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Input, FAQs about 04 InterZoo and Red Sea Dive Trip

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 Are you going or no? You should be!


InterZoo 04 Is the WWM crew going to InterZoo this year?  If so, what kind of schedule have you got for it? :) <Yes! A bunch of us are attending (then on to the Red Sea). Will be there for the first three days of InterZoo I think. Are you planning on going? Bob Fenner> Jessica

InterZoo 04 Thinking about it.  InterZoo starts on the last day of finals, so it might be a tight squeeze... but it definitely sounds like fun! <I assure you it is an absolute blast! Might you be interested in continuing on down to Egypt's Red Sea (Sharm) to do a bit of diving afterwards? As time goes by we'll be posting our itinerary on WWM and I'll add your email addr. if you'd like to the mail/broadcast of same. Bob Fenner> Jessica

RE: May Trip/s, Frequent Flyer Programs, travel hints (to do: make page for this trip/yr) Well, as for me, I would like to just do the Egypt part and if possible spend about 2-3 weeks there if can be afforded by myself and whatever supplementation comes from Wetwebmedia (as per conversations with Bob). In any event, I would like to spend a few days visiting the Pyramids and maybe the Valley of the Dead. I am open to any and all excursions as well (Sharm, Dahab etc.) plus as many diving days as can be had. Right now the plan is to leave May 16th out of SFO and return probably around June 3rd. See you there??? <Thanks for this input Paul... a note again to all: do decide if you intend to go with, which "legs" (the UK I think with Anthony, maybe myself and Di ahead of the Interzoo), the Interzoo itself (or time during the show maybe touristing in Germany), and how much time in Egypt (or Pete was chatting with someone about Hurghada or even Jordan side somewhere...) you'd like to go (am of the understanding Jack.M is off to the Valley of Kings, Cairo ahead of the Red Sea... don't know if he wants co. on this part of his itinerary). Anyhow, who is going, the times of transit, traveling with whom, going where is yet to be "set in stone"... Bob F>

May Trip/s, Frequent Flyer Programs, travel hints All, another (half year away) request for you to consider going to Germany and/or the Red Sea with us in 04... you can find the Interzoo pitch on the Net... we will likely go to Egypt immediately thereafter... for about a week (all depends on... all. That is, input about who can go, when). If you intend on attending, my advice to start on a few items: 1) Your passport. If you don't have one, apply, get pix... if you have one, check expiry date. 2) Frequent Flyer programs... plan on signing up (we don't know the to/from airline/s just yet... most all go to Germany, a few to/from Egypt)... but you will want to sign up (can be done "on the fly" and accumulate the mileage (adds up to nearly a continental round trip for free). 3) Do take a look/read through the following pitch on travel: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/travelchklists.htm Be chatting, Bob F

FYI, Interzoo is May 13-16, in Nurnberg. The Interzoo '04 website: http://www.interzoo.com/main/d3zq6ncb/page.html I'm planning on going (at least the dive portion of the trip), and hopefully bringing some family along. Bob - would it be possible to put together a general outline itinerary? e.g.. Arrive in Germany 12 Mai, leave 16 Mai, arrive in Sharm 16 Mai, back home whenever you run out of money... -Zo <Well-stated. This is "about it" thus far. Anthony is planning on just the Deutschen bit... and Di, Jack and I will likely stay a couple weeks in Egypt. Are you and Christine hoping to take in Cairo? Maybe Karnak? Am cc'ing Jack (Melroy), our friend with much Middle East experience (he speaks Arabic, Hebrew... oh, and English!) as I think he might be going through Cairo enroute this next year on this trip. Jack? Oh, and otherwise the itinerary (Latin: journey) is quite open at this juncture. No problem in folks coming/going individually/in subgrps... Di and I will likely leave the U.S. on or about the 12th... come back through Germany on/about the 23d... but much depends on the airlines (!)... Bob>

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