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I've kidnapped Zo! Hi Bob, Lorenzo made the mistake of stopping by so I of course put him to work! Having some fun now playing with Adobe Photoshop and thought I'd send my first work of art to you. <Looks great! Is this Zo with lipstick or a Naso Tang?> Him & Tore are bonding with the digital camera and from the sound of it...having too much fun so I better get in there! Glad to have you back, looking forward to seeing the new pics. Take care, Barb-- <Me too! Am being "a good boy" and waiting (only because I have to) to pick them up on Monday, start the weeks-long process of sorting, identifying, tossing half, then half again... And in the mean (and I do mean "mean") time moving the accumulated (though great) queries/responses of Zo, Jas.C, Steve, Antoine about on WWM. See you soon. Bob F>

Troubles with more than one person/log-in on WWM and Subwebs Gang, pls DO NOT sign onto the sites w/o sending out a logged-in/out msg to me (all of us)... as this is causing the system to crash. We can likely work out a time schedule for Zo to post pix... others to work on various subwebs at the same time, but not the root web with more than one log-in at a time.  I will send a note (sigh, to all) when am finished for today... going to put in a few more hours of moving all about, making new folders, files, spell-checking. Bob F

actually, I have a theory/solution Depending on the actual nature of the problem with FrontPage, we may have exceeded some boundary as far as documents in the root directory. <Mmm, whatever way it is done... for the third time the site is down for work today.... ARGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! ... am getting very tired of calling DATAPIPE re... am sure they're even more tired of taking my calls. PLEASE LOG OFF AND STAY OFF THE SITE> I propose that we need to duplicate <Am not sure this is the word you want to use... Likely you're suggesting we replace the existing Nav. View> the navigation view that you are so fond of into a folder structure - I propose keeping it simple as it will show up in the <Likely you mean "one" page/screen> location bar in everyone's browser. In a similar vein, while I know it enhances your navigation view, the use of mixed case in folder and file naming is inherently risky, and as such, I think we should try this new scheme in all lower case - so here goes [these would be folders, and suggested names at that]: <Okay... but don't think there is case sensitivity here/FP> root - marine o setup * tanks * filtration * protein skimmers o articles o faqs * dsb * refugiums o fish * angels * butterflies * basses * gobids * wrasses * triggers * articles o rhinecanthus.htm [huma trigger -> rhinecanthus faqs (../faqs/rhinecanthus.htm)] o index.htm [trigger articles -> rhinecanthus.htm (local article)] * faqs o rhinecanthus.htm o index.htm [trigger faqs -> rhinecanthus.htm (local faq)] * puffers o inverts * shrimp * urchins * lps * sps * molluscs o maintenance - fresh o setup o fish o inverts o maintenance - ponds o setup o fish o maintenance - buisiness o setup o fish o inverts o maintenance - science o behavior o morphology So a given article about triggers might look like http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/triggers/articles/rhinecanthus.htm <Not able to open> Anyway, this would actually be really easy to pull of, and would be a real "power-tool" use of FrontPage, which is the URL re-writing which occurs when you drag and drop files, rename them, etc. Anyway - I'm off to Boston today to visit with some friends, walk some dogs, and fix some computers - I'll be back this evening. Let me know if any of this makes sense, or perhaps sounds silly, or whatever... Cheers, J --

bummer First thing I tried to edit didn't allow me to save it. Although what is weird is that this same message occurred yesterday on my machine at work, and when I looked this morning, that document was there, so I don't know... <IS recording/saving work... with a notice that it isn't...> Were you able to get anywhere? Edit/save, etc? <BY CALLING DATAPIPE and having them recalc all our sites. PLEASE READ YOUR E-MAIL and not log-on at the same time PLEASE! Bob F> J --

secret strategy I have come upon the secret to helping our man, Anthony with his writing style... <Okay. We can all use input, suggestions> He's mentioned to me numerous times that he really wants to find a publisher in Europe, and who could blame him - his work is a great reference. Anyway, it occurred to me that the paper that is taken up with joking-asides is going to go to a near complete waste on the Germans, or really any other non-English speaking/reading nation. Meaning that not only will some of the jokes translate into non-sense, but the remainder may just go right over the heads of the intended audience. I know this from my own personal experience with Germans in particular, but I've seen it in other examples. Simple turns of phrase which we drop with regularity mean nothing to the foreigner, and as such may distract from the important reading. Not sure, but may be a good impetus for him to re-evaluate the value of humor in writing. Not that I don't like to drop the occasional joke but... well, we love Anthony. Doing FAQs for a while this AM. <PLEASE DON'T! READ YOUR EMAIL! Don't log-on w/o an acknowledgement from me, Zo... Mike or whoever might be "on" w/o knowing they're not. Bob F> Cheers. J --

Frontpage information Bob, Here is the Frontpage information for setting up permissions. For more info go to Frontpage Help, choose the answer wizard, and type in permissions. <Mmm, this only covers who can use, change the webs... not "one at a time"... Bob F> Cheers, Mike Add a user to a web and set permissions An administrator can add users to a web in FrontPage with one of the following levels of permission: Browse -- the user can browse the files in the web (read access). Author -- the user can browse and change the files in a web (read and write access). Administer -- the user can browse and change the files in the web, and can also administer the web by adding and removing users (full access). By default, all subwebs use the same permission settings as their parent webs, but you can set unique permissions for a subweb. On the Tools menu, point to Security, and then click Permissions. If the web is a subweb using the same permissions as its parent web, click Use unique permissions for this web, and then click Apply. Click the Users tab. Specify whether you want to give everyone or only registered users browse access to the web. Click Add. Next, you will add the users to the web, adding users for browse, author, and administer access separately. For example, you will add all the users with browse access separately from users with author access. In the Obtain list from box, if you are using a Windows NT server, select the domain or group from which you want to select users. In the Names box, select or type a user name, and then click Add. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each user you want to add for a particular type of access. Specify the type of access to give to the list of users you are adding (browse, author, or administer access), and then click OK. The same permission is given to all users listed in the Add Names box. To set different permissions, for example to give one user browse access and a different user author access, repeat steps 5 through 8 for each user.

Hitting' the Road Jas, moved FAQs about on WWM... as am waiting for a format on other desktop... to send Zo pix for WWF... About last chance for us to chat... so do send along queries, save up responses on WWM somewhere, take out the trash daily on Hotmail, watch out for Nimba viruses, and eat your veggies... Let's see, guess that's/this is about it. Be seeing you, Bob F>

Bob, Back and Bushed Hey All... Pete and I crawled (well, were driven in by Di) this afternoon... Jas, have you posted the "old" FAQs up to date? If not, where be they and I'll add to my list of to-do's. Looking forward to being more clear headed and getting on with our collective projects. Need to start laying out where, when we might all get-together next... or upcoming period. Maybe MACNA XIV? Bob F

RE: Bob, Back and Bushed You find that??? <Yes... some posting now!> Glad to have you back safe. <Thank you> I was having problems saving files today - let me know if is/isn't same for you. <Will do> So, psyched for the upcoming trip, cert class, and uncertain employment future - all to the extent of losing sleep. As a result getting some reading done. Am keeping all my options open - actually gave six weeks notice, which takes me up to the trip in May, and have a meeting with *the man* next week to talk about where that damn equity went. Hopefully they'll see my point of view and tack an extra 20k onto my salary, and if not, well... I've got lots of options - want to start a publishing company? <Yes... we do have the ISBNs already, the company (WWM is Media), and the trappings of a beginning firm of the kind...> I've got a strong back and a strong desire to do something new in a new place... <I understand, and will gladly help, join you> Anyway, every day is a new day - really looking forward to InterZoo. <I as well, especially the opportunities to share, live vicariously through our experiences there together> Cheers, and glad again that you are back. J -- <See you soon. Bob F>

WWM, Datapipe, routines All, did have some uploading, adding of content issues with the root web this AM. Jas.C mentioned some crashing difficulties as well... Called Datapipe (our host with the most in NJ), asked that they run the "recalculate hyperlinks" routine... all's well subsequently...  Will be getting around to posting/moving the 500 plus seconds of saved FAQs... some really great work by Steve, Antoine, Zo and Jas these last few weeks...  Hope to be able to share, relate more of ongoing possibilities re WWM soon.  Zo, any more PTO coming up? Steve, getting enough sleep? Anthony, practicing dunking your head with the rubber duckie? Mike.K swears he's hepped up to sell more ad-space... Pete and Di may well be helping there... Have many more (groan) ideas for content, materials to be keyed, re-keyed, placed... weeks of image sorting, identifying, scanning, placing...  Anima bona fac (be of good life, Linqua Latina), Bob

Using Microsoft Instant Messenger? do you have msn messenger, <<oh, ok... no, I don't... don't know if Bob does or not.>> I read your email at the bottom like you don't understand what I meant by messenger if you meant no I am stupid lol , I have msn , it is cool you get to send messages instantly to your buddies online instead of checking your email all the time <<yes, sorry about that confusion. You should understand - I am only filling in for Bob, on a normal day I would never use/touch Hot Mail or MSN so I'm really not that familiar with either one. I'm just trying to get the mail answered while Bob is away. Cheers, J -- >>

What's Next after WetWebMedia? Hey Bob. <<Hello, JasonC here filling in while Bob is away diving.>> Any chance you will ever change the name of your website? <<I doubt it, it's catching on, we have advertisers, etc, etc.>> My employer reviews our internet logs and I got in trouble for visiting your site due to its name which can obviously be misconstrued as being something that it definitely is not. <<oh well>> I realize you probably want to keep the name, but thought I would let you know. <<funny. Cheers, J -- >> Bryan Aalberg

Article on acrylic tanks Hi, all, <Cheers, Marc> Since you were so kind about my article on BTAs, I thought I'd point you to another article I did for someone else about my experience with a cracked acrylic tank. It is at http://www.canreef.com/library/acrylic_tank/acrylic_tanks.htm and there are no copyright issues. If this looks like something you'd like, I can send you a zip with all the pictures. I could do another model of my new tank with the alternate cutout arrangement and larger corner rounds. Marc <Bob is away travelling but I'll be sure to drop this in his mail for you. Thank you very much for the contribution! Do share more when you can. Nice job, my friend. Anthony>

RE: Microcosm/TFH notes "Quite possibly, what now passes for "standard" in the publishing industry is an illegal restraint of trade. The Antitrust Division of the Justice Department should take a long, hard look at the standard publishing contract. Publishing today is characterized by powerful corporate entities acting in concert, to the detriment of essentially powerless authors. And if one cares about the future of the printed word, something must be done to remedy the situation, because it's driving a lot of good writers out of book publishing. They simply can't make a living writing books anymore." From: http://www.mediachannel.org/views/oped/bookcontract.shtml <Mmm, actually, due to the "costs of production" including editing, lay-out, actual printing and binding (though not sales and distribution...) it is easier than ever IMO to be in the book writing biz... Though admittedly the English language markets have been sadly and badly impugned by the powers that be. It is my desire that (here comes that onerous name again) Wet Web Media be involved in making such "content" available readily and at reasonable cost to the benefit of consumers and providers. Bob F>

bad links I'm really sorry to bother you with this crowded page, but I wanted you to know that the 'links' appear to be 'dead' !!! <Very interesting... I think you're looking at our root web through a "dated" mirror... Please try here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwsubwebindex.htm> Here it is: I was hoping to find some info on Hatchet Fish. I hear they have NEVER been bred in captivity, and I find that very intriguing! <Mmm, I like a challenge as well. Bob Fenner>

Re: bad links Points? Ahhhh, you're stronger than me! Yum, yum! Pam <Well, enjoy it... at our weekly weigh-in contest this AM was back into the 190's... Either got to get taller or lose a bit more. Be chatting. Bob F>

My greatest fears have been realized... WWM has become a pay site! I knew that the dot com revolution was over and most are no longer giving away free stuff, but I hoped and prayed that WWM would remain a free info site but I guess due to the username/password screen I'm presented with, it is not longer. :-) <No need to panic yet. The server had a failure and is disrupting our service. -Steven Pro>

Cool Corals Products: Reef Secure Trial Follow up.. Dear Bob, This is Brad Kretzmeier, with Cool Corals Products. We have recently contacted you regarding a new mineral supplement we had released.  <Yes, thank you Brad. Did receive, read over the materials... Sorry to have not responded as of yet, and have not tried the product. Am going to be away for quite a bit so am entrusting a close friend, Maurice Bullock who is in the trade, and the prez of the local marine hobby grp... point is he is honest, competent and has "tested" products in the past> I believe that you should have the information, pricing, and a sample by now. I am just following up to see if you have any further questions or information you might require. Also, a quick check to see what your thoughts are on the product at this point. Thank you for taking the time to test out our new product. I should be chatting on your site soon, we have been busy with a few new items for the industry that have been keeping us tied up. Hope to see you there. Thanks, Brad Kretzmeier Cool Corals Products 800 Main Street Lafayette, IN 47901 765-742-2936 coolcorals@aol.com <Thank you Brad. Please do keep me on the "tickler file"... am off for a few weeks diving. But will give you a small report when have some input. Bob Fenner>

RE: WWM server down Just got off the phone with them - their hardware died, and they're building a whole new box. Expect to be down a couple hours at best, <Arggghhhh> as they migrate lots and LOTS of data, I'm sure, hopefully disk to disk... The tech I talked to said "within the fiscal year" which he delivered too deadpan to be funny... <Doh! Well, I'll show them which physical year! Am out to clean a rental, sigh. Bob>

RE: WWM server down > The WWM broke the computer. Yesterday I did an automated script that 'remote controlled' FP2000's find/replace to go through the entire site replacing Bob's email address... which means FrontPage downloaded and uploaded the entire site - a couple of times at least. DP's "premium" boxes are dual P3/1000 w/2GB ram (like WWF!) and SCSI RAID (better than WWF!) - so in spite of yesterday's torture test, I seriously doubt our own WWM, gigantic file system destroyer that it is, did any harm. Especially with the internet induced lag giving the hardware plenty of time to do its work. But with Microsoft running the show (IBIS - the worst commercial webserver on the planet) who knows... > It shouldn't take a "couple of hours" to get the WWM back up and running, should it? If they have to build a new box, and restore the old one from tape - it'll take a lot longer than that. It takes 35 minutes just to get Win2k installed... and a couple dozen GB of backup takes hours to restore from tape, an hour or two from disk. I'm really curious how they do - the stopwatch is running... and I'm rather disappointed they didn't have a 'hot-swap' box waiting to dump a dead one into... (comments Jason?) -Zo <Thank you for this Zo. Bob F>

Catastrophic Failure Hello, I sent this e-mail because our records show your site residing on a server which suffered a catastrophic failure about an hour ago. The plan is to replace this machine with a new one, combined with a restore of content from our most recent backup of the server. Thank you for your patience; we expect this replacement server to be up and running shortly. This will allow us to begin the data restoration process. We have a team of DataCenter and software support technicians working furiously to return you to normal operations as soon as humanly possible. Don Perry DataPipe <Thank you for this note... we have a few hours worth of work on today's version of the site... any possibility of switching the drive with this on it? Or is it the drive that went down? Zo, Jas, can you translate this for me? Bob Fenner>

Re: Catastrophic Failure Datapipe support, What kind of backup system do you use? You mentioned below that you will restore "our most recent backup of the server". We need to know the exact time and date of that backup, due to the enormous amount of information that is put onto the site, continuously. Please let me know as soon as possible so we can get an idea of what will be missing from the site. <... another day's useless energy spent. Impassioned lovers, computers lost... lonely pet-fish boy cries for back-up and has none... Moody Bob Blues> Mike Kaechele mike@wetwebmedia.com

Re: ticket #102979: Re: Catastrophic Failure Dear fennerrobert@hotmail.com: The status of this request is now "Pending, Work in Progress." This means that we're still working on this and will keep you updated with future status changes. If there is nothing in the current status section below, all we really need is time and your patience. Our goal is to have all issues resolved within 24 hours of initial notification, but anything that takes more than a couple of hours is extremely rare. Current Progress: We will try to recover that data from the failed server. I will be in touch with you when I have the drive in hand. <Thank you for this. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> Don Perry DataPipe

Re: ticket #102979: Re: Catastrophic Failure Information we'd like from you (if applicable): In the meantime, should I repoint the domain to your original IP? Is that still in use? <Zo, Jas? Bob Fenner> Don Perry DataPipe

RE: ticket #102979: Re: Catastrophic Failure > In the meantime, should I repoint the domain to your original IP? <Zo, Jas? Bob Fenner> IF the new box will be down a few more hours - I SAY YES - and Bob, when you see the old one is up, put a note on the Daily FAQ or Main page that it's an older version of the site, and that we'll be "back up-to-date ASAP". But DON'T make any major changes to the old site - wait for the new one to come back on the new server. Don, wait to hear from Bob (and perchance Jason) to confirm. <Please make it so Don. Bob Fenner> -Zo

Contingency > Just in case, when was the latest backup of the site done on your computer at home? <Last night PST> I really want to setup an online, nearly-real-time mirror at Jason's place - this is something he and I can work out transparently to everyone else, and the next time DP goes down for more than an hour or two, we can flip the ole' DNS switch over (and back again after DP comes back online) - Just contingency of course, but such a setup would have WWM online within a 2-8 hours (worldwide DNS delay), even if DP is torn off the face of the planet by one of those New Jersey typhoons .. er, earthquake. um - well, whatever natural disaster they have in NJ (bankruptcy?) -Zo <Please do so. Bob F>

Re: ticket #102999: RE: ticket #102979: Re: Catastrophic Failure Dear fennerrobert@hotmail.com: Current Progress: OK it is back pointing to your same u/p info applies. I will send out an update when the new machine is ready to go; the restore is coming along in a less than stellar manner... <Great... Bob Fenner> Don Perry DataPipe

RE: ticket #102979: Re: Catastrophic Failure I see the 'new' server is online - but the website is not yet restored from backup, disk, wherever... so probably we should just hang tight at this point? Unless it's going to take a few more hours to get the data restored... Don? Do the DNS shuffle? Or wait on the restore? <Perhaps this is a "good" "object lesson" (for us and our readership)... What is once free, available, even precious to sublime may be lost in a moment. Bob>

RE: Contingency I've put notices on the homepage and dailies page - the world is seeing the 'old' server - Bob, if you feel the desire or need to publish your latest back up to it, go for it, you'll be overwriting a site that is about a week out of date already... <Took a look... "our old" whatever server at DP is up... am uploading last nights saved version... Will our new server have this AM's work on it? I do hope so. Bob F>

update Hello, We have completed the reconstruction of the server you occupy. Please feel free to test all aspects of your site and let us know if you need anything special reconfigured. You still have access to the server's Windows Control Panel at https://commerce43.datapipe.com/CPanel to recreate any DSNs or additional users you may have had. For those of you we moved to temporary IPs, let us know when we can switch you back. Thanks to all of you for your patience during what has been a trying afternoon/evening for all of us. It is extremely rare for a server to fail like this one did, and we do not expect this to happen again in the future. Don Perry DataPipe ps We were able to restore the data from your site at the time the server failed by setting the original content drives up on a network connection and copying your content over to the new machine, so if you made any modifications today, they are still up on the server now. <Mmm, does something need to be changed to "find" the new server? The outside world is still seeing the 2/21/02 back-up. Bob Fenner>

wetwebmedia.com Hello Bob, I sent out the info. I think you'll be glad to hear that we were able to restore the content from the drives from when the server was last running, so your very last changes are back up there. Let us know when to change the DNS back, and thanks for your patience during this ordeal... <Thanks Don... very trying for you as well am sure. Be chatting. Thank you again. Bob Fenner> Don Perry DataPipe

RE: Contingency <Will our new server have this AM's work on it? I do hope so.> Sounded like Don was working on that too - we'll see, fingers crossed. <Does. "Wrestlers won". Bob F>

Don Perry continuing help Don, the WetWebMedia.com site won't come up. Would you please run the "Recalculate Hyperlinks" feature? This has helped me to not get timed out in the past. Bob Fenner

Re: Don Perry continuing help Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 10:22:41 -0500 <Don, on a sub-web, can see that the Navigation view to the root (WetWebMedia.com) has been lost... I would like to publish my saved copy from two nights back and re-copy the most recent work (time saved). Any problems with this? Bob F>

Fwd: Broken link on your website <Miguel, will you pls check, fix? Bob F> I noticed that your page: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/anemones.htm contained a link to: http://www.reefscience.com/Archive/Anemones/anemones.htm.

Broken linksssss on our website As a matter of fact, Jack, if you have the time, mime, pls run the Reports View and get on with fixing the couple of hundred such broken links (Yikes) on WWM... Bob F

RE: email addy <I don't know how to "use" the datapipe interface. GUI me on over brother.> Click here: http://mail.wetwebmedia.com your login is BobFenner, password is XXXX. All 'options' are controlled via a drop-down menu at the top-right. Otherwise, it is VERY similar to Hotmail, AOHell Mail, etc. One of the 'options' in the list on the top-right is 'forwarding' - you can go there to change or delete the address that email is forwarded to when it arrives at datapipe. Check it out - it's really not hard a'tall! <I feel... the POWER! of knowledge in action... now, back to defeating the closed-mindedness of the universe... through pet-fishing. Bob F (atWWM.com)>

Re: email addy Bob, The Datapipe mail interface just takes a "little getting used to", but once you are familiar with it I think you will like it much better than the Hotmail system. The next time I'm over to your place (and before the beers come out) I'll show you how to use it. Mike <Thank goodness! No worries on the drinks... am all outta (Weight watcher) points! Wah. Bob F>

RE: email addy > before the beers come out Key phrase... <Mmm, beer, yes... now where was I? Oh, why does that life-giving elixir have to be so delicious? Blob>

Email update Mike, If/when you get a chance, you might change the image on the daily FAQ page that has Bob's hotmail address on it - to show the BobFenner@WetWebMedia.com address, or to questions@WetWebMedia.com - whichever you guys would prefer to receive general/daily Q's? <Likely questions@ for now... What is/will be the password here? Same as...> I already updated the rest of the site, but the BobFenner@wetwebmedia.com addy still forwards to Hotmail, unless Bob got in there and changed it? <Hey, how'd you get that find/replace function to go? I lost a couple of hours of my life giving the heave ho to AOShell out your money for nada... replacing all mano a mano. Good work. Bob F> -Zo

Re: Email WWM issues My fault, Bob.. I wasn't sure if you or Steve forwarded it. I didn't check your mail today to see it first. <No worries> Should we still go into your mailbox and answer as we have been or has the mail address sorting begun (pond, fresh, marine@WWM...). And if and when it does change, should we still answer all when/where we can? <Still should go into the hotmail box... we'll switch about as soon as Zo enlightens at least me on how to get all there and back... Slow Bob> Thanks bud, Antoine <PS: I'll be late with mail.... sanding hardwood floors today> <Neat. Am going to sand down the urethane on our big honking dinner table thingee and try to re-coat/seal it with new. Be wearing that particle mask!>

email addy Bob, Do you want the BobFenner@wetwebmedia.com address to forward to Hotmail? Or are you comfortable using the Datapipe mail interface? <Zo... I must not be any good at communication... I don't know how to "use" the datapipe interface. GUI me on over brother. I printed out the bit you sent a couple days back... but still don't know "How" to set-up such addresses... Is getting, manipulating the mail from such just as easy as hotmail? Are you telling me the mail from there can be EASILY (as in by myself or others of similar competency) sent to the hotmail box? I would like to know the mechanics of such (is there a dang-blasted help screen/section somewhere on Datapipe for their mail features? I have not been able to find it...  I do think the "branding" aspects of switching to "yournamehere@WetWebMedia.com have merit, as well as more space/storage... am shuddering at the idea of changing all the (find/replace) f...@hotmail.com t f...@WWM.com time/exercise... Do think that all the WWM Crew ought to use such... Say what? Bob F> -Zo

sent to BobFenner@WetWebMedia.com An address at datapipe, which is forwarding to Hotmail, for the moment. <How do it know what to do? What's the password? Who be you? Bahb with the secret Nimzo-Indian handshake>

re the Freshwater Sub-Web of WWM It's done... for what it was on the root web... Must need quickly write, post a few dozen (ultimately hundreds) of articles... feel free to co-write or pen these yourself... if you'd like... have pix, will help introduce you to the pet-fish writing markets... Bob F

Visions of pet-fish swam through their heads http://scubadiving.com/buyphotos/ Hey, I want to do this too! Can we, huh, on WWF huh, can we? When? Bob F

Re: Visions of pet-fish swam through their heads How COOL! (Got my fingers crossed for you that Zo says "No problemo!" ) Barb-- <Am e-ing him and Jas to. B>

RE: Visions of pet-fish swam through their heads Jason and I have discussed that already, and yeah, we can do that. Looks like they're just digital prints. If you don't expect a WHOLE lot of orders, we can do it quite quickly, with relatively minimal effort, up to 8x10 size or so. If demand, or requested sizes exceed our casual capacity (my printer makes fantastic digital prints, but small) we can make arrangements with a service provider, or even purchase a higher/larger output system and fulfillment plans, with relatively minimal time, monetary investment. <Mmmm> The 2.2MB TIFFS currently in the collection are not sufficiently high-res to print larger than 5x7. Perhaps just offer a few select prints, initially? -Zo <Perhaps... and if there's sufficient money in such things, larger scans are available... even custom orders. Bob F>

Have changed the spiel on WWM root homepage... re sending queries... to what you will see: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ Still linked to the fen...@hotmail... awaiting help from datapipe, Zopipe... re how to set-up... and then hopefully recruiting help for "finding/replacing" current email addie... Bob F...

Announcing new/upgraded sites... for WWM? <What do you think of this sort of announcement? Something for us? Bob F> Dear Friends, Our site, the MALAWI CICHLID HOMEPAGE has just been updated. You can visit www.MalawiCichlidHomepage.com/aquarium/update.html to see what's new this month in our website. More than 40 new pages and tens of high quality photos have been added this month.

sending pics? I wanted to send a couple of pics taken in Cozumel last week, is this possible? I keep getting the message returned. Thanks, Ken <Don't know if I'm following you. Are you seeking help in "how to" send images over the net? Looking for actual images? Bob Fenner>

RE: WWM Daily Image <Through Adobe's Photoshop, silly... a little dig query for my AM. Bob> Nope, I send them straight from the file you email to me. The WetWebFotos "ImageMail" feature automatically adds the copyright tagline for me, if that's what you're asking about... <Well, I'll be a horsefish Minkey. The pix look better somehow coming back from you. BTW, great work on the captions and links. Bob F>

RE: WWM Daily Image <BTW, great work on the captions and links> I have great source material... [grin] Still hoping we can work out the Australia/Peeps/VideoEditing schedule... we'll see. I transition to a new project/team on the 15th, don't know yet what the schedule will be like on that one. <Let's make all happen... Where are our priorities? Bob F>

I can hear the moaning... no, not a porn site Crew, what do you think of a "meet the WWM Gang" area, link on the root web for all of us? Uh, a short bio., links if you want, pic (real or assumed)... Barb, this means you too... Please send all in. Miguel, get ready to spiff up. Bob 

Re: I can hear the moaning... no, not a porn site Aren't you suppose to be busy packing? lol Will put it on my *To do* list, Bob Take care, Barb-- <Mmm, need to make a list for my lists... see you soon. Bob 

Re: I can hear the moaning... no, not a porn site Sure... I like the idea just fine, especially if I can take a current picture now that I look like an interrogation victim thanks to my kitty, Zorro <G>. <Am sending in a fave pic of Brad Pitt, or maybe Sophia Loren... with those large eyes... mmm, what was I keying about? Oh yeah, sounds good. Bob F> Anthony

Re: I can hear the moaning... no, not a porn site <Okay, Barb has come fwd... with confessions of overweight poodles no less! Here's the new page/file: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/wwmcrew.htm and placed a link on the root webpage. Bob F> Short/ inherently sarcastic bio of: Barbara Taormina Photo to be submitted. 

Please, Pretty Please! (edit request) Yikes, Bob! Talk about an embarrassing typo! I mis-spelled/typed my former profession! Any chance you could edit my bio to: Assistant Metallurgist.....my fingers got going faster than my brain or... blame it on it being tough for us Italians to type when talking out loud with our hands! Thanks, Barb-- <Okay, will change to allergist, alchemist... as they say out here, "whatever". Bob F>

Long/er term WWM planning, ideas WWM Crew, am creating, moving the present Freshwater Index into/as a new Sub-Web... to facilitate manipulation, separation of ads, answering queries... Am thinking (for the moment) of the advantages of having folks who write us to send their queries for example to "freshwater@wetwebmedia.com", "marines@wetwebmedia.com" or such in future (not bob@...)... for the sake of our sorting out different types of input, re-sorting to their respective (to be separated) FAQs pages... then onto Sub-Web pages... Does this make sense? We have something like 35 email boxes of (if memory serves) ten megs reserve space each... Bob.F

Re: Long/er term WWM planning, ideas Sounds like a good plan to me. It will also save Anthony and I from trying to come up with interesting ways to explain why we are answering questions. <Another good reason! Bob F> Steven Pro

RE: Long/er term WWM planning, ideas Would you just have the different addresses 'forward' to a single mailbox?  <Mmm, would rather they went, were at separate boxes... I perceive a time when we will want and need more help... and may as well split up now> You'd still be able to see which email address a Q was originally sent to, and this way it'd be much more convenient to read messages, rather than checking multiple mailboxes, - all replies would come back to the central mailbox - <Oh, okay... if you say so.> Or maybe it's better to just keep them totally discrete. ? <Zo'ster, can you explain (in simplest terms) how to make and go find and use the datapipe mailboxes? I've sent in a request to them... Bob F> -Zo

Re: WWM Help Anthony and I talked and we can take care of answering all of the daily questions, if someone else can commit to posting them. Steven Pro <Ahh, the pleasure. Jason? Bob F>

Re: WWM Help I am committed to posting them... <As I surmised. A joy my friends. Bob F>

Hello. (Use of WWM content) I have a Marine aquarium web-page and wonder if you can use some images from your page. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/trublennies.htm My page is on Swedish. With friendly greetings Christian Wrang <You are welcome to use my content on your non-commercial site. Be chatting my cyber fish friend. Bob Fenner>

New Pond button for Homepage Bob, I have made up a new Pond image for the homepage and elsewhere. The one that's on there now looks a little ragged. <Looks great. Will place about in a day or so. Bob F, whose LAN has been down the whole ding dang day. On out to C's as of now. Gnog and Pete are already there.> Mike <Miguel, lost the ding dang thang. Pls re-send. Bob F>

Re: Fight the Parasite....... Thanks Robert, Many thanks again. You guys are the best so far I have seen in this hobby. I also like your website, indeed very educational and helpful. Sam from LA. <you are very kind for saying so... best regards in your endeavors>

Re: Antoine, dangerous cats, hash naming Steven Pro today as Bob is busy packing for his trip to Australia and Anthony was mauled by a wild cat. Antoine, are you okay? From now on your Hash Name is "Scratched Cat Fever", Dogfish> Hehe... thanks for asking/caring, Bob <smile> Actually, you could have almost called me "Patch"... but truthfully, I like Ted Nugget's "Cat Scratch Fever" better(which will be echoing in my head all day now <G>) <Mebbe I can/could be "the great white buff fellow? Probably not> I'm fine, bud... and my sick little kitty is feeling much better. A week since the surgery and he still hasn't passed solid waste yet, but behaviorally he is really getting back on track. He was feeling playful for the first time Tuesday night and literally right after I fed him a bowl of raw meat, I decided it was a good time to roughouse with him. He struck me on the brow and sliced my eyelid open clean through about an inch. Hehe... and we're the evolved species?!? Right. <Right> I'm fine... just not doing any commercials anytime soon. <The seawater will do you good, mi bello. Bob Fenner> Ciao, Bub Antoine

Congratulations - your article re-printed Dear Bob: Congratulations on your article "Rock and Wood in Aquascaping" being re-printed in Bermuda! - and thank you again for letting me put some of your articles on Aquarticles. Sincerely, Howard Norfolk, Aquarticles.com <A pleasure and honor my friend. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

RE: New March Calendar for your Computer Desktop and WWM Help Bob, What's the 'Bob-outta-town' schedule between now and May? Australia's a pretty big trip, right? <Yes... thanks for asking. Am outta here (U.S.) 3/12 to 4/5... (let's just figure this trip for now). Who wants to come fwd, answer queries, post to WWM, move about to various FAQs files/pages (making more as they go along, labeling, linking...)... Zo, will you continue to post, move Daily Pix? Be scheduling. Bob F> -Zo

New March Calendar for your Computer Desktop Just right click on the calendar and choose "Set as Wallpaper" from the menu. <Beauty... now, are you able, doing the work on the new links pages? Scrounging about for Pond site sponsors, hmm?  A few notes for all. Pete has made arrangement for Mikes wrestling partner from our last do to coach him re video editing. I still want Zo to schedule (along with eye biz... have chatted with Peeps re... our fiftieth bday partys are coming up, ouch...) he and his bro coming to SD for same sort of rounding... And want from all what if anything we (WWM) need for same (hardware and software). Is this unclear enuf? Bob F> Mike

Fab New Article by Anthony on WWM Anthony, have sent your article off to FAMA and das Aquarium this AM. The cover ltr. for the former is below. The pix can be viewed: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/acclimcoralslight.htm Be chatting. Bob Fenner Susan Steele Art Editor Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine 144 West Sierra Madre Boulevard Sierra Madre, CA 91024 fax 818-355-0312 2/26/02 Sue,  Please find enclosed an article, image scans of a nice piece by a friend of mine, Anthony Calfo. You likely know this fine young fellow. He is the author of a book that he is advertising in FAMA currently: Book of Coral Propagation. Anthony helps me (considerably) by answering queries, creating content and much more on our sites. I am hoping to help him by aiding his placement of articles with you, supplying images'¦ Please place this article as quickly as you can, with the URL for Anthony's business: www.readingtrees.com as address and have sent the proceeds for its publication to him at: XXXX Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15239.  Thank you, Bob Fenner

And the cover to BSV of das Aquarium and Sven and Alf's publisher in Germany. Herrn Werner Schmettkamp Birgit Schmettkamp, Verlag Postfach 31 62 53314 Bornheim Germany

Re: Antoine, his work Yowsa, Bob! That's some fast and fancy work! Thank you!!! <Thank you Anthony> I was expecting your reply trying to politely guide me to trim down some of the 72 1/2 word sentences...hehe. <Actually... read through the piece twice... the first time thinking I might change, add a word or two... Ended up altering two, three words to make them agree in case, added a hyphen... as all made sense, was complete on its own> I love the pics of the H. crispa anemones... really drives the point home. I'm really hoping that they were all included with the article submission. <Me too. Wish I had pix of some of the recent dyed stony colonies... the yellow anemone ones are from 1981... sigh> Anyway... thank you so much for doing the legwork and supplying the photos for the article submission. As usual, you are working above and beyond the call. Much appreciation and more to come from me. If I thought that you had more time I'd bug you to be more aggressive editorially <G>. <Glad to help my friend> Thanks again, dude. Antoine <Be being, Bob Fenner>

can i use your fish pitchers Can i use your freshwater fish pitchers for my web site tropicalfins.4t.com please e mail me back and tell me yes or no <You are welcome to use my content for your non-commercial site. I will also add your site as a Link on our WetWebMedia.com Freshwater Links Page. Bob Fenner>

New article Bob, I reworked an except from the book to serve perhaps as an article for WWM on acclimating new coral to captive lighting. <Ah, good... it's where?> When you get a chance... please look it over and edit/suggest changes. <Okay> I'm wondering if it is too general or longer than it needs to be. <Am sure it's fine, but will look> Thanks bud... <Thank you> Antoine PS- Zorro has shown some good signs today: eating a little food for the second time and showing interest in water. Looking better for sure! <Very good to hear, read. My thoughts are with you. Bob F>

Oops! Article attached to this one article attached <Outstanding. Am placing on WWM (Acclimating Symbiotic Reef Invertebrates to Captive Lighting) and sending to Sue Steele at FAMA for your re-sale as well as to promote your Propagating Corals book. Bob F>

Emails I am going to be out again all day. Anthony also has a very sick kitty. I do not know how much he is going to be able to help out today. <Allright. Thanks for the heads up... Will drink coffee galore and drive through. Be chatting. Bob F> Talk to you later, Steven Pro

New Pond Sub-Web... folks finding us Miguel, Pete just mentioned the use of different/better meta-tags, descriptors for our new Pond Sub-Web... while you're cruising, adding links to others sites, selling ad space for same, will you please look for and lift, copy and paste such on http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PondSubWebIndex/Pond%20Sub%20Web.htm Thanks, Bob F

The Pond Sub-Web is moved, fini for now (today) Gang, have done with moving all files/pages, folders, re-making all the links on/of the new Pond Sub-Web... take a look: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PondSubWebIndex/Pond%20Sub%20Web.htm A part and apart from/of WWM... with its own "rules", same ole log in/password... new shared borders... that want to sell sponsor space to for the Spring 02 season... Any input, ideas for improvement (other than more articles, faqs...)?  Bob F.

Sub-webs I'm just doing some more research on subwebs and I found this how-to article--> http://www.computertim.com/howto/articles/frontpage/f06.htm Important Note: Don't ever publish your site through your subweb web. You will end up overwriting your current web that is on the web server. <Yes. Know this. Makes sense... Bob F. wondering if you've started to formulate your plan for selling New Pond Sub-Web ad-space? You go fishboy!> Mike

Frontpage no workie. I can't seem to get Frontpage to do jack with the website, so the daily image isn't updated today - though I did send out the email. If anyone gets a chance, gets it to work, let me know I guess, or Bob, just put the emailed image up... <Is up now, will do so re image. Bob F> -Zo

Some info re starting of WWM Dear Mr. Fenner, I am doing a research project on Sea Eggs and I am using your site as one of my sources. I just need the date that you started your web page for my bibliography. Thank you so much I would really appreciate it! <Mmm, about January 1999... though the articles, images, FAQs were accumulated several years ahead of the web inauguration. Bob Fenner> Thanks again! Linda

Re: Bad Link Bob, Whenever I do some spot checking I almost always find pages that may have a title and even an image but no text or article. I remember you telling me that these pages were "Place holders" for future articles. We do need to keep these hidden from view (no links to them) until they have something on them because I know when I come across one, my first reaction is "Where is the article", and I'm sure the WWM's visitors are thinking the same thing.  <Semi-agreed... I find it "easier" or (one of my least favorite terms)"expedient" to, when faced with the apparent necessity to make a new FAQs file/page/link to go ahead and place it behind an "article" file/page/link... Sometimes have left the article title unlinked (not blue) but list it in place on the Indices, Sub-indices... About half the time, I do have an "article" to place... but these are being withheld for first running in magazines, manuscripts... this takes/will take years to clean-up in these cases. What we can, really should do in the meanwhile is have others pen what they want, place these... IMO> I am still going through the site looking for dead links and large images and files that are not being used, and deleting them thus freeing up space and making the site more manageable. I took a look at the new subweb scheme you want to use for the WWM and I am starting to get some ideas for the new look for it. We will talk some more about it soon regarding color schemes, graphics, etc... <Great Miguel. BTW have a new/old C.S. Lewis trilogy book for you along with your check. See you soon. Bob F> Mike

WWM stats, New sections and new Addy Bob (and Mike)... Outstanding on yesterdays stats... I haven't gone to data pipe yet to neb around but it 5,400 ISPs is both exciting and inspiring! <Yes, mate... we may top 6k today!> And thanks for the new Coral FAQ sections... A windbag like me should have no trouble filling them up! <Anthony... my great thanks for help here... Either I beg you to share your reflected experience, contemplation, readings here... or paraphrase your work in "Propagating Corals"!> And fellas...please do change my e-mail addy in your address book. I'm still getting mail from y'unz guys and would like to close that account eventually. This is the new address that all my mail is sent to directly or relayed from my book site, etc. <I swear I did...> And Bob... who were the folks that you mentioned you would forward my last e-mail about a German translation too? You mentioned initials of some company/group? <I sent to BSV (Birgit Schmettkamp Verlag, my friends who produce das Aquarium Magazin as well as Alf and Sven's works, MCRA) and Dahne Verlag, and Dieter Brockmann... a few others. Pls do trust me Anthony. I would not move to disenfranchise you (or any one for the matter), and these kind and talented folks may well come to be your friends, associates as well. This is the best way I know/have of introducing all, the notion.> By the way... I think it is especially precious that said e-mail forwarded also had my query posted to you about what I thought masago meant in Japanese by the offensive taste/smell...hehe. <Yes, all in time> Thank you gentlemen, <Hey, watch that "gentlemen" bit. Bob F> Antoine

Re: WWM stats, New sections and new Addy > <Yes, mate... we may top 6k today!> * What say you...10K in any one day by next February...hehe? Goooooooooo team! <<Anthony, this will happen>> > And thanks for the new Coral FAQ sections... A > windbag like me should have no trouble filling them > up! > <Anthony... my great thanks for help here... Either > I beg you to share your > reflected experience, contemplation, readings > here... or paraphrase your > work in "Propagating Corals"!> * If my time/efforts are half as good as my ambition/intent, I can look forward to filling it soon. <<You will my friend>> > And fellas...please do change my e-mail addy in > your address book. I'm still getting mail from y'unz > guys and would like to close that account > eventually. > This is the new address that all my mail is sent to > directly or relayed from my book site, etc. > <I swear I did...> It is weird Bob... I got this message to both addresses, and both addresses were listed in your group CC list... however, you are indeed correct, I am not in your address book under the old XXXX@adelphia that I can tell?! I went in to update it for you before and just checked again today...twilight zone web stuff, I suppose <smile>. <I... did check after sending this last... and had changed your singular email addie, but not (but have now!) your WWM Crew grp one...> > And Bob... who were the folks that you mentioned > you would forward my last e-mail about a German > translation too? You mentioned initials of some > company/group? > <I sent to BSV (Birgit Schmettkamp Verlag, my > friends who produce das > Aquarium Magazin as well as Alf and Sven's works, > MCRA) and Dahne Verlag, > and Dieter Brockmann... a few others. Pls do trust > me Anthony. I would not > move to disenfranchise you (or any one for the > matter), and these kind and > talented folks may well come to be your friends, > associates as well. This is > the best way I know/have of introducing all, the > notion.> Thank you big time... and I did not mean anything at all by the comment or intend to seem disenfranchised. You are certainly one of the most honest and committed industry professionals and friends that I'm likely to ever know. I respect and admire you very much. I was just following up and getting my plans in my head together. Now that I have a better idea of where the book is going, I'm revamping the three-year plan so to speak. I'm also thinking very seriously about printing and inexpensive ($20 retail) full color photo guide/companion on propagation techniques alone. Just brainstorming I suppose. <<I understand. You will have more opportunity to make your case, pitch in Germany... and I have a proposal/scheme to offer: that I add pix to your articles on WWM and send to Sue/FAMA for promo. of your manuscript works, and the big money (well, not that big) from their publication.> Well back to work... er, the labor of love...Ha! Antoine <Be chatting and writing my friend. Bob F>

Re: WWM stats, New sections and new Addy <... and I have a proposal/scheme to offer: that I add pix to your articles on WWM and send to Sue/FAMA for promo. of your manuscript works,and the big money (well, not that big) from their publication.> <<Well back to work... er, the labor of love...Ha! Antoine>> <Be chatting and writing my friend. Bob F> <<Bob... this would be appreciated and a wonderful opportunity. Thank you very much!>> <<<Become yourself! The pleasure is indeed mutual. Be compiling. Bob F>

New Coral Input by none other than Msieu Calfo For Antoines in-filling and enlightenment: Coral System Set-Up & FAQs, Coral System Lighting & FAQs, Coral Placement & FAQs, Stony Coral Selection & FAQs, Stony Coral Feeding & FAQs, Stony Coral Disease & FAQs, Propagation & FAQs  2/19//02 Here's the skeletal beginnings of your informing, inspiring others with more complete "answers"... Interested?

need an email address bob, Do you know this persons email? I would like to ask him something regards to his emperor angel. Because my emp is having the same behavior. Thanks, Linstun <Sorry, but we do not keep anyone's email nor would we ever give them out. -Steven Pro>

need an email address bob, Do you know this persons email? I would like to ask him something regards to his emperor angel. Because my emp is having the same behavior. Thanks Linstun <Mmm, no. We don't retain or post people or company's email addresses w/o their express consent. I will post this persons name and if he responds ask if you would like to be contacted. Bob Fenner>

Latest Articles Page Bob, I just took a look at the "Latest Articles" page-> http://www.wetwebmedia.com/Latest%20Articles.htm and noticed that you have put a couple of new tables on top of the old tables with different properties (different sizes). What you want to do is add new "cells" and not new tables, to the existing table so that the properties remain the same. It's a simple procedure and if you need any help let me know. <Yada, yada, yada... Fixed (getting more than lazy and cranky in my old age. Jas.C had already tried to "coach" me in this... Am getting zee splitting headache from re-building the pond index. I hope you all appreciate it. Bob F> Mike

RE: More pix > Gots to get you the rest in this file before going down under Indeed, but I sure wish you'd just sent a CD with all the new scans on it... ! s'okay - later. <Hotay! Will send rest this way. Be chatting... btw, Di said she thought you were NOT going on the Red Sea part of the upcoming trip? We're renting a farm or castle of all things thus far for the D leg... are you coming into the land of eeville infidels or no? Bob F> -Zo

RE: More pix > Gots to get you the rest in this file before going down under Indeed, but I sure wish you'd just sent a CD with all the new scans on it... ! s'okay - later. <Zo, turns out to be a giant pain in the keester... All I have saved is "shortcuts"... not the files by name in a file... Please do just work off of the materials you have... and will send you new "Zo Daily Images" on CD henceforth... unless you'd rather I email rest that I have in the meanwhile? Bob F> -Zo

Urgent Request (actually just a pic use and auto addie addn.) Robert, long time no e-mail. I apparently fell off your list, which is too bad because your pix brightened my days.  <We've changed systems, procedures for sending. Will ask Zo to place you back on the auto-mail out> Anyhow, small favor to ask if you can get back to me by early this afternoon. I was wondering if I could use one of your pictures, specifically the yellow whip coral in Bunaken/Sulawesi on 8/30/01. I need some cover art for a binder we are handing out at a government/NGO meeting on our int'l programs. I don't have a budget, so I can't pay, but would be happy to credit the picture. Thanks, Tom. <You, and all other educational, non-profit enterprises are welcome to use my content gratis. Will the size, resolution available work for you? If not, pls make this known and I will try to send what you want/need along. Be chatting, seeing you. Bob Fenner> Tom Praster Coral, Wetlands, and Migratory Birds OES/ETC US Dept of State tel: 202-647-2255

Appreciation <I hope you all appreciate it. Bob> I more than just about anyone else know how much time, effort, frustration with MS products, sweat, and enthusiasm you put in to all of this. People like you set a good example for people like me to have the commitment, vision, and drive to set in motion such a large undertaking as the Wetwebmedia Website.  <What? Save yourself! Actually just kidding. Thanks Miguel> I, as I have for the past 2 years, will continue to work on and improve this website along with you. It is very frustrating not to have access to edit the site any more from work, as I could get so much more done. Talk with you later. <I see the universe (not just mine) changing and rejoice. Bob, or what you would call me> Mike

RE: Advanced NT Domain Setup Information [wetwebmedia.com] You need to ask them right away if they plan on moving the site/data for you/us. <Zo-ster... not to beg too much... but feel like I'm in a SNL skit with "Don" there re all this... Would you please call, ask, make sure this (and whatever else) is being done? Their # 1-877 773 3306> The server is a different IP address, when DNS records worldwide start to update/flush cache, if the site is not on the new server, people will get ugly error messages. <I operationally understand what you are saying... but have no real idea of what can/should be done to make the transition "less ugly". Bob F> -Zo

Re: WWM + host upgrading Why??? <Because... this/it is within "my domain"... that is part of my current understanding of what our options are, likely will be... Don't know that you have the time, desire to "do the hosting" as it is right now...> I can do this hosting for free - zero dollars - nada! J -- <Let's chat this over... sorry to be so backward... can only imagine the possibilities of you "getting in trouble" at work re, losing the sites up to a point... Is the hundred dollars a month at this point such a big deal? Not to me. Bob F>

Re: WWM + host upgrading Bob, It looks good! It should solve some of the problems we have been having with the editing of the site. We may even be able to access it via modem now. <Great, this news is worth the extra expense alone! Bob F> Mike

RE: Advanced NT Domain Setup Information [wetwebmedia.com] > "people will get ugly error messages"--- "Gonzalez, Lorenzo" > Wouldn't this be temporary. Yeah, it'll be temporary - because it'll stop as soon as somebody copies the website to the new server - my point. <Uh, umm, okay... the "down time" given to me today over the phone was "only a moment" by the tech. person, "a couple of hours" by sales... Bob F> -Zo

Re: WWM + host upgrading Well, $100 per month adds up pretty quick. Is your money of course, but free is free you understand. <I do understand... but do plead to disagree here... there is (as far as I'm aware or inclined values-wise) nada that is "free". All goods, services have their inherent and comcomitant costs... opportunity, null and direct. Name me one that does not> As for getting in trouble, would be very hard - I run this show here, is in my job title: "Director of IP Services" <I understand this also... But even directors go> As for time consumed, is more than negligible, takes but moments to set up. <A generous offer... what happens if the server, other necessary gear, software "goes down" when you're not about? Sleeping, diving with your friends at WWM off on a liveaboard? Are there cohorts who rescue us then? The last three days, the principal site has "crashed" on me about two dozen times... I and others here have several hours a week into building the sites... and know you and Zo's time isn't cheap (or "free")... I am determined to do what I can/may to make the enterprises here and in future fun and profitable for all... Please do keep me out of trouble, informed. Bob F>

WWM Switch DO NOT EDIT WWM. read on. <By edit I take it you mean add, move, delete? Will stop as of now... and try to rebuild what is lost. Bob F> Datapipe copied the site to the new server, but did NOT update DNS. YET. Any edits anybody makes to WWM between now and sometime later tonight/tomorrow morning, will be lost, unless we ask the (very nice) datapipe folk to copy our changes over. <Is this difficult?> Sooo.... Nobody around the world will see any down time. Datapipe will keep BOTH servers up and running during the transition, until 'we' say, okay, kill the old one, we're all happily transitioned (sometime tomorrow, I'm sure) All good. Just don't edit WWM until tomorrow, or we'll have a bit of wrangling to do to get the edits on the new box. Jason and/or myself can coordinate 're-opening' of edits in the morning... -Zo (Jas: This is just due to everybody using hostname to edit 'web location' blah blah, DNS, you know the drill.) Barb - none of this applies to WWF, carry on as you please.

Re: WWM + host upgrading I think the chief concern is hosting the website on a stable and reliable host, which I'm sure Jason's are. The concern we had was a "what if", as in what if the company you work for folds,or you are laid off from your job (nobody has 100% job security). The high tech industry is notorius for these sudden eventualities. If that did occur we would be left scrambling to pick up the pieces and find a host. Datapipe has treated us well and they have been extremely reliable. I think this is $100 per month well spent. Anyway that's my 2 centavos worth, and I'm probably just full of sh#t. I think it's great that we can have these discussions and solve these problems as they arise. I'm sure their will be more... Mike Kaechele <Indeed. Well-stated Mike. Bob F>

Re: WWM + host upgrading And this wouldn't be a problem with DataPipe? I mean, if the high tech industry is that fragile, then these assumptions should apply the world over. <For myself... I don't know... but they've got a bunch of folks... we just have you... And your strategic help is orders of magnitude more important (productive, money-making, satfisfying...) to me/us than "maintaining the hardware"> I say - whatever. J -- <I say, let's keep our options open... You can run the servers from where we end up owning land in other countries. Bob F, not joking>

RE: WWM Switch "Any edits anybody makes to WWM between now and sometime later tonight/tomorrow morning, will be lost, unless we ask the (very nice) datapipe folk to copy our changes over." <Is this difficult?> No, it's not particularly difficult, but they will want a list of filenames that are not 'in sync' - files that you may have edited on the old server, that didn't make the transition to the new one. Then they ('Conner', technician-guy) can copy them over to the new server. We can also do this on our own, by attaching frontpage to the old server, taking a 'local copy' of the pages in question, then attaching to the new server, and publishing them. That's complicated enough that I recommended the 'halt all edits' approach. Make sense? <Okay... just hoping much of today's input, changes "made it" to the sent vers. to the new server... before I read "stop presses" from you. any idea of what time the new DNS was established EST? Bob, digging out Eugenia trees, roots, stumps w/ Slick for Di's new storage space.> -Zo

Re: WWM + host upgrading Ahh, I see now... you are assuming that these are like driving trucks? Need my constant vigilance? Not so - is a set-and-forget type of thing... this is my area of expertise. I am the laziest guy on the planet which means I am constantly seeking to make my job easier. You don't really think I would have offered if it meant I had to work, did you? <Mmm, all is being revealed... Let's keep talking, leave the present web with others for now. Bob F> ;-) J --

RE: WWM + host upgrading Ok then... I just thought of a new pitch. You recall I have equity in Connecticut Telephone, my beloved employer, etc, etc. Anyway... we [CTTEL] could use that $100 a month, dammit! <Oh! Now you're talking> In fact, I'll even cut a discounted rate just to make it a sweeter deal. That way, you can pay for something and feel like you are getting something in return for those payments. ;-) We most certainly can do whatever DataPipe is doing, and like Mike was so kind to point out - they have every chance of vanishing, just like CTTEL does. <Yes> So... we are certainly a competitive data carrier and web host company, we just don't have any business at the moment. What says you? <Let's pass this around to the WWM Crew: Pls cast your ballot> Anyway, I really didn't mean to ride a dead horse - if you'd prefer to continue on with DataPipe, I most certainly understand, the wheel is already in motion. But, it occurred to me that I wasn't being true to my [and my company's] interests if I didn't make a ploy for that $100 a month. <Certainly understand this> Anyway... ho ho, ha ha - whatever. I'm easy. J -- <Be chatting, voting. Bob F>

RE: WWM when? > Zo, how will we know when it's time to edit WWM? When you can see this page: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/newserver.htm in your browser, without any error message (ie. 404, file not found), you are connecting to the new server. <Will keep it handy. Bob> -Zo

RE: WWM when? Good morning all, I just got off the phone with Datapipe, for some reason they 'forgot' to update the DNS yesterday, despite my conversation with them. So the instruction still stands, http://www.wetwebmedia.com/newserver.htm - when you can see that page - you're good to go for editing. It just says "Woohoo - New server!" <Tis done. Bob F, 7:24 AM PST> Okay? The guy at datapipe said about '4 hours' about 5 minutes ago. (10:15est) I assume/hope he was talking about propagation (time to reach the world), as he was actually doing the DNS update while I talked to him... -Zo

RE: WWM when? Also, you'd see I've already updated the daily FAQ page with today's image... the old server still has yesterday's funky goatfish on it... today has maroon Coralline algae... <Ah, yes. Very nice. Be working. Bob F> -Zo

RE: WWM when? > when you can see that page - you're good to go for editing. It just says "Woohoo - New server!" <Tis done. Bob F, 7:24 AM PST> Tis done for your ISP, (Road Runner, San Diego) which doesn't mean other WWM folk are 'live' yet on the new server - for example, the Ford DNS hasn't yet updated, I still get the old server here at work. So, to all who edit WWM - you need to see that 'new server' page for yourself, before you can know you're editing on the right server. And keep in mind that the rest of the world will continue to see the old server for several hours, even until Saturday afternoon in many cases. <Okay, but no biggee as far as I know, am concerned. Bob F who is just happy to not get error msg.s>


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