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New Forum Site 7/15/05 Hi there, <Josh> I really enjoy your site, and I was wondering if you would like it advertised on my new forum: http://www.themarinereef.com <You (and all else) are welcome to link WWM> It would be free of course, and hopefully could attract more visitors here for your great FAQs. <... okay> Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks,     Josh Breeds <Good luck with your site. Bob Fenner> Re: Hosting Providers > Actually, I'm not that hip on hosting FP Extensions on Unix anymore, but... No doubt, can't blame ya there, that's why it's not on the WWF box... > I have a stack [read as eight] Compaq Presario DL-360's with mirrored 18gb > disks that are powered off right now. Omigod. <Eighteen gigs?! Yikes, that seems like a lifetime's worth of content at this point> > Within the afternoon, I can/could do a fresh 2k install, patch and get it > into the farm for WWM's exclusive use... Need a stats package. Only other question, what's the long term stability of such a box (hardware commitments, etc)? It'd be kinda yucky, annoying to move again anytime soon. Guys, with these few questions anwered, you are looking at the deal of the century. Seriously. -Zo <... Mmm, the plot thickens... Bob F>

New Ad Banner Bob, I have produced a new Ad banner for the top shared border on the WWM. What do you think of it? <Very nice. Extended to 89 pixels hgt., placed and linked. Bob F> Mike

Re: New Ad Banner Bob, When you do any re-sizing to these JPEG's, you will diminish the quality and resolution of them. I made the new banner the same size as the last one to replace it, I didn't think it needed to be resized. I have to go back to the original Photoshop files (here on my computer) to make any changes. <Yes. I think, consider that the original is fine. Have you checked the re-replaced version?> I am also working on a new WWM logo but have'nt come up with anything worthy of replacement, yet. See you soon. <When you do I will have stationary printed up, and business cards. Bob F> Mike

Re: Upcoming events with the folks who make WWM Bob... It looks like we tentatively have about six people for the roadtrip and most cannot stay over. I'm not sure what Steve's work schedule is like for Friday but I'll bounce the idea off of him for driving seperately. Who knows... maybe after our little phone conference tonight with Jason C. we'll be so enlightened that we won't even need to talk shop Thurs...hehe.. <Don't think you actually "need" shop talking... but would likely save time, skull sweat being able to perceive gesticulations in person rather than puzzling stuff out over the phone... Either way, shall be fun, educational.> just retell war stories (Oh, yea... I was once stung on the inside of my nostril by a man-o-war... topped only by a skinny dipping foray in the Artic...yea, that's the ticket!) <Maybe...> See you Thursday! <See you then. Will leave a few queries for you boyz to enjoy. Bob F> Anthony <Anthony, Steve, if you're coming up to this pitch, make it known if you want to save a few buckolas and stay in whatever accommodation John Dawe and crew have cooked up (a hotel somewhere nearby...). I'll contact and ask if they can/will check into upgrading to a couple more beds, space... and we'll go mano a mano on training you for WWM fun. Bob F> Dude... Cleveland is only about 2 1/2 hours from us... and we are serious aquarists that live for road trips...hehe. Actually, even Tropicorium is a one day trip for us! 5 hrs each way... lots of eating and drinking (non-alcoholic) and more "fish talk" than any non-aquaristic spouse can stand! <I'll bet... been here, lived that> By the way... about the bring your laptop comment... you wouldn't happen to recall the name of that site selling refurbished pc equipment that you mentioned once before with favor would you? <Oh yes. Ubid.com Peter.C is a regular (too regular?) there> It seems that a certain someone may have blown up his laptop recently... who'd a thought you couldn't compress windows files to save space?! <Aiyee! In this day, age, don't compress anything! RAM, ROM are cheap!> Actually... my Dell is a bit of a dinosaur anyway. <Mike's going that route (Mike.D that is). Bob F> Thanks

Eeghads Man, what are you thinking?? Bob, I just wanted to express my dismay at your uncharacterstic poor judgement!! So many good people come to WWM to drink from the fountain of wisdom we call Fenner, and you leave it to these two clowns to quench their thirst!?!? <LOL> <Mmm, seems like old times doesn't it?> In all seriousness, I don't know two more capable people to fill in for you during your travels. <Me neither... nor better folks to "hook" into this format for tapping their talents, knowledge, grace... and hauling about on dive, photo trips as thank yous...> Have a safe and pleasant time, and I hope to make it to Cleveland to say hello. Adam (from PMAS) <Ah, look forward to this time> P.S. Just in case Anthony and Steve get this message.... Have fun being Bob for a couple of weeks! <Will cc them. Be chatting.>

Re: WWM "Administration" Bob, Lets try to get the daily pics out too. Direct us from whence to issue them from (or would that be forsooth?). For backup, should we look primarlily to Mike, J, or Zo? What time of day or night do you like to issue them? And do you answer/post querries severl times daily? <Okay... a bit on the daily pix... I will place them (do you have what currently passes as a fast Net connection?) sequentially on WWM as "Daily Pic 1,2,3..." to facilitate loading... linked to the "Daily FAQs Page". Now, about the procedure... I first place the new "Pic of the Day" on the self-named page... and save as such (in the folder named "Daily Pix" (linked on the Daily FAQs)... and both near on the Navigation View, and Admin. Index on WWM... use what means to get around you find most comfortable of course (Mike.K for instance favors the Folders View, I've used the Search Feature to check, make sure it's facile for folks "outside the system"). The "old" (yesterdays pic of the day on the Daily FAQs page) image I cut, paste to "somewhere"... first checking to see if it's already been placed as part of a Page (by looking at... ascidians let's say as the image is of a sea squirt...) From here it may be called on to re-size the image (you will note the defaults/standards we currently use.... You can do this, or perhaps elect to save, store the moved images to another folder, or to re-name and store them (such that they're not overwritten in a too-large size...). The same image as the large "Pic of the Day" is placed, re-sized (Jason, Mike can help you here with SOP in FP or I will) on the Daily FAQs page and saved as per the (different than Daily Pix) folder it represents (the same name image file cannot be saved in the same folder at the same size, settings...)... This is all much easier than it reads here, sorry. A note or two re "philosophy" of replying on WWM... as always in life, it is important to "keep ones eyes on the prize/s" so to speak... that is, in this case (of pet-fishing on WWM) to remember what one is about... for now, and posterity (as you will hopefully be moving, archiving the queries, input, responses to FAQs files daily...). You want answers, materials to reflect what you know and feel for now, but to be fashioned in ways to be useful to a wide range of interest and ability levels... I suspect you are well aware of all of this... and there is no purposeful "dumbing down" by me (nor supercilious effort at wowing and zowing folks for that matter) in my trying here or elsewhere... I see the same "tone" in your (Steve, Anthony) input on WWF... and am glad for it. Further note: be careful re trying to be too detailed or leading... as this will surely work you into a frenzy... as many, make that MANY further questions, questioners will be forthcoming... A few hours here will convince you of wherein I am leading you. Most importantly, though am sure this goes w/o necessity of mention, enjoy yourself. Am very sure you all understand "what" WWM is... a vehicle for helping, orienting others... a means I have in mind for my/our chief ends: enhancing others love of their own lives through an appreciation of the living world. I thank you for your help. Bob Fenner>

Re: WWM "Administration" Looking forward to it Bob, thanks for the direction. I do have a cable line for web access so we'll be sure to do the daily pic "thingy" from here. <Ah, thank goodness> Steve and I will dive into the software and basics tommorow night together to get acquainted and follow up with questions from there. <Great... much of use can be/to learn here... Many more things to share, tell of even just WWM... there are many (MANY) more files than the public has access to... and MANY more that are not loaded onto the system pending publication in magazines, books... I'm sure you understand. Do feel "free" to "plug yourself", share your attitudes, values... Am very grateful for the added views, perspectives, outright input you and Steve will bring to the site/s> Thanks, bub... I mean, Bob <G> <As another preview, may I suggest you come with us to Interzoo? And for all to plan on a week trip to Hawai'i (likely the Big Island, but we'll have to work out/on the itinerary) sometime this Summer? Through mainly Mike.K's efforts WWM has sufficient income to support such a venture (a propitious setting to chat, enjoy all)... and the prospects for more loom large on the not-distant horizon... with Zo (and Jason.C's) efforts ala WWF... What say you? Bob Fenner>

Re: Upcoming events with the folks who make WWM Bob, I will look forward to joining up in travel with you and the gang someday. Great memories to be made I'm sure. But first... my healthy sense of Catholic guilt/ upbringing necessistates that I first do some things remotely worthy of the invitation <smile>. <Your penance is coming my friend... I don't see all, but this doesn't temper my tongue/fingers from keying most all...> Perhaps Steve and I will be too tired from answering your mail after this weekend to manage any coherent dialogues for a little while...hehe. <We'll see> I just heard you will be in Cleveland this Thursday(?)... if Steve and I aren't bumping heads together fretting over our impending duties, perhaps we'll join the PMASI roadtrip to Cleveland. <I thought this was a proverbial "coons age" from you!? Bring your laptop!> Thanks dude Antoine (who?) <I think you know. Bob F>

Q&A Page Bob, Here is a new JPEG for the Q&A page. Let's put it on there and see how it looks. I can put another background picture in it easily. Let me know how you like it. <Very nice. Placed it on site, stored there/FP in WWM, MikesFolder. Bob F> Mike

FAQ Page Bob, I just took a look at the FAQ page and noticed the date is incorrect, it's the 14th today. <Yikes... wonder how many days I've been behind in updating it... Oops! Bob F who will fix now> Mike

Re: Fwd: Re: Manta Divers Reservations January 25,26,28 Dear Mr. Fenner, Rock on! you international jet setter (better than an Irish setter... or not,... I think there is a sleep all day and licking oneself joke in there somewhere?!) <Woof!> Again... happy to help out if we can... of course, you may retract your offer after you see just how hard a learning curve can be after this weekend...hehe. <No worries my friend... I strongly, very strongly suspect you (and Steve) will do very well, have a blast, want mo' and that the not-so suspecting public will greatly benefit as well... Do you want the analysis tool name, password to see how the site is faring? More than 4,000 unique ISP sessions per day last week... 28k total for the week... thank goodness not all writing in> Have a gallon or two of tasty alcoholic beverages for me... and Godspeed to you. Yes, run...run fast...run like water through a first-time Mexican tourist...er, maybe not. <Or dive... te gustas bucear?> Hasta lumbago (just what the heck does that even mean?), <Say so long to your lower back or such> Anthony <Bob F>

Re: Fwd: Re: Manta Divers Reservations January 25,26,28 Hey, Bob... We've been communicating with Jason and he is poised and ready with phone support. We are going to get together for a trial run perhaps tomorrow (Tues) night. Zo sent us the Office 2K software promptly. Is that about all we need to get the ball rolling? <Yes... really... with your humor, wit, inherent intelligence and drive, you should do fine> Do let us know what passwords we'll need (actually, I think you sent them previously... but just in case the archaeological experiment in my mail folder fails...) <Did send... if you don't have: for FP: ... for msn hotmail: , for the statistics server: WetWebMedia.com (URL: /) 4K unique ISP sessions per day is beyond impressive...its staggering! Makes me wish I was selling Rubic's cubes. <You, we may be doing so soon... but for now let's stick with pet-fish information, inspiration services.> Also, what days specifically do you want us answering mail and the like? <Umm, 18-21 of this month... maybe 24 through 31st as well... if you enjoy the first stint... Do you want to post the daily pic as well or we'll just let that slide for this/these time frame/s?> Is that our primary/only duty on this first run? <Mmm, there is an infinity more... the answered queries need to be "moved around" in the system... Sometimes new Pages, renamed, made to fit them in...> Is it correct that J knows the entire protocol for support? <Most all> And... have a safe trip to the Great Lakes. It sure is purdy up there when it snows. <Am looking forward to seeing friends, systems... not the weather. Di tells me it's some ten hours or more from Pa... so you won't want to be up there...> Hasta lambada (better?) <Si> Anthony <Bob F>

Biz card design... Boyz, we really need something... neat, clean, clear re the various biz'... for G.P. and going off to Izoo... with our names on best... Any layout input... volunteers to put together... WWM will pay production costs... Bob F

You're the Best I've only written to you once about my fat bristle worms who as you said have been no worry. Because of your wonderful site, (I read it every day after work) I've had no problems and even feel blessed. I have to tell you that I know you and the site are the reason that my tank is flourisihing. <Ahh, glad to be of service> I agree with you that Brad (and also Mark) should be authors with their colorful, and descriptive verse. I hate to say it but I think Wet Web Media is becoming the highlight of my day and I'm not sorry. <Me neither> Thank you for all you have done/do/and will do to further this most wonderful hobby and for your infinite amount of patience, and I do mean patience, in explaining everything and providing the resources to learn. <A pleasure, honor my friend. Bob Fenner>

Bob's Eyeballs! Oh Bob, <Is that Bob? Can't quite make out the print (squinting...)> You brought tears to my eyes, really. I do feel sorry for you, all the technology constantly outmoding your previous efforts... So, you don't think the 'full-res' $$$ download is a good idea? <No, a very good idea... re-read the previous msg... the "thinking" is too painful for me... a jest... well, maybe not> "too painful"? Just because it's too slow to download? On a cable modem or DSL line, 10MB only takes a couple minutes. Anybody using the web to shop for such photos will by necessity have such a connection. By 'hi-res', I did mean 10 megs you realize, not the gigantic 40MB or so your scanner will pull out of a slide at it's maximum settings! <I do realize... am just short the few months it would/will take to "do" the operations> We discussed this almost a year ago, when you were shopping for the new Nikon... you were supposed to be using at least -some- of it's capability, no?  <Yes...> Bah, anyway... it's a full time job, as we realized before, to properly scan and catalogue your collection... at a certain point, it's really going to be worth it, as WetWebFotos matures. <Agreed... hopefull/ly we/it/WWF will "pay for itself" and more... for time, apprenticeship, slavery to keep up, maintenance the flow... inputting...> Regarding the 'plane ticket' - it would be wonderful to spend some time with you guys -on this project- and not hauling boxes of books and furniture around in the back of trucks. <Hey! We're all done (with that part)... on to gardening! Or oh so many dive, photography, travel projects/adventures... could we chat all this up more enjoyably between eating, relaxing about the pool, on a liveaboard... somewhere where the water is warm and clear... Hmm?> If it were up to me, I'd work on WWF fulltime. Unfortunately, back in reality, I'm eating eggplants, discussing 1st grade with my wife and child, and I have hardly any time at all. I even had to take 'unpaid' time-off last week to complete the beta stage of WWF that I was so excited to show off to all. <(puts down world's smallest violin)... Am rootin' for ya!> We have a lot of stuff to do on WWF still, but it'd be great to give you, Mike, an in-person tour/tutorial if we only could find the time. -Zo <Let's name dates, maybe have Jason.C out for a go, cooking, serving the HHH groups, shucking and jiving as only pet-fish can. Oh, Di wants to put up a couple of tanks here (to demo. her KNOP products...) You boyz can look fwd to that too! Bob F>

RE: Bob's Eyeballs! I can take a 3 (maybe even four) day weekend anytime after the 21st. (Christine's B-day). Unfortunately, I have not looked at DTW-SanD-DTW fares, and have no idea what I could actually swing anyway (little-to-none, post Christmas, with a B-Day in Jan, ouch). Jason seems to be fantasizing of getting his C-card in SanD - not sure where he is in the process - <Jason: voce my boy> I'm NOWHERE and know nothing, but will stop by the local dive school this weekend. <Need the skills, ability, your health...> Not sure how Jas will react to feeding-frenzy with the hashers - he has a great sense of humor though, so I'm pretty confident... <I as well. Bob F> -Zo

RE: Bob's Eyeballs! "Have cooked for and fed more than 100 more than once... Let me at em..." Bwwaaahahahahaha. These are not 100 'ordinary' humans... it's an experience to be sure, but it -sounds- like you're up to the task... -GrinningMadlyZo <He knows wherein he speaketh Jas... good folks notwithstanding poor eating habits. Bob F>

RE: Bob's Eyeballs! (Pete's lackadaisicality with email account upkeep) <Pete, we have several spots left if you'd like to have another email account ... Pete@WetWebMedia.com... or such. Bob F> Lo, I use both of them. I get all of my junk e-mail sent to the hotmail account. I like the Yahoo account, they give you 6 Megs, but they are starting to go nutz with the advertising. Actually the best account we have is the Wetwebmedia account with 10 Megs of storage. Mike

RE: Bob's Eyeballs! Woo dang! You guys are too much... now what about Jason? Jas? Maybe we can 'share' the gracious Southwest/Di freebie by splitting the cost of whichever additional ticket would be cheaper!? Hmmm? Get some dates here, Jason... maybe a Fri-Mon... You fly out of Boston? <Di, ideas? We do have the spare/KNOP storage room... and a fold out couch or three... Bob F> RE: Bob's Eyeballs! (visiting s. cal., scuba cert.) Jason and I are thinking Feb 1-4 (Fri-Mon) would be about right for the two of us. Regarding the second ticket (holy toledo, Di!) if SWA doesn't get anywhere nearby to Jason, I'll split his airfare with him in order to get us both out there. <I've started to save up the dirty dishes already!> On another topic, there's a diving school around the corner with a 'beginner's class' that runs 7 Saturdays, from Feb 7 to Mar 23, for $280 - everything but basic snorkeling gear is included... but it DOESN'T include the 'Advanced Open Water'/Certification stuff,  <Eh, you don't need this... I don't even have it... the cards, merit badges, gold stars on forehead won't save you... only ability, working knowledge, knowing and practicing your limitations... Put the time, money equivalents into exercise, enjoying yourself, reading about the trip...> which is an additional $155 (plus $155 equipment rental) for an intense weekend in one of the local ponds... :-( bleh. Any input on this? Just Do It? -Zo <Basic cert. here you come. Bob F>

RE: Bob's Eyeballs! Bob, I have a ticket from Southwest that Lorenzo can use for his visit. It expires 2-28-02. Diana <Okay... Zo? Bob F>

Manta Rays (s.cal visit) Bob, Check out this page offering video of the Manta Rays in Hawaii. http://signonsandiego.com/sports/outdoors/index.html#video This is the type of thing we will be offering on the WWM soon... <Yes... and on WWF, along with links to all between the sites. Zo, when, how? Oh, sending SWA tickets to be filled out from Di (ad payment for the month for her sites) in the mail today. Let's work out time frame, what we hope to... (Ha!) accomplish in your visit... Bob F> Mike

RE: Bob's Eyeballs! Sorry to burst you bubble, but SWA does not fly out of Boston. Jason, you may want to check the web site to see if any of their cities are close (reasonable) to you. If so, I will give you a ticket to get out here. Let me know what you find. Diana <Ho ho, some fun... see you all soon. Bob F>

RE: Bob's Eyeballs! Jason and Lorenzo: We will be sending you the vouchers for Southwest airlines. They are from my frequent flier account. What you need to do is call SWA to book your trip and tell them you have these vouchers. That will allow them to book the proper class of service for your trip. You should ask if there will be any additional taxes charged to you. In the past they have been completely free tickets, but there have been some new taxes levied on airline tickets, and I am not sure how SWA handles this. At most it will be est. $10.00. Leave your box cutters behind, we are done moving. <Hey! I've got plenty o' menial labor jobs for these brainiacs> In case Bob failed to mention, We have a wedding on 2-2-02, so Saturday will be busy for us (Bob is one of the cooks for it). <You can come, serve!> Look forward to seeing you. Diana <Hurry up, the pots and pans are approaching the ceiling! Bob F!>

RE: This eve, pet fish biz Big Eheim shipment arrives today. Would you like an Eheim room divider aquarium for unbeleivably cheap? <YES! We are actually looking for a couple of big systems to put upstairs, try gear on... Uhh, and keep yours truly from going (more) buggie! How big, how much, when? Am on my way! Another project for those visiting Boyz! Bob F> Thanks, Todd

Re: La Bomba: WWM Help  Bob, Although I have no direct experience with Web Publishing, I have watched my Webmaster do a bit of creating/editing my site from my pc with an FTP "thingy"... hehe...I hope you don't regret offering us the job yet <smile>. <No egrets! Wait, those are birds.> The trial run this month is a great idea and I know that Steve and I are really looking forward to learning/helping. I'll be sure to note the contact information from you mail for Jason, Zo, Mike, etc. <Yes> I suppose (hoping <G>!) you were going to scribble up a maintenance protocol for the Web duties of a day in the life of Mr. Robert Fenner, et al. I'm hoping there will be time in the schedule too for a sushi break...hehe. <Mmm, think Jason would be better at this... am still in the "operative only" phase of my... where's the appropriate gerundive participle... computer/web sophistication... eh, "stumbling and bumbling"... yeah, that's more like it. Jas?> Also, please elaborate on the "Navigation View" perspective... from what window (Frontpage or Web browser?)... and what is the advantage/what should we be looking for? <Oh, this will be instantly clear (ha!) when you are "in" Frontpage... Wait, walk a bit about in the program when you get it...> And on an unrelated note... you know, you are like the Ice-cream man in a fast truck and I'm the slow kid on the block...  <Yummmm, ice-cream... yes.... What we're you writing about? Oh yes> just tantalizing us with various e-mails about your dream trips around the world month after month. Nonetheless... please don't stop sending them... I'll just live vicariously through you. In fact, I'm thinking about retiring vicariously through you in Hawaii <smile>. <I am (very) hopeful that in some (reasonably) short period of time we (you, Steve...) will be going on, making these adventures together. The longer term plan (to make a bigger deal than these simple notions are) is to generate sufficient revenue from our activities here (pix, the web) to sponsor "more of the same"... including "content building" activities... You are welcome to join... as you are doing my friend. Bob Fenner> Ciao bub, Anthony

Re: La Bomba: WWM Help  Thanks big-time for the software/phone support. Steve and I will install the software, browse and bump heads first before unleashing the deluge of questions... OK, hopefully not a deluge... perhaps just a stream or strong trickle. <Rhea of some sort, volume or other...> Keep the PO box address in the book handy if you like, but let me pass along the home info: XXXX Pittsburgh PA 15239 phone 412-795-XXXX(home/business#, imagine that) fax 412-795-XXXX <Hey, we know where you live... and can even call you!> As far as the content building activities, Bob et al, just let me/us know how we can help by way of suggestions...orders... tattoos (hmmmm? maybe I could get some of those South Pacific warrior facial tatoos... or maybe just have sideburns tatooed on and then get electrolysis so that I don't have to shave/trim... just a thought). <A good one...> Anyway... heheh, I am obviously in need of direction if not copy editing. Ask for aquariology content at your own risk <smile>. <You won't have time... ha ha... to do much of anything laughing boyz. Bob F.> kindly, Anthony

RE: La Bomba: WWM Help (change in FP name) Discs are in the mail... I did the burns because I was already warmed up with an image ready to go - but Jas will handle the support, because he actually knows something about the FP proggie - I'm clueless. <Very good... am looking forward (believe you me) to this "experiment"... and maybe another... WWM is the stronger, better for so much, many good folks input. Bob F> -Zo

La Bomba: WWM Help  Steve, Anthony, taking the opportunity to introduce you more fully to folks who make WWM and thank you for your help here, on the chatforum... and (forecasting here so help me) in future projects.  Ahem, more to the upcoming point: Taking over WWM answers, manipulation while a bunch of us are gone this Spring. Do you two have familiarity, facility with FrontPage (web-authoring software program from Billy.G et al.)? And a "laurel and hardy handshake" begging to chat up the bits of FP that have to do with your involvement in WWM? Jason.C and Mike.K (see web-addies above, and record for future ref. pls.) are very familiar with what we do on the site (Zo too, but he's very bizzee)... answering queries, moving them from the email site (BobFenner@WetWebMedia.com, password XXXX) to WWM, http://www.WetWebMedia.com, name XXXX, password XXXX) to the "Daily FAQs", on to (the next day) the specific FAQs pages... sometimes making and naming, linking, indexing new FAQs pages to make all fit... yikes... Posting, linking the Daily E-Pic (I can save a bunch on the "Daily Pics to be placed page" (linked on the Daily FAQs) for the longer haul (Germany, Egypt)... will take a while to download... maybe better to burn a couple dozen on a CD and mail them to you? Anyhow, if I haven't lost all by now, thank you again for taking a go at all this... Oh, and the issue of practice... am off to give a pitch in the midwest this month 16-20... would you boyz (total) please consider a "trial by fire" OTJ effort at doing all this for these three days/daze? The site along with the "pet-fish season" has come back to full swing and takes me a couple of hours a day to maintenance... With not much familiarity it will likely take you (enjoyably) a bit more...  Oh, a bunch more to state. Do become familiar with the "Navigation View" of WWM (though Mike, I think Jas mainly use the Folders View, Search feature to get about), and don't be overly concerned with changing, adding to it, the Indices, links... there is a great deal more than the public has view to... but all seems logical (!ha) to me in outline... at least the site mirrors my analog files... Mike, Jason, Zo can, hopefully will lend insight, assistance, a bit of training... and Diana, Peter are aware of non-software issues if you want to contact them. The number in addition to their emails above: 858-549-XXXX Be chatting, Bob Fenner

1 year anniversary Hi Mr. Fenner, I started reefing a year ago and have been extremely successful with the help of your web site. I even had to e-mail you once and you gave me some great advice. I just wanted to thank you for making my first experience into the world of saltwater fish a positive one. <Outstanding. Congratulations on your success... I wish we had an opportunity to give your overall opinion to folks who categorically state that "saltwater is hard to do"> Sincerely, Ted Rybka P.S. When you click on the sponsors websites on the side of the page the website opens up in the same window.... therefore taking you away from your site. This can easily be fixed... you might want to change it so we don't get moved away from your site. <Thank you for this... will send on to our webguru Mike.K for contemplation. Bob Fenner>

Re: 1 year anniversary (Site link protocol, practices) "P.S. When you click on the sponsors websites on the side of the page the website opens up in the same window.... therefore taking you away from your site. This can easily be fixed... you might want to change it so we don't get moved away from your site." I am aware of this and it is this way by design. I follow the school of thought that opening up new windows in addition to the window you are looking at is annoying. Most people will use their browsers "back to" button, to return to the site they were at. Some people even go so far as to turn the capability of opening new windows off to do away with those pesky ads that pop-up when you visit certain sites. You will never see those type of ads on Wetwebmedia. Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention though, and if you notice anything else awry, don't hesitate to contact us. Mike Kaechele e-mail: mike@wetwebmedia.com Website: www.wetwebmedia.com <Ah, as I thought. Be chatting... answering, copying/cutting, pasting, moving about... Yikes! Back to work! Bob F>

Site Map Bob, I think I'll set up the Site Map like this------> http://www.calottery.com/sitemap.asp <Jackpot! Okay. Bob F> Let me know what you think.

Links Page Hello, My name is Mike Kaechele and I am the webmaster for a popular aquatic related website called Wetwebmedia.com. We offer thousands of articles and underwater pictures of fish for free. I would like to request that we be added to your links page and in return we will add you to ours. Our website currently gets over 25,000 unique user sessions every week. <Wish I had thought of this! Miguel, let's make a "diver's section" on our Links Pages... or separate Links Page for Divers... And do refer folks to our "Fishwatcher's Guide" series on the WWM site... maybe a/the URL that covers their area when sending out your excellent requests. Bob Fenner> Thank You, Mike Kaechele E-mail: mike@wetwebmedia.com Website: www.wetwebmedia.com

Thank you, and presents for Pet fish types Joe, thanks for the spiffy air pressure gauges and compasses. To all, Mr. G has sent along from where he works (Aqua Lung) some diving regulator tools. Very handy for dive trips out to take pix underwater, chatting about ornamental aquatics... Let me know and I'll either ship you or drag along on our next adventure together. Bob Fenner

Re: Hand Photo (WWM help) Bob, I talked to Steve (and noticed the replies) and and I think you really made both of our week's just by asking <G>! We would love to help out with the WWM site while you are away. Although I suspect you may notice an unprecedented use of the word "dude..." in post replies if I'm allowed a go at it... hehe. <Still okay... dude> I don't believe that either of us have reached Internet nirvana just yet regarding web publication... however, I can say that we are good learners and eager if you have the time and patience to direct us. <All tremendously beneficial qualities> Thank you so much for asking. We both really enjoy participating on the message board and it will be a pleasure and an honor to help out. Dude <smile>... Anthony <Soon to be testing you... Bob/Dude Fenner>

RE: Hand Photo What did I do wrong to the daily image? <Wrong? Nothing that I know of... referring to "not placing" the daily mail out pic... Have recently done as a link on the "Daily FAQs"... Understanzee auf Deutschen? Bob F>

RE: Hand Photo What did I do wrong to the daily image? <Ah, wait... I see. A semantic/meaning difference... I meant temporally... not that you had done all other right BUT the daily pic, but that you done done all right, but not done the daily pic... No Jimmy Carter, Ronny Raygun merit badge fo' me. Bob F>

RE: Hand Photo Missed something there... <Oh, no comparison with "Great Statesman" "Great Communicator"... Bob F>

RE: Hand Photo I think you confuse me with Zo... ;-) <Possibly, let's see... both bilaterally symmetrical...> He spaced it the whole time you were gone - I ran out of images and Mike had to hook me with some more, we had Tang Week in your absence. In fact, I even put in the "ALT" text on the image so it had a little hover-over description. <Neat> No worries and certainly no big deal - and would be happy to help Steve get his feet wet. <Let's sneak up behind him with a big bucket of orange colored salty, sweet sports drink... nah, been done before. Bob F> Cheers, J --

Re: Hand Photo (and more!) Oh, and was wondering... if either you can't/won't be making Interzoo and/or your accomplice/mate in PA... would you (singular or dually) be willing to take on answering, posting, moving around queries, the daily pix on WWM for the duration? Bob F

WWM help Miguel, when you have time, please make an "oval" around the new index (Aquatics Science) I have placed on the WWM homey page. Lordee help us, I am going to add a bunch of input here... Bob F

A better choice for TIME PERSON OF THE YEAR http://news.ninemsn.com.au/sixtyminutes/stories/2001_11_18/story_483.asp <A true human. Bob Fenner>

Bob's new articles and FAQ's- All right, you're starting to post some new articles to the "Bob's new articles and FAQ's" page. They look nice by the way. I will include a link to this page and feature it in all new WetWebnews issues. <Glad to know someone's noticing... Let's start a club... of two. Bob> Mike

Thank You & Happy Holidays Hi Bob, even though we have never met I feel like we're friends by virtue of reading your book CMA, countless superbly helpful web pages, and in my case some personal advice via e-mail.  <I know what you mean... many hours spent together.> It is to that end that I wanted to wish you a very happy holiday season and a wonderful upcoming new year. Thanks again for all your help to me and countless others in helping us enjoy a marine aquarium. <Ah, thank you my friend. Bob Fenner>

Re: A few questions - Please Dear Mr Fenner Just a quick message to thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm sure I'll think of some more along the line :-) Although I'll read your book first - promise! <Ah, good. You're certain to enjoy, likely gain from the experience. Bob Fenner> Thanks Phil

Re: Filtration for new 55 gal FOWLR Thanks again for the quick response. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. I will be starting this project right after the holidays and its nice to know someone with your knowledge base is willing to assist individuals like myself. I sure I will have more questions moving forward. My sincere appreciation and have great holiday season. Best Regards, Eric <Thank you my friend. You as well. Bob Fenner>

Just general......... Incredible resource. I can't believe somebody would/could put so much into a field and not charge or even make an attempt to profit from it. <There are many forms of recompense my friend... I am immensely rewarded, enriched here> You, if I may, are a true hobbyist if there was ever one. I can't say enough about how great a resource this page is. Highly recommended to all marine and freshwater keepers out there. Now, the only question I haven't really found an answer to (probably for good reason) what is an average day in the life of Rob Fenner (aquatic life keeper) all about? If I were visiting family in San Diego (coming soon to the area near you...be afraid..... be very afraid...) is it possible to meet up just to hang? Lunch? <Surely. Contact me when the time nears. Yesterday was out with Joyce, friend from meeting through this medium, and her husband at the Birch Aquarium, a few beers (!) after at Rock Bottom Brewery... I write a bit in the mornings most days, do a bit for exercise (walk, run with the dogs, garden)... only have minor obligations, tasks otherwise when home> My plan is to school up in Aquaculture/Marine Biology and take my love of water (diving/reef keeping/Cichlids/travel) to the next level. Who knows maybe it is better to be an engineer so that I can still enjoy the good things in my life. Anyway, just a question I thought I would ask. Take care. <Much more to discuss. Thank you for the offer to share a bit of your path. I suspect we will be diving, discussing many topics in the future. Bob Fenner> Paul Mansur

RE: Just general......... That was a scary fast response. Good GA <Rest assured... I am just human... not a device. Bob Fenner>

RE: Just general......... That was a scary fast response. Good GAWD man! Rock bottom eh? Yeah, I will send email before I head down. If you're out in the Monterey area (unbelievable diving) let me know.  <Brrr, best check my wet suits (know the old dry one would look like a sausage casing) and thermals, and hood, booties... hey give me a push, I'm the one who looks like a penquin!> My wife and I can accommodate you and yours or meet up perhaps. We spend much time diving the Bay and diving the Monterey Bay Aquarium as well. <Ah! We were up there and the C.A.S/Steinhart a few months back for the W. Marine Conf.> I have good connections to the SJ Sharks and we could perhaps catch a game. (It's the least I can do for someone who has saved my and many collective asses) Thanks for the response. Ignore my last reply. Autistic laptop keyboard! <I understand. Be chatting my friend. Bob Fenner>

Address Bob may I have a mailing address for you, I would like to send you and your colleuges something (I promise you it will not be a white powder) Thanks again for all your help and advise!! <A pleasure my friend. 8586 Menkar Rd., San Diego, CA 92126. Bob Fenner> Joe Grunstad

NANO REEF (WWM in Korean) Hi I have a non-commercial reef hobby homepage. this homepage for korean nano reefer. <Ah, good for you> I found a lot of excellent source for reef at webmedia.com So I hope webmedia.com's contents translate korean language and republish my homepage. would you allow for this? <You want to translate, post the WWM contents in Korean? On a non-commercial basis? You will maintain such in good order, answering queries, helping others? I will gladly help you, and do allow for this. Bob Fenner> Thanks in advance. kim hee sun

Re: Re: NANO REEF oh, thank you veru much. you are very kind! <Our destinies are locked together my friend. Bob Fenner> have a nice day!

Greetings Hi, Bob. To You and Your staff <Ha! Bernd, it's only me.> very Happy Holidays from us here in Honduras. Thanks to Your advise and guidance I'm now the proud owner of a 110 gal SW FO tank with 2 yellow tail damsels, 2 ocellaris clowns and a blue tang. I don't think that I can get any more fish till the next year. Your books I will receive on Christmas. Thanks again, Bernd <Some gift... I'll be taking up, sharing many more hours with you my friend. Bob Fenner>

a question wrapped inside an enigma disguised as a web page Hey... <and you> I thought I'd try and attract you with that subject. Anyway... so I've just landed a declivis BF [a Christmas gift to self from Christmas island] and it's quarantining out nicely, and I'm re-reading over and over what little there is about these fish. One of the three pages the word "declivis" shows up is the Marine Livestock Collection Article. So I'm reading again and I notice this little snippet under the poison section: "Know which species are frequently doomed by poisoning... perhaps the most notorious... cyanided angelfish subgenus Euxiphipops, the majestic angel..." <Yes> So, a couple things sprung to mind. First, I know you granted me permission to write/edit whatever I wanted, but I still wanted to consult first. So... When I bought my Majestic, I must have read your PE page 100 times, over and over - and I became really tense, and then bought one anyway. Fish is in great shape - spectacular - and if you recall we talked about it briefly on the phone the other day, at which point you mentioned casually, "Oh sure, once established, they are quite solid." Or something to that effect. <Yes... ones hailing from other than the P.I. or Indo. in particular> Now as I recall, neither the above poison factoid or durability statement are in the article. Or perhaps not stated quite as concisely? <Really? Will, would have to check> Or certainly not apparent if this were the only article that one read - say as a result of a Google search. And in a way, I feel like a quick edit would make things more straightforward about what the complications are, and certainly avoid any ambiguities if one had never visited WWM before this. <I see> In a way, I feel like I've briefly interviewed you on the subject and also compiled some of your other documentation and could further enrich the Euxiphipops page. So... do I give it shot, you want to see a draft? <No to the draft. Please just addend, amend the piece and add your name, email address to the title> Now, the *real* question... I just got the declivis, and it's doing well in quarantine and I've also got a wide range of foodstuffs to get him going. I've noticed a tendency for the declivis to try and tear/rip at the food... what is the natural food which requires this behavior? <Most any, all... this species eats worms, crustaceans at depth> A function of the bristle-tooth thing?  <Okay, and food choices, small mouth> I've noticed my Angels do something similar but usually stop over time as they realize they don't need to work so hard. Could this be a similar behavior simply tied to the foods in the wild? Just curious. <Yes> Anyway - no matter where you file this page, we'll now have four with the word declivis in it! <And soon more. Be chatting. Bob Fenner> Cheers, J --

RE: a question wrapped inside an enigma disguised as a web page Cool - no problem to editing - no problem with the declivis. <No real problems whatsoever> I did want to mention though, that while I appreciate you making sure I byline myself, I'd really just be quoting your material, and not really adding my own lack of experience with the navarchus. I'm just a lowly editor; but you're at the helm, so what you say goes. <Your touch changes everything my friend. Space, direction, velocity... at least two out of the three in our dimensionality; one in mine. Bob Fenner> Cheers. J -- BTW - have you done any "normal" Google searches lately looking up fish-things? WWM comes up a lot, and often on the first page. This is a Good Thing (tm). TTFN <Agreed. To go is to return. Bob F>

Laid-Off Website Designer Designs Website About Being Laid Off REDWOOD CITY, CA-- Bob Trabert, 26, a web designer laid off from Cybercepts last month, has channeled his energies into the creation of NoJobBob.com, a website about his experiences being laid off. "Visitors can read my online job-hunt diary, watch Flash animation of me sitting around in my underwear watching TV, or Paypal me a 'donation,'" Trabert said. "It's mostly for fun, but I figure, hey, maybe someone out there who needs a web designer will see it and be impressed." <Hmm, good ideas... Maybe "NoJobFishBob.com" is available for yours truly... Bob F>

The WWM Bob, <Hey, where the heckola have you been? Hungry? Cooked a turkey last night... now many possible recipes...> While researching other fishy websites I came across the following description of the WWM which I thought was well put-- "Comprehensive coverage of all facets of keeping fish from Robert Fenner. He answers lots of questions via email and then posts them here, and has built up a lot of information for the hobbyist. Covers everything from small tanks to large ponds, freshwater and marine aquaria, and more. He also talks about the business end of things." I'm thinking of incorporating this into the marketing pitch. I will be sending out more of those this week. Mike <Allright! And I'll take a stab at adding another site's description:  This is Bob Fenner's site. Bob is an author of many aquatic hobby books and magazine articles. In addition, he is one of the top ambassadors of the aquatic hobby industry in the world. His site contains much information and many articles that Bob has written over the past few decades. Check it out. From: http://www.scmas.org/ Let's chat... Knop's got a new reactor out, Di's sites are about to launch... missing you. Bob F>

Re: New Calendars for your computer desktop Bob, Have you returned from your adventures around the world? <Yes, late yesterday> How was the trip? <Fine my friend. Very beautiful in the Somosomo Strait, and much current! Genuine, wonderful people on Taveuni...> Can't wait to see the pics. <Laura.L took some fabulous digital pix with the new Olympus rig, and will drop off/pick up slide efforts today. Let's get together soon to see, show, have dinner, chat. Bob F> Mike

WWM stuff Bob, I put a new page on the website for your most recent articles/ FAQ's etc. Go here--> http://www.wetwebmedia.com/Latest%20Articles.htm <Ah, very nice> I also put a link to this page on the Homepage. <Good> Viewership on the WWM site is at an all time high!  <Yes... our growth/popularity continues...> Are you going to the SDH3 X-mas party tomorrow at UCSD? <Don't know at this point... Di's sick. Perhaps with Pete, you.> Maybe I'll see you there. <Hope to, or otherwise soon my friend. Bob F> Mike

Yo! you back or what? ? <Perhaps more like "what"... a bit spaced out from the road... but physically in southern cal. See you've been busily engaged here. Have you grown, become more yourself through the experience? Bob F>

Re: Yo! you back or what? Man, I'll tell you... I am exhausted. Was really much more than I imagined, but certainly a good experience. It was a challenge to keep up to the load, and was certainly not prepared to be up late at night scratching my head and trying to figure something out or find the right link to send. Good work though. <Yes> I'd like to think I'm that much closer to enlightenment. <My friend! Then indeed you are> Want me to take those couple in your inbox that are somewhat aimed at me, or you want to take it from here. <Mmm, my larger dream/wish would be for you to continue substantively, but do answer any/all that you feel disposed to... and consider at least chiming in as you find desire> Also, the stuff I didn't get to is all in the page tobeplacedFAQs.htm and is in bottom-up order, oldest to newest. <Yes, have seen, and will address today, hopefully in full> Can call and explain all, but don't have your number at work here... <No worries> Will be talking soon, I'm sure. <I look forward to this. Be chatting. Bob F> Cheers, J --

The 40GB disk Hey there, my brotha - aren't you out of town or something? <Not till tomorrow eve> Irregardless, if you have the time/mental resources to load up the 40GB disk for me, please do so - but please remember to keep intact (or reconstruct) any kind of taxonomic directory tree you have organizing the image files, so I have some guidelines at least a step or two above Genera, as to where they all belong. <All are in Nelson 94 FOW and Fishbase confluence... as are my analog files if my plane crashes> It's good to send as much as possible now, while the server is still in my house - this way I can dump the scans across my local network rather than the internet... very good. <Will load most current edition and mail tomorrow> I know I've been moaning about this horrible project at work for weeks now - but it's still dragging it's miserable arse along, and just absolutely clobbering me along the way. Today was the first time in years that I really truly wished I were independently wealthy so I could say to the boss "you, know, I only do this for fun. and this ain't fun. Goodbye". I'll probably work all night tonight. For the 4th time in as many weeks. Ugh. <... Keep your eyes on the prize my friend... if the current situation is causing you loss of happiness, health, do quit... If just short term trade-off of "more fun" activities, discipline yourself. Remember that "what you are getting" is worth "what you are giving" in full> Sheez - let's please figure out a more fun (legal, ethical, etc) way to make money! I really, really want to get WetWebFotos (and more) off the ground! <I do have a strong sense that the very activities you mention, are leaning, leading to will "get you/us there". Be chatting. Bob F> -Zo <<Hmm, on formatting the Maxtor this AM (troubles otherwise), am thinking might send the ACOM (and power) instead... "They're tools Bob, only tools", Bob>>

Preparing for Bob's Diving Trip I sense your presence... <Yes> I you would like, I can deal with things from head to toe today. Am feeling much better after the brief bout with salmonila <ella?>and am ready to go. Have FrontPage installed here at work on the fast line and get make it all happen... <Ah> You tell me... what you want me to do? <Move the answered queries from Hotmail to FP, the "old" Daily FAQs on FP to their sep. FAQs files. Do you want to deal with changing daily images in my absence? Bob F.> J --

More on WWM Maintenance OK - will do. Moving content from "Sent Mesages to FrontPage", moving yesterday's FAQ's to their permanent homes... consider it done. Can take care of photos too, if you want to que up or show me where to find all my favorites [navachus angel, triggers, harlequin tusk] ;-).... <Mmm, how to explain... Some "verticals" (portrait format) are stored/archived "next door" in the file/page "reserve faqs pix". Captions for same are often accompanying... otherwise, I tend to "lift" them from articles files/pages. Horizontal (landscape format) pix I accumulate on my active desktop as shortcuts while doing scans, sorting through images for work, fun... and write "caption material" on the fly. There's more to this: the Daily FAQs image is 300 pixels on the longest dimension... but needs to be sourced/located on the site if it's overwritten in being saved on FP on saving... then found and re-sized to 250 on a title header or 200 in article body or FAQs header... Might be better to store used images in some sort of temp. buffer folder... so as to not overwrite, have to seek, re-size. Sorry if this is unclear. Bob F> J --

Thanksgiving Awesome Bob, you are a great help! -Jack <Service to you my friend. Bob Fenner>

Dear Robert <<JasonC here standing in for Bob who's getting ready for his upcoming dive trip.>> Thanks for your prompt advice. Really appreciate it, thank you so much. <<Am sure Bob will see this. Your kind words are appreciated. Cheers - J-->> Regards Adeline.

ok then I'm on the case... how would you like to do/schedule my updates. Am quite familiar with the FrontPage system so am fluent in the editor. What system will make the most sense? Update all myself... send the answered emails to Mike... what would you like? <Much better for you to adapt/adopt the routine I utilize. Daily cutting/pasting of answered queries to the Daily FAQs page... and then moving off (cutting/pasting) the ones from the day previous to where you deem most appropriate on WWMs many FAQs pages. On the last, there are occasions where a given Q/A may best fit more than one category FAQs Page... I do parenthetically change titles... to remind me where to place FAQs... and the emboldening of such must be done in the initial Hotmail to FP move... As you will find. Let's start today/tomorrow, with you moving some/all in the AM if this fits your schedule. Otherwise, if you get stuck, have questions, and would like to call: 858-549-4948 Bob Fenner> J --

RE: front page tricks and WWM Links Sorry it took me a while to get out of the last couple of day's work. Will log in with the ole' fp-client tonight and take a browse around - may run the link check real quick. Will probably not get back to any editing until Sunday but would be more than happy to give it a go , etc. <Sounds great... a devoted aquatics type and computer savvy too! Wotta combo! Bob F> Will be in touch. J --

RE: front page tricks and WWM Links It really hadn't occurred to me how silly-big this site is until I tried to load it over a slow link in FrontPage. <Yes my friend... it's huge... and getting more so everyday. Bob F> ;=) J --

front page tricks and WWM Links There is a feature in FrontPage "Validate Hyperlinks" which will run through your whole site and then let you know what does and what doesn't connect to something. It should/will catch everything on the list that person sent you yesterday. <Do know of this tool/report... and do want to avail myself of same (or run off to Taveuni)... If you'd like to become more familiar (and I mean maybe too familiar in the negative connotation of the term... I'd really like you to try curing the mis/non-links situation...) or, yeah, isn't that Mike's domain? BTW, are you ready (after fixing links) to try tackling copying FAQs from Daily to individual FAQs files (you'll be able to find them much more quickly on either the Navigation or Folders Views... after your re-linking exercise (ho-boy)... Or are you and Mike going to just store them (off MS Hotmail) on WWM somewhere for my parsing on return? Bob F> Cheers. J --

RE: Daily Fish Email out WWM I like the fresh water photos. It shows great diversity. <Ah, am glad to have this input... do wonder if folks are bruxating. Bob F> Thanks, Todd

Re: mail I responded to Oops - looks like you and I might have responded to one of the same emails.... the one on calcium reactors. Was busy responding and then went back to the inbox to notice the mail was gone. I guess Adam gets two for the price of one today. <Indeed... even better! Bob F> Cheerio. J --

RE: Hotmail help: How to auto-respond: Off the planet currently... Ok, that is pretty self-explanatory... can do, although I just noticed your other email with picture of the day, does that mean I've missed the window for now? <Mmm, not altogether. Please do check in during the day, try your hand/lobes on what comes in...> I can check back in a couple of hours or something?? <Ahh, yes... we're starting to think, maybe already were confluent along the same lines. Are you getting a hankering for Rocky Road Icecream? Me too> Will be here working on computer stuff all day with only short breaks to noodle with the dog, walk the fish, or something like that. <Ah, good. Will check in periodically. Do you want the name, password for WWM/FP? "XXXX", "XXXX"> Cheers. J --

ok... So, I waited a bit to see if anything would accumulate. Perhaps things get slow on a Sunday evening. Anyway, at this point there are four messages, and mine will make five. <Sundays, wkends are slow> Bruce/Cheryl - I'm guessing this is a freshwater mandarin, and my take on it would be [provided FW mandarins eat algae] to just clean the front viewing panel, fish will take care of the rest. Christine - probably has a polychaete of the Family Spionidae... refer to Hitchhiker guide, same with the crab, as to the vanishing snails... vanishing without a trace? shell and operculum (is that the little plug?)<Yes> in separate places? snail still inside shell? all mean potentially different things, could have been lost to tank freshness, acclimation practices, etc. Crab may not be to blame. James - has the job I wanted when I was younger - my experience with HLLE is all nutrition related. Without all circumstances, hard to know... perhaps treatment has nuked microfauna, which in turn is blocking some kind of nutrient uptake... interesting. You know this microfauna thing much better than me. Certainly large displays like EPCOT-living seas are subject to different factors hobbyists like myself can barely comprehend - giant captive system, like big forest of single-species tree. One small disease/pathogen, and lots of capable hosts and you got yourself an outbreak. Interesting problem. <Jason...> Sean with Denver Ick - age old story, believe I've filled your inbox with this story myself. Foresight is 2400. Coin toss as to whether or not system has become infested - wait, I'll shake my 8-ball: "Signs point to yes" OK, so then... puffer, ick will like the puffer. Can isolate fish, let tank go fallow for 6 weeks, hyposalinity, etc, etc. No need to take it to 1.01 - 1.018 is fine, raise temp. Hold off on copper for worst case/quarantine treatment. No more fish until this problem is past. Probably won't have same troubles again, lesson learned... not too preachy, interesting. <Not too preachy> Using the beta capsule, Hiata becomes - Ultra Man! <Give them your hiaku> If you think those responses will do, I'll re-edit and reply. Cheers. J -- <My friend you are, will do fine... just answer. Tomorrow? Bob Fenner>

RE: ok... Yes, tomorrow, I mean today! 11/12 <And yes. Saw some of your responses. Mighty fine! Do what you can at whatever part of the day/s... Thank you. Bob F> J -- mail I responded to I checked the "copy to sent items" folder and then also moved the original message to the LG-replied folder. <Ah! LG for Lorenzo as you might know. No need to retain original queries. Bob Fenner> Cheers. J --

RE: Hotmail help: How to auto-respond: Off the planet currently... Uhh... sorry, I wasn't able to respond *that* quick. I was kind of hoping for a quick discussion on the "hows" of your system. Where do you put the mail you've responded to, do you BCC Mike, etc, etc. <Ah, let's start... I open hotmail once or more a day, respond as with regular mail, checking the box, "Copy Message to Sent Folder"... Once a day (generally in the AM) I open up "Sent Messages", and one by one open the sent responses, cut and paste them on the "Daily FAQs" page on WWM, removing email addresses, extraneous information and gaps... and place them... This being done, I change the date, daily image, caption... And move off the "old" ones from the day previous to their appropriate FAQs pages... and make new pages if they exceed 90 seconds or so at 28.8 kbps in size...> Can do this today. Perhaps we should have a brief phone conversation to glue it all together. Let me know, I'll use my dime. <If you'd like to talk that would be fine... am answering the night times accumulation now... but can stop, watch as you do them... Bob F> J --

New book/gift from Zo to Mike re Website Design Thanks for the cool book, Lorenzo. I was looking it over yesterday and I was already getting some good ideas for future makeovers of the WWM site. Mike <Onward and upward. Bob F>

RE: Hotmail help: How to auto-respond: Off the planet currently... Cool - checked this morning to make sure I could get in with this information. Want to pick a day coming up and I'll practice for a day or so? <How about today? Log on from time to time, answer away... Do you want to practice posting to the "daily faqs" on WWM? Maybe even "moving around" the Q and A's placed there from the day previous? Shall I place some "reserve pix" more for you to re/place? How about the daily e-mail out pic? Will cc Zo here to see if he has desire/tolerance for any of this as well> What was the plan for the web posting part of it? Have FrontPage so... let me know. <Still open as far as I know. Mike suggested (I think, will cc him as well) that he could move you and Zo's responses to the Daily FAQs page, then move off, save for my parsing on return... a possibility/alternative if these processes become too burdensome> Now what's the skinny on Interzoo? <Am hopeful of "all of us" getting over to Germany for the show: http://www.interzoo.com/d/index.html in May, with a dive trip (we usually head down to Egypt's Red Sea, typically Sharm) for a week or so immediately after. Would like to have Christine (Zo's wife) be able to make it out to Cairo for the antiquities... As much as we can afford on the "big income" of WWM and who knows, possibly WWF by then. Hope to include you in the entourage as well. Bob Fenner> J --

New look for Homepage I made some changes to the home page of Wetwebmedia on the right or yellow side of the page. I think it's alot more straight forward and less cluttered than before. What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Let me know how you like it. <Looks good... but am still hoping for simple buttons, labels... that expand when hovered over... with an "about" selection that further describes what the dickens the areas aboot, and then on to submenus... Bob> Mike

Homepage-sitemap Check out this website--> http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ and click on "Site Map". This could be a great new feature for the Wetwebmedia site. Whaddya think? Mike <Oh yes... very nice, useful... Bob>

Re: Hotmail help: How to auto-respond: Off the planet currently... I took a look at Hotmail and I could'nt find an auto respond feature.  <Me neither, sigh... Oh, Newsflash! Di says that the Outlook program does have such a feature! You and Jason working together in my absence are the primo route to go however.> If I were you I would put a message on the Q&A page. If anyone else would like to take a shot at responding to some questions just e-mail them to me and I'll post them to the site. <Ah, great! Are you sure you don't mind? Would you be willing to try to "move them about" daily? From the Daily to the many FAQs files... or would you "save up" somewhere (another page on WWM perhaps) for my return, re-assignment?> Another idea is to hold a few Q&A's off of the page now, store them somewhere and I'll post a couple of new ones every day and change the image. Let me know if any of these work. <Ah, we've been drinking together for too long... Starting to think the same... are you thinking about Guinness right now? Me too! Bob F> Mike --- Robert Fenner <BobFenner@WetWebMedia.com> wrote: > Any idea how to make this so? Off to Taveuni later this month, don't think > will have enough high-tech ability to respond to queries... definitely not > enough to post to WWM, move about... Will put the "Go to WWF Chatforum" msg > on the index.html and Daily FAQs pages... > Or... anyone/s out there want to try their hand at responding, saving, > and maybe even posting, moving around Q and A's on WWM in my absence? > Bob F

RE: Hotmail help: How to auto-respond: Off the planet currently... When, now? Not that it's a problem, but I thought you weren't leaving until 11/27...  <If you'd like to practice, anytime is fine. Otherwise, yes, out the 27th.> will do. Do you have another password for the web site, etc? <Do you have Frontpage (Microsoft). Can send along. Yes to different log in, password.> Danke. J -- <Danke shoen to you mein freund. You have proven your veracity and capacity in your words, actions evident on the Chatforum and in helping me/us with WWM... I do hope/trust that you will enjoy this task. Bob Fenner>

Hotmail help: How to auto-respond: Off the planet currently... Any idea how to make this so? Off to Taveuni later this month, don't think will have enough high-tech ability to respond to queries... definitely not enough to post to WWM, move about... Will put the "Go to WWF Chatforum" msg on the index.html and Daily FAQs pages...  Or... anyone/s out there want to try their hand at responding, saving, and maybe even posting, moving around Q and A's on WWM in my absence?  Bob F

RE: Hotmail help: How to auto-respond: Off the planet currently... How to auto-respond: Off the planet currently... With Lorenzo's approval... I'd be willing to take care of it. J -- My approval? What on earth for? Besides, if I'm not dead by this time tomorrow I'll be amazed. I'm just getting up from 4 hours of sleep after a 20 hour day. And I'm gonna do it again today. Please, be my guest. -Zo <Ah, let's see, just the responses? If so, my hotmail log-in is BobFenner@WetWebMedia.com and (rubber duck drops down) secret woid: XXXX. Bob Fenner>

Pet-fish Mag Name/Acronyms Hi ... I'm looking at your references on the true pufferfish page http://www.wetwebmedia.com/tetraodontpuffers.htm and trying to figure out what your abbreviations mean. Can you help? AFM <Aquarium Fish Magazine> TFH <Tropical Fish Hobbyist> FAMA, <Freshwater and Marine Aquarium> ect. <Et cetera res> <The first three are the dominant national hobbyist periodicals in the United States, the last some mis-spelling of a Latin acronym. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Mike

seastars (use of content, WWM) Hello Robert, I am Boris, the Content Manager for the divers community www.Diveinn.com. I send you this e-mail to ask for your permission to use the following text and image, of which you are the author. It wiil be posted in our web site www.DIVEINN.com around the world. Of course, the Author and the Original Website will be mentioned. IMAGE/ TEXT: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/seastars.htm To give your permission you simply have to answer this e-mail clicking on REPLY and writing "I AUTHORISE" and your "COMPLETE NAME AND E-MAIL ADDRESS". When you give us authorisation, you confirm that you are the author of the text, image or combination of both, which appears above and that you give us permission to use it in our web site www.DIVEINN.com Through your authorisation we can also adapt the text, image or combination of both, so that we can publish it in our web site, keeping the original idea and spirit of it. If anytime you would want your text/image not to appear in our web site anymore, you just need to send an e-mail telling so. Thank you very much for your co-operation. Boris Weitzmann Contents Manager contents@diveinn.com www.diveinn.com "The International Scuba Community" 116 INTRADE S.L. <Thank you for your inquiry. We actually sell content (writing, image work) to commercial concerns. Yours is a "for-profit" site so the answer is no to granting you rights to use our content gratis. If you'd like, we can/will discuss use terms with you. Bob Fenner>

echinoderms Hello Robert, I am Boris, the Content Manager for the divers community www.Diveinn.com. I send you this e-mail to ask for your permission to use the following text and image, of which you are the author. It wiil be posted in our web site www.DIVEINN.com around the world. Of course, the Author and the Original Website will be mentioned. IMAGE/ TEXT: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/seastars.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/seacukes.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/urchins.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/brittlestars.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/crinoids.htm <Mmm, you still want to use our work for profit? So do we. Bob Fenner>

Re: using WWM hey again pal . lol just wonderin how old are you , are you a oceanographer, oh , i feed my snowflake eel three fish and he grew 3 inches, i have in a 30 gallon tank, he won't outgrow it will he <All posted on the site: www.WetWebMedia.com, use the Google Search feature. Bob Fenner>

RE: Some slimming down needed Sub-index the sub index? This is one of those things that as it grows, you start realizing... damn this is growing like a weed, and then suddenly you can't see out the window any more. <Agreed... our subject material is so big and vast... it's hard to not want to say "to heck with it, everyone just sign up for broadband..."> Lorenzo and I have discussed in the past, but not recently the possibilities of something a little more interactive so you start at a drill down point and get to the information you want a little quicker. Needs some study... Cheers. J -- <Miguel is cogitating furiously here... we do need some goosing, input... Would/will appreciate you folks help. Bob Fenner>

RE: More Buttons please I have an old highschool pal who is a professional cartoonist and animator. He's worked for Humongous Software and a couple of other children's software companies... I'll have to see if he can come up with some stuff! <Sounds great. Thanks Jas, Zo... will cc Miguel> -Zo I saw all the following on the daily Q&A and just knew it applied to me somehow. This time last year I was working for children's Internet service [which is still out there - www.juniornet.com] and may be able to assist with this portion of the site. I will tell you this: if anyone knows an artist, we should get them on board as a kid's space won't have any stickiness if it doesn't have some type of theme going on... it should be more fun than what the adults get to do. So, that's my two cents. Will be happy to help. J -- ------------------------- More buttons please Miguel, pls set aside enuf "buttons", space for at least two other entry features on the WWM homepage... one for science (a title), and the other for somethin I just read about in bidnessweak, "Kid's Attraction"... Do y'all think we ought to have an index (what we call it now) with simpler articles, FAQs, images for beginners, the very young? Bob F RE: More buttons please "Do y'all think we ought to have an index (what we call it now) with simpler articles, FAQs, images for beginners, the very young?" My 6-year-old son had an absolute PARTY last night browsing the "Lurker's Guide" to Stomatopods after we discovered a 1.5" Mantis in our main system. <AND we definitely need to have fab pix and write up pages of "what the Dicken's are these little critters"... Am looking about for an Intel/Mattel microscope/camera/PC hookupamajig for such work... Keep your eyes open. Here's a neat site... with the tool! http://www.intelplay.com/products/qx3/ Bob F> I'd vote 'yes' on the new section - but it could be a lot of work, like we don't already have enough to do! -Zo

More buttons please Miguel, pls set aside enuf "buttons", space for at least two other entry features on the WWM homepage... one for science (a title), and the other for somethin I just read about in bidnessweak, "Kid's Attraction"... Do y'all think we ought to have an index (what we call it now) with simpler articles, FAQs, images for beginners, the very young? Bob F

RE: More buttons please "Do y'all think we ought to have an index (what we call it now) with simpler articles, FAQs, images for beginners, the very young?" My 6-year-old son had an absolute PARTY last night browsing the "Lurker's Guide" to Stomatopods after we discovered a 1.5" Mantis in our main system. <AND we definitely need to have fab pix and write up pages of "what the Dicken's are these little critters"... Am looking about for an Intel/Mattel microscope/camera/PC hookupamajig for such work... Keep your eyes open. Here's a neat site... with the tool! http://www.intelplay.com/products/qx3/ Bob F> I'd vote 'yes' on the new section - but it could be a lot of work, like we don't already have enough to do! -Zo

copy write (note: add link) Hello Robert, I just read a great article by you that was sent to a "Yahoo" mailing club. It was on setting up a first aquarium. Would you mind if I put that article on my web page? <You are welcome to use the materials on our sites as long as this is for non-commercial purposes> Full credit will be given as well as a link back to your web site. Let me know either way. Thanking you for your time. PS Are you the one that wrote the articles for "Flying Fish Express"? <Yes my friend. I will be adding your link to our principal site, WetWebMedia.com day after tomorrow. Be chatting, Bob Fenner> http://www.jhobbyhaven.com/The-Fish-Encyclopedia.htm

Thank you Robert Fenner, I am writing to thank you for your book TCMA, as well as your excellent web site. They have helped me with every problem I have faced (so far) setting up, cycleing, and stocking my 125 gal. reef aquarium. :) <Wow! And for my part, I continue to be amazed at how little there is to these works, my understanding...> I am in love with this tank and have kicked my TV to the curb.  <Oh, oh... the current paranoia might NOT account for my thinking the cable TV folks have put a hit-man out on me after all...> I find I would rather watch my ocean environment. My son (seven months) loves to watch his favorite fish bubba (powder blue tang) swim about. I wish there was a study on how aquariums soothe a young child. Maybe I should start one! :) <Yes my friend. An excellent idea> Thank you dearly for all of your help. If I ever come across serious trouble it is comforting to know that you are only an e-mail away. I just hope that I am not faced with such a problem. ;) I am wondering if you could tell me what kind of aquariums and live stock you care for in your own home? <We have just moved (a couple months back)... so have just a twenty gallon glass freshwater (with cichlid, loach) and marine (clowns) system going (four thousand gallons in totes out in the back from our marine experimental farm... are empty. And a good friend, who happens to be a retailer (Ron Elander of Octopus' Garden here in San Diego) has taken the eleven hundred pounds of not-so live rock away> I have read over WWM and have not read you describing your own. Maybe that is for a specific reason. <Mmm, good point... Perhaps a few things to account for this... the original book/manuscript was about 1,100 pages long w/o image work... it took years to go from the whittled down stage to actual physical release... lack of supposed interest on my or the editor/publisher's parts... But have thought and recently seen a fab "example system" book (this one in German) of great set-ups around the world (used to be the most popular part of "Aquarium Frontiers" mag...> Maybe you don't have any at home for that matter. Hmm..just thought I would ask. I am sure (if this is posted on the daily Q&A) many people would like to know. Thank you again!! Erin O'Connell <Thank you for your encouraging words... For a couple of decades our old businesses were engaged in fabricating, installing and maintaining such systems... Perhaps from seeing, being around so much beauty I was sullied to having more at home (or more likely too pooped to put up, keep more...). Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Re: Hi Bob (WWM) Robert Fenner wrote: <Mmm, doubtful... all I know is a bit about ornamental aquatics> Now who's selling themselves short? In spite of your hectic schedule, you manage to reply promptly, courteously, and with the relevant information (and if anyone knows about relevancy, it's me, I am after all the WWM unofficial champion of the OT tangent on the forum). Just the Q&A page on WWM is an ongoing effort that exceeds what I've seen many do and they make the claim of high efficiency. Unfortunately, attitude isn't something that can be taught. <Only by example and discipline my friend> Sadly, the feeling that customers are the people who keep us from getting our job done seems to the current sentiment in corporate America (and sometimes small business America too for that matter).  <An example of a "natural selection" force...> Those of us who write you are customers, we're purchasing a bit of your time and attention. <Only one/narrow aspect of our relationships IMEstimation. We are friends in that we "turn each other onto the good things we've found and away from the bad", co-learners/instructors, wagers of wills/politicians if you will, seekers of fun, kinship, introspectors into the nature of the truth...> I'm not sure what you receive as compensation, other than the knowledge that you've made the life of our captive friends a little easier or perhaps spared them an ignoble death (reading the recent letter where your repeated comment was Please Stop! made me cringe too), but as long as you're happy it's not my concern, that's between you and Kami-san.  <I receive... what I offer... and am satisfied> As I said before, thanks for all your help, not just as a someone with an understanding of the hobby but also as a friendly voice to help calm worried owners and get them on the path to fix their problem. Your friend, Mike <This is my place, moving position. Am happy for it. Bob Fenner>

Just a Simple Thank You I just wanted to thank you for your website. It is much appreciated, as are your answers to so many questions via email. You do a great service to the marine aquarium hobby. <Thank you my friend. Your kind words do much good for me. Bob Fenner> Nick Falcone

noticed comment in daily q&a on the wwm site organization, and actually have been thinking about that very problem but hadn't had a chance to bounce it off of Zo... knowing that he's working on the wet web photos and all. <Ah, grateful for your considerable input... Will cc Mike.K (his rabbit principally.> would like to discuss possibilities. glad you're back safe <Thank you. Be chatting. Bob F, who is starting to dream(weaver?) of pull-down menus, tabs at all angles, colors.> J --

Web Site Good evening (or morning) Bob. I just want to congratulate You to your fantastic web site. After reading for 25 h (I read through lunch hour) <Good gosh!> I now am much more enlightened (or confused). Brilliant. I found answers to all my questions. <Many folks have similar concerns. Hope you found reading others queries of use> Anyway, I will keep You informed about my progress in transforming my FW tank to a marine FO tank. I plan as my first fish after cycling the tank to put in 5 yellow tail damsels and 3 clown fish. Should I introduce the fish together, as they are very territorial and might get along better if they all start from scratch? <I'd place the Clowns (tank raised if you can) first, leave them for a week or more, before adding their kin, the other damsels> My tanks is 110 gal. Thanks again for the good work. May good bless you. Bernd <It does my friend. Bob Fenner>

Thanks for your help. BTW, I bought your book (The Conscientious Marine Aquarist) on Friday I am enjoying it and learning a lot in the 3/4 of it that I have read thus far. <Yikes, you're a fast reader... are you sleeping at all?> (My way of letting you know that I do understand and agree that it is always more meaningful to help those who also help themselves ; >) <Yes my friend. This is a verity and a personal philosophical belief> I believe you will also understand that there are many conflicting sources of information and sometimes it is very reassuring to have a "sounding board such as yourself with years of experience and respect/credibility to accompany it! <Yes, a worthy role for someone of my background.> I have read many of the FAQ's and general information sections at WetWebMedia and while it is very helpful not all of the situations are identical to mine. <You are correct... to have the sort of insight to write to all would be amazing, take extreme talent (which I lack) and require works of very long length per subject...> In a nutshell, I'm sorry if you feel as though I may be abusing your generosity. <No my friend. That is not possible. I would not allow it.> No need to reply to the email - I am not intending to start a series of "Thanks" - "You're welcome" emails. Thanks again! Calvin <I understand. And sense... a tremendous gratification in the helping of "place" and support I may conspire here... and am satisfied that I was/am myself. Very glad to be a part. Bob Fenner>

Many thanks Hi Bob, I'm brand new to the marine aquarium hobby and have jumped in by starting with a 110 gallon reef set-up. <Wowzah, that's a jump!> I want you to know that I have read and re-read your "Conscientious..." book and continue to revisit it while curing my recently received live rock. I also have read (I'll bet) nearly every page of your website. The only thing I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your knowledge and advice. I appreciate your efforts and knowledge immensely ! I honestly don't know how many creatures, dollars you have saved me from losing, (but I'm sure many, not to mention heart aches ). Thanks again!! <Outstanding. Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Your success is exactly the impetus, reason for our efforts. Bob Fenner>

Short (incomplete) answers, versus attempts at more complete ones (books, articles) Hi, again I'm amazed at your promptness and generosity with your time!!!!! When do you find time to enjoy your own aquaria?  <Hmm, you may have hit the proverbial nail on the head... we only have a couple of smaller tanks up and going... so, it may well be that I'm living vicariously through other peoples' enjoyment of their tanks, experiences...> Anyway no need to answer this time; just wanted to say thanks and I've got your book ordered (couldn't find it in stock) <Argghh, a nightmare for "content providers" as myself> ; looking forward to reading it. Maybe it will go into more detail on my last question about "fish vs inverts". I didn't really mean versus per se, just trying to figure out how much the presence of inverts increases bioload compared to fish( I assume less), but your suggestion of aiming toward understocking covers the issue. Anyway thanks again; no need to reply. Later, Al <Ah, know you will enjoy book-length input more than these albeit necessary simple glimpses. We will be chatting. Bob Fenner>

May we use your picture? Dear Sir, My name is Win and I am writing on the behalf of www.thaireef.com We are a web site dedicated to the marine aquarium hobby in an ethical and sustainable manner that does not promote the destruction of natural resources. Our sites includes detail informations on fish and invertebrates biology and marine life aquaculture. Several marine biologist around the world have contributed their contents to the sites. I am writing to ask for your permission to display some of your images on our site, specificly the cleaner wrasse images. All works will be referenced and given credits where it due. Please let me know if this is alright with you. regards, Win Phinyawatana Founder ThaiReeF.Com <I applaud your/our efforts... at identifying "best" organisms, practices for their capture, transport, care... and appreciation of their lives, habitats. You are welcome (as are all not-for-profit enterprises) to the use of any of my materials. Be chatting, Bob Fenner>


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