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Hash House Harriers

Is that dogfish? Nah... just his crazy dog Sydney!
HHH Info: What are the Hash House Harriers? See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers To find a HHH group near you, see here: http://www.worldhhh.com/worlddirectory.asp

Subject: Re: Thanks for din din, let's go on the party plans Hey Gang: Here is a list of the items I remembered to write down- and who will cover the item. If I missed something, please add to the list. The theme of the party will be the boxer rebellion. The battle of the blenders will also take place during the party on Sat. Participants will be asked to bring their own supplies, including their own blender. This contest will continue throughout the evening (or until there is no more alcohol to mix drinks) Submit your guest list to Frank, so that the overlaps can be pulled out. FRANK: - 2 style if invites, one for hash, other for normal people. -invites will state "no presents"; include an RSVP to Frank's #; ask people to bring their invite to deter party crashers; mention battle of the blenders and dress for the evening. -will distribute the invite to birthday boys, and each sends out their own invites. Printing and paper will be decided by Frank. - run routes on Fri and Sun will be done by Frank. He will also secure the Sunday run slot from the Hasher assigned to the day. Sun run will have a lingerie theme and end at Frank's house. All leftovers from Sat night will be consumed at that time (incl cake and champagne) JOHN: -check into clean up for Sat night (done by hall or hire outside help?) also check if additional charges are incurred with cleanup -organize the beer check and blow job check for Fri night -get beer( 4 kegs 2 lite, 2 full body); wine(8 white, 8 red from Trader Joe's. ask Angie to get stuff and disc.);soda and ice for Sat -if cheep champagne is available, pick up a few for a toast on Sat -coordinate coolers for the beverages. - Find out cost of the girl band for Sat. if a few hundred dollars, get them to play in addition to hash band. Discuss with bands the possibility of a "time for toasts" and when that would be most appropriate. -bring power strips for battle of the blenders -hire students to serve guests on Sat -contact Joe Camporesi about making a video of the event, and possibly a montage of the lives of the birthday boys. BOB -all food on Fri(hash meal), Sat(finger food) and Sun(hash brunch), incl all paper products to be used -ask Cindy to decorate hall for Sat <DF called, L/M for her> -Bring Margarita machine for Sat incl all supplies for it <Will firm up with Mark/WHN> Diana: -Cake for Sat. from Costco. 1- choc, 1 vanilla, 1 carrot cake. all joined as one cake. -150 candles to be blown out during the party. -propane torch to light the candles (fire extinguisher?) PETER: -will dress up as Lady Godiva and enter on a stick pony to recreate the famous ride, paying tribute to the true boxer rebellion. Does anyone have a long blonde wig and a stick pony? I have lipstick he can use. I think this was the gist of the evening. Had a great time! Di >Subject: Thanks for din din, let's go on the party plans Tonester, Frank/ly, thank you so much for the fab evening. Can't  >recall exactly what I'm s'posed to be sending along (other than our email addies). Let's get our preliminary "A" list tog. and the  >friendly invites... ahead of our embarkation this Sat. early AM! >Bob/DF, younger and older than you two Diana Fenner

Humpin' Hash Bar to Bar Hi Dogfish -- Righteous job on the food Friday night! Loved the chicken (I had two giant helpings)! <Ah, good> It turns out that Stupid Guide Dog, unbeknownst to me, had already planned out a delicious-sounding menu for the B2B. I don't think he will need any help, at least not with the food. He might be interested in some of the cooking utensils and heating devices you have though. Would it be possible to borrow these items if this is the case? <Yes, certainly. Here in Mira Mesa. Call re pick up please.> Of course we will want to have you there in the flesh as well! <Will endeavor to make it. Bob F/Dog F> Burning Bush

Can you help me? (meal planning, upcoming HHHH run) Hi DogFish! <Hey there> I am in charge of the Humpin' Hash Bar to Bar dinner menu. Our theme is "Luau," and our budget is $2.50 per person for 100 people. We'll be at Jello Shooter park in Carlsbad. Any hot ideas for a menu?  <All sorts> I was thinking maybe Kahlua Pig or Pulled Pork in big foil pans,  <Good idea... I'd get some decent cut/s and run all through a couple of good pressure cookers, toss on a sweet/sour sauce... maybe fry some of it crisp, dredged in flour, with the sauce or no after...> and people could make sandwiches on hoagie rolls. Needs to be something I can cook that morning and then keep warm in Ass Hop Her's oven until about 4-5pm. <You're welcome to borrow our stoves, propane tanks, pots...> Chicken Teriyaki with Pineapple is another idea. Plus something vegetarian. I like the idea of a sandwich, because it's easier to hold and eat. <Agreed... but would/do consider "scoops" (shades of aloha, wish we were in Hawai'i right now!) of rice, perhaps some of the (it's good!) Smart and Final potato salad and macaroni (cheap enough, large containers, tasty... goes with)... And if you have time, tolerance, other folks to help maybe... sweetrolls, butter, soy sauce, spam (yes)... perhaps a couple of folks could/would make futomaki (large hand rolls (like Angie/This End Up...> If you have any ideas -- I know you are the expert! -- could you e-mail me back? Thanks so much! xoxo Burning Bush <A pleasure my friend... Do look into the three section styro plates, fold-over types like we have in the islands... this meal'll breaka your mouth, no doubt sistah. Let me know if I can be of any real help. Bob/Dogfish>

Re: WEDDING HORSE DERVIES > > I was thinking of giving each of you a $50-75 budget to prepare your  favorite finger food to be eaten.......hopefully, after the ceremony. The > champagne fountain would have some kind of punch in it, not sure if it  should be spiked or not????? > <no> ********I think I'll go with a spiked fountain and have a punch bowl that's plain......Mark's lodge has a reaaally nice bowl we can borrow (used it for Kelly's wedding) <<Ahh, good>> > Hot Toddies to be served too, Cort has the nice coffee urn to keep it in. I have some apple juice and Bacardi already. The motorhome will be on site by 2:30, generating running for electricity for the music and whatever else. > <Do you have a band arranged?> ***********Nope not a band, Stool is gonna sing plus we need wedding music:-)) If the weather is like it has been the past few days, we may not need hot toddies:-))))) <<Bring the goods with you just the same... one never knows>> > Less than a month away!!!!!!!!!! > Sheep > <No worries. Be chatting. DF> *********With you guys taking care of things, I'm not worried:-)) <<Ahh, looking forward to the change, ceremony. Bob F/Dog F>>

Re: WEDDING HORSE DERVIES Questions from FMW How many people do we expect? We have budgeted for 150, RSVP should be in by the 15th, could be higher, could be lower.......some family members we didn't expect to come are coming!!! <<Okay>> > My hors d'oeuvres will be hot -- partly because it will be cool outside, > and partly because I like'em! I have Saltons which will keep my stuff warm. > I have three of them if Bob or George need'em also. <<Please do plan on bringing these along... There are facilities for heating, even prep. on site Linda?>> If you guys can take it from here I'd appreciate it.................got LOTS to do..........only 26 days away!!!!! Just lemme know the bill for the beverages, cups, food, etc and I'll pay up:-))))) THANKS xxoo (those are kisses and hugs in case youz don't know!!) Sheep <<DF, blushing>>

What Is A Hash House?!? Dear Robert,  You mentioned to me twice when you spoke in the Sacramento Western Marine Conference and then again the one over in the Monterey WMC about the Hash House. What in the world is that?!? <Mmm, a "fun run group"... dating back to 1938... You can find their many websites via your search engines... come running with us> Will you kindly enlighten me on that, oh wise one?!?  <Perhaps wisenheimer> Can you not tell that I don't get out much (not by choice) since I am taking care of John who is a complete and total wheelchair bound quadriplegic just like the actor Christopher Reeves. Hope you don't mind answering that for me, whenever your tight schedule will allow for it. <There is time> Thanks a whole lot to the n'th power for your infinitessimal patience. Hear from you soon. Sincerely yours, Aleida Ann Graichen <Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Re: Moving to the beach area in San Diego OK, I'll let you know. Most people I know want to shrink the size of their houses as they grow older,  <Maybe later... would like to shrink my belly, make my wallet bigger to give you my perspective> so smaller can be better. Also, I've got to say that the beach really makes a difference. In a strange way I feel more isolated at the beach than I do inland where the housing density is not so great. If I go down to the beach tonight, 1 1/2 blocks from my house, I can walk for a mile or more in the dark, without seeing anyone. You would love it I think; <Yes... get something like this sensation walking in the canyon... when it's not too crowded> it would connect you with the ocean you love. <Yes> This summer I went down to see the bioluminescent red tide. It was wonderful. I'd walk along, stamp my feet and sparks would shoot from my footsteps. I brought a jar of it back to my bedside table. In the morning, in the dark, the slightest shake sent swirling green clouds glowing throughout the jar. I wrote this about the experience: I swam today in the red tide A sea of blood algae Tonight I walked along the beach And saw these same creatures Flashing phosphorescent green With the break of each crashing wave Lighting the surf with the glow Of a million microscopic meteors <Very nice. Thank you. Bob Fenner>

Hello Zaius, > > Well, I am writting to get information for a poem someone is working on for the Christmas Roast. If possible, could you get some of this information for me. Just so you know we had a yeah off between $10 and Natural Light, or $15 and Rock Bottom -- $15 and Rock Bottom won, yeah! So anyway the dirt (maybe this will be a history lesson -- I always love the old stories Sex Cadet tells) > > Who was your founder(s)? <A bunch of "the usual suspects"... same as some of the other Hash grp.s in town... Gnog, Wrinkled P, m'self and other sitting about, grousing over the lack of fun, novelty in the present grp.s... what to do about same... I asked/commissioned Manhandler (Dork wasn't about yet) to design a logo... using Andy Capp (the original Larrikin) as our logo... got the name, hashing "protocol" from "Chuck" (Joanne)from Sydney... home of the orig. LHHH... um... Johnny/Deep was kind to take some of the art, have it made into spiffy jackets in the P.I....> > What year were the Larrikins founded? (1991. At the ole' DF Mira Mesa house #2... pink and green mugs... still see some about as a give-away... Have the old rinkee dink announcements that the folks at SDH3 were nice enough to include in their bulletins... before the Net...> > What prompted a new HHH club? <Mmm, a few important, and a bunch of trivial phenomena, desires... The original hashes about the world (including 1938) were/are on a Monday... an artifact of a few influences, including lay-overs/air travel, simple servant and military types moving about (who are/were a huge force in getting and keeping the various hashes going.... And to give anyone interested a chance to start the workweek off by having an open hash. The running club calling itself La Jolla HHH was decidedly backward on this count at the time... a bit reformed in recent years> > How many people showed up to the first Larrikin > Hash and who were they? <About a hundred and fifty folks, do have the list if you'd like can copy, mail, fax... even scan and post I quess.> > What are the longest withstanding Larrikin traditions? <These are tough questions! Okay, I mailed the white powder, I give up... wait, only a few left... Mmm, drinking like feesh, running about in erratic fashion, chasing each other about for sex... Gosh, guess they're about the same as all the other hashes... Well, let's see, really... We've almost always ended at bars (discounts cheapskates), had open elections (such as they are), had parties galore including a fab annual campout (made all but the last one out of eleven, sigh)... for the most part been "other/all oriented"... much like Humping, OC grp.s...> > Have the Larrikins always finished at a bar? <Nah, every now and then someone will have a lapse of common sense/reason and we'll end at a house, out in the open... Very open format... but/though the original intent (going to a bar) was to influence/keep the group small (and be introduced to new bars!) and "non-exclusive"... i.e., no "dues/pre-payment" plans... all invited.> > If you can add any other special tid bits of trivial knowledge of what makes Larrikins different or special just let me know. <Haven't been around so long can barely remember... but will endeavor to recollect... Do you find that what you learn while under the influence is best recalled in that state? Me too. Dogfish> > > Thanks a ton! Catch you on the hash side. ON-ON out.

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