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FAQs on Wrasse Social Disease

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FAQs on Wrasse Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional, Infectious, Parasitic (See also: Wrasses & Crypt), Trauma, Treatments,

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Head butting wrasse Hi, I'll keep this short, I have a yellow Coris wrasse that was in QT for 10 days< Not long enough!  All new fish should be in QT for at least 3 weeks> - did fine - has been in the main tank for a few weeks.  Has been eating everything offered and seems happy.  Today, I noticed that instead of "browsing" the tank like usual (I normally get to watch them for about 1/2 - 1 hour each day), he has been circling around one corner area and "head butting" the glass.  Any suggestions?  Has he finally figured out that he is captive?  There doesn't seem to be any sign of infections/parasites, etc. (though always a possibility I guess). Tank Info: 1 Flame Angel Couple of Common Percula (false) Clowns the 1 wrasse 1 cleaner shrimp some snails Caulerpa 90 Gal w/ Live Rock SG 1.022 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate less than 10 PH 8.2 Temp about 77 (all tested today to be sure there was no environmental problem) Thanks. Diana < He has likely just found out he has a reflection.  Don't worry about it, as he will eventually back off.  Cody>
Head butting wrasse
Thanks for your reply Cody - I tend to worry too much sometimes about the little things ...  I think you were right as the next day he did stop - though he did bruise himself (I noticed a reddened area under his scales where he kept hitting) - but that too has healed within two days and all is back to normal - I also think I found his favorite food - minced scallop from the grocery store... he even steals it right out of the mouths of the other fish!  Anyway thanks for your help. Diana <Awesome!  Great to hear of success, best regards, Cody>

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