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Calfo... Kook/Crook
Petfish retail clerk... for life.  Whatever happened to him?

Read what MASNA Accomplished in 2019!
Marine Scene: MASNA's Newsletter.      2/11/20

MASNA's Annual Newsletter.
View this email in your browser (https://mailchi.mp/masna/masnas-newsletter-marine-scene-2019?e=2cb2da1c85)

$4,000 to Undergrads & Grads!
The 2019 – 2020 MASNA Student Scholarships          4/22/19

** MASNA is proud to announce the 2019 – 2020 MASNA Student Scholarships
To further our goals, MASNA offers the MASNA Student Scholarship program to help stimulate and promote the pursuit of marine science, in particular for topics that are current and relevant to the marine aquarium hobby.
This year there are two scholarships available; one $4,000 scholarship for a college undergraduate student (incoming and current undergraduate students), and one $4,000 scholarship for a college graduate student (incoming and current graduate students).
The 2019 – 2020 MASNA Student scholarships are made possible by our generous sponsors LiveAquaria, EcoTech Marine, and Two Little Fishies.
This is the 11th year for the MASNA Student Scholarship Program. In total, the MASNA Student Scholarship program has contributed $64,000 to college students who have significantly impacted the marine aquarium hobby.
For information on eligibility criteria and application instructions, please visit the MASNA Student Scholarship webpage at masna.org/masna-programs/scholarship-program/ (http://masna.org/masna-programs/scholarship-program/?utm_source=Public+BOD+Email&utm_campaign=8c288cb451-MASNA+Scholarship+EDU+List+19-20_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_684126d033-8c288cb451-457263653 ) .
The 2019 – 2020 MASNA Student Scholarships will be publicly awarded to the recipients at the 31st annual Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) in Orlando, Florida, on August 30 - September 1, 2019. Funding is available to assist each recipient in attending MACNA.
If the applicants have any questions, please refer to the FAQ section of the MASNA Scholarship webpage. If the applicants cannot find the answers they are seeking there, they can direct their questions about the MASNA Student Scholarships to the scholarship committee chair at Scholarship@MASNA.org (mailto:Scholarship@MASNA.org) .
The deadline for submission is June 14, 2019, by midnight of the submitting applicant’s time zone.
Additional information about MASNA can be found here: masna.org/aboutus (http://www.masna.org/aboutus?utm_source=Public+BOD+Email&utm_campaign=8c288cb451-MASNA+Scholarship+EDU+List+19-20_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_684126d033-8c288cb451-457263653)
Additional information about MACNA 2019 can be found here: macna.org (http://www.macna.org?utm_source=Public+BOD+Email&utm_campaign=8c288cb451-MASNA+Scholarship+EDU+List+19-20_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_684126d033-8c288cb451-457263653)

About MASNA:
MASNA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed of marine aquarium societies, individual hobbyists, and industry partners from North America and abroad, totaling several thousand individuals.
MASNA’s goals are to:
* Educate our members with online and published material, the MACNA conference, and other sanctioned events
* Assist in forming and promoting the growth of clubs within the hobby while ensuring a sustainable future for the marine environment
* Support the efforts to eliminate abuses in collecting and transporting marine organisms through education, assistance and encouragement
* Encourage the ethical growth of the marine aquarium hobby and support captive breeding/propagation efforts

Thank you to our generous sponsors LiveAquaria, Ecotech Marine, and
Two Little Fishies.




Copyright © 2019, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
** Scholarhsip@MASNA.ORG

Subject: BB Campaign (Bula Buddies books, KickStarter)   2/27/19
Hi Bob,
We have just launched our book on KickStarter and need all the help we can get to start moving the campaign along with people in the aquatics industry and hobby.
The book creates awareness about the coral reefs and also helps to support the ADE project.
In one of the rewards you can even become a character in the nest book.
Is there anyway we can get a post, short story about the project and the link on WWM?
I would really appreciate it ... we need a shove.
<Hey Walt,
Yeah mate; if you recall we'd talked re the possible up and downsides of KickStarter... You'll soon see. Will upload to WWM. Am out on the Aggressor dive boat off Kona presently. Cheers, B.>

Setting Up Successful Aquariums video      7/4/16
Hi Bob,
OK, its ready. Let me know if you like / approve of this.
Here is the You Tube link >> https://youtu.be/Zs74xRTm4hs  <<. You can place this link, or the Embedded version into your WWM web site. It is listed as UNLISTED within You Tube so the only people who will see this version are those who you allow to see the link. Does that make sense?
<Yes and it is FAB!>
I tried uploading a second copy so I could link and monitor its views separately from LA Fishguys but You Tube wouldn’t allow an exact duplicate. Can I add in some MyFishTank, Jelliquarium and WWB promotions to a copy of this and upload that copy so as to track its results separately?
<Sure mate. Thank you Jim. BobF>
Jim Stime, Jr
Aquarium Design - Installation and Maintenance
Midwater Systems - JELLIQUARIUM Jellyfish Display Systems
MyFishTank.com - Acrylic Aquariums, Stands and Canopies

Re: Film in your store with Bob Fenner        5/31/16
Hi Bob, I spent most of the day working on our video. Im liking it. It’s a cross between Gilligan's Island and Laurel and Hardy. J I still need to work on eliminating the background noise in the store and do some fine tuning but its good. Jim Stime, Jr

Help with Newspaper article about aquarium regulation/SeaWorld       3/10/16
Good morning,
My name is Richard Webner, and I'm a business reporter at the Express-News in San Antonio, Texas. I'm working on an article looking at the state and federal regulation process for SeaWorld parks - I've submitted lots of FOIA
requests for inspection reports, marine mammal data sheets, etc.
My fellow reporter, Peggy O'Hare, said Bob Fenner is knowledgeable about public aquariums and might be a good source for the story. I was wondering if I could have a phone interview with him so he could share his knowledge
of the regulatory system for aquariums and what kinds of public documents might be available.
Please let me know if Bob is available to talk sometime.
<Mmm; my experience is not recent, but I will grant you my perspective.
This AM perhaps, or early PM; 858 397 XXXX. Am PST/CA. BobF>
Richard Webner
Business reporter
Help with Newspaper article about aquarium regulation/SeaWorld         4/5/16

I thought I would send you another email to see if Mr. Fenner is available to talk. Please let me know if he can spare a bit of time for a phone interview - it would be a big help for my story.
<I am... but know/recall little re Sea World. Bob Fenner, 858 397 XXXX; out at 3, back at 5 PST>
Subject: Help with Newspaper article about aquarium regulation/SeaWorld         4/5/16

Good morning,
My name is Richard Webner, and I'm a business reporter at the Express-News in San Antonio, Texas. I'm working on an article looking at the state and federal regulation process for SeaWorld parks - I've submitted lots of FOIA
requests for inspection reports, marine mammal data sheets, etc.
My fellow reporter, Peggy O'Hare, said Bob Fenner is knowledgeable about public aquariums and might be a good source for the story. I was wondering if I could have a phone interview with him so he could share his knowledge
of the regulatory system for aquariums and what kinds of public documents might be available.
Please let me know if Bob is available to talk sometime.
Richard Webner
Business reporter

The new series within LA Fishguys, Aquarium Tech Talk     11/8/15
hi Bob,
The newest of LA Fishguys, and a first for its new series Aquarium Tech Talk, Episode 149 shows the polishing of scratches in a large acrylic aquarium, still full of water.
<Ahh; a very valuable topic. Will post, share. BobF>
Your promotion is in Part 1
Part One https://youtu.be/Y8eTWZSNLWM
Part Two https://youtu.be/dXthrMx7sq4
Jim Stime, Jr
Aquarium Design - Installation and Maintenance
Midwater Systems - JELLIQUARIUM Jellyfish Display Systems
MyFishTank.com - Acrylic Aquariums, Stands and Canopies
LA Fishguys - Aquarium Reality Television

Promotion of Quitting Smoking (on WWM)     11/2/15
I hope you had a great Halloween! I was wondering, do you think you could support a new group I started volunteering for? They're called Quit Smoking Community and I decided to join them because they are all volunteers who are passionate about ending smoking around the world. Their website is at https://quitsmokingcommunity.org - could you add them to your page and show your support for them too?
<As much as I am a fan of folks not smoking (my mum, a smoker, died a bit early from emphysema), not on WWM; we only promote topics/subjects of aquatics interest.>
Thank you!
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Other topics on WWM        11/3/15

Thank you so much, Bob! It's always nice to chat with you :)
<Cheers Jess. BobF>

Fresh content for wetwebmedia.com      10/22/15
Hi there
I'm Juliette, I'm a freelance writer and I'm contacting you because I thought you might be interested in an article for your site #company#?
<Mmm; we do buy content; but... such work is pretty specialized>
Before I became a writer I had a pretty varied career, initially working in the health sector as a nutritionist, before moving into mental health and addiction work. It was a great time for me, but once I became a mom, I decided the best thing to do would be to step back and look after my own family, and work from home as a freelance writer. I now write on lots of
different subjects from business and money matters through to current affairs and health.
<Uhh; none of the above, unless they relate directly to ornamental aquatics.... See WWM Re examples>
I'd love to hear back from you regarding an article. You could choose the topic and I can send a sample, free of charge, if I'm allowed to mention a partner as a resource. If not, then I leave you with my best wishes
Kind regards
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Newest LA Fishguys     10/12/15
Hi Bob,
<Hey Jim>
The newest LA Fishguys episode, 147, Cleaning My Own Tank,
Again, just went on-line
Your promotion is in Part Two Part One https://youtu.be/2Di0ykTI1ns
Part Two https://youtu.be/PBL6PV4dGqI Thank you for your support,
<Thank you mate. BobF>
Jim Stime, Jr
Aquarium Design - Installation and Maintenance
eMidwater Systems - JELLIQUARIUM Jellyfish Display Systems
MyFishTank.com - Acrylic Aquariums, Stands and Canopies
LA Fishguys - Aquarium Reality Television

Re: Site Is Broken?      7/22/15
Thanks so much for your support. It means a lot to me that we can support this cause together! By the way, could you send me a quick email when the links are added? I’d love to show it to my friends at the nonprofits, I know they would be ecstatic to see your support.
<Have posted your proposed links here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/wwmadminsubwebindex/general_links_pg.htm
Under a new "hobbyists sites" category of "Education Sites". BobF>
Re: Site Is Broken?      7/22/15

Thanks, Bob! You're fun to chat with :)
<And you dear. B>
Re: Site Is Broken?      7/22/15

Thank you so much for your support and help, Bob!
<Thank you for your efforts Jess. B>

newest LA Fishguys      7/21/15
Hi Bob, The most recent episode of LA Fishguys, # 144 ‘UniQuarium Installation’ just went on-line.
Your commercial appears in part 2
Part 1 https://youtu.be/I2EenLD-x74
Part 2 https://youtu.be/o4Pjg3Jedp0
Part 3 https://youtu.be/CVx7uhqqjH0
Part 4 https://youtu.be/eLVZkCo55Ao
Jim Stime, Jr
Aquarium Design - Installation and Maintenance
Midwater Systems - JELLIQUARIUM Jellyfish Display Systems
MyFishTank.com - Acrylic Aquariums, Stands and Canopies
LA Fishguys - Aquarium Reality Television
<Thanks Jim. B>

SAIA Dory Campaign       7/10/15
Dear Bob and Crew,
I hope you are doing great and have received notification on our campaign start to prepare the film release of ‘Finding Dory’ in summer 2016.
As we are to look at Dory from all angles and the campaign focuses on awareness raising, we are inviting you to contribute with an article or other publications to the campaign.
<Some of my pix of Paracanthurus and all my article input are archived on WWM. You/SAIA are welcome to any/all's use>
We have won several contributors already (among them Prof. Dr. Ellen Thaler with a article on Dory’s behavior and Dr. Ike Olivotto focusing on breeding of Dory), but as this is a year long campaign we certainly welcome more contributions and as many as possible views on the topic.
In a German hobbyist forum we had started a ‘Dory Beauty Contest’ and received pictures, graphics and stories of hobbyists and ‘their’ Dories in home aquaria. Not sure if WetWebMedia would/could do this in the US?
<Am concerned re this approach in the U.S. Don't know if this would have the effect of discouraging YTB Tang popularity here>
Feel free to develop your own ideas about your contribution. All are very welcome.
Many thanks in advance & Kind regards,
Christiane Schmidt
(Project Coordinator)
<And you; Bob Fenner>

chucks addiction website      7/5/15
I am hoping you can tell me what happened to chuck’s addiction website. It is gone. I am hoping it is temporary but it doesn’t appear to be. I hope Charles and Linda are ok. I would appreciate any information.
Thank you, Jaki Kalionzes
<Don't know. Bob Fenner>
Re: chucks addiction website      7/5/15

Thank you for the fast response! Although it is not as big a deal as if WetWebMedia suddenly disappeared, I still think is is a big deal and I am surprised that more people aren’t concerned and curious.
<Maybe they're just waiting and hoping. Sometimes these issues arise from the hosting company>
There was helpful info and great photos as well.
Thanks again, Jaki
See at ReefAPalooza again I hope!
<Me too! BobF>

Thank you for your donation to WWM        5/14/15
Wes; much appreciated. Bob Fenner

Thank you for your donation to WWM        5/14/15
Sarah; much appreciated. Bob Fenner

Newest LA Fishguys      5/11/15
Hi Bob, The newest episode of LA Fishguys just went on-line. Your new commercial is in part Two Welcome Back, LA Fishguys, Part Onehttps://youtu.be/Wij6xpzMyyc
Welcome Back, LA Fishguys, Part Twohttps://youtu.be/dqxqGhO8RV8
Jim Stime, jr805-241-7140
Aquarium Design - Installation and Maintenance
Midwater Systems - JELLIQUARIUM Jellyfish Display Systems
MyFishTank.com - Acrylic Aquariums, Stands and Canopies
LA Fishguys - Aquarium Reality Television
<Thanks Jim. B>

Rising Tide Facebook Page Published - please help to put us on the map.     4/28/15
Hello All,
Due to the stunning work of Huntley Penniman, the Rising Tide Conservation Facebook page is up! Here's the link:
Now, I need your help. We have a goal of 10,000 likes by the end of this month. We are 20% of the way there – but THAT’s a LOT of likes.
Please like the page and ask your friends and relatives, readers, interested employees, customers, breeders, and generally interested folks to do so as well
Please think about news and images (facilities, students, fishes and projects) that we can post to keep things abuzz
Please send cool internet story links to me (we have yet to figure out a long-term Facebook keeper – please be SUPER nice to Huntley…)
Thanks to all for the great continued support for Rising Tide Conservation,

Fishkeeping podcast + Neale!   3/29/15
> Hi Bob,
> I’m on an aquarium fish podcast. Talking about brackish fish and oddballs (apparently).
> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/euphoricnetwork/2015/03/28/neale-monks-known-world-over-to-speak-on-brackish-water-aquarium-scenarios 
> If you’re about, you might want to tune in or call up!
> Cheers, Neale
<Ah; very nice. Am hoping the talk and call-in questions will be archived. BobF>
Neale... speaks!        3/31/15

Want to hear me gabble on about tropical fish for the best part of an hour? You do? Gosh, you're in luck! Courtesy of Hannapro Discus and BlogTalk Radio. Player seems a bit flaky on my Mac though... easiest is click the download button (the "cloud and arrow" icon just below the orange Sign Up button at top right).
Re Neale Speaking        4/1/15

Hello Bob,
Thanks for adding the link to the podcast… but it’s broken!
Copying from Facebook is flaky.
Should be:
Cheers, Neale
<Yikes; will amend. B>

Aquatics Euphoria: Bob Fenner Speaks On WetWebMedia!        3/31/15

Attn Bob Fenner- some sad news; Robert Rofen passing         3/3/15
<Hey Ray>
As a fellow long-time person associated with the tropical fish trade and individual who has a mutual career-long admiration and respect for Dr. Rofen, I hate to have to inform you that he past away last Thursday.
I just got a call from a old friend and colleague from a tropical fish supplier in the bay area, just a short distance from Kordon, and I thought of letting you know. I apologize if you have already heard the news.
<I have not; and thank you for sending this note along>
When I started in the fish trade back in the early seventies, Dr. Rofen was there to help me frequently sort between the science and the hype and clutter associated with the commercial fish trade. He was always there to take my call or quick to answer an email. It was Dr. Rofen who led me to know George Blasiola, among the most respected and influential people I have know in the trade.
Although Dr. Rofen lived a long life, I will miss not knowing he is still up there at his desk reading and answering emails, running his business and I presume adding aquatic fish books to his legendary collection. I understand he did this up to his last day.
Ray Meyers
Monterey, CA
<Ah yes... was a given "joke" amongst friends in common that Dr. Bob, even after selling Kordon/Novalek, continued to come into "work" everyday. A fine person and keen scholar, entrepreneur in our interests. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Thailand is holding its first internal ornamental fish expo, TIOFE 2015       2/10/15
<Congratulations. Will post/share on WetWebMedia.com. Bob Fenner>
Having trouble viewing the email below? View the online version
Thailand is holding its first internal ornamental fish expo, TIOFE 2015

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Department of Fisheries informed us that they are in preparation for the Exhibition of Thai Ornamental Fish Products, to be held at the international level for the first time, and are ready to announce their plan of becoming the center of the world’s high quality ornamental fish production.

In January 2015 at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Mr. Chavalit Chookajorn, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and Dr. Jumpon Sanguansin, the Director-General of the Department of Fisheries jointly announced the opening of the Thailand International Ornamental Fish Expo 2015 (TIOFE 2015) which is going to be held this June with the expectation to push Thailand forward to be the center of business and production of world-class ornamental fish by 2016, according to the ornamental fish strategies 2013 to 2016.

Dr. Jumpon Sanguansin, the Director-General of the Department of Fisheries, revealed that Thailand has been famous for, and internationally accepted as, one of the worlds’ top-ranked sources of ornamental fish for over half a decade and is now expanding year by year. That forces the government and private sectors to adapt to the changes in the ornamental fish business world and to cooperate to develop increasing varieties of ornamental fish, adding more value with the quality improvements needed by the world market. They will launch the development and adjustment of new breeds of ornamental fish, including changes to achieve good and standardized production systems to support the needs of the market. Moreover, support and development of the strength of farmers, traders and importer networks should be undertaken by the Department of Fisheries as the government agency that promotes ornamental fish strategies 2013 to 2016. The goals are as follows; all types of ornamental fish production should increase by 8% each year, new breeds of ornamental fish should be developed giving 2 new types each year, farmers should earn at least 120,000 baht per family per year, 200 new farmers should register in the system per year, 50 more groups of farmers should get together to make a production and trading base in the form of a community enterprise or cooperative, ornamental fish export value should increase by not less than 5% per year, the amount of farms meeting production and export standards should increase by 20 farms per year and the internal ornamental fish markets should grow by 1 market per year. Some of the high-value ornamental fish for export are; Fighting Fish, Goldfish, Carp, Guppy and Flower Horn Fish.

The Director-General of the Department of Fisheries also plans to support this beautiful aquatic animal business by adding export value to bring revenue into our country and support Thai farmers in improving their products to meet international standards. So, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Department of Fisheries, have decided to hold the Thailand International Ornamental Fish Expo 2015 (TIOFE 2015) from 2 June to 5 June 2015 at the Government Complex, Ratthaprasasanabhakti Building (Building B), Chaeng Watthana Road, Bangkok.

An ornamental fish contest, with the highest numbers of contestants in the world, will be held at the fair, including the exhibition of more than 200 types of exported ornamental fish, such as Goldfish, Guppy, Ray, Pompadour and Flower Horn Fish. There will also be an exhibition of Betta Fish competition, a celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Birth of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Siridhorn and the sale of ornamental fish from farms at good prices. More than 2,000 visitors are expected resulting in a cash flow of hundreds of millions of baht.

You can find more information about the Thailand International Ornamental Fish 2015 Expo (TIOFE 2015) at facebook.com/tiofe_expo
http://online.ubmthailand.com/c/16zEbWnZDLXgwu5KRjqShx0x96  or call +66-2558-0172, or email aquaorna@dof.in.th

New Saltwater fishing forum-Free Advertising   1/3/15
Blue Chum Salt Water Fishing World
Hello Salt Water Angle!
We are Looking for Contributors and Beta testers with a Salt Water Passion to test our new Salt Water Fishing forum and website : Blue Chum Salt Water Fishing World :
Our new Salt Water fishing forum is open for testing. We are very early in beta test mode! , and will be evolving and growing in order to reach our goal of becoming a global place for the Salt Water angler to freely
discuss, learn, dream and live their passion. First let's begin with a famous quote:
"Rome wasn't created in a day"
Since the forum is new and we have not asked anyone to test or sign up yet , the isn't any activity . Our goal is to find 30-50 solid contributors from specific areas and start building the forum before we open to the general public.
How did Blue Chum Start?
Over the Years, as I desired information about my true passion-Salt Water Fishing, I have come across and used many fishing sites and forums. What I have found is this:
Some I "like" and use a lot.
Some are ok and I use a little
Some are not well organized and structured-Most are not Salt Water specific but some are location specific
Many have tight censorship (you cant say anything bad about sport boats/charter/tackle makers/sponsors or divulge exact fishing locations !)
Some are in for the $$ and not for the Love of Fishing-and have become ad machines!
I understand that most forums have to earn a living after awhile and that isn't a problem. It's the free speech restrictions, up sell and "secret" stuff that has me in a fluster sometimes.
So without any more babbling ,here are some of our goals:
A forum for Uncensored reviews and discussions of all things related to Salt water fishing-whether it's reviews on Party boats ,Charter Boats, Tackle makers or even a country's fishing laws.
A forum to freely discuss fishing locations and techniques with the goal of helping others
Great weather info with Free SST charts/Chlorophyll /Fishing locations(coming soon!)
Review and guides to all Sport boat/Party/Charter boat fleet with a rating system(coming soon!)
Up to the minute reports from the fleets via News feeds and live reports(no more having to go to ten sites to get current info)
Cutting edge Classifieds to buy, sell or trade Tackle, Boats etc. (coming soon!)
Learn from our Community and adapt to what the community wants and needs.
Have fun here and live and share our passion of Salt Water Fishing together!
We are looking for fellow anglers who have the same desire, passion and knowledge to share information in an open forum setting and help grow the community to a global standard.
We are especially looking for help with coverage in US locations:
NJ,NY,Mass,Delmarva,Carolinas, Florida, Gulf coast, Wash and Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii
International Locations:
Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Caribbean, The Med, Australia , Asia and South Pacific.
If you have any interest in helping, testing out or just visiting our site Please visit the site at :
or email me at bluechummer@gmail.com
thank you!
Share with Friends or Unsubscribe..
<Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

The following is an ongoing dialogue twixt Dave Dart, a long-time (and excellent) marine livestock collector on Hawaii's Big Island (Kona) and RMF:     12/19/14

The Humane Society of the United States     12/19/14
This lobbying group is pushing to ban AQ collecting not only in Hawaii, but everywhere. They like to hit hot topics with publicity for their money coffers. They probably will be coming at you in the future if they already haven't. David Dart 808-936-5821
<Dave, as you and I talked on the phone re the HSUS is largely a money-making scam. You stated some four cents out of a dollar actually go to shelters et al., I've heard it's more like one cent. As I mentioned, interested/concerned folks should volunteer at local efforts and/or direct their giving to them. Oh, want to ask: would you mind if I archive our corr. on WWM? Am hoping for influence in the direction of reason. Bob Fenner>

Re: The Humane Society of the United States
Yes by all means. David
<Again, I thank you for your efforts on all's behalf. The public, environment, industry and hobby are all well-served thus. Bob Fenner>
The Humane Society of the United States

CC Bill 318
The county council sure assumes a lot in the first few paragraphs. David
<Yes; from the get-go... Am wondering if you know who exactly is in favor of shutting down the trop. trade there? As the points in this Bill are unfounded, non-factual, it's obvious that whomever is promoting it really just wants to see the industry fail. Bob Fenner>
Re: CC Bill 318
It's a shut down bill plain and simple. SB and Umberger failed to get the state to act so now they are hitting on the CC with the support of the US Humane Society. They just believe in putting fish in captivity. D.
<Imagine you meant, "just don't" above. I do concur. B>

BILL NO. 318






SECTION 1. Findings. The Council finds that numerous factors including prolonged starvation, keeping aquarium life in less than one gallon of water for transport purposes, and carrying aquarium life in certain manners cause stress to aquarium life and contribute to their mortality rate.

Therefore, to reduce mortalities and improve the welfare of aquarium life held within  Hawai` i County to be sold as pets, the Council acknowledges and affirms the need to prohibit certain practices that increase stress and contribute to mortality.

Accordingly, to ensure the improved welfare of aquarium life held within Hawai` i County to be sold as pets and to prevent cutting short the normal lifespan of aquatic life, the Council must prohibit prolonged starvation, require a minimum water volume for transport purposes, and prohibit carrying or causing aquarium life to be carried in a manner that is likely to result in injury or death to the aquarium life.

SECTION 2. Chapter 4, article 1, section 4- 1 of the Hawai` i County Code 1983 ( 2005 Edition, as amended), is amended by amending the definition of" animals" to read as follows:

Animals," unless provided otherwise, include but are not limited to those animals that are customary and usual pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, honeybees, and other beasts which are maintained on the premises of a dwelling unit and kept by the resident of a dwelling unit solely for personal enjoyment and companionship, such as, without limitation, for a hobby, for legal sporting activities and for guarding of property; animals exclude aviary game birds [ and fish] as defined in the Hawai` i Revised Statutes.

Animal shall further mean any " animal," " farm animal," or " poultry" as those terms are defined in [ section 1. 31.] this section."

SECTION 3. Chapter 4, article 4 of the Hawai`i County Code 1983 ( 2005 Edition, as amended), is amended by adding a new section to be appropriately designated and to read as follows:

Section 4- . Treatment of aquarium life to be sold for aquarium use.

a) As used in this section, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

Aquarium life" means any type of saltwater fish, mollusk, crustacean, arthropod, invertebrate, or other animal harvested for aquarium use from Hawai`' s marine environment.

Aquarium use" means to hold aquarium life alive in a state of captivity as pets, or for public exhibition or display, or for sale for these purposes.

Sell" means to transfer, prescribe, give, or deliver to another, or to leave, barter, or exchange with another, or to agree to do the same to another for consideration."

b) Any person who sells aquarium life for aquarium use is prohibited from treating aquarium life in an inhumane manner. For the purposes of this section, inhumane treatment of aquarium life includes:

1) Intentionally or knowingly withholding food from aquarium life for more than twenty- four hours;

2) Transporting or causing to be transported within the County aquarium life in less than one gallon of water per each aquarium life with intent to move the aquarium life outside of the County; or

3) Intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or negligently carrying or causing to be carried in or upon any vehicle or other conveyance aquarium life within the County in a manner that is likely to result in the injury or death of the aquarium life.

c) This section shall not apply:

1) To any person exercising those rights customarily and traditionally exercised for subsistence, cultural, and religious purposes and possessed by ahupua' a tenants who are descendants of native Hawaiians who inhabited the Hawaiian Islands prior to 1778, as protected by article XII, section 7, of the Hawai` i State Constitution;

2) To any government or nonprofit agency that specializes in the holding of aquarium life in a state of captivity within the County for education or scientific study, provided that the educational activity or scientific study shall not involve the sale of aquarium life; or

3) To any person possessing aquarium life for the purpose of transit through any port or airport within the County, provided that the aquarium life remains within the boundaries of the airport or port at all times while in the County.

d) Any person convicted of a violation of this section shall be guilty of a petty misdemeanor and shall be subject to a fine of not more than $ 1, 000, or imprisoned of not more than thirty days, or both.

e) Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit lawful fishing, including the lawful harvesting of aquatic life to be used for bait for fishing, for human consumption, or for sale for human consumption."

Emily Munday's Testimony‏
November 17, 2012
Re: Testimony in Opposition to Bill 318
Aloha County Council Members,
I am writing in opposition to Bill 318 regarding the treatment of aquarium life.
For my master’s research at Washington State University, I studied the West Hawaii aquarium trade from 2010-2012. Part of my study focused on holding and transport of live yellow tang in the West Hawaii aquarium trade.

My research on fish holding and transport indicated that the practices implemented by Hawaiian fish exporters do not cause mortality in yellow tang. In June of 2012, I collaborated with fishers and exporters in Kona, and caught 60 yellow tang from the reef, held them in a working export facility, and shipped them from Kona, HI to Portland, OR. The fish were then transported to the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, OR where they resided for 6 months. My study shows 100% survival rate of these tangs during collection, holding in the export facility, air transport, and after a 6-month holding period. In fact, the fish have now become part of an exhibit at the Hatfield Marine Science Center about sustainability in the aquarium trade and I have received no reports of mortality after 2.5 years.

In addition, I now would like to specifically address Sections 4b1 and 4b2:

Section 4b1 would prohibit the withholding of food from aquarium life for 24h. In my study, fish were withheld food for 96h in the export facility, and an additional 35h during transport. Withholding food serves a very important purpose for fish transport. Withholding food prevents fish from fouling their bags. If they are unable to “clean out” their system prior to transport, they will foul their bags, creating a buildup of ammonia, which is toxic to fish. Therefore, withholding food is a best practice to be used prior to shipping fish and any regulation prohibiting food withholding is uninformed and would be detrimental to fish health.

Section 4b2 would prohibit transport of fish in less than one gallon of water. In my study, aquarium exporters used the standard volume of water to transport the tang, and discussed above, no mortality occurred. The requirement of a gallon of water for fish transport is unnecessary and unfounded.

I would like to speak to the sustainability of the Hawaii aquarium trade. The exhibit I helped create at the Hatfield explains the practices of the Hawaii aquarium trade, and how Hawaii’s trade differs from other areas of the world. If we take a global perspective, Bill 318 is damaging to the ocean. This is because the demand for aquarium fish is not decreasing, and such a bill would simply shift the demand for aquarium fish from Hawaii where they are collected using nondestructive methods, to places like the Philippines where fishers regularly use cyanide to stun and capture fish and have a tremendously negative impact on reefs there. Though this might seem like just a local or state issue, the reality is that the aquarium trade is a global trade and Hawaii contributes a sustainably sourced product to aquarium fish hobbyists.

Thank you for hearing my testimony.
Emily S. Munday, M.S.

Walsh Testimony
<And Bill's here. B>
Aloha County Council Members,

My name is Dr. William Walsh and I am submitting testimony in opposition to Bill 318 relating to the treatment of aquarium life which is scheduled for hearing by the Committee on Agriculture, Water and Energy Sustainability on Nov. 18, 2014.

In my capacity as the West Hawai’i Aquatic Biologist for the Division of Aquatic Resources I have been involved in the management and biological monitoring of the West Hawai’i aquarium fishery for over 15 years. While this bill may be well intended in terms of reducing mortalities in the aquarium fishery it actuality is neither necessary nor will it be beneficial. In all likelihood it would prove detrimental to the treatment of aquarium life.

There are no studies, reports or empirical evidence indicating that current shipping practices in the Hawai’i aquarium industry are causing undue levels of shipping mortality. Two studies which have examined shipping mortality in Hawai’i (based on survey interviews) reported low levels of mortality ranging from 0.75-2% (Dierking, 2005) to 2-3% (van Poollen and Obara, 1984). In a 2012 study by Washington State University Graduate Student, Emily Munday, 60 Yellow Tang caught in West Hawai’i, held in an export facility, then shipped from Kona to Portland Oregon and subsequently held in captivity for nearly 6 months showed a 100% survival rate.

Scientific studies which have indeed found high levels of mortality among aquarium fishes have typically been conducted in remote areas with poor handling capabilities often involving the use of toxic collecting chemicals such as cyanide. That is clearly not the case in Hawai’i. As noted by a report from the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) “Where organisms are collected, stored and handled by adequately trained individuals, and transported in suitable conditions, estimated levels of fish mortality have been as low as a few percent” (Wabnitz et al. 2002). All indications are that this is the case in Hawai’i.

I’ll leave it to others actually involved in handling and shipping aquarium fishes to point out why the provisions of this bill would actually harm fish being shipped. The key is relatively simple; keeping the shipping water unfouled and well oxygenated – not a specific volume and certainly not requiring that the fish be fed before shipping.

In conclusion I would like to share with you some of the results of our latest monitoring efforts as they relate to the issue at hand. Two species, the Yellow Tang and Kole make up over 93% of all aquarium fish caught in West Hawai’i. Since the no-aquarium collecting Fish Replenishment Areas (FRAs) were established in 1999 (protecting 35% of the coastline), the numbers of Yellow Tang have increased in the FRAs by almost 65% while not significantly decreasing in the remaining Open Areas. In the 30’-60’ depth range alone, the numbers of Yellow Tang in West Hawai’i have increased by 1.3 million fish. Similarly Kole populations have increased not only in the FRAs (by 24%) but also in the Open Areas as well (by 28%). Kole populations in the same depth range have increased by over 2 million fish! Clearly resource management efforts are working in West Hawai’i.
Mahalo for your attention and I look forward to your continuing support.

Dierking, J. 2002. Socio-Economic study of the aquarium fish industry in West Hawaii. Cesar Environmental Economics Consulting (CEEC). 20 pp.
Poollen, W.H. van, and Obara, A.M (1984). Hawaii’s marine aquarium fish industry profile.
Studies on Marine Economics No. 3. Sea Ocean Resources Office Contribution No.
14. Grant College Program, State of Hawaii, Department of Planning and Economic

Wabnitz, C., Taylor, M., Green, E. and T Razak. 2003. From Ocean to Aquarium- The global trade in marine ornamental species. UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Center, Cambridge, UK. 64 pp

Final Testimony from AZA on Hawai'i County Bill 318
Dave- Here’s the testimony Dr. Carlson presented.
Final Testimony from AZA on Hawai'i County Bill 318
Just submitted by AZA. I will deliver this testimony tomorrow.

8403 Colesville Road, Suite 710

Silver Spring, MD 20910-3314

301-562-0777 tel  301-562-0888 fax










November 17, 2014

Dear Honorable Members of the Hawai’i County Council: 

On behalf of the 228 accredited member institutions of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), I would like to take this opportunity to express our serious concerns regarding County of Hawai’i Bill 318 that would purportedly improve the welfare of aquarium life within Hawai’i County by prohibiting appropriate fasting for transported animals and establishing an arbitrary minimum water volume for transport purposes.  We respectfully submit that if this bill were to pass, it would become impossible to ship fish and aquatic invertebrates in a safe and humane manner and thus, greatly impact the ability of accredited aquariums and zoos to educate and inspire millions of visitors with compelling exhibits that showcase the natural beauty of marine life and habitats, including coral reefs and coral reef fishes. 

AZA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of accredited zoos and aquariums in the areas of animal care and husbandry, conservation, education, science and recreation.  With over 185 million visitors to 228 accredited zoos and aquariums, AZA’s focus on connecting people and animals provides a critical link to helping animals in their native habitats.

AZA zoos and aquariums are committed to conserving the world’s oceans for future generations of Americans and people around the globe. We do this by educating our audiences about issues related to ocean health, and encourage them to join us in reducing threats to fragile ocean ecosystems and wildlife. This is very important as a recent National Research Council study found that people learn as much as 90% of their science in informal settings such as accredited zoos and aquariums.  We strongly believe that our message of respect, wonder and appreciation of the natural world contributes significantly to coral reef conservation and management.  

There are very few fish species that cannot be safely fasted.  For nearly all species, a two or more day fast is routinely done to clear the gut of food so the transport bag will not be fouled.  Fouling leads to toxic levels of ammonia, and reduced concentrations of oxygen.  Furthermore, non-fasted fishes have higher oxygen demands thus exacerbating the problem.  The provisions of this bill will not improve the standards for animal welfare; rather they will have the opposite effect leading to higher rates of mortality. 

Regarding the minimum water volume requirement, there are no published reports or scientific studies that we are aware of that support the proposed one-gallon per each “aquarium life” standard as specified in the bill.  This is an arbitrary and capricious “standard” which appears to be designed solely to eliminate all wild fish collections in the County.  If animal welfare is the true intent of this bill, it would be extended to cover the welfare of aquacultured aquarium life.  Those animals will continue to be shipped using recognized industry standards including fasting and appropriate water volumes for each species.  Passage of this legislation, will not only limit a fully sustainable trade, but would prevent the normal and ethical transport between zoological facilities under the best standards of practical care….including Hawaii-based zoos, aquariums and research institutions.  

The AZA community views itself as potential partners with the State of Hawai’i and its counties. We have the well-documented ability to speak to hundreds of millions of visitors annually about marine conservation needs. AZA accredited institutions agree that a common-sense regulatory approach that governs the humane take, the humane after-capture husbandry and humane and ethical transport of coral reef species in a fully sustainable manner, is a positive step in enhancing the coral reef fishery populations throughout the State. It is also important that legislation affecting this industry follow the best-methods standards established over decades of proven techniques and research.


Thank you for the opportunity to provide input on these important decisions. 




Steven G. Olson                                             Bruce Carlson

Vice President, Federal Relations                  Director Emeritus

Association of Zoos and Aquariums               Waikiki Aquarium

Robert (Bob) Fenner's input re Bill 318 provisions‏
December 19, 2014
Re Bill 318

Aloha County Council Members,

I am writing in opposition to Bill 318 regarding two elements concerning treatment of aquarium life.

I am a long-time investigator, academic and writer on issues of natural history, and use of native aquatic life. I am the author of The Conscientious Marine Aquarist, as well as more than a dozen other printed works on aquatic life, and several hundred articles in the field. My position paper on live yellow tang use in the West Hawaii aquarium trade can be found archived on my site: http://wetwebmedia.com/YTangUpdateArt.htm

My involvement in the ornamental marine trade spans the last fifty some years, mostly here in the USA. Further, I have owned properties in West Hawaii, and been involved in observing collecting, holding and shipping practices of fishes and invertebrates here.

The points I would like to specifically address are Sections 4b1 and 4b2 of Bill 318:

Section 4b1: It is a well-established world-wide practice to "clean out" livestock to be shipped a few days ahead of its bagging and transport. This practice greatly increases the preservation of health of aquatic livestock that otherwise is greatly stressed by the addition of noxious metabolites (principally their primary excretory product ammonia). The number one cause of loss of captive aquatics through all history is actually this "metabolite build-up". As stated, all aquatic biota produce ammonia, continuously, with more being present with increased feeding and subsequent wastes in the bag. Feeding fishes and invertebrates so soon (a day prior) to their shipment results in much higher incidental mortality; hence, the universal technique of ceasing feeding for a few days ahead, especially with fishes like Tangs (Acanthuroids) that produce copious amounts of wastes due to their mostly algal and aufwuchs diet.

Section 4b2 Calls for shipping fishes in not less than one gallon of water. This practice is not only unwarranted; as again, the trade and science have determined that less water, using the space in the bag for more oxygen), is the best practice for assuring health in transit. More water not only introduces higher transport cost per fish, but gives the animals too much space to move about during transport. I urge you to read re the natural history of these fishes; at night time they "lay down" in nooks, crannies changing color a bit... to avoid predators. Similarly, livestock is purposely bagged, boxed in Styrofoam and cardboard boxes and taped shut for thermal insulation as well as to induce the "sleep phase" behavior. More water and room sloshing about will only damage this life in transit.

If you would like my input on these or other ornamental aquatics, fisheries issues, I will gladly consult as an independent fisheries biologist.
Robert (Bob) Fenner
858 397 XXXX

TMC custom LEGO models      12/17/14
Greetings Crew,
<Hey Neale!>
You might be interested in the marine aquarium themed LEGO sets from UK marine wholesaler TMC. They’re exclusive models only available in a few stores, but BrickSet has a nice review of the Lionfish model here:
At £100 (about $160) they’re not cheap though!
Cheers, Neale
<Yes; had seen; even sent a request to some of the folks I know there in mgmt. re searching for sets for someone. Neat idea... BobF>

Lit. review/RMF re SW Aq.      12/2/14
Dear Mr. Fenner,
I hope your holidays were wonderful! I'm sending this email along with an attachment of the literature review I completed last year as a culmination to my research on salt water aquariums. It would be amazing if you could briefly read through it and send me any critiques you have, along with any suggestions you may have for additional research. This will help me a lot when I actually start work on the tank.
Thank you so much!
Mary Wheelehan
<Will review on the morrow Mary. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re SW notes on set up, stkg., maint.    12/2/14

Here tis w/ my comments in red. B

Thank you so much!
All of this is really helpful, and I'll definitely be exploring your website for further information about acclimation; it would be terrible to lose an entire tank to disease just because I didn't introduce a new fish correctly! I'm excited about starting my aquarium: I should be purchasing it this month!
Thanks again,
Mary Wheelehan
<Welcome Mary. BobF>

newest LA Fishguys     11/30/14
Hi Harry and Bob, I placed your commercial into the new episode 138, Me, Myself & I, the Interview >>>
http://youtu.be/mWU2eA6bf3M  <<<>>> http://youtu.be/yMjeXk4TCaA <<< 
<Thanks Jim. BobF>
Jim Stime, Jr
Aquarium Design - Installation and Maintenance
Midwater Systems - JELLIQUARIUM Jellyfish Display Systems
MyFishTank.com - Acrylic Aquariums, Stands and Canopies
LA Fishguys - Aquarium Reality Television

Guest Blog Partnership... RMF strong intuition as usual      11/18/14
Good Afternoon,
I came across your website and absolutely love the diversity of the articles you offer your readers.
I represent Fintastic Aquarium Store <http://www.fintastic.us/>  located in Charlotte, NC. It's the largest full-service aquarium retailer in the Carolinas. Our Charlotte store showcases over 10,000 square feet of aquariums, fish, plants and corals. It's a beautiful location where we focus on aquatic education as much as professional aquarium support.
<Ah good... for you, hobbyists, the industry>
We would love to offer educational and visual content from our industry to you by writing a guest blog for your site. Please let me know if you are interested and we can discuss future topics. Look forward to hearing from
*Cassie Hutaff*
Senior Account Specialist
<Send along some examples of what you have in mind please. Bob Fenner>
Aquariums: Creative Design Elements for Home or Business... more PR      11/21/14

Dear editor,
<Okay. Howdy again Cass>
After visiting your website, I see that your readers are interested in learning more about creative aquariums design elements in the home and business place. I’d like to offer you an article which I think would be a good fit.
Whether it be in your home or at a doctor's office, there's nothing quite like watching colorful fish swim gently through a well-designed aquarium. A tank stocked with fish, plants and coral will not only occupy a client's waiting time, but it also provides a sense of peace and relaxation. The flow of the water along with the soothing interaction of the fish adds a peaceful design element to any space.
I would like to offer a guest blog by Greg Sowers, the owner of Fintastic, one of the largest custom-made aquarium retailers in the Southeast, highlighting the calming benefits of a beautiful aquarium in a home office or professional setting.
Do you have time for a call next week?
<Umm; yes... we have similar coverage already on WWM... Bob Fenner>
*Cassie Hutaff*
Senior Account Specialist
Re: Aquariums: Creative Design Elements for Home or Business      12/10/14

Hi Bob,
I wanted to let you know that Fintastic is taking a change in direction
with the company and we have put all work on hold until further notice.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Have a great Christmas holiday.
<Thanks; you as well. B>

Aquatic Experience      10/27/14
<Hey Deb>
Thank you for speaking at Aquatic Experience-Chicago, we do appreciate it. You are scheduled to present “Livestock Acclimation & Quarantine” on Friday 4:30-5:30 in Nirvana B.
<Ah yes; am ready>
All sessions are located on the second floor. We would like to make you aware of a special session we are presenting on Friday at 6:15, “State of the Aquatic Industry Town Hall” in Nirvana C. We hope that all of our speakers will join us for this new addition to Aquatic Experience and ask our Friday speakers to promote
this event. Please see the attached Town Hall information.
<Ahh, will post on WWM (WetWebMedia); we have some 30-40k visitors per day... >
Here is the schedule for the Saturday events located in the Schaumburg Ballroom, we do hope you will join us!
Speaker Photo-6:00- in Schaumburg Ballroom East- follow the signs to the Meet & Greet entrance
Speaker Meet & Greet-same location following photo- opportunity for our Weekend Pass Holder to meet our esteemed speakers
Keynote and Banquet-Schaumburg Ballroom 7:00
Your badge and wristband, which will allow you entrance into all events, will be available for pick up at Will Call which is located at the Trade Show Floor entrance.
<Oh! Is there one for my cohort, Tiffany Bromfield? I've paid for her air... she was there last year>
Please provide your cell phone number in case I need to reach you on site.
<858 397XXXX>
Thank you again for speaking at Aquatic Experience.
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Debra Spaulding
Director of Education & Programming
World Pet Association, Inc.

“State of the Aquatic Industry Town Hall”

Don’t miss the “State of the Aquatic Industry Town Hall” with Julian Sprung, Marshall Meyers, Sandy Moore, Dustin Dorton and Chris Buerner, moderated by Chris Clevers, Friday at 6:15.  This important Town Hall is open to all Aquatic Experience 2014 attendees and exhibitors.  The panel will discuss important issues impacting fish, corals and other aquatic creatures.  Retailers will learn how they can best communicate current threats to their customers to get them involved and ways they can help turn back the tide (no pun intended) in a coordinated fashion.  This discussion will include PIJAC’s efforts regarding the endangered species listing of Acropora Coral, specific species of fish and the activities of the PIJAC aquatic committee.  Bring your questions and learn what’s happened, what may be next and what all of it could mean to the aquatics industry.  

STEM resources for your site     10/21/14
<Mmm; no thanks. Not enough pertinence. B>
Hi there! I’m writing on behalf of Educator Labs, a volunteer-based startup that conducts free research for educators. We put retired teachers and librarians (like me!) back into meaningful engagement with other educators.
One of our missions is to share the unique and informative STEM resources we come across, as we believe teaching science, technology, engineering and math can never be overdone.
I noticed the science education resources on your site (on this page: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/alkmeas.htm) and thought you may be interested in seeing other similar resources. I have many (many!) I could share, but I’ve narrowed it down to six. Any interest in sharing these on your site?
NSTA | Freebies for Teachers
Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers & Tools
The Science of Addiction: K-12 Integrated Prevention Curriculum
Exploratorium | The Science of Cooking
The 10 Best STEM Resources
Calculators for Kids: Important STEM Tools
Have a great day!
Jasmine Dyoco | info@educatorlabs.org
http://educatorlabs.org/ | Cultivating. Connecting. Curating.
2054 Kildaire Farm Rd. #204 | Cary, NC | 27518
P.S. Send me an email response if you'd rather not hear from me in the future. I understand and respect your wishes!

Upcoming LA Fishguys     10/17/14
Hi Bob, Unless I have changes from other advertisers these are the links to the, unlisted until Saturday, upcoming videos
featuring the Kessil LED Light installation on Scotts 500 gallon reef tank.... Episode 136,
This Little Light of Mine Part 1 http://youtu.be/bSIsTbcHnsk  
Part 2 http://youtu.be/19VJHux9aak  
Part 3 http://youtu.be/8cTbjT9qXfU  
Your commercial is in part two Jim Stime, jr
<Real good. BobF>
Aquarium Design - Installation and MaintenanceMidwater Systems

2014 MASNA Aquarist of the Year Judging Panel - Response Requested       6/22/14
by June 29, 2014
Hello past MASNA Aquarist of the Year Winners!
I hope your summer is off to a great start. It is time to choose the winner of the MASNA Aquarist of the Year to be awarded at this year's MACNA in Denver, CO. Below is a summary of how the nomination and judging process will work, please confirm back to me if you are willing to participate in this year's process by June 29, 2014
<I am>
MASNA individual members, clubs, and corporate sponsors will be able to submit their nominations via email from July 1st - July 15th.
Each member will be able to nominate 3 people for this award.
Nominations and detailed bios of each nominee will be emailed to the judging panel on July 18th, 2014. Each member of the judging panel will select their top 2 nominees based on their significant contribution to the marine aquarium industry or hobby over the past 2 years and email the selection to be by July 25, 2013. The winner will be determined by the person who received the most votes from the judging panel.
The winner will be announced during the Saturday evening banquet at this year's MACNA.
Last year it was discussed that there should be a more subjective method of evaluating the nominees. Please email the group (reply all) with your suggestions.
<Will do>
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments and let me know if you are willing to be a member of the judging panel by June 29, 2014. All past winners are bcc'd on this message in order to maintain privacy.
Amanda Cox
MASNA At Large
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: 2014 MASNA Aquarist of the Year Judging Panel       6/24/14

Do want to present a counter-point/argument if you will to the idea of separating the industry and hobby (indeed even sciences that delve into ornamental aquatics; ala the Aquatic Exp.). There's much more to gain by identifying, acknowledging folks in both (by MASNA)... As both areas (appreciation and biz) include individuals who make, have made large contributions to the betterment and enjoyment of the hobby experience. I do concur that the award should not be some sort of popularity contest result; but again, would have all interested know the substantial progress that has been made by folks in largely the money-making end of the interest.
Others have mentioned lifetime awards. I would really like to see this element added... an example in an employer back in the sixties; Earl Kennedy (Lollipop in the Telex years in the trade) made so many keystone improvements/innovations... Styrofoam boxes, preparation techniques ahead of shipping... REALLY deserves to be recognized. Cheers, BobF.
Re: 2014 MASNA Aquarist of the Year Judging Panel - Response Requested by June 29, 2014-      6/24/14

That is a valid point, I could second a nomination of Earl Kennedy or Cal Adger
<Ah yes; et uxor Lois>
for that matter, but these guys are also retired and their reputations are known and sealed. Earl Kennedy would easily qualify for his lifelong arguments against cyanide and constant urging of the Philippines government to stop the practice. These names though are not the ones I had thought of, I instead was thinking of names of the present industry and that is where it gets a little grey.
<Thank you for this further input Roger. Yes to there be many notables, present and past, in the trade, hobby, science, PR/Media, technology... B>
Re: 2014 MASNA Aquarist of the Year Award Nominations and Voting - round 1 due August 7th    8/4/14

Thank you Bob!
<Welcome Amanda. B>

Just Kudos Today    5/16/14
Just watched Bob's interview with L.A. Fishguy and was fascinated.

Especially excited to hear of Bob's MLS degree. I work for a company that sells children's books to school libraries so I have a fondness for library type people.
<Ahh; and have a dear old/er friend in the HHH here: Mother something Goose... who is a children's book publisher, distributor>
Also wanted to compliment you on the series of nano tank books. Recently moved back into the hobby but this time with a 34 gallon tank and the information in that series of books is invaluable.
<I thank you>
Kudos to Bob and the rest of the Crew for all you do for the hobby.
<Cheers, BobF>

Lights, Camera, Aquarium Photo Contest   3/18/13
Hi there,
I wanted to reach out to you to see if you would like to check out our photo contest & possibly mention it to your website followers.  We just launched our Lights, Camera, Aquarium contest in conjunction with http://mpix.com  & http://reddit.com/r/reeftank .  We aren't offering a normal run of the mill aquarium prize this time but a chance for one lucky person to turn their amazing aquarium photo into wall art to enjoy.  Here are all the contest details -
Also, you have looked at our site in its very beginning stages & offered up some great feedback so we would love for you to take a look at the site again - http://aquarist.me.  Our site has made a ton of improvements & have added a free log tool as well.  Thanks again for your time & support . Let us know what you think.
Community Manager @Aquarist.me
<Will post, share. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Would you be willing to help? MonsterFishKeepers.com and Monster Energy  – 08/16/12
Dear Bob and Crew,
Greetings! This is Nicole Putnam.
You may remember me from an article I wrote in 2009 (not to mention the multiple times I have written you over what is surely a decade by now...yikes, time does fly!)
<Ah yes>
I am an active forum member at Aquaria Central, part of the Monster Aquaria Network (the parent of AC and also MonsterFishKeepers.com).
Unfortunately, MFK is being threatened with allegations of trademark infringement by Monster Energy company.  They seem to think that the devil horns and tail "M" that MFK uses as a logo bears too much resemblance to the green claw "M" that Monster uses on their energy drinks.  They have sent a cease and desist letter to MFK, asking them to drop their logo from clothing, accessories, and stickers.  Also, to refrain from applying for any further trademarks, or using the word "Monster", the letter "M", or the colors black and green on any of their websites or merchandise.  They also want MFK to pay the attorney's fees that Monster Energy would incur as a result of this matter.
<I have seen some of this controversy>
As you can imagine, this is very troubling.  The merchandise defrays the cost of the upkeep of the multiple forums and websites.  Monster Energy has the means for virtually limitless appeals, so even if MFK has the law on their side (they have held a trademark on their logo since 2005) taking them to court would soon exhaust their financial resources.
I started a Change.org petition asking Monster to drop their allegations and stop trademark bullying Monster Fish Keepers:
<Good for all>
Would you be so kind as to post this on your Dailies?
 We are hoping to reach 10,000 signatures by October, and we're over 70% there.  A boost from WWM would be a tremendous help!  More information can also be found here:
Thank you so much for your time! I wish you all the best.
Nicole Putnam
<Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner, who wonders why "Mars" doesn't sue this flunky drink co. for using their M & M logo? Mmmm>

Your ReefTanks.info Welcome Email     8/13/12
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Custom Aquariums... Actually other info. site    7/21/12
I emailed you a couple weeks ago about a blog I manage, Okeanos Group, that recently posted an article on turtles, too! Our blog is full of info on caring for many types of fish, both saltwater and freshwater.
We also deal in custom aquariums. I believe that the information we cover in our blog would also be a great fit for your readers. To get a sense of what our blog is about you can visit us at http://www.okeanosgroup.com/blog/.
Please let me know if you would be interested in informing your readers about our informational blog, or if you might use us as a resource for one of your future posts.
Kind Regards,
<Umm, will post your msg. on WWM. Bob Fenner>

An Invitation from ReefTanks.info    7/13/12
<Mmm, maybe write back when there's some actual content to refer people to.
Bob Fenner>
This is Justin over at ReefTanks.info, a professional networking and small business advertising website that includes a community marketplace, forums, chat, unlimited photo galleries, and online portfolios for each member of the site.
I've been working very hard to create this useful resource, and I'd like to invite you to try it out and let me know what you think. ReefTanks.info is far more than just a spot to share work and ideas - this site was designed from the ground up to be a powerful tool for marketing your business or brand and expanding your online presence. The vast majority of this functionality is absolutely FREE - we are supported by ads and voluntary Premium Membership subscriptions.
To make it easy for you to get started, I've set up the link below which will auto-create your free account, allowing you to skip the email confirmation step and get right to posting. You'll be sent a randomly generated password that you can change once you sign in.
If you like what I'm doing with ReefTanks.info, you might also be interested in some of my other sites:
Thanks for your time, and I appreciate any feedback you may have for me.

Instructional aquarium DVDs!     7/7/12
Good day!
I am eager to let you know about my instructional aquarium DVDs!
They are perfect to help educate your customers and staff!
They are a great silent salesmen and save you a lot of time explaining how to keep the aquarium you sell them.
They are perfect to add to package deals when selling aquarium set ups.
Some links you might be interested in are these ones:
We can customize the packaging for you branding and logos!
Please let me know your requirements so we can work out a price.
Please let me know how this may work for you?
Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel?
Have you got the new Majestic Aquariums iPhone application?
Check out the new videos at www.talkingfish.com.au
Paul Talbot
majestic aquariums
7/120 Taren Point Road
Taren Point NSW 2229
Ph. 02 95253474
Fax 02 95253696
<Thanks for sending this along Paul. Will post. Bob Fenner>

New up and coming hobby aquarist website for possible mention on your site    5/5/12
I read your site and thought I would mention another site as well that might be good for a mention your reader community.
<Please do>
 A couple of diehard aquarist friends of mine have put together a pretty neat site--aquarist.me.
It is just getting up and running but has alot <no such word> of great features so far with more to come.  They have a fish database that is wikilike and you can upload your aquarium pics and add fish from it.  You can also add comments and articles for your tank in a newsfeed type format. It is coming along nicely if you have time to check it out.  http://aquarist.me  is the link.
Thanks for your time.
<Mmm, don't like that the content is "aquarist submitted"... Too much dissonance, mis-information. Bob Fenner>

Fish Tank Kings - Premieres this May on Nat Geo WILD   4/13/12
<Hi there Kirstin>
My name is Kristin Montalbano and I work with National Geographic Channel to promote their shows.  I wanted to share some info about Fish Tank Kings, a new series premiering this May on Nat Geo WILD that I thought you and your readers may be interested in.  I've included the release below for more details and episode descriptions and will be in touch as clips are available.  Please let me know if I can pass along any additional info, photos, etc. about the show, and thanks for taking a look!
Venture Beneath the Surface as New Nat Geo WILD Series Takes Viewers
Into the Rough Waters of Extreme Fish Tank Building

Fish Tank Kings Premieres Saturday, May 12, at 10PM ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD (WASHINGTON, D.C. ­ April 10, 2012)  More than 1,000 fish swim around a 15-ft. tall acrylic cylinder that rises from the floor of a movie star¹s Beverly Hills foyer.  In a high-rise NYC condo, a young CEO has a 5,000-gallon fish tank installed in his floor so that on his way to the bathroom he can literally walk on water.  A rock star in Miami has exotic fish follow him all over his mega-mansion, thanks to the fish superhighway that connects three massive tanks together on three different floors.
Extreme fish aquariums have become the ultimate status symbol, and the people who are on the cutting edge are in high demand.  The series highlights the science of aquarium keeping and takes you behind the scenes look into several of the country¹s most prestigious public aquariums and aquaculture facilities.
Nat Geo WILD¹s new six-episode series Fish Tank Kings, premiering Saturday, May 12, at 10 PM ET/PT, dives into the demanding, pressure-filled job of pulling off these massive underwater creations.  Fish Tank Kings follows the Florida-based aquarium specialists at Living Color as they use their unparalleled skills, creativity and teamwork to pull off the most extreme of these tanks, where the drama and pressure of the building process is nowhere as serene as the final product.
Fish Tank Kings boasts a cast of thousands of fish ‹ from the giant Pacific octopus and rare captive-bred Porkfish to Blacktip reef sharks and lionfish.
From selecting the fishes to choosing the reefs and corals, clients will change their mind 10 times in the process.  Acrylic will be formed and displays will be artistically created, and we¹ll be there for every reveal.
Meet the Fish Tank Kings

Each episode follows the dedicated team as they work to create some of the most impressive fish tanks ever developed: Mat Roy is the president and is responsible for overseeing all projects and running operations at Living Color.  His favorite part of the process is seeing the look on clients¹ faces as they view their aquarium for the first time.  Francis Yupangco, lifelong fish geek, is the head marine biologist, overseeing the construction and marine life in the custom tanks.  Ben Alia is the senior project manager, whose expertise allows the team to fabricate the most sophisticated of designs.  Jose Blanco is production and safety manager, planning and creating a happy home for the fish.  John Manning is life support system designer, responsible for creating intricate systems in small spaces that will ultimately keep the exotic creatures inside the tank healthy.  
Premiere Episodes Include:
Fish Tank Kings: 7th Inning Catch

Saturday, May 12, at 10 p.m. ET/PT
Mat is beside himself with excitement at the possibility of creating fish tanks for a one-of-a-kind location ‹ the home plate backstop of the brand-new Marlins baseball stadium! The MLB believes that this aquarium cannot be done, and Living Color is set to prove them wrong.  With Miami Marlins President David Samson breathing down their necks, the Living Color team comes up with a design that they hope will function as a backstop as well as keep the fish ‹ including the rare captive-bred Porkfish ‹ from dying on the field in front of millions of Marlins fans across the country.
Meanwhile, Jose can¹t get back on track with his already slammed production schedule, and an overlooked design flaw in the Marlins reefs could botch the delivery date completely.
Fish Tank Kings: Pimp My Tank

Saturday, May 19, at 10 p.m. ET/PT
Mat meets up with Allan Marshall, who runs the biological operations at the impressive Florida Aquarium. After taking Mat on a tour of the incredible facilities, Allan expresses that he wants a fresh take on an old exhibit and is interested in showcasing rarely seen deep-sea fish.  Mat knows of a submarine in the Caribbean and gets Allan excited for the unique adventure.
Additionally, Mat has promised a repeat client a 3,000-gallon cylindrical shark aquarium in just three weeks!  Upon learning that they have a bunch of jobs on the dockets and one requiring a tight turnaround that has risen to top priority, the team is dismayed.  After leaving Ben in charge of the warehouse, Mat takes off to the Caribbean island of Curacao with Allan to locate some deep-sea fish for their new exhibit.  It¹s crunch time, with the guys in the warehouse stretched to the limit and Mat attempting to get Allan some exquisite creatures ‹ including the Blacktip reef shark, the deepwater dragonette and the deepwater scorpion fish ‹ to showcase.
Fish Tank Kings: Finsanity

Saturday, May 26, at 10 p.m. ET/PT
Mat can¹t wait to meet one of his sports heroes ‹ Indy car driver Ryan Hunter Reay.  Meanwhile, at the Tennessee Aquarium, Francis meets a giant Pacific octopus suffering from harmful chemicals that have leeched into its water from a poorly constructed rock feature.  To save the octopus, Francis must turn to Jose to build all-new and 100 percent safe aquarium rocks, all while avoiding the Tank Boss, Mat, who has demanded that the warehouse work on his pet project... or else!  It¹s a warehouse showdown as Mat¹s pet project takes center stage while Jose is racing to save an octopus life.
Fish Tank Kings: Card Sharks

Saturday, June 2, at 10 p.m. ET/PT
Mat gets a call from a client in Sin City with a tank that has aged prematurely and after only four years is due for a major aquatic overhaul, down to needing new fish.  Per usual, Mat has taken a nosedive headfirst down the rabbit hole, promising that this rehab job can be done in one night and on location in Las Vegas.  Meanwhile, Francis is busy finding information on a nurse shark that needs to be relocated quickly, as she has outgrown her current aquarium.  While Mat and John are in Vegas, Francis and Jose will be taking on the moving of the shark, Bessie.  Time is of the essence in both of these jobs, with Living Color¹s reputation hanging in the balance.
Fish Tank Kings: Fish Upon a Star

Saturday, June 9, at 10 p.m. ET/PT
Ben and Francis head out to meet up with a previous client, Max, who is looking for a massive upgrade in a tank ‹ he wants one three to four times the size of his current aquarium. He already maintains a live reef tank, but this time he wants a live coral tank that will be one of the largest residential tanks of its kind in southern Florida.  Francis takes Max on a special tour of ORA, the country¹s largest coral farm.  Then, it¹s up to Mat and Ben to take on a new client, former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning.
Upon arriving at Alonzo¹s home, they see he already has an aquarium.  The basketball sensation explains that he does in fact want an aquarium, but not for his home ‹ for a youth center he started that helps at-risk youth.
Fish Tank Kings: Extreme Tankover   4/13/12

Saturday, June 16, at 10 p.m. ET/PT
Pleasing discerning clients is nothing new to Mat Roy and his team, but when he has an initial client meeting with the head of biology for the Rainforest Café, Jim Prappas, they quickly realize that in order to accomplish this job they are going to have to be on their A-game.  Meanwhile, a long-standing client, Tom Rodgers, wants a complete aquatic overhaul on his nearly decade-old tank.  In addition to replacing the current drab coral reef with a dynamic and colorful new one, Living Color¹s head of marine biology, Francis, must figure out a way to give Tom the predator tank he wants without putting the other fish in jeopardy.
<Real good. Will post/share. Bob Fenner>

Tanked : animal planet  4/13/12
Have you seen this show based in las Vegas?
<I have not... but heard others reviews, impressions. I think the show follows the usual "bigger than life" sort of presentation to attract viewers>
 I am quite shocked these folks are using tap water to fill these large tanks.  Is the Vegas tap water quality somehow really good?
<Not that great... hard, alkaline... imported pretty much as the water here in San Diego... Suitable for African Cichlids of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika... not "that" bad for most marine set ups>
That won't work in Missouri.
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>

New resource    11/21/11
Bob and crew,
Looks like Oklahoma State University has a brand new resource called "Fishchum" for hobbyists to communicate with scientists.
Rick Novy
<Interesting. Thank you for sending this along Rick. Bob Fenner>

Article Re: CA Mag contributor and sponsor Orphek
> This was posted on reef builders, seems a bit libelous and over the top eh? I don't know the whole story but it seems odd for a forum that promotes education to go after a single person like this.
> -AJ
Well, the piece is obviously an editorial... and I don't see/read where Jake has stated non-facts ahead of or supporting his points/arguments. RB's intended to be a "newsy" site... Editorials are part of this. B

News article from Channelnewsasia.com    9/10/11
> Dear Bob,
> Your friend Perry just visited www.channelnewsasia.com 
> for the latest in news and information and has highly recommended the following URL:
> http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1151062/1/.html
5k folks in a fish carnival! Yowzah! B

Tanked, Animal Planet TV show   8/23/11
Dear Crew,
Any comment about this new show "Tanked". I watched horrified as they filled this "phone booth" tank (I calculate 250 gallons max) with tap water, no mention of cycling, and dumped hundreds of marine fish into it that same day.
Second tank at a hotel, not only was it tap water, but hot tap water, they had to cool with ice. All in a hurry, because there were dozens of boxes with dozens of fish waiting to go in it.
I don't suppose they will show us the video of netting out the dead and dying creatures over the next week?
This is a travesty, with the mis-information going out, and I am afraid it will mis-lead the uninformed into a very serious hobby. It appears those purchasing the fish have the means to simply keep purchasing replacements.
Just had to vent, thanks, Steve
<I didn't see the inaugural show, but have read others' inputs on FB re, and they concur w/ your impressions... More a "show" than any real aquarium science at work here. More fuel to the fire for folks and agencies that would restrict (to shutting down) the aquarium interest. Bob Fenner>

questions for Robert Fenner for a Yahoo! story   5/18/11
Hello Robert,
I'm an NYC-based freelance writer who is currently working on a story for Yahoo! about the true costs of owning pets. I'm covering about 10 different types of pets
<I'd limit this number... the piece will be too large, diffuse otherwise. Maybe five animal/groups...>
and would like to include tropical fish. I know that it is a massively huge topic and that books have been written on the subject (including those by you!) but am wondering if there is any way to give a basic breakdown of cost ranges for an interested beginner, covering everything from the cost of the fish themselves to that of food, tanks, filters and other equipment needed.
<Mmm, not really. Am unfortunately out of the country today till the end of the month and time is too short>
If you would be open to speaking with me (or emailing me) about this, I would be very appreciative! I would need to speak by sometime by the end of today, including evening (or, if that's not possible, then tomorrow morning). Or again, email is fine, too.
Many thanks!
Beth Greenfield
<Perhaps some other time. Cheers, BobF>

Partnership with BurmesePython.com -- 02/05/11
I'm contacting you from http://www.burmesepython.com . We offer the most complete care guide available for the Burmese Python.
If you would consider adding a link to our site we will reciprocate by placing your link on the following page: http://www.burmesepython.com/links.html
 No thanks. Not enough cross-over/pertinence to our content. BobF

Required reading?   1/12/11
Bob, I think we, all WWM crew needs to read this:
Many secrets nobody else knows!
Scott V.
<Uhh, right... Order NOW! B>
Required reading? 1/12/11   1/15/11
HAH! A business man for sure. All the secrets can be found right here on Wet Web Media.....for free!
<Thank goodness... and us. B>

Attn: Anthony Calfo Looking for posters 1/11/2011
Hi Anthony,
<Hi Scott, Mich here today.>
I was looking to contact you and on one website, I read the best way was to contact you via this site. I hope the message gets to you.
<Anthony is no longer active here. You might try him at readingtrees@yahoo.com>
I am looking to purchase a set of your Complete Set of Illustrated Reef Guide Posters, 3ft x 2ft each as a gift for my father in law, however every place is sold out or says the item has been discontinued. Do you know of anywhere in the NJ/PA area that still has them? I am located in Pennington NJ which is outside of Princeton NJ.
<You might try Something Fishy as I believe they used to carry them. Their website here: http://www.toofishy.com/home.php >
Thank you in advance for your time,
Scott Jensen

Anthony Calfo Bio/MACNA 2010   7/17/10
Hi Bob,
<Hi James>
I couldn't help becoming a little upset reading Anthony's bio on the MACNA 2010 site. In particular, he states "Anthony has authored the reef aquarium books, "Book of Coral Propagation, Volume 1" (ReadingTrees.com) & "Reef Invertebrates", and numerous articles for print and electronic journals at large." Geez, no credit given to you at all on the Reef Invertebrate book. Unless it has been changed, my copy of the book reads "By Anthony Calfo & Robert Fenner".
It would have been proper to state Anthony co-authored Reef Invertebrates with Robert Fenner.
Just venting a little.
<This is an act of thievery and outright dishonesty James. BobF>
Re: Anthony Calfo Bio/MACNA 2010
Yes, it is.  And, I believe you were very helpful in getting Anthony where he is today, and that's the thanks you get.  It's hard to believe how close you and Anthony were at one time and then see a complete turn around.  Makes me wonder if the word "friendship" is in his vocabulary.
<James I am satisfied (for myself) that I was his friend... Am given to understand he has had some extreme reversals with others these past years. Perhaps this has soured his personality, acted to turn him away from himself. B>
Re: Calfo

> Hello guys,
> For some reason there was a message about Calfo in my mailbox; I've moved it into yours, James. Hope that's right.
> I've never met Calfo so can't comment either way. But it does seem jolly rum to not mention your co-author in something formal like that.
> Cheers, Neale
Am adding "jolly rum" to my vernacular... and liquor cabinet. B

Living Oceans site   7/2/10
Ah, thanks Jaime. This is a great site, I can see how this is up your alley too! I'm going to share it with some of my fish and dive friends right now. Have a good, safe trip!
Scott V.
> Hey Scott,
> Here's the link to one of the Living Oceans online map applications that Towson University has developed. I used to work with these guys until I decided to take my position at the community college.
> They used to have video in selected locations but they seem to have done away with it. Give it a try. Kind of neat and right up your alley. The tools are fairly intuitive, but let me know if you need any help with them.
> I've also included the main site URL.
> Enjoy,
> Jaime
> http://lof.towson.edu/usvi/
> http://www.livingoceansfoundation.org/
> Jaime J. Alvarez
> Assistant Professor
> Program Coordinator (Essex Campus)
> Geography and Geospatial Applications Program
> Community College of Baltimore County
> 7201 Rossville Blvd.
> Baltimore, MD 21237

Coral Magazine link: Gaudy Corals Too Good To Be True and What To Do With Invasive Lionfish 6/24/10
Click below if you would like to opt-in to this mailing list:
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| Forward this message to a friend
Yes James... Coral Mag./Aquarium Explorer's site contents... Am hoping we have a "newsy section" as this in time. BobF>

A blast from your past 4/8/10
<Hey Mike!>
I was reading an article in Pet Product News about LED lights for aquariums that made a reference to you and wetwebmedia.com
Thought I'd say hi.
If you don't recall, I'm the finance guy that did a lot of the acquisition work and spent a lot of my lunches with you in the fish distribution center at PETCO (I'm still here)
<Wow! Some time now eh?>
Hope all is going well with you.
Mike Jocelyn
<Fair to middling. Thanks for the note, and hope we run into each other some day... soon! BobF>

Blue Zoo #100 3/16/10
This Monday March 22nd will be the #100 aired show for Blue Zoo Radio. 2 years and 215 guests later we top the century mark.
Thanks for being a part of it.
Hey Frank! Congrats! Hope you've enjoyed, gained by the experience along with your listeners. BobF

Article questions, Newspaper, WWM, Wal-Mart input  3/15/10
Dear Wet Web Media,
I¹m with The Franklin, a newspaper in Indiana. I¹m writing a story about WalMart¹s treatment of tropical fish. At several locations I have noticed questionable conditions (overcrowding, diseases, dead fish left in tanks for days).
Would you be available for a brief interview?
<Just scan our site for our input here>
I¹d like to find out your perspective of Wal Mart¹s conditions and what could be done (both by retailers and consumers) to improve conditions like these. I notice Wal Mart uses the MARS ³Marineland Retailer System.² Can you provide any expertise on the quality of these tanks?
Travis Braun
<Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

I want to read your books. (RMF, want to chime in?)<<Mmm, as my work goes into print, I post most all to the Net, where it's available for free>> 3/10/10
Hi Crew,
This is not really a question, just a suggestion, or a wish...It would be REALLY nice if the books written by everyone on this site were available for purchase on my KINDLE. That would be so excellent. I am sorry if they are already there and I just missed them somehow. Nothing I ever want is on Kindle for some reason, other then my bad luck.
<Hello Penny. Thanks for writing down your thoughts here. I've recently been discussing with an e-Book publisher about the viability of an aquarium book released electronically for Kindle and other such readers. I've been skeptical, but she seems to think there's a market for them. The issue here is that the main pet fish publishers, such as TFH, are very much geared towards printed paper books. They have established channels for sales, and depending on the economic climate, they judge whether to commission a book depending on how well paper copies will sell. Publishing electronically requires different sales methods, and for pet fish books at least, that avenue hasn't really been tested. Which would sell better: a general fishkeeping 101 book aimed at casual hobbyists, or a niche book on a specialist subject that would never get published on paper? Hard to know.
For a writer like me who'll spend months doing a book, there has to be some financial reward, and while I'd love to write a niche book on oddball fish, if that book only sells five copies, there's not really much point. I did write an electronic book some time ago on Macintosh computers, and while terrific fun to do, in terms of rewards I've probably only made maybe $200 on the thing over five years, which is less than I'd get for a single magazine article in TFH! Anyway, let me return the question to you this way: if you went shopping for a fishkeeping electronic book for your Kindle, what would you want? A general introduction to freshwater or saltwater fishkeeping, or something on a specialist topic? Do you want something like the books already printed on paper, or something that would never get printed in paper because it was such a niche topic? I'm all ears!
Cheers, Neale.>

can't locate my Q post  3/1/10
Hello to the crew,
I sent an inquiry on Feb 23 tagged to Mr. Calfo and have been unable to locate it through the links. I asked a few unrelated questions so I was wondering if you could direct me to the appropriate section please... or did it not make it to you?
<Don't know, but you can try to reach Antoine through his site:
ReadingTrees.com. He is no longer actively associated w/ WWM. Bob Fenner>
Sorry to be a pain, I look forward to your advice.
Thank You.
Richard J.C. 

Re: can't locate my Q post 3/2/10
Greetings Bob!
Thank you for the info... I do hope the split was amicable (?)
<Not so far unfortunately>
The e-mail was originally sent to Anthony as I thought (from articles read on your site) that he was who I should field them to.
I will resend the questions tagged to you, and perhaps you would be so kind as to assist?
Richard J.C.
<Certainly. BobF>

Hi! -- 02/25/10
I've seen some Marine posters that you have put out.
How do I order them?
Tony V
<Mmm, I think you may be trying to reach Anthony Calfo who used some of my image-work for these. Try him at Readingtrees.com
Bob Fenner>

Thanks, RMF 2/18/10
Hello, Bob,
<Hey Jackie!>
I was glad to have been able to catch the MASNA Live blog cast last night, and wanted to thank you for doing it.
<A pleasure>
I am one of the moderators over on the WWM BB, and it was exciting to be able to speak to you and read your
responses to questions in real time.
<Uhh, am pinging on a few cylinders less than normal. I REALLY wish I didn't have this cold... was looking fwd to trying the vocal vers. of the blog>
Admittedly, it was hard to think of anything I could ask that couldn't be found on WWM somewhere, but it was
still fun to watch the other participants. I also appreciated being put in touch with Jeff Sebern to chat about hobbyists interested in turning their hobby into a business.
<Yes! I wonder how he, wife Pam and the baby are getting on there in San Ant.>
Again, thank you for the event, and for the opportunity to "meet" you, such as it is!
<And you, BobF>

Reef Central -- 11/23/09
Hi crew.
<Is Reef Central's site really removing SeaChem's posts? Bob Fenner>
Re: Reef Central
So they state. I guess they are getting fed up with the high cost of advertising. Sounds to me like Reef Central is very profitable, another site where articles are donated. I'd like to bring in 10K a month.
<I as well. Cheers, BobF>

Sea Chem, removal of useful info. on Reef Central  -- 11/23/09
I did inquire about the Reef Central item and received a reply from Sea Chem.
What I/we read is correct. See reply below.
"Hello James,
Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, it is true that all of the posts from Seachem's sponsor forum have been removed by Reef Central.
Should you have any questions for us, you can either write to us here or on our forum at seachem.com. Thank you very much!
Seachem Support 10208"
<Thank you James... Indeed, institutions and individuals are to be judged/measured by their actions/deeds. To delete such a mass of collectively useful material shows whoever is in charge cares more for money than the good the service renders. Bob Fenner>
Re: Sea Chem
Well said, Bob. Is that Mark Levinson
that runs that, or am I thinking of a different forum?
<He volunteered for a period of time this year as their e-zine editor (for free, when they switched over to not paying for content (CA does pay as you know)... but was reportedly banned for wearing a tee shirt with a slogan joking re such at a petfish conf... RMF... BTW, WWM has never banned anyone>
Re: Sea Chem
Thank you. I thought he owned or was connected some way.
In regards to WWM....is why I enjoy volunteering my time.
You are a good, honest, and generous person, and I am very pleased in being associated with you and WWM.
<Ahh, my friend... indeed, "birds of a feather..." I find I associate only with people of similar/confluent values and goals as I get older, more capable of choosing. Cheers, BobF>

New Tropic Marin Products FYI 11/17/09
Hi Bob,
Lou (Tropic Marin) sent me a pdf flyer yesterday re above subject and thought I'd pass it on.
<Mmm, am surprised this release isn't also posted on their site:
the most recent updates there are dated 2008. I would send this note back to Lou to contact corporate re, as I had wanted to simply provide a link to this release. BobF>
Re: New Tropic Marin Products FYI
Well, I did ask Lou if he could tell me anything about their new salt that I understood was forthcoming. Will cc Lou with this/your request.
<Thank you James. Am sure they mean to update their site. BobF>
Re: New Tropic Marin Products FYI
Hi Guys,
The release is posted on the US site, not on the European site. Leave it to them, they are doing so well with the product line in Europe that they haven't even posted anything about it yet.
Visit www.tropicmarin-usa.com and you'll see it is up there under "new products".
Best regards,
Lou Ekus
Director of US Operations
Tropic Marin USA
<Thanks Lou. Will accrue. Bob Fenner>

A good idea, other work...  -- 10/21/2009
<Hi there>
My name is Vlad and i am an aquarium owner, I have made some interesting sites regarding aquarium fish life and a few tips to maintain your fish in top health conditions.
This mail comes as a response to frequently asked questions, sent to the aquarium owner community via the internet, and I was thinking that with your help we can answer those questions,
and the best way we could do that is via a link exchange. It would work as a win-win situation for both of us, and for all the people who have an aquarium in their homes.
I can also write a free article, regarding aquarium fish life, for your site, the only thing i ask is, you letting me put a few links on that article which you could put on your website.
Here are the URLs to my sites http://www.aquariumowner.com and http://www.aquariumfiltration.co.uk, or if you're interested we could share a 3-way link exchange using http://www.ourworldmag.com/index.html
Looking forward to hearing from you
You can always contact me via mail at XXX or Skype at XXX
Best wishes,
<Thank you for your efforts Vlad. I have all the work I can handle, have time for with current projects... no more time to answer more queries. If you'd like to write for our online 'zine, please write as posted on WWM to our editors. Bob Fenner>

My blog 10/14/09
I've spent the last 10 months or so working on a new blog I'm co-authoring on, the Captive Aquatics blog. It's a collection of articles, pictures, videos, and reviews, in addition to ecological pictures and information.
If anyone's interested in writing\contributing (even on a once-a-month basis) you're more than welcome! Here's the address: blog.captive-aquatics.com.
Opinions welcome!
<Ahh! Very nice. Looks like a more-general "Reef Builders" effort. BobF>

Re[2]: collaboration 9/28/09
Hello, Bob!
Thank you for your letter. I'll tell you a little about the magazine.
"AQUATERRA" is a noncommercial full color popular scientific magazine for all family about an aquarium, terrariumistike, ekzoturizme, dayvinge as modern hobbies of man, addressed amateurs and professionals.
Competent obustroystvo and maintenance of the биоÑиÑÑ'ем for the representatives of the аквамиÑ'а and exotic chlenistonogikh, amphibians, reptiles assists education of humane attitude to toward by an animal, enthralling trips in the corners of fairy-tales of nature teach readers tomu, how to do a hobby safe and comfortable on your own and surrounding people.
Uniqueness of magazine - in bright, emotional essays and articles of professionals and amateurs. Having a special purpose audience, high accordance the type of edition, possibility to influence on opinion of users and of long duration actuality of the information contained in him is all does the magazine of "AQUATERRA" maximally attractive for readers.
The subject of sections will help to be orientated in the great number of reasons.
About the proper care of aquarium as heading will tell the little piece of nature "Simply aquarium".
Zoovystavkam, the section of "Event" is devoted seminars and other events.
With the features of aquarium composition, with the results of the International competition of aquarium design of IAPLC heading
will acquaint the "Aquarium design".
In the section of "Ryby" it is possible to meet with kinds, maintenance, reproduction of fishes of aquariums and prophylaxis of their illnesses.
Heading of "Plant" is devoted kinds, maintenance and breeding of plants of aquariums.
Equipment for ponds, care of pond economy "Ponds" became the theme of section.
About a home marine aquarium, his service will tell the "Marine aquarium".
A table of contents, breeding and prophylaxis of illnesses of exotic terrariumnykh animals, in home terms is basic themes of heading "Terrarium".
To the trips in the corners of fairy-tales of nature and world, to the recipes of national kitchen of these countries as to one of constituents of culture the section
of "Trip" is devoted.
And, finally, fish Chip (anchorwoman of the "Child's page"), applying to by the future serious khobbistam, in the form of stories, competitions, riddles teaches, educates, develops interest of children to cognition of animal kingdom.
We have a website, though, in Russian (www.aquaterra-magazine.com.ua). But to get acquainted with the magazine where you can visually.
I look forward to your reply.
Sincerely Tamara
<Ahh, please see my/our content use policy posted here: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMUsePolicyStmt.htm
I myself am a content provider, for pay to commercial concerns. Bob Fenner>

This is Great! More science in petfishing...  7/21/2009
It's about time!
<Neat! RMF>

Have you heard the news? Reef Central has crashed beyond repair... - 7/16/09
> http://www.reefbuilders.com/2009/07/16/reef-central-offline-indefinitely-database-destroyed/
> Weird, huh?
> Sara
<? I would think that any business bringing in tens of thousands of dollars a month, most of it net profit, would have at least a continuous back-up in place... Had heard this last week that the free editor, Mark Levenson, had been banned... for selling... Tee shirts that stated "Banned on RC"! B>>

Reefkeeping Magazine switched to user generated articles, professional authors gone - 7/16/09
Hi guys and gals,
Never on my reading list for obvious reasons, but a shame for those who wrote for them.
<A poor idea... at least they/RC had the excellent Marc Levenson (Melev's Reef) for a time heading up this free shebang... he got "banned" as well...>
Meanwhile, Conscientious Aquarist is gearing up to its 2.0 revamp, Andrew having done a spiffing job of giving the old magazine a total makeover. I for one would like to see a few good marine articles in the next issue, so if any of you out there who were planning on writing for Reefkeeping still want to see your name in (electronic)
print, please drop me or Bob a line!
Cheers, Neale
<Thanks Neale... do take a look in the WWM sent mail folder... Looks like ReefCentral may be gone forever. BobF>

Re: Reefkeeping Magazine switched to user generated articles, professional authors gone - 7/16/09
Hi Bob,
Yes, I'd heard this, but seen conflicting reports. See: "Reef Central is not dead after all!"
<Ahh, this makes much more sense>
Doesn't bother me either way, but I always had the impression RC was *the* place for advanced reefkeeping discussion, even if they handed out bans a bit freely.
Cheers, Neale
<Got me... I don't "do" bb's... as I like to comment... "If it were something important, let's say your medical health... would you trust a bunch of who knows how qualified chatters for valid input?" Me neither. BobF>

MOFIB / Marine Breeders organization -- 6/12/09
I'd like to get some real feedback from Anthony Chalko
about MOFIB (marinebreeders.org), since I know he's on the board and since I do not believe that any real unbiased feedback can be held there. What I understand is that Matt Pederson founded the organization and poured countless hours into getting it up and running. A co-founder (I do not know his name) who had been absent for years came back and exerted control because he owned the domain name (marinebreeders.org). The organizations bylaws require a vote of the members, but this other person was able to kick Matt off the BOD without a vote. In my understanding (told to me by MANY local breeders), Matt made MOFIB an organization that has helped us all in the hobby by sharing information about breeding. We as a community should fight against this other person using the site for his own personal financial gain and returning it to the community.
Anthony, I see you're on the board. Could you tell me what you know about this situation, please?
<Anthony is no longer here... with us on WWM that is, but you may reach him at readingtrees.com...
What little I inadvertently have "heard" is that MattP was ousted... I've briefly talked with Matt and heard a talk by him at a hobbyist conf. and he always appeared honest, earnest and desirous of sharing through MOFIB; but I myself know nothing of the group's goings on. Bob Fenner>  

Reef life <Magazine> 09/19/09
Hello Bob,
Please help post this on your site if possible. Thank you for your help.
<Will do so Leng. BTW, did get the first issue. Very nice indeed. Congratulations on the launch. Bob Fenner>
Hey Leng,
There's a nice short post about Reef Life on Reef Builders (copied below)...fyi, we don't have our copy, but I'll let you know when it comes in
"We have in our hands the first issue of Reef Life magazine. And what a breathe of fresh air. The layout is very clean and almost Japanese inspired. You will not find an out focused picture or anything lacking white balance. With professional contributors and topics for the advancing aquarist, we highly recommend this magazine. Even our very own Jake Adams has a regular column, Coral Corner. Other notable authors include Scott Michael, Hiroyuki Tanaka and Kevin Kohen.
The magazine retails for $7.95, ask your local fish store for it or subscribe for $37.50 a year."

I have added a link to your site on my blog 5/12/09
I have added a link to your site on my blog
Thanks much for all your help.
Have a Splashing Time!
<Will do. BobF>

Marine Id: Lionfish 5/13/09
<Hello Jeremy>
I have images of Lionfish I am not able to identify.
Hope you can help with this.
<Is a Pterois volitans. This information is easily accessed on our site. James (Salty Dog)>
-- Jeremy
Have a Splashing Time!

The All-New TFH Digital Is Now Available!  3/20/09
<Is the "other shoe dropping?" How much longer will there be pulp 'zines? Soylent Green. RMF>
The May issue of TFH Digital is now available!
'¢ Faster loading speeds '¢ Higher resolution
'¢ Improved search feature '¢ Viewable via iPhone
'¢ Share you favorite stories via social networks (Facebook, Myspace, etc)
We hope you enjoy the All-New digital 2.0 edition of Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine! If you have any questions or suggestions, please visit our frequently asked questions or contact our Customer Service department at 888-859-9034 or via email at customersupport@tfh.com.
TFH on the web:
Website: www.tfhmagazine.com Forum: forums.tfhmagazine.com
Digital Magazine: www.tfhmagazine.com/tfh-digital Myspace: www.myspace.com/tfhmagazine
Facebook: Search Tropical Fish Hobbyist & become a fan today!

TFH have no current plans to drop the pulp mag..its making money, so, makes sense to keep it running until profit takes a downturn...

For as long as people still read on the john and laptops aren't waterproof... there will be pulp magazines... ;-)
-Sara M.

Shirt design - Entrepreneurial Spirit 3/10/09 Hey, what do you think of my shirt design? <Cool!> I have yet to see any cool fish shirts that I would wear, so I got one made myself. <That's the way to do it.> Hoodies, and shirts soon. The next design may be of a trigger, possibly. Thoughts? <Make what you like, if nothing more, you'll be happy.> Thanks for your time. <Welcome> jAy
This appears to be someone else's graphic. Thus, not posted. RMF

Capital District Marine Aquarist Society Event -- 01/29/09 Hi Eric, <<Hi Linda>> Do you know about this event? http://campaign.constantcontact.com/render?v=001tVZPsFcOxvtHLhTn-LAS88HNBy8jFdRNmNDPo_C8hpgkvsh1eLsO9tJx1PQSsBZucBKKiDEw2ox-bNkLJU61JkY63QsU72izwmi3UkI4717WpBMswhwsUP5IT4-K9xkpscn59d0bqGTfGH7KT6HfYjaPUQNFgn8c6HQZm2W30s_zB_eNDGN5bA%3D%3D Check your Calendar, Saturday February 28 at The Desmond. Manufacturers and Retailers will be on hand. Speakers and Demonstrations! Click Here for More Info! [http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=blqb5wcab.0.lj5e5wcab.koqohtcab.0&ts=S0384&p=http%3A%2F%2Fcdmasfrag2009-eddies.eventbrite.com%2F] Linda <<Nope, can't say I've ever seen/heard of this before'¦but the word is out now [grin]. Cheers mate, Eric>>

Will there be a new edition of the Paletta book?   1/7/09 Hi. Could you tell me if _The New Marine Aquarium: Step-By-Step Setup & Stocking Guide_ will be revised anytime soon? Thanks. <Mmm, I'd be asking the Editor/Owner of Microcosm (-books.com), Mr. James Lawrence, this question. Bob Fenner> Re: Will there be a new edition of the Paletta book? 1/7/08 I just sent him an email. Thanks! <Welcome> (P.S.: yes, I got your 2nd edition as well!) <Ahh! I do hope you enjoy, gain by its use. BobF>

LA Fishguys, chugging around with a wing and a prayer...  12/22/08 hi Bob, <Yohimbo!> Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Years. <And to you and yours> how are you? how is the Kona Aquarium coming along? what's new with you? <Fine, lagging but still on, and not much> i am still doing aquarium service. the MyFishTank.com web site is getting lots of hits but orders have slowed down. Jelliquarium is slow but there is some new exposure coming the new years, along with a new species of tank-raised jelly, the Golden Sea Nettle. <Great news Jim. Do hang in there> my latest project is an aquarium reality web show called LA Fishguys >> www.lafishguys.com << i am up to 40 episodes, totaling about 90 actual shows. <Really neat Jim! I watched the first aq. svc. on the cylinder tank... I do hope the acrylic itself is not at fault here...!> i may be going to El Paso in February to work on a 600 gallon reef tank with Clayton. that will be fun :) <Please say hello to him for me> hope all is well with you and Dian. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. <Be seeing you! Maybe on a major network! BobF> Jim Stime, Jr. Aquarium Design - aquarium installation and service www.aquarium-design.com MyFishTank .com - acrylic aquariums, stands and canopies www.myfishtank.com Midwater Systems - jellyfish display and production systems www.jelliquarium.com LA Fishguys - web based Aquarium Reality TV www.lafishguys.com

Coral Magazine...   "Then there were two"    12/09/08 Hi guys! Happy holidays to each and every one of the great staff members of WetWebMedia and as always, thanks so much for the invaluable gift of education and advice that you give us readers on a daily basis. Your gift is invaluable to so many of us. I wanted to ask if anyone on the staff has any information or knowledge about Coral Magazine. I am a very happy subscriber and I look forward to each issue like a kid at X-Mas. I was very disappointed to receive a letter saying that Coral Magazine would no longer be available to me and they would either refund the remainder of my subscription or I could become a subscriber to a new magazine they are offering called "Reef Life". <Mmm, good to see that something will be forthcoming... from... someone in its (Coral/Koralle) place. I have been party to some of the going back and forth re this issue... twixt the players and folks who might be involved. It is not my place though to discuss other peoples' business, as am sure you understand/agree> I will choose the latter as I love reading anything I can get my hands on pertaining to aquatics of any kind, but was also curious if anyone on the staff knew anything about the new publication as well. <Nothing concrete, no> Does anyone know if Coral Magazine will be completely unavailable in America, or could it be that maybe the company I am getting my subscription through will simply no longer be offering it? <I doubt that the German re-do which is Koralle will be available in English any longer...> I will inquire with them as well, but thought if one of you guys/gals were familiar with this topic, I may get a more honest answer. I'd really love to be able to continue getting that magazine if I could. Well, either way, thanks for your time and consideration. Thanks again for everything!-Nick Sadaka <Thank you for this news Nick. I do hope (not simply as a content provider myself) that a pulp 'zine... hopefully a monthly... will continue in Coral's place... Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Coral Magazine   12/09/08 Thanks kindly Mr Fenner. I did suspect that information about this coming from Wet Web Media would have to be... careful/carefully worded, but my love of the magazine (which is similar my love of WetWebMedia, but in slightly different aspects) prompted me to inquire nonetheless. Thanks kindly for the information you were able to impart and if I find out anything as a subscriber that I can share, I will do so if you'd like. Thanks once more and I wish the best for all of you.-Nick Sadaka> <Thank you for your kind words Nick. I did receive back a note re the magazines... from friend Leng Sy of EcoSystem Aquarium, the re-publisher of the English edition: "Re: Coral Magazine... Bob, I can assure that ReefLife will be the world best magazine second to none! Thanks, Leng" Cheers, BobF>

Re: Coral Magazine    12/09/08 Great to hear! I was on board one way or another, but now I'm on board AND excited!!! Thanks a million. <Welcome and me too Nick. BobF>

Re: Coral Magazine...   12/10/08 Bob,
<James> I am just back on a red-eye from Münster, Germany, and I am very happy to report that CORAL now lives again in the States, specifically here with us on prehistoric coral reef on the shore of Lake Champlain in Vermont. We will relaunch the magazine, with worldwide English-language distribution, in January.
<Ahhh!> Subscribers who migrate over to the new CORAL will not miss an issue. Bob, just as you said, Matthias Schmidt, the lanky publisher of KORALLE, is a smart, funny, terrific guy. <Yes> We wandered through the mind-boggling local aquatics/pet shoppe, and every department manager (esp. Marine) greeted him warmly by name and vice-versa. Daniel Knop, a friend of many years, was instrumental in getting us together, and I think the relaunch of CORAL is going to be a rejuvenating event for the magazine, both in Germany and the English-speaking countries. People who have CORAL subscriptions, and wish to continue, PLEASE stay tuned.  If you have any subscription issues with the former publisher of CORAL, please be assured that we are here to help. (We will have a new subscriber web site live this week.)  (I will answer all notes personally; see below.) <I, I'll take this as a cue that this news can be broadcast> In short, CORAL Magazine is very much alive, and I will let you know more in the coming few days. <I appreciate this... Welcome to the petfish mag publishing biz!> As you once said to me, when pitching 'The Conscientious Marine Aquarist,' 'No good deed goes unpunished.' <Heeeee!> Keeping CORAL alive, perhaps even better with more American content, methinks, is a good deed.  Hope you will be on board as an advisor and writer. <Certainly... More than glad to>
Best, James James Lawrence, Editor & Publisher CORAL Magazine Charlotte, Vermont 05445 My MICROCOSM address, for the time being: james.lawrence@microcosmaquariumexplorer.com
<Be working... overtime! BobF> Re: Coral Magazine...   12/10/08
Bob, Sure. The news is now out. Thanks, James
<Ahh, real good. BobF>

Andrew of tropicalfishfinder.co.uk, re the poss. of a new online petfish zine   12/3/08 Hi Bob <At last we meet. Cheers Andrew> Neale has mentioned that you may be interested in developing an electronic fish mag. This is something I have had on my mind to do for quite some time. Putting one together isn't that difficult I believe, with the biggest issue being finding sufficient good quality content. I know Neale is first class at such things, but we will need several contributors and that is where I see the problem. <Ahh, we do have a "starter" e-zine... but there is need for much improvement, enlargement... there are some excellent ex.s... e.g. PFK...> I believe that an e-mag would do well in the UK with the right marketing and I am sure Neale has mentioned that I run www.tropicalfishfinder.co.uk. <Yes, I took a look. Quite enterprising> I know TFH do an electronic version of their own mag although you only get access if you have subscribed to the physical mag. I am sure you have your own ideas on this, but one way I thought of was to produce a basic magazine with spaces for regional advertising so that you may be able to fill some space for US suppliers and I can try the same in the UK. If we could then bring the whole thing together under one roof and the interested parties can then take whatever their share of the pie is on a monthly or perhaps bi-monthly basis. There are many ways of doing it and at this stage if you are interested perhaps we can put them all down on paper and see if there is a way to take it forward. Kind regards Andrew <At this juncture, I don't know how we might proceed. There are some other folks here (the U.S.) that I'd like to introduce you, the possibility/concept to... Am cc'ing JessicaT, DaveL and MikeK here in addn. to Neale and Andrew Nixon. Let's develop a mechanism for pursuing this project. Bob Fenner> MikeK input: Check this format out for an on-line mag---> http://global.synapsegroup.com/att/uverse/ Cheers, Mike <Wow! A beauty... nice features, very clear, fast-loading... B> AndrewN input: Very nice and flashy....as its essentially a flash based application, the content wont be searchable when some does a search from the WWM search facility, as i am aware....

MASNA's Spring Issue of Marine Scene -- 6/17/08 Hello MASNA Honorary members, I'm happy to announce the release of the Spring 2008 issue of MASNA's newsletter, "Marine Scene." http://www.masna.org/ms/spring08.pdf Enjoy! Cheri Cheri Phillips MASNA President www.masna.org <Thanks Cher, BobF>

For Mr. Fenner 03/26/2008 Good day, <Alfie> I am from South Africa and I am looking into the feasibility of starting an Aquarium magazine in SA and as such I am trying to establish contact with Mr. Robert Fenner to ascertain if he would be prepared to write articles for a magazine and also to supply photographs. <Ahh! I will gladly assist you in what capacities I can/may> I would appreciate it if you could forward my mail to him or let me have his mail address so I can get in touch with him. Kind regards, Alfie Hayes <Make it known in what ways I may be helpful. As a content provider, what sorts of topics, areas you are looking for. Cheers, BobF, down visiting in Borneo>

Your input please... is this a good idea for WWM?   3/14/08 http://www.magnify.net/ Or too obtrusive? Not worth the space, slowing down our readership? Impertinent? BobF.
It is worth trying out. Most people have a high speed connection by now. <Thank you Miguel. BobF> Mike Kaechele

You think? The latest reliable figures I've seen put broadband access in US homes at slightly over 40%, and slightly under 50% in the UK. In the US especially, growth isn't nearly as fast as you might imagine once you get outside the major metro areas. http://www.freepress.net/press/release.php?id=226 http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=8 <I see> My take is this: by all means have video on a dedicated page <Am wondering actually where this all happens... not easily found on their site> *if* it serves a purpose. But don't put it anywhere it'll slow down or surprise users who don't need it. While I'd accept the WWM interface may be showing its age, it is at least easy to access and quick to load. <Agreed... MikeK and I "go over" this... w/o avail thus far... but we do need a "face-lift"> I'm not a big fan of adding digital doodads to web sites simply because you can. First sit down and discuss why you need video. What can you give through moving images you can't in text or static pictures. Cheers, Neale <As DarrelB stated, it would indeed be GREAT to have set-up, engineering topics of all sorts, construction projects, diagnosis of disease/behavior... many subjects (of use) as videos linked... but... this is NOT what these folks have, or intend I suspect... More sales oriented... IF only there was general resource to create our own such content... Dreaming (as usual), BobF>

Bob, May be opening a can of worms here. I believe for our purposes, still pics are an effective tool. You may be creating more work for an already overworked man. I'm looking down the road at queriors sending us videos of their problems. In some cases will be more informative than stills but will just add to our time in answering queries if we have to download and view. I'm assuming that's what this is all about. If not, slap me. Jim <Thank you James... I am of a similar mind... In responding to these folks previously, I had stated that I had no time further to invest... and that this should cost WWM nothing... Cheers, BobF>

I'm just barely recovering from a bout of pneumonia, so my judgment in this matter may be off (-- then on the other hand my judgment is questionable on the best of days, so how could I tell?) but here's my standard-issue thought on video for web sites <Thank you for this Darrel> Past the issues of bandwidth and server capacity is the fact that at the end of the day, no mater how slick and how clever the tools ... someone actually has to take the time to create the content and at present I'm not sure anyone has the time to create anything more than we already do. Yes, it seems easy but for a group of people who can get testy when someone merely writes "road runner" when they really should use the scientific name "speedus incredibilus" I'm seeing a lot of people who wouldn't bother trying because they knew they didn't have the time to do it "Right (tm)" <Ahh, "they" claim they create/link pertinent clips... am not so sure...> I can really see the value of video delivery ... especially on those subjects where showing someone is the best way to teach someone ... and a professional library of video tools would be helpful ... which brings us down to the three dimensions that explain all actions in the universe: "Time, Money & Crap happens" Without proper amounts of #1 & #2 .... #3 happens way too frequently. That's what I think DB <Mmm, again, I thank you... Plenty of liquids, rest... BobF>

Yikes... the site is already so cluttered and difficult to navigate. I would wait till the whole site might be redesigned before adding more "bells and whistles"... which is especially all this is (imo). Sara

I agree with Neale. I don't think that adding video will be as personal as all of our text to the users. I personally cannot even think of what we would show on video. Not that this is a bad idea, I just do not think it is fitting for the WWM atmosphere. ^_^ -Eileen Ridgeway

Re: Your input please... is this a good idea for WWM? Re: Magnify.net video addn.  03/14/2008 Bob, In the spirit of 'don't squish an idea if you don't have a better one', take a look at the PFK web site. They use YouTube videos to add movie content to web pages. The "plus" is that these videos don't run or load unless you (the page viewer) ask them to, speeding up download times for those on modems. The page on Etroplus canariensis for example uses movies to show off the schooling behaviour of this rare cichlid. It's a species hardly seen in captivity and so this sort of thing adds value to the page. http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/pfk/pages/show_article.php?article_id=185 Cheers, Neale <Wow... what a site PFK has, maintains... it's obvious they have several full-time, paid staff... that know what they're doing... We have a bunch of good friends who know what they're doing, part time, who work for zilch... I DO very much like the layout and looks... and the select/ed video here. Cheers, BobF>

So, it seems to me that this company, what, searches YouTube and other free media sites for videos pertinent to a website's content? <Yes... Oh, and am sending you a couple of FW shreemp pix for ID if you don't mind> And what, exactly, would they find "pertinent" to WWM, and what "good" would it serve to be shown on WWM? <Dat's da million dollah question... NealeM has sent along a note I'll share with all manana re PFK's very appropriate use of video...> Purely my opinion here, but WWM has always been a source of free information, and a free exchange of information - not a television. I would like to see "real" pertinent video content, provided directly by us and viewers (thinking of Pete's Red Sea videography) available to users, but I see no need or desire to link to Joe Schmoe's 30 second clip of his lionfish eating a goldfish, for example. <Mmm, well... if it chokes, is instructive such that other folks don't do it...> So.... just my opinion, but no, I don't see a need for magnify's service, unless I grossly misunderstand their purpose. -SCF <Thanks Sab... they're sending along a mock-up of what the whole shebang might look like... AM very interested in changing WWM's homepage... where this would be/go... AND adding the link to the new BB... any progress t/here? BobF>

I have to agree. On the one hand, it would be nice to have an archive of (and place to show) short video's pertaining to equipment (set up, etc), fish/inverts/etc behavior, and a myriad of other things, I would only want our videos, or *our* choices, made available. I think it would also have to be located solely at a "video" page within the site. not on an opening page where it could potentially cause slow-downs/problems for users. Just my two cents. -Lynn

I agree, with Lynn... there are much better ways to put videos on a website (if such a thing is desired). The website/service would allow WWM *viewers* to put their own stuff on WWM.... do we really want that?! Sara <Mmm, the new BB will allow users to put their own video up... there... On a separate URL, server... though linked on WWM in several places... B>

Re: Your input please... is this a good idea for WWM? 03/14/2008 I think it would certainly slow down the readership as it would put all the extra load on the website server with having video streams to and from the website.... <Mmm, my understanding is that these downloads won't actually occur over our server... just be referred...> I can see merits in it though...providing the ability for people to show case a system...problem...addition to the CA Mag... <Yes...> That's my initial thoughts at face value.. will look into it some more tonight... <Ah, good... Do take a look at the 30 + k examples on Magnify.net's site. Any luck with trying to upload, link the new ed.? I was looking for it this AM.> Andrew <Cheers, BobF>

Ocean Video, and on WWM soon...    2/11/08 Major Decrease in Variety of Ocean Life Ocean scientists are reporting that there has been a major decrease in the variety of ocean life over the past fifty years in many of the world's oceans. The study also shows "hot spots" where a large variety of sea life still thrives. http://www.redorbit.com/news/video/?mid=22512&utm_id=Miniplayer&utm_source=Miniplayer%2Bon%2BRedorbit&utm_medium=Miniplayer%2BSource&utm_campaign=Miniplayer Nice video player on this site. Are we ready to start putting videos on the WWM? I need to figure out how to format it. Mike <We are ready now... and can solicit folks to post... I have some right now... This particular pc... "What is diversity"? What do they mean by "lost"? Me no likee. B>

Re: Podcast anyone?  -- 10/01/07 Brian, There are some fantastic folks amongst our crew. I would encourage you to pursue this matter. Many are highly knowledgeable and have particular interests in various areas... Scott mentions Jeni Tyrell AKA Pufferpunk, below who is passionate about pufferfish obviously, Brenda Furtak is the anemone specialist on board, Darrel Barton is into turtles, Leslie Leddo... seahorses. Many others have varying degrees of interests in certain areas. One concern that was mentioned is that for many their depth of knowledge in specific areas is quite deep, the breadth of their knowledge may be limited and could present a challenge with live call ins. Perhaps there are ways to edit around this? I think many are concerned about not embarrassing themselves or WWM in the process, myself included. Perhaps you can share more of your thoughts here, alleviate some fears? I also wanted to mention that Scott and I will be at the NJ Frag swap event on Oct 27. Scott will be one of the feature speakers. I will make sure to introduce you to each other. You might want to make arrangements with Scott to do podcast or two upon his return to CA. He's a talker and funny, funny, funny! Did you catch his pitch at MACNA? Scott presented just before Shimek's pitch on the poor prognosis of the coral reefs. I read your sincere comments about how much you enjoyed Shimek's talk and how much it moved you. Scott's presentation was on aquascaping. He had a ton of positive feedback and many thought it was the best overall pitch of the conference, myself included. I can't say enough good things about him! He will be talking about Biotopes at the NJ affair. But you can easily get him talking about most anything and you're sure to be entertained! You might want to see if he can do a session or three... See you soon, Michelle

Re: Podcast anyone? -- 10/01/07  A couple of years ago, I decided to play with some of the software on  my Mac, and had a go at recording some podcasts. While I didn't have proper recording gear, the software at least is easy to use. I didn't really carry on with this project, as in the end I wasn't really happy with the results and had better uses of my time. But I still have them online at the link below. If nothing else, you get to hear me speak! http://web.mac.com/nmonks/iWeb/Talking%20Fish/Talking%20Fish% > 20Podcast/Talking%20Fish%20Podcast.html Cheers, Neale <Heeee! Is this something you think would help (enough...) of our user-base? A couple of friends in town (Nevin and Tom Bailey) have a very popular podcast sidebiz... but have listened to m'self, and... did not find satisfying... As yet, such media have no graphics... and as a vehicle of learning/education... let's say vs. entertainment... I found it wanting... B> Re: Podcast anyone? -- 10/01/07 One concern that was mentioned is that for many their depth of knowledge in >specific areas is quite deep, the breadth of their knowledge may be limited and could >present a challenge with live call ins. Perhaps there are ways to edit around this? I think >many are concerned about not embarrassing themselves or WWM in the process, myself >included. Perhaps you can share more of your thoughts here, alleviate some fears? <Hi everyone... I'd love to help, but this is my concern as well. I have a passable talent for identifying critters, but the process usually requires photos and inevitably some research. LOL I can just picture it now... Caller: "I have this thing in my tank that looks like cross between an éclair and a corndog...what is it?" Host: "Lynn, what do you think?" Lynn: "Well, it could be one of several things. Does it have..." <five long minutes of Q & A pass trying to narrow it down. The audience is starting to snore> Lynn: "Okay good. I'm pretty sure I know what it is but let me get the scientific name for you. It'll be just a minute." <Insert sounds of books crashing, pages flipping, followed by mad typing on a keyboard> Host: "Lynn do you have an answer for us?" Lynn: "Unfortunately, not a specific one. It's most likely something harmless like a ..., but I'd need a photo to confirm." Caller: "Okay, well maybe you can help me with my fish instead. It's got bumps all over it and one eyeball's hanging out. Is he going to be okay?" Lynn: I'm sorry to say that someone else will have to take over here. I'm not so great in the fish disease department. Caller: Oh, okay. Goodbye then. <Lynn hangs up, rolls eyes at self, and thinks "Well, that was pretty - Sorry Bob!". Seriously though, I know nothing about podcasts. I'm not sure how these things work - is it like one big conference call with all of us on at the same time? I know I'd be a whole lot less intimidated if critter talk was a collaborative effort. It would just be nice to have someone chime in if they had further info on a critter that I wasn't aware of. Also, does anyone know when this might take place? Thanks! -Lynn > <I'd definitely listen to such a show! B> Podcast 10/1/07 Bob, <Brian> A few months back you appeared on my podcast 120 gallons. Thanks again. Your episodes still are extremely popular. I am writing you, to see if you or any of your crew would be interested in participating in a live call in podcast. Listeners would be able to call in and ask you questions and listen to the show live. In addition to helping listeners it could drive some new traffic to wetwebmedia. Let me know if interested. <Will post, share. Cheers, BobF>

Re: Podcast anyone? 10/3/07 I have Garage Band already, so basically all I'd need to assemble a Podcast would be for people to record "sound bytes" and then send them along. I could assemble then and export as the relevant MP3 file. Even hosting them isn't a problem, so that iTunes or whatever can be used to subscribe. The tricky bit is recording your sound with decent quality. I suspect  that trying out Skype would be one cheap (free) way to test out each > person's Mac or PC in this regard. I've found a lot of variation,  when Skype-ing to people around the world.  Cheers, Neale <Well... we have almost unlimited storage for WWM... if some/all would like to try... BobF> <Chaheep! I do wish we had the means to do all sorts of projects... We can/will gladly pay for the software... and hope... pay it forward, that in time the funds might come to finance the people,  more. BobF>

Re: Podcast anyone? 10/3/07 > <Heeee! Is this something you think would help (enough...) of our user-base? A couple of friends in town (Nevin and Tom Bailey) have a very popular podcast sidebiz... but have listened to m'self, and... did not find satisfying... As yet, such media have no graphics... and as a vehicle of learning/education... let's say vs. entertainment... I found it wanting... B> Ahh, my dear friend, it sounds like you haven't yet met the wide world of "video podcasting".... And as far as educational AND entertaining, there are a few that are RIGHT on the money, though not quite my cup of tea - most of the really *good* ones available are centered around the technology geek industry, and cover electronics, gadgetry, radio, robotics, etc. <Yowzah!> Perhaps the BEST examples are the Make Magazine video podcasts, some or all of which can be found here: http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/make_podcast/ I strongly recommend taking a look at a few of these, to get an idea of what can really be "done" with a good video podcast; you might even find them interesting. I know I do, and I'm not even terribly interested in electronics and gadgetry. Now, the BIG question, is there a *profitable* market for a fish-geek audio or video podcast? Nah, probably not. I wouldn't quit my day job to pursue it, but I'd gladly try to start something on the side (just not under the impression that I'd make my millions off it!). And, I'm not in the fish-geek stuff for money, anyway. Just for the love of it. <And thus, WWM...> Bob, I've toyed with the idea of asking you if you'd like to try doing a podcast for WWM - audio or video, you're an animated enough person that ANY small question turns into an adventure. I fervently wish there were some way of getting some or all of the Crew together on a very regular basis to do something like this! 'Course, I've also got a lack of recording equipment. <NealeM says he's got some... who knows...?> In any case, I think this would be a *fun* and *exciting* avenue to pursue, if anyone in the Crew has the time and equipment and inclination. Just my two cents. -Sabrina <Bingo! BobF>

Posting WWM links on reef forums? -- 8/19/07 Greetings to the all the crew. <Roger/Roejay> I frequently browse Reef Central and read many posts from beginners, and even more experienced hobbyists, with questions that I know are extensively covered on WWM. Since I'm such a cheerleader for WWM, do you consider it appropriate to sometimes post a link to you as part of my reply? <Yes> I want others to benefit from the same knowledge and comprehensive answers that I and your other readers have taken advantage of. Thanks to all. Roger <And to you. The stated BB is "for profit" (strongly) and may not... appreciate sending folks elsewhere... So be it. BobF>

NOAA Forecast 8/10/2007 - New Issue Posted  8/14/07 TO: Robert Fenner, wetwebmedia.com The latest issue of the NOAA Forecast has been posted online. This week's issue features stories on NOAA's new FishWatch website, the updated hurricane season outlook and the first grant recipient for the Regional Integrated Ocean Observing System. To download the Forecast, visit http://www.externalaffairs.noaa.gov . -Jeff Donald Director, NOAA External Affairs

NOAA Forecast - July 16, 2007 TO: Robert Fenner, wetwebmedia.com The NOAA Forecast returns this week after a brief recess to celebrate the 4th of July. This week we report on a busy week on Capitol Hill and several opportunities for stakeholders to offer input on NOAA programs. To download this week's edition, please visit http://www.externalaffairs.noaa.gov Sincerely, Jeff Donald Director, External Affairs

Podcast FYI   7/16/07 Just thought I let you know the podcast is posted. Another fine interview! It was interesting to hear your predictions on the use of cyanide. A shame they didn't come true. And glad to hear you mentioned that some of the worst cyanide users are MAC members! It is nice to hear your voice. Here the link in case you'd like to hear: http://media.podcastingmanager.com/86723-4566/Media/0003-120gallons.mp3 <Thank you for this. BobF>

Podcast Interview   -- 06/19/07 I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a interview for my new reefkeeping podcast 120gallons (http://120gallons.blogspot.com). We could discuss upcoming projects, your book, etc.... <If you consider that this would be of interest to your audience, it'd be fine. Please make it known what day, time... Bob Fenner>

Re: Podcast Interview  6/19/07 I would be available anytime Monday or Tue-Fri after 6pm. What suits your schedule? A half hour should be fine. <Mmm, Weds. is best if this will work... PST?> Some food for thought around possible questions: re: your concientious marine aquarist book. It's often cited as the best book on the hobby. Why do you think it is so successful? What are the most important things one can do to be in the hobby and be conscientious? What do you think are the keys to successful reefkeeping? For people just starting out in the hobby, if you could give them one piece of advice, what would it be? Re: wetwebmedia When was the site started? What was the goal of starting it? Any new plans for the site in the future? What are the favorite one or two questions received by the crew at wetwebmedia? Re: other How many aquariums do you have currently? Can you describe the setup and inhabitants? Is there anything you would like to see changed in the hobby? Any interesting projects coming up? Any random closing thoughts? <Good questions! Heee! You'll have to do some powerful editing to cut my/our spiel down to half or even an hour on all this. Looking fwd to the experience, Bob Fenner>  

Podcast thanks -- 07/30/07 Robert, <Bri> Thanks again for the podcast interview. The listeners loved. 350 and 200 + downloads on the two episodes. <Is this a bunch?> I'll actually be in your neck of the woods in San Diego for vacation next week. I am probably going to be doing an interview with an aquarist at the Scripps aquarium. <Maybe Fernando Nosratpour... Ahh, do give me a call. The cell is 858 397 XXX> Any other must see stuff for a reefkeeper? <Mmm, what do you mean? BobF>

Re: thanks -- 07/30/07 Robert, <Bri> Thanks again for the podcast interview. The listeners loved. 350 and 200 + downloads on the two episodes. <Is this a bunch?> >>>>Yeah this pretty good. We're still ramping up and both have only been available for a month and 2 weeks respectively. The podcast listening audience interested in reef aquariums is a small subset of reef keeping aquarists on the internet so we don't have as big a pool of potential listeners. We're starting to get a lot more visitors so I expect the numbers to continue to increase. I'll actually be in your neck of the woods in San Diego for vacation next week. I am probably going to be doing an interview with an aquarist at the Scripps aquarium. <Maybe Fernando Nosratpour... Ahh, do give me a call. The cell is 858 397 XXX> Any other must see stuff for a reefkeeper? <Mmm, what do you mean? BobF> >>>>Any good aquarium stores or things that a reef aquarist should see in San Diego? My daughter and I are doing the obligatory Sea World, Zoo and Animal Park. <<Oh yes... a couple of stores... Octopus' Garden and Aquatic Warehouse, both in the Kearny Mesa area. BobF>>

120 gallons podcast  6/30/07 Robert, <Bri> Thank you for doing the interview. I'm going to split the interview over two shows. The first one is edited and will be online Sunday evening at http://120gallons.blogspot.com. <Ah, good> I also had a thought. You mentioned beginners and providing them useful information. I was wondering if you would be willing to do a 5-10 minute segment (the show is published every 2 weeks) for beginner reefkeepers. Maybe starting right at the beginning of selecting and setting up a tank and going through more advanced topics. My thoughts were that you could provide a high level overview via the podcast and provide more detailed documentation and backup materials on wetwebmedia.com. Let me know if you are interested. I figure you'd be able to do the stuff for beginners you wanted to do and also reach people who aren't readers, and I'd get some more exposure and hopefully listenership on the podcast. I have voicemail setup via skype (which I used to call and record you - it's basically telephone via the internet) so it would be as easy as calling a phone # every 2 weeks and just talking....I'd do the editing, etc. Let me know your thoughts. -Brian <Glad to help. Do just contact me either here or my pers. email addr. or via phone. Cheers, and thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Podcast   7/2/07 I posted the podcast today at http://120gallons.blogspot.com. I'm putting together ideas for the new reefkeeper segment start with Episode 4. My thoughts for the segments would be: 1. Before purchasing any equipment 2. Setting up a quarantine system 3. Equipment needed for main tank - tank, pumps and sump/refugium 4. Equipment continued - lighting 5. Equipment continued - skimmer 6. Equipment continued - calcium reactor 7. Setting up your tank 8. Obtaining and curing live rock 9. Adding cleanup crews 10. Dealing with Algae 11. First fish 12. First corals <All look like good intro. topics. BobF>

MASNA Award Nominations   6/18/07 Each year at the annual MACNA conference, MASNA presents an award to the person who is considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the marine aquarium hobby. This person is selected by marine aquarium hobbyists all over North America - the MASNA membership. Please take a moment to nominate the person you feel is worthy of this award along with a brief statement explaining why. Past Recipients are: Bill Addison Eric Borneman Dr. Bruce A. Carlson Tom Frakes Larry Jackson Scott Michael Martin Moe, Jr. Dr. Ron Shimek Anthony Calfo Julian Sprung Bob Fenner Sanjay Joshi Deadline for submissions is July 15, 2007 - http://www.masna.org/awardballot.php YOU MUST BE A CURRENT MASNA MEMBER TO NOMINATE (for clubs - only the MASNA delegate may nominate someone, so please poll your membership and have the delegate place the club's nomination) Thanks, Cheri Phillips MASNA President <Will post Cheri. BobF>

Re: MASNA Award Nominations   6/18/07 Awesome Bob and you are a lifetime MASNA honorary member, so feel free to nominate someone yourself.! Thanks, Cheri <Ahh! Will do so. Thank you for your efforts. BobF> Calfo's new book -- 6/17/07 This last January, I pre-ordered the second edition of Anthony Calfo's Coral Propagation book. It was due out this month. Do you have any information on this? <Mmm, not really. Saw Antoine a couple weekends back at the Chicago IMAC... didn't mention progress> I have not heard anything since I ordered it. Do you have a link to the Calfo/Fenner web site? Thanks, Jon laCour <Well, ours (WWM) is the .com of the addr. you've written to... Anthony's is ReadingTrees.com, otherwise you might reach him at MarineDepot.com. Bob Fenner>

pH and fresh water; books, web-sites of use, mixing salt mix... adding buffers to same  3/30/07 Dear Mr. Fenner, <Karen> I am new to the world of salt water aquariums. I have really enjoyed reading your book The Conscientious Marine Aquarist  ( Hopefully that was you who wrote this book because if not I will be embarrassed). <Was I> Your book had a lot of information that I have just not been able to get my hands on anywhere else. I think you and the crew at Wet Web Media are excellent. I would like to know if you have put out any new books out in the last year or so. <Mmm, the last was with friend Anthony Calfo, back in 2003... Reef Invertebrates... Another friend, Jason Chodakowski and I may finish this series (with two fish books, one on the cnidaria) some year soon> I like having books to refer back to and I also read information on the internet but I keep reading the same things on the internet. Are there any web sites that you like to go to and research information on Marine Aquariums? <I don't generally visit the various BB's in our interest other than to "get an idea" of what gear folks are using, favor... and general trends in what the hobbyists are seeing... Too much chit chat, disorganized subjective garbage to interest me... I do use fishbase.org almost daily, the Seaslugforum.com, the krib... Many other informational sites... And DO think that a "guide to indexing" such resources would be a worthy column... for an online zine (yes, this is an instruction)> I also have a question for you. When you buffer you top off water (Freshwater), can you also take that same water that is buffered as freshwater and mix it with your salt (my salt is Instant Ocean)? <Mmmm, in general, yes> I am wondering because I was thinking if you did that I thought it might raise the PH even more. <Yes, can... depending on the make-up of the source water...> Because when I mix my R/O water with the salt it comes out at around 8.2 PH. <This is fine. I would buffer, add other materials to the mixed-up synthetic... After the RO had been aerated for a while, the salt mix dissolved... it too aerated/circulated... tested...> Thank you for reading my E-mail and if possible please let me know what my water/ PH would do.    <Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Kona Aq.    1/17/06 I'm all in.... I'd rather not plan on moving out to Hawai'i until October or later, but when it happens it happens, and I'll be there. <Don't know time frames as yet... the physical structure may take a year or more... B> <<Yeah, I'd imagine so....  But if between then and now there's anything I can help with, do please let me know. <Mmm, all sorts... will try to get organized enough... to record our planning mtg. notes, share> Have we any idea yet as to the magnitude of the place?  Size, number of systems? <Have in mind a sort of "flying wing" idea for the overall layout of the buildings... with the middle the entrance... maybe with some life-size mock-ups of whales and dolphins on one side, Mantas frolicking on the other (with the Waylan graphics on the sides, and roof natch... the book store/gift shop in da middle. Maybe forty-fifty exhibits/tanks and about the same number of scientific "dry-side" presentations... "All is Water" (about the properties...), interactive displays to dream up, fabricate with DaveL... in either side/wing... Much to do. But gots to start on the pamphlet, PR side now... get Di going on the fund-raising campaign, Pete on the design/engineering... myself on the overall ra ra...> Inhabitants?  Native vs. invasive fresh/brackish shrimp displays? (grin) <All Hawaiian... including anisochrine, fresh... but, yes some pitches for non-natives... and shreemps! As well as "human/social... including historical and current activities having to do with water... paddling, swimming, shark attacks...> I'm eager to pitch in, just don't know of what use I can be in these very early stages.  -SCF>> <Me neither... but am thinking about this off and on... continuously. BobF>

Re: Kona Aq.  - 1/18/07 Hi Bob, <Jimbo> Good to hear from you. Sounds like the Kona Aquarium has progressed beyond just an idea to something quite possible. How may I help ? <Numerous ways... Thank you for coming forward... For now, help with brainstorming/dreaming up exhibits is our primary task... And later would like your input re mechanicals and controllers... Who knows, maybe even collecting specimens... Cheers, BobF> jim Stime, Jr.

Re: Kona Aq.  - 1/18/07 Hi Bob, The Monterey Bays three most popular exhibits are the otters, penguins and jellyfish. I am assuming you will be limited to endemic specimens so that rules out the otters and penguins. I certainly would think a jellyfish exhibit or two or three would be something found in the islands. ( I think I know someone who does jellyfish tanks ). <We will have jellies... very cold and tropical> Fishes of Hawaii ( or any colorful fish tank ), local venomous fish ( stone fish ), reef fish, Wrasses sex differences / change, octopus tank, Seahorse tank invertebrate tanks, in door and outdoor coral tanks. <Yes!> A shark tank, local tiger ? <Ha! No...> A must would be a Caulerpa tank just to piss off the anti-Caulerpa people ( who called here the other day with some survey ) <No, they're idiots... or at least these are idiotic actions... Like murdering Somalians...> A pollution tank showing how water deposited anywhere on the island works its way down to the ocean <Good idea. B> jim Stime, Jr.

Puffer Calendar  1/9/07 Hi Bob, I just had to share with you how proud I am of our new PUFFERFISH CALENDAR!  The folks at my forum really worked hard at this.  We're not going to make much $$$ on it--only about $4 ea (would love to some day have a booth at IMAC).  I'm wondering if you have any ideas on how we can better distribute these?  I think people would really love it, if they knew they existed!    ~Jeni <Very nice... What is October? I encourage you to make an e-ad up, send it to the various pet-fish clubs (fresh and marine), and to the free listings in the hobby 'zines and ask for their posting... Pronto! It's already January... and most such promotion should start in latter Summer! Cheers, BobF> Re: Puffer Calendar Bob, October is the FW Pignose/arrowhead puffer (Tetraodon suvattii).  Cool fish, huh? <Gorgeous... I've never seen a full-size one>   I know this is really coming out late...  You have no idea how hard this gal worked on this!  I'm going to forward your suggestions to her.    Thanks, Jeni <Real good... She/all are free to write me if they'd like. BobF> Sir Attenborough's Planet Earth - Shallow Seas    11/29/06 Hey Bob, Are you able to pick up BBC where you are? David Attenborough's new series, Planet Earth had an episode on "Shallow Seas" last Sunday night. <Not in HI unfortunately... hopefully this/it will re-play in S. California (coming back 12/2)> This episode is repeated on BBC again this Saturday (2nd) night. <Ah, good> The photography is simply amazing! The scenes from Indonesia of Goatfish and Banded snakes hunting together is jaw dropping! This is the sort of thing that would make a person take up diving and throw in the old 9 to 5. <Heee! Already did... I really enjoy Sir Attenborough's productions. Thank you for this head's up! Bob Fenner>  

C Journal PR?   11/5/06 If y'all can offer any PR help with my new reef mag by hook, crook, trade or pay... please let me know (how) :) [website/forum, ezine, etc]    Much obliged!    banner linking to www.readingtrees.com    flyer a sample of image work. Can do smaller/different... cover only?    If you are interested, I'm quite happy to offer the same complimentary advertising in my mag for your sites (WWM, RL, RF, CA mag, MD, SAR, TM etc)    Thanks so much!    Anthony Calfo

Help Advertising the MASNA 2006 Photo Contest  6/27/06 Hi Bob,  >Once again MASNA is holding a photo contest w/ the winners being featured in a 2007 calendar to be sold at MACNA and pre-sold to the clubs. Last year you >helped advertise our photo contest by posting an advertisement for it on WetWebMedia and we'd appreciate it if you would do the same again this year. >I've attached a file w/ HTML in it that I hope you can use. If you need it to be a different format, please let me know.  >Thanks, >Cheri Phillips >MASNA President >www.masna.org

MASNA Spring Newsletter   6/16/06 Hello, I'm pleased to announce that the spring edition of MASNA's Marine Scene newsletter is now available online: http://www.masna.org/ms/spring2006.pdf. Enjoy! Cheri Phillips MASNA President www.masna.org <Thanks Cheri. BobF>

UK Magazine Request   6/16/06 Hi Bob, <Keiran>   My name is Keiran Hart and I am currently putting the pieces together in compiling a Marine only magazine; and although still in the early stages of development I really see a gap in the market over here in the UK. There is only one other magazine readily available to UK consumers and that is Marine World; the most recent of which has an article of yours in it.    <Yes, the Donlans "have a good thing going">   I have priced up publishing costs for a magazine up to 100 pages; and with investment from my father (am only 20 years old) believe i can make this magazine a success. I am also in ongoing talks with suppliers and advertisers to establish acceptable unit costs as well as advertising prices for marine based companies. <Is a very tough project... for anyone, or even a group of folks of any given age... Unending due dates, rushing... I do want you to be as close to 100% sure that you want to take on this burden... I would only set out on such a venture with several months worth of production costs (likely a few hundred thousand pounds) in reserve... and with considerable personal hands-on experience (gained by working in the field, and possible schooling)... and with other identified staff already secured (sales, marketing, advertising, lay-out, distribution...). Assuredly, you cannot do all of this period. No one can>   Without rambling on for too long; my main question is i need to find writers to fill the magazines content; i have read the FAQ's on Wet Web Media and see that there are quite a few individuals that are eager to provide these articles but my main problem is; at this crucial planning stage of the magazine i do not actually know what the general fee for having an article written and submitted for publishing is. Are there any set rules or do individual writers essentially set their own prices? <Mmm, there is some difference amongst the print 'zines for what they pay/offer for articles, image work. It is decidedly not much. Often a couple to few hundred dollars for an article/feature, sometimes a bit extra for photographs... Cover images are paid anywhere from a hundred to a few hundred dollars U.S. equivalent>   Would you possibly be interested in submitting any article(s) for the magazine in the coming future; as i would really like to kick the first edition of with a bang, and having a  reputable writer like yourself on board would be much appreciated.   Thank you very much for your time   Keiran Hart <I will gladly help/assist you in what ways I can/may. It is in my abiding interest to not only offer you content for purchase, but do what I may/can to assure your success. Is there a possibility as yet for you to work "in the field" of magazine publishing? Not necessarily in the marine, pet-fish, or remotely related interest, but simply to gain experience in what this is all about? Bob Fenner>   

Nominations for MASNA Award   6/13/06 Each year at the annual MACNA conference, MASNA presents an award to the person who is considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the marine aquarium hobby. Please take a moment to nominate the person you feel is worthy of this award , along with a brief statement explaining why.  The winner will be presented their award at the banquet on Saturday, 9/23/06 at MACNA XVIII in Houston, TX. Past Recipients are: Bill Addison Eric Borneman Dr. Bruce A. Carlson Tom Frakes Larry Jackson Scott Michael Martin Moe, Jr. Dr. Ron Shimek Anthony Calfo Julian Sprung Bob Fenner Deadline for submissions is July 15, 2006 . Fill out the form to nominate someone here.Please do not vote for a previous award winner.   Thanks, Cheri Phillips MASNA President www.masna.org

Re: new print mag... quarterly journal perhaps Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 23:09:41 -0700 (PDT) It is funny you should mention it Bob, but yes my friend... I must admit I had precisely a marriage of Heiko's fab Aqua Geo mag + the ole Ocean Realm + a measure of Nat. Geo + my quirky notions for columns (Medicine, Fisheries, Travelogues) in mind to make this a unique magazine. <Will be> I've done the math and feel like I can cover my butt with just ten $1K sponsors or the equivalent (underwriters, adverts, etc) <Yikes... hopefully you're not going into this underfunded... it hasn't been that long since DanielK and co. tried to talk me into producing, selling, distributing... Koralle/Coral magazine in English... and Leng subsequently shouldered, that I can relate how much work, investment this takes...> I have ten columns and will give ten full page ads, for example, to the $1K underwriters or their equiv The tentative plan is to limit advertising to 25% max of the content. Less if possible. But if/as advertising increases... content will to keep step/scale with the 3:1 ratio <A great endeavor...> I am definitely in this for the long haul. My enjoyment of article writing and photography (nurtured in great part by you) might drive this magazine in large part. <I do wish you success, will help on the content, kibitzing sides> But before the dream gets too grand... I am/will simply focus on polishing two issues to mock up samples... size up their merit, get some peer review... then shop for advertising/sponsors if warranted then. <Sounds good> I figure I will to fund the first couple experimentally to see if it can fly and is well enough received by the industry :) <There does appear to be a gap...> I really think there are enough aquatic interest folks that want to here about these such off the beaten path topics. And I really like the notion of having a monthly spotlight on luminaries like you talking about HHH, Charlie Delbeek talking about Motorcycles <G>... Eric Bodrock giving a pictorial essay on antique aquarium artifacts, etc. Aquarists will be very interested in these personal interest profiles IMO... and it will help to distinguish the magazine, I believe. <Enough for a boutique group of 1k... if they can be brought together> your input and critiques will be invaluable my friend! Anth- <Anxiously awaiting the issuance of the first two... will gladly look over, comment re layout, contents... ahead of printing if you'd like. Oh, do you want this correspondence on WWM? BobF> HHH article Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 14:27:39 -0700 (PDT) doh... I forgot :) regarding the article, Bob... please keep me posted as you time allows to finish this piece. If you can scribe it in the next month or so, we can get it into he first issue (would be rather special to me personally to have my mentor/friend in the inaugural issue... but no pressure ;))... and if not, no worries truly. As your time allows. <I do have a piece I wrote and tried to sell through a friend's agent to hollyweird... can easily pre-addend to make pet-fishish... Will do so mach schnell/hyaku once am back on the mainland (earliest next mo.)... Am saving your corr. re to remind/prompt me... Am very excited for you... starting to dream re... we did have our clothes on... Wanted to mention re having some large sum on hand... like 100k to front the whole shebang... or to goose/prompt you into considering coming out instead with a (cheaper) on-line version... but have already talked m'self out of same... Should render the same "ad-vice" as to the Koralle endeavor... need to come out big, splashy in print from the get-go...> I frankly have no hopes/prefs for article length BTW... as long as it takes (quality over qty indeed) <Will gladly have you splice/dice... much of what goes on, is the Hash is a bit risqué... but should be of interest to "inside" readership... folks who know re the HHH, moi...> Some/the significant part of it, though, I'm hoping will focus on you and what pleases/endears you to the worldwide group, endeavor/activity as opposed to just the history of the group. Some of your fav stories/runs too? <Oh yes...> looking forward to it, mate! Anth- :) <Am sure you will like this. BobF> Gathering Info. To Start A Web Site - 02/20/2006 Dear WWM, <Hi there Brad!> I am currently looking for books that would help me put together a very influential website regarding marine species In terms of having them in the aquarium and in the wild. <Hmm...well, there is much good info. to be found. Impossible to list them all here. You do plan on securing the proper rights for such use, right?> What books would you suggest for this and also websites. Thanks Brad Lash <Your best bet is to sift through our links page here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marlinks.htm . Media reviews can be found here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/MarInd1of6.htm . This is going to be a full blown research project, not a simple answer or list. Happy hunting. - Josh>

Re: Gathering Info. To Start A Web Site - 02/22/2006 Thanks Josh I will try and list as many resources as I find but if I miss some and you see something that should have been in there please do tell me. Thanks again Brad Lash <Actually, will likely need to do more. You must obtain the right to reproduce anything that others own the rights to. Could involve fees as well. Can't just "steal" others hard work. - Josh>

Re: Gathering Info. To Start A Web Site - 02/27/2006 Thanks for telling me that, there are some things I am still learning about this industry and that happens to be one of them. <Always glad to help a fellow aquarist avoid legal complications. Sorry for your wait, this must be a WWM record for worst response time.> It really is hard to find correct information about species of any aquatic animal that is living in an aquarium. <Can't say I agree here.> It seems to me that all the info. is scattered all over the place and really does need to be all put together. Hopefully that problem can be resolved for the enthusiast to be more able to obtain that information freely. <Really are many such sites.> Thanks again Brad Lash <Gladly, and again, sorry for the delay. - Josh>

Ultimatereef.com Expert Forum   12/29/05 Hello Bob! <Mike> I don't know if this email will reach the email address I found for you, but in hope that it does, let me introduce myself. <Okay> My name is Mike Irving, and I am involved with an internet based bulletin board called Ultimatereef.com.  It is based in the UK and is the biggest, and longest established reefkeeping bulletin board in the UK today.  It has over 5 thousand members and has been on the go for around 5 years now.  It's basically the UK equivalent of Reefcentral.com. <I see> Firstly, a question that will supercede the need to read any further: Is WWM still used as Q&A type site? <Mmm, yes... we do get, respond to questions... but you may be referring to another semi-related BB, WetWebFotos.com that is more akin to your product> If so, you will still be busy spending your time on this, and therefore my request below may not interest you.  If not however, could I trouble you to read on? <Will do so> We've struggled to make Ultimatereef.com the best site there is in the UK, and in my humble opinion we are achieving it.  As with all bulletin board, you have a small minority who play the fool, but they are swiftly taken care of by yours truly!! <Ah, good> We have recently introduced and "Ask the Panel" forum, where member can ask a selected panel of trusted and experienced members their questions.  This was a first for the UK reefkeeping scene, and amongst our trusted members we have some like Martin Lakin who has been working with David Saxby of Deltec giving presentation in the states and at MACNA, or our own Clayton, who has worked on various conservation/research programmes in places like the great barrier reef, and the Philippines, before working as the senior aquarist at London Zoo. <I do know of them> As an expansion, I would love to see some panelist who everyone in the industry looks up to, and this brings me to this email. In a very forward manner, which I hope you'll forgive me for, I would like to ask you if you would be prepared to give up some time to participate? <I wish I could. In good faith I just don't have the time... now or for the foreseeable future. And I don't even have a day job!> I understand completely, the constraints of the notoriety that you and your peers have achieved, and again understand if you say no.  Time is a precious commodity in this world, and obviously other things take priority. If however, you were interested, or could be persuaded, then you would be given full moderator access to the site, which would afford you the highest protection available.  Additionally, the questions that are asked in the "panel" forum, are moderated BEFORE they are published, again to afford the panel with the most protection. If this email reaches you, please feel free to get back in touch with me if you have any questions.  I'm more than happy to discuss any aspect with you , if you are so inclined. Many thanks for your time in advance. Mike Irving www.ultimatereef.com <Thank you for your kind offer and your earnest efforts Mike. Bob Fenner>

Re: Ultimatereef.com Expert Forum   12/29/05 Bob, Thank you very much for replying, and I can well believe how busy you are!! Thanks for giving up the time to read through that though - it's appreciated. All the best for 2006! Mike Irving Team UR.com <To you and yours as well Mike. Hope to "run into" you along the way. Are you attending Interzoo in May? Are you a dive/traveler? BobF> Re: Ultimatereef.com Expert Forum   12/29/05 Hey Bob, <Mike> Interzoo eh...  Is this the event in Nuremburg, Germany?? <Yes>   If so, I would love to go, but as it's trade only, don't know if  I would fall into that category. <Mmm, well... there is (need for) cross-mixing twixt the industry and hobby interests... much that we can/do learn from/with each other. As a content provider you're even that much closer to actually being in the business... You can/could "piggyback" on the name of another company if necessary (likely not), even our own if you'd like> I've worked with some of the peep at Tonmo.com a fair bit, and was the first in the UK to captively rear dwarf tropical cuttlefish.  In fact I supplied the dwarf cuttles to one of the most well known aquarium chain for their exhibits throughout Europe.  My www @ www.cephsuk.co.uk tells the story.  I digress - I still doubt I have the "credentials" to get in!! hehehe. <I do not... and very much encourage you to attend> Not much of a diver, although I keep meaning to get my open water every year!!   Maybe this year in the comfort of the Red Sea I keep promising myself! Mike. <Here's my big offer/pitch... Please do consider starting the series of classes there and finish the open water dives in Sharm with us... after the Interzoo. We've had friends do this... a blast. Bob Fenner> Re: Ultimatereef.com Expert Forum Bob, <Mike> Thanks for you kind words, I neither expected nor was prepared for such kind words from a man like yourself!  I'm quite flattered. <Heeee! As my friends, associates will note, "I can't stand to not stir the pot"... urge folks into more involvement in our interests> I will give some serious thought to the Interzoo scenario, although work commitments may prevent me, and in any case, would doubt if I could make a contribution apart from providing a write up from our website and the UK as a whole. <One never knows... there are travelogues elsewhere... the in-flight magazines for one are a huge market... keep taking notes, making images...> Diving does sound like a blast, and I hope this will be the year I learn. Again thanks for your offer - would I be write in assuming you have a dive company then if I were to finish off the open water dives with "you"? <Mmm, not a dive company, but we take friends about, or go with them a few times (about half the) year... If there are discounts to be had, we split all costs/savings... The wife does have a travel agent license, and we have many skilled friends, associates in the dive/adventure travel industry> Seeing as you have been so accommodating with my emails to you, I'm going to push my luck and make another suggestion.  Only because from being someone who could have quite easily dismissed my email to the trash can, and instead taking the time to reply and offer so much generously - this means I think you're a top guy. <At least a fellow quirky pet-fish type!> How would a monthly/bi-monthly article for Ultimatereef.com sit with you? <Mmm, I pen a monthly column for half a dozen 'zines as it is... Not to beg off here, but I would just the same you folks used some "newer blood" in the way of content providers... But, do you have a format (short hopefully), theme/series in mind?> In my early stages of thought, I'm thinking maybe pick a question once or month/two from our "panel" forum that has raised some good discussion, then forward to you to write a paragraph or two of your thoughts.... <This may be do-able... I "spend" a handful of hours most days "helping" on the Net, mainly WWM re our fields of interest... for free... and am away from contact a good deal of the time... do have the "business of life" to attend to... and gardening, cooking, hashing (the running group, not the drug), and various other odd commitments... Am wont to agree to taking on anything w/o dropping (consciously) something else.> Or maybe better, give you free reign, and let you write an "article", which we would add to a library forum which I would create in the expert forum?? <Sigh... I do wish I had a/the magical formula for time> God loves a tryer Bob ;o) <Which god?> Anyway, again, I'm happy with a No from you, as feel you would genuinely dig in if it were practical for you, so please do not be afraid to say the word "no". <Likely this is the case... though I will gladly solicit help for you, your site...> Thanking you again for your words, I really do consider them high praise indeed. All the best, Mike <Hope to run into you, your crew over time/space. Cheers, Bob Fenner> Online Interview  11/24/05 I was just wanted to let you all know I was interviewed for a podcast.  You can hear it here, http://www.talkingreef.com/ episode 19. And, the complete article of the experiment that we discussed will be available at www.Reefkeeping.com in December. Have a happy Thanksgiving! Steven Pro <And to you, Deb, your children. BobF>

What Happened?  (To the Breeder's Registry Website)  11/15/05 http://www.breedersregistry.org/  Bob, <Ron> I am curious as to what happened to the Breeder's Registry website. I haven't been able to access this for several weeks now. Is there an alternative to this site? If not I am interested in keeping up what they started. <Is back: http://www.breedersregistry.org/> Also, I heard that there is opportunity in becoming a regional distributor of aquarium products. How would one break into something like this? <Mmm, apply... to the manufacturer/s or distributors themselves> Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron Looker <Bob Fenner> 

"Discover the Blue" is Finished 10/28/05 Hi Bob, <Jacques> We have proudly completed our project (you might recall) http://www.DiscoverTheBlue.com.  <Ah, congratulations!> Special thanks to you and your great site. Your name is in the credits. <Thank you> Now as promised some months ago I would like to send you a copy. It is a PAL version, but it will work in colour on your computer. The NTSC version is in the works and will still take a while, because we are re-editing all films to make em even better...! We are very keen to hear your opinion! Please send me your mailing address. <Is: 8586 Menkar Rd., San Diego, CA 92116. Bob Fenner> Jacques Tarnero artifishal productions Tel: +63-921-765 41 58 Skype: jacquestarnero http://www.artifishal.com  http://www.DiscoverTheBlue.com  

New Reef Aquarium Resource 8/14/05 Dear Sir, My name is William and I am the owner of a new website for reef aquarium enthusiasts like myself.  My goal is to further the hobby and bring people who are new to the hobby and experienced reef keepers together to share information through message boards and online events. I have also set up a section of the website which I am very excited about dedicated to auctions of reef equipment, livestock, coral etc and am offering special advertising and free auction accounts to new vendors who might be interested in selling on the website. I would love to send you more information about this exciting new resource. If you are interested please email me back and I will be happy to email or mail an information packet. Thanks, William Glenn <William, please send your URL, other info. for our posting on WetWebMedia.com Bob Fenner>  

Book stuff 7/12/05 Hey Bob, I didn't get much in the way of specifics from Knepper, but they gave me a quote of $22.1k for 2,000 copies, or $29.9k for 5,000. That would be at 8x9" and 250 pages.  A lot less than I thought it would be, actually. <Yes... and these folks do medium to good work... there is the shipping to consider> So, now for other stuff... If I bought 2,000 then they're $11 each. If they sell, for say $24.95, how much more of the retail price is going to go to expenses? <Uh... wait a moment... if you pay eleven... they will need to sell for retail for about forty...  there is another distribution level to consider...> I have no idea what wholesale pricing would be like... <In the trade, this is usually from 40 (on the low end) to sixty percent on top of your costs... Retail folks get at least the same... most stores keystone (double) mark up books> Then there's adverts, too, but I'm hoping to do some articles for ads trading when then time comes, so that'll help there. <Good idea> I'm trying to figure out how many copies would have to sell before the costs are covered. Input? <Lots... and I do hope I can be of help/info. here. Gots to ask... how long do you figure/guess it will/would take to sell 5k copies? How much do you want to "make on your money" for having the funds tied up, warehousing the extra inventory? The difference in price is appreciable. Knowing what little I do re the market, I would have the 5k printed...> BTW - I'm heading out for Bali on Friday for a tour of the big clam/coral farm there. Hopefully it will go well. <Do send some pix along!> Talk to you later amigo, J <Wish I was going with you, BobF>

Regarding the use of your articles Dear Robert, <Amy> My name is Amy Chen, a content producer of PetHop.com. We are an upcoming online pet community dedicated to pet care, services, and other animal related topics. I came across some of your articles related to aquarium management on the internet recently, and was wondering if you are interested in publishing your articles on our site. You will retain all rights to your articles, and in exchange, we will provide you one page of html with any content, including images, on PetHop.com. This page will be directly linked from your article. You could have it be your personal profile, or an advertisement of some sort. We will also include your own website into our directory database. If you wish to preview PetHop.com, please go to http://www.pethop.com/index.php.  <A nice site... clean, fast-loading...> Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Amy Chen Content Producer <?> <Mmm, no thanks. Not interested in "spreading our content" in this way. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia> 

EBB Project, looking for petfish, aquatic science presenters Mr. Fenner, <Chris> I am writing to you on behalf of www.fragtraders.com, an online forum for marine aquarium hobbyists to share information. The forum is pretty new, started approximately 6 months ago, and we are still looking to attract guest speakers/authors who have had experience in the hobby and in the science relating to marine habitats. We would like to know if you would be interested in donating some of your time to write an article; sponsor a chat session where members would be able to post questions to you; or a standing thread dedicated to asking you questions related to marine habitats? If you are interested in any of the above avenues, or would like to suggest a different approach please let me know. Also if there are specific topics you would like to address we are interested in any input you are willing to share.  I am looking forward to your response. V/R Christopher Cutting <Thank you for your efforts. I will gladly render you whatever input I can. Time is very short however... am backed up (and getting more inefficient by the day) with projects, some deadlines. I will post your note (on WWM) and URL/link... and ask that others who have interest contact you through your site to share. Otherwise, please put me on your "tickler file" and re-contact us every quarter or so. Bob Fenner>

Reef Hobbyist online - March 2005 As another 2 months have passed us, we are very pleased to announce that the March 2005 edition of Reef Hobbyist Online is now available! We have packed this edition to the gills, adding 1 new section that will be available in each future edition as well as providing our readers with an extra attraction this month by Steven Pro. Starting with the March 2005 edition, you will also notice that the bottom of each page has a link to view a printable version. We realize that not everyone has time to sit down and read the articles at their computer so we made this option available so you could print and read at your leisure.  In the March 2005 edition you will find: Introduction to the March 2005 edition of RHO Ctenochaetus striatus - By Gene Schwartz Clean-Up Crews - By Scott Zachow Beautiful Seagrasses - By Anthony Calfo Refugium Installation - By Steven Pro Featured Member - Eric and Sheila Ropke Be sure to check out this edition and the past editions of Reef Hobbyist Online: http://www.reefland.com/rho  Other Reefland.com News: Over the past several months, the exclusive Personal Online Aquarium Log has continued to grow and we are now ready to start developing the next version. We already have a lot of great features planned for the next version but we also want to hear suggestions from you! Don't miss the opportunity to suggest something that will make this resource more useful to you. http://www.reefland.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14721  And lastly, don't forget to visit us and chat at our forum: http://www.reefland.com/forum  Reef On! The Staff of Reefland.com 

Re: Was Refugium, Videos Bob, can you look at the sent mail. I've sent a reply to Jim Aufiero, but also in his query he asks about producing "how to" videos. Thought you might want to read it and add your input if necessary.  James <Will do. Bob><<Thanks James... I feel about the same way as you do re the instructiveness of videos... the reason why I rarely invest time in "watching" the news... too passive, non-instructive... perhaps (for me) too sensory indiscriminate. There are some videos detailing aspects of the hobby... some very boring... George Smit sitting in a chair for hours drolling on re the "Mini Riff/Reef" in the mid eighties... to each their own. The better of these videos is offered by Dr.s Foster and Smith (.com). Bob Fenner> 

Boosting Grimreefers.com participation bob, sorry to bother you once again, I trust you had a good weekend... .just had a few questions.. actually one. do you have any tips for promoting my forums?  I seem to get just enough traffic to keep it afloat, but I would like to see the forum grow and attract more members.  Did you have any secret to getting WetWeb as big as it is?  Advertising or search engines, etc.? <Mmm, wish I had something more substantive to offer, but basically "doing a good job over a given time" has been our program... we've never advertised per se, or asked others to link us, or subscribed to search engines or directories> sorry if I'm bugging you.... <Never a bother> and also it would be an honor to have you say hello on grimreefers... if you have time, that is.. I completely understand if you don't.  I'm grateful enough that you added my link to your website. cheers, Dave. <I try to put in the 2-3 hours here (other than "the biz of life" here, cooking, cleaning, working on the garden, the occasional writing... oh and travel, photography. Thank goodness I don't have a "real" job. Other than my "five daily tasks/checklist, don't have much time else. Bob Fenner>

Re: Triggerfish & Pongo Posting Dear Bob and All at Wet Web, Thank you very kindly for posting our invitation/announcement for our new site! We really do appreciate it. Thank you again and best wishes, Glen R. Smith Triggerfish and Pongo Designs www.reef-rainforest.com <You're certainly welcome. Bob Fenner>

Hand made water hyacinth Dear sirs, I found your contact details on the web, I'd like to show you our website, we hand make our water hyacinth products in the country side of central and northern Thailand. please see our website address below, http://thehandicraftsplace.netfirms.com/Water%20hyacinth%20crafts%20home.htm Best Regards, Pisamai Mapob, Water Hyacinth Co LTD. (Thailand)   <Neat. Will post your note, link, but do check your site as some of the links are "dead". Bob Fenner>

- Site Advertising - Hi WetWebMedia webmaster. <I don't know if I'd call myself that exactly, but let's see if I can help.> You have good web site ( http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ ../WWMAdminSubWebIndex/sponsorinput.htm ) but I am new in site advertising issues and am finding it difficult to find good way to promote my affiliate page at http://www.clicks4u.com/M2749/credits.shtml which is traffic exchange which traffictoburn recommended to me. They give me 40% commission for every sale I make but my sales have been few with sometimes $30 every twice per month or so. Which is most cost effective advertising way to advertise this affiliate opportunity and make the maximum profit? <Really depends on what your product is - our advertising method works for us because we perform a vital service to the pet fish industry and the hobbyist. The resultant traffic is really just the result of the quality of service and not affiliate programs or our advertising anywhere but our own web site.> What is the maximum number of sales and money can I expect to make if I promote right??? <Again... I don't even know what your product is - if all you are trying to do is drive traffic towards a click-marketing page, then I can't imagine it will do you much good. These things are market driven - simple supply and demand economic theory still hold - if there is demand for your product, there will be a suitable market for it.> Please excuse my poor English. <No worries.> thank you Natasha <Cheers, J -- > 

MASNA National Speaker Database - Bob Fenner Hello Bob, <Cheri> MASNA is in the process of creating a National Speaker database based upon nominations from MASNA member clubs of the "best of the best" speakers that have done presentations for their clubs. The idea is to create a database, available to MASNA club delegates only, that contains speaker contact information (typically only eMAIL address, city and state), most enjoyed presentation titles, comments and indication of special needs such as the amount of any required honorarium. We believe access to this database will be a valuable benefit to both new and established clubs. <I see> We will only include speakers in the database that have given us permission to do so. I'm pleased to say that your name has been submitted as a "best of the best" candidate. Please fill out the form below and return this eMAIL to me as soon as possible. We hope you feel honored by this request and will choose to participate.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you, Cheri Phillips MASNA - Director of Membership and Secretary cheri@uniquesensations.com Yes, please include me in MASNA's National Speaker's Database <Go ahead. I "give about a pitch a month"> No, I would rather not participate eMAIL Address:____Crew@WetWebMedia.com__________________________________ City:_________________San Diego_____________________________ State:__________CA____________ Favorite Presentations: _____________Most any marine group, topic... including business and scientific___________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Special Requirements: _______________Laptop projector__________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Honorarium $$: ____0___

Fish Olympics (Piscine quiz)  Hi Bob,  <Cheers Billy>  A suggested link for your site. It's called Fish Olympics ( www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/nof/fish/ ) and its being well received by  people so far. You can test your fishy knowledge in the Cross Country Camouflage, Long Distance Breed, Eating Event and 100 metre swim!  Regards,  Ray Mullet  <Neat! Thank you for sending this along. Bob Fenner>

Herbert Axelrod, Philanthropist Who Gave New Jersey Symphony Rare String Instruments, Flees US to Avoid Tax Evasion Charges By Tom Bell

Associated Press - 22 April 2004

TRENTON, New Jersey (AP) -- A philanthropist best known for selling millions of dollars worth of musical instruments at a discount to the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra has fled to Cuba to avoid tax fraud charges, authorities said Wednesday.

Herbert Axelrod with his wife, Evelyn (photo: New Jersey Symphony Orchestra) A federal judge issued an arrest warrant for 76-year-old pet products tycoon Herbert Axelrod after the multimillionaire failed to show up for an arraignment on charges that he hid income from the Internal Revenue Service.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Guadagno said Axelrod's yacht was docked in Cuba and that Axelrod was staying at the Marina Hemingway, a four-star resort in Havana. The United States has no extradition treaty with Cuba.

Guadagno said Axelrod was aware of the charges against him and the court hearing scheduled for Wednesday. An Axelrod associate told the U.S. Attorney's Office that Axelrod recently traveled from Zurich, Switzerland, to Cuba and had no intention of returning to this country, Guadagno told U.S. District Court Judge Garrett Brown.

Attorney Michael Himmel, who had been representing Axelrod, said he had notified him of the indictment and Wednesday's court hearing, Guadagno told the judge. But Himmel, who did not attend Wednesday's proceeding, told Guadagno that he had not been retained by Axelrod for the tax case.

Axelrod was charged with using Swiss bank accounts to hide income from the IRS.

In February 2003, Axelrod sold 30 rare Italian string instruments he had collected, which were valued at US$50 million, to the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra for US$18 million.

MACO course Hi Bob, This is Bill Grimlan from MACO. I am just wondering if we still are on your schedule for a MACO course in the summer. We will probably start in June, if not July at the latest. Let me know If you have any questions or need any thing. Thanks Bob. Bill Grimlan MACO Admin. Reefs.org Admin. <Bill, am sorry, but I want to back out of this possibility altogether. Am overwhelmed (not by work so don't feel badly for me) with fun projects... traveling, diving, writing, making images... Please do consider coming on out on some of our journeys. Bob Fenner>

Reef Central This ? is for Cody, was reading the ? answer site a person had mentioned about lighting on a chat forum found on RC site, you said you visit it a lot, what is the web site name?<www.reefcentral.com. Cody> Thanks Brian

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A degree in Pet Fishing? Sign me up! Hi Bob, <Hello Dennis> I've been using the Conscientious Aquarist as a textbook for my Marine Science 120 marine aquarium class since it was first published. It replaced Moe's book, that we used for about five years. It's been very good for my students and an excellent resource. <Martin paid me a big compliment saying CMA was like his writing, but with pictures!> Our Aquarium class is offered in both spring and fall semesters and requires a prerequisite of our beginning level Marine Science 100 - Oceanography - class. We usually have between 15 and 25 students that take the class each semester, read the book and work in our school aquariums - feeding, cleaning, setting up displays, and water quality maintenance. We have six aquariums (about 1200 gallons total) hooked together in a recirculating, chilled, closed-system aquarium that displays fish local to Orange County, CA. We have another five aquariums (850 gallons total) of tropical aquariums, including a 150 gallon living reef. <Sounds very nice> Here are a few questions I had for you. 1. Are you working on a new edition of the Conscientious Aquarist? <Mmm, not specifically. I do archive suggestions, corrections for upcoming revisions... the work has been reprinted a number of times... Am working on a few other titles... a freshwater Cons. Aquarist tome with Sabrina Fullhart, the next couple of titles with Anthony Calfo in the "Natural Marine Aquarium" series. Do you have a copy of "Reef Invertebrates"? Pls send along a more complete address and I'll send a copy along to you> 2. If yes to the above, have you considered including discussions of cold water systems, their attributes and challenges <Yes... the original text was more than 1,100 pages... cut back a great deal (thank goodness) for salability/applicability... but had much of the words/ideas of Dave Wrobel (still at the Monterey Aquarium I believe) on cool/coldwater systems... A collection of his articles (mainly through FAMA) would likely work for you...> 3. Do you give lectures? Wayland said you live in San Diego and I was just wondering. <I do give pitches (have about monthly for the last twenty-thirty years... for free. "Pro bono"...> Thanks for your consideration, Dennis Kelly, Professor Marine Science Department Orange Coast College <Glad to make your acquaintance. Hope we will meet someday soon. Bob Fenner>

Praise For Reeftopia.com  (1/13/04) Hi Crew, <Steve Allen here> This time I actually do not have a question (unbelievable huh!:-); <I'm sure you could think of at least one if you really try hard. :)> instead I just wanted to pass-along a good experience I had with a recent online purchase from Reeftopia.com. <Great> Not only were Reeftopia.com's prices very competitive (when considering total cost, including shipping, etc.) but I also I feel they went above and beyond the "normal" sales and customer satisfaction process.  I had a seemingly-unique problem with "something" growing on my acrylic tank.  Rather than just sell me a variety of "janitors", they took the time to ask specific questions and to try to determine what this problem might be.  They even included a few additional snails in my order just to try-out to see if they helped solve my problem!  I have not yet found this level of personalized service with any other online supplier. <This kind of help is so great. I wish every business were this way. Truly good businesspeople understand the value of a satisfied customer base. I would add Indo-Pacific Sea Farms (www.ipsf.com) and Inland Aquatics (www.inlandaquatics.com) to that list. They have been very helpful to me. Do consider posting this experience on the Local/Internet Fish Stores forum at WetWebFotos.com> One other advantage: I also purchased a queen conch with my order.  I nearly skipped this purchase because I ordered a fighting conch and a queen conch from another online store and I could not see why anyone would pay $6 for a conch that is the same size as an Astrea snail.  When I receive my queen conch from Reeftopia.com I was very pleased to see a 2" conch! <Don't you just love a pleasant surprise.> Purchasing live fish and inverts online can be unnerving so I just wanted to pass-along this experience.  Their selection might not be as large <thus enabling them to be better at the ones they do stock> as some other reef livestock web sites but I would not hesitate to purchase from Reeftopia.com again. <Thanks for the heads up.> --Greg

Calendars Do you sell marine calendars, or know where to get them. You have such beautiful pictures. It would be nice to have a yearly calendar of them. Thanks,           Cheryl <We don't make or sell them, but the fine folks at Microcosm-books.com (pls note the hyphen in the URL) do, and they are beauts. Thank you for asking. Bob Fenner>

PETA petition Howdy, I very much agree with the following petition. Please read and if you agree follow the instructions to sign. Also, please pass this on to others. Elwyn Segrest http://www.PetitionOnline.com/rvkptaex/ <Thanks for sending this along Elwyn. Will post on our root web (www.WetWebMedia.com). We currently have about 10,000 ISP sessions per day. Bob Fenner>

Reefland.com / WWM Partnership Hi Bob, Scott from Reefland.com here. I hope all is going well for you and your family. <Yes, thank you> I have for a long time been developing Reefland.com and our online Community as you know. I am now starting to move to what must be our next step and that is to offer the members of Reefland the next level of expertise during the discussion of their Marine Aquariums and for me that means offering them support and general discussions from industry leaders and experts such as yourself and the WetWebMedia team. <Okay...> What I have planned for and am now ready to implement is a Priority Support forum for paid, subscribing members of Reefland.com which are "manned" with industry leaders and experts. Subscribing Members who query this forum will know that the information they receive is that from experts who are well versed in the industry, in addition to other Subscribing Members who can participate. Currently, I offer members of Reefland an optional Contributing Member usergroup for $10 per year which gives them use to Avatars on our forum and gives them unlimited disk space to upload attachments to their posts and unlimited disk space in our Photo Gallery. What I propose to you is to set up a Premium Contributing Member usergroup for $25 per year which gives them access to this Priority Support Forum in addition to the benefits listed above. 100% of the additional proceeds ($15) from this Premium Member contribution goes to the "experts" that provide the support; Bob Fenner and the WWM Crew for their time and expertise. The remaining $10 of this contribution stays at Reefland.com as it does now to fund our site; the server and various software's that are used to power Reefland.com <Hmm, an interesting concept... but one that I don't think whose time has come. We (or at least myself and I believe most of the others of WWM) do what we do to help (inform, inspire... even retain!) other hobbyists, business folks and scientists in the aquatics interests. It would be "nice" to get paid... but not at the cost of losing folks interest, their livestock, them as participants. Our longer-term view is to spend what we do generate from sponsors ads on our root webs and BB and a portion of our media sales to our collective betterment (adventure travel, diving...), but other folks here are certainly welcome to join you if so interested.> Based on what I project to be your current advertising rates at WWM and the current participants, it would only take 1,000 Premium Members for WetWebMedia to match it's current revenue from advertisements of $15,000 annually. I highlight only 1,000 as it is proven from other online communities that the member base reaches well over 10,000 active members of which participate because of the "experts" available to them at that site. I would project that at the end of the first year the Premium Membership will be closer to 2,000 to double my estimated ad revenue from WWM. <Mmm, we have a few thousand dollars a month in said ad revenue, about 10k ISP sessions per day, an indeterminate sum of money from book sales... but definitely no (at least for me) time to put into other endeavors... We (WWM Crew) don't get "paid".> Let me now move on and try to answer some of the questions you may have. Regarding the logistics behind the subscriptions, we are already set up with an automated process for subscribing members therefore there is no work that has to be put into this to start it or to maintain it. Once a member orders the Premium Membership they are automatically moved into this usergroup and granted access to these features until the end of the term at which point they have the option to renew. Again, no administrative work on anyone's part is needed to maintain this functionality. Secondly, I would be willing to jointly share the available space within this forum for the advertisers which could potentially bring us both additional ad revenues. We would have to discuss this a bit more to determined and agree upon space but it should be no problem as I only offer advertisers the 480x60 spot near the top. My intentions are not to take away from the WWM visitors but to add to their experience. Therefore the forum could be molded to match the WWM site (as far as links and such) along with the Reefland.com style. With all due respect to you and your teams efforts, the power, searchability and scalability of the VB forum is awesome and to those of us in search of information and knowledge, this is invaluable. Along with this is the continued ability to limit access to other features and areas of the site if we so choose down the road. <VB? Visual Basic?> I hope that you will consider this proposal and know that I am open for any ideas or discussion surrounding this idea. The planning and research I have done tells me that this could be an excellent opportunity for the online marine enthusiast community as well as Reefland.com and WetWebMedia. The benefits to everyone involved is obvious. Looking forward to hearing from you, Scott Zachow Reefland.com <I appreciate your kind offer... I/We are quite happy/satisfied with what we have/are doing currently though. Best of luck, life to you in your endeavors. Bob Fenner>

Re: Reefland.com / WWM Partnership Hey there, <Hi Sabrina!> Just wanted to let you know, I whole-heartedly agree with your stance on this, and thank you for it; I do not wish to be paid for any advice that is asked of me, in person, on a forum, through WWM, or anything. I do not wish to do this for money; there is certainly something to be said for the gratification of helping some twelve year old kid with a bloaty goldfish (ARGH.... just ONE more bloaty goldfish question, and I'll.... nah, just kiddin', bring 'em on....) and knowing that that *beloved* (albeit ugly, cheap, dumb) goldfish will be okay. <Ka bloom!> I am very GLAD that WWM does not charge for advice; where would those kids with their Bettas and platys go to find out what to fix? I don't expect a young kid to be paying a subscription to ask us how to fix their fungused fish - and that kid's fish is equally as important as any pricey SW fish - at least to that kid. <Am totally in agreement> In any case, I guess all this boils down to a matter of principal. I would rather pay (in time, efforts, whatever) to help than to be paid for helping. <Me too. It may come to what we have to offer paying us... but I don't see this in the near (next few years) time frame> Just wanted to say thanks for your stance on this (though I'd expect no differently from one like you), and let you know there will be no mutiny from me, for a lousy few bucks. Not that there'd be any call for a FW plant/shrimp geek on a reef board, anyway - but all the same, as long as my services are useful to WWM, I'll be sticking around. -Sabrina <Thank you my friend. Bob>

Siegel Article Hello to Steven Pro or his Proxy, I've seen a few references to an article Terry Siegel wrote in "Marine Fish and Reef 2002 Annual" (i.e., here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/reefparasittksfaqs.htm) about fighting ich in a reef tank using a wide combo of non-medicated methods .. but, I cannot seem to get my hands on this article. Searched the publisher's web-site (www.fancypublications.com) to no avail ... and LFS has no clue (well, this can be the case for a lot of questions asked there.) Any leads on snagging this article would be appreciated .... Thanks, SLC <You might try writing Terry at ReefCentral.com, he heads up the Advanced Aquarist online magazine there... or search through a hobby clubs library, or even a large (college or central) library to see if the original is in their collection. Bob Fenner>

MACO course Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 22:10:23 -0700 Hi Bob, This is Bill from Reefs.org and MACO. I am emailing you just to say "hi" and to let you know that you are still on our radar for your Fall course at MACO. Spring courses were very successful. Summer courses are going as we speak, they look like they will not be exceptions to the successes of MACO, so we are very excite about the fall session. In the coming weeks I will start emailing you to get both of us up to speed for the Fall session. <Thank you for the heads up> Please, let me know if you need anything or have questions that need to be answered. If nothing is on your mind, please, reply to this email anyways to let us know that you are alive and well. Thanks Bob. <Real good Bill. Am a bit out of it (just back from Malaysia). Do keep me abreast of what we need to get going. Bob F> Bill Grimlan Reefs.org Administrator MACO Administrator

Outstanding Marine Designs/Queen Angel/Coral Reef/Sharks/Sea Turtle Dear Bob at Wet Web, <Ah, yeah> I have been creating nature themed art for over 20 years. My apparel designs have been extremely successful in a variety of venues, including The Nature Company and Discovery Channel Stores, with sales exceeding 30,000 pieces for a single design. <Okay> Because of my love of nature, I have decided to make available a limited number of my silk-screened cotton T-shirts to conservation conscious groups at the very low cost of $4.00 per shirt. This price would provide the opportunity to inspire and promote appreciation of  the fantastic underwater world by offering a beautiful shirt at a great price! <Mmm...>           I encourage you to view the jpeg attachment. This is a very accurate representation of  the 4 individual designs available for this limited offer <Looks... looks> The shirts feature large full front prints w/ no back prints. The T's are all 100% cotton heavyweight white shirts and are either Oneida Power-T 's , Hanes Beefy T 's, or Fruit of the Loom Lofteez. The minimum order @ $4.00 ea. would be 2 dz.(24 pieces) total order. Any combination of designs/sizes is ok. Following are the designs, sizes, and quantities available at this writing. Green Turtle /                                               Med.  25 ea. / Lrg. 21 ea.  / X-lrg.    6 ea.         Angelfish /                                                      Med.  12 ea. / Lrg. 27 ea.  / X-lrg. 52 ea.          Rainbow Reef /                                              Med.     0 ea. / Lrg.   0 ea.  / X-lrg.  25 ea.          Shark /                                 Sml.   10 ea. / Med.     8 ea. / Lrg.   5 ea.  / X-lrg.    7 ea.       Please let me know if you are successful or unsuccessful in viewing the jpg and which designs you might like to order (while they last). If you have a clientele or venue for which these exquisitely detailed and colorful marine designs would be perfect, please contact me for more information. Thank You & Best Wishes, Glen R. Smith / Triggerfish 255 Shrader / Suite 6 San Francisco, CA  94117 Phn. / Fax (415) 752 - 3675 email:  Tfish954@aol.com <Will post your ad. Bob Fenner>

African Grey Hi, <Squawk> Do you know if it is okay to be feeding my African Grey parrot plantains? I have tried feeding it to him a few times and he seems to like it very much, whereas when I feed him basic aquarium fare, he sometimes seems to get an upset crop/stomach?  I would be very grateful for a response. <The periodic feeding of cooking bananas (and other types) is fine with most all parrots. Bob Fenner>

Communism on Reef Central From Dr. Ron's Forum "I am a certifiable cranky old guy and my patience with wacky ideas has worn pretty thin over the years. My answers are not off the cuff, but are based on over 30 years of experience as a marine ecologist/invertebrate zoologist. You may not agree with them, and if not, we can discuss why, but this is not a debating society. If you get strident or abusive, I will close the thread and ban you from the forum." How can he ban people ? Does this mean if we disagree with him we get banned because he is cranky and because his "patience has grown thin" ? We can't debate ?  Is this guy Nuts? <Umm, I'd guess that the chatforum which is ReefCentral, being a private concern, and paying/trusting Ron Shimek as a "moderator"(?) has vouchsafe given him authority to do the above... Does seem wacky (IMO). Have had occasion to chat with Ron and he always seems reasonable, personable... have heard of other people being ousted though... am totally against practices of "barring" people, "locking" threads on hobbyist forums... Am hopeful instead that contributors can/will be civil, positive given the opportunity. Bob Fenner>

Saltwater video Bob, <Klaus> Let me refresh your memory. I'm the person who e-mailed you several times in regards to making a Saltwater aquarium video. <Yes, I recall> It's been a long time since I wrote you, but business has been great. I was barely able to finish the video work I had, so tackling another project would have been crazy. But, the summer traditionally brings less work. I am still very interested and have several more people interested in getting involved (from the production and marketing end). I just saw that you responded to me that you got some ideas from a visit to Vegas. I don't know how long ago you responded, but hopefully you can remember. I look forward to hearing from you. <Yes. A vendor had a booth with a fabulous software showing stills and video of underwater life in the Caribbean... on a DVD. Bob Fenner> Klaus Henke Elatica Productions, Inc. 847-707-2827 klaus@elatica.com www.elatica.com and .net

Yahoo grp on saltwater fish and reef aquariums Thanks for your info on the vitamins. I love your book "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist". I don't read that fast so I am still reading. I also belong to a group called http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Saltwater_Fish_and_Reef_Aquariums/ Hopefully, and it would be really great if you popped in and gave some advice from time to time. if at all possible. I learn a lot there also, and the owner Kevin seams to really know his tuff. Well talk to ya later, Tim. <Thank you for the link. Will check out. Bob Fenner>

Re: Marine Tropicals (tees) Dear Friends at WetWebMedia, <Howdy> I have been creating nature themed art for over 20 years. My apparel designs have been extremely successful in a variety of venues, including The Nature Company and Discovery Channel Stores, with sales exceeding 30,000 pieces for a single design. <Great> Because of my love of nature, I have decided to make available a limited number of my silk-screened cotton T-shirts to selected conservation conscious aquarists at the very low cost of $4.00 per shirt. This price would provide the opportunity to inspire and promote conservation by offering a beautiful shirt at a great price. <Very nice> If you have a gift shop or special program for which these exquisitely detailed and colorful marine designs would be perfect, please contact me for more information. I encourage you to view the attached JPEG file as a preview of the available designs. Thank You & Best Wishes, <Will post your example and offer on WWM. Bob Fenner> Glen R. Smith / Triggerfish 255 Shrader / Suite 6 San Francisco, CA  94117 Phn. / Fax (415) 752 - 3675 e-mail -  Tfish954@aol.com

Re: Marine Tropicals/T-shirts Bob at WetWebMedia, Thank you for your considerate response and interest in the offer of these uniquely detailed and colorful T's @ the very low cost of $4.00 ea. Following is some pertinent info. regarding the shirts and availability. The minimum order @ $4.00 ea. would be 2 dz.(24 pieces) total order. Any combination of designs/sizes is ok. At this price, I am, unfortunately, not able to fulfill orders of less than 2 dz. shirts, which would total $96.00 plus shipping. There are, in fact, 4 designs available (as shown in attachment). The shirts feature full front prints w/ no back prints. The T's are all 100% cotton heavyweight white shirts and are either Oneitas or Hanes Beefys. Available designs/quantities, at this writing, are as follows:

Design Medium Large X-Large
Adventures in the Kelp Forest 29 ea. 94 ea. 39 ea.
Sunrise on the Reef 70 ea. 156 ea. 125 ea.
Green Turtle 72 ea. 134 ea. 78 ea.
Rainbow Reef  - 32 ea.  78 ea.

Available quantities are subject to change. Please contact me with any further questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again & Best Wishes, Glen R. Smith / Triggerfish 255 Shrader / Suite 6 San Francisco, CA  94117 e-mail -  Tfish954@aol.com <Real good Glen. Will ad to your post. Bob Fenner>

Ocean Features, Secondary Ed. Hello, My name is Chantal Engell and I am a freshman at Annville-Cleona High School in Annville, Pennsylvania.  I am doing a project for my Gifted class on the ocean and I was wondering if it would be at all possible to have a monthly email correspondence on different features of the ocean. <Mmm, what do you have in mind? You're welcome to use the materials archived on our root web: www.WetWebMedia.com for curricula. Bob Fenner> That would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. Sincerely, Chantal Engell

Banned By Ron Bob, Can you believe that Ron Shimek sent me a private message from Reef Central ? (see below, I am sooooo honored) I told him that most of what he stated in his paper on 4 year breakdown was rubbish since 30 or 50 or even 100 tanks do not statistically represent a "typical" tank, especially when no controls are set up for the way the tanks are run. I guess I hurt poor Ron's feelings since he says he will ban me from Reef Central if I don't apologize to him publicly. I do not really spend a lot of time there so C'est la vi. <Asi es la vida> I am not planning to apologize.....I guess he got upset since I asked him if he was involved in any "miracle salt" concoctions coming to market in the near future...... <Apologize? Ha!> Hee Heee Heeeeeeee <Couldn't have keyed it better> Chuck Spyropulos [quote] R.Shimek wrote on 10/29/2002 07:36 PM: Chuck, The final statements in your recent post were both offensive and insulting. Unless I get a public apology, I will ban you from Reef Central. [/quote] <I detest censorship in all forms. Bob Fenner> Re: Banned By Ron  Hey Bob, I am officially banned from Dr. Ron's fiefdom. I tried to log on to his forum again and I am locked out. If I want to I can always register under another e-mail but I don't think I will bother. <Ridiculous... hard to believe... banned? What does he think he's doing... censoring other opinions? Very bad P.R.> Oh well...more time to spend admiring my tank... and of course more time to spend on WetWeb, reefs.org, etc. Chuck Spyropulos <I guess... but still ludicrous, shocking... shameful... what's next, the Jews, Gypsies? Bob Fenner>

Re: Saltwater Aquarium Video Mr. Bob Fenner, Thank you for your quick response. I'm deciding my next move based on your input. I look forward to hearing from some of your Compadres. I've clicked on some of the ads on your site. It has given me a lot to work with. Thanks again, and I'll keep you updated on my progress. <We're just back from Vegas and the DEMA show (Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association)... many new ideas in the way of videos (content and format)... Be chatting, Bob Fenner> Klaus Henke Elatica Productions, Inc. 847-707-2827 klaus@elatica.com www.elatica.com and .net

Chuck Spyropulos and Reef Central Hi Bob, Anthony, and Crew, <Howdy> I was reading through the dailies and read of Chuck Spyropulos' problem with "Dr." Shi*mek. If you will, please forward my e-mail address to him. As a member, I'd like to start a thread letting other reefers know of this and have their opinions voiced as well. This is absolutely ridiculous  <the situation, and a lot of what Dr. Shi*mek has said about various things>.  If he's interested in having me start the thread, I am more than willing. I personally can't stand Shi*meek but would try to start the thread in an unbiased way. <We don't retain others email addresses... Maybe you can search/find the "conversation" they had on ReefCentral?> On a side note, thanks for everything you all have done for the hobby. <A pleasure, honor/duty. Bob Fenner> Blue skies, Robert

Chuck Spyropulos and Reef Central Ron Shimek censorship and outrageous behavior Chuck Spyropulos banned on Reef Central Hi Bob, Anthony, and Crew, <cheers, my friend. Anthony Calfo this time. Bob has indeed been very candid on the subject and I thought to share my support and agreement> I was reading through the dailies and read of Chuck Spyropulos' problem with "Dr." Shimek. <Ron's behavior is unfortunate, staggering and unexplainable. Chuck's only flaring remark at the end as a jab (which could even have been diplomatically rephrased and really called Dr Ron to the mat) was only minutely instigating compared to the tremendously disrespectful and arrogant things Dr Ron has said in the past to more than a few other people... enough of which I have regrettably borne personal witness too. At a MACNA I heard him call a perfect stranger at a sand bed workshop "stupid" with a harsh tone that made some people uncomfortable enough to promptly stand up and leave his presentation. Recently in a flaming banter on Reef Central with chemist Randy Holmes-Farley he called Randy "boy" at one point with extraordinary disrespect (I don't see any reason to call another man that let alone an academic peer "boy" when you would hope he would never speak as unkind to you). And Ron later insulted Mr Holmes-Farley by saying quote], "You sound like the old farmer who, after drinking some beer, added some self-generated liquid fertilizer [pissed on] to his garden and thinks his tomatoes are bigger." (page 4 of the thread, "Its still in the water"). We could go on for days if aquarists wrote in with stories of Dr Ron's insulting legacy. Its quite disappointing for very intelligent he is otherwise and the knowledge he could share with a gentler tone... or at least a smaller ego. I'm trying to politely tune him out with personal hope that he will temper his ways. What Ron did is censorship and inappropriate by any intelligent rationale that I can discern. So Chuck voiced a concern that Ron's proposal of this controversial, if not ludicrous, claim of sea salt toxicity was tied to some profit motivated agenda. Guess what... join the club! Many aquarists have been wondering that very same thing in the face of his outrageous claims despite the fact that public aquariums and aquarists have been keeping fishes well past their natural lifespan in synthetic seawater(26 year old blue regal tangs, 32 year old Clownfishes, and I think a 60+ year old tarpon in Illinois!!! and we've heard of far more impressive stories)... corals spawning and living decades inland, fishes spawning, etc. We just don't buy the toxic salt theory, or telling people to tear down their tanks after 4 years, or to keep their reefs at 86F (!!!), and so on. Chuck's challenge of Ron's theory was not a personal affront but simply attempts at discovery. If Ron wants to ban Chuck for his conduct... how about censoring himself?> If you will, please forward my e-mail address to him. <we will post this message as we do all correspondence here at WWM (no censorship here!). I regret that we did not save Chuck's e-mail addy.. we do not save addys either <G>. Heehee... so: no spam or censorship:) > As a member, I'd like to start a thread letting other reefers know of this and have their opinions voiced as well. This is absolutely ridiculous <<the situation, and a lot of what Dr. Shi*mek has said about various things>>. <complete agreement here> If he's interested in having me start the thread I am more than willing. <excellent... it may be appropriate to politely voice your concern to the administration. Do consider contacting them directly first.> On a side note, thanks for everything you all have done for the hobby. <with kind regards for your appreciation> Blue skies, Robert foxracrusa@cox.net <all the best, Anthony> <<Geez... I almost thought folks were pulling my leg/fins... "banning"? But of all incidents, Barry Neigut is visiting (of ClamsDirect.com), and he related his experience of being banned from ReefCentral... what gives? Will post... Bob F>>

Reefland.com News <Thank you, Bob Fenner> Good day bobfenner! Here are some things happening around our community! MACNA XV will be held in our backyard and hosted by the Louisville Marine Aquarium Society (http://www.lmas.org). This will be Reefland's first MACNA and I hope to see my virtual friends there! For More details regarding MACNA XV, visit the LMAS homepage or this thread: http://reefland.com/forum/showthread.php?&threadid=8125 Our Sponsors continue to offer some special deals to Reefland members located in our Coral Reef Treasures Forum located at http://reefland.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?&forumid=51. Ocean Encounter is offering 175 Watt 10,000 K Ushio Metal Halide Bulb for $59.00. Coral Fragz is offering a free bag of Chaetomorpha algae w/ $50+ purchase. Clams Direct is offering free boxes and handling for RL members; a $12.00 savings! These are some great deals being offered for you! Be sure to support our sponsors who make Reefland.com possible. http://www.reefland.com/sponsors.shtml Do you enjoy looking at reef pictures as much as I? Here are some links for you to check out: A "Flashy" display: http://www.reefland.com/RL.html SPS Corals: http://www.reefland.com/forum/showthread.php?&threadid=7933 Some General Eye Candy: http://www.reefland.com/forum/showthread.php?&threadid=8129 We hope you enjoy your stay at Reefland.com.

Web Site Community for Aquarium Hobbyists Dedicated to Supporting the Aquarium Hobby  <...> <Interesting advert., but what a slow-loading site. Thanks for sending this along. Will post to our Business Links. Bob Fenner>  AquariaDepot.com AquariumReference.org AquariaSearch.com AquariaPromotions.com QuesTronixSoftware.com  Who Is Virtual Marine Enterprises, Inc.  This e-mail is being sent to you as an introduction to our company and our services. We are sending you this e-mail because we believe that you may be interested in the aquarium hobby or other services that we offer. This is a one-time mailing and we will not be sending you e-mail continuously (we all get enough junk e-mail already). If you would like to make sure that you never receive e-mails from us, simply click the link at the bottom of this e-mail.  Virtual Marine Enterprises, Inc. owns and operates a community of websites  <And an e-tailer site> that are dedicated to supporting and promoting the aquarium hobby. Each website has a unique purpose and together they form the vmarine.com community. Although our websites are targeted towards aquarium hobbyists; scuba divers, educators, researchers, conservationists, and anyone else who has an interest in all things aquatic, will find our websites useful as well. AquariaDepot.com  Since 1999 AquariaDepot.com has been providing hobbyists with quality aquarium products at discount prices. With an inventory of over 5000 unique products we have everything you need for your aquarium, whether its freshwater, marine or reef.  AquariumReference.org  AquariumReference.org provides necessary information on the identification, behavior and care of the animals we keep in our aquariums (and many we don't). AquariumReference.org has an online species database with information on over 6000 fish and invertebrates.  AquariaSearch.com  AquariaSearch.com offers one of the largest and fastest growing online directories devoted to aquatic related websites. If you are interested in Aquarium Keeping, Aquatic Animals, Conservation, Scuba Diving, Tropical Travel or Underwater Photography then AquariaSearch.com is for you.  AquariaPromotions.com  AquariaPromotions.com offers free banner advertising to aquarium related websites. If you have a website that would be of interest to aquarium hobbyists and are looking for ways to promote it then visit AquariaPromotions.com.  QuesTronixSoftware.com  Virtual Marine Enterprises, Inc. has partnered with QuesTronix Software to help provide quality website design and development to the aquarium and related industries. With over 15 years experience in computer software design and development QuesTronix Software is able to fulfill the requirements of any project. 

Re: Web Site Community for Aquarium Hobbyists Virtual Marine Enterprises, Inc. (vmarine.com) - Press Release Robert, Thank you for your interest in our websites. Which site was "slow"?  <Aquaria. Depot, and your ref. site... didn't look at others> Could you tell me your modem speed? <Cable> I am very concerned when I hear a comment like this and will do whatever I can to correct it (I am also the web developer). <Appreciate this. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> Cliff Dugan President Virtual Marine Enterprises, Inc. cliffdugan@vmarine.com

Mermaid Sculptures for sale I have really enjoyed your informative web site. Since you like saltwater fishes I thought that you might enjoy seeing my woodcarving creations at my website www.worldofwoodcarving.com <Very nice. I like the Rexazour even better. Perhaps sometime you'll do marine life. Bob Fenner> Regards Randy Crumbliss

New WWM title? <G> A note back to you and Steve re: the SD visit... an offer to take you to our fave sushi bar, Meiki's... it is fabulous... <Yes... please! And lets look up Ken Wong at some point to share sushi/fellowship. He mentioned for us to drop a line when we visit> <<For sure. We can, likely will meet up with him, Jason Kim and if you boyz behave (doubtful) their fab consorts>> A pledge to show you about parts of the trade. Todd.G of Custom Aquatic would like to meet you; sells lots of your book/s... and Pat.H of Aq. Whse needs to meet you re same... <looking forward to it> And a query, suggestion to you and Steve re co-writing a title on "(The Best) Marine Fishes for (Marine/Reef) Aquariums"... before BSV, TLS/F come out with some such title... I say we produce not unlike your spiral bound edition... What say you/s? Bob F> <that sounds awesome! Have already chatted excitedly with Steve about it today... we'll meet soon to brain storm and try to get on the same page... will run ideas/vision by you for sharing/input. A book on this topic would be quite useful especially if it was affordable. <<You will hopefully see that it is all these. I have an outline, start of chapters that will greatly improve with you and Steve's input. Can send along e wise or USPO if you'd like.>> I'm reminded of Helmut Debelius' "Fishes for the Invertebrate Aquarium" from more than a few years ago. A great little book!!! Also thinking of elements of The Tetra "Marine Aquarium" book from Dick Mills... packed with great info/pics but not too much to be too pricey or daunting for beginners. Perhaps we'll have an outline for the SD trip. Will you have interest/time to handle the layout/publishing/editing decisions (photos were a given <G>)? Thanks, bud... Antoine> <<Let's start (and finish!) this project ASAP! A great follow-up with your marketing efforts with your current title. Will split the big moolah evenly with you two. Bob F>

Re: New WWM title? <G> <<You will hopefully see that it is all these. I have an outline, start of chapters that will greatly improve with you and Steve's input. Can send along e wise or USPO if you'd like.>> Yowsa...yes, please!. I did not realize that the seed had sprouted already beyond the thought. Electronic or hard copy (we both have cable lines now... do send your preference). <Okay... will send on CD to your res. Just tried to attach what I have and it's too big... Question, do you use Adobe's PageMaker? This is the layout software my stuff is on/in right now.> We can chew on it and all get onto the same page very soon I hope with the outline. Three writer's on one book... very cool. Could we have this ready for year's end release? <Knowing you, it could be done by next month!> I'm thinking heck ya! I'm actually a little ahead of myself on volume 2 of my BOCP (had promised early 2003). Looking like maybe I have time for both here :) <Agreed> Will you be providing further content, Bob? Are you leaving the bulk of it to us?  <Will do either as you and Steve wish. Would like to contribute as much as wanted, warranted.> Just give us some direction and lets run with it! Antoine <CD on the way. Do you need/want PM? Bob F>

Re: New WWM title? <G> Okay... will send on CD to your res. Just tried to attach what I have and it's too big... Question, do you use Adobe's PageMaker? <Yessuh... I have Adobe 6.5 from you... although I haven't learned/taught myself to work in it yet. Do you actually write in PageMaker or do you paste your content into it?> <Write AND paste... can import files, place pix... takes some getting used to... Did you use Quark/xpress or what for your Coral book? Do you mind taking on learning PM6.5? It's not too hard... well, it was for me when putting "booklets" together, but we do have some real help now (Zo and Jas)> This is the layout software my stuff is on/in right now. <I really need to learn this software indeed> <<Will you be providing further content, Bob? Are you leaving the bulk of it to us?>> Will do either as you and Steve wish. Would like to contribute as much as wanted, warranted. <O-tay! Lets gander at the outline...chaw on it... see what we can manage... float it back and forth... and yes... let us finish this ASAP :)> <thanks, bud... Antoine> <Thank you my friends. CD in the mail today. Bob F>

Re: New WWM title? <G> > <Write AND paste... can import files, place pix... > takes some getting used > to... Did you use Quark/xpress or what for your > Coral book? Do you mind > taking on learning PM6.5? It's not too hard... well, > it was for me when putting "booklets" together, but we do have some real help now (Zo and Jas)> For my book, I tried to jump on the learning curve when you first gave me PM but found it a little rough at first. For the sake of time... I ultimately paid to have it postscripted. A friend of mine is a regional big-wig for Kinko's. She acted like a project manager and coordinated the offset printer and binding/collating for me. I sure don't mind trying to learn PM... it will be a great favor/help to myself as I will need it if I continue to write for any industry. Still... I am 3/4 finished with a non-aquariology book...1/2 finished with my second volume and now with this... no regrets to learn PM, but will drop it and pay to have someone else postscript it again if it helps me to get all three titles out near Christmas. <No need to rush; there is time> I need to take another look at PM and determine a comfort level. Will be seeking advice surely... Shirley... er, Bob. <Okay, even to call me surely. Bob F> Ciao, bub

Re: Albuquerque club 2? Hi Bob, Seems like you guys have got things sorted out again? <Don't know what you're referring to> ><Please see here: http://www.tomgriffin.com/FAAS/index.html> Found their webpage, but it only "worked" with the index off, but I have no idea who to contact there. Any ideas? <See Chuck Davis' articles in AFM: He is very familiar with clubs, clubs of clubs in the field> Otherwise I'll just write a general email saying I want to start a club and maybe the right person will respond. <I would definitely try this> >Thanks for your help in (maybe) starting our group! ><Help is available. Be chatting. Bob Fenner> I meant. Thank you for your help in starting our maybe group. Gotta find some aquarists out here first!! Thanks again. <Or recruit people who want to (whether they're aware of it now or not) become aquarists. Do contact the LFS owners/managers with your thoughts, desires, maybe a freshwater club in the area re "how they do/did it". Bob Fenner> --des/Jane desert fish lady

Airs Saturday, April 27 11:30 a.m. <Great! Thanks for this Rob. Will post to WWM. Bob Fenner> National Geographic's show on the tropical fish industry is being aired tomorrow!!! ERI International o ><)))))))o> o <o(((((((>< Here's the program reminder you requested from the National Geographic Channel: Sea Stories Fishy Business Thanks for watching! For more information, visit http://www.nationalgeographic.com/TV/channel

New Website? Mr. Fenner, Hello Bob how are you?, I have been looking for you. I would like to use some of your articles on a web site I will be launching in the next couple of months and would very much like to talk with you about writing for our site. Please email me back with a phone number in which to contact you. If this is not Bob Fenner please disregard this note. Sincerely, Rick Acero <Is there a description, beginning of your proposed site I might look at? An overall "mission statement"? Let's chat this over the Net for now. Bob Fenner, just back from a month of diving, and way behind>

eReefTank.com >Hi there, >My name is Cary Kletter and I founded www.eReefTank.com >eReefTank.com is a reef aquarium information site with articles,  >photos, links a message board and more. We currently get over 2,200  >page views per day.  <Not bad... WWM has about 10,000/d> March 2002 has been or best month to date. We  >recently redesigned the site and are looking for advertisers. <Miguel, you lazy mon! Take a look at these folks ad offers, advertisers... Some good ideas, some funky, hard to read pages...> >All sponsors get free of charge a link on our Links page, a link on  >our yahoo club links page, a paragraph of text and a link on our  >Discounts page, and if you want to submit any photos or articles, a  >free banner ad for six months on that photo or text page when it is  >posted on the site. >Ad Option one is to put a banner ad and a link on 12 individual  >photo pages for one year at $5 per page per month ($600 for the  >year). If you order that before March 15, 2002. >Option two is a banner ad on our homepage for $75 per month ($900  >per year). >Option three is a banner ad on a premium page (Links Page, Articles  >Page, Photos Page, etc.) for $50 per month ($600 per year). >All advertisers get two additional months free if they sign up by  >March 15, 2002. Any other advertising desired can be customized to  >fit your needs. All payments are in advance. Payment in product is  >acceptable with approval. >Thank you for your consideration. >Cary Kletter >eReefTank.com <And an article by Anthony.C! Who could ask for more. Bob F>

<And an article by Anthony.C! Who could ask for more. Bob F> Us. grins, Zo <Touché turtle. Bob>

RE: eReefTank.com I do believe I hear the whip cracking... to work, to work! <VBG> Antoine <You betcha! Wish there was time to have as many of you come out and have fun refurb/ing a rental... or to go to Australia with. Bob>

Re: Fwd: eReefTank.com Bob, I got about 10 e-mails from this guy in the past week begging me to send him some sponsor/advertisers for his website. I told him it's hard enough for me to get a response from potential advertisers. Mike <What a crack-up. Bob>

malawicichlidhomepage.com, re site update Congratulations a work well done, keep up the good work. Wonder if you are going to the Interzoo in May? Would be nice to meet up with you if so. Peter C at Wet Web Media. <Outstanding. See you there Pete. Bob F

need advice Hey Bob, Well - I'm throwing in the towel, sort of. As feared, the pay site just isn't getting it - so what the heck, it's now a free site. The number of new members coming in has slowed to basically nothing at this point, but my other site (a free picture/ID site) has gotten over 1000 unique visitors in 10 days. <Wow! This is a very strong showing. Congrats> So, I guess I'll try the sponsor/advert route just to keep them both up and running permanently. It's hard to figure people out sometimes - of the folks that have used it, I've had a good number e-mail me to tell me how much they've gotten out of it, and not one complaint about paying for it either. But, as I'd already told you, we just didn't get the traffic I expected. Oh well, had to try - and at least I didn't lose my ass on it. <Yes, a good, workable philosophy> So, now I've got to figure out how to get some ads. Got any advise on how to go about it? <If you build it... they will come is my best bit. Bob F> Cheers, j James W. Fatherree, M.S.

new site Good Morning Bob, <Howdy> Well I'm back from a couple of holiday weeks back home in Jackson, MS. Glad to get back to where the lows are in the 40's instead of the 20's.  <Brrr!> Over the last couple of months I've been scanning my slides and saving them to CD's, so I went ahead and made a site to put them on the net too. <Yes, saw it. A good start... many subscribers yet?> Here's one category that I doubt anyone I know could appreciate more than you - so be sure to take a minute and check it out: http://www.picsbase.com/james/default.asp?TopID=2&SubID=1&CatID=4 1000 down and about 4000 to go (plus 2000 prints). Yikes - <See what I do... generally for hours a day?> As always, hope things are going well out West. I start teaching again on Monday, so it's back to getting up at a normal time and shaving everyday, etc. I'm actually ready to get going again though - been sitting at this keyboard way too much for the last 6 months! <I hear you. Hope to run into you soon. Bob Fenner> Cheers, j James W. Fatherree

Re: new site Hey again, The pics site is a new one that is just pictures - free as can be. If you didn't look, the link I sent is for all of my pics from the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo - one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. <Have been there.... verrry early in the AM when the Blues are being sold/batered for high stakes/steaks... the link wouldn't come up though> As for the aquarium pay site - mixed results. I good portion of the people that check it out have signed up, but I'm really surprised at how few hits we've had from the magazines. I ran an ad in FAMA and one in TFH but I've had almost as many people find it through search engines and when I just put the address at the end of my column in italics. No more ads!  <Wowzah... maybe if the ads ran longer?> It's been up and running for about ten weeks now and is about halfway to paying for itself (the webmaster and a slide scanner and my time). <Wow! We have free most everything labor-wise, a spiffy scanner (Nikon ED4000)... and spend our ad revenue mainly on travel... the Interzoo coming up and a dive jaunt to the Red Sea will be about it for the half year...> So, we'll have to see what happens in another 10 or 20. There's no advertisements on it at this point, but if it doesn't build up over the next year I may just make it free and look for some advertisers. I got a great deal on the server space, so the whole thing costs next to nothing to keep it up and running. <Ours is just shy of forty dollars a month for 200 megs of server space (hosted by datapipe.com... great service, folks... lots of speed, and rarely down time... and no charge for bandwidth (as of yet) thank goodness... as we "take-up" several weeks worth every week...)> As many hits as you have, ever given any thoughts to charging a fee? With a well established site like yours, you could start charging next to nothing (like a measly $1 a year) and make a heck of a lot of extra money. <Don't know... we've chatted this over only a bit... better for the intended purposes (increase hobbyist awareness, proficiency, like to love of the hobby... and business: hobbyist involvement, retention) to just have sponsors... This is fine for us for now... We have an "image" site in the works... to place stills, I hope video (sooner rather than not)... for sale/lease... WetWebFotos... hoping this will help the young fellow producing the software, generate more revenue (yes, to go diving, traveling, photographing even more!). We'll see> Reliable information certainly has value, and I've had a ton of positive feedback from members about how pleased they are to find so much in one place instead of surfing for hours and jumping all 'round the net (which is why I made the thing in the first place). Just a thought. <I appreciate your help, input. Be chatting James. Bob Fenner> Cheers, James W. Fatherree

Re: new site One More, <Okay> As usual, there seems to always be some problem when starting up new sites. That address works fine for me, but maybe it's because I'm logged into the server directly. You're the first person I've given the full address to a particular page too. Please do me a favor and try going to: www.picsbase.com/james - then click on Travel, then Japan, then Tsukiji F. M., at the bottom of the list. If that doesn't get you there, then something is really wrong. <Looks like you got the whole gamut in> Thanks for the time, j P.S. I never looked into getting ads on the site - am I grossly underestimating how much they pay? (trips to Interzoo, Red Sea, etc.) <Most ad schemes on the net, and all the ones I know of re our interests pay poorly... We just save up> P.S.S. It may be time to shop around for servers - I'm no expert, but my brother is and knows how to surf for deals like no other. Our site is on ntidesign.com which gives us 99.9% uptime guaranteed, 500 megs, for $100 year. Might want to check them out. <Man, that IS cheap! Thanks for this. Bob Fenner> P.S.S.S. Gone to lunch - chat with you later James W. Fatherree

Re: Daily Fish Email out WWM Great concept of a daily email from your web site. I hope you have some medicinal antipoison oak herbs in your food tonight. <Heard re your (and others) tangle w/ Poison Ivy (no thx, have had too many exposures... can even smell it... as in last Friedday). If worse comes to... do consider the anabolic steroid route... not to be done injudiciously (is this a word?), but can secure from a friendly vet (woof!) or knowing the concentration et al., vamos al sur (TJ). Hope to see you this eve. Bob/DogF> TL&C, t (thanks for checking in with zooman mike - it'd be fun to see you guys connect for the first time, you'd have so many stories to share) <Oh, am looking forward to more adventures all the way about. Do think we might expand the online media biz's to include him, you even. DF>

Re: well (ZooWeb.com?) Hi Bob, Mike Kobert here (zoomanmike). Great to meet you. Tony, Kelly and I were have drinks (seems to be the norm for us) <Yikes, us all as well> the other night and Tony had mentioned that he might be joining you an adventure to Fiji soon. Sounds like great fun. I hope Tony's PADI card gets here in time. Tony also mentioned that you had a web site where you were featuring your work (photographic) on fish. Would love to see what you have. <The URL: www.WetWebMedia.com, and we are working on a server/system to allow automated credit card sales of images, WetWebFotos> He said that it numbered in the thousands of images. Very cool. What is the address of the site? I would like to check it out. I see from the message included below that he has mentioned my work to you. Is this something that you would be interested in talking about over that beer he also mentioned?  <Always. Do you have images of animals as in zoos? Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians...? My undergrad. degree is/was Zoology.> If so let me know. It would be great to meet you in person and swap adventure stories sometime! <Indeed... and we have many good friends who are in, have related interests (adventure travel, photography/videography...), and irregular get-togethers to chat over, show what we've been doing. You're welcome to join in those if you'd like.> Look forward to hearing from you. Mike <Will save your email address to invite you over... otherwise if you'd like, let's chat up what we both do, see if there's some way of helping each other. Bob Fenner>

Re: well Bob, sounds great. Home phone is 858-273-0975. I have many zoo and wild images. Have not done a lot of work in the past five years but if there is a market I am sure that my skills are still there. Been wanting to go shoot lately and this may just be the spark that I need to get this rolling again. <Good to know oneself... do agree, trips out, new experiences very valuable for "whacking on side of head" stimulus, motivation> In the 80's I did a few gallery things and in 96 I hung a bunch of stuff at the North County Fair Nordstrom's. I have sold a few images for magazines and books as well as art for peoples walls. Never really sold enough to quit an do this full time. I heard too many times from people at my shows "I could shoot that, I have a nice camera...". Seemed to be a theme after a while...if they only knew what it took...  <Yes... have done more than my share of carrying long focal length lenses about, bug bites galore, chased by animals I should run from, lack of showers/food/sleep...> Anyway, lets get together sometime soon. I would also like to meet your group. Sounds like it would be fun. All the best, Mike <Yes... will call. Hope to "infect" another friend, Dave Lathrup/Dorkasaurus, also a Hasher into starting a "Dave'sDinos.com" sort of site... Do wish there was time to do... maybe there is, tonight... Am cooking some of the meal for a HHH event/bday party for Fri. eve... and Mike.K (friend, hasher, web design type) is coming over for dinner, chatting up our ongoing projects... including Di's upcoming e-biz's... Could at least say hello, socialize, perhaps brainstorm a bit... and Tonester and Kelly are welcome... Let me know if you can make it on such short notice (we live in Mira Mesa)... and I'll put out a few more plates, contact Dork... and either of us TLC/NA, Bob Fenner>

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