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Cozumel 8.02




Cozumel trip Gang: By now you should have all received your vouchers for the trip as well as your flight schedule. If you do not have this info, please contact Felix (or me if you don't have his info). Review the documents and MAKE SURE the dates and dives are what you think they should be. All changes need to be made before the trip. Remember, CO code shares with NWA, so make sure your FF info is in the record prior to the start of your trip, to ensure credit for the journey. Either CO or Felix can do this for you. <And a note re frequent flyer miles... sign up, early and often (at the gate at latest). Bob F> Diana Fenner

RE: Cozumel Trip I just confirmed w/ Felix the flight and land costs. Also found a center where I can take the beginner's class. Unless there's something I'm missing, I should be good to go! Looking forward to meeting all of you (and what better place to meet than in Cozumel?!). Zo, are we still planning on taking the open water cert the first two days in Coz? Felix needs you to confirm this with him. <Pls do so Zo, Bob F> Subject: Cozumel Trip I spoke with Felix at bay Adventures. he has space for Tim on Zo's flights and has reserved the spot for 24 hrs. The land cost drops to $539pp(for triple occupancy), and Tim's air is $535. I will need to know tomorrow if Tim is going. He will need to contact Felix at Bay Adventures with the Passport info and payment instructions. Remember, food and airport transfers are additional. Diana Fenner

Re: Booking for Cozumel If you need info on rental prices for gear, the dive operator at the hotel is aqua safari, and their web site is http://www.aquasafari.com/index2.html Hope that answers any additional questions you will have. Di <Hotay! B>

Booking for Cozumel Hey Gang: I am trying to make our travel plans and have some questions. Right now I am planning on travel dates for the east coast people 11-18Aug, and west coast people 10-18Aug.let me know if there is a problem with the shift in travel dates (save on airfare with a departure on Sun). If you would like to discuss your travel plans with the tour operator, let me know. They are Bay Adventures, 1-888-599-3483 9a-5p EST. Steve and Deb: Do you want to pay for your trip and Bob will send you a check for Steve's portion, or vice-versa? If you are not planning to dive every day, it would be best to book the package thru USAir vacations, 11-18Aug, staying at the Plaza las Glorias, pricing out at about $725/adult, incl. trans and breakfast( the rest of us are on our own for that).Their number is 800-422-3861.Dives purchased separately are $58/2-tank dive, $10/1 tank afternoon dive. You also need to decide whether to travel with a lap child or buy her a seat. There is no reservation made for you. If you want me to book your trip, let me know ASAP. You need to decide how much diving each of you will do, and that will help you to choose a tour operator. I need the exact spelling as it appears on your passport. Please email it to me (unless you want to deal with them direct). Diana Fenner <Well done. Bob>

August trip Bob: Do you want to go with our original plan of traveling to Fiji in August? I think I can still get our money back from the tour operator. <All, Di is asking if we'd like to chg. the upcoming trip venue... the Cozumel location w/o the Pro's is not a priority... What say you? Looks like would cost about the same, take maybe a day more... Bob F, who would/will go most anywhere, would rather stick with Coz for now.> Diana Fenner

Upcoming Cozumel Trip Crew, who's going? Thus far... my recollection is Steve, with Deb and babe in tow Zo, celibitaire Myself and Di the inimitable Peter.C Jason.C ... with WWM paying Steve, Zo's air and hotel... all paying for loved ones, meals, diving... Is Anthony going? Barb.T? Mike.K? Patti.D? Pls acknowledge re... and let's check who Di is helping make arrangements for. Thanks, Bob F

Coz Bob, Di, Did I read that right - we're each responsible for our dive fees and equipment rentals?  <Mmm, you get all these... as not having received much compensation as yet> Can I get a bit more information on those costs? I just need to wrangle the family budget for the next several weeks, in order to work in the certification classes, gear (just the basics for now, but still not cheap) and of course the trip, food, incidentals, etc. - all uncomfortably coincidental with Fall tuition. (part of Christine's decision to stay) Thanks, Zo <No worries. Sorry for the confusion. You're responsible for meals, drinks... WWM will pay for airfare, hotel and diving. Bob F> now I remember... What's the appropriate underwater thermal system for Coz? 3mm shorty? <Sounds good... no hood or booties for sure... am just going to wear my rash guard... a real suit may be very exhausting to wear out of the water. B> J --

Re: Upcoming Cozumel Trip Saving my pennies for Indo/Fiji... will help to hold up the fort and check daily for postcards <G> <Okay... would like to make an earnest effort at gelling, making more concrete these plans... Perhaps Vanuatu in addition or instead of FJ? Time frame for you? Di is chatting up the Wakatobi trip still (in September), but looks like only richer dive friends will be making this> May move to Fiji to work for Walt Smith by day and as a pool boy for a rich widow by night... <A dream of mine as well. Maybe we can get matching Cabana Boy outfits? Bob with a towel over his arm> Anthony

Cozumel trip Here is the info you requested: For travelers from SAN-CZM leaving 8-10-02 air: $621pp land: 579pp p(at the Plaza las Glorias, 5 days, 2 morning dives; 4 days 1 afternoon dive, 14 total dives) transfers: $6pp park fees: $10pp ($2 per day for diving fee) hotel tax:$7.50pp ($15 per room for the week tips for bellman and maids) Total: $1223.50( no meals or drinks are included) For Steve and Deb: I have identified a package out of PIT on USAir for $620pp, excluding diving, but including breakfast and transfers. diving is $60.00 for a 2-tank morning dive, and you can choose the number of days you dive. If they each dive three days, we are looking at a cost pp of $810pp (including fees listed ) Anthony: If interested, let me know how much diving you plan on doing, and I will price out you trip accordingly. For Jason: his air+hotel+diving= $1166.50 I did not price anything out of DTW for ZO. If interested, let me know. Diana Fenner <Very nice. Good work! We (WWM) can afford the hard cost (Air, hotel) of taking Zo and Steve (and could/would charge on CC the same for Barb) on this outing, and about air for Anthony... for now. All would have to pay for family members if going, all other costs. Please respond ASAP or as in Francais, R.S.V.P. if interested in this trip, time frame. In other words, let's go! Bob F>

Requested info on Cozumel Bob: You may want to send this to all those who are interested in the trip. Di <Okay, will do. Bob> >Hi Diana, >thanks very much for contacting us for your Cozumel travel. >Cozumel has excellent diving and snorkeling, lots of night life,  >great >shopping & restaurants, and some of the world's clearest water &  >most >beautiful beaches. It's a fun, laid-back island with an exotic  >atmosphere >that people come back to visit year after year. We're 100%  >dedicated to >Cozumel travel & know the island very well and we can say that the  >Plaza las >Glorias is one of our most favorite and popular hotels. >The Plaza las Glorias is Cozumel's only full-service, oceanfront  >hotel >within walking distance of the downtown restaurants, nightlife and  >shopping. >All rooms are junior suites with a sunken living room, private  >balcony or >terrace with a panoramic view of the Caribbean. Other amenities  >include >oceanfront pool with swim-up bar and Jacuzzi, outside palapa  >restaurant and >bar, lobby sports bar with big-screen TV and a formal dining  >restaurant. >Rooms include air-conditioning, satellite TV, direct dial phones, a  >mini >refrigerator, hairdryer, and purified drinking water. >These rates are per person, double occupancy, and include all taxes. >Package include: >* 7 nights hotel >* 5 days of 2-tank boat trips >* 4 free single-tank afternoon boat trips [at selected hotels only. >blackout periods of time may apply] >* Welcome tank for a shore dive >* Tanks, weights, weight belts >* snack lunch on 2-tank trips >* taxes >Plaza las Glorias $579 (nondiver rate $304) [these prices are for  >arrival >from April 16th through December 22nd] >http://www.bayadventures.com/plg.htm >Plaza las Glorias Single Occupancy $799 (nondiver rate $524) >http://www.bayadventures.com/plg.htm >Plaza las Glorias $529 (nondiver rate $279) [these prices are for  >arrival >and departure in September /October only] >http://www.bayadventures.com/plg.htm >At this hotel your dive boat will pick you up from the hotel pier,  >and you >have dockside gear storage in individual lockers. Diving at most  >hotels is >provided by Dive Paradise - in business since 1984, they have the  >largest >fleet of dive boats on the island, and were just voted the #1 most  >popular >diving operation in the world by Rodale's Scuba Diving readers for  >the third >year in a row (1999, 2000 & 2001). >Please go to our website to see photos of this hotel and for more >information at www.bayadventures.com, and let me know if you have  >questions >or want to explore other options or if you wish to make  >reservations. >Finally, please let us know if you will need help with airfare. >Thanks, >Felix

RE: Cozumel trip I'm in. I start dive classes on Monday, will be done with open water cert on Aug 4th. Chris and Kieran will be stuck in Detroit with the swimming pool to comfort them. ! <Mmm, I'll bet they have other ideas of what might be stuck where. Welcome aboard! Bob F> -Zo


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