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 Robert Fenner Travel FAQs II

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personal email to Bob Fenner, New Aq. in Jerusalem     7/29/12
Greetings from Jerusalem.  Over the years I have written to WetWebMedia and communicated with you for advice.  You have a great site. 
<Thank you>
I’m originally from Baltimore (Merrill Cohen of Aquarium Products was a close family friend and introduced me to tropical fish and anything else that moved…).  I have been living in Israel since 1978 and I’m an attorney here in Jerusalem.
<Merrill was a fine person, we were friends as well>
I’m active in a number of civic organizations here in Jerusalem and I was recently approached by our local zoo ( http://www.jerusalemzoo.org.il/len/  )
to try and help with a new project here in Jerusalem.  The Jerusalem Zoo is building a National Aquarium right here in Jerusalem.
  They have the land, funds for most of the construction and are now awaiting the required building permits with plans for some 33 display tanks, the largest 290,000 gallons.
I understand you have visited Israel over the years and I know our wet world is important to you, so I thought that I could speak to you about this project and I wanted to know if this was a good email address to contact you or maybe there was a better one.
<Am glad to assist you, help w/ the project. Though I'm not "quite up to speed" w/ modern public aquarium design, construction, I have ready access w/ folks who are. Will send you my personal email separately. Shalom, Bob Fenner>
With best regards,
Mark Sherman

MACNA 2010, BobF's pitch/es   6/2/10
I was hoping to direct this question to Bob Fenner: I saw on the MACNA website that you're a speaker at the conference in Orlando. Is it too soon to ask what topics you'll be speaking on? Looking forward to it.
<Don't actually know at this point... Have been preparing, practicing for a condensed version of "stocking small marine systems", but am thinking of generating a more-directed "10" Common Mythtakes in Marine Livestocking
instead... I do wish these events were much more organized into topics... e.g. "Nutrition", "Disease", "Systems"... with the presenters systematically arranged by topic... And I do have preferences, wishes that more industry and science folk were involved... an upward trend. Hope to see you there. BobF>

Re: message from Don Wolfe  9/2/06 Howdy Bob: <Hey Don!>      Just a short note to tell you it was great to see you here. Hope you enjoyed the day. <I greatly enjoyed it. Very nice to see you again, get to see your place, orchids, tanks... many nice guests to chat with>   I really appreciated your being here.  I was disappointed that the only picture i ended up with was  one of you, me and George from tri-city, oh well. <Perhaps another time> Melanie, kept trying to remember you, poor dear.  She knows who you are but couldn't quite  remember the details, her memory has failed a lot in some areas, in others it is excellent <As is mine...>      I still have a couple of tanks to set up  (like I really need them).   The sump pumps skimmer UV sterilizer heater etc are  all sitting under the 125 plexi across from the discus  tank.  I hope to get it plumbed and water in it this coming week.  Spot  (the tall 6'6" drink of water with the hard cover copy of your book) <She was/is gorgeous...> has acquired a 100 gallon tank which he is going to gift me with.  So will put that in the same room.  One of these days a lot of these smaller fish are going to grow up and I will be needing some larger tanks. <Heeee! Keep your eyes on the classifieds!>      Between the fish and what with rebuilding my orchid collection I have my hands full.  Still looking for ways to improve the maintenance of same and shorten the time required to do it.  Had i had any idea of how extensive i was going to get into this i would have done something different electrically and air wise  (I still may). <I would... a small blower... more amps... all GFCI protected...>   Sorry you were not here to hear the band, they were really great.  Three of the guys work for George. <Did hear a few of their songs... very avant garde... interesting lyrics...> You can check out their website when you have time.  It has some of their songs on it as well as videos.   http://TheBurningOfRome.com  . <Thank you. Did see this before>    My prodigal son has returned from his 3 week vacation in Paris and is back to doing his thing.  He is a videographer, does it all from filming, sound editing  etc. <Neat! Probably be the big money maker amongst all of us!>   Again, I enjoyed seeing you and hope to do so again a lot sooner than previously.   My best regards to you and yours.    Don <Will do. Again, thank you for making the effort to share. Much appreciated. Bob Fenner>

Clairemont Tropical, Fred Kuperstein  - 3/1/2006 Hello Mr. Fenner I worked for Fred Kuperstein at Clairemont Tropical Fish in 1989.  The store has since closed.  Do you have any information regarding Fred?  I hope he is doing well. Thank you Stephanie Gilfillan <As far as I know he and Sandy are fine. I run into Fred at industry trade shows every couple years (even though he sold)... the shop was sold and closed infamously... The Kupersteins still live in Serra Mesa as far as I know. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Randy Sanchez I saw on the internet that you seem to know Randy from San Diego. <Yes my friend> I wanted to let you know that he was hit by a car yesterday and killed while on his way to work on his motorcycle. Services are pending at this time. If you could let anyone else that used him as a source of information regarding reef care know I'm sure he would appreciate it. He did love his fishies. Rebecca Bradley <And life itself. I saw the local news re the accident last night, and received word it was Randy who was killed on his motorcycle. Very sad. Bob Fenner>

Sea & Learn on Saba Hello from Saba, a 5-square mile island in the Caribbean.  My name is Lynn Costenaro and I am an owner of Sea Saba Dive Center.  We are hosting "Sea & Learn on Saba", a month long celebration of nature.   <Sounds very nice> We have invited guest lecturers: academics, naturalists and scientists from around the world to give presentations and follow-up field work on nature--from orchids and rainforests to seahorses and sharks.  We are specifically looking for a frogfish expert and found your website:  wetwebmedia.com  From the site I'm not certain if you, Bob, are a Frogfish "expert", enthusiastic aquarist or have some scientific background... <Mmm, a bit of the aquarist, diver/photographer (I produce content in the aquarium, diving and underwater natural history markets)> but let me explain that the persons we invite do not have to be 'the foremost expert in their field'....if you can give me a better idea of your expertise, I will greatly appreciate it.   <For frogfishes, family Antennariidae, I can't think of anyone more well-versed and experienced than Scott Michael. See from the attachment below, you're aware of him. Does he have time, interest?> I thank you in advance for your time and consideration--best regards from Saba, <Okay. A very nice offer... but this slot only on Caribbean lophiiform fishes? Have not been to Saba (yet!), but have been to dozens of tropical West Atlantic sites, dived there a few thousand times... and not seen many Anglers... Can make said presentation (out last week of Oct. to the Marquesas though). Will ask Scott re (as he is best choice IMO) and otherwise re-contact you. Thank you for your consideration. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia> Lynn & John and the Team of Sea Saba Dive Center www.seasaba.com DIVE THE SEA SABA DIFFERENCE SeaSaba@aol.com PO Box 598; Windwardside Saba, Netherlands Antilles 599-416-2246--Phone 599-416-2362--Fax

Sorry I missed you (Visit to SDC) Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 15:03:51 -0700 I heard you were here in the warehouse today...sorry to have missed you. <Me too... it was the very fast in/out... some friends in the trade and interest visiting Southern Cal. for a brief while... and having to rush back to SD to avoid traffic> I was looking for you because I needed to mention something to you that only a typical wholesaler would ask. <Okay> Now this isn't your typical Eric question. This isn't even your basic, common, everyday question either, but I felt compelled to ask you as I feel that we are fairly close friends anyway. Here goes: I had a customer tell me that he was speaking to you about something, and some how, you guys got onto the subject of fish suppliers/wholesalers. He was asking me if I knew who you were, because you directed him to try Quality Marine, although he said you knew he was a customer of SDC. <Mmm, can't think of the circumstances, who this might be... for whatever record, I consider SDC and QM very good suppliers... esp. your biz for "reef" organisms. You're welcome to post this opinion> Now I am not crying or anything, but I was thinking about it didn't know if I was 100% comfortable with the fact that you would recommend QM to people, but not SDC. <Mmm, not so. Anthony Calfo (who came to SD to visit, sign and help send the pre-orders of our new book series) came with me on Thurs. to Phoenix (along with Mike Ferncase of SaltCreek), and we visited Aquarium Arts (Kingsley), The Ocean Floor and Aqua Touch. In two of these places I remarked that some of their organisms likely came from SDC, that I am acquainted and hold your co. in high esteem> I don't really think that is the case and I am trying to think of people whom you have recommended to us, and I don't even know if I should worry about stuff like this, but the customer I was speaking to mentioned it to me as if they felt uncomfortable that you would knowingly advise them to go to QM. <... well, Chris.B does a good business as well, and has some difference in exposure compared to SDC (mainly more exotic fishes), but again, I "plug" both your businesses about equally... though I really would like to/am overdue in writing up a "happy piece" re SDC for the hobby mag.s> So I am just bringing it to your attention so you could please, give us as one of the companies to check out and consider for saltwater livestock. I am sure you do already and I am not saying that you don't. <I do so, and will continue to do so. Eric, you folks have (as far as I'm aware) a very good reputation, for service, quality, selection...> Hope you don't get offended here....I don't think you will.....just because you are a thick skinned bugger anyway. <No worries. Bob Fenner> Talk to ya soon, Eric

Re: dark area on tang's head Thank-you so much for your time. You guys are great. Side note....Bob, we will see you at the Baltimore Aquarium in a couple of months. My husband and I cant wait to meet you...Thanx again. <Ahh, see you then/there. Bob Fenner>

MARS visit, Diving in Cozumel Hi Bob how are you doing? hope everything is well with you. This is Dan Garcia from Sacramento {MARS} remember me? <Fine, and hi Dan>   I need to know what you are up to in July around the first week and around the first week in Sept. In July I will be down at Sea World and in Sept. <Give us a call, email when you're closer> we would like to see you up here doing what you do best at a new fish conference. <In September? About what date/s?>   Feb. 27th, Karen Manly, Brian Prestwood and his wife, Rich Vanducen and his wife and I are heading to cozumel for a week and diving with Dive Paradise we would love it if would join us for a lot of fun. <Great! We dived with them a couple months back. Will be down in FLA till the 26th. Will check with Di and the gang at WWM re the possibility. Thanks, Bob Fenner> See you soon Dan Garcia Marine Aquarist Roundtable of Sacramento

Re: Bob.... stumbled upon a piece of work of yours at the site of an online supplier here in Canada, funny how you can be found all over online, haven't seen this piece on the WWM site though....riot.... http://www.mops.on.ca/articles/MainFenn.htm <Looks like a reprint from Aquarium System's quarterly, SeaScope. As I am wont to tell folks re such matters, being a content provider in our interest doesn't pay much. Hence the need to produce a bunch! Bob Fenner>

RE: Hey Bob! (DEMA show end of mo., Vegas) Sounds like you are already busy on Friday. I am not a regular runner unfortunately, so I will have to take a pass on the run. Not since my hockey days have I been jogging/running. So, if you are to be busy most of the day Friday then maybe we can meet at DEMA? <Sounds good... we're driving in... so I don't know what time, condition we'll be in... When, where? The bar!?> When are you there? I will be there the last day on Friday Oct 26th all day. <Mmm, the 25th?> Look forward to meeting you. If and when an opportunity arises where I am either down there again, or you are in the Bay Area for any amount of time please let me know. It would be a great honor. <Just a hoot all the way about. Hope to see you then/there. Bob F> Paul

#reefs Presentation Inquiry Bob, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shane Graber and I am one of the Administrators at Reefs.org. One of my many tasks is to find speakers for our chat channel #reefs on IRC. Would you be interested in giving a presentation on #reefs sometime (topic is your choice)? If so, I can forward you more information. <Thank you for this offer. I have e-chatted on your IRC before, and will do so when there is a slot we can agree on. Bob Fenner> Thanks and happy reefkeeping! :) Shane Graber Admin, Reefs.org

RE: #reefs Presentation Inquiry Bob, Sounds great! Would you mind if I forwarded you our instructions form letter which basically gives more detailed information on what is involved in giving a presentation on #reefs? <Please do so. Bob F> Shane

URGENT!!! Dear friends: How are you?, Im writing you this mail because its urgent that both give me your physical adress to mail the airplane tickets. <We have waited on responses re whether this show was actually a "go" or not... now it's too late to arrange airfare for our friends, associates, spouses to attend.> I hope you read this soon and sent me your adress. ... and your phone number too please. <These have been sent in previous emails. Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/bobfvisits21.htm We need more notice... a website of your meeting would be helpful, and much more time on receipt of tickets, hotel reservations (at least a month in advance). Sorry for any confusion on our end. Bob Fenner> thanks Eliezer Zuñiga Villarreal

Re: Hey Bob! Raised in a military family. Long history here. <Me too... Dad a lifer in the Nav... one spouse a Cap'n then Major in the Air Force (a Veterinarian), and drafted in the Army (way back) m'self> The interest is not in the death part but in man's flight part. Loud and fast = fun. No joy in death my friend. <Ahh, very glad to hear, understand> I was taught by my father, who was drafted to fight in Vietnam, to enjoy freedom and peace, not for the war it took to gain.  <This I know, personally> Unfortunately peace and freedom are not one in the same. <Mmm, please allow my interjection here (as usual!)... these are indeed manifestations of each other... the first an actuality, the latter its realization/sensation> My father flew in Vietnam and my grandfather was an aircraft design engineer for Boeing. I realize the irony in the statement made in my previous message, I can assure you none was meant. I do not honor the death of any human being but honor the life of my father, grandfathers before me. <As do I, along with the lives of the individuals who were and are called enemies> I just love the flying machines, not what they stand for. I do feel the military is a necessary facet to statehood regardless of ideology, unfortunately. <For now, I agree... but am desirous of bringing an end to such waste... see it's continuance in these times as fulfilling the ambitions of small minds, enslaving populations more so than "world struggles"> I hope I did not turn you off or offend you. I do believe in peace. <No offense taken> I am still forming many thoughts and opinions. I can assure you though, my interest in the jets and flight acrobatics of civilian aero performers is purely as fascinating to me as my love for the ocean. Thanks for the reply. If you would still want to meet for lunch or for the day, please name the meeting place and I will be there. <Please contact me here as the date draws closer. Bob Fenner> Peace. Paul Mansur

Re: speaking engagement Robert, <Adam> Not sure if you are currently out of town or not. Thought I would check back with you regarding December 5th as a possible speaking engagement. We would love to bring you out that thursday, and the return would be up to you. If you would like to leave Friday, that is fine, or Saturday, or Sunday... whatever. Let me know if what will work for you, and if you are interested and available for this time. <Have been back going on a week and daily mulling over schedules, et al. mitigating factors... Adam, is it possible to move this invite back a few to several months? I apologize, but even though I don't have a "day job", like many others who are in similar circumstances, I can't imagine how I ever had time for one. Am woefully behind in other arenas> Also, I'm still not sure what airport you are nearest to, and where you will be coming in from. Let me know when you can. Thanks Adam in Salt Lake <Again, thank you for your interest, patience (will we see you at the MACNA do next weekend?), and I do hope to get out and meet with your group in the coming months. Bob Fenner> Adam Blundell President Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society (801)809-ADAM adamblundell@hotmail.com www.utahreefs.com

Re: speaking engagement Robert, Thank you for your email. We can certainly move your visit to another time. I will check our upcoming meeting schedule, and let you know what I find. Maybe somewhere in the March/April/May/June area we could arrange your visit. Whatever works for you, we are just happy to have you whenever possible. <And am glad to come out. Was hoping to save the club travel and stay expense by hauling out for (what used to be) our annual "Mine Camp" (near you) ski trip about the early Dec. date... not practical to get together in the time frame this year (perhaps next?)> I will not be at MACNA, I wasn't asked to speak this year. And as far as traveling to attend MACNA, I'm not really able to with my current job and the need for me to stay here. So, it looks very doubtful that I will be there. However, we may be bidding for MACNA of 2004 to be in Salt Lake :) <Ahh! The old Olympics facilities out to fit quite nicely!> By the way, everyone here loves your book The Conscientious Marine Aquarist. Big hit, very well done. <Much good help with it> Thanks again, and talk to you soon, Adam <Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Optimizing Growth article reprinted Dear Bob, Congratulations on your article "On Optimizing Growth in Fishes" being reprinted in Aqua Babble, Aquarium Club of Edmonton. If you recall, it was also reprinted by the Bermuda Fry-Angle Aquarium Society in January. Thanks again for letting me put your articles on Aquarticles. <A pleasure to find the work of use, being used. Bob Fenner> Howard Norfolk, Aquarticles.com

Re: Speaker for Club Workshop Bob, Thank you very much for your quick reply. I'm glad you liked our articles. Don Kinyon is our club Corydoras expert and has spawned between 40 and 50 species. <Great!> I keep trying to get him to write a book about it but he doesn't think he knows enough to do so. <Mmm, please have him contact me... we actually are a media co. in aquatics fields... perhaps we can help put such a project together. I see callichthyid (and mainly loricariid) books in Europe... but few "content-filled" works on siluriiforms since Sands and Burgess' works> At any rate, if you would be able to come out, you would be the only saltwater speaker on the panel. In the past our speaker list has included Lee Finley, Karen Randall, Bing Seto, Charlie Grimes, Rosario LaCorte, Stanley Weitzman and many others. <All "big names"> This year we have Peter Thode to talk about discus and his discus hatchery, David Boruchowitz from TFH to talk about the hobby in general, Christopher Scharpf from NANFA to talk about native freshwater fish, and David Schleser to talk about collecting fish in the Amazon. Rather than having a specific theme, we usually try to get speakers on a range of topics so as to appeal to as many people as possible. We do not typically put all the speakers at a table in the front of the room after their presentations to answer questions collectively like CMAS and perhaps other clubs do. The reason I thought of you for a guest speaker is that most of our members would be considered beginners in the saltwater realm and you wrote my favorite introduction to the marine aquarium hobby. So far my wish list for next years' event includes Lee Finley on South American catfish, Neil Frank on aquatic plants and you on an introduction to marine aquaria. We'll see who we are able to get later but that should give you an idea of the panel of guests I'm thinking of. You're actually the first person I've contacted and I was doing so mostly to see whether you do aquarium club events. <Oh yes. Have been giving pitches (hobby, business, scientific about once a month for the last few decades...> We'll be finalizing dates and entering into a contract with a hotel for the 2003 events this winter and at that point the speaker search will start up in full. If it does not work out for us to have you speak at the 2003 Fall event, another idea is to have you speak for a monthly meeting (we meet on the second Monday of every month) or to schedule a special event if you are already in the area. I noticed that you are scheduled for the April CMAS event in Baltimore. We have a good relationship with a local fish store that would be happy to host us. So if you're in the Washington/Baltimore area and have an extra day or two to visit we could make something work. <This sounds very workable> Do you think you'd be interested in any of these events?  <At this point (and am very glad it is so far out), these dates are workable> If you would be able to speak at our Fall event is there a particular weekend that would be best for you?  <All months are open at this point. I don't have a "day job" (just work all the time!), so other than visiting, chatting I/we are dive/photo traveling most months for a time. If I have the dates set aside, I can/will build other trips around them> Since we haven't set a date yet we are somewhat flexible at this point. <Whatever time works out for your group, the other speakers should be fine. Bob Fenner> Thanks again, Andrew Blumhagen

Speaker for Club Workshop Dear Bob, My name is Andrew Blumhagen and I am currently Vice President of the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society. PVAS is located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Our members are primarily interested in the freshwater aspect of the hobby but there is a growing interest in marine aquaria in the club. I'm the "saltwater guy" so I hope to encourage that interest as best I can. I've bought The Conscientious Marine Aquarist twice now (the first copy met its unfortunate end in a basement flood) and have recommended it to many friends, fellow club members and clients (I work for an aquarium maintenance company). About three years ago I wrote a review for my club newsletter, the Delta Tale, which you can find on our web site at www.pvas.com under the "articles" link. <Well done. I also like your many catfish articles> As you might guess, I am writing you to inquire as to whether you might be willing to speak to our club. PVAS hosts a Fall workshop every year for which we invite speakers to give presentations to club members and other local aquarium enthusiasts. Our 2002 Workshop is scheduled but I am currently looking forward to October, 2003. We'd love to have you as a guest speaker. <Mmm, might I ask, what is the theme of the workshop? The other speakers? I do get out quite a bit, and have good friends (like Anthony Calfo of the "Coral Propagation" books) who are much more active on "these circuits"... Do respond per the above and more closely re the dates if you can (perhaps I can save you some freight costs and be out that way already (we live in San Diego, CA). Thank you, Bob Fenner> Thank you very much for your consideration; I look forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely, Andrew Blumhagen

Mazatlan Hello again. I write you to confirm the day and place of the departure and the day of return. <San Diego, California. In a day ahead of the talks, out a day later> Mr Calfo, I dont know if it is a problem to you but we had to modify your speech to 1 hour and the workshop to 1 hour, is that ok?, they will be continous or if you want mixed. Mr Fenner you will have two hours to use in your speech as you want. <Very well. Still need a laptop projector... will talk for about an hour and a half, leaving the last half hour for questions> Please confirm your dates please to make the arrangements of the travel tickets. <Be seeing you. Bob Fenner> Thank you. See you soon. Eliezer Zúñiga Villarreal

The Traveling Bob, Anthony and Steve show <<Wowzah, you go away for a bit, and it's really fun to come back! Bob>> Hi to you all, Just ordered the book.....can't wait. <thank you!... with hope that you truly enjoy it and find great merit in it.> I was reading the daily notes today and noticed that Anthony is on the trail......he was at the Brooklyn Aquarium (my favorite place as a kid) and I wish I had known sooner.....still have some family down there and maybe could have made it...... <Awww... too bad. But, consider a trip in the spring. Bob will be presenting to BAS/ Brooklyn at the New York Aquarium Education Hall and Steve and I are likely to show up too. A big book signing likely and lots of fun> Anyway to know for sure when any of you guys are around our neck of the woods? Maine? Vacationland!!! <I have never been to Maine but will look forward to it!> I might be missing where you list your comings and goings and if I am just point me in the right direction..... <thank you... I'll be posting Bob's dates when he gets back and Steve's too very soon. Besides the FAQ page, we keep an accurate list at ReadingTrees.com at http://www.readingtrees.com/meet_the_authors.htm > I usually look up stuff and just read the daily FAQs but it would be great to know when you are around the Maine or Boston area..... <actually... I will be in Boston soon quite likely. I had an e-mailed invitation and some members came down to Brooklyn to verify that I was both insane and entertaining. <G>> am I missing some calendar on the WWM? <nope... but perhaps we should put one up. In the meantime, please use that link above for "Meet the Authors" on Reading Trees with our thanks. Looking forward to seeing you :) > Thanks and have a nice day.....hard to sign off and not ask the million questions bubbling in my head about fish, corals, food (always the food thing) and of course water, lights, who's eating whom......I almost have to ask you things...but I'll let you off the hook today....all seems rather quiet in the kingdom.....Helene <Ha! An easy question... thanks my friend. Kindly, Anthony>

Brooklyn Aquarium Society Talk Bob, I just received my Brooklyn Aquarium Society schedule in the mail and was pleasantly surprised to see you listed as the speaker for the annual marine event/auction next spring. I suggested you to the club president and am glad you were able to work it into your schedule. I think you'll enjoy being there for that event...it's pretty amazing, really. I look forward to meeting you. <And I you> I hope you have a nice Labor Day weekend. John Wilson <Thank you my friend. Bob Fenner>

speaking engagement Robert Fenner, This is probably an email which represents the "same old same old" standing. I'm writing you on behalf of an aquarium society in Salt Lake City. We would love to have you visit our club. It may be too short of notice for this year, but November 7th and December 5th are possible meeting nights for us. We are always open for future meetings. Having you here is important, it doesn't have to be soon, we're just anxious. If you could email me with an idea of your speaking schedule, and if there is a time you feel you could visit us, that would be much appreciated. <Thank you for your kind offer. Do you have a particular topic, venue in mind? Will check with Di (wife) re dates... and introduce you to friend/associate Anthony Calfo... who is author of the book Coral Propagation, and an available traveler/speaker as well. Be chatting, Bob Fenner> Thanks, Adam Adam Blundell President Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society adamblundell@hotmail.com www.utahreefs.com

John Walch in AZ Hey Bob hope all is well...sounds like you are busy...that's good....the Denver Aq club has asked me to contact you to see if you are able to speak to them...it is hosted in a real nice store up there (Marine Showcase) and they are thinking about a weekend event with me and you both speaking ...might be a blast...lot of fun people there...anyway send me your phone # if it is Ok for me to call and I will....John C. Walch <It's 858-549-4948... and am on the phone with Anthony Calfo if you'd like him to chat as well. Bob Fenner>

Re: Conference Thanks Bob, for catching the mistake in Mike's name. It came just in time. I was about to submit ads for Aquarium Fish and FAMA. Whew! <Yikes! Glad to be of assistance... I know how touchy some folks can be re... what's in a name> Walt Smith isn't speaking at IMAC. You must be thinking about MACNA. <Mmm, I could swear he told me (yesterday) that he was speaking at both... that the reason he wasn't attending the Mexican Conf. in Mazatlan (that Anthony Calfo and I are giving pitches at) due to scheduling conflict. Will cc him here. Bob Fenner> Thanks. Dennis

Mexican Aquarist meeting  Eliezer "Zúñiga", for the purposes you have in mind will it work to give you links to the sections of our root web that I intend to use for my presentation on "Ornamental Fin-fish Culture" for the Mexican Aquarist get-together? This instead of the requested CD? My talk will be a compilation of the following three aspects: Selection (of species, individuals), Breeding of Ornamental Marines, and Hormonal Manipulation as An Aquaculturual Technique: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/MarLvSel.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/reproduc.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/hormmanfsh.htm Thank you,  Robert (Bob) Fenner

Re: Mexican Aquarist meeting ATTENTION: Eliezer Zúñiga  Greetings. I received your mails the problem was that I was not able to read the mail for a long time. About the question of the mailing address well we really want to receive the cd of the lectures of both. <On its way. Bob Fenner> Here is the address: Cerro de Jesus #121 Fraccionamiento Lomas de Mazatlan Mazatlán Sinaloa, México CP(ZIP) 82110 Tel/Fax 983-10-24 Regarding of presentations they will be of 2 hours for each of you, you are free to decide the way and time to speak, you can present your lecture in one and a half hour or one and one quarter of hour, and use the rest of the time for a session of Questions and answers. Mr Anthony, in one of the last mail you mention the desire to have a special session to physically show the propagation of corals, well that sounds good, if you can tell us the material that you need and the time you need to do that we will be pleased to do it. We also need to know the airport from where you can travel, and the day you can come to Mazatlan and the day you can leave Mazatlan. The meeting will be from 3 to 5 of October, you can arrive before and leave after the meeting if that's better for you. <For me/Para mi, San Diego's Lindbergh Field. Will send along the dates as soon as I can... Bob Fenner> Thank you. Eliezer Zuñiga Villarreal <Di, Pete... what time do you want to go, return/Mazatlan? Bob F. Anyone else interested in a long weekend here? Perhaps a slight delay of a day or two, local diving, touristing?>

Re: Fwd: Re: Mexican Aquarist meeting ATTENTION: Eliezer Zúñiga Hey, Bob... Yes. I am indeed planning to go if it really does materialize. <Okay> I haven't looked for a web site or mention of the conference but can dig a little. Had a few hardcore aquarists from Mexico recently but my book and register... I'll send a message out to them to see if we can get a pulse on this thing. <I'd like to hear re> I'm just going to send one of my basic PowerPoint spiels with the authors notes for them to peruse and possibly translate in advance. I really don't know how big of a deal it is to do so. If necessary lets get one of our fluent Spanish speaking friends to call the phone number provided (below). <Maybe I'll do the same> I'm looking forward to going... I think :p Time-wise it is tight for me for having accepted (and grateful to have been asked!!!) a lot of speaking spiels. Before our NMA RI prospects a loaded my calender heavy in the fall hoping to get a lot of buzz for my book this Christmas (remember I released my book last Nov/Dec and wasn't even on Amazon for Christmas). <Yes... good idea> This will be the first holiday season for me being on anybody's radar and so I felt the need to barnstorm. Now with NMA RI... it will be just perfect. I'm young, single and haven't burned out on the whole speaking shtick yet so we should get some good mileage out of me for our books this season :) <Agreed... and appreciated> Also... I spoke with Eric B and Mike Paletta personally this week and give them a good understanding of our (WWM/ Reading Trees) hopes and intent/possibilities for book publishing. Both seemed genuinely interested and both volunteered the possibilities of offering their texts (including reprints of current when contract is clear voided) before I could even suggest it. <Very exciting. Great fun to think we might be in the media end with our friends/associates... helping generate, disseminate books and more.> Who knows where this will all go for us... but it looks interesting. <Indeed> I had another meeting with the printer this week for RI to get updates and some paper samples. Waiting on a few more samples and prices. Will give you all an update with a clearer picture soon. <Okay> They are looking into a quote for us on the new Humann style "paperback" which is actually a soft vinyl cover with a stitched and glued fabric back. Kind of a hybrid hardback and true bind. Done in Singapore... looking here in the states. Do check out a copy if you don't have one (we saw them at Scripps, remember?) Ciao, bub <Do know this style... and like it a great deal. Bob F> --- Robert Fenner <fennerrobert@hotmail.com> wrote: > <Anthony... are you still planning on going? Have you seen a site, any notice that this gig really exists? Am short for time (and patience!) re putting tog. a talk, pres.... to send off, and have nothing materialize... > Bob F> <Anthony... are you still planning on going? Have you seen a site, any notice that this gig really exists? Am short for time (and patience!) re putting tog. a talk, pres.... to send off, and have nothing materialize... Bob F> > Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 17:10:23 -0700 (PDT) > From: Eliezer "Zúñiga" <toberi_maz@yahoo.com> > Subject: Re: Mexican Aquarist meeting ATTENTION: > Eliezer Zúñiga > To: Anthony Calfo <readingtrees@yahoo.com> > CC: Bob Fenner <bobfenner@wetwebmedia.com> > Greetings. > I received your mails the problem was that I was not > able to read the mail for a long time. > About the question of the mailing address well we > really want to receive the cd of the lectures of > both. > Here is the address: > Cerro de Jesus #121 > Fraccionamiento Lomas de Mazatlan > Mazatlán Sinaloa, México > CP(ZIP) 82110 > Tel/Fax 983-10-24 > Regarding of presentations they will be of 2 hours for each of you, you are free to decide the way and time > to speak, you can present your lecture in one and a half hour or one and one quarter of hour, and use the > rest of the time for a session of Questions and answers. > Mr Anthony, in one of the last mail you mention the desire to have a special session to physically show > the propagation of corals, well that sounds good, if you can tell us the material that you need and the time > you need to do that we will be pleased to do it. > We also need to know the airport from where you can travel, and the day you can come to Mazatlan and the > day you can leave Mazatlan. The meeting will be from 3 to 5 of October, you can arrive before and leave > after the meeting if that's better for you. > Thank you. > Eliezer Zuñiga Villarreal > --- Anthony Calfo <readingtrees@yahoo.com> wrote: > > Eliezer Zúñiga, > > Greetings my friend. > > Anthony Calfo and Bob Fenner here from America. We are following up to see if we can get a mailing > > address from you so that we may send CD versions > of > > our lecture presentations for you to > view/translate > > in > > advance of your National Aquarist Conference > > meeting. > > We would also like to know your preferences or > > guidelines for our presentations. How long would > you > > like us to speak for with a slide presentation and > > how > > long of a question and answer session afterwards > > would > > you like with the attendees? > > Please confirm that you have received this > > message > > at your earliest convenience. > > With kind regards, > > Anthony Calfo > > Book of Coral Propagation (author)

[SDMAS] (Tank Tour in Southern Cal.!) Hey Everyone Out There !!! This is the Official Notice for the Annual SDMAS Tank Tour !!!!! Sunday July 28th starting at 10:00 am in Ocean Beach at Paul's place. What we need is a running head count of how many people are going to make the tour so that our host will be able to prepare for the onslaught ....... Anyway please let me know if you plan on attending the tour. Send your replies to; mbulloc1@san.rr.com . Thank You !!!!!! Below are the directions to the tour; The first stop will be Paul Witt's place in Ocean Beach: Directions: All freeways except I-5 south. 8 west to sunset cliffs blvd. take sunset cliffs blvd. south to Niagara Ave. Make a Right on to Niagara Ave. On that first block, on the North side of the street, 2/3 of the way down is Niagara Arms Apts. 4878 Niagara Ave Unit #10. Second floor all the way in the back towards alley. From I-5 south exit Sea World Drive and head west (right at end of exit). Stay on sea world drive to Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Be in the right hand lane to veer right to Ocean Beach and Sunset cliffs Blvd. Part 2 to follow this ........ Maurice B.

Re: IMAC Hi Bob; I'm sorry to hear you are already booked, but thank you for the prompt reply. Please let me know if things change. <Will certainly do so... Mmm, am most all the time working on a project or two... mainly dive adventure related, but have many programs that I'd like to present to the public. Bob Fenner> Cheers, Dennis > Hi Bob; > A while back, you nominated yourself as a speaker for IMAC. I'd like to > officially invite you to participate as a speaker. The dates are May 2, 3 > and 4, 2003. > If you are available and willing, we can cover your airfare, hotel, > registration and give you a $100 speaker's fee. > We'd like your bio and abstract (if you already know what you will talk > about) for the website. > Let me know. Thanks, > <At this time I have a trip planned in and around this time frame. Thank you > for the invitation. Bob Fenner> > Dennis > Dennis Gallagher, Chairman > International Marine Aquarium Conference > www.theimac.org

Attending to the first Vietnam Conference on Trade, Investment and development cooperation Bob... how is it that we could help here? Sounds interesting I suppose. A fascinating place to visit perhaps. Indeed nowadays, rather than your past recollections my friend. <... all things are new to a person with an open mind and heart> What sort of pitch? Perhaps encouragement to develop/expand the trade in exporting aquatic animals from this region. Using your Philippine/Indo/Fiji/Tonga wisdom of business models for such endeavors? Throwing industry figures at them? Hmmm... sorry to sound naive. Just not sure what they want or what you/we can provide. <This is not naiveté.> I thought I recalled seeing scleractinians shipped out of Vietnam about a decade ago at dear prices. <It is the third most common (after FJ, Solomons) source of such anthozoans.> Interesting. Antoine <Are you interested enough? Bob F>

New trip date Bob, How about the last weekend of August? That's Labor Day Weekend. We could come down Friday night or early Saturday morning. I haven't said anything yet to the club, I wanted to okay it with you first. Let me know. Lavanda <Rats. Don't have anything scheduled right now, but we're trying to get out for an expensive trip to either Wakatobi in S.E Sulawesi or the Maldives (in conjunction with the biannual intl. HHH run in Goa, India)... Di says the mid-October on would work. Are there folks who want to schedule that far out? Let's make an itinerary (I generally take people to the Birch Aquarium at SIO, up to L.A. wholesalers of marine livestock... to manufacturers about... of our backgd. and interests. Bob Fenner>

Re: That Mexican Aquarist pitch Bobster... <Antoine> I just got a message from those neat folks indeed, yes! How very exciting and thanks to you my good friend for the referral. I'm scheduled for Saturday. <Guess I am as well> If this is the first of many times I'll say this... it has been a pleasure knowing you and Di as friends and as mentors in the industry. You have cool stories, much wisdom/patience and are inspiring/instrumental in helping the people around you to want to see more of the beauty that life has to offer. Thank you again! <You're... welcome. And thanked as well.> I did a cursory look on the Net to see just where the heck in Mexico this place is... looks like a beautiful city. http://www.maztravel.com/ <Yes... have been there. Long ago> Be seeing you there :) <Yes... looks like Di will be going... and, horsefeathers, let's call the WWM gang here and see if anyone else wants to go.> Hmmm... looks like there is water near there too. Ha! <Yes, am planning on diving, photographing while there. Bob F. Link to talk info. here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/rmfvistfaq2.htm Bob F> Anthony

Curriculum (Mexican Aquarist meeting) Dear Robert Fenner: We thank you for contacting us with Anthony Calfo, we already sent a mail to him. Your speech is programmed from 12:00 to 14:00 hrs at Friday 4th, you will have the power point projector ready. We are needing you curriculum we guess if you can sent it to us on the next mail, please. <The general topic is livestock production? May I see the entire speaker, topic list? Do you have a specific talk in mind? Bob Fenner> Thank you and we will be on contact. Eliezer Zuñiga Guajardo. Eliezer Zuñiga Villarreal.

Re: Mexican Aquarist meeting (answer) > <A few more questions por favor. Do you have a > website giving more > information? The web site isn't finish yet, we will sent you the link when done. What are the topics being discussed? Topics: -Sales politics & financial alternatives for aquarists. -Breeding Discus, Tetras & molly. -Care & illness of the turtle. -Invertebrates (Corals) culture. -Aquatic plant Culture -Fish nutrition & feeding. -Diagnosis & medical treatment of fish. -Water quality. -Marine ornamental fish culture (you) > The other speakers names? the other speakers are national except you and the one that will talk about corals. We can ask you a favor, maybe you know about someone that can help us with that speech about coral (propagation), we are still looking for one person to that speech. If you know someone may you contact us with him? we will offer to pay the travel, food and lodging expenses too. <Indeed I do. Mr. Anthony Calfo is a friend and associate of mine. He has recently published a book on this same title. Please see: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/bkcoralprop.htm for a review of this work by me. I will ask Anthony if he has time, interest in participating. And for him to contact you directly> > Do you have Power Point projection capability, > perhaps even video projection? We have all that you need, just let us know what will you need. <A Power Point projection capability> Thank you and we hope that you can help us with the speaker about corals. <Anthony? Bob Fenner> Eliezer Zuñiga Guajardo Eliezer Zuñiga Villarreal

Re: Mexican Aquarist meeting (answer) (Anthony pls review) Eliezer Zuñiga Villarreal, My good friend Bob Fenner has forwarded your e-mail to me regarding a Mexican Aquarist meeting and your possible desire for a speaker on coral propagation. If I can be of any service to you, it would be my pleasure to offer your group a presentation on this topic. I take great pleasure in traveling and meeting fellow students of aquarium science. As Bob has mentioned, I have written a book on the subject of coral propagation. In fact, several aquarists from Mexico have purchased copies of my book and shared delightful communications with me via e-mail. Please look over the information on my website about the book if you like at www.readingtrees.com Please advise me of the date and location of your meeting if you are interested. With kind regards, Anthony Rosario Calfo Reading Trees www.readingtrees.com <Well done. Bob F>

Mexican aquarist meeting Bob... Thanks for passing along the mention of me as a speaker for the Mexican aquarist meeting. <Ummm, they and you "asked for it"> Where do you suppose the meeting will be held? What kind of food do you think they will have too?<G> <http://www.wetwebmedia.com/rmfvistfaq2.htm Please see here, and Persian for sure> God works in mysterious ways indeed...Ha! <I won't go this far> Actually... do you know when it is? Antoine <Be chatting. Bob F>

Mexican Aquarist meeting (answer) Dear Robert Fenner: The meeting will be from 3 to 5 of October of this year. If you can assist us we will pay you all the transportation, lodging and feeding expenses. The language wont be a problem you can talk freely in English because we will have translators. <Bueno. Bastante facile> If this is all fine let us know. We hope that you can assist to our meeting. <A few more questions por favor. Do you have a website giving more information? What are the topics being discussed? The other speakers names? Do you have Power Point projection capability, perhaps even video projection?  Vos nemos, Roberto Fenner> Thank you. Eliezer Zuñiga Guajardo. Eliezer Zúñiga Villarreal.

Mexican Aquarist meeting Dear Bob Fenner: <Hola> Hello my name is Eliezer Zúñiga Villarreal, my father Eliezer Zuñiga Guajardo and I are Biologist, he is the owner of a fresh water ornamental fish farm here at Mazatlan, and I am setting a seahorse farm here also. <Congratulations. Make it known if I/we may be of service> We are organizing the 6th National Aquarist Meeting at Mazatlan Sinaloa México, we would be glad if you can assist us with a speech about Marine Ornamental Fish (breeding and/or keeping). We can pay the travel and lodging expenses. This meeting will be October 3th to 5th. The objective of the National Aquarist Meeting is to promote the development of this hobby and support producers and dealers. <Mmm, would I need to make the presentation in Espanol. No puedo hablar or comprender mucho.> We thank you for your time and we'll wait for your answer. Sincerely Eliezer Zuñiga Guajardo Eliezer Zuñiga Villarreal <Is this for the present year (2002) or next? Roberto Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

Brooklyn Speaker Program Bob, I have been notified that you will be the guest speaker at our May 9, 2003 event. Congratulations! I am in the process of "snail mailing" you a questionnaire of your preferences while you will be in the Big Apple. <Okay> I do not have a topic for your talk, please provide that to me also. <What sorts of topics do you folks have a desire to hear/see? I am an old timer who has or can generate a pitch on many areas of our involvement> Thank you and I hope to see you soon, Joe BAS Corresponding Secretary <Yes, looking fwd to it. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

Yo, Bob, Yo! Hi, Bob, <Hello Larry> Just wanted to send a personal "thank-you" and "job very well done" message. As a long time member of MARS (Sacto), one of the most rewarding aspects of my time spent in club activities has to be the opportunity to catch your act. And I do mean that in the most positive and deferential manner.  <Well put, and appreciated> A lot of newer members, I find, consider the EXPERTS to be rather unapproachable, and their writings too much "a-reading from the book of Sprung"ish. It is, oh, skillful, I think, the way you walk us along, laughing and screaming, sides splitting, outside the cave of dogma and towards the light of common sense and self awareness. Please do not interpret this as another IWAKI dispensing mass amounts of sunshine into your neither regions. It is just one fish head to another fish head saying well done, dude, next beer and shot is on me. I would have hung around and set the pump myself at the meeting, but I was rather rushed that night. Larz O Damn, I'm out'a rum again, is tequila OK? <Yes my friend. always. Bob Fenner>

WWM Crew Question for Bob & Co. How can your crew consist of two very questionable, land-locked, shady looking PMAS gang members? I want my money back. S! <Those are just their eeevil clones living in a rust belt town, while their alter-super-egos are diving all the while in the tropics. Join us> ps - Seriously though, thanks for the presentation at the PMAS meeting. Very informative. Wish I could've visited tanks with you guys, but someone has to pay the bills. <I understand. Perhaps next time... or the tropics... Bob Fenner>

PMAS Visit Bob, Just wanted to say thanks for an educational and entertaining evening at the last Pittsburgh Marine Aquarium Society meeting, June 29th. I thought your presentation on algae was extremely interesting, and I definitely learned a lot. Hope you come back to PMAS again soon. <Thank you my friend. In the not so immortal words of Ahnold Schwarz... "I'll be baahhhck". Bob Fenner> Thanks again, Todd Mankamyer

Re: Speaking at the Brooklyn Aquarium Society in 2003 Let's plan on the trip, spending a couple of days with the fish group( staying in a hotel, please), and a few days with my family. Ask them to have us fly into Newark- we can take mass transit into NYC, making it easier to move about. Diana <Done. John, will you archive this msg., arrange this? Bob Fenner>

Speaking at the Brooklyn Aquarium Society in 2003 Hello Bob, I'm John Todaro, president of the Brooklyn Aquarium Society. I'm now working on our calendar of event for the 2002 2003 season. We kick it off in September with a friend of yours, Anthony Calfo. In speaking to him, he thought you might be an excellent choice as a speaker for our marine/reef segment of the society. We alternate between fresh and marine events throughout the year and I was hoping that you might be available in May for our Annual Marine Event and Auction. It takes place on may 9th, a Friday. We start the Event at 7:30 PM at the New York Aquarium. <Sounds like a very nice venue> The Society will cover your travel expenses and either put you up in a hotel or in one of the members homes.  <An inexpensive hotel will be better... have asked the "boss", wife Diana (She wants to go... we'll pay her way... oh, and she is the importer/distributor of Knop Products in N. Am.> We will cover the cost of a hotel stay for up to three nights. <Two is enough... we should coordinate travel/time... may want to scoot (on our own dime) to NJ (Di's family lives there), come back on a later flight. Di will coordinate> Many of our speakers arrive on a Thursday and depart on Sunday. So they have some time to see the "sights" or visit fish rooms and stores, if they wish. We generally treat our guest speakers to dinner on Saturday evening. <I do appreciate the time to get about, take a few photographs... of hobbyists' set-ups and/or retail, public installations> By the way one of our members, John Wilson, called to say I should think about trying to get you as a speaker... The fact is since I've spoken to Anthony you have been on my choice list. Please let me know if you are available for May 9th, 2003. <Looking fwd. to it. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> Best Regards, John Todaro, President/Editor Brooklyn Aquarium Society

Re: Invention Bob, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to chat with me yesterday. I can't believe the things and people you have stored in your head :-). <Don't ask me about how to work on cars, or sports, or women... for sure!> I think your insight gave me some great ideas on how to do this without sticking my $10k out on the roulette table and I appreciate that. If you are ever in the Bay Area PLEASE look me up and I'll buy you that beer(s)!! Here's my contact info: <Great! A pleasure my friend. Your success is mine as well. Bob Fenner> Wesley Sonner (408) 379-4500 home wesley@sonner.com Thanks again and see you in the soup! <Indeed!> Wes

Re: A possible change in venue/program/CA article... No problem. Should have a PP projector available for both pitches. Steven Pro desperately trying to finish a profile on my 55 gallon reef tank and "Treatment Options for Marine Ich/Cryptocaryon" for CA. <Ah, great all the way around... and know how you feel re time commitments and dead (as in dead) lines. Bob F> > Jas, Steve, put a pitch tog. for the Sacto grp... "Algae Can Be Your Friend" > (no ralfing please). It's now a PP pres. so need proj. if you want this > spiel for PA, and can/will re-do for CA... and WWM for that matter... Bob F, > who will desperately try to fini up the RS biotope pieces as well

[SDMAS] New to List...will be in San Diego next month Hello Sheryl; Have you picked up any of the books that are out there on this hobby ??? If not check out our website we have a few recommendations there and also our schedule of events and club meetings dates, take a look at the site and come to the meetings, read ask questions find out if this is what you want to get into ( not for the faint of wallet ) and what ever you do don't cut corners, your critters well being is priority. Anything for your tank ; sand, rocks, plant material .... do not collect locally, you run the risk introducing contaminants into your tank: oil, red tide ....... !!!!! Very bad things for sure. Anyway here is the site address: http://sdmas.org/ Take Care; Maurice B. Sheryl we are have a fantastic and entertaining speaker this Tues. Mr. Bob Fenner doing a presentation on his recent trips to the Red Sea and Australia lots of images and information !!!!!!!

[SDMAS] Special Presentation for June 18th Attention SDMAS !!!!!!!!!!!! We are having a special presentation by Bob Fenner ( The Conscientious Marine Aquarist ) this Tuesday night ( like our regular meetings) June 18th at 7:30pm this will be a image presentation and discussion on his recent trips to the Red Sea and Australia so you need to attend !!!!!!!! We will still be having the Party/Social at Michael's place this Saturday the 22nd of June so that there is No confusion !!!!!!!!! We Will Be Having 2 (two) Functions: this Tues. AND Sat. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Tues. Meeting will be right off the 15 freeway and Mira Mesa Blvd going east to Scripps Ranch Blvd we have a hall reserved for this presentation the only stipulation is that you be at the location at 7:00pm so that we can let you in there is a Gate so be there on time and enjoy the presentation and as you know all of Bob's presentation will be lively !!!!!!!!!! Directions to follow, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHO WILL BE ATTENDING SO THAT WE CAN GAUGE WHAT TO BRING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS Maurice B.

[SDMAS] Events to Attend This is a heads up as to some notable people coming to speak to our fellow clubs to the North of us: SCMAS (Orange County) will be having Charles Delbeek this Sat. June 15th at 7:00pm doing a special presentation, the meeting will be held at their regular meeting place the IHOP restaurant, directions on their website it's in Santa Ana. June 21st will be Sanjay Joshi his presentation will cover lighting and bulb performance also there will be a rep from Hello Lights. July 13th will be Giselle Muller Parker and a Tank Tour !!!! Ms. Parker's presentation Coral Coloration & Zooxanthellae. She was a speaker at the last MACNA a very interesting discussion this one will be an update to the last time so there will be more info. LA (MASLAC) and SCMAS are having a joint Calcium Reactor workshop on July 20th details will be posted on their websites . Take Care Maurice B.

Pittsburgh Topics "Marine Aquarium Setup" is good for Elmer's and I think the Caulerpa pitch that you are giving to the Sacramento club should be fine. If you could, just send me actual, spiffy titles for both. <Yikes... how about just what you have above? Bob F> Thank you, Steven Pro

Re: Pittsburgh Topics What do I call the Caulerpa thing? You said something about alternatives. -Steven <Caulerpa and other algae; use in marine aquariums...?  Bob F>

In vino verita Bob, Di... I do hope we can visit together in the wine country. Hell... you can decide the night before as far as I'm concerned :) My plans are for a lazy weekend driving around through Napa and Sonoma.... you won't be crimping my schedule. And it would be no trouble to share our room if you feel comfortable... let me return a small favor for your kindness/friendship. I booked nice accommodations with a scenic view and two queen beds. Amy and I will share a bed anyway... I had to take the two beds to get a non-smoking room for those nights. It would be no imposition at all... assuming Bob doesn't eat a pound of garbanzo beans over dinner. <I'm stopping right now> And I just got the coolest postcard from the Red Sea today! My friends sent me this card with and Arabic stamp and were so thoughtful to write their message in Egyptian hieroglyphs (or was that just Bob's handwriting?). <It's a tribute from the "Friars of Flatulence" an ancient fraternal disorder> Also... got your book outline in the mail today. I'll burn a copy for Steve-O and get to brainstorming and agreeing/finishing a final outline to us all to work from ASAP. Steve an I were thinking after this outline and your wisdom/guidance... we will rough out most of the first draft and send to you for a hard edit/embellishment/expansion. Perhaps best to let us do/enjoy the bulk of the grunt work and then polish the piece together under you tutelage. <That's a right, big boy. A good plan> I didn't even open the files yet... but thinking on the topic of Title: I love your (literal? from e-mail) suggestion of "Reef Fishes for the Marine Aquarium". Not written specifically for reefkeepers but reflecting the modern marine aquarium (with live rock/sand and invertebrate possibilities). Or... were you thinking something different? <No, about the same... perhaps we are spending too much time together?> Be chatting soon. I've got some e-mail to ponder:) Thank you, my friends Antoine <Me too... as soon, make that if I can wake up. Bob F>

Bob Speaking in Pittsburgh <<Have you been to a PMASI meeting (marine club)? Bob is actually speaking here this month: Saturday, June 29, Palace Inn, 6:00pm, Neptune Room. >>> You're serious? will definitely have to try to get there (putting it on schedule now). any other info you can pass on about this would be great. <excellent! Do look up the club at www.pmas.org Also, you can reach Steve and I through the addys on the site or here at WWM> Being from here you then know Elmer's Aquarium?  <heehee... yep! Managed their marine department when I was in college before I built my greenhouse. And Steve Pro was their Aquarium Service manager until he went solo> that is where I bought my tank but am trying to get better prices on the extras on the web.  understood... it's always good to support the locals whenever possible. Do talk with Dave Grainy or Anne Patterson when you are there. Great folks, very experienced and honest. They are good friends to me and the industry at large> I will try to upgrade the lights ASAP can you suggest brands and types that would fit into the standard that you get with the tank don't know that I can convince hubby to buy a whole new lighting system up front also. lol <actually... have him build a canopy with two shop lights (4- 40 watt bulbs total. Then put in 4 chromolux type daylight tubes (5500-7500K) from the hardware store. A very inexpensive set-up. You can play with the bulb choices as your aesthetic prefs suit you... Gro-Lux type bulbs for fish color... actinic for live rock/invert color. Until the tank has coral... you don't need to buy aquarium designer brand bulbs. Hold out until the meeting and chat with some club members for advice on local outlets/choices for bulbs (compare opinions)> Thanks again for all your help Colleen <my pleasure as always! Anthony>

Pittsburgh Would you mind giving two talks? Elmer's would really like to have you do another pitch for beginner marine aquaria. I know those guys can pack a house, too. <S/b fine.> Steven Pro-dreaming of diving, Cozumel, and visiting fish places in earthquake country. <Me too, all except the being Steven Pro part! Bob F>

MACNA 14 Just a reminder for anyone thinking of going, the price for MACNA goes up on June 15th. It costs $100 now for the conference with banquet and will go up to $150. The webpage is here http://www.dfwmas.com/M14.html -Steven Pro

Just wanted to say thanx Bob, that was a fantastic show you put on last night. I can honestly say that of all the presentations I've seen, yours are the best. It makes me want to go diving! <Please do come with us> Anyway, just wanted to thank you and your wife for coming out last night. If you're ever in Phoenix and need something that we can help out with, please don't hesitate to ask. <Even Coors Light! A delight David. Hope to see you soon. Bob Fenner> David Villapudua DMS President

Pittsburgh Pitch I was going to start looking into flights for you to Pittsburgh. Your pitch is Saturday, June 29th and of course you are at the Palace again. When would you like to come out (Friday?) and return? <The thirtieth, unless I can be of assistance, help you with an install...> Also, keep your eye out for the Trachyphyllia article. I sent you a CD-ROM with the document and accompanying pictures. <Got it yesterday. Will be printing out, sending to Sue.S@FAMA today w/o fail. Bob Fenner> See you later, Steven Pro

RE: MARS Club (We would love to have you as a guest speaker)!! Good morning Bob, I sent a email to the board looking for topics. Forrest Hayward our historian has suggested "Now that Caulerpa is banned in California what other types of nitrate natural export means are available?" Have you any literature or information on this topic? <All sorts... Will take/make this opportunity to write up an article for publication, posting on WWM, and giving a/the presentation to the club. Be seeing you. Bob Fenner> Bells

A little later tomorrow Gang, Di and I are out to Phoenix about now till mid-aft. Fri. to the DMS to give a pitch. If Jas, Zo, Antoine, Esteban would like, do move on the answered queries from 4/25 tomorrow AM (be careful not to overwrite Zo's placement of pic o' the day), move older ones off to safesville or even place... and/or I'll catch up on return. Thank you,  Bob F

Thursday plan (Out at Phoenix for the Desert Marine Society) Hey Hey, All the arrangements are in line and we will be meeting Bob for dinner at===========>Mi Patio!!!!We have reservations for Steve and 14 others at 5 pm. at Mi Patio the address is 3347 n 7th Ave. S.E. corner of 7th Ave and Osborn for those of you coming from the 10 get off on 7th Ave and go north to Osborn. their number is 602)277-4831. Any questions call me (Steve) at 480) 695-3409. <Ah, great. See you about then. Bob Fenner>

MARS Club (We would love to have you as a guest speaker)!! Dear Bob, I am the VP for MARS here in Sacramento. We were wondering if you are available on June 21st to speak to the club. Thus far this year we have covered "live sand beds" advantages/disadvantages and "reef safe" fish. <Mmm, I do have a bunch of canned pitches that should interest the grp... that they haven't heard before...> Please let me know if you would be interested. We are currently canvassing the membership to see if they are interested in having a family and friends picnic out at Folsom Lake on Sunday June 23rd and are hoping you might be available to attend the picnic as well. We should know whether the picnic is a go by our May meeting. If you can squeeze us in; we would love to have you as a guest speaker. If you like you can reach me by phone at 916-439-5688. Thanks again!! Bells, Better known as fishgirl!! <Interesting... Used to be called the fish boy, then

Re: Phoenix, DMAS this Thursday Well, I am off to work I get home around 3 or 4pm hopefully we can work this all out then. P.S. we sold a couple of your books for ya this weekend. <Real good, will ask Di to haul some CMA's about. Anything else anyone wants from Knop Products, Di's Aquatics? http://www.disaquatics.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=DA&Product_Code=TCMAS Be seeing you, when, where? Bob Fenner>

Presentation at DMS on Thursday I'm sorry, I was under the impression that you would be driving here and, thus, we needed to get you a hotel for the night. <No worries... can't seem to remember trip to trip what the transport possibilities are. Will be driving (I guess about seven hours... each way) and likely staying overnight... Di has found a place for forty U.S....> Not sure that we could get the word out in time if we changed when the meeting started. Good news is that I should have an LCD projector that evening for you laptop presentation. <Ah, great. Do you have the "yellow cord" connector to go to the laptop? Have been searching about for mine... can't seem to locate. Bob F> Dave

me again OK, hope fully the last time I will bug ya until Thursday. I need to verify one last time How many people how many beds? <My wife and I... but she has already made a reservation for... I think 55 buckolas...> When you get in we will check you into the hotel then I will chauffeur you around as needed (as long as we all fit in the vehicle). <I appreciate this, believe me (did this for a few decades myself).> Then off for dinner , the meeting, and the pub if your interested then back to the hotel. <Looks like we may only get to the dinner ahead of the meeting on our own time-wise. The address of the restaurant, ETA, and the club meeting place address please> Should be at least a continental breakfast there for ya for Friday. I would let you stay at my house but three dogs and couch don't mix. OK here from ya tomorrow Steve <Oh, we have three dogs (and a cat), and more if/when you're ready to visit San Diego (the dogs stay outside, you can be inside). A phone number for you as well please. Bob Fenner>

Re: Dan's mysterious message (Sacto Mar. Club) Hi Bob, We at MARS hope you come and speak at our club meeting in June. Bells will be contacting you officially. My parents have sold their house so you can't stay with them. <Rats! Maybe the new owners would like to hear my pet-fish stories...> I have two spare bedrooms so when you come this time we will make sure you don't sleep on the couch!!!!. <Either way> I am sure someone in the club has dibs on you already but if they don't have a bed you can stay with me. Anyway hope you can make it. Dan and I are planning on coming to Dan Diego so we hope we can catch up with you then. Hope to see you soon. Karen <Great. Come on down. We have a spare room, and generally a spare car/truck. Chat with you soon. Bob Fenner>

Re: DMAS visit... this week! OK, first Bob we will pay you for the flight, is a check OK? I have Thursday off, just let me know when and where to pick you up. <Don't know that this will work... looks like last flt. out on SWA is at nine at night... What time could we actually start? Seems like all the other visits there I was jabbering till much later> Next Dave is working on an LCD projector but has a question about the software. <Just Microsoft's PowerPoint... from MS Office 2000...> I am sorry about getting this back to you this late but the treasurer (my wife) was in Mexico. <No worries. Let's figure this out. Bob F>

Re: Cool Corals Products: Reef Secure Testing Hello Mr. Fenner, It's Brad Kretzmeier with Cool Corals Products. I'm just checking in to see how things were going with our product, Reef Secure. I believe that Maurice Bullock was to test it. If you need any information, more product to test or have any questions just let me know. Thanks, Brad Kretzmeier Cool Corals Products 800 Main Street Lafayette, IN 47901 765-742-2936 P.S.- Have recently signed up on your chat board. Trying to check in and place some replies here and there if I can help. You have a very nice site. Thanks again, Brad <Thank you for the follow-up. Have been in Australia most of last month... and do need to check with Maurice, and get back with you. Will endeavor to do so ahead of the Interzoo and Sharm/Red Sea trip upcoming! Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

hot massage and cool curries Dear fish boy- I'm in Phuket looking for traditional Thai massage, cold beer and hot curry. Does your web site give referrals for such requests? Sincerely, Slick Willy. <Do wish it did... I would/will gladly help gather information, take photos... Bob Fenner/Dogfish>

Re: [SDMAS] April meeting minutes - The subject of the rapid growth of the SDMAS was breached and it is important to note that patience is needed as we experience growing pains. At last check there is no 'how to guide' on setting up an aquarium society.  <Actually, there is. Please do contact "The Federation of American Aquarium Societies": http://aaquaria.com/FAAS/ as they've developed a very good set of materials on just this subject. Additionally, there are many folks about here in Southern California who have been part of building such associations... they will come forward if the group would like... once your collective goals, objectives are determined. Bob Fenner>

Re: Hi from AZ HMMM. I will do my best but I have know Idea what power point is, will a TV work?? <Should if it's a monitor. Question for you. Rather than drive, would the club reimburse me for a ticket (a hundred buckolas), and pick me and Di up/drop us off after the talk? Seven hours to drive there and another seven back is too much. Bob Fenner>

in AZ? Hello Bob, <Hi there> Reading through the day's FAQ's I noticed that you will be in AZ soon. When/where/what kind of conference/meeting will be held that I can attend? <Certainly. Here: http://netpets.org/~dms/ in Phoenix on the 25th> I will be out of town so I can't stop by at any LFS until Friday to check out any of said flyers. I would love to meet you and the crew and express my deepest appreciation for the service you provide everyone in this hobby. Looking forward to sharing a success <knock on wood> story of a Redfin Butterfly- ~Robert~ <And maybe a brewski! Bob Fenner>

help? (SDC's new FAMA ad) Bob, How's it going there? All is pretty good here.....lot's of cool stuff as usual. We are doing a new advertisement for FAMA and would to know if you would give us a quote about Sea Dwelling Creatures that we could put in the ad? <Mmm, let's see. "From owners, staff who have "lived" the marine and reef aquarium hobbies; wide selection, great customer service, healthy common to rare livestock", Bob Fenner (WetWebMedia, if you'd like). Too long?> We would appreciate it. <Still need to get up there, take some pix, write up a nice story-length piece about you, Scotter and the new place. Soon!> Best regards, Eric and the crew. <Be seeing you, Bob Fenner>

RE: help? Thanks Bob, Should I print that one??? Here's what I make of your quote. ""From owners, staff who have "lived" the marine and reef aquarium hobbies; wide selection, great customer service, healthy common to rare livestock", Bob Fenner Would you put a title on your name? <<"Pet-fish type of guy"? Would like, consider best just our URL: "WetWebMedia.com"... as we tens of thousands of folks there every week: put in "stats2.datapipe.com" and our name: WetWebMedia.com and you will see... And this "popularity" will be associated with your good names>> Thanks a bunch and would love to get you down here.....a story would be awesome...maybe the best story you have ever written....the Jew boyz from the S.F Valley, take the Industry by Storm! <Now... let's not be pro or anti semantic! Yes, a terrible pun> Seeya soon. <Oh yes. Are you and Scotter coming to Izoo? Bob Fenner> Eric

RE: help? Too funny. I was just kidding about the Jew thing. So what' the official title behind your famous name? Author - Conscientious Marine Aquarium? <C.M.Aquarist> <Okay with me. Or even both if space permits. Bob F> I will go with whatever you want. Eric

Re: new fish Thanks for the reply Bob. When you gonna get back up here to do a talk for the MASLAC group. Bill Crockett <Most anytime I'm invited my friend. Bob Fenner>

Hi from AZ Bob, We are wondering what kind of arrangements we need to make for you when you come out this month. I.E. hotel, dinner, and all that, basically what do you need and how many are coming? <Mmm, good questions... Will cc the gang here... will likely drive in/out... maybe spend a night...> We have been doing a lot of advertising on this, so we should have an excellent turn out. There are flyers in a lot of the stores and pet shops that offer any kind of salt water stuff. I will even be dropping some off at dive shops this week.  <Ah, good> A little info on what you will be presenting won't hurt either.  <How about, "Pet-fishing in Fiji"? Rolled 'em in the aisles in Cleveland and Chicago... or many other topics are available> So far it's all going smoothly. Don't forget it will be on the 25th. If you wanna give me a ring my number is 480)481-9781. We haven't been able to reach Eric Amadio so if you have his number you might wanna give him a call as well. Thank You Steve <Thank you. Be chatting, Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

DMS again Hey Bob, Can I ask you one more thing? I need to fill in a 1/2 page on the front of our newsletter if ya got time can you give your self a plug?? <Mmm, perhaps the posted bio. on WWM: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/wwmcrew.htm Bob Fenner>

Re: DMS again Thank You Bob, that worked famously. Pet fishing is fine by the way. <Real good. See you soon. Bob F>

Strange question for you (actually not so strange at all) My son has sent you several E-mails, and you have been very kind and helpful. He has your books, and admires you very much. <A pleasure to serve and be well-considered> We are going to San Diego 26-31 March, <Yikes! Sorry to have missed him, you... have been in Australia 3/12 to yesterday on liveaboards diving.> and if possible I would like him to meet you. A little about him: He is 16, a high school sophomore, and an avid student and chemist. He just took organic chemistry at the local University and received an A. <Outstanding! A better grade than I ever received in O-chem, I assure you> He plans on going into oceanography, something in the area of chemistry research. Currently he is looking at Caltech, Harvard, and similar institutions, which should be no problem for him. Then graduate work towards a PhD at Scripps. That is one reason we are taking our spring break in San Diego ­ to visit Scripps. <Much to state here. I will gladly help your son in whatever ways I may> Would you have time to meet him for a few minutes, and perhaps discuss options in the field and universities. Caltech is a great school, but it is the best place for his career intentions? <Mmm, don't have great confidence in my opinion here. This is reputedly a great school for engineering... As you likely are aware S.I.O. has four "core" doctorate programs... in Marine: Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology... Is he more oriented toward application of technology?> Is UCSD better? What would you recommend? <UCSD if he is inclined toward "pure" science... though historically (as far as I'm aware) the few folks that do "make it into" S.I.O. can/do come from most everywhere academically... I am inclined to suggest UC locally for a few reasons however: For familiarization in how the University of California systems work... To gain first-hand knowledge of the campus, personnel at Scripps, friendships, allies at the various labs there...> Do not feel obliged to answer in E-mail or in person, but I am trying to get a better answer than I can give. I have a Physics and Environmental Science degrees, with a strong minor in analytical chemistry. I have been a vice president for an engineering firm (home-based in San Diego, no less). I now teach advanced math and science course at High School (time to give back what my teachers gave me!). <Ahh, I understand and appreciate this. Did "pay my debt to society" (in addition to ongoing property taxes, doing my bit occasionally in the classroom...) as a H.S. Chemistry, Physics, Biology teacher for four years> I tell you this just so you can see I am not qualified to give a recommendation in Kevin¹s area of interest. With his high regard for you, I was hoping to help him obtain some advice. <I understand> Another thing I would like to find is a 3-4 week summer research assistant (no pay, just the opportunity). He has probably been accepted to the Washington University (St. Louis) summer college program. However, I would prefer to spend the money to get him some experience working around people in his area of interest. And he would prefer that also. In Idaho, there is not much opportunity for ocean research! Just a thought for some possible suggestion. <Mmmm, international might be good here... But the Rosentiel School in Florida, Woods Hole (Mass.), or Southern California someplace would be better... even working with a manufacturer in the field of marine sciences if he is more technically inclined> Again, I am only asking if it is possible for us to meet with you and discuss your thoughts. PLEASE feel free to say no ­ I suspect you are quite busy. Kevin does not know I am writing this. <No problems> Now, I have an aquarium question. How does green filamentous algae spread? Spores? Parts of plants? <Both these... even via the air, no joking.> We had an outgrowth (though nitrates, phosphates, and silicates are all barely detectable), but we have it just about licked ­ it is no spreading. However there are pockets in the live rock that have long strands growing that we have had difficulty removing. We kept the water quality high, and ³brushed² the existing algae, using a hang-on-tank filter to filter the remnants as we brushed. Now, I would like to just go in and trim the longer stuff we could not remove with the brushing, using surgical scissors. Should I continue to such and have it slowly die out or will the cut remnants find new places to grow? <Best to formulate a long-term management approach here. Limiting nutrient availability, utilizing purposeful algae eating organisms, co-opting the pest forms with allelopathogenic activity from desirable photosynthetic life forms... Many ideas here on parts of WetWebMedia.com> Please forgive the long E-mail. If you let me know if it is possible to meet with you, I would certainly appreciate it. If we can, what dates and times would be convenient? <Anytime I am actually in town, or maybe out your way giving "pitches" (talk about once a month to hobby, business groups)> If not, I still want to thank you again for you responses to Kevin E-mails. You have a fan in an up-and-coming professional in your field, and I am glad you were there to help. <Thank you> Very Respectfully, Stephen Cossel <Please do share my thoughts with your son, his mother. Sorry again for missing you and my "terrible" backlog of saved e-mails to respond to. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Ultra Swamped Hey Bob !!!!! How are you doing ?????  <Fine my friend> what's your agenda like for the rest of the month, me let's see we've had 1 family member and 2 family ( extended ) friends pass away. My 50gal. water heater burst putting about 40+ gals. in the guest bedroom, formal dining room, coat closet and close to my tank stand so now I have 5 blowers running in my house downstairs all while we were get the family room and our bedroom ready for painting. <Yikes... am busy with Di, Pete, sis Donna, cleaning, fixing up a rental> Anyway would you happen to have a couple of images of Banggai Cardinals or know of a good artist to draw an image, for club t- shirts and club member cards if you have solo shots( just 1 cardinal ) Send a few my way please !!!!!! Also we need to catch up anyway on fishbiz <Have a few. Do you like any that are on WWM?> !!!!!!! Take Care and tell Di and Peter we said HELLO and hope all is well with you and them !!!!!!!! Maurice B. p.s. Thanx for the compliment on the website !!!! <Will do so. Off to Austr. on 3/12... Be chatting. Bob F>

turf algae - aquascaping Mr. Fenner just completed the "Conscientious Marine Aquarist". Excellent read. <Ah, glad you found it of use, interest> I am attempting a concept tank (first marine) using macro algaes as a sort of cross over from my main hobby - fw aquatic plants. (www.aquaticlounge.aquariumplants.cx) (to remind or catch you up:) <Ah, yes. Have split up the Links Pages on WWM, need to make the one on Planted Systems "real"...> I have a 3.5 gal eclipse - no added filtration or lighting (no plan to add). fert Kent's essential elements once wkly, feed DTs twice weekly and feed sole inhab (V.puellaris) goby every 2nd or 3rd day with variety. Question: I would like to use turf algae (which I have) as a sort of substrate covering - sim to amano style planted tanks using riccia. I have searched your site and reefcentral concerning both turf algae and nylon and most comments ref to turf algae as nuisances. I want it, so most don't apply. <I understand, and agree> I was wondering if I could wrap small rocks in turf algae using nylon mesh (will this be safe for fish?- <Yes> I've had probs before) or should I use a plastic mesh instead. Or, on other hand would fishing line tightly secured be best choice. <Either one will work, be fine... the algae will grow on to the hard substrate in a matter of days to weeks> I plan to wrap 2 or 3 rocks and place in a stair step design and add cup Caulerpa to display. Ideas, comments, warnings? Thanks again, Joe Anderson Oklahoma City, <Sounds like a worthy project... and a challenge in such a small volume> BTW, I would also like to know what it would take (cost, details, scheduling) to get you to OK sometime next year. There are three clubs in the OKC/Tulsa area that would be interested in pooling resources. My club is fairly new, so we've never brought anybody in. Curious as to the process, costs. Do you usually suggest that we get sponsorship? Any preferences/etc.? <Good questions. No cost to me specifically (i.e. I don't require, request stipends), inexpensive flights, some place to stay (spare rooms are fine). If people in the clubs have time to show me about (stores, their tanks) I am much-interested in chatting with them, making photographs. Time frame is mainly dependent on if I have a trip scheduled out elsewhere (don't have a "day job"). Bob Fenner>

club presentations? Mr. Fenner. I've ordered your book, "The Conscientious Marine..." I should receive it any day now. :-D Wanted to know, are you affiliated with any aquarium association presently? <Mmm, yes. Several. Am still involved with the local marine clubs (Southern California), a few more distal, the San Diego Tropical Fish Society (was even prez. for a few years), international Koi and other groups... Some hobbyist, business, others scientific associations.> And, do you have any presentations or slides/videos from previously given presentations that would be of interest to a general hobby group? <Many... give pitches about every month... the last twenty five years or so... Guess I'll keep going...> I am the president and programs chair for the Oklahoma City Aquarium Assoc. We are a fairly new organize and I have been considering diff ideas for speakers for next year some time. If you are at all interested and/or have any presentations avail. please let me know. I believe that with your well rounded expertise you may be an all around crowd pleaser. <Do have some PowerPoint pitches... could send, or stop by. Bob Fenner> TIA Joe Anderson okcaa.aquariumsociety.com

RE: Visiting Marine Club in Phoenix, dead anemone Hi Bob, You mentioned that you would be in Arizona to the Desert Marine Aquarium Society in a few months. Since I'm not currently a member, I was interested in what you would be speaking on, and when you will be there. <Think it's April 25th... likely Fiji or Australia pet-fishing... Do you have a topic in mind?> Also, I'm having problems accessing the web today, so I am surely asking a question that is on your faq's. I apologize. My quadricolor anemone is apparently dying, and I don't know how to identify if it's dead, or just extremely sickly - a question I alluded to in my past e-mail. right now, it's still on the rock, but just by a small edge, and almost all of the tentacles have fallen off. The body is very dark brown in color, but the few tentacles left are light yellowish. I moved it into a less strong current, afraid that it would lose grip on the rock, other than my water changes, what else can I do? <Not much at this point. I would siphon the remainder out of the system. Bob Fenner> Thanks much for your time, Daron

Marine fish videos <Darren...greetings. Anthony Calfo here while Bob recovers from a minor accident involving an electric nasal hair trimmer and a bath tub> Are there any good video, DVD's on marine fish either in the reef or aquarium? <too many interesting ones to mention, even more boring ones. Check the library. membership of a local aquarium society for convenient and inexpensive/free rentals> Too claustrophobic to actually dive myself, but enjoy the marine fish as a hobby. <snorkel, my friend> Also do you have to be a member of an aquarium society to go to the MACNA conference? <not at all...although the benefits of local and regional clubs are well worth it!!!> Since its here in Dallas this year, It would be interesting to go. Thanks Darren <Alas, my friend...you have missed out on a great opportunity. After many years of excellent service, MACNA in Dallas was canceled this year. But do keep your ears open for other regional events. If you are adventurous and want to burn some frequent flyer miles (or discount fares)... consider the Midwest Marine Conference March 23rd in Ann Arbor Michigan near the infamous Tropicorium coral greenhouses of Dick Perrin. I will be giving a presentation on Coral Farming, Eric Borneman will give a great talk (on Indonesian reefs, I believe), Joe Lichtenbert (marine fish breeding, I wonder?) and Larry Jackson (ever humorous and informative). Check out the host club's site at www.masm.org Anthony Calfo>

Thanks for visiting my tank in Jackson MI Bob it was such an energizing experience having you as a guest at my aquarium when you gave that talk in Michigan recently. You are welcome anytime, next time I will arrange wine and cheese for the next talk!! I'm paying attention to your suggestions. Daniel Freeman MD <A tremendous pleasure my friend. Have added you to my daily email pix addressees. Please make it known if this becomes burdensome. Some pix of your system coming up. Bob Fenner>

Bob at MASM Bob, I wanted to write and thank you for coming to our meeting. <Very enjoyable for me> Your presentation was far beyond my expectations. It is great to see someone who enjoys their work as much as you obviously do. My name is Mathew Sica. I am the young guy who owned his own business in cellular accessories distribution. <Yes, I recall>  I Also enjoyed sharing some liquid sandwiches (Guinness) with you as well! There is a picture of my tank attached for you to check out, with a website coming soon! Keep up the great work. <Will do so. Does look like you have a very healthy system. Nice shot with the Leather Corals open and your Coral Beauty out and about. Bob Fenner> Thanks! Mathew Sica 

Clown/Rainbow Mantis and Partying Hi Bob, <Alex from MASM (www.masm.org)... Anthony Calfo here in Bob's stead. I'll have the pleasure of speaking to your club with Eric B, et al at the Midwest Marine Conference in March (23rd)... perhaps I'll see you there?> I was telling you how I like mantis shrimp and here is a photo of my big Clown Mantis. <I'll be sure Bob sees this beauty... gorgeous> I will start to post more on the boards once I get some more free time.  College is tough. <looking forward to it... and easy on the partying! Even the best memories of college festivities won't console you if you leave uneducated and unemployed...hehe. Best regards to you. Anthony> Talk to you later Bob, Alex Gawura

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