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FAQs about Christmas Tree/Boring Poritid Worms

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Xmas tree coral/worms, mortuus est  6/3/2011
Hi again thanks for the advice on the 5 gal 6500k/480atinic florescent.
Now here is a stump-er, went to local fish store here in Stockton ca which has a good bit of cured live rock. They just a month ago took down a coral display approx 100 gal. So was looking for 3-4 pounds to place in new 5 gal Nano, well Ol and behold as I was digging found a one pound piece of Xmas tree coral.
<Mmm, these worms are not easily kept in small, unstable, too-nutrient free small volumes>
Question is as of now 2 days 2 nights water quality's good nitrates still at 2, ph8.1, and I ma using Kent purple grow "supposed to promote Coralline and good green algae, Will the Xmas worms ever come back?
Holes are still open and from time to time see bubbles come out of shell.
also have a small filter but used a small rag between glass and filter to help circulation and o2 sats.
Do I need a power pump for water movement for 5 gal live rock now but will be coral tank
<Mmm, yes... I would use one of the smaller internal products... Hydor makes a nice small unit for inexpensive, VorTech has a very nice, pricey one. Do read on WWM re small systems...
Scroll down... Bob Fenner>

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