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Bob Fenner


    Welcome to our first/trial run of WWNews... Please bear with us as we work on formats, content... and do give us your input. Thanks,  Bob Fenner.  7/7/2001

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Identification of Neat Looking Thing Hello Mr. Fenner ~ Would you please identify the creature in the attached photo?  <A type of anemone... may well be part of a group called Glass Anemones, particularly of the genus Aiptasia... Ill-regarded due to their penchant for rapid reproduction, and difficulty of control/removal. There is coverage of this family on the WWM site: http://wetwebmedia.com/aiptasia.htm> If you look at its middle, it is beginning to cleave and has two distinctive oral grooves (disks?). <Oral grooves> Although the picture does not show it, there is actually a third smaller oral groove on the bottom. When it came attached to some rock purchased out of a friend's tank a couple of months ago, it only had one oral groove.
Thank you! Sherri Lindsey <Please do read over the bit on WWM here, and I would separate the rock these are on to limit their spread somewhat. Bob Fenner>

Aiptasia Anemone

One last question. (chubby Salarias) Hello again. Thanks so much for all of your advice and help so far. We ended up going with a Rusty Dwarf Angel and a "Lemon" Tang (not sure if that is it's real common name because I haven't found anything on it yet.)
<Likely a mimic tang variety of Acanthurus pyroferus... take a look on the WetWebMedia.com site re these> But after 5 days, they've both done extremely well, and there's been no quarreling between any of the fish. the two new fish have both taken to the reef aquarium comfortably and have found their own niches amidst the other fish and reeflife. it's still too early to tell, but i think they'll last us a while barring any freak accidents. i just had one quick question, though. since we removed the murderous hawkfish, our algae blenny has started to get noticeably chubby given his newfound freedom to graze wherever he pleases. should i be worried about it eating too much? <No... this happens in the wild and in captivity. No problem>
otherwise, all the fish are doing well. the dottyback has even eased up a bit on its aggressiveness since the introduction of the bigger dwarf angel. thanks for all your help. <You're welcome my friend. Bob Fenner>

Salarias fasciatus

Salarias fasciatus (Bloch 1786), the Jeweled Blenny to science, super-popular Lawnmower Blenny to aquarists. Indo-Pacific; Africa and Red Sea to Micronesia. To five inches in length.

Re: Copecods Mr. Fenner, Thanx again for your quick response! I'm glad to hear you will be @ the Superzoo on Sunday, thats the day we are going. What booth or exhibit will you be at? <Just an attendee this time, walking the floor, chatting my poor friends ears off...> Or shall I just look for the crowd of people around you, asking questions. I hope we get to meet. My brother and I would be honored to buy you a couple of "little brown bottles".
<Hmm, tempting for sure. Look for pet fish type with typical attire (shorts, short sleeve shirt, tennies... will have name tag... noisy>
What would be the best type of goby to introduce into the tank to eat the copepods? <One of the more hardy species... see: http://wetwebmedia.com/gobioidmars.htm and beyond> And will he live without a sand base in the hopital tank? <Depending on what you choose no to yes happily> I have 2 weeks to go with the copper in the hospital tank. Should I add the goby next week when I get back? <I'd wait till the system is about done... other livestock almost ready to place back in main system> If you dont feel like emailing me back, I'll ask you at the show. Thanx so much. Craig <Be chatting, seeing you. Bob Fenner>
Coralline Algae Quick question for you Bob. Coralline algae. It's starting to "prosper" quite well in my tank. I have< over 100 pea sized growths on my tank. These are all green. I'm going to let it encrust the entire back and sides, and the lower 1" of the front... does this sound okay? <Sure> I do see about 10 of the pink variety starting to grow as well. Is there a reason why the green grows so rapidly while the pink took over a month longer to begin growing? <Mmm, yes... conditions favor this type/species... more light, perhaps lack of available biominerals, alkalinity... perhaps predators are eating the encrusting reds... a few other possibilities> I'm wondering if different color coralline grows better under a certain "color" of light. <Yes... not so much apparent color but wave lengths, intensities...> Not so much that I care whether it's green, pink or purple, just my curious nature pondering a question that wasn't answered by your FAQ's. - Euge <Point taken. Be chatting my friend. Bob Fenner>
By the Moonlight of my Gourami Thanks Bob, My remaining moonlight Gourami has developed a swollen protuberance above one of his eyes, a crescent 7mm long, 2m wide and sticking out 2mm from the body. He is swimming and eating normally. I've placed him in an isolated 20 Gal tank and begun treatment with Mryacin (sp?)
<Maracyn, erythromycin> yesterday. Do you think I should be using Mryacin II? (Tetracycline)
<Actually another antibiotic, but yes, I would use this instead... mixing some in with the fish's foods. This won't hurt the other fishes if they ingest it... nor will this complaint likely infect your other livestock. Bob Fenner> Your fish buddy, Jeff <Life to you my friend.>
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