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Conscientious Aquarist On-line Zine Input


WWM/CA Advertiser Log  
Advertiser Contact person Street City State Zip Last Pmt Date Last Pmt Amt Date Ad Expires Follow up date Follow up comments  
Example Company Joe 138 Misfits lane Pittsburgh PA 15212 1/25/2005 $200 3/31/2005 3/27/2005 sending payment  
Reef Frontiers           2/7/2005 $540 ? ?    
DT's           3/11/2005 $250 ? ?    
Premium Aquatics           3/11/2005 $100 ? ?    
That Fish Place           5/22/2005 200 ? ?    
Something Fishy           5/22/2005 $300 3 issues      

Hi everyone: I think the best place to start would be to provide Adam and I a list of all of the current advertisers, and a brief description of the commitment they made and price negotiated for their ad placements. So, the list would provide information like this: Advertiser Number Of  Placements Size/Type of Placement (i.e, small banner, etc.) Rate Payment Received/Amount Paid/Date of Future Payment(s) Start Date Contact (Name, Address, email, phone) With this basic information, Adam and I can  at least know exactly where we stand, and then we can play a more visible and active role in contacting existing advertisers, maintaining relationships, providing them with information relevant to their product/market (i.e; advance notice of special issues of CA Mag,  number of hits on the site/mag, etc.), and just good working knowledge of who is sponsoring us and at what level. If this basic information is available to us, I think that we'd be able to track things a bit more effectively for  the benefit of all. Does this sound like something that we can do? Thanks! Scott  

Advertiser    Number of Placements    Size/Type of Placement    Rate    Payments/Date    Start Date    Contact Info.

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