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 Robert Fenner Writing Projects Input, Log




BobF looking for book layout, editing help 10/7/2009
Am about half done penning a new title:
Pico, Nano, Mini-Reefs; Small Marine Aquariums: Design, Set-Up, Stocking & Maintenance
Subtitle: Successfully Keeping Under 40 Gallon Saltwater Systems
Have most all the graphics... Am looking for someone who has recent experience with book layout, editing... on computer skills. Last time I did this was PageMaker 6.5 back in...
A paying gig...

Re: Permission to translate some articles into the Dutch language-- 2/24/09 Hi Robert, <Serge> I asked this to the other persons and It's good to pay you for the articles. Can you send us a bill for this or how do you arrange this? <You can pay via PayPal to my fennerrobert@hotmail.com acct./email address> Met vriendelijke groeten Serge www.belgianseawater.be www.dreamreef.be +32/474 08 47 11 <What articles are you interested in? I will send the larger graphics on your payment. Bob Fenner>

Do you grant me an interview?-Especies magazine, from Spain  9/17/08 Mr. Fenner My name is Carolina Rodriguez, I am a vet and I work as an editor for Especies magazine. Especies is a Spanish publication focused on pet market and aquariology and we distribute 6.700 issues free of charge every month all over Spain. We are the only magazine in this country aimed specifically at pet shop retailers. You can download our last issue here: http://www.especies.asisvet.com/bibliografias/118.pdf November issue´s main topic is :'how to start selling fishes and aquarium equipment and accessories'. I would be very grateful if you could grant me a brief interview by e-mail (4-5 questions) as I believe you can provide our readers with some useful tips about this topic. I will send you the magazine and a pdf copy for your personal records. If you need more info do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks in advance. Best regards Carolina Rodríguez PS- Great photos (on your web)! <Thank you Caroline. I will gladly help by answering your questions. Please do send them on. Bob/Roberto Fenner>

Deposits Magazine   3/19/07 Dear Bob During the last 18 months we have been producing the Deposits Magazine, we are based in the UK, but the magazine is already being sent to Australia. New Zealand, Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. This is mainly a Rock & Fossil publication, and we would now like to ask if you could kindly donate an article for the magazine. We would love you to do this., and believe it would be most beneficial. Naturally your own links would be added. <I know exceedingly little re fossil fishes (or any group)... You might try Hans Baensch here... Bob Fenner> You may view the overview of this magazine at www.depositsmag.com < http://www.depositsmag.com/> Kind Regards Roy Bullard Deposits Magazine UKGE Limited -  < http://www.ukge.co.uk/> www.ukge.co.uk UK Fossils Network -  < http://www.ukfossils.co.uk/> www.ukfossils.co.uk Deposits Magazine -  < http://www.depositsmag.com/> www.depositsmag.com Editing offer 2/18/07 "bretz1" <bretz1@insightbb.com> Date:  Sat, 17 Feb 2007 14:57:39 -0500 Mr. Fenner: I am writing to see if you need any additional editing help at WetWebMedia. I've been working independently as an editor for Reef Central's Reefkeeping.com for almost two years, and I'm trying to find some additional work. I've worked with Eric Borneman, Anthony Calfo & Ron Shimek, & I'm certain that any of them will vouch for my abilities (I worked with Anthony on his poster series). I am also willing to do a "sample edit," to show you the kind of work I do. Please let me know if you have any needs in this area. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Brian Retz (317) 578-0512 <Will gladly keep you in mind Brian... as of now, we don't have need (well... actually money or work) for editing. Bob Fenner> Magazine Articles   7/26/06 Hey Bob,    <Keiran>   Happy to report that everything is going well with the magazine am just waiting on the finances to come through from the bank. As regards to the article and the costs; we have budgeted in more for articles so I can now offer $400 for an average 3-4 page article. I agree with you now that the price of $220 was too low.    <Good>   Have you any particular subject that you would prefer to write about? It would be great if you could do an ongoing article every issue    <Mmm, I have sent you a bunch of pieces via the Post... a few weeks back... You should receive them soon>   Has anyone else shown any interest in writing for the magazine do you know, as I have not had any responses or enquires sent to my email address. I cant wait to get this project started; hopefully we will be able to crack the American market? : )    <Mmm, don't know re your emails... or others offer to produce/sell content. Once the magazine is out and it is clear that you exist, what your "look" is, content will be submitted, am sure. Cheers, Bob Fenner on holiday in Hawai'i>   Thanks for your time   Keiran

Magazine Articles  1/5/07 Hi Bob, <Keiran> I hope you are well; I am really sorry about the miscommunication on my part; I have been having real problems with this email address, emails will open but will not display replies correctly; fortunately it looks like I've sorted the problem out. <No worries my friend... You can reach me here or my personal email addr.: fennerrobert@hotmail.com> I have received your article; thank you and will make payment now, just to check you did receive the payment for the first article? <Yes, thank you> I sent it through pay pal a while back to the email address- fennerrobert@hotmail.com If that is the right email, just let me know and I will send through the payment for article 2. <Real good> I was also wondering if you had received Issue 1 yet? <Yes... Ultramarine... Had written to you re... am sure you get a good deal of email as well... A very nice inaugural issue (how might folks subscribe to this in the colony (U.S.)?> Best Regards Keiran <Be chatting. Bob Fenner> Nothing to do with aquariums question... Hi Mr. Fenner, I am just beginning to venture into the world of the marine aquarist and your name seems to be ubiquitous with the hobby. You have been very helpful in my initial learning process and I appreciate the insight you dispense so freely. <Ahh, glad to be considered such> My question, which I am sure will be the first of many, comes from a hint of familiarity I found with your name. It wasn't until I found out that you were in San Diego that I thought there might be a connection. By any chance did you ever frequent a restaurant in the San Diego State area called Sicilia Restaurant? My family owned that place and I distinctly remember a Robert (Bob) Fenner that was common fixture. <Yes... a very fine establishment... and by coincidence my wife's family are from near Palermo... last name Lagattuta> I am writing more so out of curiosity... if I am mistaken, then I apologize for the confusion. Keep up the excellent work. Warmest Regards, Sal Balsamo <Thank you my friend... and btw, my brother in-law's name is also Sal(vatore). Bob Fenner>

Liquid Life Request Permission Bob, <Howdy Ed> Long time no see.  I am going to be in a tradeshow next week in Anaheim. WWPSA Superzoo.  I wanted to see how to get permission to use some of your images. <Ah, will miss you and the show this year. We're out tomorrow to Mabul/Malaysia> I want to create a banner approx 30 wide by 90 high, with different scenes. I like the image #4231 which is Koi side by side. <Will ask Jason.C to help you> Will my good humor allow its use in a banner?  Or, do I need to let the dead presidents do the talking?  Need I provide sacrificial liquid libation at the next run by? <Mmm, does your co. have moolah for such a project? If so, the going rate is two hundred dollah, no hollah> Can you please give me a call? Regards, <Fresh out of time unfortunately. Can do so in a couple of weeks... Bob Fenner> Edward Ramirez office 909-280-9145 cell   714-394-3917

RE: MACNA XV, Aquarium Journals pc. Hi Mr. Fenner, Thanks so much for your help. I'll wait to hear from Leng Sy. One more thing (hope I'm not pushing my luck!)... would you consider writing a short testimonial about the Aquarium Journal that I could use on my homepage as an attention grabber?  I think it would make a great impact on those new aquarists who are familiar with your books (and who isn't?). Let me know when you can, again thanks for all your help. Sincerely, Lisa Harwood Aquarium Journals.com lisajean1969@msn.com <Have heard back from Leng, and he stated he didn't think he had room to share in his booth. Do keep an eye on who is listed on the MACNA site re exhibiting, and if you'd like my input/help in contacting any of them, make this known. Will try to fit in a paragraph or two re your product and get this to you. If you don't hear from me in a few days, please send a reminder. Bob Fenner>

Re: The overview section on ornamental marine fish aquaculture Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 17:01:11 +0200 Dear Bob, how are you doing?  <Fine my friend> The book makes good progress. In the meantime I have obtained most of the chapters. Can you please let me know, when I can get your images? Please send the images to my new address (if you have already send the pictures to my old address, no problem. German post will automatically deliver the post to my new address): Dieter Brockmann Gartenweg 3 89079 Ulm Germany Phone: +49-731-9408990 or + 49-1714273199 Fax: +49-731-9408992 Email: dieter.brockmann@medizin.uni-ulm.de Best wishes, Dieter <Will ask Jason for his help in (re)scanning those pix. Bob Fenner>

F & S ads, Revised Banner Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 07:47:15 -0500 Bob, Thank you so much for offering to prepare some articles for us. I will forward over some more ideas for articles in the near future. As far as advertising on WetWebMedia, our advertising budget is set for the year, but I will look at the other opportunities towards the end of the year so that we may plan for them in 2004. The person responsible for all of our hard goods is Eric Reinhard, he is the Merchandiser for all hard goods. His email address is ereinhard@drsfostersmith.com. Please shoot him am email regarding some new books. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kevin Kohen Director of Live Aquaria 1-715-369-3305 ext. 400 www.liveaquaria.com www.drsfostersmith.com <Thank you for your input here Kevin. Bob Fenner>

Looking for Articles for Reef Aquarium Guide Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 21:23:07 -0600 Hiya, <Howdy> This is John (Scrooge) from www.reefaquariumguide.com I know you are busy so I will get straight to the point in this first paragraph, and ramble on at length below. I would like to discuss an arrangement with you to write some articles for the website. This could be a good opportunity for you so I hope you will continue reading :) <Okay> First, some credibility. RAG is currently a very busy website. We are approaching 6000 members, almost all of whom have joined in the last 16 months, which means most are still active, not people who joined years ago and moved on. The site is growing larger at a very fast rate. From looking around I would say we are the second or third busiest forum based reefing site around. All of this simply means that you will be associated with a respectable website, and that there is a lot of exposure to be gained. <... not looking for this> I have an idea that I think is a little different than some of the things other sites are doing, and I am looking for some "experts" to help me out. I would like to add a premium section to the website. For a fairly low fee members would gain a subscription, giving them access to this section. This premium section would be setup a little differently than others. Here is the plan: <Good idea> 1. All content, forums, news, photos, etc. that is currently on the site remains free. This will ensure that I don't have a mass exodus by all of a sudden charging for something that was free at one time, and can still be found for free elsewhere. <Good plan> 2. Each weekday a new "premium article" is posted. The first paragraph of this article will appear on the homepage as a teaser. Only those who are premium members will have access to the full article. <... you'll likely need more than this to make the site fee-based> 3. The article authors are paid based on the premium membership. Nothing is in stone yet, so don't hold me to any numbers just yet, but I am thinking that 50% of all collections will go to authors. At the end of each month, I would divide the 50% cut among the active expert authors. The most basic way to do this would simply be based on the number of articles written during that month. For example, if I reach the goal of five experts contributing one article per week, and you participated at that rate, you would receive 10% of the subscription fees for that month. <I suggest that you pay the content providers a flat fee... easier for all, and you get to keep the rest of the money> 4. Article length, content, etc are completely up to the author. Since your payment is based on the performance of the site you will have a built in motivator to write something that will be interesting enough to encourage new subscribers and retain the old ones. Since new articles are added five times a week, most of them will probably not be extremely long. One or two pages would probably be enough in most cases. <Interesting possibility> This format has some great possibilities. With the built in userbase I already have, some respected experts could make this idea a nice success. A brand new article every day, even if it is fairly short, should encourage many repeat visitors! <And video, images, calendars...> Please contact me to discuss this in more detail, offer suggestions, ask questions, etc. All I am asking from you at this point would be one or more articles to get things started. A commitment for more would be nice, but if you aren't prepared to do that we can still work something out short term. What do you have to lose?  <My time, opportunity to produce, sell my work elsewhere...> Writing an article or two could earn you a few bucks and some exposure, or it could develop into a long-term, and lucrative, relationship! Sincerely, John (Scrooge) Miser www.reefaquariumguide.com P.S. I respectfully ask that you not share the above idea with anyone. I realize you may be working with a competitor at the moment, or even just be friends with people at other sites, but I hope you would honor this wish. I don't know if I would have any legal recourse if someone else came out with this idea first, but if you blab my idea I would probably consider peeing in your tank :) <No tinkling please... Am likely close to if not the biggest (not girth!) content provider in the field (articles, books, web-presence), and have no time to engage in other ventures at this time. We're coming out with our own on-line zine (Conscientious Aquarist, associated with our root web, WetWebMedia.com), and write columns for a few hobby mag.s (some domestic)... but thank you for thinking of me. Bob Fenner>

Book project Dear Bob, I am referring to your mail to Mitch Gibbs, which was forwarded to me from Svein Fosså who is in Santiago at the moment attending the CITES conference there.. <I see> I am attaching the PDF and WORD -file on the project FYI. The project focuses on presenting the aquarium (fresh as well as salt water tanks) as a piece of an interior of a room (office, living room, public room etc.) We are VERY interested in seeing photos on set-ups that you might have. Could you please mail them directly to: Alf J. Nilsen, Kirkehamn. N-4432 Hidrasund, NORWAY <Will try to get to ASAP... our businesses fabricated and installed hundreds of such systems over twenty three years> .... and please not through BSV, who is not involved with this project? Low res scans would be best I think.... <I understand> Do you have information on the set-ups and are the tanks still "alive"? <Will have to check with the folks who assumed the company back in 1991. They are still in business> Please see page 5 of the information file, which is a form supposed to be filled in and returned in order to get an overview of the individual set-up. <Okay> As you will notice from the info, those set-ups selected for the final presentation will be visited by professional photographers for taking the final photos... <Wow! Some expense> We look forward to hearing from you in this matter, all the best from Norway Alf J. <Thank you Alf. Be chatting. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia> Alf Jacob Nilsen NO-4432 Hidrasund Norway phone: 004738372256 fax: 004738372351 e-mail: ajnilsen@online.no Private Web Site: http://www.home.no/ajnilsen/ Book Web Site: http://www.mcra.com Photoagency: http://www.aquariumworld.com/bioquaticshop

David Bell, those Best Of livestock series of articles. Bob, Is there any chance we can continue on with "Best Livestock...."?  Is that still in your plan? <Yes, would very much like this... am quite busy for the next few months though> BTW...the planted tank is really turning the corner. A steady dose of fertilizer, iron and trace elements have probably been the greatest boost along with adding a PC unit. <Great to hear of the progress. Bob F> David Bell

Book project (aquariums) Bob, How's it hanging buddy? I don't if you are aware of this book project Alf Nilsen and Svein Fossa are working on. Anyway have a look and if you know of anyone who has aquariums that might fit it, contact AJ. I know Jeff Turner has submitted some photos and Living Color will most certainly make the book. I also contacted Aquarium Environments for them. I hope to get one of my tanks in the book, but we are poor around here compared to some of the South Florida and Texas stuff I have seen. <Thanks Mitch... had not seen this... do have many, but very dated professional portfolio images from the decades we did fabrication and install of systems (70's to about 1991) and many more 35 mm transparencies of "just so-so" quality. Alf and Sven are welcome to any/all of my content. If they'd like (will cc here) I can send along scans or deliver same through BS in Germany. Bob Fenner, just back from USVI> Cheers, Mitch Subject: RE: Book project Dear Mitch, Many thanks for your interest in the project! There was an attached PDF-file to the mail. Did you get this?? This file outlines the project and describes what you have to do. I am attaching it again as well as a WORD-version of the same file. In principle the book will present aquariums as part of the interior architecture of a home/office etc. The project focuses on the aquarium as a beautiful piece of the interior and NOT on the aquarium and its beauty only. There is a form to be returned with every tank submitted. We must also have photos of each aquarium and its place in the interior. Professional photographers will take the final shots of those tanks that are finally selected on a later stage. Please get back to me when you have studied the attached file. Cheers, Alf J Subject: RE: Book project Dear Alf Jacob, Svein, I would love to work with you in any way I can. I feel certain most people who have beautiful tanks would love to have them in your book. If it is ok to announce that the pictures for the book are being sought, I definitely feel like I can be of assistance. Being a member of the marine dealers association it is easy to contact many people these days. I think I was able to get the information from the file, but it had message that said a font contains a bad cmap/encoding. Please let me know what I can do to help. Warm regards, Mitch PS We have true perk larvae in a rearing tank. As you know, a huge number of new books on aquarium keeping are published every year; colourful, beautiful and wonderful. Personally, we have, however, always missed a book that focuses on one of the main reasons that people are attracted to aquariums in the first place: the magnificent effect of a beautiful aquarium as an interior design element in homes and offices. We are now in the process of making such a book, and in this context we turn to you, since we know that you have connections to people who possess exactly the kind of magnificent aquariums in beautiful interiors that we are looking for. The book will contain both freshwater and marine aquaria. The main issue is that the aquarium functions as a showpiece in its surroundings. Please have a look at the attached PDF-file with description of the project and your potential role in it. It is our hope that this book will help boosting the general interest in fashionable aquarium keeping, but also that it may benefit your business by presenting aquariums that you are involved with. Please contact us at your earliest possibility with feedback, and don't hesitate to ask us for further information if needed. Best wishes, Alf J. Nilsen & Svein A. Fosså Alf Jacob Nilsen

MASNA forth quarter newsletter Hi Bob. My name is Sandy Shoup and I am the editor this year for the MASNA newsletter. Nancy said I should contact you regarding the second part of an article that you wrote for the last newsletter. Since I'm new at this newsletter thing and will probably need a little extra time to get it done, I'm planning to get started in earnest next week. I would appreciate it if you could email your article to me at sandy@XXXX as soon as it is available. Thanks so much. <Welcome to the writing Biz Sandy... don't recall which article Nanner was running... but you likely do... and the sequential portions can probably be found on, lifted from our root web: WetWebMedia.com Make it known if you can't find what you're looking for. Bob Fenner> Best regards, Sandy

pet product news interview? Dear Bob, I'm a freelance writer for Pet Product News, a national trade magazine for pet retailers. I'm currently working on a story on why retailers should stock pond fish. <Good topic... wrote a "Ponds are going to be big" pc. for most of the 18 yr.s of writing for this 'zine's predecessor (Pets Supplies Marketing) which Norm.R bought, folded....> Would you be interested in being interviewed on this topic? It could be done by email or phone. <Umm, yes... you might glean enough re the topic to read through my industry and end-user pieces archived on our root web: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ Do look through the "Pond" and "Aquatic Business" Indices, articles, FAQs.> The article will educate retailers on different fish available, which ones they should stock and why, as well as how to care for them. Of course, any information you could give on displaying fish or on related products such as food, clarifiers, filtration systems, etc, which retailers should also stock if they are going to sell fish, would be helpful. <Uh, yes> Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you. Maryann Mott <Bob Fenner>

Your mail package sent to me Hiroyukisan, thank you for your fabulous package of images and more. In seeing that you will be co-authoring a pomacanthid volume with Rudie (Kuiter) I have also sent you a CD of my present scans of Angelfishes. Please make it known if you would like newer scans of these or the Wrasse images I recently upgraded my scanner to a Nikon 4000) or if you would like, I'll entrust my originals to you for your book use. The duplicates you sent, would it be okay to make/place small jpeg scans of them (with credit to you) on our WetWebMedia.com site? They are excellent aquarium photographs. I will be thinking of you now every time I am underwater chasing a Flasher or Fairy Wrasse! Thank you, Bob Fenner

RE: Hi again Bob it's the Canadian pond guy. Hi Bob, I sent off the book a couple of weeks ago, You should have it by now. If not send me a line and I will send off another one. Thanks again, David <Thanks for the reminder. Am taking it on the Interzoo, Red Sea trip to review. Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

RE: Missed you at SDC last week Thanks Bob, Sorry I missed you. I'll work on the list below and get it back soon. Thanks for considering us newsworthy. I'll do my best to give you details. <Great! Let's get this thing done! About the best type of "promo" anyone can do in our trade... and about the only device I have for helping friends, the industry... Bob Fenner> Thanks again, Scott

Missed you at SDC last week Scotter, sad to state that I came on up (finally) with some friends in the trade visiting from MI (Preuss'). Eric was kind enough to show us all about, nice place! Got some images... want to make progress on a piece on SDC and you two. To speed all along, would you and Eric have a go at the following input? 1) Your personal odyssey/history in the trade (do please name names, like your dad!). 2) Along the same lines, the history of SDC. 3) New facility highlights. 4) Your philosophy on the business, hobby...  5) Trends in the trade, challenges... 6) Other?  Will crank this either into even more queries or the draft of the article. Will send all to you guys for going-over ahead of submission. Do want to run all about early season (Sept-November) of this year... here in the States and in a few mag.s in Europe.  Thank you, Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com

Subject: Invitation to sign Tropical Fish Hobbyist's 50th Anniversary card Dear TFH Contributor: Attached is a promotional that we are sending to our advertisers, describing an "Anniversary card" to appear in our Fiftieth Anniversary issue (September '02). We want to include our valued contributors as well, and we invite you to mail in or fax your signature, along with your title and / or area of expertise. Your signature and title will be added to the Anniversary card, along with those of advertisers, aquarium societies, and other supporters of our magazine over the past half century. Please follow the instructions in the box of the attached promotional to send in your signature and title / area of expertise. If you wish to fax in your signature, please fax to : (732) 988-9635, Attn: Adrienne Rescinio. Please note that signatures must be received by April 25, 2002 (new extended deadline). We appreciate your past efforts, which have helped make TFH the number one aquarium magazine, and we look forward to a long association with you in the future. Sincerely, David E. Boruchowitz Editor, Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine editor@tfh.com <mailto:editor@tfh.com> Arlene DiPietro Advertising Coordinator TFH Publications/Nylabone Inc. <On its way, thanks. Bob Fenner>

Re: Hi Bob (Australia trip, moving, great book idea) > Heya! > Did you wrestle a kangaroo? > <Kissed a Wallaby> Yuck! > <Do have a few tanks... two new Eheim set-ups in my huge office... w/  nothing in them. And a bunch of tanks on the upstairs patio that I grew vegetables in last season... and the remnants of Pete and I's coral farm,  though most of the totes have made their way up to Ken Wong's Marine Depot. See you, Bob Fenner> That's right, you moved didn't you? The coral farm is no more? <<Yep, a couple miles north. The farm is gone>> I am tired of lugging bottled water in all the time for me to drink. Do you know what would be a good filter for an apartment in LA? <<Yes, I get/use cheapy R.O. units from the Home Depot. They work great and are easy to install>> I have an idea for a book you should do, I don' think there is one like this. All the aquarium books I have seen show mostly pictures of fish tanks or a close up of a fish or coral. There are not very many pictures of areas in general. I think you should make a book on biotope aquariums. Lots and lots of pictures of to show what a particular place actually looks like in the ocean: lagoons, rubble zones, gulf stuff, etc. <<A very good idea.>> If I ever do a rubble zone tank, I have no idea if hammer coral belongs close to xenia or not. Do pink skunk clowns live close to Firefish? What is the topography of a rubble zone? I don't know, books never say and there are no pictures of that area ever shown. <<I see what you are saying>> I think it is a good book idea and would help people like me that want to set  up a tank to look more like the ocean than a fruit stand. You should do it! Later, Madison <<Thank you for this suggestion, encouragement. Bob F>>

More Mystery: Offer for? Dear Mr. Fenner, <Yes Rick> Thank you for your timely response, I trust your trip was enjoyable? We are not strangers, in fact, we have spoken many times in the past regarding American Acrylic Mfg. You were going to head our R&D and Public Relations department, but Jack Ridout told me to offer you what would have been a very insulting figure so I just buried the offer and let the situation die. You would have hated working for Jack Ridout and feel the public was better served by my actions. <I did actually work for Jack... in his business as E.J.R. Plastics as a service agent and for him personally, taking care of his private fish tanks for years. A "mercurial" personality for sure... very volatile as you likely know> My respect and admiration for your work has carried on and would like to speak with you regarding a new project that might interest you. I would prefer that we speak on the phone as emails have a way to ending up in the wrong hands, nosey eyes. Once you've had a chance to unwind, please give me a call or shoot me an email with your schedule. Again, thank you for getting back to me and look forward to speaking with you. <Okay. Any decent time PST. Our number: 858-549-XXXX. Please don't broadcast this land line number. Bob Fenner> Best regards, Rick Acero "Rock and Wood" article reprinted Dear Bob, Congratulations on your "Rock and Wood in Aquascaping" being reprinted (via Aquarticles) by the Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society, and thank you again for letting me put such a nice selection of your writings on Aquarticles. Sincerely, Howard Norfolk, Aquarticles.com <A pleasure. Received two copies of the BAS bulletin (reminded me happily of the few years I took over "Scanning the Periodicals" after our San Diego Tropical Fish Society icon Guy Jordan passed on...). A joy to see ones ideas, values, facts, methods, attitudes offered/exposed to others. Bob Fenner>

Club Address (Publisher possibility) <Mike et al., maybe this "Pleco Press" is worth chatting with. Bob F, who is waiting to see what the payment per pc. and overall is for the next/last royalty period... and going to go ahead with self-publishing again.> Hey folks: Mike Whickham has written several books on aquariums and is a moderator on a forum that I also moderate and, long story short, he's in the finishing stages of writing another book that will be published by Pleco Press. He's worked it with them where they will print an appendix on several of their upcoming books (not just his) where they will publish various aquarium clubs throughout the country. This is a great way to get our name out there so I've sent Mike a note giving him the name and web site of the club BUT he also needs a mailing address for the club. Have we established a PO Box or are we using a members address? What's the deal with this. Let me know. Randy P.S. The information I gave him was: SDMAS (San Diego Marine Aquarium Society) www.sdmas.org

re Jay Hemdal's Aquarium Careers review, censorship Sue, got your mail and note re the above. Are all reviews to you/FAMA to be only filled with positive comments? Had sent the review to Jay ahead of time... if you would, please note on the review if published that you have excised the critical parts. Bob Fenner

student (Old MSc. paperwork, yikes!) Dear sir I wish to state that I am a student of fisheries college in Tamilnadu India. I saw your articles published on WWM site. marine ornamental fishes] . I am going to take seminar about this topic. so I need some information about breeding , hormonal manipulation of marine aquarium fishes. If possible you send immediately through mail. It is very helping for my seminar. thank you. my id: Vyla <Mmm, is there some way to send this paper via the postal service? Otherwise need to re-key many pages... would be faster to mail. Bob Fenner>

Upcoming Review and much more Jayne, received your package with the most recent Kuiter, Debelius effort... A Comprehensive Guide to Acanthuroidei. Pursuant to my conversations with Sue Steele of FAMA I will be issuing a (sterling) review of it soon for their magazine. Will be sending same to you in advance. I received a copy of the Seahorse and Pipefish tome via Dave Behrens and will be penning a "pro" piece re it as well for U.S. markets. Please pardon the possible impertinence, but might I ask if you consider you have sufficient distribution in the U.S. for these works? Recently my wife Diana has started two enterprises; one a distribution of Knop Products (wholesale) in North America, the other an e-tail concern Di's Aquatics (http://www.disaquatics.com) selling to the end-user what we perceive as "the market" in ornamental aquatics. I have long since asked while visiting there, and in conversations with Phil Shane, then Chris Bruenner re sales/distribution of your line en toto here in the U.S. Is there some possibility of TMC selling to/through Di's Aquatics? If this weren't enough to posit in one e-mail, who might I enquire re the possibility of generating one of these fine book titles? I worked on a favorite group, the Triggerfishes for many years... and have some facility with under and above water photography? Who might I query concerning your publication schedule? Lastly a thanks and bright projection for our trade here in the West. I do see the industry growing well in the next few years.  Cheers, Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com

Bob Writes Books Bob, Awaiting two big checks that will free up funds. You are not forgotten. <Yay! Bob F> James

write-up Bob, I just got your postcard from Bimini the other day... If the offer still stands to do a write up on my new skimmer line I would love it, let me know what you want me to do/provide you with. I need to get the publicity machine rolling! <Let's make a plan... tell me when your shop is looking about its best... cleanest, smiling personnel... and I'll take a few pix there, bring along a sheet, what have you to make images of the products> I spoke with Ken and Eiko (aka Amy) from Marine Depot today, I think they are planning on coming down to SD this weekend if you want to go for some sushi. <Sounds great. Do keep me/us (I'll bring Di) informed. Bob F> Jason Kim President AquaC, Inc.

Re: write-up Bob, I can get the shop looking good at a day's notice... can we schedule a day sometime next week or something so I can be prepared? <Monday-Friday is open for now. You pick> I don't know what your feelings are about this, but I have been leery about showing too much of the shop... mainly since I am trying to build a company image/reputation that might not go in line with the "real thing".  <Mmm, you are the real thing... I assure you. But you may look through the text, images to be sent out in advance of their submission if you have concerns> In other words if all our customers see how small things are it eats away at the credibility we have. Its not necessarily that I want to mislead people... but if through our customer service and product quality we get a reputation for being a larger company it definitely helps. I am curious what your thoughts on this might be. <I don't believe/think/feel you are "small" in company of prospects... You have a legitimate business that is enterprising and forthright. I would not be concerned in the least if I were in your place re appearances> I have some pretty good images of the skimmers that I took with my digital camera, I can provide these to you either by email (huge file) or on a CD. <Ah, good. Will look over when I'm there asking questions, making other pix> Ken and Eiko wanted to come down on Saturday evening, will you be free around 8:30-9 for dinner? I am sure that Di would like to talk to them seeing how they have a few years experience in the e-tailing thing. Jasmine will also be coming down this weekend to join us. <Of all things... will try to scoot from other/bday celebration downtown. Meet you at Meiki's at nine. Bob F>

Re: Any of these? Hi Bob, Guess I have to get 2!! I would like the one with several fish and the third one! Aloha, Carol <Mmm, can you send along the names of the files please? Also, Carol "where are we" with how much you folks want to spend on this article, images? Need to budget time, efforts with return. Bob Fenner>

Re: Any of these? Hi Bob, Where do I stand with the $200?? Aloha, Carol <Fine. Which pix? Just for net use? Let's finish up this sucker and get it in print! Bob F>

ocean rider Hi Bob....These 2!! Carol By the way, do you have a lot of seahorse photos??  <A few... are you looking for a particular species? Region? Bob Fenner> I am looking for some new material for the HORSE FORUM FAMA column... <Ah, let's finish this one first.> << PterapogonkauderniAQ2(2).jpg >> << PterapogonkauderniAQ(2).jpg >>

Re: ocean rider Good idea..... Well.....yes the list is endless.....lets start with reidi and ingens... Carol <Will try to get to by Weds. Remind me if I lose track please. Bob F>

Re: I am looking for assistance for a project that I am completing. Mr. Fenner, I would like to thank you ahead of time for helping me. I have a great idea for my project, but, I am still in need of assistance. I would like to get some feed back from you, if I may on my project. What would be the best way for you to do this? Thank you. <If it's in writing, send your outline along. If too big, attach it... We'll proceed from there. Bob Fenner> Sincerely, Tiffany Wagner

CRA Hi Bob, I've been trying to be a good girl and not hassle you. The tank is going very well now (up since Feb.01) and everyday is a joy! <Ah, good> Please help me clear up what appears to be some misinformation. Does Microcosm have your manuscript for Contentious Marine Aquarist or not?  <For CMA yes, for CRA no... I have it, have been "bugging" JML for a few years re time frames, the possibility, practicality of its publication... They (M/TFH) don't appear to have the time, interest for this project now...> We have felt like the message coming from you is that it is there and ready to go. However, James appears to not know this if, in fact it is the case. So what's up? Thanks for clearing the air. Your loyal student, Joyce <No need to go further in your helping me on this issue... Need to "just wait", look elsewhere (there is no real "other" publisher in the U.S. in the field... maybe a foreign one), keep adding to the text (except for "gear/technology" sections that will have to be written at the last moment to be up to date), or give up on the idea/title. At any/all lengths, thank you for your concern. Bob Fenner>

Re: Research Projects  I am looking at entering the INTEL Science Talent search with a project in > oceanographic chemistry/marine biochemistry. I need to do a research project > and I thought that you might be able to help. > <Okay> > Do you have any ideas for projects (e.g. problems that either have not been > studied or that have not extensively been studied)? > <Many... do you have a particular group of organisms, maybe a species in > mind, or aspect of physiology... to narrow down the possibilities here? > Perhaps something with a commercial bent to it?> > Do you know any scientist that I could communicate with for further ideas, > help, etc.? > <Let's narrow down your choices/avenues first. Most everyone is much pretty > narrowly focused as hinted above. Bob Fenner> > Thanks, > Kevin My preference would be a topic in the chemistry field of study. Craig Bingman's articles in Aquarium Frontiers seem to fit well with my interests. Some of my ideas are: Silicon in the ocean/marine aquarium (e.g. Silicon uptake in sponges), Uses of Iodine in the marine aquarium, <With an "angle" like AND the effects of photoperiod manipulation, or "AS" a function of carbon uptake...> or a study about possible "ocean farming" for minerals, etc. These project ideas are by no means restrictive I am just trying to give you a general idea of what I am interested in. I like your idea of a project with a commercial bent to it. <A very good idea... one never knows when/where you may need to do something applicable. As some sort of insight, my early academic interests leaned toward taxonomy/systematics (of tetraodontiform fishes)... but was well-warned that this work "would not put food in people's mouths, money in anyone's pockets"...> For your reference, here is some background about me: I am a high-school student taking college organic chemistry (I've already taken general college chemistry). Last year I placed 8th in the state of Idaho on the International Chemistry Olympiad (as a freshman competing with seniors). I am also taking Calculus and Physics currently. I have access to a high school chemistry lab, possibly a college (i.e. a small state university) lab, and possibly a DOE lab (in coordination with the INEEL). I live in Idaho Falls, ID and therefore have no access to oceans or oceanographic institutes. I would like to attend Caltech and get a degree in Chemistry to do future research in the same area (possibly with the military). If there is anything else you need/want to know please feel free to ask. <Ah, good input.> Two questions: Do you need any information about the Science Talent Search? <Hmm, no. Was a high school chemistry (and physics, biology) teacher/instructor years back... have a lapsed credential, but still help out a few times a year for still-teaching friends... have judged many years at the regional science fairs... participated (ages ago) in the CMA (Chemistry Manufacturer's Association) excellence in teaching program...> Is there any phone number I can contact you at if necessary? <Yes, 858-549-XXXX, in California. Bob Fenner> Thank you very much for you time, Kevin

Re: The Conscientious Reef Aquarist Dear Lenore Dawson, I'm not sure what fiend told you that we are holding up "The Conscientious Reef Aquarist," but it's not true. <Of course not> Bob Fenner has mentioned the notion of such a book, along with various other book ideas, but he is currently at work on another project for us. <Yes, a pond guide> We will certainly keep your message in mind as we plan future titles with Bob. James Lawrence Editor & Publisher <Thanks for this note James> Lenore Dawson wrote: > Dear Mr. Lawrence, > I have just found out through a fiend that you have a > much anticipated book "The Conscientious Reef > Aquarist" by Robert Fenner. > I would like you to know that I am so looking forward > to this book! I hope that you are aware of how many > people from Mr Fenner's website as well as fans of his > other works want to get their hands on this book. I > hope you will be able to put it out soon. I know that > a rush on printing will be well worth it. :) > Thank you for your time. > Lenore Dawson <Hmm, appreciate the "plug"... and not many days go by w/o my writing something on upcoming titles... James Lawrence, his wife Alice, and the very few other folks who make up Microcosm (now cum T.F.H. Publications) do ever so slowly (though grandly) produce fine written works for the ornamental aquatics fields... but are, albeit unfortunately, constrained/influenced by prevailing factors (sales of same, limited resources) to only oh-so few new works per year... I am hopeful in helping to inform, inspire fellow aquarists, pond-keepers through the "talk" and "show" circuits, our websites... to goose retailers, folks who have not yet (really) experienced the aquatic world into selling/using such printed works... hence hastening their production. Thank you for your concern, positive influence. Bob Fenner>

Re: The Conscientious Reef Aquarist Bob, So you are the "fiend" she mentioned.... Nice to know you have eager fans out there. <Ah, they're actually your (through your efforts at Microcosm) fans James. Bob F> James

Seeking to influence James Lawrence... Hey Bob--- Are you comfortable with providing an e-mail address for James Lawrence? <I am... as this address is available to the public through Microcosm (http://www.microcosm-books.com/): jml@microcosm-books.com> If so, I'd like to throw a little note in Zo's Bar & Grill for anyone interested in contacting him and expressing their (hyperventilating) impatience with wanting to see your book ASAP! ;-) Barbara- <Mmm, there are actually (don't scream) books... I've been waiting (no hollering!) for years on two of their publishing... troubles with funding, other difficulties on their end have g-r-e-a-t-l-y slllloowwwwedddd things down.... Ask poor Eric Borneman... Anywho, glad to have your input, and I'm pretty sure James will be too. Bob Fenner>

Re: Seeking to influence James Lawrence... Good Morning, Bob A request for the most current "Snail-mail" address for Microcosm has been made. On their website it states it as: Microcosm- P.O. Box 550, Charlotte, Vermont 05445 Wanted to verify with you that this is correct and current before posting it in Zo's Bar. Thanks, BarbaraT <Yes, correct. Bob Fenner>

Wow! (Inspirational fellow hobbyists, humans) Hi Bob, I just wanted to say how impressed and inspired I was by the young lady (Lenore) who wrote regarding her success at bringing unhealthy fish and anemones home and nurturing them back to health. <I as well> I'm so glad you shared her story with us and I look forward to hearing more about her experiences. <Again, I as well my friend. An outstanding individual> On another topic: Our buddy Pinky, recently discussed with you anything that can be done to get "CRA" printed and in our hands. I, too, wish to help....letter campaign to the publisher, pre-paying for advanced copies---whatever necessary. WE WANT AND NEED THIS BOOK! <Am sending this note of to Editor/Publisher pet-fishionado extraordinaire James Lawrence immediately!> Take care, BarbaraT <Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Pool to pond Hey Robert, Hope you've been doing well? Sue asked me to write and ask how your coming along on the pool to pond article? We've been getting everything together for the Jan/Feb issue and hope your article is coming along well. Please let us know and we'll talk to you soon! Take care, Peter Rush <Thank you for writing Peter. Will get on to finishing, sending post haste. Just a bit buried, behind. Bob Fenner>

Thank you (Writing, magazine-publishing fish health works) Mr. Fenner, Thank you so very much for writing back! I knew from your web site that you respond quickly, but I had just assumed that it was because people are so often in need of a swift reply. You sir have made my entire year. :) > The list thus far is extensive. I could go on & on. > <Indeed, you should record your experiences and > submit them to a worthy > hobby magazine'¦ Would be of considerable interest to > the readership, and I have kept a diary of every single fish/invertebrate I have tried to help. A very detailed one (a suggestion I took to heart from your book TCMA) for that matter. Do you think that given the limited time (16-17 months) I have taken my project on that there would be a valid interest in what I have done thus far? If so, then I would love to try and write of my successes and failures. <Yes... as more "fuel to the fire" let me tell you of a departed friend/participant in the trade Mr. Red Nichols, and his humble beginnings in the trade. Following WWII Mr. Nichols noticed in his travels through Florida's tropical fish growing areas a tremendous need for useful medications, dispersement of information on the treatment of fish maladies... which were sorely lacking back then. The long of this story is Red's starting, building the company still known as Jungle Laboratories (tm)> Would it be asking too much to ask if you might proof read what I would intend to send? <I will help you> At you leisure of course. Hmm, I really don't even have an idea of how to start an article. :) I am willing to try though. <Glad to be of help. Start with what you have... your notes. Develop an outline detailing what you want to make known... Perhaps a historical approach... in the first person...> Again Mr. Fenner, thank you so much for writing back and for your kind words. There is absolutely no need for a rush response to this email, or to even send one. I could happily live off my first response. :) Sincerely, Lenore Dawson <No worries my friend. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Re: Fwd: RE: Another pond book? Bob, My hope is to get the Pocket Expert Pond Life book done first, after which we would see what seemed most promising among your other possible projects. <Can we please call them "Our" projects James? BTW folks are crying out for "pre-sales" of TCReefAquarist... an approach worth considering for other upcoming M/TFH titles?> If you want to enter into another contract with TFH, be my guest. James <Mmm... not keen re this. Thought it was "you" as in "all in the family" that would be heading up such projects... this is my interpretation from Mary's emails... Am not cc'ing her on any of this by the by... Will keep working on the Pocket Guide mini-tome... Oh, and timely, am writing columns for two "pond magazines"... more interest (finally) coming around in the field. Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

RE: Another pond book? Bob, I'm not sure quite what Mary has in mind, but it sounds like her bosses are clamoring for an instant pond book. As far as I know, it would not have anything to do with Microcosm. <Umm, oh... I see.> If you think it's worth the money, I will not interfere. <No, not worth the money (at least to me)... nor the possibility of "clogging up" the market/s, you and I's projects. Will try to help the mag., myself by writing pond-related features for Mary though/I guess.> I'll let you decide what to do. (When you do start on the PocketExpert project, please send along the template you are using and a couple of sample entries so that we can discuss. Thanks.) <Okay, will add to my "after clearing the light tables fun/project"...> James PS: Nice parrotfish shot this morning. <Thanks, Bob F>

RE: A pond book/manuscript possibility I believe James is going to produce both of those books. The one I need is very different in that it needs many sidebars and short tips. 60,000 words not including sidebars. $3,500, photos extra. January 15 deadline. If you decide to do it, I'll send you some books as samples of the style...Simple Guides. <Hi Mary. Wowzah! Talk about straightforward offers. Thank you. Any possibility of royalties from this work? I know you to be of prodigious work capacity, but, about when might this book be published/sold/distributed? Bob Fenner> Best regards, Mary Sweeney Editor, Tropical Fish Hobbyist www.tfh.com

RE: A pond book/manuscript possibility Nyet on the royalties. Would that it were so, I'd be rich, rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams! <Do wish this for you as well.> The bound book date is September 2002. Best regards, Mary Sweeney <Let me chew on this for a month or so Mary... as I submit independent articles in the genre to/through you, perhaps you/we can gauge my ability in the field, capacity for the book-length manuscript. Bob Fenner> Editor, Tropical Fish Hobbyist

need a little help Hi Bob, <Hey James> I'm wrapping up the work on my site this weekend - looks pretty good. I wish I could put more on it, but that will have to come a bit at the time over the next few months. I reckon I'll never stop adding as long as people are reading - I'm sure you know all about that though!  <Yes...> By the way, I've read a good bit of your HUGE site - and I actually agree with almost all of it!!! (just a few minor differences of opinion here and there). <Hopefully.> I'm finding more and more that that's probably a rarity in this business/hobby. <Indeed... you are correct> I actually have a specific question about a product too. I've used a few (6?) Lifegard UV sterilizers and haven't had any problems. You had mentioned technical difficulties with them in the past - but maybe that's been fixed.  <Must have been. In the early nineties they were terrible... Nearly all failed, or came in inoperative...> The thing I was wondering about was a comment you made - something like "they have the worst water flow design" or something like that. I understand the bulb strength, vs flow rate/dwell time stuff, but I'm far from an expert on the subject. I'd greatly appreciate any insight you could give on anything specific to look for as far as overall design for flow patterns. Why are they "bad"?  I'm guessing others have some sort of circular pattern maybe - I'd never given it any thought though until I read your comments. You got me thinking now. <It's having to go through four oblique ninety degree turns and the induced drag therein that I am/was referring to.> Sounds like you've been getting around a bit lately - good for you. I'm trying to plan something for Christmas, and will probably go to San Salvador, Bahamas for a week or so. You had mentioned the Red Sea in the Spring - got any details? <Not yet... but will post to you. Immediately following the Interzoo show in Germany... you should try and make it, fabulous> I still haven't gotten any more word from James Lawrence or Mary about a invert book, but Mary has assured me that something is going to happen - it just may be a little while.  <Ah, hope the response is positive. Even with Ron.S' upcoming Pocket Guide I sense a real need in this field in English> I'll believe it all when I've got a contract in my hand.  <Mmm... I would only believe "it" when you've spent the first year's royalties and more time has gone by... these projects take years...> I do hope to get some good pictures on San Sal though, for book or other use. What all are you working on right now?  <Putting away the pix from last weeks trip to the Bahamas, scanning/sending a few pix out for review/sale and gratis (science), making a casserole for tonight, and filling several "pickle bucket" planters to move my sprouted snap peas to... And maybe a bit of recreational reading later... sigh, typical big day. Oh, to sound more exciting: and chatting up with Di, Pete, Jack about a trip out in Nov. to some place in Fr. Polynesia... not the cap... too much Dengue fever...> Just curious. I guess Bob G. is going to try to do his own thing with the other project. Maybe I can still help out somewhere in the future. <Me too. A very nice fellow> Speaking of photos, if I buy the beer next time we cross paths - could you come up with a picture of a magnificent anemone (ritteri/magnifica) and a elephant ear shroom (A. fenestrafer)? <Need TIFFs (for print) or just JPEGs (RGBs) for display? In the wild? Will attach a couple here for your perusal. If these won't work, please make it known, and I'll send some others along> That's about the only two things I can't find a good picture of. I'd obviously give you credit, and could possibly return the favor at some point. While I doubt it, there is a slight chance that I may have something that you don't? <All sorts... Am very sure you do. As usual, am so far behind... that don't know where to start here. Maybe soon we'll all be able to compare such over the Net...> Get back to me when you can. Adios, j James W. Fatherree, M.S. <Chat with you soon my friend. Bob Fenner>

one more thing - You beat me on the echinoderms! I wrote two full-size articles on the whole phylum a few months ago and the first half is supposed to come out next month I believe (next week actually) in TFH. Somehow that's about the third or fourth time it's happened to me. Maybe I should start asking people what they're putting out so I can adjust the timing on my own stuff !?!? J :-) <I have materials out to U.S. and foreign mag.s that are more than a decade old... no idea of what, when articles will run. Hundreds of pieces and thousands of images... Bob Fenner> James W. Fatherree, M.S.

I am looking for assistance for a project that I am completing. Hello, My name is Tiffany Wagner and I am currently a student at Rio Rancho High School. I am enrolled and am taking an advanced chemistry class which requires us to participate in a mentor project. I have decided to investigate the usage of algae for medicinal purposes. I have researched this topic, but now I am in need of a mentor. If you would be interested in being my mentor I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time. <An honor to be asked. Did teach H.S. chemistry, judged many years at science fairs... How might I be of assistance? Bob Fenner.> Sincerely, Tiffany Wagner

RE: Pond Articles, more? Hi Bob: What's the status of the pond articles? <Oops, went diving, pic-making for a couple of weeks... Need to get "back on the treadmill" for sure> Do you have any interest in doing a pond book? Could you illustrate it? <Am working on one for M/TFH, a "Pocket Guide"... and did write one for James.L that the contract is long-expired on... Do you want to discuss either possibility? In the meanwhile, any interest in articles, images in other areas? Bob Fenner>  Best regards, Mary Sweeney Editor, Tropical Fish Hobbyist

RE: Content work? Hello Bob: <Hi there> You are welcome to submit articles and images. I have attached guidelines for electronic submission of images, which may work best for us. <Ah, great> I am most interested in pond-related materials at this point. I could use a collection of free-standing articles of about 1500 to 2000 words on all aspects of ponds and pondkeeping. Photos would also be great. <Will produce, send same> Compensation, as usual, is about .10 word and the image payments remain the same as well. Best regards, Mary Sweeney Editor, Tropical Fish Hobbyist www.tfh.com

Re: Any word on the big check? Bob----FWIW I put it in the hands of Kathy R-----Hope the postman comes soon!!! Suze <Suze... do more than hope... do you have to ask/beg to get paid... every few months? Ridiculous and unprofessional. I do my best for you, the magazine, and my efforts make your, Kathy's jobs real. Thank you for the follow up. Bob F>

Marine bible update 9-9 Hi Bob & James, Have not heard from Energy Savers as to their position on funding the project. That could be the short week, or maybe they are taking a serious look at it. In some ways that's good as I have not made contact with the local company that can do the software end of the project. We keep missing each other these past few days. Hopefully I'll have it resolved sometime next week. Maybe, in the meantime it might be a good idea to sketch out a template for the fish and invert chapters. I see a single page dedicated to each animal with their photo (s) at the top, and the lower half for text. <Lots of pages...> Topic headings could be scientific & common names, location, temperament, diet, general husbandry, and maybe points of special interest. <Yes... a logical choice of layouts> Could be this whole thing won't go, but I still think its worth a try. If I don't find a sponsor, I might go it alone and simply ask for your assistance/use of photos for due credit and make it an idle time project to fill some of my voids. Guess we'll see where it all goes soon. <Either way Bob, I will gladly help> Meanwhile I appreciate the photos from Bob and have made folders for them to be sure they all get the credit due. <These are only a very few... my daily email outs... Have a few tens of thousands of images... not all scanned (groan, sigh)... but the ones that are scanned, and to be scanned, you are welcome to> But did not include the potholder triggerfish, which I though real cute! Your sense of humor is GREAT, and I wish it was contagious because there are too many stuffed shirts in this world! <But not us thank goodness> Stay loose, and give the templates some thought. Bob G. <Do dream of them daily. Be chatting. Bob F>

Editorial Calender 2002 Hi Robert, I'm writing on behalf of Sue Speichert to ask if you have anything on your mind that you'd like to write about for the magazine? We're starting to get the 2002 editorial calender all set-up and We'd like you to let us know if you've got anything else you'd like to do for the magazine? You can mail us here or at GSpeichert@aol.com. Thanks again and we hope to here from you soon, Pete Rush <Hmm, something particular? Am continuously (okay punctuatedly) working on content... it is my living... on topics of ornamental aquatics. Do you have room for a features, column writer... on whatever pond issues? Am involved in producing a "Pond Pocket Guide" for this next year... have many ideas that would fit... About how many words per? Image work? Bob Fenner>

Re: Sources of mortality article Bob, Mary Sweeney seems interested. If you have an outline send it along to me and I'll confirm. (I think they are paying $250 / article.) I'd be happy to work on it with you. James <Ah, great. And hopefully "the company" can be sold on some other pieces, perhaps further collaborations. Will generate the outline, send along. The PP presentation in the meanwhile is stored here: http://wetwebmedia.com/sourcesmortworldreefs.htm Looking forward to this endeavor with you. Bob>

Marine Bible 8-30 Hi, I'm currently looking for a corporate sponsor for our project. Discussed the project with Energy Savers (Omer Dersom) today and he was quite interested. He is going to review it with staff and have someone call me next week. <A good choice.> As for project cost, it looks like software company costs will be $1500 ­ 2000 per month. Project length, including a multi-media web site might take 18 to 24 months to finish. We would, upon finishing, draw royalties, which should nicely compensate us for our time and effort as selling price of the finished CD would be 99.95 to 149.95! <Should we do a "look-see" to determine how many folks are likely to buy this resource?> Will get back to you early next week after I return from Mexico. Bob Goemans <Bon voyage! Bob Fenner>

An offer of help, at least resolution Walter, Dr. Adey, my name is Bob Fenner. I am a person "in/of" the pet-fish industry (our website: www.WetWebMedia.com). It has recently come to my attention that you are involved in a dispute (lawsuit?) with Morgan Lidster of Inland Aquatics concerning patent or license (or both?) infringement re your algal turf scrubber technologies. I am contacting you to offer my assistance in this matter. If I can be of service as some sort of "go between" you both I will gladly do what I can to reduce tensions, clear this matter. A bit of background. Though I don't recall meeting you directly, I visited the SI back in the later 70's and eighties (the latter for a AVMA meeting coincident with the opening of the new National Aquarium in Baltimore) and saw both the prototype and public exhibits of algal turf scrubbers at those times. As a regular writer in the hobby and trade aspects of ornamental aquatics I know of others advertisements and promotion of such technology, though I have no other experience with same. I don't know exactly/completely the nature of your complaint with Inland/Morgan but have helped in-between folks in other situations that involve similar disagreements in the trade, and wish to help, see if I can expedite an end to this one. I assure you, the parties who "make out" in these litigious arenas are not the litigants... and the destruction the processes entail have not proved "worth it" in the ill will spawned in the trade and consequent shunning of concerned parties. In the interest of the industry and your company I offer whatever assistance I may render.  Bob Fenner

The latest on the Marine Bible Hi Bob, It was a matter of who I met first at the conference, you or Jim L as to who first got a copy of the TOC. (only had two with me) It was Jim L and also showed him my new CD book called The New Wave, which was something he turned down doing a hardcopy version of about two years ago. So Sam Gamble and I decided to do it ourselves because we had six years of research into the project.  <Wow, remember you carrying about a modified disc.> In fact Martin Moe just saw a demo of that new disc and was amazed at its content and the future associated with such media! So did Stuart Keefer while in Baltimore and he was also amazed with its depth research/content. <Great> Anyway, my thoughts cover a wide spectrum of possibilities on this project. There are a few avenues this project can go. Microcosm may want to pick up the project when Jim L realizes the massive scope of the project (explained further on here) and produce a series of two or three hardcover books, or we produce a CD version and distribute it ourselves to aquarists/various companies/schools (though our combined companies/efforts), or allow Microcosm to distribute the CD version 'and' a hardcover version(s). <Hmm, maybe... the English speaking world certainly could "handle" such a work> There's a local software company that can produce a topnotch quality CD version that could contain 400,000 words and 3000 photos, (with a TOC that links directly to the chosen text) 'and' could also automatically link to a website that would be interactive and show movies of various animals, processes, equipment, etc. I think this additional scope would appeal to schools where children could link to our web site and see how equipment works (Those movies would be supplied by the manufactures of that equipment and updated as necessary), coral propagation movies supplied by GARF, and possibly fish diseases/treatment, etc. Additional movies that a user could view is almost endless, as various companies would supply free movies/like demonstrating their products. It could become a great tool for schools and could teach children about proper aquarium husbandry and the environment. Each CD disc would have embedded in it a code number that allows the user to link for a given period of time (two years or whatever decided on) and after that, access would have a nominal fee or could be accessed through the purchase of another disc, probably an updated version so there is continued income for us into the foreseeable future. <Sounds feasible> As for disc selling price, $99.95 comes to mind, but could be much higher depending upon the avenue traveled. A nicely packaged/boxed disc would cost about $5 each. Production of the software, the largest investment, would fall into two categories ­ what is called a softbook, and a multi-media softbook with a web site. The softbook by itself would be the text and photos with a linked TOC. The website package is another more costly project, and requires an ongoing linkage site costing about $25 per month to maintain. <Am familiar with these.> Until I know everyone's desire including if Jim L wants to be involved, I don't want to exercise the local software company for a cost projection. However, we did meet yesterday for an hour and discuss possible avenues. Cost would breakdown to monthly man-hour fees payable each month. They would like to start with a complete TOC, format the design, then add one chapter at a time except for fishes and inverts, which they realize is a massive undertaking and would handle pieces as they become finished. All finished text/photos/movies can be emailed directly to them. <Yes, a big project... and quite expensive up front> As to our involvement, I see you handling the chapter on Fishes, with a page dedicated to each fish. It would contain a thumbnail photo that could be enlarged to a full screen photo by clicking on it. You may want to also show a juvenile/adult photo where possible. The text would include location, diet, mating facts, habitat environment, husbandry, temperament, comments, etc. The same with inverts where JF is concerned. Of course, the crossover of info and photos between us is necessary to accomplish the widest possible coverage. I'll supply the other data for the other chapters with each of us reviewing the others stuff until the final chapter meets with all our approvals. <Could be done... easily> I'll contact Microcosm and explore the above possibilities of either a hard cover version and/or both the CD/website/hardcover version along with their distribution of both. (It would be a very good money making project for all concerned and set a precedent in the industry!) I'll contact JF with this update and send him a copy of the TOC. Bob <Do hope this can all come together for alls benefit> PS As things go I was just about to mail the above letter when JL contacted me. The following is his letter Dear Bob, It was good to bump into you at MACNA and to hear that you are continuing to crank out book ideas. I've looked over the draft proposal for "The Marine Bible," and I'm impressed by the ambitious scope of the book. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit well in the mix of our current and near-future Microcosm titles, and I would urge you to continue looking for another publisher or to put it together yourself. (It strikes me that you have the capabilities, contacts, and entrepreneurial instincts to have some real fun and success as a self-publisher.) Good luck with the project. James Lawrence This is the same response, almost word for word that I got two years ago when I inquired about the book Sam Gamble and wrote. So I don't hold out much promise that they will become involved, but have forwarded a copy of my letter to you and asked him to respond. This was quickly sent back; Bob, Wow, this whole thing is even more ambitious than I knew. (Quick, call Steven Spielberg.) Alas, I've talked it over with Mary Sweeney and it still doesn't fit into our master plan for the Microcosm/TFH Professional Series. TFH is experimenting with CD/Book combinations, but is far from ready to commit on anything new right now. Again, I do wish you the best of luck with this project and hope you find a corporate sponsor or publisher to help make it possible. Best regards, James <This is a shame... Do agree with the upsides of "corporate sponsorship"> Now that we know they don't want to be a player, do we go it alone if the costs are reasonable for a CD, do you each want to simply supply photos and data and possibly receive royalties if I go it alone, or just say the hell with it all? <Am open to both, but don't know about the commitment to the former for the next several months (a bunch going on), but will definitely and gladly supply you with any/all image work I can. Bob Fenner> I'm open to your thoughts. Bob

book stuff Greetings to both of you, <Hey James> Sorry to respond so slowly - I ate some bad seafood Sunday night and though I was going to end up in the hospital. No fun at all. Although as bad as I felt yesterday, I feel great this morning - very strange. <Paralytic seafood poisoning... no fun for sure. Hope you're okay now... at the time it feels like you're dying, or wish you would... have had this, unfortunately, too many times...> Anyway, I know I told both of you at least a little about my plans, but I thought I'd remind you just so there's no miscommunications of any sort. I'm working on my website project right now and won't be done for about another month (it's big). So, most everything else is on the back burner for a while. But, after that is done I can give my full attention to any project that comes along - I still don't have a job, and don't plan on getting one anytime soon. I have literally worked myself half to death over the last 3 years or so and want a few months of recovery time. <Good idea> I have asked Mary Sweeney about doing a book on invertebrates a couple of times, but the only answer I've ever gotten was "we'll see". She told me they already had something going on with Microcosm, or something to that effect - but no details whatsoever. Still though, she's never said "no". So I've tried to be optimistic. <Also a good idea. They (M/T) have a pocket book coming out on marine invert.s by Ron Shimek... and a picture book by the Taggerts... so don't think that much room is going to be available in this arena for quite a while (years)> Now with the offer to work on something with one or both of you guys, maybe I can finally do something substantial. I would be very pleased to work on such a project in any capacity I can provide. I'm actually quite happy that you'd even ask. I realize there's still a thousand things to figure out before anyone gets a green light, so if you can keep me informed and give me some idea of what would be expected of me, I can give you some more specific feedback on how long I would need, what photos I'd have to come up with, etc. As far as book vs CD goes - I have no experience or knowledge of what's involved with publishing either format. As far as my opinion goes, it seems that the CD would have lower overhead, etc. - but people like books. They like to hold something in their hands with pages to flip, and I think many people already spend too much time looking at a computer screen. Of course that hasn't stopped me from making a website has it? And I saw that Bob F's site gets 60,000 hits a month. Still, that's kind of comparing apples and oranges I think.  <Both edible! Saleable! Both fruits?> Of course I also think it would be great to finally walk into a shop and see my name on a book on the shelf - an experience that I've not had yet. <You'll enjoy it> Anyway, back to work for me. Just let me know what's going on. J <Let's keep chatting. Bob F> James W. Fatherree, M.S. 7506 Rivercourse Drive Tampa, FL 33637 813-899-0679 james@fatherree.com www.fatherree.com/james

Articles Dear Bob, the articles you sent at 2. July arrived today - many thanks. I can tell you that one article by your on Catalaphyllia jardinei is published in issue 9 (a copy is on its way to you) and another article on Damsels & Co. will be published in issue 10. Take care and have a nice weekend. Werner Birgit Schmettkamp Verlag, Weidenbachweg 6a, D 53332 Bornheim Tel. 02227/91 22 20, Fax 91 22 21 schmettkamp@t-online.de., www.schmettkamp.de <Werner, your English is becoming perfect! I do wish my Deutschen were improving as well... Bob Fenner> From Bob Goemans Hi Bob, It was nice meeting you at the conference and enjoyed your presentation. <Thank you Bob... wish you had been on the docket this go around so we could have heard a pitch from you as well> Hopefully you had some time to look at the TOC I gave you and if so, it tweaked your interest. My goal, which I think is also your goal, is to spell out animal and system husbandry in an A to Z approach that would benefit all that read it. I could see such a massive effort reaching about 400,000 worlds and being illustrated with about 3,000 photos. Such an endeavor would truly be a 'Marine Bible.' <Yes, did peruse that fab all-inclusive table of contents... quite an undertaking... but possible... how many volumes do you figure? Price point? Who would we get to do the editing, layout, printing/binding, sales/distribution/fulfillment? Did mention project to JML... he said you had talked over, shown him the same document...> To accomplish such a feat would require a combination of authors/expertise. I thought, and this is only that, two or three authors combining to focus on their expertise and also reviewing and commenting on the others input would result in a work that would be a win-win situation for them and all that read the final product. <Yes, a wise approach> In working towards that goal, I already have about 250,000 words on various subject matter, but realize that alone it could never be as worthy as if we combined our knowledge base. I even think a third author, Jim Fatherree, would behoove such a project, as his collection of info and photos on stony and soft corals would add value to the project. <Yes, and a very nice fellow> Before I begin to write working parameters for such a project, and now that you had some time to think about it, would you like partake in such an endeavor? If so, I'll contact Jim and solidify that aspect. Then begin a very general MOU that we all need to approve so that we know the road ahead. <Am still chewing on the possibility... Have "The Conscientious Reef Aquarist", "The Best Livestock for... Your Marine... Your Reef Aquarium" volumes drafted, mostly written... and many thousands of images in not-advanced stages of being re-scanned (bought a Nikon ED 4000 recently... I needed it)... so, could combine any, all of present work into this effort... with substantial re-work by you, James.F, possibly James.L(?)....> Whether the work is pick up by Microcosm or we do a CR-ROM version and distribute it ourselves remains to be seen. <Yikes, quite an undertaking... offhand, the hard costs of such a tome/s will run about half a mil US... on CD considerably less, but still hundreds of thousands... and that counts nada toward the content providers... What does James.F think re format?> Of course, we must all agree on all aspects of this project and work with each other as needed. If agreeable, I could remain the focus as to correspondence and maintain a tracking record so as to keep the project focused and on the best possible schedule. <Agreed... and a very fun, educational project... Let's keep discussing... will cc James.F. Bob Fenner> Let me know your thoughts, Bob Goemans

Stuff (daily image email out, writing conspiracy  on best livestk series..., diving trips) Bob, Just to repeat...sure appreciate the pix. <Ah, good... wonder if these are more troublesome than fun at times> Some questions for thought concerning our project: * I believe...once I finish the Labrids there are no more articles on your site entitled "Best Livestock...". I will just write new ones unless you have other ideas. Will turn to your "fine toothed comb" for approval. <Okay...> * Will our format thus far be suitable? We talked about "borrowing" from S. Michaels' pocket guide as a suitable format...which I like, by the way. Just got Borneman's Coral book - excellent. Our format is very similiar right now. <Yes... I helped edit...> * With so many books out and planned now, what will make ours different from other presentations? <Don't think so.> I'm guessing that we want to focus on only the absolute best of species, sans title. I do want to include/embellish the species information more though, if we can keep it concise in the process. <Yes, other than to warn folks of ones that are commonly offered that they should avoid, and why... perhaps just a short page/statement and list per group/family...> * Did some checking into diving instruction here in the area - getting signed up for a course/certification for this late fall. <Great... want to come out with us to the Red Sea next May after Interzoo? Bob Fenner> Regards, from David A. Bell

RE: Stuff Probably will have tax return by then....I would at least aim for the diving. what locale in the Red Sea? I'll look for InterZoo on the Web. <Sharm al Sheik... and Ras Mohammed... perhaps a few clicks to the north on the Sinai at Dahab instead... tbd... Interzoo info: http://www.interzoo.com/d/index.html Start planning... it's a blast. Bob F> Dave

RE: Stuff Well...used to "reality"....have had a very large dose of that overall the past year. No less than I would expect though. But great in the sense that I can be challenged/involved doing what I want to do for quite some time - we should produce a substantially attractive work to be proud of....as you're used to. <You are so right my friend and cohort.> Dave - wanting to see those Red Sea "beauts" up close and personal <Then you will do so. Bob F>

Let me know on a price for a monthly 250 word news letter with photo for our website as well as small tips and knowledge tid bits for our catalog focused on topics such as protein skimmers and nitrification cycle. Thanks, Todd <Plus an image tossed in... a hundred buckos Americain. Bob F>

Sound like a deal. How about a package deal with the little tid bits ( about 10 tid bits would be great). <Whatcha mean by "tid bits?", or pkg deal? Like oh so many pieces of 250 words, and related FAQs, and image work?> If you get a chance I would like to know how much for a live stock encyclopedia for say 200 critters. <Got a list of what these might be? Do you want me to develop an outline for such? Payment plan? All Marine? Make a big list my friend, and let's hash this out. Bob F> Thanks, Todd

I think you are right about the tid bits. But please start as soon as possible on the news letter. How about algae control for the first topic. Thanks, Todd <Right, 250 words on algae control coming right up, with a pic. Bob F>

Tunzes, Bar codes and Fascism Bob... dude, more questions. Where do I start for getting the book copyrighted?  <Are you self-publishing it? There is simple terminology which you can copy, print in the work which will suffice> what about ISBN/bar code stuff? <Are you self-publishing it? You can join up with R.R. Bowker and have your own numbers assigned... or have another registered publisher do this...> Library of congress?!? <Send them a couple of copies if you'd like... Am curious as to your line of inquiry... What do you hope to accomplish with the LC?> OK, unrelated... Remember back in the day when Tunze products were obscenely expensive? (I really like them by the way) Why are they sooooo cheap now? Was it Tunze, importation/taxation, or domestic fascists pretending to be capitalists. Any scoop for the curious? <A rethinking (necessary) and the cutting out of a level of distribution mainly... good products, still overpriced in my opinion... and the Tunze folks? Poster children for exceedingly poor customer "service"> Thank you sir (unless you prefer to be called "Spanky") <Only when I'm with my Minkey. Bob Fenner> Antoine

Re: Tunzes, Bar codes and Fascism Bob, Interesting stuff about Tunze... overpriced is an understatement. What I really like about them is that their skimmers are idiot-proof and I...well, never mind. <And compact, energy-efficient, and they work well...> I am self-publishing the book and the copyright/bar code/LC questions were generated by my perusal of favorite books which seemed to have most or all of the above. I thought it was necessary. <Not necessary as you'll find... but "expedient" depending on what sorts of folks, markets you're hoping to reach... the printer/binder can add the UPC... and maybe the ISBN/LC numbers... the former will help with folks (like Amazon.com) who will use this to keep their inventory straight... the latter are nice to have, but more of a "vanity" at this point... if you sell a bunch of copies, re-print your work/s... you can add the cataloging feature later (takes only a few hundred dollars, but a few months time as well...> Quite frankly, I don't even know why I'd want to send a book the Library of Congress and I don't think anybody is going to bother infringing on a copyright if I had it. More power to them if they did (short of bootleg copies...as if!). <Now, you're displaying the intelligence I know you have> I suppose I should copyright it anyway and the bar codes will be friendly for the resellers. <Okay> How much do you think is necessary? <Of? I would state your copyright in the work... and not worry> Thanks again (sans a Minkey of my own), Antoine <Hotay! Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Book Publishing Questions Bob, Anthony Calfo here from Pittsburgh, PA.  <Hey Anthony!> I'm close to having my Book of Coral Propagation ready for final editing and press. <Great. Good news... man, that was fast> I've been saving some questions for you if you have the time and inclination to answer some more newbie author questions. Please take your time if you can answer. Also, thanks again for the demo copies of Adobe Photoshop and PageMaker. I'm having some trouble loading one of them but I'm trying to work it out on my own. <Hmm, maybe I can help on this end...> On installation it says a file is missing and I'm wondering if that is Adobe bootleg protection. I'll check in later if I get to my wits end (as if the end of my wits is very far from its beginning). Bonzaiiiiiiiiiiii: The book will be around 200 pages (closer to 250 if I don't edit some material on concept aquarium systems). The marine nazi in me wants to print an in-your-face informative reference like the good old days without many/any photographs (Like Moe's references and the old Theil/Tullock books). I don't have the skill or desire to fill the book with a lovely pictorial essay. <I'll supply you with whatever images I can... have many> Do you think text-only is suicidal? <Semi... yes... image work sells...> Do you think I need the photos hell or high water? <Hmm, mmm, depends on two related general questions... Who is your market audience and how many/fast do you want to sell this work... If the cracker-jack go-getter reefing types, no images needed... and such work may sell a few hundred copies a year for a few years (sorry about the indefiniteness here... it is accurate though... And, it (the book, sales, distribution) will not be profitable... No way to re-coup just the costs of the latter, let alone your time... Yes, you need the pix to sell the book profitably... think of Playboy Magazine here, just with fiery editorials and cartoons...> My goal, of course, is for many folks to read, learn and think about the book. I fear that a photo-less text will scare some people away but it is what I'm inclined to do...? <Once again... if this is very simply a vanity piece, don't worry... but you will reach many less people than if the work had good images as well as good information> I was quoted a price of $ 7 to 8 for true bound/glued paper backs with 1000pc minimum (depending on cover and paper weight.). Does it sound like a reasonable price? <Yes, fair... w/o color work (sans the cover)...> Will I need to produce hardback copies? <No, not necessary for what you have in mind, what the market will bear> My concern about the true bound binding is that the book is harder to read. Do you think the comb-binding like Humann's books are not perceived well by book buyers? It sure is less expensive to produce. <Not at all... Paul's books are fabulously well-produced and received. The quality of paper, printing, images, information is superlative... and the fold-flat binding a winner in terms of practical usefulness... they were/are designed to be used in the field... and are> What size paper weight would you recommend? The printer suggested 28# <This is a little light... I would check around for this quality as well as color and reflectivity... much important here> Do you have an educated guess on high and low numbers of sales that could be expected (tough question) over a given time frame? I'm trying to gauge how many books to produce on first run? I was thinking one thousand for a test run to see how fast they sell. <That's a good number to start with... this is a tough question that can be discussed in light of relatively low/high counts and the issues of price-point, coefficients of sale-ability... A few copies will cost too much, be ridiculous to offer to other than friends, folks you might meet through the Net... too many copies (thousands in this case) will absorb your capital and be sat upon for way too long... A thousand's about right... even with color work (you can save a bunch by limiting this to just some in the middle...> On another aquarium-related note: What are your thoughts, if any, on the importation of elegant corals (Catalaphyllia). It seems that they have suffered markedly poor rates of survival for more than a few years now, prices are higher and availability is lower. <Here's my take on the link to that part of our site: http://wetwebmedia.com/elegance.htm> Do you think they are being over collected or mishandled? <The latter> Thanks big-time. and Aloha! Antoine <Chat with you soon my friend. Let me know if there's any editing, photo help I can offer. Bob Fenner>

Re: Book Publishing Questions (Coral Propagation) Bob, Thanks for the frighteningly fast reply! <No worries> Your info has been most helpful as usual. <Ah, glad to hear/read> I was really glad to hear your favorable opinion of Paul Humann's books. They are some of my favorites <Mine as well... for both dive and pet-fish use> but I wondered how such a book could be received by less enthusiastic book collectors. They are so totally practical.  <These support both Paul and wife and friends Ned DeLoach and spouse... handsomely> Your opinion with the weight of your industry experience behind it will push me to look seriously at that option. <Very well> Thanks kindly for the offer to help again with photos and editing... I'll be honored to take you up on it! Ciao, Antoine <Look forward to it bello. Bob Fenner>

New Book Idea (!) Dear Bob, Thanks so much for the speedy turn-around on the revised contract for CMA. <No worries> As you know, we actually had two other contracts for pond works, with partial advances paid, and I truly hate to let them turn to dust. What would think about amalgamating them into one new work, with a new contract, specifically: -------------------------------- Front Cover The PocketExpert"¢ Guide POND LIFE 500+ Essential-to-Know Fishes, Plants, and Animals for the Aquatic Garden By Robert M. Fenner Back Cover o Comprehensive: An illustrated stocking guide to hundreds of fishes, plants, and other appropriate livestock for the home pond or water garden o Authoritative: expert advice on husbandry requirements, feeding, and year-round care o Informative: pond suitability ratings for every species, including dozens of predators and pests that may arrive uninvited in a backyard water garden. o Easy-to-Use: complete species name and common name indices and a clearly organized one-species-per-page format. About the Author: Robert M. Fenner is a marine  <let's just say biologist> biologist, author, and former professional aquatic garden designer and consultant. He writes frequently for the world's leading aquatics and pond journals. "The one guide book every pond owner in the world will want ? and need." ? Hans A. Baensch <Don't know if Hans will come forward... am sure you're joshing.> ---------- Sample Page (needs work, but it shows one way we might set this up):__________ Floating Plants  Eichhornia crassipes Water Hyacinth Description: With glossy dark green leaves and swollen bulbous floating bases, Water Hyacinth is an exotic and showy addition to any aquatic garden. Stalks of handsome pale lavender flowers appear throughout the summer season. Excellent for removing dissolved nutrients and contaminants from the pond. Maximum Size: Reaches about 8 inches (20 cm) above water surface. Native Range: Southeast Asia Minimum Pond Size: 50 gal. Placement: Full sun. Pond Suitability Index: 5 Pondkeeping: Tender to frost, it can be cultivated as an annual or plants can be moved indoors in temperate zones and kept at temperatures of about 50 F (12 C) with moderate lighting. Plants propagate freely by runners in warm weather, but are easily harvested if they threaten to cover too much of the pond. Water hyacinth is used in some treatment systems to purify waste water and will even remove heavy metals such as copper and chromium. ------------------- Bob, what do you think? <Good idea... the size, price point, quality of these "Guides" I've seen so far assures me this would be a good work, good seller> This would require some real work on your part (you set the deadline), <Can do, finish in/by next Winter... perhaps can be produced by the Spring/Summer 02 season... if you can get the pix, do the editing...> but I think you are the ideal guy to do work in the PocketExpert format. (This requires the ability to create a master list of the fishes, plants, pests, etc. that are most seen or asked about, and then the ability to distill all the taxonomic, husbandry, and bio-trivia into very concise entries.) We would be responsible for getting the photos, with suggestions from you. <Can do> Please let me know how this strikes you. James <Will start compiling ideas, materials as of now. Do you need to present this to Glen? Might I sign up to do the same series title for Freshwater Fishes? Bob Fenner>

ocean rider Hi Bob, I was just thinking about approaching this is in a different way.........What can you do for us for $200??? Is that a reasonable??? Perhaps I should call you?? When is a good time? <Can write the piece/material I think you have in mind, yes, anytime reasonable (PST), 858-549-4948. Mahalo, Bob Fenner> Aloha, Carol

ocean rider Hi Bob, Nice talking with you yesterday!! <A delight> Looking forward to your piece for us!1 I am sure you are way ahead of me on all this but have a few suggestions: Would it be possible to offer several different options on how to cycle your tank. <Absolutely> Can you explain what should people should expect as far as ammonia, nitrate, nitrite readings before, during and after the cycle period. <Certainly> Perhaps mention 2 or 3 recommended types of test kits? <Will do> We are trying to get seahorses into "reef" set ups for obvious reasons (opens up our market tremendously). So perhaps you have a favorite "reef" type set up that you could share with the audience?? <Hmm, will think, look about for images of some of my faves> Then of course there is the set up for the seahorse only tank for basically 2 types of buyers......those with a small pocket book and those with a large pocket book!! Perhaps you could share some ideas on set ups here?? We try to get people into as tall (within reason) tanks as possible and to have good enough filtration capacity along with a good clean up crew to handle the extremely high fat load from the frozen mysis/vibrance. <Yes> Obviously, our point here is to help people realize that keeping our farm raised seahorses is easy...so jump in and have some fun!!! I get a lot of these kinda questions......perhaps this could be addressed somehow?? I have seen the material on the ecosystem filter, with the refugium-type algae filter. It seems to me that this would work well in theory, but be a disaster if everything is not completely up to stuff. Do you have any examples of this type of system working for the seahorse environment? <Not for Seahorses... but have seen many of these "Leng Sy" et alia personas algal/refugium tanks around the planet... do work... and actually very easy to set up and operate> I realize that we could get carried away here....so do what you think is best!! <Again, will do. Thanks for the input> Aloha, Carol

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