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Tom Graham POND BIZ Magazine Serving Professionals in the Garden Pond Industry 112 Gardenside Court Fallbrook, CA  92028 United States Phone 760-451-2255 Fax 760-451-1692 tom@pondbizmag.com <This is a great idea/entrepreneurial possibility for a Prof. Aquarist... site, mag., trade show... BobF>

Hello and welcome! New Professional Aquarists Listserv   8/22/08 Mr. Fossa sent this to me by mistake... I may have to post a message about how to use the Group. If people want their messages posted and sent to the whole group, they have to send them to professional-aquarists-group@googlegroups.com Sara <Ahh! I do hope you get to meet Svein... a very fine fellow who has done a HUGE amount of good both for the hobby and business of ornamental aquatics. Hello to you and Alf! Bob Fenner> > Svein A. Fossa  wrote: Thanks for inviting me. I am looking forward to see what people you're able to gather here, and hope for some interesting information exchange and discussions. Svein< Hello and welcome!  This process is the result of e-conversations twixt myself and Dr. Bob Rofen (Kordon/Novalek et al.). We have long chatted and thought that there was need/place for a platform for archived introduction, discussion and ideas re the professional fields of ornamental aquatics. Here we hope to have folks discourse re events, methods, attitudes and science of all aspects of the use of aquatic life for mainly display purposes... aquaculturists, display, production, the collection, breeding, distribution, retail and professional application of said life for human appreciation. Thank you for your participation. Bob Fenner>

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