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Learning The Hard Way (Pt. 2) Thanks Scott for the response, advice, and your time!  My future livestock also thanks you in advance! <My pleasure! All part of the fun here at WWM!> It seems some people are resistant to learn even amid trial and tribulations. <Well, if you're like me (and you sound like you are!), you're probably a bit stubborn, and tend to want to learn for yourself! Just make sure that you do remember what you've learned!> I just hope I can apply what I've learned for future references. I enjoy the site so much and value the opinions of the Crew , it is one of the few places where we newbies can go and get reliable responses. <Thanks for the kind words. we have some great people here who are all to happy to share their experiences with others! And, since we aren't selling anything, we can give you objective feedback> I again thank you for your time to respond to my problems. I feel so bad because I read about all the things you mentioned in the FAQ and still thought it wouldn't happen to me....... DOH! <Don't worry about it! Nothing is ever wasted in this hobby. Bad experiences can always serve as an example of what not to do!> Take care, Andy <And you do the same! Regards, Scott F>

Re: Gobiosoma bosc Thank you for your prompt reply.  Your website is absolutely magnificent and I recommend it to everyone I come into contact with while I  work part time at a local aquarium store here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.                                                             Glenn Owens. <Outstanding. Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Bob Fenner>

Re: fish articles Bob, <Matt> Your articles on Wet Web Media have been a wealth of information.  I wanted to say thank you for researching and time spent publishing information about the fancy sea bass and related critters.  I have a 100 gallon marine aquarium and recently added 4 little 'fancy bass' Anthiinae.    In researching more about these little fish, I continue to run into your articles as being the best source of information. Cheers Matt Mullen Kuwait <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. The short survey pieces are intended to offer just the "gist" of useful husbandry information... and reference, inspiration to folks to try caring for them, going further. Very glad to see the work is having the desired effects. Bob Fenner>

This is worth a second to read. Down with McD's !! The Ocean is my true passion.  My aquariums are merely an attempt at sharing my passion with others. -- Aquaholic

Re: thanks I bet that your sick of hearing from me but I just had to say thank you for the quick response and I love your site. <Thank you for the great comments, Robert! I'm glad you enjoy the site! Graham.>

Article for Mag I would like to write an article on the ID & care of green spotted puffers (T nigroviridis).   Mostly because there really isn't a good one out there. <Great! You go Punkster!> Is it true that the mag is paying for articles? <Yes, a whole two hundred American per> What parameters should I use? <About 1,400-2,000 words, pix if you got 'em> Can I still post this article somewhere on the web for referrals? <Yes, can also be sold to other media... I'll help you with this if you'd like>  Also, there is still a lot of misinformation (BW puffers listed as FW, wrong ID w/photos) at WWM.  I still need to go through it all.   <I will give you access to the site so you can begin the process (part of a/the large plan on/for WWM) of moving you and possibly Ananda into "running" the brackish subweb... are you familiar with MS FrontPage or other web-publishing software?> Jeni/PP <Be chatting. Bob F>

Aww.. Shucks.. >This was much more thorough thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question.  Jonathan Feelemyer >>John, you are very welcome.  It is what we're here for, and we always appreciate the thanks.  Let's get the angel through hospitalization and quarantine, and when he's on his way, That's the biggest payoff and thanks I can get.  (Pics are always fun, too)  Marina

Age of WWM? Hey there, I attempted to send a question to you yesterday, dunno if it got there or perhaps lost in the ether - how long has WetWebMedia been around? <Mmm, let's see, as WWM itself, since 1999... but for a few years before, it existed as responses for Flying Fish Express (when the originators, John Caskie and Eric Silverman owned and ran it), and when FFE in turn became the property of Petstore.com, Pets.com...> I have a response to a question ready to go, minus this one little tidbit. I can get by with "quite a while", I'm sure, but to be honest, I'm curious myself. I've browsed around and can't find it on WWM itself. Thanks bunches, -Sabrina <Thank you for asking, relating. Bob>

Re: WWM Brackish and Fresh subwebs... ideas whose time has come? Ananda, Jeni, Jas... as you may well know, in the process of subdividing WWM into subwebs it was my intention that eventually we'd see, have individual "Daily FAQs", "Pix of the day/week"... and folks who would moderate same... independently of the root web (marine/reef). Is it time? Would Ananda and Jen take over the arrangement of FAQs, addition of other content on the Brackish Subweb?  <Count me in!  Just let me know what I have to do--Jeni> <Do you have a "good" (i.e. reliable and fast) internet connection? Are you familiar with MS Frontpage program? Do you, Ananda, Sabrina want to attend computer classes, perhaps on-line to learn same? Maybe visit San Diego to learn from Jas and myself? The program is not difficult, but takes a bit of familiarity to work quickly in. Bob> Sabrina... your time is coming for the FW end of things. Will require getting you the Frontpage program, training for the same likely (Jas and I are quite familiar here). What say you? Bob

WWM Brackish and Fresh subwebs... ideas whose time has come? Ananda, Jeni, Jas... as you may well know, in the process of subdividing WWM into subwebs it was my intention that eventually we'd see, have individual "Daily FAQs", "Pix of the day/week"... and folks who would moderate same... independently of the root web (marine/reef). Is it time? Would Ananda and Jen take over the arrangement of FAQs, addition of other content on the Brackish Subweb? Sabrina... your time is coming for the FW end of things. Will require getting you the Frontpage program, training for the same likely (Jas and I are quite familiar here). What say you? Bob

Hello - minor problem on web site Hey Guys & Gals; Hello again... Noticed a slight problem on page http://www.wetwebmedia.com/feather.htm < http://www.wetwebmedia.com/feather.htm>  under the Foods & Feeding: section... It appears the same text was pasted about 3 times in there... <Yep, bizarre... to err is human... to really foul up takes a computer... or such><Corrected> Only reason I noticed, was I was reading up (again) on my Hawaiian Feather Duster, because it's starting to split (reproduce) I think.. At least looks so... So does my BTA I think, it's getting really huge! <Neat> I'll dust off the digital camera and get some pics... Thanks again & take care; Robert Molenda <Thank you. Bob Fenner>

Re: Colisa lalia, WWM en Francais Thanks Bob, I'll ask him about specific questions. By the way, I have received many compliments about the site. Let's not talk about the site himself but about the articles.  All the visitors but one (not happy about American cichlids, he says it is dirt...(sic)) find those are very worthy.  And yet my opinion is that your knowledge is a standard for the hobby.  It is for me a great pleasure to popularize it to the french talking hobbyists . Greetings and thanks Claude <Outstanding. Am very glad you are able, willing to aid in the dissemination, help of offering the content en Francais. Au revoir my friend. Bob Fenner>

Betta Teeth I just found your site, and found it to be very informative.  I see that your Q & A is  aimed at the real basics and the new aquarist.  I was shocked to see the following: "Bettas Hi there, Crew,  I have had 2 Bettas for almost a year....love those jumpin' little guys to death!  But have not found any information ANYWHERE that tells me if they have teeth!  Not on the 'net, not in the encyclopedia, not in the fish stores, and not in any Betta books.  Can you please answer this for me?  Thanks!!! <I don't believe Bettas have teeth, IanB>" Certainly Betta have teeth, all fish have teeth!  Why, as a Pro in the fish business, would you not know that?<To be honest with you "I am not at all an expert" I am just a 17 year old high school student trying to help fellow hobbyists>  Some are modified; as in Parrot Fish where the teeth have fused into a beak for crushing corals, Cat Fish and Suckers' teeth are tiny and scrape and grasp,<yes, I am aware of this...> Lampreys and Remoras have their own specialized denticulation- but they are TEETH.<Technically yes> Teeth and feathers evolved from scales and fish and reptiles are scaled.<Ok> If you are not absolutely certain of an answer why do you guess?<Because I "guess" I wanted to :)> It took me less that five minutes to confirm that they did by a simple GOOGLE search for Belontiidae Taxonomy and Anabantidae Taxonomy. In many families and genera of fishes the tooth count and cusp configuration are a primary taxa for defining species separation and I would bet that the original description of Betta splendens describes the denticulation in detail.<Maybe you should be a scientist or join the crew to answer questions such as the one pertaining to Betta teeth> If you don't know don't guess. Look it up or just say, I don't know.<thanks for the insight bud> You guys are doing a good job and providing a good service to the Aquarium Hobby (Business). I hope my comments help you do an even better job.<Have a nice day, IanB> John McQueen

Thanks This actually includes no question, I just wanted to thank you guys for such a valuable resource.  My girlfriend and I decided to start a reef tank some months ago. Using your website as reference we have learned quite a bit, and now have a thriving and beautiful mini reef.  People who find and utilize your website should be thankful, as they will never have to rely on the misguided information of those *cough* salesman in various local fish shops. Thanks again, and have a kind day! Erich <Thank you for writing. Bob Fenner> James Providence, RI

New Marine Aquarium Reply Thanks a lot for your reply Ryan! <Surely!> Your answers make me feel much more confident to move ahead with the next steps. <Great-Then I've helped> Please keep up all the good work that you guys do there, it is much appreciated, especially by those of us who are just breaking in. <I do this because this is a special thing, and it makes a difference.  I was once on the other side of these emails as well!> I'm sure I will have more questions, so I'm glad you all are standing by. <I'll be here!  Best of luck, and keep us posted. Ryan> --Dave

Something to point out Hello Crew, Just thought I would point out that on this page    http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/index.htm  under Stinging-Celled Animals/Stony Corals and Much More      You will see that Open Brain Reproduction Report & FAQ  is listed twice. No big deal, but I just thought to bring it to your attention. Take care all Amy L <Thanks a bunch. Will delete one copy. Bob Fenner> <<Oh, now I see... I placed twice... Once for folks looking for info. on propagation, and again under the family (Trachyphylliidae)... relates to both... Thank you, Bob F>

Thanks for the knowledge Hey Gang! This is more of a thank you note than a question.  Since December 24 '03, I've had a new "softy reef" started, and now, thanks to Anthony & the rest of the fine WWM crew & much research on my part, my new system has come to life! It's a 75g aquarium, over a 70g sump, with a Mag 12 running wide open flowing thru two SCWD wave devices & two 3/4" inputs. The lighting is a Custom SeaLife 4x65 watt, PC/Moonlite fixture & a CSL Britelite (2x65 watt 8800k). I thought y'all might like to see an example, of the end product, in your contribution to our hobby. The 8" SouthDown sand bed in the sump, (1"-2" in display), has almost  settled, so, this shot a little cloudy, but, you get the idea! Thanks again to Wet Web Media. Stormbringer, (aka; Scott in Denver) <Glad to hear of your success. Bob Fenner>

WWM Help, Are you? Dear friends and fellow aquarists, WWM is looking for help with answering/responding to input/questions on a daily basis. Particularly, we need folks with freshwater experience, knowledge, a capacity to relate in writing, and a burning desire to help others in need and curiosity. Do you have an hour or so a day to check and respond to email on pet-fish topics? The pay is zip, the gratitude enormous and the legacy lasting. Please send along your comments, brief introductions to me. Bob Fenner

Re: WWM Help Bob, <Jeremy> I read your call for help on the WWM daily FAQs.  I would be very interested in helping anyway possible.  However I fear that my knowledge is still too limited to be of much assistance.  Please let me give you a brief background.  I'm a network administrator for International Paper in Pineville, LA.  I have an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology and am working on my Bachelor's in Information Systems.  Hoping to have it completed by the end of next year.  I have been an avid visitor to your site for the past 10 months;  Reading, researching, and absorbing as much as possible before undertaking this endeavor.  I am currently in the process of building my stand and canopy and hope to have the aquarium sometime around xmas.  No telling how long it will be before it has water in it though.  I have a 1-2 year setup/stocking plan.  I realize that never having an aquarium  severely limits my experience, however I am always anxious to learn.  I don't think I'm ready to answer questions yet, but if I can help in any other aspect (i.e.. archiving the daily FAQ to free up the crews time, research, etc.) please don't hesitate to contact me.  I would be more than happy to assist in anyway you think possible.  Thanks for all the assistance provided to me in the past. Jeremy <Thank you for coming forward. We're currently set on most operational ("menial") tasks (Jas, Marina and I do them for the most part), but it does sound like you're getting closer to actually responding to queries. Please make it known when you feel you will be comfortable in that capacity. Bob Fenner>

Re: WWM Help, Are you? Dear Mr Fenner. <Kendal> I'd love to help in replying to questions sent by readers to WWM. <Good> Sadly, (in the capacity of helping) I haven't had enough illnesses only losing 4 fish in a little over 5 years of keeping S American and Africans - 2 of those were flighty S. multipunctatus who found a gap in the lid, the other 2 were newly acquired O. affinis of a group of six. <No worries here. You will learn "how things have gone bad", and know how to do them right obviously> I have nothing to offer with any confidence in marine setups, only recently quizzing Scott F on the topics of skimmers and small fish compatibility for a new setup. I've had nothing but success with freshwater however, so perhaps I can offer something there. <Specialization is fine> If you have some menial duties I could assist with I'd be happy to, or put my name on the backburner if you don't receive enough replies - highly unlikely though, I'm betting dozens, if not hundreds, will reply! <Mmm, not so. Many folks are shy, some smaller subset fear they don't have time to make the commitment> Many thanks for your time. Kendal McGuire <And you for your offer. Please send along a brief resume (your pet-fish history/experience) to share with the present crew, post on WWM... and we'll show you the "ropes" in terms of how to sign in. Bob Fenner>

LOVE Your Website This is not a question, but I just wanted to write to you all and say that this website is a dream come true for anyone interested in aquatic life. I want to start a SW tank, but I am reading up on it as much as possible first (books, articles, even interviewing pros). Plus I have friends that have had tanks for years. Thanks to your website I am becoming more knowledgeable about different types of SW fish, systems, filtrations and more. Thank you once again for all of your hard work. Sincerely, Justine J. <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Excelsior! Bob Fenner>

- Kudos - The crew- Thank you for your quick response and for solving the mystery. I love learning about these amazing creatures we keep and I usually try to find my own answers but I came up empty on this one.  You truly have a site that is beneficial and informative! Your site is such a service, I can not tell you how many mistakes I would have made had it not been for your site! <Very pleased you find the site useful.> Thank you all - Susan <Cheers, J -- >

WetWebMedia Website (Frontpage?!) I heard you say at the SDMAS meeting last night that you manage your website using FrontPage ... I thought you were kidding, but apparently you weren't. :) <Nope> If you're interested in making your site a little easier to manage (i.e. making it database and template driven) just let me know, I've got a fair bit of practice with that. <Jason.C and I were just talking this over (likely jarred by your meeting). What might we do? Bob Fenner> Jessica Ruble-English

- WetWebMedia Website (FrontPage?!), Follow-up - <Hi, Jessica, JasonC here this morning...> > > If you're interested in making your site a little easier > > to manage (i.e. making it database and template driven) > > just let me know, I've got a fair bit of practice with that. > <Jason.C and I were just talking this over (likely jarred > by your meeting). What might we do? Bob Fenner> I don't know how technical you are/aren't, but here goes. :) Right now your site is a collection of plain HTML pages, and every time you make a change to the way your FAQ's are displayed (let's say you want to display letters to you in blue, and your responses in green) you have to edit every single FAQ page in the site and highlight the appropriate text, change its color, etc.  Over and over and over. Making your site database-driven will allow you (to a certain extent) to separate the site's content from the way it's displayed.  The content is stored in a database (the content can be updated using a form on the website, a MS Access client, or through various other means), and the templates are files that pull the data out of the database and display it however you want.  So if you want to change one type of content to green and another type of content to blue, you just edit one template file and PRESTO! This also has the advantage of making it pretty easy to add search functionality and other cool toys to your site. There are a lot of software platform options, depending on various factors...  If you've got a Unix-based server, normally PHP is used as the scripting/templating language, and PostgresSQL or MySQL for the database.  That can be done on Windows servers too: it's a little more difficult to set up, but the software's a lot cheaper than the M$ alternatives (AKA, *free*) Then you get to decide whether you want to create a bunch of custom templates or if you think there's a content management system already out there that fits your needs.  There are pros and cons to both, just depends on what you want out of your site. So, what do you want out of your site? :) Jessica Ruble-English <Well, being a Java programmer myself, I'm very familiar with the paradigm you present here. This is something that has been discussed, proposed, and even worked up many times in the past. The real crux of the biscuit is that we have almost 5,000 pages [not including images] at the moment, and any migration to a data-driven system would take an equal amount of hours [5,000+] to perform the data entry and categorization to make the effort worth while. While we realize the value of such work, it's really more than we can ask our all-volunteer staff to do, and even those of us who work a lot on the site... it doesn't pay anything, unfortunately. Our other option is to lose all the old content and start from scratch, but in this case we're talking about three years of accumulated material which gives the site the draw it has now - without it, we wouldn't have our sponsors or our readers. As you might guess, we're stuck where we are... it doesn't excite me to say such things, and we certainly appreciate your suggestions, but it's just not practical or a good use of people's time for us to implement such a plan. Thanks for the stimulus - it's always good to discuss such things and dream a little. Perhaps one day there will be free and easy to use AI that will allow us to do the migration on auto-pilot. Cheers, J -- >

- More on WetWebMedia Website (FrontPage?!) - You're right, cutting up the data is a fairly big project and it's no fun at all.  If you don't have any particular expectations of growth for the website, you're probably best off staying put. <Oh no... it's most certainly guaranteed to grow.> You do NOT, however, want to be stuck trying to put 15,000 documents into a database a few years down the road when you could have just gotten it over with back when you had 5,000 documents.  The conversion process can be made quite a bit less painful with some creative Perl scripting, too. :) <Only slightly less painful - and just to reiterate, if there's 5,000 hours in this site, I'd be surprised; I'm sure it's much more than that. It's a safe estimate that it would take at least that much time to convert the data by hand. The time to write, test, and run a Perl script would end up being about the same... time for bad data conversions, etc. FWIW, I've participated in many data conversions for accounting systems with multi-million dollar consultants and back ends and they never go well the first, second, or third time... and that's with a small army of people working on the conversion, so the issues becomes: who has all this time? Given my choice, I'd rather be out diving and taking pictures, walking my dog, or almost anything else. Don't get me wrong - I agree with you 100%, it's just that for anyone to shoulder this work would drain all the fun out of their lives... and what good is that? Granted, with a paid staff it might be more realistic, but we just don't have one of those and probably won't for some time to come.> If you're adamant that this is just not going to happen, that's fine, just tell me. <I'm not adamant, but rather just being realistic... would love to have such a thing, but as I mentioned already, I've seen automated data conversions gone bad. > But I think wetwebmedia would be more valuable to the community with better layout, search capabilities, etc. :) <You are most certainly right, but were do we get all the time? Were you volunteering yours???? ;-) Would be more than willing to discuss all projects/efforts to date in more detail.> Jessica <Cheers, J -- >

Wet Web Media Feedback I understand there is a limited amount of time in a day and I'm grateful for everything you put into WWM.  However, when I visit WWM,  in addition to the extraordinary wealth of information, two things consistently occur to me: a. Overall organization is inadequate b. FAQ layout is inadequate <Greatly appreciate your comments, hopefully some solid suggestions for improvement> (Overall Organization) Navigation would be drastically improved with an improved directory or index structure.  Related topics are good, but finding a topic currently is like an Easter egg hunt -- poking around until I find what I want.  Similarly, searching is not good for browsing.  I often go elsewhere because finding a desired topic to browse is a game of chance. <Umm, and it would be great if we could fly, walk on the ceiling... Do you have an example of what you're speaking of? Or some specific input? The directories (indices) on the root and sub-webs are an ongoing "work in progress"... am always looking for ways to improve... within the framework of time available of course> (FAQ Layout) Reading FAQs would be drastically improved if the authors in the conversation were indicated in a clear way that does not detract from the conversation flow.  The most common and best way I've seen this done is by preceding each conversation block with the author name (sometimes combined with bold or italics):   Jane Q:   Something is causing my Xenia to ...   Bob F:  This can occur when ... A subtitle for each question might also work well. <A good idea... but... we/I do allow for a good deal of "individualization" in response formats... e.g., some folks have adopted the dating of same... some like to identify themselves immediately, others toward the end... For fun's sake and as all are volunteers, this seems to work out> Redesigning WWM would be a lot of work, but there may be a freeware canned website solution that provides the basic design and layout, allowing you to concentrate on the content and features.  I've been away from such software for awhile, but I would guess there're several solutions relatively easy to setup that use PHP, which is also said to be relatively easy to learn.   <Mmm, will ask Jason.C and Zo.L here re... if they know of such software, consider it worth implementing> I hope that's considerate and constructive. Jake <Thank you. Much appreciated. Do you have time, interest in re-working parts of the site? Bob Fenner>

Re: Wet Web Media Feedback [The pointy braces in your reply are interpreted as html tags in my webmail and there's no option to turn html off, so all of your words are missing in the quoted reply.  I suggested a more functional layout and organization for WWM.  Following is your final remark.] > Thank you. Much appreciated. Do you have time, interest in re-working > parts of the site? Bob Fenner In these days of heightened security concerns, I hadn't expected to be offered the opportunity, and I haven't spent any time with web design lately.  That's not to say I'm uninterested, just unprepared. This project has pretty big scope, because it would encompass a total website design and there's a lot of content, not to mention opportunities to add new features and there may be one or more new languages to learn. I'm probably not going to be able to get any kind of demo together in the next 90 days, but I'll put this on my back burner and if something good happens, I'll be in touch. Jake <Okay. Thanks. Bob Fenner>

Thanks For Help >Dear Sir/Ma'am, I only want to thank one of your crew named Marina, she sounds nice, quickly answered my beginner's panic, and helped me to think more clearly before doing anything stupid with my tank. Your site is the most helpful and informative and actual marine site I have ever known, staffed with the best people I have ever met. So, go WetWeb! Teresa >>Teresa, it is my great pleasure to be of help.  You are most welcome.  Marina

WWM support/appreciation Anthony, By the way,  Do you guys sell stuff on your site?   <nope... its a free content site. The closest to a sale we get is our name/reputation to support the sale of our books. Other than pre-sales of autographed copies, we even then try to steer most book sales to our dealers and distributors. Signed copies of our books still can be had at: https://secure.wetwebmedia.com/order_form.jsp > I appreciate the advice and would like to give you business if possible in return. Andy <much appreciation for the consideration, my friend. But, no worries... just learn, share and grow :) Kindly, Anthony.>

Missed a day... WWM Feedback Hi, Anthony!  You, along with the rest of the Crew, have given me very valuable information in the past and I have been reading this site daily for about a year now.  Tons of free information out there-- Thanks a bunch.   <always welcome my friend> But darn it I miss one day and all HE double hockey sticks breaks loose and now I am at a loss to what has happened in one specific e-mail that has several readers in an uproar.  Could you please link me to that one e-mail from a couple of days ago so I can catch up on what is going on with these people and to see what I may have missed.   <heehee... twas not much to read. I'm honestly not sure where on the site it was even archived (other crew members have the less than enviable chore of placing daily FAQs> Evidently someone bought a critter for their tank without researching first?  Bad choice in my book.  Let me know what happened a couple of days ago so I can get up to speed if you so wish.  Thanks for all the fun, Jeff <Much ado about nothing. One very strange daily reader took exception to me giving a chap links to ID his anemone instead of citing the species for him directly. I made a comment about responsible stewardship and needing to research the needs of a living animal before taking it home. This chap and one other seemed to think that was too rough?!?!? Bizarre... just when I think I'm the wierdo in my group of friends... one of them opens their mouth to speak <G>. Ha! I'm just not trying hard enough apparently. Heehee... ciao, bub :) Anthony>

WWM Feedback - 7/8/03 Hi again Anthony <cheers, my friend> I just wanted to write because I think that all of the people that are giving you a hard time about the anemone ID are dorks! <heehee... just two. Ahh... people, that is. They may or may not actually be dorks <G>. They do seem to want to be spoon fed at any rate though> If I go out an buy a puppy for $100.00 and put it in the yard. Let it stay there for a while and start wondering how to take care of it. While it suffers because I don't know a thing about it. I don't think an anemone is any different. <I agree with you very much dear. We have no right to assign or distinguish an ethical/moral value to various animals at whim/will... they are all precious living creatures. People that live in one bedroom apartments should not own St Bernards or Great Danes... and aquarists should not bring home fishes or invertebrates that they have no idea how to feed or care for. Its a simple matter of respect for life if not common sense> People who don't look up what they buy are not smart. <there are many reasons behind the motives of such folk... sometimes misinformation... other times deliberate ignorance> I am 16 and know better. I think you gave him the information he wanted and needed. I also don't think that you were mean or said anything out of line. Thank you Tammy A. <thanks kindly for saying so my friend :) It is for the overwhelming majority or folks and WWM friends just like you that we all volunteer here. With kind regards, Anthony>

A Few Words Of Thanks - 7/8/03 Dear Bob and wetweb crew,<Crew member Phil with you today!> Thanks so much for making and updating sites like this, and for dedicating your time.<It is our pleasure to do this.  It's not as easy as it seems, but to see the outcome.  Happy aquarists with thriving tanks, it makes you feel good.>  The knowledge you share here is handy.<Glad to see that someone else agrees.>  I wanted to know about three or four things about the clownfish I purchased recently, and all the articles in your faq pages pointed me in the right direction. <Good to hear!>  If anything, the info you post helps people like me sleep better knowing that when I wake my fishes won't be 'sleeping with the fishes.' <LOL... Good to know we've helped ya sleep at night.  Can't say that the sleep med companies will be happy thou.. ;) >  Anyhow, good work and keep it up! <Thank you Tyler for the kind words.  Best wishes to you and your aquatic friends.  Phil>

Still Smarting - Reader Critiques - 7/7/03 Whoa, a little rough there Anthony!! Chill out bro! Go get a brew or something!! <This really has become quite bizarre. I am faulted for giving a chap a link to the exact page in answer to his question rather than recite the answer to him?!?! What happened to give a man a fish and he eats for a day... teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime?> Lord knows I've bought something that I didn't quite know how to care for it. I know better now! But I have nonetheless. I think it would be safe to assume that 95% or greater of the people on this board have done it. <That doesn't make it right. Really... its embarrassing that we as aquarists act this way (particularly those of us of Western mentality... "Might makes right" or "if you have the money, buy it regardless"). Is it really too much of me/anybody to ask you to simply know what an animal needs and if you can provide it before buying it? Just how much thought does that really take to overcome your impulse to purchase? A little discretion please> Mine was a Mandarin Goby. Poor guy didn't have a chance in my tank. But that was 5 years ago and I have learned much since then. And, I didn't need someone crawling down my throat to realize it. <Glad to see you are a successful aquarist and still with us after five years. But you are the exception. If you saw/read the amount of mail we do... and lived the industry/biz as we have... you would have a much more sobering perspective> I hope you settle down a bit about this. Best Regards, Jason <I was never stirred up. But thanks for thinking about me <G> Ciao, bub. Anthony>

Reader Critique of Replies - 7/7/03 Anthony, I whole heartedly agree with you.  I personally have received similar criticism six months ago from Bob when I had a dying Chocolate Chip Starfish.  Before finding your website, I had purchased several animals from my LFS that I shouldn't have.  All of which, have suffered the consequences. Y'all have learned me! <Thanks kindly for your perspective, my friend. Indeed we all have made these mistakes... and yet, at some point we need to reconcile that the "mistakes" were once living creatures, and not a poor choice of paint color on the wall, as you/we understand. Many such mistakes could have been prevented with the slightest consideration... and a wake up call from a tough-love practicing fellow aquarist <G> may be all it takes to make a better aquarist> I appreciate your candor in answering daily queries. <Grazie, bello!> People should remember it's free advice and ultimately they're the ones responsible for what they bring home.   <Truly a matter of responsibility as you have stated. It really is not too much to ask of an aquarist to make sure you know what your animals eat and need to survive before you bring them home and find out differently. I have no regrets in reminding folks/friends of this> Keep up the great work, and congratulations on the fantastic new book. Vince <Great to hear from you, Vince. Its redeeming to hear of better days/ways among fellow aquarists. kindly, Anthony>

Re: Reader Critique of Replies 7/7/03 Bad move Anthony. I also thought you were a little harsh on that reader. I agree with you, but you could have said it a little better. Remember that these are people that may spend their hard earned money to buy your book! Jake <I do sincerely appreciate the perspective Jake and your time/consideration to offer it. But I will not adjust/soften my frankness of advice to help sales of anything, certainly not my book. Most people appreciate just that from me. Some people do not. And you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet <G>. I'm honestly flabbergasted anyone would think that giving the chap (spoon feeding) a link to the exact page with the ID/info he sought was harsh. Good heavens... WWM isn't "fast food" answers... its a learning tool. If someone does not have the time to read a single page directed to them (demanding the immediate answer instead)... then I'm quite sure they will not succeed in this hobby for very long. Besides... if I cannot be the Soup Nazi <G>... Kind regards, Anthony>

- On with the Show!? - Hey crew: <How are you? JasonC here...> I have a question from a FAQ on this page titled "Saltwater livestock importation": http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/bizlvstkfaq2.htm A small excerpt here: "Would you please email me your help and advice. I am usually at work during your show. That is why I am emailing you. Thank you for your help in advance. Lee <Bob Fenner>".   So, about that "I am usually at work during your show" comment;  THERE'S A SHOW?!?  Like on TV?!?  WHAT'S THE DEAL??? <Nah... no show... sounds like fun though. Am working on some concepts... something like the Fish Hunter - "Take a look at this beauty!" ;-) > I would pay my cable company more money for "The Fenner & Friends Show"! Thanks, Rich <So would I... or wait, maybe they would pay us!! Cheers, J -- >

Reader Critique of Replies - 7/5/03 To: Anthony. Regarding your answer to someone who was asking identification on an anemone, I found your reply insulting and rude. "<Please be sure to research and ID the creatures you hope to care for before you buy them, mate... afterwards it makes success less likely and really lacks respect for life/your charges. Your anemone is not a Condy... please read more here and be sure to follow the many links atop the page as well: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/cnidaria/anthozoa/anemones.htm best regards, Anthony" <Very sorry you feel this way, Walt... but really, do you fault me for giving this man the means to help himself (my referral to the extensively educational WWM archives where he will learn the answers to his question(s) and follow links and leads to much more info)? Do you fault me for being frankly honest and trying to ring a bell in this chap's head that it was irresponsible to bring home a living creature for which he could not ID on a gross level (name) let alone husbandry needs like food and light?!?! You do know that aquatic life is not furniture, Walt, don't you? Or do you buy all of your livestock on impulse?> First, you don't know if he purchased or was given the anemone. <What a lame lead into your argument. Are you saying that taking an animal for free, that you do not know how to care for, is somehow acceptable... but it is wrong when you pay money for it? What are you smoking?!?> Second, all he was looking for was an id. to help care for it better. <Correct... and I spoon fed him the exact link to the exact page with photos for him to find his own answer. This is called learning Walt... and the advice is free... you don't get your hand held all the time... even with folks as charming as myself and our crew.> Lastly, you did his anemone no favors by delaying the id. process. <Please refresh my memory regarding what it is that I owe you or the person writing the query on a holiday no less. I've done my job... well I'll say too. I gave this chap the means to help himself. If the 3 minutes it took him to read the spoon fed page "delayed" his needs to the point where the anemone suffered for it... then my point is proven ever more conclusively. He should not have taken the anemone into his charge without knowing how to care for it> It's a shame we all aren't as knowledgeable as yourself but then isn't  that what wet web is for. Sincerely, Walt M. Callahan <hmmm... I'm really not sure what you think WWM is for. Just guessing you've had a bad day or missed taking your meds. Hope either or both are improved for you tomorrow. I suspect you'd care to reply... or do we see things more clearly now? Regards, Anthony>

Hello from Israel Hi, My name is Kfir and I am one of the Israeli Fish Forum Administrators (< http://www.ffil.org/ > http://www.ffil.org). This is a non-profit forum and the guidelines that we are targeted is to promote the hobby (voluntarily of course), I have been surfing in your lovely site and (I was amazed to see the great articles that you have written)  I would like to ask your kind permission to translate some of the great information you have to Hebrew for the Israeli hobbies, that could not read English. (of course with the appropriate credit to your site and original link to the original writer).  I think that can lead to amazing corporation that some of the articles will be translated to Hebrew for our fans and the you! What do you think?  I thank you in advance! <A very nice bulletin board site. You are welcome to reproduce our translated content per our policies re: such: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMUsePolicyStmt.htm Shalom, Bob Fenner> Alfandary Kfir

- Broken Links - Hey, nice website, but as I was getting ready to send it to a young friend of mine (indoctrinating our youth into fish keeping! Keep it alive!) I noticed that all of the links from your brackish water fish lists are broken. Please fix em! You've got such a huge and informative site, I was really disappointed! Thanks, and keep up the (mostly) good work... Michele P.S. I'm a web designer, so if someone has questions or problems figuring out what is going wrong, I'm happy to help (^-^;) <Actually... if you could send along specific URLs to pages you found with broken links, that would be a great help to us fixing them. Will get on the one page I already found. Thanks for the input. Cheers, J -- >

A gift Mr. Hall,  Thanks for the generous contribution to the Wetwebmedia website. I'm glad to hear of it's inspirational effect on you. The Wetwebmedia crew also takes pride and gets satisfaction from stories like yours.

Thanks again,
Mike Kaechele Bob Hall  wrote:
Dearest Bob (and the rest of the staff!)
Am finally getting back into my aquarium again...had a 50g tank that lasted a few years and through increasing workloads, laziness and more than a bit of ignorance, it finally failed.  I put the whole mess out in the shed.  Am aquiring 150g tank and have been learning a boatload so I don't blow it this time!  Your website and The Conscientious Marine Aquarist have been incredibly useful, stimulating and has rekindled my passion for aquatic life!  I appreciate all the help you have given me and just wanted to say thanks and let you know I dropped $20 on the Amazon Honor System PayPage.  It is but a small pittance to for such knowledge and hope that other readers will help keep this website afloat too.  Thanks again for being there.  Bob Hall, Davison, MI

Praise for wet web media I just want to say thanks to the wet web media team for creating the most useful website ever. I have a job interview at a local public aquarium tomorrow, and despite being a marine biology student, I didn't actually know anything at all about the practicalities of keeping marine animals in captivity until yesterday when I discovered your website! I have now read about biological filters, pumps, lights, water chemistry, quarantine of new animals, feeding, and how to care for every animal in the aquarium (seaslugs, starfish, sea cucumbers, anemones, urchins, seahorses, smooth hound sharks, piranha) on the wet web media pages. If I get the job, it will be thanks to you guys producing such a comprehensive guide to everything anyone needs to know about anything living in a tank of water. Sally <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Good luck on the job! Bob Fenner

No Problems Today ! Hey Everyone ... I came across this photo today and so instead of a problem or a question, I thought I would share a good thing with you! First let me say that the Conscientious Marine Aquarist has been my  bible, and your website invaluable. This was originally my husbands hobby and he got a job where he was gone 3 weeks a month, so ... it became mine. I eventually caught the bug and now I am just as hooked as he is! Attached is a photo of a finger leather that I got last July and what it looks like now. For any that doubt that the WWM advice is the way to go ... need I say more? Thanks for everything! Beckie Joslin <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words, and the pic! Bob Fenner>

New fish pix Bob, L. susumi, L. pallidum, P. altipinnis....rab anthias pics coming soon -Josh <Josh, what last name do you want credited for these pix? Bob Fenner>

- April Fool? - So I take it yesterday's little picture of the day was specially chosen for the first of April, huh? Nice job ! J. <I'm glad someone enjoyed it - cheers, J -- >

All the hard work.... WWM Crew ~ We don't have any questions for you this time, amazingly enough.  I wanted to just thank you for all the hard work and time you all put into everyone's continued success in this hobby.  You've helped us greatly in the past, with our questions and with the plethora of information on the WWM site.  I'm especially grateful for the forums at WWFotos.  A really great idea, and a bonus resource for those of us that flounder our way through things at times.  Thank you all for sharing your hard-earned experience and knowledge. Kelly and Daniel in Houston. <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Bob Fenner>

From India with Love Respected sir bob & Anthony Wishing you a very happy holi to you and all the members of wetwebmedia.com. Well sir its the festival of colors which is celebrate in India. LIFE UNDER WATER,  MONTY <thanks kindly, Monty! Wishing you peace and long life, my friend. Anthony>

Thank you... Bob et al, I've NEVER had to post a question to the WWM site because anything and everything I needed to know in setting up my first (20 Gallon) Nano Reef was found on the pages "as is".  Search engines are wonderful things ;)  However, this also means that I've not had the opportunity to give the team a proper "Thank You" for all that you've done for me and countless others.   I had to take the time to do so now. Not only do you and the team provide clear, concise and useful information, but you all keep me in tears with your sense(s) of humor.  It truly makes for wonderful lunchtime reading.  I also applaud all of you for the hard stand you take in the importance of proper husbandry regarding the tanks, reefs, ponds and their inhabitants that we keep.  I wish more LFS staff had the same mindset, rather than being driven by sales. Have a stellar weekend. David Perry Massachusetts <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Bob Fenner>

Returning the Favor Greetings again,   Judging by the groans I could hear all the way over here when you saw my email in your inbox, you know I am the first-timer with the 30g tank with a million and twelve questions.  Perhaps I can return the favor.  I am a CPA/CFE, and simply wanted to tell you and the rest of your crew that you may feel free to email me with any accounting, tax or business questions you may have about your growing enterprise (or personally).  It is the very least I can do considering how helpful you all have been to myself and countless others in this wonderful hobby. Huzzah! JPM <Thank you for your kind offer. Will broadcast to the WWM Crew. At this point what little collective monies are involved I claim on my personal income tax (have lots of write-offs... not so much income), but perhaps others can use your help currently. Bob Fenner>

RE: A snap shot of the future, DO look at this! --If response takes a little longer, it might actually force the people to go back and read as you know, the answers are very often already there.-- <Yes> I have to agree with Jason here. I've had a person ask me some questions lately. In his last e-mail he simply wrote "What about a Mandarin?" If he would have searched WWM he would have surely found info on this fish.  I think we may need to have a sign that states "Due to the number of questions being asked the WWM crew asks that you please use the WWM/Google search at the bottom of this page. Any question/s that can easily be found will not be addressed. Thank you!" <A worthwhile suggestion... we do have a "FAQs on FAQs" page that has some guidelines/suggestions for how to make inquiries> Not the nicest thing in the work I know, but it will help get some stuff off our backs. --adding "how to" videos, PowerPoint type tools-- This sounds like a good idea, but once more it takes people off the Q&A and puts them on another task. Maybe worst case we shut down the Daily Q&A for 48-72 hours. I can use PowerPoint and I'm sure a few other can also. We make the videos and step-by-step DIY info. Then go back to the Q&A.  An idea... I'm wondering if it is possible to write WWM off on taxes? But since were a non-profit org. I'm not sure if this is possible? If we can get people to buy the WWM gear we have some income and not sure how much is coming in from the sponsors. How much expanding can we do before we need more income to keep everything going? Have a few more ideas but will wait until we figure out this out before sharing... <We currently "bring in" about 4,500 dollars a month, the bulk of this from WWM sponsored ads (the top and right shared border links). To date I've just added this to my personal income tax with little consequence... as we've steadily spent most everything we've "made" in the calendar/tax year of reporting... This year we've saved about 23k toward the upcoming book publishing expenses... and am hopeful that this "excess" won't trigger tax consequences for me. Our entire enterprises do not generate the revenue they are capable of... and Craig is especially addressing this issue, with Jason's help they're adding rotating banner ads to the chatforum and WWF... and we should make some money (in time) with our book productions> Phil BTW... does WWM have an official logo? Having one might help. I could send out letters to large aquarium supply companies asking for support. Just another crazy idea from Phil. <The one that shows on our WWM site is about it for now. Bob Fenner>

A snap shot of the future, DO look at this!

All, we had some troubles with (actually DataPipe did) with the stats engine... and they tried to sell us on switching to "stats7" but we've gotten them to restart and update the stats2...: As you can/will see we're approaching 9,000 unique ISP sessions per day (!) Bob

Bob sent this to us all the other day. As I was digging around in the advertising section on my quest for more and more resources, I found the following post from Mr. Mike to Bob. Unbelievable!  We are at 9000+/- now. Craig Re: A new high Bob, This is awesome !! The Wetwebmedia is only beginning to get discovered. Pretty soon we will be talking about 10,000 hits a day. I'm sure of it. <Yes, very exciting... Do wish I could expand time, get the few hundred sections on the site that are already "done" and a few thousand more images... Much fun... and useful... and of course, continue on the "new content" end... with travel, image, content making with friends like you... somehow supported by the site> I am one of the few people who realize and know that you have put thousands of hours of your time and a bunch of your own money into providing this essential free service to the hobbyists of the world. When people start to realize just what this website offers it will gain a reputation as the best site of it's kind in the industry. <Thank you Mike... am very sure that most all folks do realize... and are grateful for the help, sharing> I'm sure of that too. I can't wait to get my DSL connection up and running so I can continue to make my moderate contributions to this honorable undertaking. I have some ideas brewing for easier navigation and a user friendly appearance for the Wetwebmedia. I am going to try and make it easier for people to find the wealth of information that is on the site. We will start to see the 1 page views go down and the multiple pages viewed go up. This thing is just starting to gain momentum. Talk with you later. Mike <Am very sure you will continue to improve the site... and more. Be chatting my friend. Bob Fenner> Robert Fenner <BobFenner@WetWebMedia.com> wrote: The WetWebMedia unique IP session counter was 1940 yesterday (1/25/01).... Amazing.... to think of the good this work is doing. Bob

Fan Mail Never wrote fan mail (or fan email for that matter) but this seemed like the ideal time to start..... Thank you so much for this site! I am a new fish enthusiast and every time I ask my local fish shop for advice, or other fish sites I get confused, or no response or the wrong advice. I emailed my questions this evening and got a response back same night - see attached. Amazing!!! I think its great and I appreciate all the FAQS and articles as well. <Thank you very much! Bob did a wonderful thing when he started this site and I'm very honored to be a part of it now.> The site is easy to navigate and there seems to be a ton of information to sift through- I'll enjoy doing that in the wee hours of morning rather than watching TV. Wish you had photos of different aquariums- to give us neophytes some more ideas. < Like you, I love looking at photos of other peoples systems. Do take a look at http://wetwebfotos.com/ for some wonderful pictures that various members of the crew have taken.> Again, thanks so very much.... Rosa Haritos <Thank you! It's submissions from you and others who make this site what it is! I'll pass this message along to the rest of the crew, they'll love to see it. Ronni>

Just want to say Thank You. Hey Craig/WWM, I would just like to thank you guys for helping me (and others) with this wonderful and very rewarding hobby (once you learned your lesson and finally got it right). My 90 gal is now 7 months old. Been thru battles of ich, cyano etc., etc.,etc. But with you guy's help, everything is doing great. Guess what Craig! no questions this time....LOL  Thanks again, Jun <Whoo-hoo!  Alright Jun, this is what it's all about! Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!  Best wishes, Craig>

- Re: yellowtail damsel questions - hello.. thanks for the fast reply, love your site and can't stop reading about other peoples situations.. All your info is to much at one time and have to look slowly.. thanks again and keep up the great site and fast replies.. Tony, Natick Mass. <We're all happy to be of service. Cheers, J -- >

Re: 3 Questions????? (Praise for WWM) Thank you guys for all your help.  I love this site and I learn more in a few days by the information you have give me, and the sites of articles to reed, than more i learn in 2 weeks researching by my own. Muchas gracias Amigos. <Por nada my friend. El gusto es mio. Roberto Fenner>

"Freshness Dates" on FAQ's/Articles Hi: I am a devoted reader and question-asker of your magnificent Marine Aquarium Articles/FAQs section.  I was wondering if there are any plans to date-stamp these posts (at least going forward)? <It's a good idea> As I delve deeper into the depths of this immense zone, I am concerned that something I read is no longer the current belief/method, and then I go and use it.  Also, if I may:  How long has this site been posting? <Mmm, some of the FAQs date to the mid-90's but most are from 2000 onward... the articles are from the late seventies to current>   Do you have a system of removing obsolete questions? <... no. Like concerns re "obsolete cars on the freeway" I figure "if they work", so be it> Are older questions removed on the "back end"? <No. All are accumulated... with higher numbered FAQs files being more recent> Do you update the main articles on a subject if there is anything to update? <Yes, on a continuous basis... as we go over, re-write articles, folks send in corrections, new images...> Any plans to date-stamp them too? <I wish there was time to do this... as the situation is currently we don't have personnel, hours (all volunteer here, including graphics, lay-out...> In the interest of gathering information and forming one's own opinion (just like you folks like to say), I suspect a 3 year old post would be taken with a few extra grains of salt than something from the daily's.  Thanks, Rich <Again, good idea to date-stamp all... but how to do in a timely fashion? Jason.C says there's some sort of "bot" that one can add with Frontpage, but if we just save something on a given page... it would update the "properties" date to then. Maybe books seem better to you... in that they're definitely dated. We will gladly accept your help at editing any/all. Bob Fenner>

"Freshness Dates" on FAQ's/Articles (What's the WWM Crew think?) Mr. Fenner: I apologize for my previous email - it must have looked like it came from a one-eyed detective ("I got my eye on you"), or a prospective employer.  It is difficult, when writing, to ask those kinds of questions without seeming ungrateful for the free service provided. <No worries. You posited good questions, suggestions> I value that service a great deal.  As far as books go, I have purchased and read your CMA, and it is a great book.  As for the dates, I can't imagine what the process is for getting an individual email onto the HTML page for the dailies, let alone the difficulty in breaking out into the categories after that. <It's not... automated. The "dailies" are copied, modified, pasted on to the pages... one at a time> However, it seems all your editor would need to do (in addition to everything :)) is to insert the date on the subject line while creating the bold text.  It could look something like this: 2/3/03 - Dried starfish My son is doing a special science fair project about starfish... (OR) Dried starfish - (2/3/03) My son is doing a special science fair project about starfish... I would like to help in any way I can.  It is the least I can do. <Thank you for the follow-up and your kind offer... am going to ask "the crew" what they think re... at this point we have a hard time remembering to place either the original or a "made up" title (the subject tray) on the answered queries! Bob Fenner> Regards, Rich

WWM in progress I am new at wetwebmedia and I find it very very interesting. Good job done! I would like to know why some pages seem blank, like this: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/mgmarart.htm Many thanks, Marco! <Thanks for the kind words Marco!  Some pages are blank because we're working on them, fixing errors etc.  We do have a few glitch pages, this may be one of them.  Thank you for informing me of this!  Best wishes Phil>

Mutual Admiration! I just wanted to take one brief moment to sincerely thank all of you people. <Well-the thanks are certainly owed to you as well, for supporting our site!> I cannot emphasize the enormous impact you've had on me in advancing my knowledge on the reefkeeping hobby/science.  You really have helped in reducing the learning curve, and I really wanted to thank you all very very much. <I know I speak for everyone at WetWebMedia when I tell you that we're all thrilled to help our fellow hobbyists. It's great to see so much good information being exchanged!> My tank is near completion, with refugium all plumbed in and lighting set up on it, etc.  My remaining fish (those that didn't succumb to the dreaded Brooklynella and Marine Velvet) are fine and still in QT for the next week or so.  You've all been so helpful in providing me with the assistance I needed over this very trying time. Again...thank you. Warm Regards, Steve <Best of luck to you, Steve- I'm sure everything will work out well! Regards, Scott F>

Re: Just a short thank you Bob, <Rex> No need to reply or post this.  I just wanted to say thanks for a great web site to you and all of the members of the crew.  I learn a lot from the daily FAQ and utilize the sponsors as much as possible. There are a few old grouches out there..... ignore them..... they're not going to listen and I expect will they won't be in the hobby long anyway. Once again, thank you, I would have left the hobby from sheer frustration if I hadn't found WetWebMedia. <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Bob Fenner> Rex Merrill

Re: your information Your crew is really working great for you!!!  You've trained them well..  Get to the point. If you are really into this to help people with there systems or to answer or help with there problems then encourage them to buy our book.  But you's seem to by pass the help or the point of all the articles that are sent to you.  With stating they need to buy your books.  I had an order placed until after 2 days when I finally got a reply from Craig and every other sentence was a worry and then buy this book of yours. Never an answer to my questions.. <Really? Unusual. I don't read all, but I do place most of them on WWM. But I see below that Craig actually did respond, try to answer your questions, referred you to our (free) site...> Well as you know this is a vast world of information out there by many good bio's and I really think you need to look at your marketing poise and consider them. <Umm, didn't think we had "marketing poise". And, in fact, we don't have any training... not formal... none. We ask that the folks that help us answer as well as they can, or send the queries to someone else on WWM...> Believe me when I say this I have 24/7 to chat and go around all aquarium sites, stores and this is the buzz!! <What?> Sorry this isn't a good one that you can publish. <We publish all> But business people are business people with out u's and I's  in  (bsness) business their is no such word.  Thank you for your time in this matter I will also forward my questions and Craig's reply   David Demers <All right. Thank you, Bob Fenner> <Dear David, I'm really sorry you seemed to have misinterpreted  my concern for some sort of sales pitch.  I really don't have anything to sell.  You see, I do this as a volunteer, I don't make any money answering your questions or suggesting you purchase a good book on the subject.  Please take this post in the spirit it is intended and purchase ANY book which can help you understand the situation you and your inhabitants are in. As an example, your Carpet Anemone will grow to greater than 24" across, the actual width of your tank.  Someone is selling you inhabitants you are currently incapable of keeping.  I'm not selling anything.  There are any number of good books besides Bob's book which can guide you with the information you need. This information is available FREE on WetWebMedia.com for anyone willing to take the time to read it.  Thank you for your response, Craig>

Knowledge is Power I Just read the post from David Demers attacking you, the crew and your site. Without being totally obnoxiously rude to Demers, as hard as it is. He will find out soon enough how right Craig is. It is clear that he will suffer... or should I say, his live stock will suffer terribly because of his ignorance. He would be far better off reading just 7 hours of the 24/7 he claims he chats, travels. BTW in my travels, I have found all the best shops have, and sale, CMA and CP and none have said one bad thing about WWM. Anyway, thanks all of you for your time, your expertise, your willingness to share, for saving many of us small fortunes, and for all the directly answered questions I read every day. Great Site, run by great people. I know your actions and your site speak for themselves and you don't need a defender but, idiots like him, make my blood boil. I cannot thank you enough. <Thanks for the kind comments. We do this for the love of the hobby and the welfare of all captive sea life.  Maybe I'm in the dark but...I'm not familiar with the negative comments that you speak of...Huhmm. Now you've gotten me interested! David Dowless> Todd Rose

Doesn't speak for all Hi crew, I am a daily visitor to your FAQ web site and found the complaint from a reader contained in a "your information" reply posted 1/10/03 to be entirely unjustified. I have been helped personally and with great speed on many issues with my 1.5 year old reef tank. The advice has always been spot on correct because excellent results were achieved EVERY time I followed the advise I received from you. PLEASE don't be discouraged by his opinion as I can assure you your help and web site is awesome!!!! Thank you very much for all of your efforts and taking your valuable time to accurately answer countless e-mails for FREE. By the way, I bought Bobs book BEFORE I new of this web site AND BEFORE I set up my tank and I'm glad I did---unbelievably helpful!!!! The complainant will wish he had / has it in his collection before too long. <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Am likewise hopeful that others here are not bothered by the occasional negative comment/ator. Bob Fenner>

Dear Bob, Craig and the remainder of WWM Crew, I read the FAQ from a reader which was titled "Re: Your information".    First, let me speak for 99.99% of all your readers when I say that the services and information you and the crew provide for both the experienced and inexperienced  aquarist is absolutely invaluable. I have yet to hear or see a similar web service in any other hobby.  Although I am currently not in the hobby, however, I am planning a 300 or 375 gallon reef tank and read your faq's everyday to assist me in planning every aspect of the tank.    Perhaps the individual who wrote that unfounded and outright rude comment should have reviewed your daily FAQ's.  Only then would that individual see that the information you and your crew provide is honest and unbiased.  I truly believe that if your crew happens to recommend your particular book, it is because that book is the authority on the matter and not because they are trying to promote it for your benefit.  On several occasions, I have seen your crew recommend books from authors other than you.  Please do not let the few bad apples spoil it for the bunch. Keep up the excellent work. Sincerely, Michael Graziano <Thank you for your input. Agree with you on all points (though I will/may miss the big 38 cent royalty from the copy sale of CMA (ha!)). Am hopeful the writer will think over, reconsider what he stated, realize we are doing our best single-mindedly to aid others in their captive aquatic success. Bob Fenner>

Re: Happy New Year For the whole crew: Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!  And to thank you for all of your wonderful advice.  Your website and email responses have been an invaluable resource for me in my quest for a healthy, vibrant ecosystem in my apartment   Thanks, Adam <And thanks back to you our friend. Peace, life to you. Bob Fenner>

Just a thanks! Hi all you Fishheads! I visit your site daily and consider it to be an invaluable resource in my saltwater hobby.  I have only asked one brief question and you guys answered it immediately.  Although I still run into many problems in my newly acquired hobby of saltwater tanks, I can almost always find answers to these questions just by going back though your posts to other people and the long list of helpful articles you have posted.  I also can appreciate the time and effort that you put into managing this site and keeping it relevant.  It must be a mammoth task!  I just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know how much your time and energy is appreciated and how helpful you've been in my new pursuit!  Thanks again! JIM <thanks for the kudos, Jim... it is both inspiring and redeeming! Anthony>

Navigating WetWebMedia.com Re: Live rock curing Are there actual directions outlined on wetweb or just the hundreds of questions and answers?  If actual directions where are they?  Many thanks again. <the site actually has a good and interconnected order to it. Answers you seek may be found in articles, overviews or FAQs. There are two ways to begin your search for a topic on our site and both begin with you starting at the home page (www.wetwebmedia.com). You may 1) simply type in the word, phrase or topic of interest in the google search tool at the bottom of that page. It will search the site for you. You get a lot of hits fast this way but in no organized fashion. Better IMO is 2) to navigate your way systematically through the root web... begin by clicking on "marines aquarium articles", then "non-vertebrate life", then you see a section at the top of the page on "Marine Microbiology, Live Rock, Sand". In this particular case, you are correct... there is no formal article on the subject... just a lot of FAQs! We write articles based in part from the FAQs when time allows, we are grateful to receive articles from others that want to share/help fellow aquarists and we have also covered these topics at length in our books. Seek whichever source you feel most comfortable with. Best regards, Anthony>

Merry Christmas from Australia Hello WWM Crew, Pete McKenzie from Shark Bay in Western Australia. <cheers, Pete! Happy holidays from America> Just a short note to wish you all a happy Christmas and to say thanks for all the fine information on your site... definitely the best aquarist's site by far.  Especially to Anthony, thank you my friend, you've taught me a lot and no doubt will continue to do so.  Many visitors to our park have already benefited from this knowledge, and the understanding and inspiration they gain will benefit many marine animals in the future. <thanks kindly my friend... it truly is our pleasure> I continue to read the FAQs every day... so much more to learn.  Our tank is now 12 feet high and nearly ready to extend to 20 feet;  I'll send photos when it's at full height. <It will be so exciting to see! Looking forward to it> So cheers for the festive season from all Down Under. <peace and long life. Anthony>

Thanks and Best Wishes To Anthony: Better get a REALLY big stocking for Mr. Sapp...what a nice Xmas present! <you aren't kidding... my condolences to TB fans that have to put up with his trash talking.> The power of the blue Hippo tang is truly amazing! Mitch <he really must be black and gold deep down! Merry Christmas my friend. Anthony>

Holiday Greetings Hello Web Crew, Thanks for all the advice the past few months and hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday season. Peace and best wish's, James W.                                <thank you James... it is our pleasure to help, and our kind wish for peace and long life to all our friends. Thank you. Be chatting soon! Anthony>

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to all of the Crew, and especially Anthony, Steven, and Bob. Anytime you come back to Texas, you will be most welcome! <Oh, thank you very much! Your hospitality was a real treat.> Hope to see you at Oklahoma in the next months! -Cathy in Texas <>< <Me too!> P.S. I just took some pics at the Dallas World Aquarium - once developed, I'll share - you've NEVER seen Volitans Lionfish this size! <Thanks! -Steven Pro> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To all the Staff and Crew at Wet Web Media, Would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.  I truly appreciate the fact that you have this wonderful website as a resource for all aquarists . <You are welcome> I am into the hobby 1 year and 4 months and enjoying every bit of it.  There has been Ick infestations, loss of fish and the ups and downs of the hobby.  But I am on the positive side now and just started my second tank and all is good. <Congratulations on your success> Thanks again, Javier <Bob Fenner>

Holiday Wishes To all the gang: Thanks so very much for all your assistance these past few years. Your timely insight has transformed me into an addict for this rewarding hobby. <it is a great pleasure and privilege for us to serve. Great to hear you've enjoyed it!> Both my wife and I spend countless hours watching and playing with these creatures from the depths. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself as a marine enthusiast...but, here I am, three years later! <a taste of the wonder of Creation! Just magical :)  > To Anthony...my Hippo tang has been moving decorations around like crazy this week. No doubt he is gearing up for the big Monday night battle! May Xmas come early and you end up with Warren Sapp in your stocking singing the virtues of the Steelers after they dismantle the Bucs on Monday night! <heehee... I wish I had your confidence on this one. TB is a fine team <G>> To Bob>>> My LFS is Jim's Exotic Fish in El Segundo on Sepulveda. He speaks very highly of you, my friend! happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Mitch <Thank you for sharing your kindness and cheer with us, my friend. Peace and long life to all, Anthony> Holiday Greetings Hello Fellas, Just a Thank You for all your past help. <it is always a pleasure for us to serve> Hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!! A fellow enthusiast, Dan <great thanks with our sincere hopes for you in kind! Best regards, Anthony>

Re: (ranking)  web site... Heya wet Webbers, Just stumbled upon this site... www.AquaRank.com  looks like a good spot for some free advertising! Reef Central isn't even on there yet!  Check it out... Brett <Thanks for the heads-up. Interesting site... We would rather put time into developing our sites than advertising. Folks can, do find us with great ease already. Bob Fenner>

Gang, Di and I are going to St. Thomas after all... will be out 11/2 to 11/10. A request: in my absence (or not!), please do run the "spell checker" and/or re-read your postings (esp. poor Barb who I suspect will be placing most all and moving about on sites...) to speed the re-doings of moving/pasting all about... as stock American/English enterprises... in other words, it makes us look gooder/smarter that woids are schpelled korrrectley. Anywho, wanted to give advance (warning) notice that I'll be gone, and beg you all to do your best. Bob

Crew at WetWebMedia.com Gang, we have a new email address: crew@wetwebmedia.com go to: http://mail.wetwebmedia.com login as "crew", the password is the same as the old hotmail account. Crew Folders have already been setup. There is no folder for me, and there shouldn't be, because honestly, I don't ever check the crew mail except as backup when other folks are out. The WWM website currently has "BobFenner@WetWebMedia.com" all over it - that address currently forwards directly to Hotmail. I will change it to forward to the 'crew' addy NOW, then change the website to directly reference the crew addy later tomorrow night. (will send out a notice to chase everyone out of Frontpage) <Yikes... am making changes to the left shared border... will stop now 7:18 PST... need to link the new SciSubweb... Anthony's Public Aq. article prompted its final making> Somebody will need to continue to check the hotmail account (probably for quite some time), as many folks will probably have that one in their address books. Unfortunately Hotmail does not offer a forwarding feature. (unless maybe you pay?!) <Don't know... Bob, who is getting some sort of Billy.G "javascript error" that's bumming him out> -Lorenzo<Actually... please replace almost all the places where my name/email link occurs with either just my name or "By Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia"... as I want the work associated with me and WWM. And the few places (Daily FAQs, the Homepage links to our new email address I or you can change. Thank you.

To the 'Puter Techs - and Steven Pro Hello! I thought you might want to see the following email - this is what I received from Steven Pro. As this is not the first time, thought you might want to check it out. The message gets parts left out, garbled, and about half way through, turns to italic font. I certainly appreciate the time that it takes Steven to answer my novels! I usually get my answers in the daily FAQ's ;-) - see my letter and read it there. Anyway, I do not know if it is a problem with AOL, or something on your end -just thought you might want to know. -Cathy in Texas <>< <Yikes... will send to Zo, Jason.C... don't know what the cause is... we respond directly back to queriers, save on either the MSN or WWM DP server, and cut and paste to WWM later. Bob F>

Re: To the 'Puter Techs - and Steven Pro Something's clashing between the mail readers - I personally use pure plaintext, but some folks mail readers (AOL, MSOutlook , etc) format using RTF, HTML, and who knows what. So they get all jumbled up. This one is actually pretty funny! Here's a couple of choice bizarre quotes: "I swing. temperature that like not do really" "I now. for out powerheads the leave would" Cool. -Zo <Language new fish Hi. obB>

Re: Article I was interviewed for another online magazine about pet fishing. I threw  in a few plugs for WWM and we got a nice link and placement in the sidebar. The article is here: Steven http://www.vetcentric.com/magazine/magazineArticle.cfm?ArticleID=1887 <<"get a good book and read it, Mr. Pro said" That cracked me up. You ROCK, dude. And WWM is listed at THE TOP of the list... way to go. Zo>> <Well done Steve... and all... and what a nice site. Bob F>

Manuscript Aloha Bob, I'm just now catching up on things since returning to the thriving metropolis of Kailua-Kona. Just this morning got my suitcase unpacked... <Hope to see you there with beers on Ali'i Drive soon!> No hurry on the manuscript - I'm just making sure it's where I thought it was (with visions of a janitor at the Ft. Worth Westin finding a dusty, rusty notebook in a cob-webbed corner of the men's restroom). <Okay> There are a few revisions I'd like to make to the manuscript... but if all goes well, that will come in time. <Yes. Aloha, Bob F> Mahalo, Dana

Publishing, the Riddle Tome Cheers, Dana :) Will do so... cc'ing him here. (fennerrobert@hotmail.com) <Thank goodness! Dana, rest assured, I do have your manuscript... shall I send the copy along? There may be some late-breaking news re our being able to help get it into print...> I'm looking forward to a peek myself. Bob has given it a good read since MACNA, I believe. He can catch you up to speed on our ability to help/publish it. We will help in any way that we can of course! <Yes! Jason.C is coming out to S. Cal. it looks like, and is able, desirous of working on writing projects... if we can come up with the resources (moolah) for publishing costs I would really like for us to take on the project> I'm hoping to see it soon... Bob is flying through Pittsburgh in a couple weeks, perhaps then if he is finished :) <Ha! Hope to see you both soon. Bob Fenner, glad to get Dana's email addr.> With kind regards, Anthony

Thank You file Good Morning Bob, Every once in a while, well often actually, we all get thank you's passed-on to our mailboxes for things gone well (you're so cool Abdul). <Yes, many> I have been deleting them after enjoying a minute or two of success, before reading my next "I killed them all, what do I do now?" post. Anyway, point of discussion: I suggest we save these "Thank You" posts to a file for future use, IE: advertising, there are surely hundreds if not thousands of these and each is a little resume, perhaps of added value when combined with the total number of FAQ posts and WWM hits. <A good idea> These could be moved off of Hotmail like the sent posts are now. <Yes... of a necessity I should add... the volume of mail, interaction (and it's further posting, moving about...) can be crushing... Happily you and others are helping on the incoming side tremendously, Barb.T on organizing, fixing up the archived FAQs files... and allowing time for myself to address other clean-up issues (as well as new/strategic work). Bob F> Craig

Big thanks to the new guys! :) Hey, Scott :) I have to confirm the meeting location/date... no word yet. But Martin Moe told me he thought it was Kona in the fall of 2003 I hope we all meet up there with or without the Marine Ornamentals conference :) <Agreed... the last two MO get-togethers were civil servant subsidized gab-fests... but still worthwhile (even if you're not at the trough)... and the Big Island has the best diving overall for HI> > BTW- My first week on WWM has been awesome. I've > enjoyed every minute! > Thanks again for the opportunity! I do want to email > you the draft for my > quarantine article in the next week or so; if you > have a chance to review it > and give me some feedback, I'd be grateful! <Send it, post it, refer folks to it! I'll help you get paid for same in... FAMA? TFH? Your choice> Dude, I've been meaning to give you, Craig and Gage yet another big thanks! It is a pleasure watching Bob's <Not mine... ours> WWM grow and your assistance has already made a tremendous difference. The input and perspective is interesting and ever so important. And the rest of us can breathe a little easier and truly enjoy our work on the site without feeling so overwhelmed <G> as we expand. Some growing pains out of the way :) thanks to y'all. We really appreciate your help! <Super dittoes. Bob F> Ciao, bubs Antoine

DP (travel, the truth...) Bobster... I don't remember (never saved of course) login info for DataPipe. <Log in?> I was curious to see how we are doin', where we have been and where we might go <insert joke here> <We be smokin'... you mean the stat.s server?> Checked recently? Give me a crash course? Share the Password/log again... or just tell me to bugger off? <Don't do that... Please log in here: http://stats2.datapipe.com/_1026391600_/ or the first part thereof... and our super secret (pls tell everybody) password... wetwebmedia.com> PS: any interest in possibly attending the Marine Ornamentals conference next year... Kona I think. It sounds like a great excuse to me to get back to Hawaii :) <Any will do. Bob>

Another Reminder And to our newer members, this is just a reminder that Bob posts everything and anything from our communications on the daily page. In case you were not aware of this. <Not everything. Bob F>

WWM Questions Can we change the email link on the WWM main page to something like questions@wetwebmedia.com or something? It just has gotten a little boring telling people over and over that you are not Bob, as most questions come addressed/directed to him. -Steven Pro <Very good idea... I have tried to use the FP "find and replace" tool... w/o success, but Zo (I think) was able to change all last time... Zo, Jas, will you pls make a new addy on DP per Steve's suggestion, and drop out the current one (the reason it was originally made... what was the reason? Oh yeah, two-fold: to identify me as the writer/perpetrator of the material on the pages... and because I was the only one responding.  Make it so! Bob>

A suggestion Hello all (heehee Anthony, Bob, Steve) <Howdy> A warm hello to all. :) I had to e-mail with a suggestion about your daily Q&A. You see I have been reading it faithfully for 2 years now, and have always enjoyed the knowledge I gain from it. I have been having problems as of late. I think it is partly due to all of the new blood answering quries (kundos to them BTW)..perhaps it's my blonde hair ;). Well I had to voice my thoughts in case others might have the same problem as I am having. It is becoming increasingly difficult to read each piece of mail and differentiate when one of the crew is answering it. Some of you use <> or <<>> (sometimes those are left out and the answer blends into the quires), and now you or the e-mailer are using quotes from previous e-mails. It is becoming quite confusing to keep track of each persons style of answering. I would think someone who is new to the site might look it over and become overwhelmed. It would be beneficial if all answers were prefixed in the same fasshion. Perhaps written in bold? That way it would be easier to read through..more flow if you understand my meaning. That is just my .02 :) <And good cents (spend 'em while they're still worth something!) it is too> Thank you, you handsome lot of rowdy men. :)  Looking forward to seeing you all again sometime soon. <Mmm, well, you have seen some of us... perhaps a trip to the ophthalmologist? Thank you. Bob F> Amy Larsan

Re: Craig and WWM (Anthony's input) ZO, Craig, All... > Gang, > Craig Watson helped out immensely during the MACNA > weekend, and has the skill, > dedication and reliability to help us out with the > dailies. Yes... saw the replies from Craig: honestly very competant and enthusiastic! He has our very sincere thanks and hopes that he will come aboard as a crew member. <Waiting his response> Other than > adjusting his answer formats (I went through the > same painful transition), he > could easily slip right in to the crew. Also knows > HTML and can tolerate > Frontpage (sounds familiar too). Yes... can't have enough pc literacy elsewhere in the crew to make up for the vacuum that I bring <G> <Reminds me of the new ish of Consumer Reports, and the top-rated vacuum type low-flush commode> > I think with Gage onboard now, and with Craig - we > could really concentrate on > the new ventures, books, my new up-coming stock > photo site... Much agreed... Barb, Gage, Craig/all Godsend's to help us return to answering a "normal" amount of mail (the good old days all those months ago before the site grew like wildfire! <VBG>) and get on to the task of writing 2, 3, 5 more books and publishing the works of others. <And much much more... time to divide up and conquer as the saying goes... get the many gaps that are too wide filled on what we call Subwebs... by CA, outright input... and on to...? Jas.C... may be laid off, move to Ca... Pete and I are looking at prop. (remember?) on the Big Island, FJ for this years "round house" construction projects... We've got video to make, edit, place, sell in bits and features...> > What do we all think? If we're already set, > covered, equipped for dailies, > great - but I'd kinda like to see Gage/Craig/Barb > handle the bulk of them, > allowing the rest of us some time for this new > stuff. > Craig is Cc'ed here (farfetch@cco.net)... Definately has my vote... indeed out of appreciation. Looking forward to fellowship with the new crew members (translation: getting drunk on a holiday somewhere all together). <Waiting on his reply. Bob> Kindly, Anthony

Re: Craig and WWM Bob, Anthony, Zo, Barb, Jason, Steven, Gage, soon to be, et al....... I hope I didn't miss anyone! <A few, but you'll meet all in time> Wow, how could I resist? I would love to join the WWM crew. It sounds like the whole thing (sites, publishing, etc.) is expanding exponentially! Certainly publishing on a needed topic. <Agreed, and pleased indeed> Actually, I answer as many posts on WWF (not including other lists) that could be focused on direct inquiries from WWM, so the time issue is relatively minor. <Ahh, and a good chance to slow down the ever-increasing level of querying... by helping us devise, create content that will hopefully make "complete answers" (and inspiration) to questions... in an easily accessible manner> I also noticed the format you reply in <<mainly short comments to confirm or inform in brackets>>, which I'm sure helps keep you from getting as long winded as I do....and keeps the post on topic. <Feel free to devise your own manner/methods... as long as they "make sense" to you> Let me know what you want, I'm happy to help. <For you to share yourself... in the way of input to WWM queriers at this point. Would you volunteer a bit about yourself for our WWM Crew Bio. page? Bob> Sincerely Yours, Craig

Re: Dana Riddles book... and WWM Without looking at it... my only concern is if we can afford to publish it now. Else I would really like to see it get published promptly... I have little care or concern about similarity of it to my/our present or future works (on style alone it may be different enough to appeal to others we cannot reach). <A worthy statement... my friend> Dana was indeed gracious about his expectations for when he would like to have it published (in the next 10 years...Ha!). However... if he can get it published elsewhere rather than wait 12+ months for us... I'd hate to hold him back. Great concern for letting his content get dated. <Agreed> So... in a nutshell: I have faith in Dana's work/content without reading it (and am sure it can be tailored as necessary). I would like to see it get published ASAP by anybody (!) for our industry. And I suggest that if we are to publish it that we at least get RI out of the way first. We already have concerns about funding our first book... starting with Dana's would be an undue burden. <How much... another 30k or so? Dang... well, we can communicate this to Dana, ask if he'll hold on... see if we can sell enough of the WWM part of NMA RI (if any... what do you, Steve, Zo want for our involvement? Just to split up whatever proceeds? I'll gladly put whatever is left, my share back into our ventures, including producing Dana's work> Lets lay it out plain and true as such to Dana... and help him self-publish if a 1-2 year wait for us does not appeal to him. <A good plan of action. Bob F> Ciao, Antoine

Re: Dana Riddles book... and WWM I suspect that we will all be in similar agreement on the proceeds. Much/most nearly all can/should be put towards future publications if possible in the early stages. There is clearly a far greater reward (all facets... fiscal, career, altruistic, etc) in us re-investing into ourselves as a publishing house. <Still, good to get paid for our efforts as we go along... at least "something"...> I would be willing to turn most of my "share" back into the kitty as you (Bob) and others will perhaps (assuming I'm not begging for food by that point <G>. Three years "unemployed"... the money has to come from somewhere to buy those pimp clothes <VBG>). <Sheesh, you're the one who still goes to the sushi bar... but, wait, I could be sitting on a goldmine with you as my pimp... but what am I going to do with a quarter anyway?> However... we really should pay ourselves something for fear of the flame or passion wearing off so to speak in the face of many months/years of work without any perk/reward (human nature...yes). <Yes> Just a prelim suggestion: with the cost of RI publication and fulfillment (pack and postage) being under $10 [rough break down 5.80-6.30 to produce, 30-50 cents packaging, $1-2 postage <indiv versus cases freight>... then minor costs to store, process <invoicing/labels, blah blah>] ... we can still afford to pay ourselves $1 per book (Bob, Steve, Zo, Anthony) and still have a couple dollars per to set aside for re-invest. Some payouts for aux help possibly... Barb/proofreaders, whatever.. but affordable...yes?. <Agreed> The NMA RI wholesale price is $17 per and most will be sold at that price... less freight for pre-paid orders and some a whisker lower for large accounts (like All Seas). Bottom line... its safe to say that we'll clear $16 per book less $10 production...less $4 per royalties. OK... about $2 per book to squirrel away. <And perhaps a few buckos mas for the odd direct sale, or to stores...> So... in the first year, about $20K liquid plus whatever each/any of us can afford to throw back into the kitty from our $1 per. <I hope you're right...> Full retail sales will pad this number a little (although don't expect too many in the big picture). For a frame of reference... My BOCP1 in pulled in $42K (net) on the first 2500 copies. Cleary the $36 per retail sales hardly offset the comps and sheer volume of wholesale priced texts. Hmmm... trying to illuminate. Get us all thinking down the road/business plan model/mode. <Worthwhile activity> One thing is for sure... hell or high water we all want to produce perhaps many books (calendars, coffee mugs, sequin g-strings with WWM logo, etc) in the 5 year picture. Yes? <Yes... and more... like videos, a pay per view site or two... productions sold to Blue Planet...> What say ye all? Antoine... sucking down some Starbucks java currently to offset the need to take drowsing allergy medication. Not quite a John (or was it Jim?) Belushi style speedball... but close. Hope to see the dawn :) <Don't let any slinky gals help you gulp! Bob> Ciao bubs Antoine

The upcoming season, WWM, help (!) Gang, though we're not "going out" for big trips for a while (book writing to do, and how!), the pet-fish season is nearly upon us. For those "not of the trade" the Summer is a bummer, but right about now, some seventy percent of the industries annual biz is done in three months... and we (WWM) will be BIZZEE... I'm back up to 4-5 hours per day (yes, I'm that slow) doing "maintenance" (answering, moving queries, adding folders, files...) to our sites... To the point, Anthony, you mentioned having a friend who was well-rounded (not fat) and of "good cheer" (whatever passes for communicating "of an appropriate positive attitude"), we had Craig of WWF help out admirably this last week... I don't think Zo, Big Wave Dave, any of our present Crew have much more time, inclination to "run" the bits that we're currently doing... Jason's got to get CA going, Zo I/we need help with layout and editing (four folks approached us at MACNA XIV with manuscripts... Dana Riddle's is very good...) What say you all? An important "decision" IMO/estimation... as you will find. Bob

Re: The upcoming season, WWM, help (!) Much agreed... if our dreams are ealized  <Ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy oi, oi, oi... I picture us as mistreated morays in someone's system, yow!> and the site continues to grow and we continue to promote... ughhh! Cloning will be necessary if we cannot find new help! <Not too spiffy guys with Guido 'burns and freshly pressed suits! No!> I will pitch again to that friend in Virginia for assistance. <Okay> We/all will/can keep our eyes peeled for good candidates... nine fingers... no problem <Real good. Bob>

Re: The upcoming season, WWM, help (!) Hi Bob, <hey Barb> Sounds like the addition of both Anthony's friend and Craig would be helpful in sharing the load, especially if you're anticipating an increase.  <Yes... much needed, wanted done in adding new content, branching to new topics, fields... and projects... in this and other countries...> I don't know if you were able to read many of Craig's responses to various questions on corals, anemones, supplements, equipment and lighting (he admits to not being experienced with a wide variety of fish) but they were very helpful, accurate and enthusiastic. <Outstanding... have only seen a few (from going through, adding, running spellchecker...), but they've been very nice indeed> How much time he has to help...don't know but it is important that nobody spends hours answering questions daily or burn out will definitely result. <Yes, agreed... and much better for all parties to have diverse, mixed input...> I give much credit to the upbeat answers that are given daily to very basic and easily researched questions. Take care, Barb-- <Me too... though I do treasure the occasional more esoteric stumper. Bob F>

New WWM crew help... Bob F.. please contact/advise Gage, I remeber you well, my friend... even without the motor accident :) Your help would be greatly appreciated! Rest assured that it is a diverse range of experience and perspectives that helps to make the WetWebMedia FAQs an interesting an important read. And I recall that you are a very competant aquarist and quite thirsty to learn, share and grow. <"Row, row, row..."> Working as a WWM FAQ "mentor" you simply help those you can with the best tools available to you... some you answer from experience... some folks you will direct to the WWM archives... even to a specific place in the archives if you sense that they are not yet familair with the navigation of the site or you wish to seek and discover the answer yet unknown to you... other messages you will simply leave behind for another person/mentor on the crew to answer who is more comfortable/suited for the task. Its a very polite free for all :) We all try to work a little daily but nothing is written in stone. All dedicated volunteer work and a great learning process for all. <Can't agree more> I'll pass this along to Bob Fenner and he will contact you shortly to chat it up and enlighten you on the basics/passwords/protocol. <Uhh, don't know about enlightenment (don't use words I can't spell, or define)... but welcome (!) to our association/crew> [Bob...yes, I have met this chap in person... communicated many times by e-mail via WWM and through my addy... he is quite possibly insane and will fit in fine with us <VBG>. He's a good guy!] <Please raise your right hand (the other), and repeat after me...> Gage... welcome aboard my friend. As our WWM site grows we needs such empathetic aquarists eager to share wisdom and help promote responsible and successful conduct in the hobby. <Yes> I look forward to drinking beers with you in tropical destination on a WWM crew event one day soon. <Oh! Now you're talking!> Thanks for volunteering my friend! Anthony <Gage, tell us about yourself (enough of a spiel that we can place on the WWM Crew bio. page)... and what sort of questions do you desire to tackle (marine only? fish only? live plants and turtles...). Shall we call you Gage? After all, it is your name... Am sure you're familiar with email (we have slots for you on Datapipe's server (as "Gage@WetWebMedia.com) at 10 megs a slot... but generally answer whatever is "up" on the fennerrobert@hotmail.com site on MSN... that the Crew@... is redirected to... will this do? How much time do you want to put into this? Do you dive, travel, photograph, video... Bob F>

RE: New WWM crew help... Bob F.. please contact/advise Oh yeah, I would be able to put in a few hours a day most of the time. My only worry is what i don't know, I would not want it to look like I am not contributing when really I just can't field a question and would not want to give bad info. <Certainly not... do what I do (and I suppose all else here as well), "send message to" who you might consider may be able to answer the particular query... For instance, I send most coral type questions to Antoine, product and application info. to Steve, newbies, calcium reactors, stereo gear to Jason, and computer stuff to him and Zo... in a few mouse-clicks and using the Google search tool on the Homepage and Indices you can find out who has answered similar queries... or direct readers right to that section for a ready, posted response. What say you? Are you ready for the password? Bob F> -gage

RE: New WWM crew help... Bob F.. please contact/advise Heehee... I suspect that you have recieved Bob's reply already :) You will soon learn how to understand "Bobspeak"... Ha! He has his own special language <G> <Is that why they stuck me in all those "special" classes? Hmm.> If you have any experience with ADDH children then you will understand Bob quite clearly... if not... no worries.... you'll learn to decipher soon enough. <Hey, I understand perfectly what I... uhh, "fool me once, twice"... what was the question?> Very glad to have you aboard! Notice in this e-mail above (header)that most of the WWM crew members addys were included. Save these for reference until you get familiar with navigating Bob's mailbox (fennerrobert@hotmail.com) where we all work in. <Yep... and will be adding Gage (as I gauge him to ready and willing) to the Crew e-mail list> Keep some of our phone numbers handy (mine home 412-795-9461 and Steve P cell 412-372-3805) and do proffer a contact number of your own. <And mine/Bob's: 858-549-4948> When you are first ready to work online tonight/tommorow/whenever... perhaps give one of us a call and let us walk you through the process while you are online. I will be home late tonight to help (afer 8pm your time) if you want to call then. I'll be leaving here shortly for the evening if you get this fast. <Will post some queries to Gage, give pw as soon as he says okay...> Check out the Bios on the WWM crew page (from the home page) and write a little something about yourself as per Bob's request :) <And will be posting his! Bob> Best regards, Anthony

Re: WWM pinch hitters Bob, You are very welcome! You and all of the WWM folks have been very helpful and encouraging in my endeavors and at one time a small difficulty which you helped resolve. I hope I can do the same for others. <You will and have done so my friend. Bob Fenner> Best Wishes, Craig

Re: Hi Bob, Hammer Wow! After I sent my message I thought you be must be getting bombarded with e-mails being gone so long and then with MACNA, thanks for writing back so fast! <We are... absolutely buried... though other WWM Crew admirably tried to cover in most of ours absence> You didn't drive to/from Dallas did you? Damn, if you did and I had known, I would have asked you to pick up my fish tank I have in storage there. :) <Ha! Did drive... and would have picked up (was some 400 pounds lighter on the return> When you have time, if you can dig around for pictures that show the Firefish environment I would love to see them! <Mmm, good question... maybe I can use your request as a springboard for a column...> You could always try staying up all night and then all day... <Too old... have memories that used to be able to when I was a pup... but probably just dreamed that bit up. Bob F> Later, MM

Re: WWM Questions Yes, it was actually quite the humbling experience, Bob. I was checking the e-mail many, many times a day and realized just how much I don't know! <It is a humbling (and very beneficial for this and many other reasons) experience for me> I felt comfortable answering a few regarding fish I have experience but damn...there's just sooo many fish I don't know specific behavior characteristics about. <Me neither! Another 1,300 years maybe... no, wait, people will continue to accrue many more times experience, reflection than a human can assimilate during this time... YAH!> As for equipment...I'm only familiar with one set-up so Lorenzo and Craig were wonderful with their experience. However, we really need to look into cloning you and the rest of the crew! ;-) Barb-- <Yeeikes, frightening... but do agree... have tentative plans for enlarging, enhancing our circle/s. Specialization and encyclopedic input on what we call subwebs, new topics, features... Bob>

Good news... Since you split the site up into subwebs, the entire website is now accessible for editing from anywhere using a modem connection. The new WWN edition and calendars are out too. <Fab! Will post. Bob> Mike

Re: ISBN number Bobster... Thanks for the ISBN# duly noted and will pass along to Zo <Hotay. CC'ed him and Steve> Also, would you care to share some of your speaking events with me... I'll post them on my website with hopes of boosting attendence for the hist club. <Will share all I know... think you know all current... blew off Mazatlan, as you likely have done...> I thought I had Dana's e-mail addy but only his snail mail instead: 77-6497 Ali'i Dr, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 <Thank you for this> I'm mailing him some books for friends on the big isle. I'll be sure to ask for his e-mail to contact him if you don't dig it up by then. <Thanks... hope to read it by then... and think up some scheme for getting the money tog. to produce if the group considers such worthy. Bob> Ciao, bub Antoine

Re: Border/banners <Let's try it out... Uh, who? Bob F> Let's see how it works by placing a test model on one of the sub-webs, --> http://www.wetwebmedia.com/BrackishSubWebIndex/BrackishSubWebIndex.htm This way we can test it out, make sure it works, and then show it to our sponsors to see if they like it too. If everyone is happy with it then we can have the sponsors submit new larger sized ads. Mike Jason Chodakowski wrote: Here's my take on that... A rotating/random banner placement will/can actually guarantee equal exposure. If a given group of pages are hit several thousand times a day, then each one of those sponsors will be viewed at one time or another by the readership. The fact that the upper add banner is filling up will make it harder and harder to put additional banners up there... thus limiting the amount of revenue that can be realized from that space. Sure, 4k a month is a nice number, but why stop there? If we remain in the existing paradigm, not only will we confuse and obscure our own brand name, but we will move our own content further and further out of view. I mean seriously... do we continue to fill up that space until advertising fills up the entire browser window? There have been numerous studies on web-page views that say almost half of the people don't scroll down for content if it doesn't all fit in one browser window. Not that we've adhered to anything like that in the past, but what do we do as the next couple of vendors step up to the $500/a month plate and say, I want my add up there... in fact, I want mine next to the WWM logo - OR ELSE. Well, truth be told we can't make every one happy... or can we? I still say that a rotating ad at the top is going to be the best way to move forward, not only will it open up the space, but it will allow for larger banner ads, which help the advertisers make their pitch. If the existing advertisers get grumpy, I suggest that we cut them a discount, or even do it preemptively because we will open up the real estate to more and more advertisers, thus expanding the revenues from that area on the page. This is not new... it's being used by almost every other site out there that does advertising except us. Certainly, this is a strategy I plan to implement on CA because it's silly to lose content to advertising. So... my two cents plus. J ------- Original Message ----- From: Mike_K To: Anthony Calfo ; Jason Chodakowski ; Bob Fenner ; Zo Gonzales ; Debbie and Steve Pro Sent: Monday, September 23, 2002 11:41 AMSubject: Re: Border/banners Anthony wrote-->"Bob... what say ye? Shall we beg ZO/Jas to implement a temporary page to show how it works... peer review if necessary or even a hearty go? Any reservations?" Actually it may be our present sponsors who will have a problem with any changes that are made. I have been dealing with them and they all want their ad to be in a certain order and they also don't want their ads to be any less prominent then their competitors ads. What I'm trying to say is we risk upsetting and losing our present sponsors if we change anything. Any changes that are made should be incremental and phased in, not all at once. Mike

Top Shared Border on WWM Root  Gang, For what its worth... the banners at the top of the FAQs look like a train wreck to me: they crowd the WWM logo and they are asymmetrical.  <Mmm, yes... a student from Tehran today wrote in thinking we were "Dr.s Foster & Smith", apparently hoping we could help him with research on Mullet sperm... perhaps a bizarre skit possibility for the likes of Monty Python> We have chatted before about shuffling banners (automatically) for merchants that pay the same price and I like the idea if for no other reason than the fact that it will break a redundant viewing day after day of the page. If the banners/colors/places change then folks are more likely to pay attention rather than tune them out. My main beef is the crowding of the WWM logo, though. <Am open to possibilities> Am I alone here? I know I'm OCD but somebody throw me a bone:) A- <Be careful here... remember that Iraqi student... Bob F>

WWM, WWF, now  Zo, Jas, what would it take to link each pic on WWM with WWF? I would like to (finally) gear up to sell image work on the Net... and if it's possible, link folks back and forth... through all pix... and sizes... and automate payment for. Bob F

Re: New top banner Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 10:45:58 -0700 (PDT) Definately a nice improvement... and I forgot to ask/suggest that the WWM logo be an active link back to the index page. <Good idea... will try to remember to "make it so" (in my Picard Jean-Luc persona this afternoon)> I tried to tag it recently while on the FAQ daily and realized that it wasn't active... I then discovered the homepage link on the left which looks tiny on my 19" monitor, so... ;) Can we make that logo active? <"Engage"! Sorry, B> A-

Thank you ! I wrote you yesterday regarding converting to a fish only set up, I greatly appreciate your advice! I don't think I would be able to get this started without the help of people like you and the infinite resources the Internet has to offer!  <Definitely makes it more fun... and easier> Chances are I'll be back in the future with more questions, but, thank you for now! - Miranda B. <You're welcome. Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Listen to this @ TwistedTunes.com Hi Bob Fenner, It's Alicia, I think you will like this!! Click the link below to listen to the Audio Clip from TwistedTunes.com: http://www.twistedtunes.com/stf_pickup.asp?ID=59109 <Hysterical. Bob F> Re: Question about that Fish song email Hi Bob, Welcome back and hope it was a good trip. <A blast, thank you> It just occurred to me that when most people write to you, their notes end up on the website.  <Yes, most of the time> I had assumed that was after an initial review by you or one of your crew and that it is not an automated feature.  <Unless you count REM's "Automatic For the People"... all "mano a mano"> If it's automated, I'm going to feel a bit foolish because this one will be on there too. <No sense... unless you have baloney in each shoe. Bob F, mit pepperoni> Sincerely, Alicia

Early order of New WetWebMedia Reef Invertebrates Book Volume one of the new Natural Marine Aquarium Series Bob, <Anthony in his stead while Bob travels Indonesia looking for new and undiscovered sources of vegetable matter to ferment and turn into alcohol... Oh, ya... and diving/photographing too> I really look forward to the new books described by Anthony Calfo in a recent email: "I am just finishing the second volume of the Book of Coral Propagation as well as an illustrated book on Reef Invertebrates with Bob Fenner and Steve Pro of Wet Web Media." <thank you my friend.. I just met with the liaison/project manager for our printer today (9/6/02)... very exciting to see paper samples and options!> I am under the impression that it is possible to place a prepress orders at discount. <correct. We have begun advertisements this month in trade magazines offering the book signed by all three of us for $32 when pre-ordered. The text is slated to ship on or Before March 2003 (confirmed today by printer with continued good fortune and met deadlines as the wheels of publication turn slowly but surely> I guess you are tired of hearing this, but you should be very proud of your "Conscientious Marine Aquarist".  <I certainly know that Bob is never tired but always grateful to hear it> That book and Anthony's "Reef Gardening" are my bibles.  <ahh... thank you in kind!> I have read them over and over and refer to each as a reference before making any decisions related to my system and what I buy. I have to tell you that I crossed the line a bit and have a niger trigger in my 180 reef.  <no worries... it would actually be the very species that I would try first if so inclined. They are actually one of the few planktivorous triggers (as opposed to dedicated carnivores and piscivores)> So far he is doing just fine (6" and have had him about 6 months) and quite a character and seems very hardy. BUT, really kind of a wossie, won't even eat a freeze dried shrimp unless I break it into about 6 pieces! <yes... you are quite correct! They are categorically shy... very uncharacteristic passivity for triggers> Thank you for the guidance and enjoyment that your work has provided. John Coffey Dexter, Michigan <and thanks again. We will be posting a link for pre-order information about the book within days on WetWebMedia.com and ReadingTrees.com. I will keep your addy handy and notify you when the web page and order form are set up and secured. Any interested aquarists reading the FAQs here can send a notice of their interest for us to update them just the same or simply look out for the links on our sites (mail to WetWebMedia@readingtrees.com). With kind regards, Anthony>

Re: Readability of faq's and such John, Thanks for taking the time to write us here at WetWebMedia.com. I'll forward your useful suggestion to the folks who answer all the questions. Mike Kaechele <Thanks for the input. What say all? If Steve, Barb, whoever re-does a group/pages of FAQs should we adopt a different format/appearance? Bob F> "John C. Carson" wrote: Mike, I gotta say it's hard to read the faq's and articles. Perhaps changing the color of ya'll responses to a blue will help differentiate questions and answers :-) -jc

Re: Readability of faq's and such Hmmm...I'm not sure we have to re-do the whole site based on the input/suggestion of one. Having read all the faq's at one point or another....I had no problem deciphering the answers from the questions. <This is about my opinion too Barb... would be nice if all were gone over for grammar, spelling... am getting ahead on this day to day... and of course Steve's great ideas of organizing into "best FAQs", re-ordinating them... But looks? I like the font, size as is... as well as other conventions<>> When are you leaving tomorrow, Bob? Shall I update the dailies in the a.m.? Barb-- <I'll do one last day if you would like... am getting up early... and don't have the mind to try and write for work in a bon voyage AM. Be chatting, Bob F>

RE: Readability of faq's and such And let's re-scan all the images while we're at it... I know I just have GOBS of free time these days... <Hee hee! Am willing you my pix and scanner gear!> Gobs, I tell ya. The best time to effect such a thing would be when one types the damn mail, and unless Hotmail starts offering such a feature... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee J -- <Where's my bottle?! Am willing to adopt a new scan size standard... who wants to suggest what size, dpi, type? 10 meg tiffs of 300, 600 dpi? B>

WWM away Barb et al., while am out if it's of help, just load up the existing FAQs pages... and I'll make new ones (with copies of links, index placement...) and split up the "bigger than 45 sec. download on a 56.6 kbps modem" self-made limit on return.  Bob F

Re: Potential sponsor question This query is almost certainly from "spineshank", a kid who works for That Fish Place. I do wonder if his new venture "That Coral Place" is endorsed by his current employer... <Have seen his/her name on the chatforum> Not sure what to say about the query/proposition of advertising on WWM itself (forums? main screens?) - anybody else have any input? I was planning on synchin it up to WWM's current crop of sponsors this weekend. <... I guess this is a junction in which we set some sort of tentative policy re such matters... Jason and I have been chatting up (okay, on my part, mainly just chatting) re what to do with comb. (ads, links...) the CA on-line 'zine... We're not really "promising" ad space or anything else re WWF to WWM advertisers/sponsors... but it must be a bonus to them to realize the draw such exposure might entail... Ideas? Bob> -Zo > From: Mike_K <mwk819@yahoo.com> > To: Bob Fenner <FennerRobert@hotmail.com> > Subject: Potential sponsor question > Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 07:59:08 -0700 (PDT) > How should we respond to this request for more information on sponsoring > the WetwebFotos website. Is Wetwebfotos part of Wetwebmedia or is it it's > own entity? > <A little of both. Zo?> > Hi, could you give me more information about sponsoring wetwebfotos.com? > I'm representing That Coral Place, and have been posting on your boards > for quite some time now.Thx in advance,Greg++++++++++++++++++++++ > Mike

Re: Potential sponsor question Show me the money! I just wrote to Zo about this topic. I think we should be considering a rate structure here right quick. That and saturating adds throughout our intellectual properties. <Agreed> More on this soon. <Can't wait. B> J --

New WWM site feature Gang, check out the new homepage and left-shared border link to "Cover Images"... am tired of waiting on WWF and being asked by editors to send thumbnails, dupes, originals... so am posting to our sites.  Input? Bob

Filtration of various sorts in FW tanks (Kook du jour series) I have recently been in yet another thread in re filtration seem you (collectively) are proponents of the high tech approach. EDIT collective knowledge of aquarium science evolves. Bob, Steven and I are adamant proponents of natural aquarium systems (live rock and sand for marine aquaria and plants for FW systems). <Okay> EDIT I find your stated approach (above) somewhat in variance to an article written by none other than Bob Fenner in regard to selling filtration as a way to make money on repeat business. <Let's see> The following paragraph is taken from that article: The Real Money: Accessories & Filter Media It was the original Henry Ford who proclaimed he would give a car free to any adult who would agree to purchase all consequent service, maintenance and parts from him. This point is not lost on store owners who realize where the real money is with filtration: the repeat business in media and accessories AND the incidental sales from those repeat customer visits. Many successful outlets and mail-order companies virtually give-away their higher end filter units, but not the related gear and ongoing maintenance materials. You might well benefit by following their lead. This doesn't not seem to reflect your stated views about what the "customer" wants. <Mmm, not in my mind/heart... try to understand the context of both sets of statements... "We" (WWM Crew) are in favor of "natural" approaches to filtration in most types of captive applications... I (RMF) in the industry article section cited was pointing out a practice of retailers (the piece was written for the industry press) for their use. Would Henry Ford do his utmost to encourage the use of "lifetime" parts? Would they, do they suit all consumers? Are you free to choose what path (disposable diapers vs. cotton re-use let's say) you might take? Bob Fenner>

WWM query Bob... in following up with a query from someone on WWM I think I found a dead link: www.wetwebmedia.com/bizfilters.htm <Where'd you actually see this link? The complete URL please> I got a hit on this article of yours using the Google search feature but the link did not work. The WWM quizzer's first question was indeed reasonable: [essentially] are their important studies on comparative filtration (by brands of popular filters)?. <None that I'm aware of... have been to Marineland and Tetra (CA, WAVE) and seen them doing such studies/comparisons... but not published as you might assume> The quiz or was slightly presumptive in the first query and I should have trusted my instinct... I think now they are just an orphaned message board junkie looking for their mental masturbation fix of the day (2nd e-mail edited by passage point: counterpoint style... heehee. Maybe I'm just in a mood :p <I suspect so... I responded to same recently am pretty sure> check it out if you like: Re: Filtration of various sorts in FW tanks <Be chatting, rolling water off our backs, Bob F>

Re: Re: Filtration of various sorts in FW tanks Do you have a question, my friend? I apologize if I have missed your point in this last "edited" e-mail. Since I am not familiar with each of the several thousand documents on this site I used the Google search feature to find the article that you are referring too. Alas, I came across a dead direct link and know not how you navigated it through the main menu. I thank you for helping me to discover this dead link (I'll forward it to the appropriate person) and ask you, if you like, to advise me of the path you took to find it on the main menu. All assuming that you have a real follow up question that I can help you with. And please consider at any rate, as I mentioned in your first response, that no article or advice here (or anywhere) should stand forever. Times change my friend and our wisdom evolves. I don't suppose you would want an example of your life's work to stand unchanged and representative of your philosophy forever... particularly after working more than 30 years in a field as Bob Fenner has. Is it possible that some of the information on this enormous outdated slightly or to any other degree. Heck ya, it's possible. But at ~300megs (!!!) this site far and away serves the greater good for hobbyists. When someone has new information or an opinion on current information they can share... great! It is truly appreciated. So if you are offering to help by writing a new report or article... let me thank you kindly in advance. Please accept my apology for any brevity in this or any future responses... we get so many e-mails each day (all volunteers for the love of the hobby here) and try our very best to serve the greater good.  With kind regards, Anthony

BizFilters article I find it amazing that so many people who call you "my friend" are anything but. <Whoa... who are all those other people with you? By my definition a friend is anyone who "turns you on to the good things they've found and/or away from the bad... can be a one-party emotion. You don't have to reciprocate, but if you do these things for me... indeed you are acting as my friend.> Yes, people do change their views. I ran across that article in a Google search. I also checked Google "cache" and "similar pages." Surely you are not implying that this is somehow underhanded? If so, you really need to take up the issue with Google, not with me. You talk of changing and a career of 30 years. I am sure that the article is not 30 years old, as the internet itself is not that old. In the same way that I have asked you for information on the whole sad mess, I have asked many others too. I have, in the course of just seeking information in re:filters, found out that the whole aquarium/business/hobby area is under almost no regulation of any kind whatsoever. <What is it that you are so apparently angry with, about? My stance on the difference between the trade's interests and those of the end-user/consumer have varied little over the years... and do not now.> Then I run across the article you seem to feel I obtained by some "underhanded" method. This sort of thing still continues, and although you may not actively still engage in this sort of business tactic (and you seem to think I am the "underhanded" one). I have no other assurances than your own that is so. <What? I must be missing something here... is there someone else you are "chatting with" re this issue? I have not stated that anyone appeared to be "dealing underhanded" in some way> This is a mess. This whole area badly need some at least Consumer Report watchdog on the scene. When I think of the money made by shoddy plastic boxes, inadequately engineered and even more inadequately "recommended" to innocent hobbyist, my gut churns. <Then... don't buy them... or do your best to design, construct, offer better products...> This is a multi-million if not multi-billion industry, and customers are being ripped off right and left. <Do you have specific examples?> If you are indeed innocent of such practices, I do apologize. I am afraid that I have come to the point where I no longer believe those who might have a stake in the issues they need to defend. <We (WWM) don't have... anything to sell... Please peruse our sites...> No, "my friend" this is an area long overdue for a good shaking. Although I may indeed be unheeded, I am going to do my best to stir up some interest in the government agencies most likely to be affected by the mess. One voice may not be much, but I do believe that I can interest some few others in the problem as well. <Good for you. Do direct your energies to productive ends. Bob Fenner> Re: Re: BizFilters article & multi-headed beast I wish I had not deleted the previous message I received from your Q & A team. Whoever it was appeared to feel that I had somehow gained access to "classified" information, or had somehow come across the article by means other than straight forwardly. <Oh... we get a bunch of (a hundred or two) incoming per day on this line... but I do recall (I think Anthony) sending me a note re all this (is this cross-posting?) re a broken link from Google... that likely had/has much to do with separating out (making a Subweb) of the business articles from our root web (facilitates recalc.ing hyperlinks and other "universal tasks")> Google turns up a lot of stuff. This whole area is one in which I have never (until now) really had much of an interest at all. I think that you could better find who I was chatting with (my "friend") than I could. <Maybe... if there was time, interest> I will tell you plainly, that such a response has made me both angry and determined to do something about an issue which would have otherwise probably quickly faded from my interest. <What response? Please read through the above sentences. I am not following you> I am not particularly interested in filters other than as a means of circulating water in my heavily planted tanks. My whole interest was primarily academic, and particularly in response to a member of a fish forum I frequent.  <Bring it up with them> Frankly, I really did not care one way or another until he started soapbox orating on the topic of filtration, with a side helping of "anyone who doesn't use my method is abusing fish." <All are entitled to their opinions... and to witness, campaign for them...> Now I find that he owns a fish store himself. My goodness, how strange that he seems bent on recommending products that he sells. That's just fine, but to imply/state/or even rant that all other methods smack of ignorance, animal abuse, or just blindness is far, far too much to bear. <But not too surprising... knowing what little I do re human nature> Who, at your site of Q&A people, sent me that zinger about "friendship" I don't recall. Obviously he is NOT my friend and I am heartily glad of it. <Perhaps myself... take a look... all our correspondence is "signed" at the bottom> I still think that there should at least be some Consumer Reports overview,  <Who would watch the watchers? I've been through this myself... the "cost" of personal freedom, expression has a price... and it is this: to educate oneself and/to make intelligent decisions. No "government" will save you> and I am now shading toward more government control over all aspects of this hobby, whereas before I was against it. Considering the "Snakeheads in the News" topic is being given so much drum beating, I don't think it will be too hard to interest someone about the "friendly" people in the business. <Who do you think is doing the drum beating? Who stands to gain? Who is paying? Think on this and become yourself. Bob Fenner>

Re: Re: Re: beast & being oneself I am myself. I do not need to think on it. The actual business of government is "of the people, for the people & by the people." Although this usually gets sidetracked, it is what government is for, in this country at least. <Okay> Why should I pay anyone anything?  <It's a rhetorical question... often when one looks at who is getting paid... it becomes obvious who is directing whom> If you wish to be cynical, I suppose that the various "consumer watchdog TV people" are paid by the interest they generate. <Sometimes, not often, at least to my experience> Various civil servants may be paid also by increasing their profile. After all, even the president felt that he should make some comment on the "snakehead" question. I come from a generation in which Nader's Raiders made consumer concerns a hot public topic. I think that there must be those of a newer generation who would also be interested in such issues. <Yes, certainly> No government will save me? What from?  <Yourself, others> They could perhaps save me & who knows how many others from unregulated business practices. They certainly have in the past. That & a decent road structure seem to be what they are good at. Think on this and become yourself. <Too late for you to move to Russia. Good by, good luck, good riddance. Bob Fenner>

looking... Bobster... Sorry for the ineptitude today, but I was looking in FP for our WWM "Links" page and couldn't find it. Still not skilled with the Nav view I suppose. <The general Links: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/general_links_pg.htm from the outside... will give you an idea of where this page is on FP... in the Admin Subweb... I thought this was about the most logical spot> I wanted to add MACNA to the Links page...possibly Aquarama. <Mmm, they should be/actually are on the Marine Links Page> And wanted to knock off MASM 2002 and Interzoo. <Oh, yes...> PS. the IMAC finally has acknowledged MACNA and even has a link to them from their own index page :) awakening or industry pressure... whatever <I still am not going.> Safe trip you zany world travelers! <You'll be one soon, you'll see. Bob>

Re: A spell check, grammatical request from Bob What's wrong with the occasional smile or winkie blinkie? They are useful when one doesn't want to read as too stern... <Just a joke... like your using double <<>>, it's more than fine to have personal expression... What I'm really trying to do is reduce the amount of misspellings on WWM... Methinks it makes us look (unnecessarily... I don't need any help), less than literate... and sets a "bad example" to young readers> I mean, 100 in a document is too much, but one, two? Really? <<G>, I'm not saying <Wink> to get rid of all <Smile> or even any <!>, as long as they're spelled correctly <Big Smile>, Bob> J --

RE: re article Mail me a dupe of the CD, and I can handle it from there. Or just bring to Coz, and I/we can chop/slice/dice/dupe and bring home ready, for upload to video.wetwebfotos.com, and subsequent 'linking' to whatever webpages/sites you'd like. No pants-pooping involved at all, poor spelling or otherwise. <Very well my friend. On it's way, sans skid marks. Bob> -Zo

friendly fodder :) Bob... Did you get a chance to respond to Glenn from WAMAS in the email that I Cc'd you? <Don't recall. Possibly> He was the enthusiastic chap that seemed inclined to write/help with WWM content. <Do recall this> He gave me great information too about printing our books and is looking deeper into it. Retired after 19yrs owning a print company. A good resource and a very empathetic aquarist. <Good qualities> I was hoping he could help with the FAQs and perhaps the e-mails. <Do we need someone else?> Especially the e-mail with our schedules/books. Jason C is a big help with the e-mails ever more... but without more WWM crew help... well. It just would be nice to have more time writing content for the books for the next few months. <Agreed> I'm feeling the crunch/pressure a little with my other two pieces so close to being finished that I can taste it, yet anguishing a bit over delaying them for our NMA RI to get out on time. <Me too> Thoughts, dude...bud... compadre...paisano <Time to meet this person, chat. Bob F>

WWM Chg Have built a Subweb and moved folders/files for WWM Admin here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/Admin%20Index/admin_index.htm Note usual conventions (diff. shared borders, admin link near top left...). And NMA book matters here now... and space for Mike.K calendars (pls move from plants...). Have left pix of day, daily FAQs items on marine/root web... can/will move if there is a need... but easier in moving all about regularly to have there... Hoping, trusting this will help to run universal actions, divide places for all to work simultaneously... Bob F

web site troubles :( hey bob I've been having troubles accessing the web site. I realize this isn't your area of expertise but I didn't know who else to contact. I've done a bit of investigative work and it seems that ever since the site was last updated on June 25th, that's when the trouble started. I've tried accessing in both Netscape and MSIE and even tried over a friends house with no such luck. :( The domain name itself doesn't expire until July 16 2003. Did they pull the plug? - Is it some kind of technical error? - or is there something in the water over here!? <Mmm, interesting (and bewildering!). I don't know what the difficulty might be... the sites do "come up" here and most everywhere as far as I'm aware... That is, I don't know of a technical difficulty, and several thousand people (ISP sessions) are logged according to our stat.s server with Datapipe (our hosting co. that happens to be in NJ!). I will send your note along to Jason and Lorenzo (who ARE well-versed in the technical aspects of computers) and thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. Bob Fenner> Denise, new jersey

Thanks Robert, You guys are absolutely phenomenal to respond so quickly and professionally. After a few years "reefing" I have found someone who makes sense...You all are the real deal...a million thanks!!! <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Excelsior! Bob Fenner> William Snyder, Major Martin County Sheriff's Office Stuart, FL

Re: Not a Question Thanks! Feel free to visit my web site also <shameless plug> @ http://www.sushigirl.net. <Very nice look... Wow, three tanks and four lazy pets... you gotta boatload!> I have tons of pics...I try to get pics of unusual things that can't be found very often...like pods, tiny barnacles, etc. Most of the really goods ones aren't on my site yet. I'd gladly donate pics to the "cause" of learning...that way I'd know exactly where to direct someone who asks a question on some forums!!! <Thanks much... how do you make such images? That is, what sorts of film, cameras, scope? We do indeed need a "what the heck is this creepy crawly, hoppy, sluggy thingamajig section"...> Keep up the good work! SushiGirl <Thanks mate. Bob Fenner>

Re: Not a Question The pics are all taken with a digital camera (Nikon CoolPix 995). I've actually been amazed at some of the shots I've gotten from this puppy! Yeah, it's the only puppy that does any work around here! <Ha! A good camera, company> Figuring out what all the weird small things are in my tank is my goal in life! hmmm...sounds kinda sad :( I'll forward some pics to you. Any particular size? Is it ok if they have a "watermark" on them or would you like them plain? <Mmm, no prob. with the water mark or other identifying label... a hundred or two kilobytes is fine... will be posting on the net/WWM for others perusal if okay with you. Bob Fenner>

Re: Not a Question Not a problem...fine by me! I'll get right on it (alas, unemployed at the moment, have plenty of time to do this)! <Yay! Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Somethin' Like This... (proposed WWM Homepage change/re-design) Bob, here's a quick assembly of a possible future look for the WWM. We'll use one of your images of course. <Whatever image is better, best... Perhaps am a "stick in the mud", but I like the present appearance better... likely better to change... to something new/novel though. Will solicit WWM Crew input. Thanks, Bob F> Mike

Nice looking website Bob, I really like the looks of this site--> http://www.photoworkshop.com/ The oval looks clean, all of the info is on one screen shot, and all of the partner sponsors logos look good along the lower section. How do you like it? I may try to come up with something in Photoshop with a similar appearance for the WWM, and see if everyone likes it or not. <Nice, though a bit wide on my screen... and at 15 bucks a month, 100 a year... a great instigator! Bob F> Mike

RE: Somethin' Like This... Ahhh.... No offence Mike, but I really, really don't like image-based, mapped solutions like this. They're generally bandwidth pigs... among other things. My two cents plus. I'd throw up a version of what I think it needs to be but I'm up to my ears in the magazine... perhaps once I can get this issue out. <Keep your eyes on the prize (what is most important to you, life) my friends. B> Cheers, J --

good job You have done a very amazing job on your site! I just wanted to say, thank you for spending your quality time on our hobby, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Colleen <Very heartening to read. Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Bob Fenner>

and another thing... <Anthony and Steve here in San Diego with Bob... drinking beer and answering e-mail. Yep... we're very well <smile>> I was wondering when you and the crew there would start answering questions similar to when I was there last. Like an informal office at work... all huddled around the desk. What fun. <Hey, we're huddled around the keg! And been chatting, having a fine time. Off to L.A. today. Bob F> J --

Re: Yes, we have a new marine top shared border sponsor! And New Book <Okay... let's formulate a plan, Stan. Bob F> I'm sure the sponsors would like the larger ad. Mike Jason Chodakowski <jasonc@hyperworx.com> wrote: Well... there's not much to test. It will either work, or it won't and that we can work out on a single page. No big deal. We just need to hit up the advertisers for a more banner-appropriate art work. A typical banner add is 468 x 60. Cheers, J ------- 

Re: Yes, we have a new marine top shared border sponsor! And New Book Jason, Yeah, we'll run out of space soon or if anyone else signs up. You know more about this type of stuff then I do so I would suggest adding or testing the rotating banner on one of the subwebs first to see how and if it works before rolling it out on the main part of the site. What do you think? Mike Jason Chodakowski <jasonc@hyperworx.com> wrote: Mike - for whatever it's worth... this system of banners is seriously flawed... at this point the only space left to sell is the logo space. We need to get something in there that would rotate a list of banners so that any give web page there would be only one banner at the top of the page along with the WWM logo... I'm in the process of checking with Bob to see if he's had his coffee so I can talk to him about it... Feel free to call if you have questions - 800 922-8835, dial 8 for extensions, and then 6495 for my desk. Cheers, J 

Re: Yes, we have a new marine top shared border sponsor! And New Book That's great news concerning the new sponsor. The only problem with the ad is that it is too wide. When we got our other top shared border sponsors we emphatically told them that their ad could be no larger than 150 pixels wide. The PAfarms ad is 250 pixels wide. I think that if the other sponsors notice this they'll want larger ads too. I have included a cropped version of Walt Smith's ad that is 164 pixels wide (see attachment). Mike Kaechele mike@wetwebmedia.com Robert Fenner <fennerrobert@hotmail.com> wrote: All, Deb and Walt Smith of numerous ongoing businesses in our interest have stepped up to the plate as of yesterday... with a new banner ad for their Pacific Aqua Farms site/company. They're moving to a facility of five times their current use (soon to be 15,000 square feet) for a few operations (live coral wholesale/distribution, making of live rock supplements, sale of fabulous faux corals...)... And on Steve and Anthony (and Di's) visit to L.A. yesterday, Chris Bruenner of Quality Marine approached us with a desire to chat over adding their banner... So, things are looking up on that front. Esteban, Antoine y moi are settling on our first topic for a book title: "Everything we hate about that obnoxious, pompous. A fat boy Ron.S that we'd like to straighten out" or, "The Best Invertebrates for Marine/Reef Aquarium Use". Look for it most everywhere in a few months.

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