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Input, FAQs about 02 InterZoo and Red Sea Dive Trip

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 Are you going or no? You should be!


Odds and Ends... Bob and Di (and Pete too!), <Howdy> As I sit here writing this you are still many miles away likely in a wonderfully exotic place the likes of which I can only look forward to... although not for lack of encouragement on your part! <Indeed. You can dream, scheme, plan... anticipation is only, though a big part of the enjoyment> I truly hope you had a wonderful journey through Egypt above and below the water. <Yes, though will be better with you with us in future> I just wanted to thank you all for your friendship and hospitality. I had a wonderful time in Germany. A great primer for me to want to explore outside of my country so much more! <Great> My last day in Frankfurt was just fine and went fast. Some tasty food, a little gift shopping and a few pictures. Heehee... and the room was so quiet and fragrent without the pied pipers of Hamlet... or were they the Friars of Flatulence? Ha! Seriously, my room mates were just fine. Jas and I have chatted many times by phone and were indeed familiar with each other. And Peter is a great fellow! I love hearing stories more than telling them and he seems like he has got some great stories! Looking forward to hearing more someday from him! <You will my friend> Di.. I paid for my room with some leftover Euros but I really appreciate your gracious offer to defer the charges to your AMEX. You may want to verify that you weren't charged at some point anyway though. Thank you again for your hospitality and guidance of a nervous overseas traveller! You are a dear. Bob... what can I say for all of your help introducing me to wonderful people and places and the seeds you planted for me among industry friends? A very sincere thanks!!! <Same to you> Well... the batteries are recharged and I'm ready to generate/assist on some new WWM articles! Get back and settled in and then point me in a direction. Most of the pics I took in Germany were sappy country/tourist pics... does that mean that I get to start the cultural "our trip to Germany" piece? Heehee... <Of use, interest just the same. Have a "mystery" CD from you in the mail to peruse. Hopeful that Jas.C has seen as well... Jason, let me know if you want input, pix from me, Miguel re this and your related piece on the trip to Egypt. Bob F> Antoine

welcome back How was Dahab? <Fahb! Though only a bit northward, a couple degrees C cooler, with a really interesting different mix of species this time... Some Dendrochirus in shallow... with some new (to me) puffers, a Sea Goblin!...> Thanks again for letting me come along on the WWM tab. It was a wonderful experience, and one worth repeating - perhaps without riding the porcelain bus so. But with the deepest of gratitude, thank you very much. <Thank you for coming, sharing yourself> Will be working/writing this evening. <Of all things, me too!> Cheers, J -- <Bob F>

Re: Hello, thanks, Dipelsdorf  Helmut, > Thank you for the good company, books, sharing your ideas in fabulous > Dipelsdorf! Do hope to "run into" you soon/er than next Interzoo. Perhaps > diving, photographing somewhere. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com << YES, BOB, ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME YOU MUST HAVE VISITED DIPELSDORF! ACTUALLY THIS FAMOUS VILLAGE WAS THE MAIN REASON FOR ME TO GO TO FRANKENLAND, NOT THE INTERZOO(!) <Ah! Those Nurnberger Bratwurst... delicious! And those "normal" Bavarian biers!!! My wrist is still sore from trying to hold them up!> IT LOOKS THAT YOU ARE BACK FROM THE RED SEA SAFELY. I HOPE YOU HAD GOOD WEATHER AND MY BOOK WAS HELPFUL TO ID SOME ENDEMIC SPECIES. so far from frankfurt cheers helmut <Yes! Am using my "old" (but still "Reef" not "Fishes") edition to pen the "Biotopic Presentation" articles I spoke with you about in Germany. Will be sending to Daniel Knop for his magazine. Thank you again. Bob Fenner>

Rain in Nurnberg Bring a rain jacket along to Nurnberg, the weather forecast is for scattered showers this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. <Thanks for the report. I suspect we'll be indoors in very large halls most of the daytimes... and in Bier Halls by night! Bob F> Mike

Aeroporto I'm hoping to meet you all (however briefly) at the Detroit airport tomorrow, but as Di mentioned earlier, I won't be able to get to the gate without a ticket, so we'll have to meet somewhere in the terminal.  <Hotay. Have your biz cards to go> Unfortunately, NWA has a brand new terminal at DTW, which I've never seen, so I don't have any meeting place ideas. However, Jason has my cell number, and we can easily find each other. His Dad lives out here and apparently will be swinging by to visit as well. I'm planning on being there around 3:30. <Great.> As for youse guys, I dunno. Got a cell phone? (Not Bob, I trust) <No my friend> ... my number: {[delete me before posting] 248-763-XXXX} in case that's an option, else, I can try to send Jason back to the gate to retrieve you... ? <Will work out. Di?> See ya tomorrow! Zo

RE: FENNER - Sinai Divers Service in Sharm Brigitte I am scheduled to in Cairo on the 11th and Sharm on the 12th. I will contact you from Cairo. Please send me your phone no. Salaam Jack. <Outstanding my friend. Hash with you Monday. Bob/DF>

Re: IZOO Bob: You need to decide what to do on Thursday morning. Are we going to Nue upon arrival? sightsee in FRA and then pick up Jason K and Pete? Take train for all? pick up van? With so many people and different travel itineraries in place, it in important for all to know what is going on. I do not advise "winging it". Diana <Mmm, until I heard you mention otherwise recently I thought the plan was to hustle on down to Nue with you, I, Mike, Jason.C (and Anthony?). Let's go w/ this unless you have objections, better idea. Bob F>

WWM A Broad? Gang, Di is reminding me to ask that you keep and send a copy of all hotel and airline ticket receipts (passenger receipt). Additionally, you are encouraged to ask for frequent flyer miles (they really add up!) on all legs you're involved in. Questions, problems, suggestions? Pls write Di. Bob F

Re: Fear of Flying, Mujadin I know it - I am just weary <I know you're weary... that's why you should be going! Now, and not to be too wary either...> of going to Egypt right now... Are you worried at all or am I letting the media get the better of me? <More troubles here than there my friend. Bob Fenner> Jason Kim

FENNER - Sinai Divers Service in Sharm Hello Bob, Okay - thank you for the information. Please keep me updated. <Will do so. You should see Jack (Melroy) on or about the tenth, the rest of us 5/12 or so. Bob Fenner> Kind regards Brigitte SINAI DIVERS

Re: Slides from down under, din din, fun in general Bob, Did you guys need those books/products to be delivered to my place again? Let me know, no problem at all there... I don't have a pallet jack either, but I do have "helpers" with strong backs. <Yay! Are you just doing the IZoo w/o diving with us Jas!? You will regret the lost opportunity my friend. No worries re the pallet jack at your site... the truck has one and a lift! Di will respond re the upcoming shipment. Hope to see you soon. Bob F> Jason Kim President AquaC, Inc.

Re: Slides from down under, din din, fun in general Bob, Just the Interzoo this time - I am going to stay in Germany for 5 days after the show since I've never been to Europe before.... <You will have a great time... but would be greater with coming out to dive down south! Bob Fenner> Jason Kim

Marriott, Sharm Is that a done deal - are we booked at the Marriott? <Am pretty sure, yes... At least for now, the start of the Red Sea adventure... May, can move... to the Tower, elsewhere if that's what the crew wants. In particular I wanted to go/stay at the place next to Camel where Jack was a couple years back... but, like mom and dad used to say, "We'll see".> I looked up address, just compiling the "where's Waldo" list for those in my life who wanted to know, and just wanted to confirm this is where we will be staying: Sharm El Sheikh Marriott Beach Resort Na'ama Bay - South Sinai Sharm El Sheikh - RED SEA, Egypt +20 69 600190 +20 69 600188 (fax) Cheers, J -- <Jas, important note. The way all is shaping up, you should reserve, make prep. for whatever you need to do to "get certified". I am concerned that the time frame being what it is, we (you, the rest of us) may not be able to expediently arrange for your part (certification) as part of the boat diving in a timely manner. Do make arrangements to "get this done" ASAP on-site if you want to maximize your bottom time with the rest of us. Bob F>

Sinai Divers Service in Sharm Dear Bob, The Euro rate is a special rate for prepaid diving services. That's why I have to ask you for an advance payment. Furthermore we would need to know how many places we shall reserve on our daily diving boats as it is pretty busy in the moment. <I understand. Thank you for your explanation. We have some folks that may not come, dive, and others who may not make the ten total dives. Have been going to the Red Sea, Sharm since the early seventies. Glad to hear business in brisk. Will still wait, see if we can make arrangements... our friend Jack Melroy will be there a few days in advance of the rest of our party. I will ask him to speak with you. Bob Fenner> Kind regards Brigitte SINAI DIVERS

IZOO Bob and Di, Thanks again for doing all of the legwork thus far for IZOO... especially our involuntarily volunteered travel coordinator DI :) <I have done little> I wish there was something I could do to help (please let me know)... I have faith that Bob will crack the WWM whip and keep us busy at the show though...heehee. <No whip to crack... Do more than suspect that everyone going knows about what they want, can do... and will "do it". Do hope that you will gain acquaintances, strategic partners for your endeavors. Do hope Mike.K will "sell WWM" in a broad sense, take some pix, Jason.C broaden his awareness of the trade... Pete and Di the same... all enjoy themselves, re/charge their "batteries" for life, pet-fish> I'm checking in to get an idea on meeting plans for the Frankfurt airport. Who's on first? I dunno... third gate (oh... that was bad!) <Di? We're still in discussion as to whether to "hang" about there as Pete and Jason.K (Aqua-C) are coming in on an afternoon flight... or even to wait about for Edwin Chua and wife (of All Seas) to give them a ride, coming in on American about 10:00 AM... Going to the Frankfurt Zoo/Aquarium, other attractions, or whether we should rent a van, just buzz down to Nuremburg, check-in, drop luggage, and go to show (we have universal passes) and scope out floors, who knows what... and let Pete, Jas.K, others take the train... Perhaps you would like to Andretti it on the Autobahn!?> OK... I believe the flight Di has scheduled for me arrives at Frankfurt at 7AM. Question: Will I have arrived first and zip off to find your gate in wait or vice versa. <What? Thought we were all traveling together... Oh Di....> Do let me know what the San Diego gang via Detroit is flying in on please (flight #, ETA and on Northwest right?). <Di!> Also, I think Di mentioned that Bob booked a hotel for one night for me in Frankfurt on Sunday while 'yunz guys travel on (and I return home Monday). Could I trouble you for the hotel info so I have something to leave behind for emergency contact/family? <No way! Oh, okay. Di made this arrangement for you as well> Well... thanks again for your generosity and freindship. <Mis-spelled!> Very excited about my first trip overseas! You may have to remind me to close my open mouth/dropped jaw as I take in the splendor/culture <smile>. <No worries. A delight to share> Danke, <Bitte schoen mein freund. Bob F> Antoine-fritz

Re: IZOO Anthony, I didn't realize this is your first trip overseas. I share in your excitement, because two years ago at the last Interzoo, I also made my first trip to Europe. Germany is a beautiful country. I was overwhelmed at the Izoo the last time out, you can literally spend days walking around the exhibits and talking with the vendors. I will enjoy talking with you regarding a strategy for selling ad space on the WWM/WWF, while there. This is going to be an awesome trip. Talk with you soon. Mike Kaechele <Great! Am looking forward to even more future trips. As Jack.M has trained us: "We never go on the present one, w/o knowing where we're going to next". Bob F>

IZoo passes Some trade show news... "Badges, we don't need to show you no stinking badges!" Well, actually we do. They're here (San Diego) from Germany... (universal ones at 25.5 Euros a pop, ouch! Will haul about till we hit da spot/Spaten Bob

Re: IZoo passes Don't worry, we'll make up that 25.5 Euros charge with all of the great pictures we are going to take. I'm gettin' an itchy trigger finger just thinking about it. <Like that enthusiasm. Do tell all what we can do to help your marketing WWM efforts... have you devised, implemented a method for "doing" the Links on the "Planted" and "Freshwater" and just done (finally) "Brackish" sub-webs? Bob F> Mike

Fax no.??? Thoughts? <Brigette, are you sure you're using the right country code? We are in California, U.S., the number: 858-578-7372... the fax does work... it's in my office, do get facsimiles on it daily. Can send as an attached file to me over the Net... otherwise, will be there w/o fail on the 11th, 12th to sign up in person. Bob Fenner>

Fax no.??? Hi Jason, Okay I' will try this one. In the last mail you gave me the 858-549-XXXX, phone was ringing but no fax signal... Kind regards Brigitte <Did receive your fax. Prefer to wait and have Jack Melroy chat with you ahead of our arrival. We are at present not sure how many more divers there will be in our party, how many dives they will be doing. Is it possible to have a total "per dive" charge over the time period of our visit, plus the charge for Jason Chodakowski's Referral Dives? Bob Fenner>

Room for two more at the hotel during InterZoo? Ralf, is there room that you know of at the hotel (Haut Strasse 13) that you've helped Diana make reservations for our crew at?  Two friends in the trade, Tim and Flower McLeod (of WSI in Fiji) are coming to InterZoo and need a room for the days of 5/8-5/12. I am cc'ing Deb Smith of WSI, Tim in FJ re the hotel: Haupt Strasse 13 91227 Diepersdorf, Bayern phone +49 9120 1860 (Ralf, do you have a fax #?) See you all soon,  Bob Fenner

Re: Room for two more at the hotel during InterZoo? Hi Bob, we made a reservation for 1 more room (2 bed). This was the absolutely LAST at this hotel. The fax # of the hotel is +49-9120-186112 If somebody is there before us, ask for the reservation of Knop. (7 double, 3 single) See you all in Nuernberg, <Real good Ralf, danke schoen. Will send the information to my friends in the U.S. and Fiji. Bob Fenner> Ralf

Germany (InterZoo Show) Bob, Do you have the web link for the trade show? <Yep: http://www.interzoo.com/d/index.html> Want to firm my reservations and figure out where to stay <Mmm, consider going about with us if you'd like... a bunch to chat over here... as we're only attending the show for two days... then off to Egypt's part of the Red Sea... Maybe give a read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/izoorstrip02.htm for input about our itinerary... Leng Sy (Miracle Mud, EcoSystem Aquarium), Jason Kim (Aqua-C), Ken Wong (Marine Depot)... a few of the WWM Crew... are hauling about for parts, all of an more-gel-ing itinerary. You might want to just meet in Frankfurt, go to some meals, walk the floor initially together... Bob Fenner> Dan DiCarlo President Reef Splendor

RE: Germany Bob Thanks got the link from Walt Smith this morning. <Ah, good. Nice folks, allies in the industry> I would love to meet up w/ you folks and shoot the breeze. <Good. Plan on it/this> I looked a the thread ... Wish I could do the Egypt dive But too much going on around here right now <I see> I am lost where the heck are you guys staying ?? <Ralf and Dan (of Knop) have picked out the place. You asked for it: Diepersorfer Hauptstrasse 13, Diepersdorf, Bayern 91227... in DE of course> I haven't booked airline yet but don't foresee a problem For either Frank or Nurn. The main issue is where are we Getting the best food & ale/wine .... Argh the spoils of war <Many fabulous places... part of my desire/need to not stay too long... over-indulgement> Definitely want to hook up w/ Walt while we are there he said You guys always do at least one dinner <Yes. See you at least then, there. Bob Fenner> Dan DiCarlo President Reef Splendor

Pet-Fish Wehrmacht http://www.museen.nuernberg.de/english/reichsparteitag_e/index_reichsparteitag_e.html For those who have been too bizzee spending all their weekend time drinking I've gone ahead and signed five of us up for as WWM Crew for IZoo... cum a 16% VAT (ouch!). The above link shows sites in/around Nurnberg you can check out related to the Nazis Bob F

Re: Pet-Fish Wehrmacht > For those who have been too bizzee spending all > their weekend time drinking > I've gone ahead and signed five of us up for as WWM > Crew for IZoo... cum a > 16% VAT (ouch!). <Thank you...but what the hell does that mean...hehe: "16% VAT "?> <<Ah, the voice of the innocents... "Value Added Tax"... sort of an/the equivalent hose job thievery we get here as sales tax... but this one applies to services as well as products... You'll see "the government" of, by and despite the people enact such ingenious "revenue" tricks here soon>> The above link shows sites in/around Nurnberg you can check out related to the Nazis Bob F <this is my first trip overseas as an adult... everything will be cool and exciting! You could take me to the local water treatment plant and I'd be geeked, Ha!. <<Will do so then>> My plan is to follow the gang wherever they want to go... I'll keep smiling and taking pictures. I'm sure most of us are going to want to cover the entire show/booths and I assume that is going to take a lot of time (a good day/full day/second day too?). <It will be... utterly exhausting... and very exciting... the show takes days to go through... we will be literally running through... going back to make more pix, chat with folks... We could've, should've stayed in Nurnberg/IZoo longer, but some folks have to get back for PTO's sake...>> Yes... I'm that guy that sits in the stadium seats until the very last play... even if the score is 56-7 and they are going to kneel on the ball for the last three downs. Antoine> <<A joy to live, learn through your eyes, mind Anthony... I do hope we will all be doing dive-traveling together soon as well. Bob F>>

Re: Pet-Fish Wehrmacht Bob, 2 days? I thought we were there longer. <Would like to be... of all things, we cut all time to accommodate... you, Mr. PTO... In order to give us time diving, moving about so much... I should have pressed you to take a few more days off.> Oh well, it's going to be a great time and we will have plenty to do at the trade show. I can't wait for this adventure. <Me neither! Bob F> Mike WetWebMedia Sales and Marketing Team

Pet-Fish News On-line from InterZoo Nice idea, Pete - we'll see how much of that actually happens! Seriously, with a laptop and an internet connection, Jason can make pretty much anything happen... just send pics and words my way, and I'll handle the site updates... <Great! Do wish I knew more re video, the whole world was ahead a couple of years... I wonder, how much it would cost to bring the Net and all its benefits to the world instead of the money thrown away on "militaries"? Bob, glancing off-topic as usual> Subject: Re: Pet-Fish News from InterZoo Not enough time for a cruise, we are only there for the weekend. Would like to send pics/info on the show, new products etc back to WWM whilst we are in Nurnberg, think the readers would get a kick out of it, probably not many know of its existence. Gonna need some tech' help from Mike and Jas,would also like to report on the diving side of things at Sharm. Know Bob will be taking his laptop, is there anything else we will need that will enable us to send the info' back state side and have it on the site while we are away? From tech' challenged Pete.

Re: Pet-Fish Wehrmacht Bob, I'm not too interested in that Nazi crap, check out this link for something interesting-> http://www.museen.nuernberg.de/english/fembohaus_e/pages/zeitreise_e.html <NeatOh... travel through the centuries...> Will I be able to use the Olympus 4040 camera at the trade show to take pictures of the exhibits?  <You betcha> I would like to get familiar with the camera before taking it underwater. <Good idea. Am hopeful Laura.L is still coming with us... She's very good with this gear (and has another rig of same) and can give you better instruction, more insight than I... You are already a good technique and "eyed" photographer, and will do well> I'm also considering taking one of the river cruises one day to check out all of the old castles. Who else is interested in doing that? <We're only "there" two days... you need to sell WWM. Bob F> Mike

Re: Fw: CHODAKOWSKI Jason - Info Qualification dives <Yes~! A bargain! Though, you will "lose" (more like use) two of your days finishing your certification. Okay with you? Jack, what say you? Bob F> Is this a good deal? From: "Sinai divers" <info@sinaidivers.com> > Dear Jason, > thank you for getting back to us! > Yes sure - we can offer you the following: > for you: > 4 Qualification dives (2 days) > 6 dives (3 days diving - boat excursions) > Euro 398,-- incl. full equipment > excl. license fees and extra charges > (Ras Mohammed entrance fee, lunch...) > for the certified divers: > 5 days diving (10 dives) > incl. weights, tanks, divemaster & boat excursions > Euro 235,-- per person > excl. extra charges > (Ras Mohammed fee, equipment rental, lunch...) > The above rates are valid if you prepay the diving > services. > The first two days you will dive with an instructor. > Once you are certified you can join the other divers > on the daily diving trips. > Please let me know if you wish to make a reservation > and advise fax number so that I can send you the invoice. > Looking forward hearing from you again I remain > with kind regards > Brigitte > SINAI DIVERS > Jason Chodakowski wrote: > > Sounds good to me. As an aside, I'll be traveling with a group of seven > > other divers and we'll be there for the entire week. Is there a "package" we > > can put together that would include the diving for everyone in the party in > > addition to my qualification dives? > > Let me know. > > Thanks.

Diving, Red Sea trip excitement Got the original... Speaking of which - I'm starting to amass some scuba equipment around here... looks like I might be going diving or something... WOOT! <I do hope you will be comfortable... A huge part of the scuba experience is simple familiarity... with ones body, the water, all the ding dang gear. Maybe you could/can sleep with it on? BTW Di, Pete and I were chatting re your upcoming "diving in" to the sport/interest... and re the Red Sea, the first day there we will likely either haul on down to the Tower (a resort property with fab diving and scuba right on the shore) or maybe down to the bigger part of the Ras Mohamed Park down south (hence out to the Observatory, other locations) and dive/scuba... So... you can get your "check out" dives done the first day (we arrive late the night before) of the six that we're on site in Sharm... BUT do, IN ADVANCE contact whoever you want/intend to use for the final... like Camel Divers. Di's had no luck contacting the dive service at/through Marriott itself. BUT Jack.M/Slowpoke is going to make an advance attack on accommodations there and will likely sign all of us up for package deals... Jack?> Am just so excited I could <something> <grin> <wink> Something. Cheers, J -- <Something in the way you key... reminds me like no pet-fish lover... Bob Fenner>

Check-out dives as in at the cash register. Cha bada-boom cha cheeng! Wow! These guys are a racket - and it's two days... perhaps someone besides camel dive? <Mmm, maybe the folks at/near your home/U.S.? Most anyone/everyone who deals with your agency of certification (NAUI, PADI, NASDS...) will do. Put in the terms "Sharm, Diving, Services..." in your search engines... I don't have specific recommendations, as the players change constantly (much more to do with individuals working at a facility than actual agency guidelines, physical plant...). Bob F, who will send note to Jack, Pete and Mike for input.>

check out dives Hmmm... I thought I only needed two - camel dive is four. Sinai divers just has a per-dive price - does this mean there is some evaluation taking place, that the instructor might find one an apt pupil and see how much they can get done??? <Mmm, don't think so... just a "standard" difference set by their guiding agency> Anyway, Sinai divers is $50 a dive. <Cheaper. Maybe this is the outfit Jack can/will sign us all up for the boat dives? And we'll get a package deal... Jack?> http://www.sinaidivers.com/sd/english/index.htm Thoughts, suggestions? <I have dived with this co. in Sharm. They're fine. Bob F> J --

Bizcards: files, addresses] The San Diego group is due to land in DTW on NW#282 at 359P, and transfer to #52, leaving at 525P. (May 8) Jason arrives on NW#179 at 157P, also transferring to flight #52. Anthony will fly direct from PIT to FRA on USAir. Peter chose to fly BA out of SD, so we will meet him (and Jason Kim)in FRA. We can look at meeting somewhere outside the gate area for NWA(since it wll be difficult for you to get into the gate area without a ticket). Any ideas? Di <Who's on first? And we all go to heaven in a little row-boat, drink wine! Bob, who had to insert something to send this to the sent files> > are you going to try to meet up with any of us at the airport on  >the 8th? >Planning/hoping - just need flight information, and I should be able  >to make >it. It's really only a few minutes from work, if you guys will be  >passing >through during the day... > > If so, I will bring them along. I hope to see you then. >Cool. See ya! Diana Fenner Re: airline tix <IZoo/Red Sea folks... though the rest of us are scheduled to get in in the AM of the same day Pete and Jas.K (and perhaps others arrive via British Air) into Frankfurt... maybe we (the early arrivals) could hang about, visit the Zoo/Aquarium/Bug Palace... as we intend to rent a van to carpool to Nurnberg... What say Jas.C, Di, Antoine, Mike.K? Peter.C wrote: Jason, no reservation needed, the train station adjoins the airport so its a short walk to the trains which run every half hour. Are you traveling on the same BA flight as myself? Do you have a hotel reservation? Pete. >Subject: airline tix  >Pete,  >Thanks for sending the link, I was going to go through United but B.A. was about $40 cheaper. Just booked my flight for May 8...  >As far as the train to Nuremburg goes, do you just book this once you are over there (no reservations needed)?  >Jason Kim  >President  >AquaC, Inc. 

Re: airline tix Pete, Great, getting around Europe sounds so much easier than here in the U.S. I am going to be in flight BA2274 leaving S.D. at 4:40 PM. I believe this is the same as you so hopefully we can get seats next to each other. <It is a real mass transit system region. Bob F> I don't have a hotel reservation as of yet, was going to take care of this today... If you have anything arranged or recommendations please send them over... <Di will no doubt (oh, there she is) contact you re. Stay with us.> Jason Kim

Re: airline tix I am not interested in spending the day in FRA. The vans I saw available last month are gone. We would have to deal with mucho luggage storage in the train terminal. If others wish to tour, that's fine with me. Diana <Pls look for another "van" source. Bob F>

Your job at IZoo and Red Sea Miguel, do count on bringing your Olympus camera and gear if you can, and using the 4040 we have, and the housing and... underwater and above in Egypt. Need for you to take/make good people, displays, whole system and component images in Germany and larger landscape and sessile (non-moving) specimen shots underwater. Can do? Bob F

airline tix Bob, Sounds like a good idea. I'll just go with the flow. Mike <You may have to swim upstream for a bit. Bob F>

Re: Your job at IZoo and Red Sea Bob, I will be bringing my Canon digital camera with me. I would also enjoy using the Olympus 4040 underwater. Maybe I can pick it and the housing up before we leave so I can get the hang of it. Talk with you later. Mike <Good idea. Anytime. Bob F>

Re: airline tix <You may have to swim upstream for a bit. Bob F> Kinda, like a, salmon? <'Zackly... I can see you gasping for air on the beach of life after spawning... Oh oh, here comes a Grizzly, give me the gaff! Bob F> Mike

Hotel in NUE Hey Gang: In case you were wondering where we are staying in NUE: Address: Gasthof Loehner Haupt Strasse 13 91227 Diepersdorf Phone +49-9120-1860 10 mls (10 minutes) east of Nuernberg We are booked at the Marriott at Sharm for the 12-19. No plans have been made for your 1 night in FRA before your flight home. <Thanks. Bob F> Regards, Diana

Re: May Trip, WWM help I hope to be able to handle all the emails while you all are away. I can also take care of posting them daily and spell checking.  <Man! How about coming to San Diego and doing the lawns!? You da man! Que te hombre!> It is just the filing that is the most difficult/takes the longest amount of time (I really don't like my wife that much anyway ...inserted while Steven was typing by Deb).  <Ah ha... thought I detected that Ritteri wit> I gladly will accept any additional offers of help though. -Steven Pro P.S. The Trachyphyllia article should be finished early next week. Slides have been developed and scanned at 20 megs and the text should be finished when Anthony returns from Backer. Bob, should we mail you a CD with the images and text for editing, posting on WWM, and then forwarding to FAMA? <Sounds great. If this is the best route, pls send it on> Also, I have begun a short piece on the various treatment options for Cryptocaryon. <Thank goodness... that ought to save us at least a few tens of hours, plus a couple more for correcting <winkie> someone in your towns <smile> alliteral remarks and spellinz. Bob F> Robert Fenner wrote: > Oh, I forgot to start begging. Is there time, interest in helping answer > queries, running spell check, moving FAQs about while your WWM friends are > frolicking overseas? Am hoping Esteban/PA will not ex/implode at the load... > and that Antoine will hurry back with wings on his keying fingers in a week > or so... Bob F

Re: May Trip, WWM help I'm on the hook to help poor Steve - will do as much of the filing as humanly possible. <Only this?> Optimistically, I do think I can file them in as much or less time as it takes Steve to answer them - <Mmm... I've still got a few hours worth to place...> so we should be fine. I'll pitch in on the email when I have the time or feel qualified to reply. (I'm definitely in a Junior League, compared to Monsieur Pro...) -Zo <Ahhh, all will be fine, as you will see. Bob F>

WWM Biz cards Zo, did you have those spiffy biz cards printed up for WWM? Will send you a big check for... and the old Maxtor ext. HD... wait, will send with the new scans... or wait, can haul out when we pick up Jas enroute if you're at the airport... wait, too far from where you live, work. Any who, let me know re the cards. Bob

Bizcards > Zo, did you have those spiffy biz cards printed up for WWM? I'll get them printed up this weekend, no problemo. EACH PERSON GETTING BIZCARDS NEEDS TO SEND ME THE EXACT INFO HE/SHE WANTS ON THE CARD - Names, middle initial?, alias - whatever , snailmail address, tel/fax, email... Bob, any final word on quantities?  <Mmm, will leave up to you... 250 each? Likely there's a super bargain for 1k or so...> I'll send out a final confirmation of everybody's information for the cards a little later this evening. Then I can mail the cards out to each person, or all to one, for distribution... or... the airport is actually only 20 minutes from my workplace, if you guys will be having a longish layover, it'd be fun to hookup for a little while. <Yes, please do come out. Do think there is likely an hour or more... and Jas will be there (Oh! Di says we're all meeting in Detroit... duh!) and Anthony, and the rest of us...> Damn, I wish I could go. <Me too my friend. Would be even more fun, educational-enlightening to all be together. Let's work to see that we can share in future. Bob Fenner> -Zo

Egypt Jack: We do have rooms booked at the Marriott in Sharm. Yours is a partial ocean view. If you wish a full ocean view, it is 150 US/nt. You can contact Marriott to make the change- or wait to see what you get in Sharm. The Tower has not responded to my email requests (it has been 5 days). I emailed both the hotel and the booking company. Do you want to try phoning them? Their phone number is 20-69-660230. The fax number is 20-69-661237. We need 4 rooms for 7 persons including you (or 8 persons if you bring a guest). Let me know what you find. <Thx for this. Bob F> Diana Fenner New Digs in Egypt's Sinai for WWM http://www.diversguide.com/redsea/the_tower.html is one page re the Tower, our new accommodation planned for the Sharm part of the Red Sea trip in May.  http://www.planhotel.ch/home.htm Di, a link to the Hotel (Tower) and dive services related in Sharm. Bob F

Germany Hey, Bob... can I go too <wink>? Those are some mighty long coattails you have, by the way...hehe. Antoine <Thought you WERE going... to just Germany or are you going to take zee plongee? Pls confirm your intent with Di. Will cc' her here. Oh, btw, Leng Sy is coming on the trip down South after IZoo and also on a couple of the liveaboard legs to Australia... Bob F>

Re: Germany (and Red Sea?), and Leng Sy on Australia Trip Hey gang: Here is a rundown of the itinerary I have put together. Please let me know if you would like for me to book your air and you airport of choice), of if you are meeting us somewhere in the world. 8 May Detroit-Frankfurt ( I thought we could all meet from our respective home airports in DTW, and then travel overseas together. I am planning on traveling on Northwest Airlines due to discount coupons we have) 9 May Arrive in Frankfurt. Go thru customs. Take train to Nuremberg. We are too large for a castle, so at this time we are looking at hotels on the outskirts of town, near a metro station for transport to the show. 12 May FRA-Sharm el Sheik ( This part of the flight will be on Egypt Air. The flight has a stop in Hurgada, a resort town in Egypt for est. 1 hr. This is the most direct way to get there at this time of the year. The flight is currently scheduled to leave at 4pm from FRA. We will arrive late on Sunday night. I have not booked rooms for Sharm, but the Marriott was advertising $49.00/nt rooms. Just a thought.) <What? Jack, what is the name of the place you stayed at next to Camel Divers last time? The multi-layered Escher-esque Ali-bah-bah and the forty nights or so joint? I vote for staying there if we end up in Na'ama Bay proper... Bob F.> 19 May FRA-SSH on Egypt Air. We will overnight in FRA near the airport. 20 May FRA-DTW (the group will the disburse after customs and take their respective flights home)

Re: Germany (and Red Sea?), and Leng Sy on Australia Trip I'm looking forward to this trip to Germany and the Red Sea with great excitement and anticipation. We take off in only 8 1/2 weeks. Mike K. <And how many hours, minutes, seconds? Bob F, also greatly looking forward to the camaraderie, experiences.> Re: Germany (and Red Sea?), and Leng Sy on Australia Trip Yes, sir... still going to the Germany part (not Red Sea). I was just teasing about not making the "list"...hehe. Thanks, Anthony <Antoine, you hydro-phobe! Do plan on planning on going into as in under the water in future. Not hard, and of all people... a blast. Bob F>

Re: An update of sorts re the May 02 Germany/Interzoo, Red Sea/Egypt trip Bob, Amy and I were going to book tickets ASAP. What is the latest update on the trip/dates/airlines? Thanks. Ken <Will fwd. this to Di... she's firming up where to stay (Ralf and Daniel.K are helping in D.)... Make it known if you want her to find space for you to stay (with us?) in Germany, Sharm. Be seeing you, hi to Elko, Bob F>

Interzoo, side trips... hey bob, dont get to spend much time behind this screen, however Joleen and I are planning to spend a week or so in Germany via Monaco and London on the way back. i here there are lots of large sharks down under. where are you staying in Nuremberg? best regards, Jeff <Probably not in Nuremberg itself (too pricey for the number of folks in our entourage)... Di is still looking for what will do. Will send all along info. as we know. Bob Fenner>

Itinerary Update? Any chance we have an updated/slightly-more-detailed itinerary for the Germany/Red Sea excursion? <Di has been working on same. Di? BTW, looks like we have enough moolah to sponsor Barb... Whatcha doing about May, 02? Wanta hang around with pet fish nerds? Bob F> -Zo

Re: Trips I won't have enough PTO built up by then. Wahhh!! <Oh! Maybe you can/could sell enough ad space on WWM to buy your time back from Scripps? See you. Bob F> Mike

RE: More pix/traveling >btw, Di said she thought you were NOT going on the Red Sea part of the upcoming trip? I'm in/on/spiritually committed/excited/hanging-on ... for the whole trip, even if I have to look for a new job when I get back. However, La Famiglia Gonzalez will not be joining us on this outing at all. -Zo <Glad to have you on full boat. Sorry the family won't make this one, but... there is the future. Bob F>

RE: Daily E-mail Pic, and on the upcoming RS, Izoo trip And actually greets to Pete and his clown fish too... <Will pass on to both> Great photo. I'm am really not sleeping much these days thinking about the Red Sea... just really too excited. Breathe deep... <If too excited to sleep, get up and exercise, study about diving, the natural history of the Red Sea, its geography, people... Much to enjoy, share in knowing, doing. Bob Fenner> J --

RE: Bizcards Addresses? Who said anything about addresses? I'm supposed to make room for an address (besides email, website) on that card? Somebody say yay or nay to addresses on his/her bizcard (and provide the details) - or you ain't gettin' it... <I'd like addresses on mine, please: 8586 Menkar Rd., San Diego, CA 92126  Ancient Bob> -Zo

Assorted: Germany trip, biz cards, truth Bob, Thank you again for the Interzoo push... I am really looking forward to it. <Myself even more so with you along> As far as you registering us, I'd be just as happy registered with y'all at WWM. The only business I intend to conduct of my own is seeking out anyone you might suggest for me to offer a book sample to for a European fat trimming and possible publication. Did you say that your CMA is on Dahne Verlag (?) and if so what languages/distribution (Germany only or beyond?) <Will register you with us as WWM. CMA only with M/TFH> And so, if I can do any pitching for WWM while there, let me do so. If you prefer, or think it is in my best interest to register as Reading Trees... my thanks just the same.  <Mmm, up to you. You can/could (I would) bring biz cards along, promote yourself as either/both...> I believe that much of the casual advice that you give me and others has a longview without an explanation <You astound me my friend. Must be/becoming more obvious than I think/thought> and as such I'm trying to heed the advice (like you REALLY need to go to Interzoo, you silly twit...hehe). <An, yes> As far as the travel, please do allow me to meet you all in Detroit for the flight over together. <Will ask that Di make it so> Regarding the book review... thank you sincerely! It is almost <wink> exactly the type of review that I would hope for <G>... actually, I think you used the kid gloves, if I had a complaint. I want people to know from go that the book is a readin' book... if someone wants pretty pictures, I couldn't do it any better than others have done (or as well even!)...so folks need to know to take their money elsewhere. And you were very gracious in your phrasing of the coloquial language...thank you. Indeed, another aspect of the text that people will love or hate. I have had many people say they loved it so far, and also had a lot of people register their books without making any comment (surely some dissatisfied folks in there). I mentioned before that you had the beta version before the first 500 books were printed... I have taken out a lot of the parenthetical/arcane humor since then, partly on your preliminary advice/impression. Indeed... too much for some folks. <Only bits I might add, change of some word choice... will gladly send back, otherwise share my marked up copy with you> I've been running for my family all day today, and then met Steve for a coral drop off for Eric B. As such, I haven't tackled many Q's today. I'll jump on some tonight but then catch up with the bulk tomorow. <I thank you. Am trying to answer the older (first in/out, FIFO) queries as they're accumulating... and clearing the ones you designate as bobmail daily. Bob F> Thanks, bud Antoine

Bizcards Top voted design is a1 (Cyan bands top and bottom) with one change (smaller, bolded, no italics website address). 100 bizcards (each?) for: Robert Fenner Mike Kaechele Peter ???? <Catterick> Jason Chodakowski Lorenzo Gonzalez Bob, no concern about snailmail address and/or telnum? What about Anthony? (Anton, are you going?) <Oh yes, Anthony Calfo as well. Different addresses for all I assume (unless folks would rather not use theirs...) Bob F. Do you need/want a check now? Want to chat w/ you re your eyes. Talked with Frank.S/Peeping Tom ayer... he wants to "measure" your eyes in advance (perhaps two weeks total time...) Possible soon?> Thanks, Zo

Re: Bizcards Zo, yes... I believe I am going, but don't worry about cards for me... I would be a liability to WWM (hehehe). Bob wants to hide me, I think... He's afraid I will somehow integrate humor about flatulance in conversation with everyone I meet.<smile> <No, and I thought it was your breath. Do please print these for Anthony or do inform me as I'll likely pre-register for all, and can/will list you as ReadingTrees co. Bob F> Anthony

Germany Di, If it is not too late... would you please count me in for Germany (but not continuing on to Red Sea). <Ah, good to have you along> I regret that Bob had to work so hard to convince me that Interzoo is not an experience to be missed <smile>. But I am quite grateful for the offer all the more. <You will not regret the experiences> Let me know what I can contribute financially/logistically to help if at all. Jason mentioned that he thought we would be all meeting in Detroit to travel to Germany. I would be originating in Pittsburgh (PIT). And would need/like to return to PIT from Germany. <Perhaps we can have a joining of flt.s in Detroit to travel together. Is this preferable to you?> Also, I have never been overseas before. I'll be sure to do travel homework... but please do advise me if you have the time of anything big to have/prepare for. Otherwise, I am fairly comfortable with preparedness in domestic travel. I'll begin the process of getting a passport this week as per Bob's recommendation. Is there any other documentation I should bring? Thanks kindly, Anthony Calfo <Be planning, scheming and dreaming. Bob F, who asks that you read the review here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/bkcorlproprev.htm>

RE: Re the upcoming Germany, Red Sea Trip An Acrobat PDF file of the 3 currently proposed bizcard designs - please reply with your vote A, B, or C... or, if you have a sudden inspiration/idea, reply with that instead - else I'm just going to pick which one I think is "coolest..." <Me, I like A.1... the color, the font, layout... Please have a hundred or so printed for all of us (not John Foster; unfortunately, he has dropped out... but Mike, Pete, Jas, yourself and me> If you can't read the file - get Acrobat at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html -Zo <http://www.adobe.com/acrobat> <And kindly send along the bill for same. Bob F>

Re the upcoming Germany, Red Sea Trip All, Di has penciled out the US-Germany and back itinerary (provisionally). The Frankfurt to Sharm and back flights are being checked on. To wit: the proposed outbound/return for the folks listed: May 8 Di, Bob, Mike,(Pete is booking his own?) John Foster picking up flight at LAX, then on to DTW? San Diego to Detroit (to pick up boyz: Jas, Zo)Flt. 68 DTW to Frankfurt Flt. 52 Egypt legs May 21 FRA to DTW Flt. 51 (Zo, Jas out) DTW to Minneapolis (Brrrr) Flt. 717 MSP to SAN Flt. 193 Questions: John.F do you want Di to send along more info.? Do you want her to order your tkts? Zo, is Christina going? Antoine, whatcha going to do? Esteban, wife still pupping at this time? Miguel, got your PTO lined up? Let's get these schedules hammered down. Bob F

should have mentioned this... Sorry - tell Di this will only take a second. <She knows> So I mentioned I talked to Anton. last night, yes? Anyway - got the inside scoop on his reticence to join us in the May. Actually, there are a couple of issues: - The custom cat - serebol? Is that what it is? I guess is only eats when Anton feeds, otherwise the caretakers need to wear armor or something? - He is negatively buoyant. He actually stated this first as, "I can't swim." But went on to say he had dived in quarries and the like. On continued pressing he said he had problems staying afloat. I am similarly buoyancy-challenged but it never held me back - related survival floating from life guard training... anyway did admonish him strongly to work on the "I can't swim" thing as it's just not good for adults to not be able to swim, let alone children. Anyway... I did try to work on him. Will try some more. <Mmm, yes... I have methods... feeding on down... he will have a density less than 1.000 or my name isn't Dogfish> Cheers, J --

Re: FFExpress (and Bob F) Calling ** I love this country (insert immigrant accent here)! And how I love free enterprise <smile>** <Any one loving themself would feel so> ** On an unrelated note... I have been copying my sent replies directly to the Q&A page WITHOUT saving them in the sent folder to save me a step clearing the folder. <Wow! I do this moving from "sent" msg.s to the "daily faqs" once a day generally... moving the day's previous immediately thereafter to "sub faqs" folders/pages> From any "yesterdays" Q&A page I cut and paste them on the to be filed page that I may never actually get to ...hehe. Has any of this been a problem for the way you like the site run? <No, no problem> Also... indeed, I can fully appreciate the incentive to go to Interzoo (and would not feel too bad at all about leaving Steve with it all...sorry buddy<smile>) but wanted to elaborate a bit. It is an incredible offer (thank you) and I'm foolish for not tagging along. I do have to see an Interzoo conference someday! Partly I feel bad regarding the diving aspect of the trip... I am a VERY new/weak diver and I don't want to be the heavy for the rest of y'all. <Really? A weak diver? Anthony, you appear to be in good physical condition... you could just go... and snorkel if you'd like... and enjoy the camaraderie, chatting...> The other component is my african serval... he is still bottle feeding and now approaching 30lbs is quite a handful for a stranger trying to feed for two weeks. I love the little fellow and am not inclined to sneak away for much more than a week. But please let me know when you plan the next crazy trip. Yor friend, Antoine** <Will do so. Bob F>

Fw: Cooling down period Bob, I wanted to show you this e-mail I sent. Not because I want to fight with Randy or MAC, but because I officially wanted to go down on record as a freedom loving guy and no friend of big government.  <I am with you> I tried to bring a couple of people over from a zoological institute to help me establish a hatchery/quarantine facility and the INS gave us all a royal screw job.  <Their job> Damn shame really BWTF can you do. I meet Werner Schmettkamp at 1998 Interzoo. He published an article I wrote in Das. I know Dieter Brockman a bit too. Both nice guys,  <Agreed> especially Dieter. They hate Daniel Knop over there, especially Peter Wilkins.  <Wilkens... I wonder why? My wife is now distributing Knop Products in N. America.> Who is going over to Nuremberg with you?  <A dozen friends or so. Want to come with us?> When I went, I got to do a great tour of SPS tanks in Germany. I just loved the country and want to get back. I love the beer. <Javul! I as well.> Cheers, Mitch <Have been in contact with Mary Middlebrook, and sent a message (fax, email to the eight largest marine livestock dealers in L.A. today... t/w Chris.B of QM... am going to try and get all together... talk over MAC... much more to relate... but am out for six days al sur. Talk w/ you soon. Bob F>

Re: An update of sorts re the May 02 Germany/Interzoo, Red Sea/Egypt trip Dear Bob, Hey, I am not "in the business" (as they say in Hollywood) but I could be interested in the Germany Interzoo/ Red Sea diving trip.  <Ah, great. You are a worthy companion... was hoping that you might want to "make the trip", so placed you on the listserv> I think I could swing it as a vacation. Especially if there are no marine conferences this year. (Boo-hoo) <Really? Unusual> Can an outsider such as myself join up with your trip, including the red sea part?  <Absolutely John> What kind of expenses would be involved? <Mmm, let's see... Airfare to Germany (we'll go on the same flights if you'd like, can make it) then on and back to Egypt (maybe with a side trip to Cairo if you'd prefer)... is the biggest expense... I'd say maybe twelve, thirteen hundred dollars... The diving/accomodation part, maybe five hundred... food, miscellaneous, two-three hundred dollars...> Should I arrange my own travel or will we do the Egypt/Red Sea part as a group?  (I would like to fly with you guys to Egypt to assure it all works out) <Ah, good. This is my choice as well.> Let me know what you think. <I think this is great news! You're intelligent, congenial, more than conversant... and a doctor to boot. Welcome aboard! Bob F> John Foster P.S. Thanks for speaking at the Holiday party, it was great. I thought the subject matter and length were perfect. <Ah, glad to hear/read. Be chatting>

Re: An update of sorts re the May 02 Germany/Interzoo, Red Sea/Egypt trip Dear Bob, Great, keep me posted. I would definitely be interested in going to Cairo. <Ah, good... perhaps Zo et ux would like to be companions?> Also about the Marine conferences. It looks like there are no sponsors for the Western Marine Conference and no plans for 2002 at this point.  <Yikes... unfortunately (a bit of insider input here) the sponsors I've had occasion to hear from have been of the opinion that the WMC (among other) hobby venues, was not worthwhile the last few outtings... and the slipping economy (though the pet-fish business booms during these times... and is), and general malaise (human condition, ala 9/11) are compounding to this result...> I have heard from several people that MACNA 2002 may not happen as the hosting organization is deeply in debt from the Baltimore MACNA. Maybe you can help? (As you are a problem solver type of guy) <I will gladly assist in whatever ways I can. Help is available. Bob Fenner> John

re: Trip in May Hi Dogfish, I hope you are doing well these days. I must gracefully or not so gracefully bow out of the trip in May to my "Motherland" and Eygpt due to personal reasons. I am feeling like it is not a good time for me to go this trip. <Okay> I apologise and do regret any inconvenience that this cancellation may cause you and Diane. I do want to thank you for including me on your list. If you all decide to go some exotic island in the fall ;-D, please let me know! I will be okay by then. <Okay again. No worries.> Thank you again and enjoy the rest of your week. <Pat, do you want to be left on the e-mail out list just the same? No big. BF/DF> Warm regards, patricia

RE: Looking for input for Red Sea trip so I'm hoping she'll opt for the Germany leg, if we do end up doing the tagteam... <For taking care of your son... or? Bob F> Right - honestly, I haven't asked my Mom about it yet, but I'm doubtful she'll be too enthusiastic or necessarily available for such an extended period of babysitting (she does have a regular job after all) Though they are great together, 3 weeks is quite a stint. <I see> I will speak to her about it though, for all I know, she'll want to tag along as well! (She's rather an avid traveler). I know my brother (19) is itching to go to Germany around the same time, to visit friends, explore, so who knows. He says his last exam of the semester is the afternoon of the 8th. <A possibility for sure> We'll see, still trying to get all these logistics a little more clear... <Yes... hope all don't mind my "long-term planning" stance... I like these necessary aspects taken care of well in advance... and enjoy the fun of anticipation, "chatting it all up". Bob F> -Zo

Looking for input for Red Sea trip Gang and potential gangees, in discussing with Pete/Impy, Di/EZout re the accommodations in and about Sharm, need/want to reach a concensus of sorts for where we all want to/will be staying while there. The shore-based places are MANY with the widest range of amenities. Due to their being so many new folks with us, I do think we'd be best off in/near Na'ama Bay... Jack/Slowpoke had a great place last time out, next door to: http://www.cameldive.com/ downtown... Sort of like Ali Babba and some number of nights... Jack, can you find the name, contact these folks, secure us enough rooms for about ten-fifteen folks? For those who don't know Jack Melroy, he is an old time dive, travel, hashing friend, who happens to speak Arabic, Bedouin and Hebrew... oh, and English... a great companion on our trips.  Do take a look at the link above, and maybe other sites in and around Sharm on the Net. Camel does have the Iberotel... linked to the site above... that has a nice house reef, can/will offer all the other dives of Camel in/out of town... and then we can travel about, shop in town, get about cheap enough via taxis... An idea.  Anywho, best to get all "on the same page", well, the same book at least... and Di negotiating the rest of the itinerary... so, let me know. Bob F/Dog F

RE: Looking for input for Red Sea trip Bob, Please do add Christine to your CC: list for these XXXX@hotmail.com - I recall you did offer in the first announcement. <Done!> - So... we're still trying to figure out how to manage this - we may take turns, I'm afraid. (Christine direct to/from Germany, me direct to/from Egypt) it's a toss of the coin for her, as to which she'd rather visit <Not both?> - me, I'm sooo up for some diving (better go to class!), <Yes> so I'm hoping she'll opt for the Germany leg, if we do end up doing the tagteam... <For taking care of your son... or? Bob F> -Zo

Re: Looking for input for Red Sea trip I will defer to you experienced travelers since I've never been in this part of the world. I'm sure you will choose a place that offers unparalleled diving and affordable accomadations. I can't wait to go. <Me neither... wish it was just a week or two away. Bob F> Mike

Special Offers at Camel Dive Club & Hotel http://www.cameldive.com/special-offers.htm << SpecialOffersatCamelDiveClub_Hotel.url >> <Bargain. Bob F>

Izoo Bob, Do you have or know of any special rates or packages for the airfare and accomodations for this upcoming trip?  <Mmm, not yet... have Di and Pete looking into for all of us...> I don't know if I should book things myself or how we should coordinate... Any info you can provide is much appreciated, and I will check that link to your site regarding all this stuff. <Do so... I will keep you on the "bulk trip mailing list"... and refer you to Diana if you'd like her help (she will likely be scheduling, negotiating air, accommodation for all of us) please contact her by way of the Net, phone... she used to be a travel agent> Side note - how soon do you want to clear out the remaining totes? <No rush on my end... whenever you have time, Ken.W wants them...> I can probably pick them up and deliver them in the next 2-3 weeks as long as my skimmer's don't take too much room, Ken wants to know how badly you need to get them moved since he is also running out of room. <They can stay in the back here for months... No worries. Bob Fenner> Jason Kim President AquaC, Inc.

RE: An update of sorts re the May 02 Germany/Interzoo, Red Sea/Egypt trip Hey Bob, Got back from Maui earlier this week. I'd like to talk to you about the Winsunday trip - or maybe this one (are you still doing it?). I'll try to call you this week sometime. <Going on both for sure (as well as a few "less solid" planned ones) this year. Do call, or write... will include you on both "mail out lists" in discussion of plans. Bob Fenner> --Dave

Re: An update of sorts re the May 02 Germany/Interzoo, Red Sea/Egypt trip hi bob, i am interested.. i want to check with my cousins over in Germany to see if they will be around during that month... looks like I might be coming into some cash and a new job soon... <Ah, good all the way around. Mike also has numerous relations in Deutschlund... he should contact them, make some plans for visiting... as well as "seeing sites" while there this time. Bob F> cheers

An update of sorts re the May 02 Germany/Interzoo, Red Sea/Egypt trip Howdy, the following is some attempt at specifics of narrowing/nailing down dates, who's going, how we're getting there, where to stay, dive, eat... re the above subject. To wit:  WWM intends to sponsor (as far as the cash goes) Jason.C, Zo and Christine, Mike.K and Bob.F for the trip/s from their home areas to/from Frankfurt, Nurnburg/Nuremburg, Jason, Mike and Bob to/from Frankfurt to Sharm (and then to... el Sheikh probably, maybe Dahab... maybe some other site if too much trouble, or interest elsewhere)... with Zo and Christine doing a side-trip for a couple of days to/from Frankfurt to Cairo (to take in (baksheesh!) the Giza plateau (baksheesh!) and the antiquities museum et al.) then on to Sharm... and back to land o' wieners town. Ahem: Do need Jason.C's address to send tickets, have Zo et ux's... Miguel's in town... Reminder: Do have your passports... with a good half year still left to expiry... and your Dive/"C" cards. Questions, suggestions re travel checklists?: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/travelchklists.htm Am going to post, archive our input re the trip here on WWM: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/izoorstrip02.htm Let's see: tentative travel days, activities: Getting out of where we are: Likely Weds. the 8 of May... to give time to get to Frankfurt, on over to Nuremburg (where IZoo is), but Mike.K might want to do side trips instead to see Germany (maybe Christine, Jason.C, others as well?) instead of the trade show... Actual show Fri-Sun (10-12)... back to Frankfurt probably on the 14 and out thereabouts (unless folks want to visit manufacturers et al.) to the Sinai for several of us... Zo and Christine to Cairo (likely first then onto diving in RS. Christine pls send email addie if you want all this sent along to you individually. Peter.C ditto for Martha's sis... Others if you want to add, delete yourself.) direct to Sharm airport (Jack.M hopefully ahead of us, bargaining away... deciding if we can make the site next to Camel Diver's this go... best for all I deem, as many have not been to area... town very/too civilized... Clinton's been here a few times, has real Hard Rock Cafe, Mickey D's, my fave KFC chicken (Colonel w/ a turban?)... nightlife... we can hoof it about in a cheap taxi to day/snorkeling on the beach at the Tower or thereabouts...) About five days diving on site (boat)... then back to... our caravan-sirrah to Frankfurt, the States... The way things look for now WWM will be able to sponsor airfares for the five mentioned, likely accommodation and diving... meals, other ancillary may call for your monies.  Will others please notify me or Di (dianafenner@hotmail.com) if they want help with itineraries, ticketing... I will try to keep all informed, interested (flights, moolah)... Again, please make it known if you can't make certain dates, or go at all, or just want to be left alone! Good diving! Bob Fenner/Dogfish

Re: An update of sorts re the May 02 Germany/Interzoo, Red Sea/Egypt trip Bob, I'm down for at least 2 weeks of this trip. I will be banking my vacation hours up and I can possibly stretch it to 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to this trip with high anticipation. <Ah, good... keep selling those ads so we can afford it! Bob F> Mike K.

RE: An update of sorts re the May 02 Germany/Interzoo, Red Sea/Egypt trip Bob, You have a location code on some of the scans 'BUN' where is that? <Bunaken, near Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia... If you come up with a better labeling scheme lemme know! Bob F> Thanks. Zo btw - we're down for the trip, and excited as hell! (Lot's of logistics for us tho' - kid - that we'll have to figure out) <Is he okay with family/friends there?>

Bunaken/WWF, Interzoo/Kieran Bob, Thanks for the note on Bunaken - don't know why I couldn't remember that one. I'm trying to get a test site of the latest and greatest WetWebFotos up and running by tonight. I'll let you know when/where. <Yeeikes... some excitement now! Did you hear the young folks that sold webshots.com (way back in 1999) for some 82.5 million bought it back out of bankruptcy for... 2.4 million? The oldest is 33 years... Rats, didn't save Mike.K's yahoo news link to the story... these folks sold images... and a bit more... Will ask Mike if he still has link> Regarding Kieran, we don't have any relatives here at all, and no friends that we'd trust for that long (or that would volunteer anyway) Our three option are - a) Fly him to Utah, b)Fly my Mom here, c)Take him with. in order of preference, basically. He's an amazingly good/experienced/patient traveler for a 6-year-old - but I think such an expedition will be beyond his limitations, and ours. I'd most like to drop him off in Utah, where he's comfortable and surrounded by family, if I can get my Mom to agree. <Six is a bit young to "appreciate" such exposure... Nice also (don't know Jack re humans, please excuse my presumptiveness) for him to have "some time away", new experiences, the company of his other nuclear family kin> We'll figure something out. -Zo <Hotay. Bob F>

RE: An update of sorts re the May 02 Germany/Interzoo, Red Sea/Egypt trip Neat... my mailing address is XXXX  S. Deerfield, MA 01373 <Got it> My closest airport is BDL, my second is BOS. My passport is good for another six years. I've got a physical coming up early Feb and that will hopefully green-light the diving cert process so that the C-card will be done before we get there. <Good> Anything else? Really looking forward to it. Cheers, <Nothing comes to mind... but will little doubt as time goes by, more plans get firmed up. Do secure the "time off". Bob F> J --

RE: An update of sorts re the May 02 Germany/Interzoo, Red Sea/Egypt trip Ya... time - I see start 5/8... and then looks like two weeks... got a rough return date? <Looks summat about... the 22nd to be (at this time) safe/r. Maybe an extra day or two about in southern Germany on the return from Egypt (wine in Heidelberg?) would be a good idea... Mmmm... Bob F>


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