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FAQs and Input about Reef Invertebrate Book

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Don't buy "Cheese the journal"

Anthony Calfo Bio/MACNA 2010   7/17/10
Hi Bob,
<Hi James>
I couldn't help becoming a little upset reading Anthony's bio on the MACNA 2010 site. In particular, he states "Anthony has authored the reef aquarium books, "Book of Coral Propagation, Volume 1" (ReadingTrees.com) & "Reef Invertebrates", and numerous articles for print and electronic journals at large." Geez, no credit given to you at all on the Reef Invertebrate book. Unless it has been changed, my copy of the book reads "By Anthony Calfo & Robert Fenner".
It would have been proper to state Anthony co-authored Reef Invertebrates with Robert Fenner.
Just venting a little.
<This is an act of thievery and outright dishonesty James. BobF>
Re: Anthony Calfo Bio/MACNA 2010
Yes, it is.  And, I believe you were very helpful in getting Anthony where he is today, and that's the thanks you get.  It's hard to believe how close you and Anthony were at one time and then see a complete turn around.  Makes me wonder if the word "friendship" is in his vocabulary.
<James I am satisfied (for myself) that I was his friend... Am given to understand he has had some extreme reversals with others these past years. Perhaps this has soured his personality, acted to turn him away from himself. B>
Re: Calfo

> Hello guys,
> For some reason there was a message about Calfo in my mailbox; I've moved it into yours, James. Hope that's right.
> I've never met Calfo so can't comment either way. But it does seem jolly rum to not mention your co-author in something formal like that.
> Cheers, Neale
Am adding "jolly rum" to my vernacular... and liquor cabinet. B

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Anthony Calfo... unethical practices   5/12/09
It has come to my attention that a former friend, pet-fish content producer has elected to steal from me by having printed and selling a work we co-authored... a "fourth printing" of Reef Invertebrates. I did not agree to this pressing nor to the cheesy ads promoting Anthony's 'zine et al. added to this edition. I ask that you not purchase this illegal edition and eschew doing business with Mr. Calfo period.
Bob Fenner

Re: Anthony Calfo... unethical practices 5/12/09
Sorry to hear this!!
<Is a bummer... got to think... whether it's "worth it" to sue him for damages... or not economically viable, nor worthwhile in terms of effective deterrence to further thievery. BobF>

Anthony Calfo... unethical practices Response 5/12/09
Dearest Crew,
After reading the dailies today, I had a rather bad feeling in my heart. I was really shocked to read Bob's post regarding Anthony Calfo. I had no idea that Bob and Anthony were no longer "a team". This hurts me because I read and/or refer to "Reef Invertebrates" several times per week. This is THE best resource that I've every read regarding the hobby and I have the deepest respect for both Bob and Anthony's words, photos, and world-class expertise. This makes me extremely sad but as always, you have my total support. Thank you.
<Thank you for this Jill... It is indeed a shame to be cheated by a friend... Friends: you can have them or use them, not both... BobF>

Bobs tirade 5/12/09
Cheers, Barry
<Thanks for sending this interesting note along... My notes from review below. BobF>
I am aware of Bobs recent hostile actions and wanted to share my side of the story. I've had a problem with Bob for years.
The short story is that I remitted ~100K in sales
<Mmm, no... $57,168... and CA sales (by me) are $53,319 to date (much higher return per copy sold)... we still have several hundred books on hand from the third printing>
for my half
<Mmm, no... had more than half of books... and original 400 or so pre-sales were mailed from CA, the money through PA>
of the books we printed to him and he sold his ~100K worth of books.
<Mmm, no... we/WWM paid to have 13k books printed... the stock wholesale cost is $17/issue... Antoine sold (against my wishes) the 2,016 copies directly to Marine Depot for $12.25 each (again, a poor idea... making deals... esp. for an outfit he was working for shortly thereafter)>
But he only paid me a single $5000 check for all of the work I did to author that book.
<Mmm, no... He also paid himself $7,508.38 from the proceeds from dumping the PA copies on MD>
Bob flat out embezzled tens of thousands of dollars
and refuses to give us (Lorenzo, Christine and I... the partners) a single accounting of what he did with the money.
<Also untrue. I've hauled the accounting to show Anthony, he's been to the house in San Diego on a few occasions and been offered to see it, and I will gladly mail copies, make available all accounting to any who'd like to review it>
The reprint he was referring to was done at a $3000 loss (small press run) because he reneged on a contract with a dealer.
<? What contract, dealer? I have never reneged on a contract in my life.
Again, we have several hundred books here... and will gladly, more than gladly ship them to a buyer>
I frankly think Bob is an unmediated manic depressive and so do some of our medical friends.
<? Ridiculous... One could say a panel of experts believes you're the blue bird of happiness...>
Hes a thief no less. I dont see how we can solve this problem until he shows us what he did with $200000 dollars!
<Do the math again... see the figures below... What we have is what has been received, minus what has been paid out... ALL payments for printing, shipping, advertising/promotion, mail... Have been paid by WWM... A record of ongoing correspondence re can be found archived here:
Very sad its gone this way :(
<Do agree with this. BobF>
<Of the 13k books produced... we/WWM paid about 12 dollars per copy (printing, laminating, shrink-wrapping... Minus damaged copies, ones given away, sales not paid for... the largest some 1,700 dollars by Andy)... selling all for 17 would net us about 5 dollars per... for a total of some 65k... of this WWM paid out 20k as noted above, Ant. "sold" at cost our last PA copies for $24,696 also as above... the "difference" in net profit is the monies not generated from the last sale (the 2,016 books... or about 10k in unrealized profit) and the remaining inventory in CA... But, this is not the cause of my concern... but a smoke screen, excuse by Anthony... His piracy of our copyright by modifying and producing, selling a fourth unauthorized (by me) reprint of the work is... He has broken the law and will be punished. BobF>

A. Calfo 5/13/09
Geez, would not have believed if I didn't read it for myself. Was aware that you were closely acquainted with Anthony, and now this. I've known you indirectly for three years at least, and I recall you sending me (free) a Sony laptop computer when mine was down, and, a hundred dollar bill you had given me at the Detroit marine conference this spring, just out of good will. In my way of thinking, cheaters just don't do this, they are not generous and thoughtful. Just my feelings my friend.
James (Salty)
<Thank you James... As I wrote on today's Dailies... I have never reneged on a contract, nor cheated anyone in the trade. A fact that I am very happy to state. BobF>

Attn: Bob  5/16/09
Just wanted to say its a shame to hear what Anthony has done over the love of selling his soul in Ads.
<"Cheese, the journal">
 I will see you at the Big Bird Collection Trip and will have beer and Pizza ready.
Drew L.
<Ahh! My faves! Thank you Drew. BobF> 

Re: Bob Fenner Interview
Hey Mr. Fenner, I was browsing the web as usual and noticed a post on WWM about your dissolved relationship with Anthony Calfo. I didn't know the "feud" was going on when I initially emailed you to do an email interview.
<Mmm, not a feud... but a matter of fraud on his part>
About the same time I emailed you initially, I had also emailed Anthony because I had been following some of his work, owned one of his books, and he had spoken at my local club a while back. Anyways, I just got a response from him and his questions to the interview I sent him, and here's what he had to say (in bold):
1. who (or what) has been your biggest inspiration? who has been your biggest supporter?
Martin Moe has been the biggest influence on me by far. He is brilliant, funny, humble and simply contributed more to aquarium science and aquaculture than most any other. On a personal level, *Bob Fenner has been a tremendous mentor and father figure to me as I came up in the hobby. His contributions to the pet industry via his website (wetwebmedia.com) have been extraordinary.* I also dearly appreciate the sustained efforts of Dr. Bruce Carlson to bridge the gap between public aquarium and private aquarium enthusiasts."
Now, I don't know the details of your disagreement, but I was certainly glad to see him talking positively of you. I just thought I'd share since both of you guys have obviously worked together and are having a tough go of things. Hope I didn't pry too much. Good luck with everything. Thanks a bunch.
Brandon Klaus
<What is the saying? "Blame the act, not the child"... AnthonyC has been a fine person, a tremendous asset to the trade, and most always a credible friend to me... It is the one instance of his copyright piracy that is the pointed issue. Bob Fenner>

Re: Reef Invertebrates book   5/10/07 Hi again! <Bonjour!> I'm from across the border, actually -- Canada -- eastern, French-speaking part, which makes things a little harder when what you want is an English-language book. <Ah, was just out in Toronto a couple weekends back> The book is ordered and on its way. I can't wait :-) Thanks again, Audrey <Am sure you'll enjoy, gain by its perusal. Merci! Robare Fenner>

Can't Find Bob's and Anthony's 'Reef Invertebrates' Book! - 05/08/07 Hi crew! <<Hello Audrey!>> I was trying to find a copy of "Reef Invertebrates" by Robert and Anthony to order online, but the best I was able to come up with is a used copy for $100 on Amazon. <<Wow...perhaps I should have my "signed" copy hermetically sealed and locked away!>> Any ideas? <<Mmm, yes...get a different WEB browser [grin].  I don't doubt your sincerity, but I just had a look at Amazon and found new copies for $40.00 and "used" copies for $33.00 ( http://www.amazon.com/Reef-Invertebrates-Essential-Selection-Compatibility/dp/0967263034).  You can also get a new copy from Marine Depot for about $36.00 ( http://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp?idproduct=BKRI).  There use to be a link to buy copies on the WWM homepage, but I don't see it now...mayhap Bob is tiring of depositing all those 28-cent royalty checks...!>> Thanks! Audrey <<Quite welcome and good luck with your search.  EricR>>

Re: Can't Find Bob's and Anthony's 'Reef Invertebrates' Book! - 05/09/07 Hi again! <<Hey Audrey!>> Oh, I was obviously using Amazon.ca instead of Amazon.com -- my fault. <<I see...no worries mate>> The difference in prices really makes it worth paying the extra for shipping from the U.S.! <<Ah!  Across "the pond" are you...and nobody selling the book locally, eh?>> Actually, I was hoping you'd give me the link to buy it directly on WWM ;-) But since you can't find it either, I'll go the other suggested routes. <<Hang on, let me have another look....................hmm, here's a link to other distributors/sellers of the book ( http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/dealers_and_distributors.htm) and, assuming you are in the UK, there is a UK distributor listed here too ( http://www.midlandreefs.co.uk0143/) ...but I don't see anywhere to buy the book directly from the WWM site.  I thought you could do that at one time...perhaps I am mistaken>> Thanks again! Audrey <<Happy to assist.  EricR>> NMA series Reef Fishes Dear Mr. Fenner, I just got the first book in the NMA series, Reef Invertebrates, and completely love it. It is with out doubt one of, if not, the best books on the subject. When I saw that it was a series I said to myself, "There must be more if it's a series!" <Ah, yes... or so intended> And I was so excited... and then I found out the this is the first and the second isn't out yet!!! Can you tell me anything about the Reef Fishes book (vol 2)? Any idea when it will be available? <Yes... perhaps never... this project has stalled (like so many others with my friend Antoine)... after deciding that a work on fishes would need two volumes of about NMA RI size... and writing a few of the survey pieces... We just have not gotten around to working toward completing them... Enough goosing and I'll just finish, perhaps with help from JasonC, Zo in doing the lay-out... I do have all the image work, most of the sections written... The money tied up in production, space in storage, time/trouble in sales/distribution... and the apparent lack of need in the field (there have been a few excellent works on shallow tropical marine fishes for captive use come out in recent years, and some that would flood this market niche if/when they do...) preclude much excitement in completing this series (the last, fourth tome on Cnidarians...) Should Anthony stem his visiting about, taking on new/other full time job equivalents (posters, magazines, marriage, moving/building a barn and a greenhouse...) perhaps we'll get to this series in time... on time!> Thanks for doing such a great service to the aquarium hobby. And I have just gone to your Wet Web Media site for the first time, but I'm sure it won't be the last. Thanks again. Sincerely, Ron Lindensmith <Thank you for this prompting. Bob Fenner>

Reef Invertebrates - Possible Typo    5/2/06 Bob, Hey, Jake Pehrson from Salt Lake here.  Great talk at IMAC (one of the best IMO).  I was going to cc this to Anthony (also a great talk), but   I am out of town and didn't have his e-mail. I THINK I may have found a typo in your Reef Invertebrates book (impossible to avoid I know).  I thought I would send you a note and   let you know so you could fix it (if it is indeed a typo) in your next printing/revision. ON page 143 the captions below the pictures has the name "Callyspongia pilcifera", which I think should be spelled "Callyspongia plicifera". Your friend, Jake Pehrson <Thank you for this correction. Am sending to Antoine for accumulation for/if we re-print a fourth, ongoing time. Bob Fenner>

Reef Invertebrates: An Essential Guide  - 2/11/2006 Hi there! <G'morning> I just wanted to pass along my thanks to yourself and Anthony for putting together such an incredible reference guide for us reef keepers.  This book  has been on my wish-list for some time and has finally arrived on my door step today.  The photographs for ID purposes alone are worth the money for this   book, can't wait to actually read it, LOL. Once again thanks for all you contribute to this wonderful hobby, Kelly Pillsbury <Thank you for your kind words. Am glad for this collaborative effort... the chance to show off some nice pix of a bit of the incredible life on this planet, and "hammer home" some concepts on refugium use/application. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Book sponsor Approximately 3 months ago we started a website dedicated to the trade and propagation of wild caught and aquacultured corals. It seems to be taking off fairly well. Our forums have had great posts from devoted reef keepers and hobbyists. We offer our members the opportunity to compete in our picture of the month contests as well as other contests where they can win some of the fine products donated to us from our sponsors. Currently our sponsor list includes Seachem, Clams Direct, Wet Dry Filters, and several others. We would like to know if you may be interested in donating a few of your books and possibly autograph them so we may give them away to our members. If you are interested, please stop by www.fragtraders.com and have a look around. We hope to talk to you soon. <Mmm, nope to donating them... will sell them to you in box quantities (18 pieces) at wholesale... $17.50 ppd, plus freight... FOB PA or CA. Bob Fenner> 

Regards from Costa Rica 4/1/05 Dear Bob, Anthony and WWM Crew: <Cheers, Anthony in your service> I have recently acquired your Reef Invertebrate book, and I must say it is a fantastic source of information. Although I am new to Reef Keeping (fish only for ten years), I cant picture myself without this invaluable Invertebrate guide, plus the experience and insight you guys bring to the table. This email is just a thank you note for your efforts in WWM and congratulations on a really useful and comprehensive publication. Warm regards, Franz Lara, Costa Rica Central America <And thank you for your very kind words my friend! I pray that you will share your wisdom and experiences with others too :) Wishing you the best of luck and life, Anthony> 

Natural Marine Aquarium series 11/19/04 I wanted to tell you that I just picked up a copy of your NMAS Reef Invertebrates book.  Though only a third of the way through the book, it offers quite a bit of detail and insight on each of the topics covered and more on live rock and sand than I have encountered yet. The writing communicates honesty and integrity and best yet, lack of ego.  The two of you are obviously in the top echelon of your field/industry but the book doesn't talk down to the reader.  Also teaching with an open mind and encouraging the reader experiment and create the best solution for their preferred setup.  Please hurry up with the next installment because I believe I will know this book verbatim in about a week and will be ready for another plate of literary excellence.  All those who read this in the FAQ's buy this book, it is invaluable P.S. Just kidding on the hurry up part, I know what a monumental task it has to be to create <wow! Your praise is truly redeeming and inspiring my friend. I am sure I speak for Bob the same here, we are grateful that you have found our work useful and have taken the time to say so. I have hopes of seeing the next installment go to print early next year. With kind regards, Anthony> Photo ID in "Reef Invertebrates" please read 11/3/04 What is the scientific name of the red Kelp as seen on the photography on top right of the page 99 of "Reef Invertebrates" by Anthony Calfo & Robert Fenner ? Thanks, Patrick André <please read the book, my friend, and not just look at the pictures ;) On the very next page (100) is the text description for that picture (like every other one in that chapter)... the photos and species/genera are alphabetical and coordinated with the image-work. The Rhodophyte depicted is Gelidium. You can learn more about many such alga at algaebase.org  Best regards, Anthony>

Next volume of The Natural Marine Aquarium Series 10/28/04 Anthony, I feel so honored that you answered my question yourself. <the honor is mine that you or anyone should care to know our/my opinions/experiences my friend :)> Thanks for the info. I'll go right to Amazon.com and purchase your book. I love the parts on corals in the 'Reef Invertebrates' book.  Sue <and I will look forward to hearing your review in the future of our illustrated Cnidarian volume in the next year or two! Kindly, Anthony> Compliment on (NMA RI) Book This email is for Bob, Anthony, and anyone who worked on the book Reef Invertebrates.  Just want to say great book with lots, I mean lots of information I did not know about.  Wish I read this book before I started my reef tank.  Will be making some changes to that, but slowly.  Anyway, got the book at DrsFostersSmith.com for about $40.  Worth every penny.  Keep up the good work guys.  Once again thanks. Tom <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Many good people spent considerable time putting this title together. The Gonzalez's for layout and several people (including Scott Fellman, Marina Harding of the WWM Crew) editing, many good friends allowed us use of their photographic efforts... Bob Fenner> Fenner and Calfo book on Reef Inverts Hello,    Is your book only available in paperback?  Could you please put it out in hard book form. Thanks, Daniel <Only out in PB thus far... maybe we'll be able to afford other versions when the three volume set is complete. Thank you for your note. Bob Fenner>

Fenner and Calfo book on Reef Inverts Daniel,    NMARI is only available in paperback. We do hope one day to release all (three) titles in the series in a box set. Hardback is possible/dreamed.    But first we must finish the next two volumes!    We are also self-published/funded my friend and frankly cannot afford to print hardbacks when the demand is so very low.    Unless you have a few hundred thousand dollars to loan us, I'm afraid we will both have to wait longer to see hardback versions of the NMA series ;)   with kind regards, Anthony

Readingtrees.com update 5/2/04 Anthony, I was on readingtrees.com to order your invertebrates book and I saw the site was last updated nearly 1 year ago. then I saw this: "Pre-order - New Marine Aquarium - Reef Invertebrates - Selection, Care & Compatibility by Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner Shipping June 20, 2003" and thought you should update the site as a site so out of date does not inspire confidence. <yes... thank you for your input. Anthony>

Question about your book 4/5/04  Hello Anthony, I just purchased your reef invertebrates book from Amazon.com, and it says it was signed by you. I was curious how many copies of your book did you sign?  <interesting... we sent no singed copies to Amazon (and have only signed a few hundred total... well under 1000). They must have got a copy from another bookseller>  I wanted to see how rare the signed version is. Thanks for your time.  <I signed several thousand "Book of Coral Propagation" copies for Amazon and other big vendors. Your Signed Reef Invertebrate copy is uncommon I suppose, though. Read it in good health :) Anthony>

NMARF review... in Italia A review of our book in la lingua Italia :) Antonio <Neat... very important: I am hoping we will find a publisher/distributor for the NMA series in IZOO visit. I talked with Pablo Tepoot and he is willing, actually wants to display NMARI in his booth with pricelist, biz cards... and says it will sell in English... but I do hope, believe at this point that the series might sell very well in German, French, maybe Italian... Bob F>

Reef Invertebrate Book 3/23/04 Just got my copy from J&L and looks great, really looking forward to the upcoming volumes as well. <inspiring to hear my friend.. we are working on vol. 2 as we speak. Hopes for releasing it (well) before years end> Wondering if I'm missing a page though? The last paragraph of the acknowledgments is "Christina and Lorenzo.... And finally to Bob and". Nothing after the and. Mark   <heehee... no missing page. A glitch on our second pressing <G>. It was simply a thanks to Bob and Anthony. I got chomped :p A margin got bumped but it is/will be corrected in future pressings. You have a rare misprint ;P Could be worth millions one day. Anthony>

Macroalgae ID  II 2/24/04 Anthony (and or WWM crew), "<it is clearly a macroalgae. Too small to determine the genus. As it grows, do compare it to pics on algaebase.org and/or references by the Littlers>" As you said it's difficult to discern at this point, but you feel as though this algae is beneficial enough to not remove it manually from the aquarium? <most macros are easily limited/controlled by controlling nutrient levels in the tank> As I couldn't identify it at Algae.org. But one thing I'm now sure of it will be all over the display soon enough as a piece was sticking in the intake of my Stream pump this morning half-mangled and spreading little ones I bet. hehe! Thanks a bunch! <no worries.. it will only become a nuisance if the nutrients flare... all within your control (skimming, water changes, etc) P.s. My Reef Inverts book has come completely out of it's binding, (page by page) have you guys had any issues from other folks like this? <yes, my friend. We did replace a few (less than one dozen). Out of 8,000 copies printed, it really is a good QC track record. Some flaws are inevitable. Please allow me to replace this copy for you. E-mail me back with your mailing address> Love the book though. When's the next vol. coming anyway????? <Bob and I hope to have it ready for release this year. We are working on it presently :) Anthony> Books et al............ Greetings,   Hope you had (having) a pleasant trip (Hawaii?) ran Into Di at Quality marine in L.A. Recently. She was making a delivery of asst. Goods.   I have resigned from Red Sea as of last November and have partnered with a good friend and Opened a Retail store here in Upland . <Yikes! It's a real challenge... but a good life!>   I will also be starting a new Job with Eheim @ the APPMA show in New Orleans. <Ahh, good. Daniel Stopnicki is a worthy cohort>   Is there some chance I might be able to Purchase a few signed copies of your new Invert. Book (w/Calfo) to sell at our store? <Yep. Will refer you here to Di (who does fulfillment)> Thank you for your time, Hope to see you soon. Ed Fernandez (ex-Ocean Nutrition, ex-Red Sea) <Hope to see you soon. Bob Fenner> Total Tropical Fish 1043 West Foothill Blvd. Upland Ca 91786 909-982-2214 Mgr/Partner Ron Gossett

HOORAY FOR 'REEF INVERTEBRATES'!. . . BUT IT RAISES A QUESTION HI gang:   <howdy> Just got my copy. . . and am ecstatic. <I'm delighted that you are ecstatic <G>> It's also the first source anywhere I've seen with extensive details on maintaining marine macroalgae.   <it was definitely one of our intents in light of refugiums, DSBs and various natural strategies of deserved popularity> But it's raised a question (Doesn't it always?) On p. 110 it shows a beautiful light blue Dictyota species. . . and I'm going crazy trying to figure out where to get some. <watch what you wish for... you just might get it. This is a beautiful genus that can be a serious nuisance and hard to eradicate if undesired. Very hard to control too> My LFS looks at me like I've got three heads. . . even Inland Aquatics doesn't have it listed as one of the macroalgae they sell. <they are more often brought in incidentally with live rock from the Atlantic and Caribbean> Same longing-for-an-item goes for bright yellow Halymenia floridana (not pictured in the book. . . but shown on p. 136 of Littler and Littler's "Marine Plants of the Caribbean'.) I know this species commonly occurs in red, but the idea of a bright yellow (think brightness even more than a nice yellow leather coral) is tremendously appealing. Any ideas?. . . <actually yes... the Halymenia simply needs brighter light. Many of the Rhodophytes respond that way... yellow at the surface, dark red when occurring at depth.> Chuck <best regards! Anthony>

Reef Inverts 12/17/03 Hey Gang, Happy Holidays from Denver, Anthony my friend, I finally picked Reef Invertebrates and love the way the book's structured & laid out! Thanks kindly Scott... hope all is warm and well in Colorado for you> It's going to be a blast showing my friends one of the Refuge pics on page 60! <arghhh! yes... but notice the lack of photo credit??!?! I somehow mistakenly cited the wrong photographer in the first run and then nuked it in the second figuring that one of my friends would speak up. And you did <G>. I'll take note and have your name entered on the next press run... please do advise me of how to spell it correctly my friend> I also saw the pics you shot of a conch snail in my tank, those turned out really good (gotta love the eye stalks!). <heehee... yes, cool :p> At any rate, I trust the Christmas season, will be all you hope for, kudos on the book!  Happy Holidays to you and the crew, Peace & Incense, Stormbringer <to you in kind mate... and perhaps seeing you again soon. Anthony>

Fenner/Calfo books in CANADA 12/14/03 Hello, I am working in a fish store, and I am starting another one next years. <wonderful... best of luck to you my friend.> I have the book of coral propagation, and the reef invertebrates. They are really good books, it really answers me a lot of questions. <ahhh... kind thanks for the comments> Some of my customers really get into the hobby, they really looking for some books to help, but some of them they don't like to order it online, do you know are there any ways that I can find the wholesalers for those book in Toronto , Canada. Thank You, Ricky. <we do have one prominent distributor and several dealers of our books in Canada, Please do contact Jason at: Saltwater Connection www.saltwaterconnection.com Retailer & Mail Order MANITOBA, CANADA I believe he has copies available at wholesale available, if not... please write back and allow me to find another source/alternative for you. Best regards, Anthony> NMARI Hi Guys and Gals: <Hey there Greg> I just wanted to ask whether Bob, Anthony, et. al. had published (or plan to publish) the NMA series in hard cover?  I love the "Reef Invertebrates" and would like to have a somewhat more durable version.  >From the other works that I have read by Bob and Anthony, I'm sure that the two additional volumes will be "must haves" also.  Please let me know.  Thanks, Greg. <Mmm, we've chatted this possibility over a bit... and might hard-bind later editions... in particular when we get to the third and hopefully make a "three volume slip cover set"... The limiting factor thus far has been (sigh, as usual) economic. We've had "enough" funds to print, re-print the first volume in paperback... But, will add your input to consideration. Thank you for proffering it. Bob Fenner>

Re: NMARI Thanks for the response Bob.  I look forward to the rest of the series.  As stated, if the other volumes are as interesting/beautiful as the first (as I'm sure they will be), I would definitely be interested in the hardcover/"slip cover" set eventually.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.  Take care, Greg. <Again, thank you for your input Greg. Am very hopeful as to the utility and aesthetics of vol.s 2 & 3... have many pix, know a good deal re marine fish husbandry, and have great faith in Anthony, esp. re the cnidarians in captivity. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Praise for NMA RI Bob, I have read Reef Invertebrates several times and keep it close as a quick reference guide. You and Anthony have really put together a fantastic book. My favorite photo is of the Elysia crispata on page 212 (but I guess I'm bias, LOL). I visit WetWebMedia.com often. Have a great holiday, Ed Kruzel <Thank you my/our friend. To you and yours as well. Bob Fenner>

Lost mail and buying/signed Fenner/Calfo books 11/11/03 Hi Anthony, thanks for replying about my "lost" email question.  I have looked for a reply this last week and have not seen it.   <hmmm... it should have been sent to you by e-mail as well as posted. Perhaps it has been lost indeed. Does occur at times with the high volume of mail we get> Should I be looking at the daily FAQ's, or would it have been posted somewhere else?   <let me ask you to resend the query my friend to play it safe> This is in regards to the email by Mike in Salem Oregon. On a side note I am looking I the local area to buy the Reef Invertebrate book as it appears to have a good section on DSB.   <indeed... I can honestly say that we have dedicated the most comprehensive coverage of the topic to date in any reference that I'm aware of. I think I will also be visiting the Puget Sound marine society in February?> I am thinking about employing that method in my 100gal. tank even though it would take some height space down.  Thanks for your patience with me and thanks for the cool books!! Mike in Salem Oregon----:) <we have a list of dealers and distributors on my website at www.readingtrees.com if you like, you can also order our books signed from the there if you like: http://www.readingtrees.com/order.html with kind regards, Anthony>

NMA RI Book Review by Goemans <Hey Bob! Can you send this draft along for our posting on WWM sans the < carrots? Thank you, Bob Fenner> From: Anthony Calfo <readingtrees@yahoo.com> To: Bob Goemans <saltcorner@compuserve.com>, fennerrobert@hotmail.com Subject: Re: Book Review Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 21:30:05 -0800 (PST) Cheers, Bob I sincerely appreciate your offer for us to review the piece for agreement, but I assure you that we wouldn't dream of asking for any changes or influence you on the matter. For better or worse, it must stand on its own merit. That said, I thank you very kindly for your thoroughness in this very favorable review. We'll be grateful for anyplace that you care to/can publish it. with kind regards, Anthony --- Bob Goemans <saltcorner@compuserve.com> wrote: > Hi Anthony, > As promised, find the first "draft" book review > below. Once you and Bob > agree on a final version, it will go to FAMA, and > Marine World in the U.K. > (I know they will print it) I can also send it to > TFH, but them being > affiliated with Microcosm, I doubt they would be > interested. As for Aquarium > Fish, they don't seem to have any interest in book > reviews! I might also > send it to Practical Fishkeeping in the U.K., > however, they also don't seem > to have interest in book reviews. > > Check it out and let me know your thoughts, > Cheers, > Bob Goemans > > TITLE: Reef Invertebrates, An Essential Guide to > Selection, Care and > Compatibility > AUTHORS: Anthony Calfo & Robert Fenner > PUBLISHER: Reading Trees and Wet Web Media (2003) > ISBN 0-9672630-3-4 > PAGES: 398 > PRICE: $42.95 (Softcover) > > For those that have read the authors other fine > works, i.e., "The > Conscientious Marine Aquarist" and "A Fishwatcher's > Guide to Saltwater > Fishes of the World" by Bob Fenner, and the "Book of > Coral Propagation: > Reef Gardening for Aquarists" by Anthony Calfo, I'm > sure you found them > extremely informative. Nevertheless, combine their > writing and photography > skills, add over 800 excellent quality photographs > and provide well > organized up to date information and you have a > classic that all marine > aquarists will use as a reference source far into > the future. > > The work begins with a brief "Acknowledgments" > section that pays tribute to > all the individuals that contributed and made this > fine book possible. > Next, the "Foreword," written by Walt Smith, > expounds on the development > the hobby he has seen over the past 30 years and our > responsibility as > hobbyists. His closing words are well worth > repeating ­ "We should never > take lightly what nature has allowed us to share > with others. This book > will give you a better understanding of the coral > reef environment, the > responsibility we all share in its survival, and a > profound respect for > that which created it." Well said! > > Following that, "Defining the Modern Aquarium" > discusses the interest > surrounding natural aquariums and some of its > related aspects. Even though > quite brief, one thing for sure, what is said comes > from the heart. > > Next, the "Introduction" section begins with a note > that two more 'Care and > Compatibility' books are in work, one that discusses > reef fishes, and the > other discussing reef corals. It goes on to spell > out their strategy and > how the combining of their skills results in a work > that will adequately > meet or exceed the challenges faced by many > aquarists. > > The main portion of the book is divided into two > areas. The first is > dedicated to better understanding the various > environmental aspects > associated with maintaining an invertebrate system. > The second applies to > members of specific invertebrate families. > > In the first area, "Living Filters" is the title of > the first subject, and > it has four subtopics - Live Rock; Live Sand; > Refugiums: and, Plants and > Algae for the Marine Aquarium. > > Its first subtopic, 'Live Rock' is divided into two > parts. The first > discusses its benefits, the second its selection. > Both are subdivided into > many subjects, so many that all are not mentioned > here or completely > spelled out. The following sample will give you a > good idea of just how > complete this topic is discussed here - Live Rock > Aquarium Use Benefits > (Nutrient Cycling); Continuous, Palatable, > Nutritious (Food Production); > Algae and Nuisance Organism Control (Nutrient > Limitation); Seeding > Non-living Substrates; An Adjunct to Alkalinity, > Biominerals and More > (Mediating Water Quality); What Better Décor? > (Ornamentation and > Aesthetics); About Live Rock Types; LR Origin; Cured > to What Degree?; LR > Composition; Reef Building Tips; LR Quality; LR Real > Cost; Wild versus > Cultured Live Rock; Curing Processes and > Definitions; Curing and Holding; > About Additives during the Curing Process; About > Lighting during the Curing > Process; Patience is a Virtue in Curing Live Rock; > About Importing Pest > Species with Live Rock; When is Live Rock Fully > Cured?; Conservation > Concerns; Is Live Rock Indispensable?; and, Examples > of Desirable Life > Forms on Live Rock. You could not want more > information than what is said > here about live rock! > > The second subtopic is devoted to 'Live Sand' and is > also subdivided into > numerous subjects, and again not all are mentioned > here - Evolution of Live > Sand Applications; What is Live Sand; The Impact of > Live Sand on Aquarium > Water Quality; What Type of Live Sand is Best? > Purchasing Live (Wet/Wild) > versus Dry Sand; Note: A Word About Packaged "Live" > and "Bio-active" Sand > Products; Curing Live Sand; Maintaining Live Sand; > and, Keeping up with > Live Sand Replenishment. Again, everything you > wanted to know about live > sand and more! > > The third subtopic, 'Refugiums' is again discussed > at length with numerous > subjects ­ Size of Refugium; Refugium Functions; > Refugium Types; Refugiums > as Plankton Generators; Deep Sand Bed Refugia and > Natural Nitrate > Reduction; Mud-based Substrates in Refugia; > Ornamental & Alternative > Refugia; Lighting and Water Flow, etc! They don't > miss a thing! > > In the forth subtopic, 'Plants and Algae for the > Marine Aquarium,' the > subject matter is also filled with many subtitles > and again only a few are > mentioned here ­ Putting Algae in Your Aquarium?; A > summary of the Main > Groups of Algae; Controlling Nuisance Algae; Marine > Plants and Algae > Species Overview (this last item is so complete its > worth the price of the > book by itself!). > > I've never seen such 'completeness' for the > above-mentioned topics, and I'm > only through about 25% of the book at this stage of > writing this review! > > The next series of topics covered in this first area > is the Selection; > Husbandry; Feeding and Nutrition; and, Reproduction > of Invertebrates. Each > topic is well covered. Again, just a few subtitles > mentioned in each: > Selecting Reef Invertebrates ­ Variation Within > Species; Species Selection; > About Fishes for the Reef Invertebrate Aquarium; > About Filter-feeding > Invertebrates; About Cold Water Invertebrates; About > Captive Lifespans. > Reef Invertebrates Husbandry ­ Tank Size and Shape; > Near Seawater > Conditions; Water Circulation; Aeration; Lighting; > and, Monitoring Water > Quality. Feeding Reef Invertebrates ­ An Overview of > Feeders and Feeds; > Delivering Foods; and, Develop A Feeding Routine. As > for Reproduction of > Reef Invertebrates ­ Know Your Livestock, which > includes sponges, worms, > snails, slugs, clams, shrimp, and sea squirts. > > And if you think the preceding 120 pages were > super-great, the next 220 > pages takes many of the invertebrate families, i.e., > sponges, worms > (feathers, fans, bristles & flatworms), snails, > nudibranchs, sea hares, > bivalves, Tridacnid clams, octopus, squid, nautilus, > cuttlefish, shrimp, > lobsters, microfauna, cucumbers, urchins, seastars, > tunicates, and sea > squirts, and discusses their members in detail, with > most accompanied with > excellent color photographs! > > The book closes with an Ethos: Serving Life and the > Living; > Bibliography/Resources; Glossary; Index; Photo and > Illustration Credits; > and, About the Authors. > > In conclusion, Reef Invertebrates, An Essential > Guide to Selection, Care > and Compatibility is a well-written, extremely > informative, beautifully > illustrated publication. For those wanting to move > into reef type systems > or already there, this book deserves to be > thoroughly read so the right > choices can be made, then properly maintained. An > unbeatable value for the > price! Get a copy, you'll be happy you did! > Bob Goemans

Book Review Hi Bob, Great hearing from you again ­ its been a long time between emails! And I have not even seen your usual emails showing new fishes and invertebrate for at least a year! <We "lost" our routine for "pushing" images... but still have (most days) posted daily pix on WWM> As for the book review, having it on the internet before its publish in a magazine doesn't seem fair. Of course, I have no problem with it being on your site, but would send it as soon as I know it has been printed somewhere. What's your thoughts? <Up to you... pls do send along after it runs... and will post with your credit on WWM> One other thing, I know you have given me permission to use your photos on my website, but wonder if that also goes for your wife, as there may be some that I would like to use in a forthcoming update to my website. <I'll cc her here for her response> You stay well and happy ­ life is far too short! Cheers, Bob (Goemans) <Agreed, indeed! Hope to see you at the bigger US do's next year (IMAC, MACNA). Are you attending Interzoo in May? Would you like to go beyond the show with us down to the Red Sea? Bob F>

Thanks and Book Review >Hi Marina, >>Hello again, Jorell. >Nice chatting with you again. >>Indeed, likewise. >I still have to locate that book, as I do not remember where I kept it when I moved homes (and lost almost all my corals). >>Ouch. >I ordered the books I asked you about and received Anthony/Bob's book "Reef Invertebrates", it's truly a classic from what I have managed to browse through so far and everyone who owns a marine aquarium (even fish only) should have a copy.  My only regret is that it should have been in hardcover.   >>My sentiments as well, however, as it was funded by the authors a hardcover publication was prohibitively expensive. >I would like to thank Bob for the book is there an email address where I could write to him?  I recall seeing something with a yahoo or hotmail address, does he read that? >>Yes he does, I believe the address is on WetWeb, or you can address him specifically at this crew address. >I will write to you when I find the book with the figures. >>We'll appreciate it.   >Take care.. >>Thank you, you too. >Kind Regards, Jorell Subject: Re: Delivery of Books <And please do send (P.O. or fax) the invoice for half the books, our ongoing agreement to the 8586 Menkar Rd, San Diego, CA 92126 WetWebMedia address, and we'll send you a check for same. Bob Fenner> From: Anthony Calfo <readingtrees@yahoo.com> To: Knepper Press Shipping <shipping@knepperpress.com> CC: fennerrobert@hotmail.com Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 09:13:20 -0700 (PDT) Cheers, Amy Thanks kindly for the follow-up... you are correct, my friend - we'd like 2500 books delivered here in Pittsburgh to the same addy as before. I'll be out of town next week Mon-Thurs. If Friday the 19th is good for you, I'll be ready then. Else, please let me know what day works best the following week and I'll plan to receive them on your call. Be chatting soon :) Anthony --- Knepper Press Shipping <shipping@knepperpress.com> wrote: > Hi Anthony my name is Amy I am the shipping manager > here at Knepper Press. I received an email from Ted > telling me you would like to have 2,500 books > delivered to you. I just wanted to let you that it > will be 125 cartons of 20 books per carton. I just > wanted to make sure that you have somewhere to put > them and also wanted to know when you would like us > to deliver to you. I look forward to hearing back > from you. If you have any questions and need to > speak with me please feel free to call. The number > here is 412-788-2550. Thank you. > Amy Hammond > Shipping Manager > Knepper Press Corporation > 1120 Robb Hill Road > Oakdale, PA 15071 > Office: 412/788-2550

Re: bunch of questions ala Uncle Buck Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 22:17:12 -0700 (PDT) > - did you get $ from Pet Dimension yet? > <Did get one... hand-written... made out to Reading > Trees... should I mail it to you?> arghhh! Hmmm... well. Whatever you think is best. I can write you a check for it and send it right back atcha... Or... if you have no qualms, you can just sign it for me "Reading Trees" with my account number (?), then endorse your name under it if you like. Sorry if I am ignorant/daft re: the matter... just would like to save you/us the lost time parlaying the check. I am comfy with you endorsing for me if you are. Do you want/need my bank account number if so? <Mmm, no... I'll send the check along if you don't mind> > - did you look at Jas copy of the 2nd print of the > book? > <It's much nicer... makes me even more glad we only > printed 3k the first run> yes... does seem right as rain now, feel/weight/look :) <Indeed, agreed> > <I say we pay for half and have them deliver all to > you... and in some near time in future decide what portion of the other half to have sent to CA with > the remaining payment made. Can/will they please send me/WWM a bill, for half... with the > books going to PA?> will do... have e-mailed Ted and cc'ed you if you haven't read it already. <Yes, have> > <... what clothes are you wearing right now? Am > starting to grow pointy sideburns... mysteriously darker than my own hair... and something about my > clothes.... smells... ironed?!> Ha! and a sudden craving for staggering amounts of garlic in your food? <Last night I dreamed I was slingshotting some ground up apple product into your buccal cavity while you were tied to the chair doing scans... strange. Bob> be chatting soon :)

Kudos on the new book! 9/9/03 Anthony, Bob Just got your newest book this past month and (don't tell anyone this) have  been reading it (front to back 'sorta') on and off since! Its an excellent read and since I had the opportunity to hear you both this April, - and I regret not going ahead and getting a copy of the draft version so at least I could have your signatures (but, alas, no pictures!)...its just like hearing you both speak.. very personable and interesting.. much like yourselves. Anyway.. wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful book and congratulations...!! <thanks kindly my friend... much appreciated> (now I have an excuse to either have you two here in OKC this time (instead of Tulsa) for our club or to visit another site you'll be at one day to get it autographed!! <will be delighted to :) > PS.. I just found one of Anthony's articles on acclimating inverts to artificial lighting.. very timely.. im about to order some things from Florida that I may actually have to acclimate... Sincerely, Joe Anderson, Oklahoma City Longest Running Aquarium Club in Oklahoma - Since 1949! Oklahoma City Aquarium Association http://petsforum.com/okcaa/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OK-AquariumAssociation/ <I have duly noted and bookmarked your website.. will be sure to pass along to others! best regards, Anthony.

Re: Hey Guys (NMA reviews) Cheers, John... thanks kindly for the consideration. But we are not actively trying to sell our books direct. Rather... leaving it in the hands of the dealers and distributors that will be there already. Champion has already called me today and asked about signing books for the customers they sell to. We will do so for any dealers in attendance. [Bob... BTW, no need to call Perry back. He asked me about the extra freight charge and was understanding. He didn't see the notation that they were shipped from Cali] <Thank you for this. Will take him off my to do call list (LM there yesterday after their closing). Bob> Thanks for the lead on an AFM review, BTW :) Sweeeet. Anthony > I was talking to Sandy Quinn, from AFM yesterday, > and she told be to have one of you send her the new > invertebrates book, and they would do a review on it > for the magazine!!!  How bout them there apples? > Sounds like some great advertising to me! > Let me know if you need more info. > Also, if you guys wanna have books to sign and sell > at MACNA, you can ship them to be, and I will have > them taken over there Friday morning.  (Though let > me check on the driver first to be positive...)  But > food for thought. > John McCann > FRAGexchange.com > Wildcatt88@aol.com

Would Like to Be a Distributor of Your New Book Greetings! Thank you for responding to my inquiry so quickly.  I am delighted that our company has permission to be a reseller of your book. I look forward to your other volumes to come as well. Question:  Could we have a link from the wetwebmedia.com web site as a reseller?  We should have your book offered for sale on our web site by the end of today.  The following is our info for the link: Company Name:  AquaCorals www.aquacorals.com/default2.htm Thank you in advance for your consideration on providing us a Dealer Link. Penny Harkins - Owner Tank Raised Corals, Live Rock, Inverts & Supplies (207)453-2810  (207)238-9962 (F) www.aquacorals.com

FRAGexchange.com Thank you.  I am greatly complimented by you adding my site to yours.  Very honored! As I have told Anthony, I have your new book, and have found it to be the best book I have yet to purchase!  Luckily, a friend of mine, FishyinKy - Mac Lewis, preordered and got me a copy signed by Anthony and yourself... <Ah, glad you found our work of use. Bob Fenner> John McCann FRAGexchange.com

Re: Moving Sucks!!! Thanks for the info Bob!  That's a load off...I thought that I was going to have to rethink this whole process midstream so to speak.  Great new book BTW (I have told Anthony so, but have never been in touch with you directly).  I think it really fills an interesting niche that is, of necessity, skipped or lightly treated in most of the marine "standards." Very shrewd of you guys to include so many (!!!) quality photos as well. <Agreed. Must need "get the attention" of folks as an a priori step to "introducing them" meaningfully to informational content. In our interest this is supremely easy... with so many gorgeous, interesting life forms> I think that alone will broaden the audience that you reach.  I've read it through once, but have flipped through the photos too many times to count. I look forward to Volume 2.  Take care, Greg. <Thank you for your input. Bob Fenner>

Book comments/critique 8/1/03 <sorry Steve... I did not notice this passage below your query today... Bob made the save and sent it back> P.S. If I may be so bold, I have a couple of criticisms of the new book. <much appreciated> One is simply the binding. When I started to read it a second time, the pages began to fall out. I've collected almost 40 loose random pages, mostly from the first quarter of the book. <yikes! no fun. Please do reply by e-mail here with your mailing addy. I'll ask you to return your book to Reading Trees, PO 446, Monroeville PA 15146 (economical media mail will be fine) so that I can show the printer. We'll post a new book to you promptly. With such a large pressing of any book... inevitably some will have such glitches. But I'll say that we did have several others with the same. Part of the challenge was our choice to use the very heavy paper (80#) with so much ink/weight/pics> Secondly, while the book is very comprehensive, I think it would benefit from a more focused objective. <interesting... and indeed something we had considered. To make a 400 page book just on nudibranchs ;) versus more complete coverage. Point well made and taken though> It seems the book is trying be educational, instructional, philosophical, and problem-solving, but in a seemingly chaotic fashion. <yes... spot on... very much Fenner and Calfo style <G>. For better or worse> An example is the refugium chapter. It starts out discussing the various types of refugiums, but then it begins to meander all over the place. I would've preferred to see something like: If your goal is to create a food source for your delicate fish/inverts i.e., dragonets, etc., you need to create a zooplankton refugium. Here are the parameters for an optimal "zooplankton" refugium...... If you want to create a refugium as a Natural Nitrate Reduction System, here are the parameters for an optimal NNR refugium..... And so on. Maybe it's just me. <all valid and worthy points... we will be sure to consider them for future endeavors amidst other critiques. I sincerely thank you for the time taken to share your opinion> I've really enjoyed the book (after all I've read it twice!), but I wanted to voice my observations. <with kind thanks, Anthony>

Would Like to Be a Distributor of Your Reef Invertebrates Book 7/31/03 Hello, <cheers> I own & operate a soft coral aquaculture facility, AquaCorals (www.aquacorals.com < http://www.aquacorals.com/> ) and would love to offer your book to our web & local retail customers. <outstanding... thanks kindly for your interest and support!> I received an autographed copy as a gift from a friend and am very impressed with its layout & content.   <ahhh, yes... I do recall believe it or not (I have a fairly good memory if nothing else <G>). Your benefactor was Peggy from MN. Very cool lady :) > I believe it to be one of the best resource guides for beginners to advanced. <it is our intent to provide such content indeed> Please let me know how my company can participate as a distributor. <dealer pricing is set at $24.50 plus freight. We fulfill from CA and PA. Distributor pricing is available in lots of 6 or more cases (96+ pcs). From your location, you will want to have books shipped from PA. Do e-mail your PO to readingtrees.com or call> Thank you. Penny Harkins - Owner Tank Raised Corals, Live Rock, Inverts & Supplies (207)453-2810  (207)238-9962 (F) www.aquacorals.com < http://www.aquacorals.com/ <best regards to you in your endeavors! Anthony>

NMA RI Bob: <Steve> I have really enjoyed poring over the incredibly informative pages of the wonderful new book you and Anthony wrote. I gave it 5 stars on Amazon. I have not seen such a useful and balanced discussion of DSBs, LR, algae and refugiums anywhere else. <You... get "it"! It is my opinion that all such (printed) works should have areas of emphases... for NMA RI it is exactly those arenas you mention> Besides the wonderful pictures, there are two aspects of this book that I particularly appreciate. One is the choice of a more generalized approach to genera combined with specific discussions of more common species, rather than choosing to be an encyclopedic reference book attempting to briefly cover every species of invertebrate. <Which... of course (or maybe not)... would be impossible, or more likely impractical... too long and too expensive, ostentatious... not a commercial success... and worse, not applicable to our intended audience> The other is your balanced approach when the evidence supporting one particular way of doing things over another is not strong enough to support a definitive assertion. As a physician, I am keenly aware of how difficult it can be to determine which course of action is best, especially in the face of contradictory evidence and opinions. <Yes> This constant hypothesizing, testing and refining is both the strength and a weakness of science - we never can be quite certain we've got it right. <This is indeed a chief and essential element of science (testable, falsifiable hypotheses)... I might even toss even an element of "cynicism" to boot (but not today, have been diving in Hawai'i> It astounds me to think of how much of what I learned in medical school nearly twenty years ago has since been tossed aside. I'm sure it's the same with aquarium science. <Yes... even the "art" and "voodoo" aspects/sides> I would like to mention - intending to be helpful rather than critical - that I did notice several word usage errors here and there.  These were of a type that are always missed by computer spellcheckers and often missed by grammar checkers as well. Two examples:  the use of the noun "illicit" when the verb "elicit" was intended, and the use of "fair well" rather than the correct "fare well." In my experience, these sorts of errors easily slip past one's own proofreading. <Agreed... and I hope that your input will reach Anthony and Zo (who are amending changes for a reprint as we key and read, in time> Often they slip by others as well. An English professor I had years ago (before computers) insisted that the best way to proofread one's own work was to read it backwards! <Interesting... and illustrative. I would add to this a possibility of "covering ones predominant eye" and reading with only the other...> I found that tedious at best. Anyway, you might want to run the text of your next book past several proofreaders. Such a proofreader should not be permitted to make wholesale changes - that's an editor's job - but could point out such errors and make a few suggestions here and there. <Bingo!> I've been into marine aquaria for less than a year now, but have dreamt about it for at least five years. I did freshwater sporadically for 25 years before switching to marine. I find it far more interesting and challenging. The marine aquarium is far less tolerant of "brief" periods of neglect that than the freshwater is. I would love to one day know enough to be of help answering FAQs for you or even writing a thing or two to help fill in blank pages on WWM,  <Please make it known when you have time> but I still have too many questions of my own. (I am one of those nosy people who will speak up and offer my personal experience or knowledge from books and article to new aquarists at the LFS while the salesperson who is starting to lead them astray is off doing something else - I have referred many to WWM.) I do seek knowledge on this hobby wherever and whenever I can. I started out with The Simple Guide to Saltwater Aquariums and Saltwater Aquariums For Dummies. So far, I've also read CMA, Michael Paletta's The New Marine Aquarium, NMA RI, the first volume of Fossa & Nielsen's MCRA (I own all four), Fossa & Nielsen's Reef Secrets, most of Scott Michaels' Marine Fishes and about half of his Reef Fishes, V1. I am also working of James W. Nybakken's Marine Biology (everything oceanic fascinates me). I subscribe to TFH, FAMA and AFM. I also read the WWM FAQs every day. <Outstanding> I will be interested to see how you organize your book and position it in the market. There are several competitors out there. Volume 2 of Reef Fishes is due out sometime this year. <About time! These will be outstanding references for years to come>   Nick Dakin has some sort of marine aquarium encyclopedia due out this fall (see barnseandnoble.com).  <Another superlative person/writer in our interest> Svein Fossa did mention in an e-mail to me that he was uncertain if he and Alf Nielsen would be writing a fifth volume of MCRA (about fish), but even if they do it will be prohibitively expensive for most (more than $80 for sure). <... we share a common publisher in BSV (Birgit Schmettrkamp Verlag) in Germany... I do wish there was some "easy" way to cut the cost of their printed works in about half... they are "the market" otherwise> Reef Secrets has some nice info on fish - their  systematic approach to feeding and compatibility are quite helpful.  Scott Michaels' small Marine Fishes is out there too. It is nicely organized and systematic, but I question some of his tank size recommendations as being too small. <Me too...> It's great to take to the LFS for on-site reference, though most LFS have their own copy available. I'm sure that planning and organizing this book is a huge challenge even before you start to write. It seems to me that there is far less competition for your first NMA volume than there is for this second one. <Agreed... for self-publishing (ad)ventures... these efforts encompass much less forethought and "planning" than one might imagine> I surely hope you print in big black letters a strongly worded warning against the purchase of certain unsuitable species. It galls me to see Moorish Idols and Cleaner Wrasses for sale at some LFS and on many websites. <You can be assured that this will be/is the case> I hope that some of this rambling is of value to you in this endeavor.  <Thank you my friend. Bob Fenner> Thank you (and Anthony and the entire crew) for all that you do for this fascinating hobby!   Steve Allen

*A note from Marina--in perusing the book I find more than a few other errors, if you do decide to include me in the next endeavors, please consider having me do a final proof, I find some errors are glaring (my perfectionistic upbringing).  Also, would endeavor to make layout more consistent in certain areas.  Have not placed because I am still searching where in "Book Matters" this should go, and I wanted to make this note.

Re: new book     I just finished reading "Reef Invertebrates"- great book! I was especially interested in the different fauna that lives in the sand and rock. I can't wait for the next book in the series, put me on the list!! Thanks                                                                             Kevin Moriarty <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. We're working diligently on the next title! Bob Fenner>

Re: NMA RI sales/revenues Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 12:48:04 -0700 (PDT) --- Robert Fenner <fennerrobert@hotmail.com> wrote: > All, a head's up re our current acct.s status On the west coast we have "about" half the books > left we started with (approximately 750). > we've rec'd $11,423 in monies, and have some $6,720 > in AR's. very cool :) <<A couple of questions Antoine... in just (finally!) sending the mid-monthly billings out to our WWM sponsors (we're dropping Walt.S BTW for late, late non-payment), am wondering, did we send the sponsors a "thank-you" copy of NMA RI? Sorry to be so flaky, I can't remember... and it really would have been good PR for both/all of us to sign and send... maybe a nice box-set of all three in the future? And if poss. re the east coast distribution, can you present a mid-month (or thereabouts) "report" of books sold, monies rec'd/fwded, approx. stock on hand for all the book-writing crew?> Oh, and another $280 Jas just handed in for selling books at the OC club at his pitch last night. Awesome... way to go, Jas! > From PA we've rec'd zip, Anthony has stated he is > down to about 200 books, owes WWM the princely sum of about $17,500 for the thousand plus/minus (due > to press over-runs from Knepper, minus damaged > goods...). Correcto... >Anthony, are you having folks remit directly to CA? Hmmm... it was the original plan, and still can be. But it was my understanding on our return trip from Phoenix that you/WWM wanted to treat me as a seperate entity from WWM for fulfillment with fear/concern of our WWM advertisers associating book sales from WWM as in conflict with their advertising (paying their competitor <G> so to speak). <Yes, for the resale side. The wholesale, distribution biz should come to WWM> I have no preference at this point... whatever suits you/us. Just direct me on how you think its best to handle the payables. <Mmm, bill the folks you sell to with WetWebMedia as the payee... and if you'd like we can add you on to the "co. acct." and get you deposit slips... or have them send the monies to us in CA... or if you prefer (just as much of a bookkeeping chore) have them pay ReadingTrees and you send an acctg of who has paid monthly to WWM in CA> The crash course is I've actually sent out 750 books... another 50 to go out likely begining of the next week. I've collected about 4k... have 9K in AR ($ 7K of which I have invoiced in just the last 6 days: principally 4 distributor orders of 6 cases each). I can/will send these checks along to you... or try to catch them for a redirect to WWM. <Either way, but do traffic this each mid-month (at this point), please> >If so, we need to work out a timely system for >making sure they pay up. They haven't yet. We last left it at monthly reporting from me... will continue to do or change as needed. <Methinks monthly is right about right.> > We owe the 17k back to WWM for printing costs et al. > expenditures beyond the pre-sales revenues, the $2,300 or so for hauling (air!) from Kneppers to CA, > the USPS and UPS charges through Di (about 2k), the > buck a book to her for processing (about 500), the 2k to Jas for scanning... So... we're on our way to "being back at zero" in covering our initial > costs. Bob Heehee... true. But we did earn ~ $20K in 3 weeks on paper <G> [insert joke HERE] <Where is it? Try spending that at McDonalds! Bob> Ciao, bubs

Dave Behrens NMA RI Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 18:20:53 -0700 (PDT) Cheers, Dave A pleasure to hear from you. Kind thanks for your kudos to. Coming from a man with your reputation in the industry... it is not lost on me in the slightest. Rather humbled :) The cost of producing the text was just over $9 per copy (plus some freight) for 3K here in PA at Knepper Press. Really do appreciate you giving the title a try... especially during the dog days of summer/slowdown for our industry! Bob can ship these books to you from Cali (San Diego) to save on freight for you when/if you like. 24.50 dealer cost... 16 pieces to a case. <Hey Dave! Just placed an order on SeaChallengers(.com) for the new Ferrari book on N. Borneo Macrolife... what a winner! Saw a copy a few days back on Sipadan (Borneo Divers). Do make it known if you want to try a case (16 pc.s times 17.50 per) or a few copies at 24.50 plus freight, FOB San Diego. Bob Fenner> Very glad to hear of your delight again, my friend :) With kind regards, Anthony --- Dave Behrens <seachal@pacbell.net> wrote: > Tony & Bob: > Received Reef Invertebrates. I am totally blown > away. You did a hell of a > great job. Unbelievable. Someday I'd love to know > the cost details of > producing this beauty. > I am not sure if our customer base is the right > group for this book, but > we'll give it a try. As I mentioned the last time > we chatted, our sales are > way down. Virtually NO aquarium books were sold > since 9/11. Because of this > we have dropped that category. Will try to move > some aquarium related > titles through the fish and/or invertebrate pages > however. > Anyway, just wanted to compliment you guys on a > great job. My best. > dave > David & Diana Behrens > Sea Challengers Natural History Books, Etc. > 35 Versailles Court > Danville, CA 94506 > 925-327-7750 - Voice Mail > 925-736-8982 - FAX > E-mail - david@seachallengers.com > http://www.seachallengers.com

Book fulfillment from Cali? Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 12:08:10 -0700 (PDT) Hey, bub... I'm not sure when you will get this, but I just got a bit of a surprise. QM called me for more books... wanting 5 more cases of RI... rather eager/panicked as they burned through the first 4 so quick. I called Jas to see if he could drop them off to Ron at Octopus for his Friday run to LA (Eddie from QM suggested this to save freight). Jas offered/mentioned in fact he is going to LA tommorow for the show. But he tells me that you were quite clear about none of the Cali books being touched. Not even to QM for re-order. <Mmm, mostly a concern for Jas... that he not be running about on our behalf... instead of earning his daily bread... but also a concern for trafficking books, billings for same...> What's up, buttercup?!? When I expressed my concern some weeks/months ago about your travel schedule in general and our fulfillment needs from Cali, you said it would be taken care of clearly. <Yes... and no worries. We will "sell through" the present run in a short while, in a systematic fashion. Still need to get Walt.S his cop/ies for the Foreword work (bad form on my part), and some to Marty.B of Tideline... will be calling all present and a few more LA outlets and taking up a big order later this week. Want to talk with you re two other issues re to the NMA series. Am wondering if you'd mind if I ask Chris Buerner of QM to pen the fwd for the fishes volume, and Scott Cohen of SDC to do the Cnidarians... or do you have other folks in mind? Also, have given considerable thought to what we might do re layout, scanning for the last two volumes... am wanting to offer Chris a flat rate (say 2k) for the layout on each, and the same to Jas for scanning (at least the fishes)... I do think it will/would take you (and definitely me) more than two weeks to shuffle through all... And am wanting to ask Zo, Christine and you re the possibility of paying Jas 2k for the scan work on NMA RI. He really put in a great deal of time and is otherwise "out of the loop" in getting recompensed for the work... Pls think this over and get back with me> To be sure, I'm not tweaked or even concerned here... just confused about the cock-block. Is there some new master plan of distribution that has come up since we last spoke? I guess I am worried about you being away so much (Malaysia, then Hawaii, then Indo in the next 8 weeks), etc. <Not to worry Antoine. There is time, and a plan. A need to cater to a mix of friends/associates in the trade here to present "an even playing field" at this point/juncture in our productions. > I've already been barked at by two dealers who had customers bring in books to their surprise. They wondered why the hell we didn't call them first. <"Bring in books?"> Throw me a bone here bub :) Hoping your travel was/is safe/pleasant. <Yes, just exhausting at this time. Be seeing you, Bob> Antoine

Friends from across the pond - UK book kudos 7/10/03 Just a quick line to say what a great book Reef Invertebrates is! It came really quickly and it's brilliant reading! Well done on a great book!  Kind Regards, James <I'm grateful and inspired to hear it my friend! Glad to see airmail was on time too ;) Its not always the case with overseas orders. Kind thanks, Anthony>

Reef Inverts Book 7/2/03 Anthony, Bob I have received my reef invert book let me just say what a phenomenal piece of work!!! I cant wait for the next one!! Thanks for all your time and effort. Bravo, Bravo Joe <great thanks my friend! We are well on our way into volume 2 Reef Fishes... much thanks for the inspiration! Anthony> Kudos to Bob and Anthony & All Involved in the New Book!! 7/2/03 Hi at Wet Web, <cheers> Just received two copies (one as a gift for a fellow reefer) of Bob and Anthony's new book, The Natural Marine Aquarium Series, Reef Invertebrates, and I am thrilled with it.   <excellent... and if my memory serves me correct, I hope Penny likes it too :) > I read cover to cover with all new additions to my collection, and this one is one of the best I've seen so far, and I'm only to the algae section!  I already was able to identify the "fuzzy algae," Neomeris, that I've had in one of my systems for ages but never knew what it was.  Long story short--this is a great book and I can't wait to dive deeper into it.  Unfortunately, my eyes are slamming shut tonight and won't allow me to keep going. <easy there my learning sponge of a friend... all in good time. Ha!> Thanks again to all at Wet Web.  You do a fantastic job.  And again, Kudos to Bob and Anthony and everyone involved in the compilation of information and production of this wonderful read!! Peggy, AquaCorals <your kind words are both redeeming and inspiring... we better wrap up with Reef Fishes (V 2) soon then before the glow wears off :). Best regards, Anthony>

Dealer/dist cases/qty Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 00:20:01 -0700 (PDT) Bob... Been thinking... lets set the distributor case minimum higher now before we set a bad prec. <<Yes. A mistake... had to "dance around this" with Edwin Chua. S/b about a hundred pieces or near this number by multiples of cases>> 16 is way too low to sell to small/med stores... effectively cutting out/skirting our bread and butter distributors. <<Umm, yes>> I'll suggest at least 32 pieces... thinking that few but the biggest retailers/dealers will take that many... thus protecting All Seas, QM, Champion, etc a little better. Will go higher simply if you say so. <<Do re-do your cover sheet re pricing... I'd suggest 96 pieces, six cases. Bob F>> What say ye?

Mr. Pro Dropping Out, All-Glass Design and The Florida Keys Bob: Thanks for the Goby QT info, it was just the right stuff! I just read a couple of the FAQ's and had a couple of follow-up questions. 1) Is anything missing from the new book with Mr. Pro dropping out, or do all three of you guys have overlapping knowledge and you were able to cover for him? <Mmm, nothing missing... we had/have a bunch of other input, mainly from the WWM Crew that have helped edit the work> 2) Also, I read the other day one of your crew stated that All-glass is changing the design of their tanks. Is this true? <Don't know. Maybe contact them> 3) Any more details on that? <Nope> 4) Am I wishing too hard that they are now pre-drilling larger holes? <Would be a very good idea. Again, I encourage you to contact them> 5) One more thing: are the Florida Keys really made up of all fossilized coral? I saw on TV they said you can't even dig a hole because there is no dirt! Thanks, Rich <Not much "top soil" and yes, the Panhandle is made up of ancient scleractinian skeleton. Bob Fenner>

Reef Invertebrates, the book Dear Bob and Anthony, <Howdy> Bravo! The book is magnificent. A "must have" for the aquarist and also for the diver. As a long time diver (40 years) and a beginner reef keeper (2 1/2 years) I know that I will spend many hours with this beautiful book. <Great> I spent four hours with it this first day of ownership without a break. <Yowzah> Surely, for many years to come, this will be the one great book for understanding and therefore enjoying much of what we see in aquariums and under the sea. Thank you for what was surely a great effort and a labor of love, Howard in Wisconsin <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Bob Fenner>

Re: books! Bob and Anthony, Have heard from several of my customers that have received their book and they all think it is one of the best books that they have purchases and I have to agree. :) GREAT JOB!! Now when are we going to market the new book coming out ? :) <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words... The next work... when it's just about or actually done as in in our hands. Bob> Regards, Barry www.clamsdirect.com

RE: book glitch No worries, my friend... we'll get it worked out. And it really is a beautiful book. I sincerely appeciate your efforts. Off to the airport :) Be chatting soon! Anthony --- Ted Ford < tedford@knepperpress.com> wrote: > Anthony, >          We've inspected a number of books and the > problem appears to have > been with the cutting at the bindery. The machine > that binds them also cuts > them as end of the machine. The cutting is done with > several up (how many > I'm not sure but checking on). The books with the > problem are cut shorter > than 8 1/2 inches. The problem ones I've seen > measure 1/8th inch short and > in some cases 3/16 inches short. I'm really sorry > for this problem. Your > book was one we took great pride in, and I hate to > see any problems such as > this with it. Call or email me when you have a > chance. I'll go thru every > book we have and let you know what I find in terms > of the % of these books > that were cut short. > >                        Thanks,  Ted > > -----Original Message----- > From: Anthony Calfo [ mailto:readingtrees@yahoo.com] > Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2003 4:34 AM > To: Ted Ford > Subject: book glitch > > > Cheers, Ted > >    I dropped one of the "bad" (margins/trimp) books > in > the mail yesterday for you. Notice the couple pink > tagged pages first... they are the rough ones <G>. > >    I'll get in touch with you at the end of next > week > after I get back from Cali as we discussed, and one > Bob and I have had a chance to browse through a > wider > sampling. > >    Wish us luck :) > >    I definitely agree with your suggestion too about > bumping those header titles inside more for the next > run. > >    But that still doesn't correct the bindery (?) > glitch in many cases (see some of the non-header > yellow tagged pages). The outside margin edges > ranged > noticeably when comparing text body edges in various > places and even from book to book. Makes me nervous > for the 10 K run <G> > >    Be chatting soon, my friend. > > Anthony

General Aquatics II is online.  Hey Bob, I just put a new revised General Aquatics online. Hopefully there are broken picture links... Check it out. Here is a good place to start. Hopefully those books will get here soon! http://www.generalaquatics.com/site/product.cfm?id=24DEAF9A-5049-4E4D-A9CC9042CA1B2604 Let me know what you think. Thanks, Dave <Wow, very nice. Could you drop Steven Pro as an author on your detail? He dropped out. Bob>

New "Reef Invertebrates Book" shipping --------------- Greetings, friends! You have received this message for having placed a pre-order for the new "Reef Invertebrates" book by Calfo and Fenner. After a slight delay for the addition of an extra 100 pages of heavily illustrated content, we are very pleased to announce that the book will begin shipping in days. All pre-orders are being signed by the authors and will be posted the week of June 30th. If you have had an address change please reply to readingtrees@yahoo.com with your update or request. Otherwise, rest easy and know that you have our very sincere thanks for your interest and support in our work. We hope that you enjoy the read and find great merit in it. With hopes that you will share your wisdom in kind. Sincerely, Bob Fenner, Anthony Calfo and the WetWebMedia crew

New book I was reading thru the daily Q&A and saw the e-mail about the book coming out.  I did not receive this e-mail and was wondering if that meant I would not be receiving a copy of the book?  When I ordered the book I did receive an order Id. but, did not check my card to see if the transaction went thru or not.   Thank you for your time. Jeff Wooten <Thanks for the notice. Jas and Anthony are working out the bugs to email the hundreds of pre-sold orders that the title is (finally!) on its way (to San Diego along with Antoine to help sign, ship next week). You should receive a personal email re soon. Bob Fenner>

NMA RI Book 6/19/03 I have never bought a reefkeeping book, but this one I will. <thanks kindly... and you will discover if you haven't already that the modern marine aquarium invariably has so many invertebrate life forms from live rock, live sand and refugium applications. "Reef" no longer has to mean "corals" but instead embraces all of the many wonderful invertebrates on a coral reef... shrimps, crabs, starfish, sponges, etc> Can I order it from your website? Stacey <indeed... if you like, my friend. See more info here: http://wetwebfotos.com/store/nma-ri.html kind regards, Anthony> NMA RI shipping 6/19/03 I have ordered your new book Reef Invertebrates and I have not heard anything about it. When will these ship? <cheers, my friend. It seems as though you were one of the folks we missed with the e-mail update - my apologies. But good news... the book is being shipped to California next week for fulfillment... Bob and I will sign the pre-orders on the 28th/29th... then post them promptly afterwards. The delay was due to an increase in text length... from the 300 promised/projected pages to 400pp total! You should be enjoying your read in just a couple weeks :) Kind regards, Anthony>

New book ready? 6/18/03 Hi all, <cheers, my friend> Just a quick email to ask if the new book is ready, and if you have started to send them out?. <not yet, but close my friend. The books are due to be delivered in California next week sometime... Bob and I will hopefully be signing them on the 28th and 29th... will post them promptly afterwards. Hope you are reading something interesting early July <G>. kind regards, Anthony>

New Book Shipping 6/16/03 Dear WWW Crew, <howdy!> I pre-ordered a copy of your new Reef Invertebrates book which at one point you mentioned was in print and now shipping out.  I haven't received it yet and was wondering if it had been sent.  Thank You, Laurie Rindell <the books are being shipped to California for fulfillment... Bob and I are meeting the 28th/29th to sign them and will post them promptly the following week. Very soon, my friend :) Thanks kindly for your interest and inquiry! Anthony>

I'll place my order! Subject: Re: is reef inverts shipping yet? Is "Reef inverts" shipping yet? <alas... we are truly at the mercy of the printer/bindery... The latest word from the printer was that it will be done at the bindery on/by the 13th, then being shipped week of the 16th... has to make it over to Cali from the East coast. Should arrive week of the 23rd. Unsigned book requests can be mailed then... signed ones just a week later. Bob and I will return from Phoenix and meet in Sand Diego to sign the pre-orders and a few extras . Whew! I can't wait to finally see it in print   Kind regards, Anthony>

Mmmm, who is heading up NMA sales? Will do Bob... I don't currently sell to them. Never approached them, believe it or not.  <Oh, Anthony, do! They have a very good business, ethic (from what I've seen)... are the "category killer" for etailing livestock and drygoods... We (you, I and us) want to be part of their program> Just enough of the anti-capitalist in me (not much <G>) dreaded to hear stories from friends like Di, and several other mfg folks in the biz remarking on how "lax" they were about payables. Had flashbacks of floating the big chains $10K plus in livestock for 90+ days in my wholesaler days. Although par for the course (and surely not so bad with books)... I still hesitated <G>. <Understandable> We cannot/should not miss getting the NMA titles in their inventory though, of course. <Yes> Will let you know how it develops... mostly wondering where their fulfillment center is. <MN> As far as NMA sales in general, I will certainly lead/share the lead for solicitations. I'll copy the contact lists I use/build to you so that we don't waste time working over the same purchasers :) <Don't believe this will happen. I have a close group of folks I have sold to for years... mainly L.A. people/businesses... and if you have interest, I'll gladly introduce you to the likely few you don't already know> All good... thanks bub. <Thank you. Bob>  

NMA RI, DMS Hey, Bob    I really would like to tag along to Phoenix if its not too much trouble, bub. Would you count me in as you make flight arrangements, si vous plez? <Will do so, or actually, ask Di to do so>    Is this just a day or day trip? Wondering how to swing my SD flight for NMA. Hell... I still don't know when the books will arrive :p <If you would like, let's ask the folks to put us up (bring earplugs!) and stay till the next day, make pix, visits>    I'll call Ted again today... they were waiting to see if the sigs finished trouble free before committing a ship out date to us. They waffled on Fri 13th versus week of Monday 16th for shipout. If too far into that week, we could miss them arriving Monday/Tues 23/24. <Press them to finish please>    Sorry for the lack of clarity. Will beg/harass the printer some more. They have to be used to anxious and nagging publishers <G>    Ciao, bub :) <Be seeing you, Bob>

Book & scratches If when we pre-ordered the book, we didn't fill in the part that asked for a name, will the book still be signed by Anthony and Bob?  If not can that still be done? <Yes, and yes> Also, a couple of months back Craig said he had a way to remove scratches from an acrylic aquarium even under water.  I was out of town after that and never saw whether anyone asked if he could explain that process.  Could he please?  Love this site!  Thank you, thank you!!! <Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/acrylictkrepfaqs.htm Bob Fenner>

New "Reef Invertebrates" Book Release date: Bob, <howdy... Anthony Calfo in his stead. Bob is still in HI taking pictures for the next book :) We should all be so blesses to have his job <G>> I ordered and paid for your new book last year at MACNA but still have not received it. <with our kind thanks too!> Can you update me on the status? <indeed, Steve... we experienced a delay of several months from the projected March release for adding content last minute. We expanded the book from a promised 300 pages to now 400 pages (first volume) and ~1000 color images! The printer just gave us an estimated delivery date of June 13th. Unsigned books can begin shipping immediately, our pre-orders with signed requests will follow about 10 days later. The books have to be trucked to Cali for fulfillment and Bob and I will meet in SD to sign said copies.> Thanks, Steve Miller Mabank, TX <thank you, my friend, for your interest and support. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the read and find great merit in it. Anthony>

Re: Reef Invertebrates book 5/23/03 Is there a new date on when this book will be shipping? Thanks, Brian <cheers, Brian... thanks kindly for asking my friend. Indeed we are so close we can taste it (or at least sniff the drying ink <G>). No fixed date yet- hinged now on when the consolidated freight (books) will arrive in Cali and when Bob and I can coordinate our travel schedules to get together to do the signing for the pre-orders (looking like second/third week of June perhaps). Folks wanting unsigned books can get them a week or two earlier. Feel welcome to e-mail us again the first week of June for another update or watch for news here on WWM or at readingtrees.com. Best regards, Anthony>

Anthony's Book of Coral Propagation 5/23/03 Hi Crew (this one is probably for Anthony or one of the "behind the scene's guys," if there be any!!): <we're all behind the scenes... and if the beer flows freely enough, some of us can be found passed out under the sink> A procedural question if I might...I just ordered the new book and the BOCP.   <yes, danke!> I read in the daily FAQs that the new book would have to await some type of celestial or planetary alignment (I think it was Bob and Anthony's schedules) to be co-signed and shipped.   <correcto> No prob there, but I was wondering if the BOCP would also have to wait, or would they (you) go ahead and send that one along.   <actually... it was signed, sealed and soon to be delivered: posted yesterday (or day before?) via USPS Priority mail. You should have it Tuesday my friend :) > Please let me know how you guys handle this.   <heehee... although the new book is out of our hands still... we always aim to please <G>. We try our best to take care of fulfillment within 24 hours for in stock> I just need to know how many towels to buy for my sweaty little hands!!  Thanks, Greg. <just enough to prevent you from needing glasses. Knock yourself out <G>. Kindly, Anthony>

Re: New Book 5/23/03 <Cheers, Kim :)> I was wondering when the books were going to be mailed to those who pre-ordered a copy? Tanks, Kim Price <after expansions from 300... to 384... to finally (!) 400 pages, the book looks like it will be shipping very soon (weeks). The signed copies have to wait just a bit longer into June when the travel/work schedules of Bob and I can converge to sign all of the pre-orders together. I'd love to give you an exact date, but alas cannot say/predict when the shipment will roll into Cali. I can assure you though... we are as eager to see it in print after all of the hard work as you are, my friend :) Be chatting soon. Anthony>

"Reef Inverts" book Shipping What's up? <not much, buttercup :P > any news on when the "Reef Inverts" book will be shipping? <Cheers, Joe... nothing much changed since the last update. March arrival at 300 pages got changed to estimated May arrival at 400 pages (no change in price of course... Bob and I are both handsome and wealthy... well... maybe not. But still not change). We hope to have the book in just a couple/few weeks... Bob and I then need to fly together to sign the pre-orders. We hope/expect to be shipping soon. Alas... it seems like because of the delay and our travel schedules, actual delivery will be in June. We are truly as eager as you are to see it in print <G>. Very grateful for your/everyone's' support and interest. The proofs of the book look smashing! (regarding the handsome layout IMO... you be the judge on the content <G>). With kind regards, Anthony>

RE: "Reef Inverts" book Shipping <cheers, Joe> Thanks so much Anthony, I am sorry to bug you its just that reading your wonderful coral prop book for the sixth or seventh time is waning on my meager attention span. LOL <ha! No bother at all... the anticipation is flattering... but I am concerned with all of that time you have spent reading in the bathroom :p > Thanks again Looking forward to some great reading!! <kind regards, Anthony>

New Book in hard cover? Hello. I would like to know if the new Invertebrate book is in Hard Cover or not.  Thank You <Alas no, my friend. Perhaps a later pressing will be done case bound/hardcover... but our first is all full color, soft cover with laminate cardstock (very good quality!). Kind regards, Anthony

NMA stuff/request Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 12:11:40 -0700 (PDT) Cheers, Bob * Not for Daily FAQ/posting... si vous plez I was just checking in with Zo on the book/wanted to give you an update. Some news and some requests: I have seen and edited (first pass) most all of the book to date. It is just about finished (yay!!!!) and beautiful... at least to me :) <Glad to hear/read> We were/are hoping to do a final read through this week. Still can be... with some help from Cali <...> To my surprise... Zo says he still has not got scans from Cali on Cephalopods (a beautiful chapter.... and you have such beautiful images on WWM), or Abalones (few exist/needed from you here... just a couple). <Have heard summat about requests to Jas these last few days> Frankly, Bob... I am kicking myself everyday for not voicing a stronger vote/opinion a month ago (or longer) for us to pay to have at least some scans done (faster). Cannot be changed now, understood. Yet we are so close to finished! <How to state this? This project has been largely unorchestrated from the get go. Zo turns out to be immature, a poor communicator, Jason a person who doesn't like to "be told" what to do... you and I writing and trying to re-write over "someone elses" re-do's of our drafts... no big deal all the way around... except for the (largely internal pressure from pre-sales, expectations...> Cephalopods cannot be cut from the book... I don't think either of us want that. I don't. <No> Can you help get these scans finished off? Us pay Jas, pay a local... anybody (!) to burn through the last images needed ASAP. There really are not many left. We can (begin to) sign off on this book in days. Dude... I'd like to hold onto whatever sanity I have left <G>. Help! :) <Will ask Jason re his status... Anthony, Zo did not cc me re the urgency of scans...> Also... Zo says he has not seen Walt's foreword. If we are going to hold Zo to the deadline tommorow <G>... he needs a little help here. <Have him contact Walt directly. His home #: 406-748-1952, wk: 310-215-3474> Can you make this happen? The ToC and Index are pending these last few chapter pages... <Again... the matters of dealing with Jason on scans, Walt on the foreword are the domain of the Editor (Zo). It's not up to you to harangue me re, go out of your way to get them done. What is it that is going on here? Am thoroughly disgusted by the lack of forthrightness, competence of Mr. Gonzalez. Zo, what gives? You've had your wife do how much of the layout, how many other folks "go over" the text? What where's your work on this project?> I'd really like to see this book out of our hands by this time next week... you would too I suppose <G> Ciao mi amico <Anthony. I wish I had been more pressing with you re more than a month's back insistence that we return the pre-sold folks monies. I need no help looking like a horse's patootie, and the ongoing "work" on this title has been a farce. Bob> Re: Reef Invert. Book 4/25/03 Anthony thank you for replying back about the book, are they still going to be signed by yourself and thee other authors if I remember right <Doh... actually, we started with just Bob, Steve Pro and myself... and Steve had to bow out early on due to family obligations. So you are stuck <G> with a scribble from just Bob and I :)> that was one of the early registration gifts included with the purchase, if so will this delay the mailing? <by mere days to a week... we will be poised to sign them on delivery from the printer and will begin shipping out promptly> Thanks Brian , Have a great  weekend <and to you in kind my friend, Anthony>

incl. questions for Bob from our (Anthony's) UK distributor 24 Apr 2003  * Bob... Tim Hayes is my... soon to be our... UK book distributor from Midland Reefs. Recently bought your FWG to begin selling (Di sent to me to send with my books for freight save). He has a few questions in the message forwarded to you here... <<Thank you>> Cheers, Tim... I'm catching up with some late (!) e-mail from recent travel. The situation after all with possibilities of airshipping books to you are not favorable. Since 9/11/02, the airlines will not take new/small shipments and such packages instead have to be consolidated with an established freight forwarder. The cost for sending books this way is prohibitive. Alas, after chatting with colleagues that ship books including our good friend Diana Fenner... the consensus is that USPS media mail by surface is the only (albeit slow) profitable way to mail books intended for resale :( So... we/you need to trudge on with a 6 week lead time on orders. > thanks for including Bob's book and > the mags. Thankfully quicker than the previous mailing! Excellent to hear... rather hit or miss it seems though for delivery times <G> > I've been looking at Bob's FWG book, I like the regional approach of this volume > A few questions for Bob through you if I may. Will do... Bob is cc'ed here <<Okay>> > I assume follow up volumes are planned, I guess > these follow up vols. might be included in this years planned output of books from Wet Web Media you > mentioned a few emails ago. Bob? Follow ups to FWG? Or merged content in NMA series in near future? <<These are intended... but want to get out to other locations for more photography and have help with editing, layout... as you'll see in Anthony and I's new series... much nicer>> Would it be possible for me to distribute these > in the UK? <<Absolutely>> Indeed! It is our hope for certain that you will handle our new releases. > The reason I'm asking in this way is that I'd like > to offer my usual full service of reviews and "books in print" listing for future books, but am > unsure about extending this to vol.1 where a larger > competitor , TMC, will benefit. TMC has been handling Fish Watchers Guide in the UK up until now, > and as far as I can tell has done nothing to > publicize it apart from putting a cover shot on a glossy A5 trade handout along side the other dozen or so books they represent. <<I understand>> > Do you know how many books TMC have taken/sold? > Hope this doesn't sound to pushy. You know how it > is, nobody really wants to put in a lot of time and effort and then have someone else reap the rewards, > though at the end of the day I guess I'd be quite > happy to include vol.1 in my publicity drive for sake of completeness if handling vol.2 etc. Yes... understood :) I (Anthony) do not sell to TMC... and am not sure how they get Bob's FWG or CMA for that matter. Bobster?... <<No, am friends with Paul (West) and Derek (Thomson) there... and have sold them articles for their website, but not products. Bob Fenner>> > On a completely different subject, I've recently > lost a few Anthias sp. whilst acclimating. Fish have gone berserk round the tank, followed by mouth > locking open, then death. On reflection I think they > may be asphyxiating due to gills clamping tight as a result of the mouth locking open. Any > comments/suggestions? Hmmm... on newly transhipped fishes... I wonder if the shock is not from too slow of an acclimation which is allowing the less toxic ammonium at the inevitably low pH of the shipping bag (test this to confirm) to become suddenly toxic ammonia with the sharp rise in pH from acclimation water. There is a balance needed between too fast and too slow of an acclimation. Also varies on condition of fish and water quality (wholesale purchases animals in better condition versus transhipped animals often in great duress). Kind regards, Anthony

Reef Invert. Book Release UPDATE 4/25/03 Good Morning, I put my order in for the new book you have coming out back in December was wondering when you plan on sending them out? Thanks Brian <Cheers, Brian... thanks kindly for the inquiry! We were delayed with the release of the text by the addition of a lot of content and pictures late. It will finish almost 100 pages longer than promised (at nearly 400) with over ~ 1000 images! Bob and I should be giving it a final proof sometime next week and hope to see it delivered to us late May. Not much later with hopes <G>. Ughhh... we are as anxious to see it in print as you are! :) With kind regards, Anthony> Authors of "Reef Invertebrates" Crew, <Cheers, mate> The cover art of Reef Invertebrates on WetWebFotos lists the authors as Calfo & Fenner, but ReadingTrees.com lists the authors as Calfo, Fenner, and Pro.  Is Steven Pro still contributing to the book? Just curious, Rob <ahhh... my apologies, Rob. On your notice I have corrected that oversight. We did indeed lose our friend's/colleague's participation soon after the engagement due to his blessedly busy personal schedule (new wife/baby, expanding business, etc). Bob and I wrote the book together... heehee... and ran over on length, in fact, causing a slight delay (~2 months) on publication. The book will be almost 100 pages longer than promised (nearly 400 pp total for 1rst volume) and has, I believe, over 1000 images! Bob and I expect to be signing the pre-orders the end of next month for ship out. All modesty aside... it looks beautiful! You can comment on the quality of content/info after a good read <G>. Kind regards, Anthony>

Re: Uh, that book, explanation Here I am. Sorry. There's stuff here: http://lgonzalez.net/aquatics/NMARI/NMA-RI-edit.html I'd tell everybody about the insane amounts of time Chris and I are putting into this book and how it has totally invaded our lives to the point that our household, my relationships (Zo/WWM, Zo/employer, Zo/Wife, Zo/Son), my career, and my health are all suffering dangerously... <Please do share. Am very aware of how much work projects like these are and have NO interest in harming peoples health, happiness. If this is the proposition (i.e. we don't have the time, skills, knowledge necessary to produce written works in a timely manner, let's not get involved. Period> but I'm sure nobody wants to hear it. And besides, I managed to say my own name four times inside one parenthetical phrase, so I must truly be whining. <Not at all. As I say (to folks who will listen), what are you first? Of these choices, human, male, American... in regards to the Iraqi's, other nations. What are we first here (WWM) friends, aquarists, humans... not entrepreneurs> Onward and upward - just a few more chapters to go, and getting better at it all the time... -Zo <Ah, good answer. Bob Fenner> p.s. Jason, if you can get .access working on that dir - that'd be great. The access prog is in /opt/bin/apache/bin and I sure thought I got it all setup right, but no dice. If you get it working, a single user/password sent out to all would be great. Thanks man.

NMA RI book delivery date i ordered reef invertebrates back in Feb. delivery date was suppose to be in march now it says may is this the same book <Yes, unfortunately we lost a fellow author (Steve Pro) and scanning, editing, layout work has proven more involved than thought. And... the book is another hundred pages longer! About 384 today. Believe me, we are doing our best to finish it up and get it out. Thanks for the prompting, patience. Bob Fenner>

New Book Update revisited 4/3/03 <cheers Howard> I notice that Custom Aquatic (a great supplier) <agreed <G>> shows the book: Reef Invertebrates by Calfo, Fenner, and Pro in their new catalog. I have not received the copy ordered several months ago from Anthony's web site. <Yes... thank you, my friend... from Bob's/our WWF/WWM site in fact> Is it ready? Howard <Ahhh... so close we can taste it, but not yet alas (May/June). The text ran over on content and pictures (almost 100 pages extra now) and we were late with editing. The update below was mailed out to most folks. We must of had your e-mail address recorded incorrectly (or not at all) when it was sent out. My apologies :) I really hope you/all love the book. The layout is beautiful! Kind regards, Anthony>

Reef Invertebrates: Vol 1 Natural Marine Aquarium series Calfo/Fenner... UPDATE Greetings, friends You have received this message because you have pre-ordered the new "Reef Invertebrates" book by Calfo and Fenner, or have requested information on its availability. If this message has reached you in error, please simply reply to be removed from the list. This list is not shared with any outside parties and is used solely for new book announcements. For all interested, we are excited to update you about the progress of the newest title. After much anticipation, a lot of hard work, and a projected release date this month (March), we are pleased to say that it looks like we will not be far from the mark. Despite our technical experts pulling yeoman's duties with roughly 1000 color images in the text, and nearly 100 extra pages of content added beyond the promised 300 pages per volume'¦ we expect to see delivery delayed by only 2 months. Another update will follow in several weeks once we have clarification from the bindery. We hope that you will be as delighted as we are with the way it has turned out! If anyone has a need to change their shipping address, refunds, or questions... please contact us in reply or via the contact information below. For all those that have shared their enthusiasm and support of this text, we sincerely thank you for helping us to continue to work in the service of aquatic life and the living. And don't forget... the authors are available to chat with and share opinions along with a full crew of experts and enthusiasts at the free-content web-site www.wetwebmedia.com With kind regards, Reading Trees and the WetWebMedia crew

NMA book printing Cheers, Ted    Anthony Calfo here. You may recall we met briefly with Karen Meszaros to see Knepper samples for my new co-authored book ("Reef Invertebrates" vol. 1 with Robert Fenner). Kind thanks to you and Karen for the time taken to navigate the quotes and our many questions, and for your accommodations.    As Karen had mentioned, we had expected to bring a finished file to you this month for the book. Alas, we've had a bit of a delay and will not be ready until April it seems. I doubt that surprises you in this industry :)   At any rate, this e-mail is to introduce and catch all up to speed on names, contact information, specs on the work and final pricing.   If you have any advice or a recommendation on a consolidated freight carrier, it would be helpful too. We intend to ship perhaps 2/3 of the books to California for fulfillment. The other third we'll need you to deliver locally.    Also, please confirm the specs/pricing below as per your last communication with Karen by reply to this e-mail, or fax us a new quote if you prefer (412-795-5702). To all: Ted is our new printer from Knepper Press To Ted: I (Anthony Calfo) and Bob Fenner are the co-authors, and Lorenzo and Christine Gonzalez are the editors Contact information:   Knepper Press Ted Ford - V.P. Sales & Marketing 1120 Robb Hill Road Oakdale, PA  15071-9106 Phone:  412.788.2550 Fax:  412.788.4491 Email: tedford@knepperpress.com Karen Meszaros 120 Pearson Road Jefferson Hills, PA  15025 Phone:  412.653.9707 Cell:  412.979.7941 Email:  kmeszaros@hotmail.com  Email: Robert Fenner Wet Web Media 8586 Menkar Rd San Diego, CA 92126-1355 USA Phone: 858-549-4948   Fax: 858-578-7372  Email: fennerrobert@hotmail.com  The project: "Reef Invertebrates" by Calfo and Fenner Total cost: $27,000 for 3,000 pieces Binding: Perfect bind, trim to size and carton (40-50 lb per) Trim size: 8 1/2 X 11" Pages: 384 + 4 Cover pages (inside covers full-color) Paper-text: 80# Gloss Cover: 12 Pt C2S Color Proof provided by Kneppers Press work-text: 4/4 process throughout Cover: 4/4 process throughout Customer Provides ready files via disk 2500 of 3000 are to be shrink-wrapped _________ Ted... We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship for us both, my friend. Bob's last book sold well over 25K copies in 4 years and is still in the top 5%-10% of sales on Amazon's list. My young book that Karen produced sold almost 4K copies in the last year. We have great faith for sales of this new title, appreciate your special pricing on the first run, and have high hopes for all. With kind regards, Anthony

NMA shipping Bob/Zo/Bueller... Please file this or pass it along (Di?) for fulfillment comparing freight costs. Our book will weigh around 2.5 lbs For shipping single books to a residence, FedEx charges more for residential (freight/surcharge) and as such USPS is usually cheaper (not so for cases to businesses). I'm not sure what UPS would charge or if Di's discounts negate it all. For ref though fro USPS: NMA shipped via media rate for books (M-clss economy) takes up to 10 days (UGHH!) but only costs about $2.70 (for 304pp) If it fits in a flat rate envelope for priority (1-3 days) it will cost us $3.85 per book. If it does not fit, the customer provided box will cost us $10.35 to ship priority!!! <It will fit> Sending the books overseas by M-bag (4-6 weeks delivery) will cost about $2.00- 2.50 per book (varies by country but not by much) Shipping overseas by M-air (10-14 day delivery costs about $6- 7 per book (Doh!). <Yes...> Thats all for now... stay tuned <Thanks, Bob> Ciao, bubs Re: NMA shipping, Di can you beat this? UPS offers a hundred weight deal, for orders going to a single address and min 200 lb. When shipping out the book, UPS breaks up the country into zones, and the charges vary depending on the zip codes. From SD to NY, the HDW wt price is 0.54 per lb. I have found that on individual sales, USPS is the best deal in town. The nice thing about using UPS for individual shipments is that tracking numbers and insurance are included in your basic fee. I found thru experience that nether is included with the flat rate envelope. The worst is when you try to file a claim with the USPO- what a complete waste of time. At least with Fed Ex or UPS, you can talk to someone who can follow the progress of your claim- and help you with resolotion. Not the case with the gov't. I would be happy to assist with fufilment here.  <Thank you. Bob>

Re: sea salt graphic in NMA Lets offer several pictures then. Omega, Instant Ocean and then... Tropic Marin. <If we have them... or time to make... PLEASE understand me (Bob), when I say people will be PISSED if our books don't come out on time, esp. those folks who have pre-paid. As far as I can tell from our rate of progress thus far we will have no more time to dick around, chase photos... this work has GOT to be done as in laid out by end of February at the LATEST. That's 37 or less days from now... I say forget any pix if they can't be found, inserted NOW> I suppose we will/would have similar problems with other products just the same- But then... we should not leave out the illustration of a good skimmer, eg (Euroreef, Klaes, Aqua C, etc)... just because most shops are too ignorant to keep them and are content to push Red Sea, Seaclone, Prism etc instread. At some point we have to draw a line of course. The sea salt thing is not that big of a deal. Most people hopefully stumble their way to IO or Tropic Marin. Several other salts have as good or better formulas but seem to lack QC (batch consistency, reliability, etc). <There are arguments that can be made for inclusion, exclusion of brands... It's generally up to the editor/s. So, Zo?> Zo... were the shops concerned because they prefer another brand? Aquarium systems literally has 60% of the market (industry quote). Tropic Marine is a superb quality and also has a good chunk of the market. That doesn't leave much for anybody to complain about. A vote please. <I defer to Zo> I'd like the pics of salt in (and specific skimmers, poly filters, other products etc in the series). Some illustration at least in an industry without a watchdog. Advocacy is a Fenner/WWM hallmark. <Yes... but generally purposely vague unless necessary to name names (at least on my part)... e.g. in the whole of CMA I mention two specific products (total), Siporax and Polyfilter... due to their uniqueness and need for clarity... One argument against labeling, identification of products and makers is the fact that they come and go. Tom.F is currently involved in a lawsuit (yes, being sued by A.S.)... please don't spread this around... maybe they (Omega-Sea) will "disappear". Stranger things have happened. Bob>

NMA RI monies follow up PART 2 <<<<<< Is that enough less-thans? All discussion below is A-OK with me and Christine. Pay back the fund first, then disburse profits in the 4-way split as already stated below. I am not particular at all about the disbursement schedule. Monthly, quarterly, whatever is best for the other folks (you know, professional writers making a living at this) is best for me. Ciao! Zo >>>>>>>> <<Real good. Bob>>

new printer quote Bob/Zo... I was waiting for a follow up to some questions I had for Bookmasters since getting this quote. Been playing phone tag with Wendy (rep) though and will toss the meat of it your way first Here's what we got so far (attached). <... we've got to save more pennies to even get the 2,500 number done, shrinked and delivered. Anthony, where is "Bookmasters"? Maybe it's cheaper to have them send the copies that are coming to California straight here? Would you ask them for a break-out quote?> My apologies for the delay in getting this from Bookmasters. I swear I played phone tag with Wendy for 2 months using excuses to myself that I was busy <G>. <No worries. The numbers are reasonable and about what you had said all along... Am thinking (if the rest of the book looks as good as it has thus far) of offering to lend us the diff. to have 5k copies printed (such substantial savings)... IF you believe we can sell all 5k w/in two years> The gist of it is that at a glance, the printing costs are a lot cheaper. Especially on the 10K and quatitities of 100 after that (future reference). Who knows... we may even have enough money to run the 5K although we also need to reserve enough cash to pay the postage (or float it if/for inclusive distributor charges on cases) <Yikes, yes> Summary: The shrink wrapping is also a little cheaper too (.21 instead of .25). No small case boxing however (one big pallet!)... waiting for a reply here from them on case-packing (if and how much). <Yikes... yes, need them to do this> Shipping is also not included and is quite dear. <Is their plant close enough to make sense to drive out and pick up? I can fly out there and help... Otherwise, if you figure each book weighing... a pound (?)... the shipping is only about a quarter (25 cents) per book... not unreasonable, but another expense.> I have not seen any samples either (will get some soon) [Bob... did you get the blank I sent you last week?... and Zo... you never replied if you wanted to see the second one I had here.] <I have it. Very nice, but not what I thought was coming, need to sell. Dummy-books are "just like" the real thing, with some insertion of real material possibly... but not nice, slick throughout, with fewer pages.> Price is our only advantage I can see here but it may be a worthwhile difference (huge perhaps depending on shipping and small pack charges). It would be nice if our printer was regional-close so that I could babysit and harass them in person (seeing proof press, etc). That convenience sure as hell is not worth a .75 to $1 diff per book though (if it amounts to that). <Yes> I'll wait to get all of the answers from Bookmasters for a better comparison. You fellas review and hollar with questions too. Ciao, bubs Antoine <Looks good, reasonable to me. Bob F>

new printer quote > Agreed. Most, some, all should be sent to you > pending how we execute fulfillent. > <<If you have time, a system (know you have names, > addies...) for printing > labels, sending out... please go ahead>> Will do. Have all in a spreadsheet and Zo/All have access to WWF tally of orders databased if I cannot scrounge the time. <<<Ah, good>>> > <<Don't scream... but I currently receive zero > percent interest on a few hundred thousand dollars... that are in non-interest bearing accounts (in banks). You really are the anit-capitalist <G>. Thats not a bad thing... but sheesh! At least get a savings account please with token interest :) <<<Agreed... the FDIC only backs the first 100k at each acct... but y'know, if there's anything like a real run/bust, the money won't matter anyway>>> Do have some (stock) trading accounts... but > am so disenchanted with the markets, I will not be participating for some time... too manipulated to > suit me. The real point, I don't mind lending us the > money for no interest>> Its sincerely appreciated, bud. I don;t expect that it should become a habit (using monies set aside from each book to support future runs/books)... but you really should draw something if it becomes a habit. Your call... you run the books... our thanks at any rate! > <<Di claims she has a good/the best rate from (is it > both?) FedEx or UPS... > and most books I'll have or deliver myself to L.A.>> Outstanding!... and if Di has an account with Fedex, I have a huge FedEx distribution center (one of the largest in my state) one mile down the road from me! I can ship all our books out on her/our account to simplify payables. <<<Great>>> The USPS individual books sent (overseas/airmail) I'll take from pocket as/if necessary and request re-imb from WWM <<<Fine>>> > Yowsa bud... put that blank you have on a scale and > recall that is only 250pp... not 304. We are at 2.5 > pounds (!) and suffering for it RE USPS options for > their 2lb limit on expedient modes of shipping. > <<... but the blank is all sealed... oh, you know, I > don't have the copy you're likely referring to! Have the all-slick,laminated pages one>> Ahhh, yes. Should have any day now (sent slow media mail <G>). Its a 250page blank with our paper and coverstock if using Knepper press. Will seek samples from Bookmasters promptly <<<Real good. Bob>>>

January 17, 2003 Estimate Number: 50075/cb

412-795-9461 Customer Number: 31431 / 103

412-795-5702 FAX

Anthony Calfo


161 Francis Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15239


QUANTITY: 2,500; 5,000; 10,000; Additional 100's

TRIM SIZE: 8 ½ x 11

PAGES: 304

COPY: Text - Customer furnished trouble-free PDF files and laser printout*; without bleeds

Cover - Customer furnished trouble-free application files and laser printout*

PRESS: Offset

STOCK: Text - 80# enamel offset, 540 (average) PPI, prints 4-color process throughout

Cover - 12 pt. C1S, with matte film lamination, prints 4-color process; covers 2 & 3 print 4-color process

PROOFS: Text - complete blueline proofs

Cover - color proof

BINDING: Notch adhesive paper cover

PACKING: Bulk pack in 275# single-wall cartons on pallets

SHIPPING: FOB Ashland, OH; postage or courier charges for proofs and advances additional

TERMS: To be arranged

PRICES: 2,500 5,000 10,000 100's

$25,059 $34,710 $53,933 $479

Additional for Pictro color proofs (required): +$10 per subject

Approximate freight (non-residential) via R&L Carriers to Pittsburgh, PA 15239: 2,500/$645 5,000/$1,186

Freight for 10,000 copies to be determined.

(No freight charges to BookMasters Distribution Center.)

OPTIONS: 1. Additional to shrinkwrap individually (recommended): +$0.21 each

2. FREE "Gold" List of Book Buyers -- Ask about it!

3. "E-Book" edition available.

4.torage and Fulfillment services available.

* Price is based on customer providing trouble free electronic files containing all screen fonts, printer fonts, photos and illustrations; or

BookMasters will create trouble-free files for $100. TrueType fonts may result in additional cost and/or schedule delays. QuarkXPress,

PageMaker, Indesign and press-optimized PDF files are supported. Word or WordPerfect files are not compatible; however, laser proofs

can be used as camera-ready copy at no additional cost. The minimum charge and/or hourly rate for corrections to customer files is $75.

NOTES: 1. Please verify schedule and availability of materials prior to placing order.

2. Cover stock is coated one side only; BookMasters does not recommend printing 4-color process on uncoated side of sheet.

Wendy Graham, Account Executive

E-mail: wgraham@bookmasters.com

- Overruns/underruns not to exceed 10% of the quantity ordered and will be charged at the "additional 100's" unit rate. Prices are based on the above specifications with changes being charged additional.

- Job instructions must be communicated in writing. Prices will be honored for 60 days excluding material cost changes. BookMasters will not be liable to customer for loss of sales or other damages for any reason.

- This agreement shall be governed for both parties by the laws of the State of Ohio with the venue and jurisdiction being the County of Ashland.

Accepted by:_______________________________________________ Date:_____________________________

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sea salt graphic in NMA Bob/Zo... I just had the most delightful conversation with Tom Frakes. Sheesh... what a nice guy. <Yes> We talked abouyt many things but one was of his new sea salt of course and his vision for the company being a distributor for products like... books. Since they are selling direct to pet shops, he's looking to send other products with sea salt to the shops with their orders. Down the road... he is interested in being a distributor for us. Very cool. <Very good> Also, in talking about our (Bob/I) preaching to aquarists about the fundamentals of water changes and using a quality sea salt, etc... I suggested he lend us a picture of their salt product (Omega) for use in the NMA in any one of the sections where we preach ad naseum about water changes (Aspects chapters). Laid out (argument for using the pic): People need specific recommendations Toms formula made Instant Ocean the bastion that it is... will do the same for Omega Bobs picture is the graphic for the product <G> [cross-promotion] I/we like Tom and if we will use any picture at all... I don't mind favoring a friend. Old Boys Club or not. What say ye, fellas... can ya stand it? <Certainly> We also will nab them eventually as a WWM advertiser <VBG> Ciao, bubs Antoine <Well done Anthony. Bob F>

NMA RI monies Bobster, <before starting this message too... let me apologizein advance for any business tone throughout. I just had a conversation with Steve Pro today and it just reminded me of my faith in friends being shaken as of late... or at least my ability to evaluate characters in business. I'm also rather stressed (as you are too I'm certain) for all of the work we have put into this book. Please bear with me, bud> I would like us/you to hash out the distribution of the NMA proceeds before we set the whole ball in motion so that all is clear between friends working without a contract <G>. <Okay, good idea> Not too long ago I was very content to live on faith, fun and the seat of my pants. I am temporarily gun shy however from recent events (Steve bailing, and Jas (?) suddenly mentioning to me about taking over Zo's role as editor? Says you through him. I took it with a grain of salt... do let me know if there actually is truth to it... <None as far as I know... he grouses every now and then (less than I!), but not really interested, or qualified for at least layout> I'm sure/hopeful there isn't but hope that we can make group decisions democratically across the board including who has an impact on our/my names and revenues <VBG>) I just would like to make sure we are all clear with hopes and expectations. Please input and then disseminate. As I understand it, you will handle all monies (in and out). <... am willing to> Obviously, you, Zo and I need paid. We also talked about setting aside monies for future publications. We will also need to consider budgeting for fullfilment (paying a service/Amazon in the future and compensating you/Di/me/whoever at present that fills the orders). I'd like to see us lay out a schedule of payment and am asking you for your suggestion on the matter. <Okay, do you figure we are all due about the same? I suggest that any one of us who wants, withdraws "X", the others get "X" at the same time. I would like to have WWM's cash monies (the funds in our acct. here) back for our continued use... but don't know if we should retreive those first or what? What say you?> Giving it some thought, my first suggestion/proposal is as follows: 25% Fenner 25% Antoine 25%? Zo (Zo/christine) 25%? WWM <Oh, I guess I should read the whole msg. first. Sounds fine with me> From the WWM monies... we pay your accounting, the fulfillment and incidentals (purchasing images, office supplies, Jas doing enough work to be paid?, etc). I suspect that such totals will ultimately be small and leave funds to pool for WWM book use. <Mmm, don't think Jas is looking for payment (will likely be happy with ongoing trip sponsorship). And don't want funds for the incidentals (stamps et al. I/we pay for out of ongoing WWM website revenue. Just do want to make a plan to "get back" (and save, spend on trips, gear...) the WWM sum of monies we will be sending you to pay the printer> We should also reckon a return for you or WWM for the use of the 18k (?) capital that supports the first press run. If the 18K is wholly WWM funds (not your personal cache) then perhaps that will not be necessary if you feel that we don't need to pay ourselves (WWM) specifically for it (the 25% share being payment enough). <The 18k is our money as I see it (as in all of WWM...), would like to accumulate it and the 25% for future projects... the only question is "when"? As the first money coming in from book sales? As?> I trust that all decisions for the disbursement of WWM moolah squirreled away will be democratic (lame... I know you will bud.. just need stroked/reassured) <Not lame. If you will/would feel, be better, let's put all this in writing, sign it. Better then having doubts or hard feelings.> Also, let me know what kind of payment schedule you want to swing. Monthly, Quarterly? <Either of these are fine, or even periodically or monthly, quarterly AND sporadically. As long as ALL the parties involved consider the disbursement fair, reasonable and consistent> Annual disclosure from your tax man is cool for all I suspect. <Yes> Anything I forgot? (other than a valium and a deep breath <G>) Bob... I love you man. I admire you. <Thank you my friend. The admiration is mutual> In writing this... I'm largely wigged out that I let myself get this far into our project without the strict business plan that I preach to everyone else so often. <Ahh, nah, you're among friends... Maybe it's because I have more material wealth, more likely that I'm older, but am not so concerned with money matters, trusting others that I know to be honest, conscientious> At your leisure... and with sincere thanks for putting up with my neurosis :) Ciao, bub Back to live rock... <Please send this to Zo. Either draft the points here up, or? I'm archiving them on the admin. subweb. Bob F>

NMA RI monies follow up PART 2 I'd like to see us lay out a schedule of payment and am asking you for your suggestion on the matter. <I suggest that any one of us who wants, withdraws "X", the others get "X" at the same time. I would like to have WWM's cash monies (the funds in our acct. here) back for our continued use... but don't know if we should retreive those first or what? What say you?> <<I think that we should to first and foremost retreive the WWM vested monies for the press run. We'll always keep this reserve to insure a minimum future run of the previous pressing size (at least for some years before the title gets stale and full 5K runs may not be needed). Eventually (within first run) I hope the percentage of money from the proceeds allocated to WWM will displace the personal moolah you (Bob) front... this will be our reserve, indeed. <<<Okay>>> I also would like to see the disbursement to all (you, me, Zo, WWM) set equally and automatically on a schedule for clarity and simplicity. Yes... agreed.. please do (you, Bob) pay all the same and at the same time. If any one of us wants to squirrel it... to send back into a WWM project later, so be it. The disbursement doesn't change.>> <<<Will do. I have good books (though done by hand... in double entry ledger, NCR checks... for all that has come in, gone out of WWM... not so much if we/I get audited, but to keep track of all for whatever purposes. Will make up the sheets for the NMA RI books.>>> >Giving it some thought, my first suggestion/proposal is as follows: 25% Fenner 25% Antoine 25% Zo (Zo/Christine) 25% WWM <Oh, I guess I should read the whole msg. first. Sounds fine with me> <<Cool>> <I Just want to make a plan to "get back" (and save, spend on trips, gear...) the WWM sum of monies we will be sending you to pay the printer> <<agreed. A priority>> <The 18k is our money as I see it (as in all of WWM...), would like to accumulate it and the 25% for future projects... the only question is "when"? As the first money coming in from book sales? As?> <<preferrably first, yes. I do need the money from book sales (BOCP1/NMA) for living expenses, but expect/hope that we can recover the WWM funds first from receivables>> I trust that all decisions for the disbursement of WWM moolah squirreled away will be democratic (lame... I know you will bud.. just need stroked/reassured) <Not lame. If you will/would feel, be better, let's put all this in writing, sign it. Better then having doubts or hard feelings.> <<no preference. I'll be content for all to sign off and agree here fore this first book. After we get a feel for what we want/need/expect in the endeavor... we'll contract future books to be clear with a mind for the mettle of the contract. NMA is a good learning experience for me/us as it is. We just all need to keep the lines of communication open as we have been>> <<<Okay>>> Also, let me know what kind of payment schedule you want to swing. Monthly, Quarterly? <Either of these are fine, or even periodically or monthly, quarterly AND sporadically. As long as ALL the parties involved consider the disbursement fair, reasonable and consistent> <<as per above, my vote is for regular and monthly. I can swing quarterly if is easier for you/accounting>> <<<Will send a note... on or about the 15th (when I do the billing for WWM sponsors currentlY) to all re revenues from sales... even pending revenues I guess if we want... and freight/postage expenses... any other line items?>>>  <Please send this to Zo. Either draft the points here up, or? I'm archiving them on the admin. subweb. BobF> Done, my friend (this one, last one/all). Ciao, Bubs <<<Good, Bob>>>

NMA RI pix > My impression is that the layout is even tighter than CMA (a very professional read yet not intimidating) and the image work is going to be better than any Microcosm title we've seen to date. Guys. I'm actually a bit concerned about the image work for the rest of the book. The clam chapter is gorgeous, yes. But between Bob, myself, and Barry at ClamsDirect - there are plenty of great photographs to work with. The other chapters will be considerably more difficult. Other than hermit and Mithrax crabs, I don't have jack for crabs. Same goes for snails, shrimps, etc. Makes sense, doesn't it? Of course I have photos of turbo, Astrea, Trochus, "bumblebee", and a couple of conches. Have bazillions of photos of L. amboinensis. Oh joy. Recently Bob has been sending a LOT more pix of shrimps and crabs, so I'm not TOO worried that we'll be able to tap his library for all we need... but the image scan/prep/layout (minus the scan, of course, for all the digital shots) is VERY time/labor intensive. So - looking for input, thoughts. A week in SanD will almost certainly be called for. Perhaps early/mid December? <Anytime... but soon is prob. better than later> Also, we'll need permission from Daniel (Knop) for the use of his Pyram snail shells - I stole it from some random website with an article of his. I imagine there will be several other such images throughout, owned by various folks we know - or don't. <I'll cc him here asking for permission> Meantime, I've updated the clam chapter a bit, fixed a coupla typos, removed a proofer's comment, and added a couple more pix (notably, a gaping maxima). I'll upload the updated version later tonight. -Zo <Be chatting... Bob>

NMA RI Outline, progress Gang, have moved the old file structure and content from WWM to Tuskfish, built many folders, files (feel free to re-arrange), copied/pasted a good bit of WWM art. content and pix per biol. categories...  Have a few questions, comments... we could add some sections on Biological Classification if there's room... Perhaps toss in fifty pages on algae (not really invert.s, but others do this...)... I've placed the LR, LS sections under "Aspects" rather than the org. reviews... as well as Algae (as in use in filters) and mar. Vasc. plts. Antoine... what say you? Should we review the practice of writing the bio. grp.s front to back? 

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