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Holy Smokes, James Nurse -- 3/18/08 Bob, I was sitting at my desk the other day and someone handed me a recent issue of FISH International. It sat on my desk for a few days and then I thumbed through it and saw an AD for Ocean Nutrition products.. Well that made me recall Chris Turk. I Googled him and read some news clips. In one of those clips I saw a reference for Robert Fenner...Holy Cow....That's gotta be the same Bob Fenner that I did the epic Baja California Spondylus calcifer collecting trip (plus Beer !) in the state vehicle all those years ago ~ 1979 ?? Good to see that you made a go of fish and aquariums...Good on'ya Mate! <Heeee! Hey Jim! I do remember the trip... you were/are quite the fisherman!> I'm in Pleasanton, CA..having worked in several tech start-ups.. some successes and some just "great experiences" nonetheless. I may be moving to Washington State in a year or so...semi retirement of sorts... <Wow! Are we really getting that old?!> I just had to send a note along...what great years in San Diego...Do you still see Chris Turk? <Yes! Will cc him here... He's doing well, got another fish food start-up a-going...> I dropped in to visit with him about 15 years ago but lost contact after that... What do you think of that? Best Regards, Jim <Thanks for the memories! And hope to see you about. Bob Fenner>

Do You Do REITS'?!? Affording the marine hobby... Dear Robert,  I know that this isn't any of my business, however, I'd like to know if you invest in REITS' (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and if you do, can you recommend any. Better yet, I would like to know your opinion regarding these. <Have not invested in these vehicles. Do buy, hold real estate... just Single Family residence types... on the sound advice of my father, "Never buy anything you wouldn't want to live in... because (among other things), you may end up doing so (I have). Do know of REITs, but don't know specifics well-enough to recommend them for you.> My investments, i.e. growth fund, growth and income fund, and other mutual funds as well as individual stocks are quite dismal. Why, even my supposed liquid safe haven (money market funds) have recently just returned 2.85% in dividends - the same amount as savings accounts. Talk about ludicrous. I use to have 10% returns, then it went down to 6% (just for the liquid safe havens), now it is down 2%!!! In your opinion, what smart moves if any should I take?!? My investments are separate from John's. There is very litle investments, if any in both our names. I'd like some of your insights as to what you think might have helped you.  <I'm sure you've heard this enough... but "just hold on"... the cyclicity of diversified stock investment is such that all will/does "turn around"... Assuredly, the U.S. government is/will continue to overspend, borrow, in essence devalue the dollar... with a strong position in leveraged or fixed assets you'll do fine. I am fully vested (even margined) in the U.S. (and foreign) exchanges...> The reason I am inquiring about REITS' is because of an article from the Kiplinger's Financial Magazine recommending this as a safe haven with higher yields. <Mmm, define "safe"... I am aware of a few of these trusts that have folded flat, leaving their "owners" with zip...> Or am I being naive about this?!? I no longer know what CD's yield. What do you think?!? <Contact your brokerages, read on E-Trade, Ameritrade on the Net, call your bank... they'll tell you about what current yields are... they're more than 2%...> You are my link to the world since I am not getting that much exposure to the world and I am not as well travelled like you nor like my family (siblings, parents, nieces and nephews, in-laws). <You're in Southern California... intelligent... you read... have computer skills, access...> I am letting you know that before I got into the Marine Fish Keeping, I made sure that I had enough money to indulge in this expensive hobby. I am not working and obviously neither is John. However, John is not paying for my hobby, I am. And I rely on my investments to keep up with my hobby!!!  <I understand> I shall ask other questions by sending you a different e-mail regarding the upcoming Christmas Party. For now, this Q&A shall suffice. Hope to hear from you, my dear sir!!! <Be chatting. Bob Fenner> Thanks a million (wish my portfolio were worth that much)!!!  Aleida Ann Graichen

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