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FAQs and Input about The Conscientious Aquarist

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Your Book Nominated, CMA 2d. ed.   5/16/09
Your book has been nominated for Most Improved Redesign at the 2009 Benjamin Franklin Awards, presented by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA).
Kudos to you
<Ah no James. To you and the folks who actually did the work. But I do thank you for this notice. BobF>
and Linda Provost who did the redesign, and Matt Wittenrich for the great new images.
Well deserved everyone!
James M. Lawrence
Editor & Publisher
823 Ferry Road
PO Box 550
Charlotte, VT 05445

That FW title  9/30/05 Will do, as soon as I get home. I've also added some proposed changes/edits to the intro which I'll include.  I've also been working on the plants section....  I keep falling into a problem of wondering when too much info is just too much for a beginner.... <Not to worry... we can always edit later... and you can help yourself and us by selling such larger pieces to the for-purchase markets as serials... really helps sell authors, books later...> and thus fear perhaps I'm making it too over-simplified, or lacking important info (especially in lighting, under plants)....  so I'll send that along, as well.  I guess I'm just not sure how to go about any of this, yet....  we shall see. <Real good> It will be after 10pm PST that I get home, but will send as soon as I can. -Sabrina <Take your time dear... by the time you get here is soon enough. Cheers, BobF> > Sabrina, please do bring or send an e- vers. of that > go at the intro. to our > book. I brought a print-out of your proposed > contents (oh, do send, or bring > this along as well electronically please)... so's we > can have some time to > work on this as well. Cheers, BobF

Hi Bob...Its Sam from Aquatic Warehouse!  9/29/05 Hey Bob, get in touch with me about artwork.  I really want to do some artwork for you and for TFH publications.  I am also interested in writing articles for wet web media and TFH...how can I go about this? Thanks, Sam "Scalz" Garcia thecreativenature@yahoo.com <Hey Sam! Am out in HI till early Nov., but we can start easily from here... Do you have topics in mind for the hobby 'zines?  Perhaps building around some of your existing artwork? Will send along some ideas in a short while... Sabrina Fullhart is hauling out and we are working on a FW tome that needs graphics... Cheers, Bob Fenner> Re: Ray on the dailies - Dasyatis sabina?  8/26/05 Is it possible that this is Dasyatis sabina, the "Atlantic stingray"? <No hon... Look at the rostral area... this is a rajid, a skate> To be quite honest, I have absolutely no clue what, of the rostral area, can be seen to differentiate a skate from a ray.... <Ahh, sorry re... the "nose" or region just ahead of the eyes let's say... is elongated, flattened... like a... skate! in Skates, family Rajidae... Also the thorny dorsal spines are indicative of the family... distinguish it from the many Ray families of Batoids>   My apologies, in any case.  This whole mess (and so very many others that we see every day in WWM questions) certainly drives home the need for emphasizing one's responsibility to research PRIOR to purchase - I'd like to put something about this in the book, perhaps as a section of its own, under Introducing Fish....  or in the section on compatibility....  or maybe preceding the fish profiles.  What do you think? <An excellent (consistent) idea, plan> In any case, I think I'll type something up tonight, if not for the book, then for posting on WWM, perhaps.  Shall I send it your way for editing/adding-on, if you wish? Thanks, -Sabrina <If you'd like... I am accumulating our notes, articles... on folders on my active desktops... BobF>

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