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Input, FAQs about 06, 08 InterZoo and Red Sea Dive Trip

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I-Zoo and Thanks  6/5/08 Hi Bob, hope you made it home ok! <Ah yes. And you!> :)Sorry for the massively late gratuities, my internet as I mentioned still hasn't been working and I've just got back online; an experience someone of my generation should never have to go through again ha! <Heee! Times are tough> Just wanted to say a huge thank you to both you and Michelle for effectively taking me to Interzoo, it was such a great experience and hopefully a pathway to bigger and better things. I will send a more detailed mail soon as I'm just off out but the engineer left an hour or so ago so I had to email you just to remind you of the debt I owe you! <Or I you. Thank you for hauling out, sharing the experience. Much appreciated>:)Thanks and chatting soon, Olly. <Do consider writing up your impressions for the hobby 'zines... Cheers, BobF>

Hello from Israel 10/16/05 Hey Bob! <Hey Edan!> How's it going? I wanted to say that it was a great pleasure meeting you and talking with you. <A pleasure to meet you as well> I'm finally settling back to my routine after returning from the conference and a European vacation. I told a few friends of mine about your Red Sea dive trips and their eyes lit up like Christmas trees. <And you're so lucky to be right on it!> At the moment, I find myself experimenting with breeding clown fish. Quite a few hobbyists are having there Perculas lay eggs so I decided to try and rear them. I will be attending this upcoming Interzoo in May. How does one register? <Ah, the best is through the Internet. Do make sure and find accommodations (hotel) as well... some folks stay in "Old Nurn/Nuremburg", we do, others in outlying areas... but it is important to know how to get to/from the show and where you are staying> Looking forward to hearing from you, Edan <And to seeing you at Interzoo. Cheers and shalom. Bob Fenner> 

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