SD to Cleveland on Thur and Leave Mi @ 7:30 am on Sunday. I hope you like to get up early............ Let me know if one airline is prefered over the other. <The waking up time is no bother... will be asleep anyway... Northwest is better in terms of frequent flyer mile programs... Be (yawn) seeing you. Bob Fenner> John Dawe

Re: Wetwebmedia, Aquarium, Pond, Marine and Freshwater Fish, reef tanks, and Aquatics Information Hi Bob, Thanks for you great presentation at the MASLAC party saturday night. It was really fun. I really enjoyed it. Thanks, <Ah, thank you for your kind words... sorry it all ran so late. Very enjoyable on my end as well. Be seeing you, Bob Fenner> Joe Kelley MASLAC

Thank you again Bob! HI there, I just wanted to thank you again for inviting us to your lovely house and sharing your secret recipes with me. It was really great, it almost makes me forget that i have some horrible school work to attend to at home. I hope that we can do dinner again and next time i will bring something! Sushi? hah ha perhaps not the season yet. (i wish) <Mmm, sushi... yes. Actually, a delight to have you by... and always grateful for prep., cooking help.> take care, Jasmine <Be chatting my friend. Bob Fenner>

Fwd: Re: Bob Fenner's trip in January BOB, Peter and I are planning your trip to the Midwest for January. We have checked the Farmers Almanac for the coldest temps and deepest snow. <Great...> Peter wants you in Cleveland on Thursday January 17th for a evening talk and speaking in Detroit on Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Then we ship you home in a block of ice.  <Or as one> How does that sound to you? <Okay, brrrr> Did you want to stop at Dick Perrin's while in Detroit? <Yes, please. And folks, stores who will have me to see their systems, take pix.> Or anyplace else? I need to book your flight, so let me know if the dates are ok. Any your still coming from San Deigo, Ca?? <Yes. Bob Fenner> John Dawe

Subject: [MASLAC] Holiday Party Info > Hi Everyone, > I spoke to Bob Fenner yesterday. He is very excited about the party and > speaking to us. He is just back from Fiji and his topic will be "Pet > Fishing in Fiji." He will show us a lot of the livestock in the Fijian > waters from algae to reef animals to fish, and will also show some of the > collecting channels that bring this livestock to our stores. As always Bob > is a very entertaining speaker and not to be missed. > For anyone interested in spending the night in the Hollywood Hills instead > of driving home, (no I am not inviting everyone over for a big sleep-over) I > have a great hotel suggestion. The "Best Western Hollywood Hills" is one > mile from my house at 6141 Franklin Ave. They have agreed to give us their > ultra discount price of $79 a night (normal=$99) and have space available on > Saturday. Larry Jackson and his wife stayed there and thought is was great. > It is clean and modern with nice comfortable rooms. Ask to be back by the > pool so you are not in the section by the street and freeway. Be sure to > mention that the manager informed us we could get the $79 rate. Phone # is > 323-464-5181. > Last of all please feel free to come early (3PM or latter). You do not have > to hot tub but it will be available (bring a towel and swim suit). There > are already several people in the "definitely not hot tubbing" group so > there will be plenty of people to hang out with regardless of what you > decide to do. > See you there, > John <Well done John. See you on Saturday! Bob F>

What Time @ IHOP For Christmas Party??? Dear Robert,  Hello there, it's me again. The one you can't miss because I refuse to go away (are you familiar with the joke, "How can I miss you since you won't go away?!?"). Well, my garrulous and gregarious ally, that's what you get for befriending such a loquacious person. Not my fault, since I learn from the best (meaning you)!!! <Mmm> I couldn't stop laughing when you reiterated how you simply refuse to teach the class once I sent you the Afghan Human Bomb Class photo. Gosh, you certainly do know how to take the fun out of everything!!! What will your future prospective radical fundamentalist students think of you?!? How can you live with yourself?!? <I don't take myself very seriously... recall my child qualities... drink> Playful bantering aside, let's get down to the order of the day. Have you figured out what time you'd like to come pick me up at IHOP? <Not yet... still got to make a plan... Did get a good map, directions from Maurice.B over the net.> Do you still remember how to get there?!? <Mmm, no> Do you require me to bring anything? <Don't think so... is the do a potluck?> How do you want to be compensated for taking the time out to accommodate me into your busy schedule and crowded means of transport? <No.> How has Dianne responded to all of these?  What does she think? <Mmm, don't know... no response... will ask her here> What plans have you formulated with Leng Sy and Dianne and Peter? <Will cc Leng again... think Pete's planning on going... will cc them both as well> Is anyone else coming? <Don't know... on our end? Maurice... maybe ask John Foster?> What topic of interest are you going to touch on for the presentation? <Think... recent Fiji trip...> Is it possible for you to inform the group that they should prepare for a microphone and com system so that everyone could hear?!?  <Really? For in the house? Will send note along> Last year, the place was crowded and filled to over capacity and the speaker was so soft spoken, (Richard Harker is your complete opposite, quite shy and unsure of himself, or so it seems) that I couldn't hear a thing since I was so far away from him that I ended up upstairs listening to the gossip of the wives of members who didn't care a fig about the hobby. Their favorite topic?!? Their pet cats and how they cater to them. They laughed at me when I gave them my observation regarding how true it is that dogs have masters while cats have staff. <Ha!> Did you want to leave early so that we can all go hot tubbing and relaxing before the party begins?!? Weather permitting, of course!!! Is that too much to ask and expect??? Is that an improbable cause???  <Do recall that John.F has a spa... is it on the drop outside? Will gladly go in...> I hear that most people won't arrive not till early to late evening. I don't know what you have in mind. I have briefly seen spontaneity with your group up in Monterey. I am not sure whether you guys are creatures of habit or spontaneous. Or are you both?!? <More spontaneous than measures of central tendency in humans I'm familiar with> I shall anticipate a kind answer and hope to hear back from you soon.  <Yes... sorry for the delay... just back (not mentally altogether) from Taveuni> Just let me know one way or the other as I still need to figure out what medical arrangements I can come up for John. Around here, I have to plan well way in advance (sometimes, even months ahead) as the medical establishments require it as places and assistants fill up. I am quite apprehensive for a response (so sorry to put the pressure on you) because it shall determine if I am to go or not. If I can't make arrangements in advance, I'm afraid I might have to forgo the party as much as I'd love to go. That is why I need confirmation from you regarding your plans so I can coordinate things that way everything shall go smoothly as planned. What do you have to say to all of these? <Is the above satisfactory in response?> I hope that I am making sense and hope equally that you're comprehending what I am proposing. It shall give me an idea as to what time the aide shall come and how long she stays. <Till not too late... as must drive back down to SD> Sincerely yours,  Aleida Ann Graichen <Be chatting, seeing you. Bob Fenner>

Have You Ever Had A Reading ?!? Dear Robert, <Hello> Have you ever had a reading be done?!?  <Mmm, not as far as I recall> There's this person called Ms. Cleo that keeps trying to contact me. First, through the e-mail, then over the phone. She feels it is imperative that I seek her council. I am afraid of her. She is not trying to harass me or anything but, from one psychic to another, I feel that she is correct. Somehow, I just don't want to find out, I simply don't want to know. What is your advise?!? <If she sees, knows all, she will realize you are not a potential customer. Ignore her> Thanks, Bud!!! I shall anticipate a kind word from you and hope to hear from you soon. <You're cracking me up... Bob F> Sincerely yours,  Aleida Ann Graichen

Pittsburgh Trip Would you be available to come to Pittsburgh the weekend of April 27th or May 25th? <Hmmmm, actually, these dates fall a bit too close to/around Interzoo (May 9-12...) may be out diving... Can make known if/when closer to actual time (like about a month ahead) if that is okay. Bob F> Thank You, Steven Pro

Re: Pittsburgh Trip I like to keep things well planned out ahead of time. How about June 29-30? <Done! Bob F>

Re: Re your cousins place for sale in Kona Dear Bob: Okay. Some info -- it's a start. I'm not sure if you got a copy of the original email I sent out on this, as I think you said you were a friend of a friend. <Yes> So, I'll reiterate a couple of things. This is my cousin's property in Hawaii. I happen to be in Massachusetts. My cousin, Edward, who is ill, is being cared for by his sister in Penna. In order to assist him, I chose to make efforts toward the sale of the property. <Commendable> When you ask questions, most often I need to call his sister, Janet, for additional information, as I did tonight. The property has an innkeeper in place until March 2002. Her job is only to 'innsit' and take reservations; she is doing no promoting or advertising, really. She could show you the property if you went to see it. <Okay> Janet tells me the yearly gross is $55,000 a year, which is $4,583 per month. It could support further growth to $l2,000 per month based on present rates. <I see this> Fragrant Tree is 50% booked for December, 55% for Jan. and appx. same for Feb. <These should be "brisk" months> No reservations have been accepted in Mar. excepting a wedding. The mac. nut crop depends on the weather and harvest, I am told. Last income was $l5,000. l0,000 lbs. <Saw this also> of nuts have recently been picked but not yet priced. Edward fertilizes the trees each year at a cost of $200-300. <Per acre?> Additional cost of $l,000 to pick and ship. <This is low...> At present there are two interested parties. Janet tells me that they are not going to hold onto it much longer; a decision will be made by Jan. <Okay> I guess if this is of interest to you, I think there is paperwork available with more facts and figures. However, please not just as a curiosity on your end...it's time consuming for her and she already has her hands full.  <I and we have been investigating properties like this for several years... three trips in this current year alone to investigate possible purchases... offers on four properties... We are "real"> This is not to discourage you in any way, but to understand and honor the circumstances if you have little interest. If you do, let me know what's next! <I understand. Good luck with your present offers if you have no interest. We have no desire to deal with flakes either. Bob Fenner> Happy Holidays, Lois Hartwick

RE: Our Upcoming Trips (at least the diving adventure about Interzoo) I need to do a one day thing for SCUBA. <Mmm, a "resort course" might do... if you're in good shape... but a full (freezing butt, murky water, surge-fest... no thx) rendition would be better> How was the Turkey day at the Fenner mansion? <Terrible... had the stomach flu... Di had real troubles... All better now, thank goodness. Am cooking a turkey for later tonight if you'd like to make the trip down... much pet-fish and diving stuff to discuss. Friend Jack, his wife Laura are coming over and we're out tomorrow eve for FJ> Hopefully you made it out in the sunny days before the rain this brief Holiday. <Yes... tho' we did need the rain> Any good suggestions for eradicating the small parasitic snails that kill clams? <Paracheilinus, Pseudocheilinus wrasses: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/wrasses.htm  and the genera coverage beyond. Bob F> Thanks, Todd Gabriel

speaking in omaha hey bob, any interest in coming out to omaha to speak in february? we have the meetings on saturday, so any saturday in february will work. <Always an interest... though am already committed for the first quarter of 02... Want to come out to Australia with us in March?  Thanks for asking... maybe later in the year? Bob Fenner> mitch

Re: Food, cooking, pet-fishing bob, Carlos tells me that you like to cook. <Yes, a favorite hobby, interest> If your ever interested in learning how to cook chinese food, just let me know. I'll throw in some recipes for you.  <Thank you> You see I own a chinese restaurant. I work 7 days a week. Its a very tough business. The rest. business that is. <I understand this to be so... have never worked in this field> And can you believe I still have time to fiddle with fishkeeping? <A good diversion> That just shows how addicting this hobby really is. Anyhow You throw in the fish keeping tips for me. And I'll teach you how to cook chinese food. Sounds like a good deal eh? Oh my rest.. is number one on the Monterey Peninsula. <Mmm, you may see me in your place... do get on up that way once, twice a year. Bob Fenner> Linstun

Rob Toona/en Hey Bob, What's shaking?... (everybody insert your own joke here) <Got your fab book Antoine... will be "reviewing" sending same to FAMA for promo et al... oh, and first to you> I was wondering if you could forward my e-mail address to Rob Toonan and let him know that I'm trying to get in touch with him. <Yes, Toonen> Our Marine Society would like to host him and I thought you might be able to put us in touch. <Yes> By the way, when you make it back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the spring, how about a presentation only using slides of fish and invertebrates you've eaten before <smile>? Use your discretion on candidacy validated by how long the item stayed down or how fast it went through your system... hehe. Thanks as always, Anthony Calfo <You must be able to key as quickly as moire. Be seeing you. Bob Fenner>

hey rob!:0) hey bud! long time no here? it was a pleasure meeting you at the "W.M.C." in Monterey,California. " Embassy Suites" so whats been going on my good friend?  <Same ole... bought, moved to a new old house here... a few travels, pic making... working (not much) on a garden book title... Cooking for friends, digging in the garden... Off to Taveuni in a couple of weeks...> i bet your always up to something phishy huh! :0) im wondering if you still remember me? i was the homeboy looking guy! lol,:0) well my good friend do keep in touch! sincerely, your friend Carlos! <Yes Carlos. Hope you're utilizing your time well. How are your friends? Are you going to any pet-fish happenings in 02? Bob Fenner>

November FAMA Bob, Your the man with the Hawaiian Fish, part 1 in FAMA. <Wish I had this issue... am calling FAMA tomorrow re...> Since your going to Cleveland in January, did you want to stop in Michigan the next day and speak?  <Fine with me. Same sort of pitch?> They have not booked you a plane ticket yet, so there still is time to plan someing. We occasionally share speakers, and I am also a member of the Cleveland club. <Lucky to have good clubs so close> As they say in Hawaii, ALOHA and as we say in the midwest, AWHOLELOTA, as in SNOW in January. <Yikes... I like to be warm!> the seimconsious marine aquarist John Dawe www.masm.org <See you soon. Bob Fenner>

<Jack, I like the Aquatrek possibility better... or another destination? Bob F> From: Escapesltd@aol.com To: jack@melroyproperties.com, BobFenner@WetWebMedia.com Subject: Your Fiji Diving trip Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 18:15:32 EST Hi, Jack and Robert: Below are the revised prices for the two options for Taveuni Island, airfare with 5-nights accommodation, departing LAX on Nov 27 and returing on Dec 4, 2001. Both options include all meals. 1) MARAVU PLANTATION RESORT -- $ 2195 per person double occupancy For diving: $ 65 / day for 2 tank dive, $ 11 / day for gear rental. The diving excursion is operated by Dive Aquaventure. More information can be found on www.aquaventure.org 2) MATANGI ISLAND RESORT -- $ 1990 per person double occupancy For diving: $ 90 / day for 2 tank dive, $ 25 / day for gear rental. The diving excursions are operated by Tropical Dive (Fiji Scuba). More information can be found on www.matangiisland.com/diving.html Please let me know which you want as space is limited. Thanks Roe

Pittsburgh I am looking towards booking speakers for next year. Would you be interested in coming back to "play the Palace" in March?  <Would enjoy the trip, but not March... will be out traveling... you should come for part of this time... to Australia> Also, could you put me in touch with Rob Toonen? We would like to have him come out too. <Yes, done> Hope all is well. Deb and the baby are doing fine. <Ah good> The doctor gave us an 80% probability that it is a little girl. Actually, if you came in March, we would probably have the baby by then. <Yes. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Steven Pro

Re: ?Maldives diving? <richsuzy@patriot.net> Dogfish, Thanks for the prompt reply. Since we were originally hoping to hook up with some Hashers for our 2003 'big' diving experience (before we got seduced by the thought of the Red Sea), being in the Maldives at the same time as you and/or others would be fun. Maybe even cheaper, if a group thing could be organized. BIG question: I read somewhere that bringing pork (which we can live without) or liquor (now that's another story) to the Maldives is a no-no. Is that true? <Don't bring pork products... a couple of bottles each of wine, what have you is/was tolerated.> Your comment about liveaboard vs resorts was interesting. As you know, Richard isn't one of the all-time great sailors, and the thought of 1 - 2 hour boat rides to get to dive sites isn't exactly thrilling, <The dive sites are minutes to tens of minutes in/out> though it does give him more time to read. If decent diving is within a reasonable distance from shore, there's no problem. Since our last two liveaboard trips (i.e., with you guys) have involved some 'emergency' situations, maybe it's better to be close to civilization. <Yikes, agreed> Please let us know when you get some details arranged (dates, places, dive operators, etc). I've looked in our Resort Condominiums International directory, and it doesn't show anything in the Maldives, so I guess we can't use a 'free' exchange. Hugs and kisses, Suzy and Richard <Will endeavor to keep you informed. Be seeing/diving with you. Bob Fenner/Dogfish>

Re: interzoo What is the cost to attend Interzoo, other than airfare, hotel, and food? <Think it's about ten dollars.> Does the conference cost something?  <This is it> I looked at the website, but could not find anything about prices or registering to attend. <You can "register at the door"... which is generally what we do. Hope you can make it! Bob Fenner> Thanks, Steven Pro

December in NY ? Bob -- Are you still planning to be in NJ for X-mas ? Garfield is do-able for a LIAS meeting 12/21 if you are available. Let me know. Vinny Kreyling <Thanks for this reminder. Will cc Diana (the boss) here re dates et al. Be seeing you, Bob Fenner. Umm, we have tkx for arriving the 22d...>

Re: December in NY ? Bob, We will have to try another time. You arrive the day after our meeting. It was a great idea though. Best wishes -- Vinny <Rats. Will keep you informed of any upcoming northeastern US travel plans. Be seeing you. Bob Fenner>

Re: Re: December in NY ? I'll be looking forward to it. If it doesn't happen maybe we will meet again in Dallas next year. Vinny <Very good my friend. Bob Fenner>

RE: Fiji trip 8Nov Hello Bob, Howdy-been a while aye. I take this originated from you. What's up-are you coming down to see us again? <Yes my friend. Hope to make it out there (and up... this time to Taveuni) in a week or two... Been about "the same madness", writing, traveling, trying to make photographs... Will you be coming to the States any time soon? Be able to make it out to Interzoo in May? Would you like to do some diving (don't fall asleep! Some new, exotic locale!) after the Germany show? Trust Flower and the children are doing well.  Hope to see you soon. Bob Fenner> All the best Tim.

Re: interzoo Hey Bob, I too may be at the Interzoo this year. I am waiting on confirmation. Diving you say due tell. See you in November when you do a talk at the Cleveland Saltwater club. <Well, maybe we'll all be diving together finally! See you soon. Bob Fenner> David Adkins

Fiji trip 8Nov <Thank you Geri... am sending to Pete, Di, Jack... will respond as know who is going. Bob Fenner> Hello, Here's your quote for your upcoming trip: 08Nov LAX/NAN Air New Zealand depart 655pm arrive 205am 10Nov lei greeting /transfer 10Nov by air Nan/Taveuni 7nights Garden Isle Superior *two double rooms return 17Nov by air Taveuni/Nan 17Nov NAN/LAX Air New Zealand depart 1015pm arrive 115pm LAX 17Nov Price per person is $1437. cash/check discount is $1395 (airport tax included) Optional with 3meals daily and 5 days of 2 tank boat dives : price becomes $2144 per person. Cash or check discount price is $2081 per person. To book, please advise which package, names on passports (assumed all Americans), one mailing address to mail tickets/documents and $200 deposit is required per person to book hotel and hold air. Thank you, Geri Discover

Upcoming get-together (OC, LA marine clubs) Hey Marc! Pete and I (and am trying to get Di to go) will come up and give a pitch on 12/15... am thinking of something "entertaining" like a whole slew of verticals... cover submissions... that will be digestible, enjoyable for such a meeting/party. Will call you if you don't respond here. Bob Fenner

interzoo Hi Bob, it's Sascha without any question today. I just saw one of your replies about the INTERZOO in Nuernberg. This is where I am from, raised all my life, I just came to the US 6 years ago. Are you going??? <Yes... every two years. A very good time, and the city, fabulous... Like the "Pig's Knuckles", Nurnburg sausages... mit the spicy mustard... and the Biers!> Sounds like a damn good reason to see my folks who live about three minutes from the convention centre. If you are going, let me know if you have any questions about Nuernberg, I could help you out. Take care and I'll chat with you soon <Ah, the link is here for the May show: http://www.interzoo.com/d/index.html I think about a dozen other friends will be traveling, staying about the same itinerary... then off to diving (maybe Sharm, Egypt... perhaps Seychelles, Mauritius...) afterward. Will keep you posted. Bob Fenner> SASCHA

RE: career speaker Bob, thanks for responding, probably the best topic would be scientiific aspects of pond biology. Basically we would like different speakers to come talk about their career and how they got ther:, education, experience, etc. I can also send you a list of questions to answer. Slides or the web would be great, I have a projector that hooks to the internet. the student is in my class from 12:30 to 1:20, on M, T, F or Thurs 12:25-2:10, so that would be the best time. Any day is fine. My choice is Thurs. and he will be in my class through Dec.. Let me know if he can send you his letter <No questions necessary. And do have this young person send along his letter. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Andrea Pfaff

Out of office message Hi Friend! After mucho research, unanswered questions from tech support, and internet digging Susie came up with an answer on her own. <Hah!> Apparently, you're email doesn't support an out of office type message. Her advice was to change it over to RobertFenner@yahoo.com: they support such messages and options. Sorry we don't have a better answer, but that's what it looks like from this end. Mike <I used to dream about money and women, but last night had a doozie about email... sigh. Wonder if we/I could use *.wetwebmedia.com as Zo and Mike.K do for a/the address for this/WWM purposes? Maybe have PF et al. take a schwing at responding to queries as a group (like Zo encouraged folks last trip out)? Even use datapipe.com as my away ISP? What say you? Bob Fenner>

career speaker HEy bob, my students are writing letters to people in science careers and one of them was looking for a pond biologist, I know you use to do a little of setting up small ponds etc. Could he send his letter to you? <Sure> There would be no committment on your part, of course we would love for you to come speack to our class though. <Mmm, what dates do you have open... to talk about scientific aspects of ponding... or the work on the website? Have pix, will travel. Bob F> Thanks, Andrea Pfaff Challenger Middle School

Research Projects I am looking at entering the INTEL Science Talent search with a project in oceanographic chemistry/marine biochemistry. I need to do a research project and I thought that you might be able to help. <Okay> Do you have any ideas for projects (e.g. problems that either have not been studied or that have not extensively been studied)? <Many... do you have a particular group of organisms, maybe a species in mind, or aspect of physiology... to narrow down the possibilities here? Perhaps something with a commercial bent to it?> Do you know any scientist that I could communicate with for further ideas, help, etc.? <Let's narrow down your choices/avenues first. Most everyone is much pretty narrowly focused as hinted above. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Kevin

Re: Daily emailed Pix Your pictures are always a joy bob. I hear you are speaking here at the Cleveland Saltwater club in November. If so let me know your antennary when you get it and I will set some time aside for a visit. <Saw that in their bulletin too! Will let you know, or keep an eye on their bulletin, website... Bob Fenner> David Adkins

Clubs, Societies, User Groups Hi Bob, Your WEB site is addictive .... :-) <Agreed... think I'm hooked!> I know you are a resident of the San Diego area (past questions) as I am, and I am interested in checking out the local user groups, societies, clubs (whatever we call them in this hobby). Could you point me in the right direction? <Sure. A friend, Maurice, heads up the local marine "society"... we meet at friends homes. Will contact him here. You likely know the few specialty stores about. See you at one of the monthly get togethers, or trips up north to others, tank tours... Bob Fenner> As always, T'anks Walt

Hey, how are ya? <Fine my friend, you as well I trust> I thank you for all of your reference you have given me and your great website and its vast knowledge. I was wondering what you are up to right now? Are you on a vacation or something?  <Was out for ten days or so, diving, photographing in the Bahamas... away from the Net... got to figure out a way to help Zo, others respond to queries in my absence> I sent you a couple of questions a few days ago and was wondering why you hadn't gotten to them. I hope I am not a burden, and I understand if you are overwhelmed with queries. <Am definitely so presently> I just wanted to thank you again for all your past help and the reference you have created at "wetwebmedia" that I'll use forever. <You're welcome my friend. Bob Fenner> Talk to you soon, and I hope that things are well. Rich

Fw: Halloween decorating (pic caption) Bob, Just to get you in the Halloween mood.  <They're already selling pumpkins out here!> Hope all is going well.  <Yes my friend, thank you> Hope the Red Sea trip is still going to happen - with the unrest and the potential for war.  <Was quite perturbed all the way about re 9/11... saw some folks in the news "celebrating" in Cairo... about enough to call for cancelling... but the Sinai is far away, and out of 82 million pop., the Aegyptians have likely got some ignorant types> Keep me in mind when plans are being made.  <Will do so. Would you be interested in a long (about a month) trip about Qld/Austr. in Mar?> Still looking for the caeruleonigropunctatus puffer. <Me too.> Hope you recovered from that BORING banquet presentation! <Have been practicing talking w/ marbles in mouth... ala JEN! Kelly aka puffer queen << message3.txt >> <Chat with you soon. Bob F>

did you get my emails? Bob, Where have you been? <In the Bahamas (about Bimini) and Key West.> Did you get my mail?  <Think so... haven't gotten about to much of all yet... but will in a few days time. Bob Fenner> Thanks

it was a pleasure It was certainly a pleasure to have met you at the convention in Baltimore, <>This way you will have my e mail, and if there is anything that I can do for you here in Dominican Republic where I live please feel at ease to contact me <A delight my friend. Will add you to my daily image mail-out (let me know if this becomes burdensome). Hope to dive with you in the near future (off to the Turks in a couple of months)... perhaps in the DR! Bob Fenner>

Arrival Heya, Justin Case I have a brain cramp and can't find the fishman with the little japanese pickup, I'm the Hapa Haouli Filipino with the buzz cut, oval-ish specs, khaki plaid button-down and baggy cargo shorts. With a backpack. I have no checked luggage, but I will meet you outside the SWA baggage claim, as I assume that is the appropriate area for waiting to pick up your wayward hapa friends at the curb... flight scheduled to arrive at 11:05am. <Ah, even Mike is taking precious PTO to greet you. See you soon my friend. Bob F> Seeya manana! -Zo

THE BIG DAY!! (ho boy) Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear BOBBBB, Happy Birthday to you! Just wanted to let you know that some of your fans are thinking about you today, on your big day! Birthday and moving all in the same day.  <Joyce, you're a little to "Jouce ous" today... Thank you, and ugh, "get the license number of the truck who hit me"... Ah, gots to get down to the Lindbergh Airport and pick up that combo. computer whiz, good guy and Bekins Boy...> You are a brave man! I hope you're having a good time with Zo, I told him to give you a hug from me and he said he'd think about it. Did he? :) I believe I'll have a little brown bottle later to celebrate for you! May this year be your best ever!! We love ya, Man! Joyce <Thank you, picking up that bad boy at elevenish this AM. Be chatting, Bob F, old, but still beating the alternative>

Omaha Zoo, Steaks, MACNA XIII Mitch, Nice to meet you over the weekend. Writing to acknowledge my willingness to help your hobby group in whatever ways I can. Do contact me when you folks are looking over your speaker schedule, and do please make known our website (www.WetWebMedia.com) to your BOD and feel free to use materials from it for your bulletin. Chat with you soon. Bob Fenner

Re: Omaha Zoo, Steaks, MACNA XIII hey bob, sounds good. i will let you know when i could use a speaker. do you mind coming when its cold? <Nah, just got to remember to bring something other than tees and shorts! Be seeing you. Bob Fenner> mitch

Moving sale Hi Bob (and Khoi fish out there :-)), <Hi there> <Hmm (as in Homer Simpson's voice), "Beer, yessss". Zo? (luckily he's a tee-totaler, so "they're mine, they're all mine!"). Bob Fenner> RE: moving sale? Zo, Good to hear that you don't view skimmers in the same fashion as Bob views beer, ("they're mine, they're all mine!") :-) So, Bob, if there are any left after distributing to Zo/Jane/Des, please slap my name on it. Thanks!!!!! Khoi (as in Koi-fish... hmmmmm.... maybe I was pre-destined from birth to be part of this wet hobby somehow?!?!) I guess we will owe him some beer when we go on some dive/snorkeling trip, huh? :-) Will happily pay up! :-) <Ah, my blood brain barrier can scarce stand the further damage (ala the MACNA Symposium, Gk. for "drinking together" that have just escaped... In Detroit now... Chat with you re your long email soon... Bob F> --Jane aka des (same person)

Re: This, that and the other... Hi Bob, >I hope you are NOT moving from CA? ><No. Unfortunately, not at this time.> Where do you *want* to move to? <<<Actually a few places... as in I don't intend to "live" at any one given locale for more than a few months per year... Would like to keep one principal residence in Southern California, have a place to stay in Hawai'i (the Big Island), Fiji, Belize (Placencia region), perhaps other places>>> >I plan to go on some snorkel trip with you and your buddies in Baha >or elsewhere in sunny CA-- bet you didn't know that? :-) ><<You might be surprised at the "strength" of my intuition. I do know we >will be on such a trip>> Oh really?! Do have an idea as to date and time? Can buy tickets ahead for extra discount. :-) <<<Don't joke...>>> > >So, send along an address and I'll send you a combo. (for free no less). >I'd really like to send my address, is there a way I can send it so the >whole world can't read it?? ><<Of course I will not knowingly publish folks addresses (unless it's >requested, otherwise understood that is what they want). Am glad to send to >a P.O. box, or friend's address of your choosing>> OK PLEASE DON'T POST (just yelling for a sec here. :-)) <<<Will delete the addr.>>> You can mail to my workplace at: Jane XXXXX This is where I get all packages. Can I reimburse you for shipping at least? <<<No need. Thank you for offering>>> >Could send to 'Zo perhaps, I have his address somewhere. ><<Oh! Or he could haul one or more back with him! He's on his way out here >the 23d>> No, I just meant that I could send my *address* to him. ><The highest good is like water, which does not compete, but flows to the >lowest of places to rise again. Bob Fenner> > Wow, I'll have to contemplate that one, awhile. --Jane J <Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Re: This, that and the other... Hi Bob, >I hope you are NOT moving from CA? ><No. Unfortunately, not at this time.> Where do you *want* to move to? <<<Actually a few places... as in I don't intend to "live" at any one given locale for more than a few months per year... Would like to keep one principal residence in Southern California, have a place to stay in Hawai'i (the Big Island), Fiji, Belize (Placencia region), perhaps other places>>> >I plan to go on some snorkel trip with you and your buddies in Baha >or elsewhere in sunny CA-- bet you didn't know that? :-) ><<You might be surprised at the "strength" of my intuition. I do know we >will be on such a trip>> Oh really?! Do have an idea as to date and time? Can buy tickets ahead for extra discount. :-) <<<Don't joke...>>> > >So, send along an address and I'll send you a combo. (for free no less). >I'd really like to send my address, is there a way I can send it so the >whole world can't read it?? ><<Of course I will not knowingly publish folks addresses (unless it's >requested, otherwise understood that is what they want). Am glad to send to >a P.O. box, or friend's address of your choosing>> OK PLEASE DON'T POST (just yelling for a sec here. :-)) <<<Will delete the addr.>>> You can mail to my workplace at: ~deleted~ This is where I get all packages. Can I reimburse you for shipping at least? <<<No need. Thank you for offering>>> >Could send to 'Zo perhaps, I have his address somewhere. ><<Oh! Or he could haul one or more back with him! He's on his way out here >the 23d>> No, I just meant that I could send my *address* to him. ><The highest good is like water, which does not compete, but flows to the >lowest of places to rise again. Bob Fenner> > Wow, I'll have to contemplate that one, awhile. --Jane J <Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Re: This, that and the other... >Where do you *want* to move to? >principal residence in Southern California, have a place to stay in Hawai'i >(the Big Island), Fiji, Belize (Placencia region), perhaps other places>>> Sounds nice. Why have an aquarium though, if you can dive/snorkel every week off some venue or anyother? >Good point... I don't< > >I plan to go on some snorkel trip with you and your buddies in Baha > >or elsewhere in sunny CA-- bet you didn't know that? :-) > ><<You might be surprised at the "strength" of my intuition. I do know we > >will be on such a trip>> >Oh really?! Do have an idea as to date and time? Can buy tickets ahead >for extra discount. :-) ><<<Don't joke...>>> I'm sure this will happen too. After all, if both people expect it will, now there's only the details (though I have heard the devil is in these... >Won't disagree. You can, till experience changes your mind< >Can I reimburse you for shipping at least? ><<<No need. Thank you for offering>>> Very generous indeed, will pass your good deed along somewhere. >Know that you have, will continue to do so< ><Be chatting. Bob Fenner> Of course. --Jane J

running guinea pigs Guys, I was planning on going to LA for Saturday/Sunday - or if Sunday/Monday would be better, or something, please let me know... <Hmm, don't know if you'll feel up to it, Bekins Boy, after going the distance...> Oh, not only don't I eat Guinea Pigs, I don't run either (well, not very far...) so I hate to be a spoilsport... but. I do hear Peru has really good potatoes though... ;) and I love trying new ethnic foods. <Okay to those spuds then... but do plan on coming out to the Hash House Harriers Zo... a good time, and I'm cooking, serving the night you get in... Do you imbibe alcohol? Bob> -Zo

MACNA XIII Hey Bob, Not going to make it to MACNA this year, but most of the rest of BOD of AMDA will be there. Try and stop by and say hi if you would.  <Ah, will do so> I believe they are having a general meeting there as well. Let me know if you want to be informed when they figure out times etc. Yes it is damn hot out here now, But I turned 30 yesterday <What? I have underwear older than that! Bad visual, I know. Happy b-day!> and my in-laws are watching our 4 month old daughter for the weekend so we're heading to Rosarito for the weekend. <Sounds great, and cooler... Have an extra cerveza and langusto (demand the grande!) for me at Puerto Nuevo.> Take care, Tim <Be seeing you. Bob Fenner> Trippin' to SanD Bob, Does the 'extended weekend' of Aug 23rd to 28th see you in Europe, or the Middle East, or anything like that? <Great! Not only my B-day (groan), but also some big moving days! Do you have a strong, well, at least steady back? You can move the computer gear! Zo, seeing you would be great, but I'll/we'll be very busy... We do have a spare room, car for you... are you going to get up to see your dad up north during the trip? Please do "come on down"! Or if you'd rather/can, use the tickets to come out to the MACNA XIII due in Baltimore the weekend ahead. You can stay in Di and I's provided room there if you'd like.> This is the best (and last, for a while) chance for me to come down to sunny SanD. <Could really use your help.> The only other chance, is next weekend, 16 through 21, which isn't -quite- as good for me, but still okay. What do you think? -Zo <Come on down! Bob F>

Re: Trippin' to SanD Bob, AWESOME! Not only do I get to help the famed author of 'The CMA' move, but help celebrate his BD too!  <This and ten dollars, we can eat at McD's... well, you can have the fries... well, maybe not> That's absolutely cool. I'm there. I'll book the flights as soon as I have more than 10 free seconds. <Sounds good> YES - I'm really hoping to see my dad and the rest of the family sometime during the trip - it's been over 5 years! Which day is your BD? <Umm the 23d> (So I can be sure to schedule the LA side-trip around it) <I'll pick you up at the airport and deliver you to "Bekins Central"... we haven't moved in several years... have tons (no joke) of fish mags, books... plenty of possibilities for building up your pecs> YES - I have a strong back, and I'm VERY (in)famous for volunteering (and following through) to help my friends move! <Ho ho! Come on down, big boy!> Be chatting! (you should SEE the number of 'Fennerisms' on the forum - it's HILARIOUS.) [grin]. <Do notice them... a tremendous asset... likely soon to be reducing crime around the world, increasing ophthalmological bills! Bob> -Zo

Baltimore (MACNA XIII engagement... yikes, keep writing!) Bob, Hello my friend! Well, nothing to really write about my 75 gallon reef setup. Things are, I think going pretty smooth. Just wanted to see if you are still coming to Baltimore and if I could "pay" for a couple of brown bottles. For all of your help, it's the least I could do! Looks like Friday night would be best for me. Let me know. <Will be there for the MACNA do. See you there! Bob Fenner> SeeYa! Bob Wrigley

Re: Question from Thailand Hi again Bob, Just check your mail today. Thank you very very much for your answer and help. About you coming to Krabi, is it for scuba diving trip or others?  <For diving and underwater and above photography, writing...> May be it would be great if I get to meet you there? <Sure, can add you to our "ongoing travel calendar" if you'd like> How long are you planning to come?  <At least a week, perhaps ten days... in conjunction with other travel in the area> Also, what time of year are you planning to visit Krabi?  <Perhaps the first quarter of 2002.> Thanks again for you help. <Hope to meet, dive with you. Bob Fenner> Tanaphon Manavutiveth (Him)

Just wanted to say hello Good morning, you crazy fish man! <Good morrow> I am sure you won't remember me, but I remember you. You impacted my life, and I wanted to thank you. Several years ago we met at the Tampa trade show in Florida. After the show, we went out to a Cajun Restaurant with Chris from Ocean Nutrition, Kevin and Bob from Fritz, Jim Philips (previous owner of a store in Jacksonville and then working with Aquarium Systems & Ocean Nutrition) and my family (Matias "the loud happy guy", my mother and I). Marc Weiss might have been there, too; I don't recall. <Yes, I remember the occasion, and meeting you. A very beautiful person> My name is Aubrey. I was the petite, "excitable" girl at the table who was enthralled with how much you knew about everything aquatic. This was one of my first "tastes" of the industry on the other side. I had been working at my family's store for several years; I loved both retail and the animals. <Yes> You were all very kind to me that night, allowing me to ask questions and treating me seriously, though I was very young. I began painting a picture of life on the other side of the industry. I continued to manage the fish store, and subsequently graduated from UF last year, continuing to work connections inside this and other industries. I am now working at Fritz with Kevin. I feel lucky to have found this company, which allows me to contribute and listens to my ideas. <Ah, in my favorite country in the U.S., Texas?> Laying in bed thinking of how lucky I am to have a good job that I truly enjoy, I traced the steps of my path to Fritz. That night (and your smiling, informative personality) was a major contributor to my current fulfillment. <What a pleasure> I'm sure you receive thank-you letters all the time. Thousands of hobbyists credit you with their aquatic success. Nonetheless, I still want to thank you for your support and encouragement that night. You impacted my life in an incredibly positive way. I sincerely appreciate the guidance you gave me and the opinions you shared. I hope that you and your family are doing well, and that your business has proved to be increasingly fruitful. Who knows? Maybe we will find ourselves working on a project together sometime in the future. Should I ever be able to pay back the favor, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely yours, Aubrey Zaffke <Thank you for your kind words. A delight to find that you're in the industry still. I do sense our pet-fish paths will cross again. Be seeing you. Bob Fenner>

RE: Back to fishes, here's a Mar de Cortez Holacanthus passer juvenile Hi Bob I would be interested in knowing more about the fishes from Steve, please mention me to him the next time you are in contact. <Will do so> Have a good weekend. Best regards Derek. <Hope to get over to the UK ahead of the Interzoo next May, perhaps "run into you" on the road. Are you out to the tropics (like Fiji) between this time and then? Bob Fenner>

Hi Bob, (what's going on in San Diego) Bob, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to come over to your house and look at the slides. And thank you once again for the vegetarian dinner, I really do appreciate it. <Anytime my friend. Should I add you to my daily image mail out et al e-addr. list? Otherwise, keep in touch with Maurice and the SDMAS... have these gettogethers about once a month... maybe we can all coordinate some of those dates with the club meetings...> I wanted to know if you needed any help with your mailing list? or anything else web related. <Do I? Am so backward that I don't know exactly what to ask help with (sigh)... but have good (and talented!) friends, thank goodness, helping push all along... Will accept any/all help... suggestions, action, or being. Bob Fenner> Thank you, Brad Slavin

Going back to Cleveland... for Pet-Fishing! Hi Bob, I am the program chairman of the Cleveland Saltwater Enthusiasts Association (C-SEA), the reef club here in Cleveland, Ohio. I am wondering if you would be available to speak to our group on the third thursday of this October (the 18th). <Yikes, am out to the Turks and Caicos then> You spoke to our club two years ago, we thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to bring you out again. If October will not work then perhaps we can pick a later date. Thanks for your consideration. <Oh, yes, certainly. Very much enjoyed my time there. Will gladly do a "dual pitch" with the PA crowd again if this will save some money as well. A later date... when? Bob Fenner> Peter J. Chefalo

RE: Marine Aquarist Roundtable of Sacramento >Will I be staying with the usual crowd? Several people, including Pat and Roy, volunteered. If you would really like to stay with Pat and Roy again then it's a done deal. <Yes, fine folks> We were considering raffling off hosting duties. Perhaps a most eligible bachelor or slave block theme:-)  <Yikes!> If this appeals we need to know your minimum lodging requirements: couch, hide-a-bed or guest room? <Any are fine> >Petfishing in the Cook Islands? Sounds good. Any of your recent topics would do. We have a lot of new members who haven't heard you speak. >can you get a projector for same? Yes, and laptop with Powerpoint too if you would like. <I'll bring my laptop for this and to do a bit of work> I'll get back to you next week with flight numbers and departure times. <Ah, good. Looking forward to it. Bob Fenner>

RE: Marine Aquarist Roundtable of Sacramento I got a bounce back notice on my first replay. I'm not sure what you wanted me to RSVP. The Friday (7/20) through Sunday (7/22) schedule is still on. There are San Diego to Sacramento flights all day long on Friday. The 2.5 hour flight has departure times of: 6:20, 7:20, 8:30, 10:15, 12:20, 1:30, 2:15 and 3:10. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM on Friday. We'll pick you up at the airport. What time would you like to depart San Diego on Friday. <Anytime is fine. Will I be staying with the usual crowd?> We decided to hold our regular meeting Friday night before the picnic. That is when we'd like you to do your talk. What topic would you like to talk on? <Time is running so short... how about "Petfishing in the Cook Islands?". I am "up" on this Powerpoint topic (can you get a projector for same?)...> We decided not to do a talk at the picnic. There is no AV and it might be noisy. Instead we're going to try to do an informal Q&A session. Of course, we are still going to do the behind the scenes tour, the picnic and the public area tour. <Okay, rats!> You can see the schedule at... www.marineaquarist.org There are also Sacramento to San Diego flights all day long on Sunday. The 2.5 hour flight has departure times are: 6:20, 7:20, 8:30, 10:15, 12:20, 1:30, 2:15, 3:10, 5:20, 7:20, 8:50 and 10:20. What time would you leave Sacramento on Sunday? <Anytime convenient. AM is better. Be seeing you. Bob Fenner>

"Hello Robert" (Petfishing in Salinas, the upcoming WMC) just sending you this e-mail, hoping when it reaches you and yours i will find you in the best of everything!! as for your buddy over here in salinas california, im waiting anxiously for your arrival to the seabay conference in seaside california. <Ah, great. Should be a very fine time> i been having a passion for aquarium tropical fish keeping now for about 4 years, first started with fresh, then it moved on to marine, i now have the best of both worlds. 150 gallon african tank, and a 250 marine. im very happy that im gonna finally meet you in person, i hope!! Rob, i am gonna bring your book that i purchased, so that if you can be so kind as to autograph it for me?  <Absolutely> "the concientious marine aquarist" i wanted to ask another favor of you? i was curious if you might know of any one in the tropical fish hobby, fresh and marine. what a question huh!!!! LOL!! that would hire me at their fish store or wholesale site near where im located? <Hmm, in Salinas? Don't know anyone there yet... but let us ask about at the WMC re.> i would like to be in management or something of in charge of the fish room. boy, i really wish that we, me and you could be personal friends?  <We are... of a certainty. From my point of view, working definition: "Friends turn each other on to the good things they have found, and away from the bad. They allow each other to be themselves, though urging each others best behavior, development, and betterment...> im just so much in to this fish hobby stuff that i admire you for all that youve done and seen!!!!!!!!! Rob, when you come down here to seaside california on the 6th thru the 8th of april. can i hang out with you for them days that your here?  <Yikes... will be very busy... am up for three pitches... and some friends and Diana (wife) are coming up as well... and am driving... will likely be bushed... But, certainly, yes, please let us sit nearby, chat and am thinking about the possibility of "throwing a party" like was done in Sacto last year...> i just live in salinas, right down the way from seaside. how is it gonna be? can i join your class study? im not interested in renting a room at the embassy, because i live here. i guess what im trying to say is that would i still be able to kick it with you if i just want to hang out and not pay the embassys fees? oh, and one more thing, heres a picture of me so that you can identify me when we meet!!!! your newest friend in fish, Carlos Padilla <See you soon my friend. Bob Fenner>


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