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Re: KAEC   3/26/07 At 04:08 PM 3/22/2007, you wrote: >I've been telling folks more like five... Hope you're not too ensconced there to come have a visit, grant us your input. Let me know when you'd like to arrange something. Aloha! <Thanks Charles... We're hauling over tomorrow for the Lavaman (tri) and visiting a few folks, but not long enough this run to get tog. with you... Maybe not till June... But do hope to posit many questions re all five critical elements of this project (location, finance, set-up, stocking, personnel) by you. BobF> J. Charles Delbeek M.Sc. Aquarium Biologist III Waikiki Aquarium, University of Hawaii 2777 Kalakaua Ave. Honolulu, HI, USA 96815 www.waquarium.org

KAEC, Charles e-mail  3/23/07 ><Thanks much. Hey Charley, howzit? Do you want to chat re our bid/plans for the KAEC? BobF> Sure Bob, sounds intriguing. I spoke with Fernando at Birch Aq. today and he mentioned that you had been over there with a couple of people checking out his facility. <Ahh!> Hopefully you can come by here as well, and you should also visit Maui Ocean Center to see what they built in 1999/2000 for around $25-30 million. <Have been to both... but not for more then a year... Both are very nice facilities... Maui is much bigger than what we intend, and even Waikiki has features we're going to miss... No marine mammals for instance. We're hoping to have a representative Hawaiian-only livestock display and an education center... re local societal and scientific aspects of the surrounding seas> From the sounds of things you want to do something on an even smaller scale. <Yes, re the aquarium portion itself> As you know, Hawaii is an expensive place to do business, <Yes> and wait until you have to start applying for state and county permits for building, <Heeeeee! Charles... it's MUCH more here in S. Cal. Have been involved in this process there.> for building close to the ocean, for water discharge, for collection of live rock and corals, etc etc ... it is not an easy task, and not to mention time consuming. <Agreed, for sure> Once everything is in place, you should be able to build, stock and open the place within 1.5 - 2 years. <I've been telling folks more like five... Hope you're not too ensconced there to come have a visit, grant us your input. Cheers, BobF> Aloha! J. Charles Delbeek M.Sc. Aquarium Biologist III Waikiki Aquarium, University of Hawaii 2777 Kalakaua Ave. Honolulu, HI, USA 96815 www.waquarium.org

HBE... The Upcoming Kona Aq.   - 02/15/07 Aloha! Thank you for your recent business license application via Hawaii Business Express.  You are now registered: Licensee Name:   KONA AQUARIUM AND EDUCATIONAL CENTER Hawaii Tax ID Number:      W74285613-01 Registered for Tax Types:  GE You will receive your license certificate and booklet of tax returns shortly.  Please be sure to submit your periodic and annual tax returns for each tax type shown above, whether or not there is gross income or wages to report. For additional information on starting a business in Hawaii or the various tax types for which you are registered, please visit our Dept of Taxation website at www.state.hi.us/tax.  You will find forms, returns, and other publications to assist you. If you have further questions, please contact our Licensing Section (see below). Mahalo, Linda Cacpal Licensing Supervisor <Thanks for the notice. A hu'i ho! Bob Fenner>

Looking for help with new Aquarium Joe,  howzit? Am asking if you might help us with allowing a look/see at your (Atlantis) Business plan... and Articles of Incorp... We're off on the  long adventure of putting up (another) public aquarium in HI... this one  on the Big Island... Bob Fenner. Hey Bob, I spoke with the owners and its not something they are willing to do, so can't help you out with that one, but if there is anything else I could help out with (exhibit and filtration design, fabrication, etc) just let me know. Some somewhat recent pics of the reef tank here: _ http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k25/coralaholic/ATankOverallWest.jpg_ ( http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k25/coralaholic/ATankOverallWest.jpg) _ http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k25/coralaholic/ATankOverallEastc.jpg_ ( http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k25/coralaholic/ATankOverallEastc.jpg) _ http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k25/coralaholic/ATangsHeadOna.jpg_ ( http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k25/coralaholic/ATangsHeadOna.jpg) Joe  Yaiullo Curator/ CoFounder Atlantis Marine World, NY USA _www.atlantismarineworld.com_ ( http://www.atlantismarineworld.com/)

KAEC B Dang!  What's up with that?!?  I'm surprised.  He spoke at length at  the North Central Pa Reef Society last year about setting up the  aquarium and the partnership he had formed. <Yes... but pvt. prop... and not his> I was under the  impression that he was a partial owner, <No, not so... is an im ploy eeee solamente> though the other man  involved, was the primary source of funds.  I believe the partner was  in the construction business.   He's weird though sometimes, the Long  Island attitude, I have experienced it from him directly.  A shame,  as I think his operation is not only high quality, but successful and  profitable!  I think in general it would be quite smart to model KAEC  after Atlantis. <Agreed>   Would be nice to have their plan as a template.    Maybe the partner would be more receptive if you spoke with him  directly. <I see you've done some "legwork" re later...> I know how persuasive you can be!  Joe said the partner  was very happy to be part of the endeavor.  So he may be  approachable.  I am under the impression that Joe and Sanjay are  pretty good friends.  Maybe Sanjay could be of some assistance or  would at least know the partners' name.  Hope this helps. X M  

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