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Indo Trips 7,8/03

Please correct this site Hi Bob, <Hi Daniel... did we meet last month at the DEMA show in Miami?> My name is Daniel Gondo. I'm the director of Tasik Ria Resort. I've come across your website with all the e-mails correspondence that you have. Can you please have a look at it and corrected? http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/indo7,8_02.htm Indo7,8/03   ... Di From: "Eco Divers Manado & Tasik Ria resort" <info@tasikria.com> Reply-To: <info@tasikria.com> To: <dilagg@hotmail.com> CC: "'copy Tasik Ria'" <copy@tasikria ... http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/indo7,8_02.htm cached Thank you. Daniel <Will do. Am given to understand Henrik may be moving to our town (San Diego) soon. Be seeing you. Bob Fenner, just back from the Marquesas>

August 03 N. Sulawesi trip, Manado side I do not know if this will be available- I will contact Santika to see what their pricing and availability looks like ( I think Tasik Ria is involved with the Silk Air Promo). Any other suggestions? Di From: "Eco Divers Manado & Tasik Ria resort" < info@tasikria.com> Reply-To: < info@tasikria.com> To: < dilagg@hotmail.com> CC: "'copy Tasik Ria'" < copy@tasikria.com> Subject: Re: WWW Form Submission Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 17:31:16 +0800 Dear Ms Fenner, Thank you for your submission form. We are finalizing our bookings with other parties so I would be able to give you an answer by tomorrow (this period is very busy). In the meantime I am attaching our price guides for your convenience, should you need more information please let me know. Thank you for your understanding. With kind regards, Sandra Terok Eco Divers and Tasik Ria Resort Manado, North Sulawesi Tel : (+62) 431 824445 Fax : (+62) 431 823444 Email: info@tasikria.com Websites: www.eco-divers.com, www.tasikria.com

RE: Singapore/Indo. trip August 10-24 Hi Bob This is Brian from MARS. How's things going? I'm looking forward to seeing you in November, if not sooner. <me too!> What an opportunity, Sulawesi for 14 days. I'm definitely considering it. Some questions... This sounds land based, not live aboard. Is it? <Correct. Though the two places we intend to stay at do have liveaboard capability... and there are indeed some islands, places (like the Togians) that are worthwhile long distance... there is an AMAZING amount of things to see within relatively short (boat driving) distance... and most all these co.s go out and back after/tween each dive...> Are you flying out of LAX? <Yes> $239 from LAX to Sing is one way, correct? <Yes, including Northwest Air that has matched SIA's rates... incredible! We (Di and I) could have flown first class! Though Singapore Air's coach is actually very nice> Is "full board" the same as all-inclusive (food and drink) in the Caribbean? <Yes, but not alcohol> How many days would we have to pay for at the hotel? <Five in KBR, Five in Tasik Ria, one in Singapore or two if you count the few hours we'll get in at the Changi (terminal) airport> $25/dive is cheap. Still, I've got to ask. Do they have packages? <When we find out how many are in our party, I (and maybe Di) will do our negotiating with the co.s. Whatever we get, we all pay the same per> How much is the flight from Sing to Sulu? <Expensive for right now. Di, Pete and I signed on to Business Class on SIA for about $600 (for a three hour flight). There may be some "intermediate" deal... between now and the time then> Here's my figures on fixed expenses. Anything obviously wrong? Sacto/LA RT $ 100.00 LA/Sing RT $ 480.00 Sing/Sulu RT $ 100.00 <More like 5-600> 12 Days Full Board $1,200.00 30 Dives $ 750.00 $2,630.00 <I do think you're about right... I would count on 3k, maybe a bit more> What would you expect in incidental expenses: entry fees, ground trans, etc?

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