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FAQs and Input about NMA Cnidarians Book

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Book question       8/26/14
Hi Anthony and Bob,
<Ahh; Antoine (unfortunately) quit our assemblage years ago>

I just finished reading "Reef Invertebrates: An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility" and just loved it!! You reference several places in the book other editions to the series and I cannot seem
to find them? Do you have plans to continue the series? Trust me I will be the first in line to buy them.
<I wish we had done the other three, four volumes (one at least on Cnidarians, the others on reef fishes); but such works are not profitable due to costs, low volume, as published analog books. Instead I have been writing and selling the equivalents on Amazon as e-books and direct to print (CreateSpace) offerings. You can look up these by searching by my name (Robert Fenner)>
Finally thanks for all you do to further this wonderful hobby. I know myself that I would not have learned nearly as much if it weren't for your efforts to educate all of us.
Robby Phelps
<Certainly welcome. Thank you for your interest, prompting. Bob Fenner>

book question - 10/12/10
<Hi Per>
Are these books yours ?
Natural Marine Aquarium Series Vol 2 Reef Fishes Selection care and Compatibility
Natural Marine Aquarium Series Vol 3 Reel Corals Selection Care and compatibility
<Mmm, no. They're done by Sven Fossa and Alf Nilsen. Antoine and I were to do two more volumes, following up the Reef Invert.s book, with similar names/titles... they never made their way into print. BobF>

Penning a foreword (NMA Cnids) Daniel (Knop), hello to you. We (Anthony Calfo) and I have a request of you. Would you consider penning the foreword to the third volume in our new series of books (Natural Marine Aquariums) on the Cnidarians? We have just recently issued the first and are mid-way through the second, so the third will not likely be ready for at least a year, but would very much like to have your review and brief statements on the current aquarium husbandry of the group here. Bob Fenner RE: Penning a foreword Sure, it's an honour for me to do that for my friend Anthony. Anyway, I still owe him a favour after he did not finish his Southern Comfort whiskey last MACNA in the hotel bar and let me finish it... ;-) <Ha! Will count on your participation then mein Herrn. Danke shoen. Bob Fenner>

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