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FAQs about Above Water Photography

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Above or below water: Get Close!

On the ethical/legal use of other people's content; postscript; James Fatherree, Joe Rowlett      9/16/15
Also, if you'd like to post something on WWM about photo usage,
<And for this. Will post on the morrow>
here's the info I sent you, and links to the articles. I have been in contact with 4 magazine editors now - and all four agree that this is theft and definitely does not fall under educational fair use as the magazine and author are both making money off article that included my photos.
<As I'd already stated: Thievery>
After discussing this with the editor of the magazine, they also agreed that this is an inappropriate usage of my work and offered to pay for the photos. I wouldn't accept payment from them, as I don't think they knowingly used the photos without my permission. But, I'd certainly take a check from the author (Joe Rowlett) that used them and got a check for themselves.
<Since your writing, have noted his name.... on Reefs.com, and some freebie reef mag that Jake Adams left here last week. Assuredly, with your mentioning, the posting on WWM, this will 'get around". Am very glad to help correct such situations. BobF>
The original incident relating (on FB)      9/14/15

"Hey Bob!
I've got another photo situation and thought I'd let you know about it, and maybe get some advice. I recently found an article about sun corals at Reefs.com, which was written by Joe Rowlett. I noticed that he had swiped and used two of my photos from an article I wrote on sun corals that was published online. To me, this is stealing and making money off my photos (without my permission, and without even asking), as he was indeed paid for the article. I got his contact info from the magazine and wrote him an e-mail saying he didn't have permission to use them and that it would have been easy enough to ask. I went on to tell him that under the circumstances I wanted the photos removed from the article, or expected to be paid $25 each for their use. Basically, his response was that the article was educational, so he didn't need permission. And, he added this: "You're absolutely correct that I could have easily reached out to you and asked to use those photos, and perhaps I should have, perhaps I'm a thieving asshole, but the logistics of reaching out to every other person whose images I need is completely impractical." It's too impractical??? He also admitted that he's had two other complaints, but also said "If you so desire, I will send you a check, just let me know." He also never bothered to just apologize... I didn't care for his response, and told him to send the check. After that, he came back with "Section 107 of the Copyright Act provides exceptions for educational fair use of copyrighted materials...there's not much market value for low-quality photographs of damaged corals...I have numerous reviews in press that rely entirely on images to document range extensions, hybrids and even new species. Again, this would be nearly impossible if I had to take the time to track down every single photographer... I did not take your photographs, slap them on a t-shirt and sell them for profit." I responded with "You said you'd pay me, but now you say you have the right to use my photos? Since you've read the law - why'd you leave out the word "nonprofit"? It says for "nonprofit educational purposes". Did you get paid for the article? Then it's not nonprofit." After that, he wrote back that he was going to ask a photographer friend of his about this, and: "I've asked him to arbitrate, and if his response is that I should pay you, you have my word that I will write you a check immediately...my research cannot exist if I'm unable to use other's photography freely." That was a week ago, my photos are still in the article and I've haven't gotten a check. Am I somehow in the wrong here? I'm at a loss, to be honest. I cannot imagine that his use of my photos to get a paycheck is within the bounds of copyright law, but then again, I'm not an attorney... Any input? Thanks, James"
James W. Fatherree
<Taking other peoples property w/o their express consent is thievery. My life-long "content use policy" is easily found on WWM; I allow gratis use of my writing, image work for "non commercial", non-profit uses. The above is not non-profit. Bob Fenner>

NOAA Aquaculture Photo contest      8/6/15
<Hey Jude; will put up on WWM. Cheers, BobF>
The Rising Tide investigators are submitting – but I thought you might be interested as well! Please circulate – ornamentals can show their true colors.
Hi all!
Have some great aquaculture images or video shorts? Enter them in our NOAA Aquaculture Photo Contest! There are a number of different categories and submission formats covering the breadth of the aquaculture world.
We'd love to see your science & research submitted! Submission deadline is September 13, 2015. Winners will be announced over Aquaculture Week, September 21-25, 2015 and showcased online and in a public exhibit at HQ. The contest is open to the public,
so feel free to share with any interested parties.
Contest guidelines & Submission
( http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/aquaculture/homepage_stories/31_photo_contest_2015.html )
Thanks and have fun with it!
Emily M. Trentacoste, PhD
Outreach Coordinator (Contractor, ERT Inc.)
Office of Aquaculture
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service

Wet Web Media Site Compliment/Resource Suggestion        6/30/15
Dear Webmaster,
I just came across your awesome website and found it to be a great aquatic/aquarium
resource! I love keeping fish (though I am not very good at it) and found some helpful tips on your site - thanks a lot!
While I was browsing your site, I noticed you have already kindly linked to our sister sites, Can Stock Photo, Foto Search, and Go Graph in the "Photography" section of your page at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/fwlinks.htm  and would like to suggest an additional resource for you and your users, Barewalls.com.
<Ahh; will add this AM. Bob Fenner; common progenitor>
Created in 1996, Barewalls was the first company to capitalize on the tremendous potential of selling posters and prints online. Our vast collection contains artwork from thousands of famous photographers and painters from Ansel Adams to Vincent Van Gogh. Popular styles include Abstract art, Cubism, Impressionism, Pop Art, Renaissance, and more. Our
extensive list of artists can be found here:
I created an HTML link for your use if you find us to be a useful addition to the site!:
<a href="http://www.barewalls.com">Barewalls.com</a>
Megan A. Kos
Barewalls, Inc.

bleached anemones and lighting... Nine megs of pix; photography-revelation      1/28/15
Hey guys, just wanted to send a quick note to you guys and thank you for your website. I recently ran into an issue however and wanted to share my experience. So first off some background about my tank.
125 gallon Reef Ready custom tank and stand with built in dual stand overflow and a 50 gallon sump/refugium Orbital Current LED lighting with Ramp controller Two Hydor Koralia power heads, a 3 and a 4 Reef octopus XP3000 Skimmer PH 8.0Salinity 1.025Ammonia, nitrites, nitrate, all 0 ppm
<Essential nutrient>
100lbs liverock various fish RBTA
I had just recently purchased a RBTA for my tank and when it arrived it was very very small. Less than an inch across fully extended. After doing the  normal acclimation process for it and placing it in the tank on the liverock. It chose a comfy spot about three inches from where I placed it and settled in. It has been in my tank for about two weeks now and has opened up and was showing great signs of health. Eating well, lots of tentacle movement and extension, the whole bit. I started to get worried when it seemed like it looked a little pale in my tank. I wasn't sure how long it really looked that way maybe from the moment I placed it in the tank. So I started doing research on bleached anemones. Paid very close attention to pictures of what that looked like, and asked advice from a few people on local reefing forums here in my area. I worked myself into a frenzy over this idea that my anemone was bleached and I needed to do something about it and keep vigilant with feeding and other recommended steps to nurse it back to health. I had taken a picture of the anemone and sent it to a few people and all agreed that my anemone looked bleached and this was a critical time. The first picture is what I sent, and received confirmation of a bleached anemone diagnosis from several "experts". For more than three days I wracked my brain over my bad luck. Including right up until an hour or so before writing this note. Then it dawned on me...
The camera I had been using had the flash turned off from the last time I used it. I turned it back on and took another picture of it with the blue turned down to 10%. The second picture shows the actual anemones coloration and overall health. The blue and white mix lighting each at 100% was playing games with my camera's color saturation and was skewing my viewpoint of the anemone, and apparently everyone else's as well.
<Well; photography... is... about controlling light>
So there really never was anything wrong with my anemone at all. I allowed myself to be fooled by the camera and my own eyes inability to properly discern the anemones true coloration due to the over saturation of certain wavelengths of light being emitted by the blue in my lighting.
So long story short.... Lesson learned. Just thought I would pass this information along and hope that it helps someone else to properly diagnose whether an anemone is actually bleached or not. Never trust a single picture and sometimes even your own eyes to give accurate information. I see tons of pictures of bleached anemones online all the time, now the
first question I will ask if I am ever trying to help is, was the flash on your camera turned on when you took the picture? What percentage of blue was your lighting set to when the picture was taken.
<You've "traded" (filtered, screened) one part (bandwidth) of visible EMR for another...>
Have a great day... Keep up the good work with the site.
Steve McQueen
<Still bleached, but thanks for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Additional Image Resource Suggestion       12/18/13
I have visited your website and found it to be a tremendous resource! As such, I would like to suggest a resource for you and your visitors alike. Go Graph Stock Photography -- www.Gograph.com -- is appropriate for your resources in the "Stock photos" section on your studios, shops, photo agencies, photo labs page
(http://eyeswideshut.ro/resurse/magazine-studiouri-agentii-foto/ ).
Go Graph Stock Photography offers a vast selection of affordable royalty free stock photos, illustrations, vector clip art and royalty-free footage clips. Our database contains images on a wide variety of topics and can be viewed for free or purchased for any project.
We currently have over 5,200 aquatic image and happen to be the sister site to Can Stock, which I see you have listed!
I created an HTML link you can use if you find us to be a useful addition to your site:
<a href="http://www.gograph.com/stock-photo-images/freshwater-fish.html" >Go Graph Aquatic Photography</a>
Feel free to contact me via email at jkasombo@gograph.com if you have any questions about the site.
Thank you for your time and consideration!
Josh Kasombo
Will add to our FAQs files that related to photography. Cheers, Bob Fenner

Photographing, fishes, conventions    4/24/11
I just read through a very helpful article of yours about how to photograph sea life. It was filled with lots of great information but there was one piece I would like to inquire about. In the article there was mention of only showing the fish from their left sides. I was wondering what the reason for this etiquette is, and possibly the origin?
<Ahh! Tis an actual "hold over" from the use of preserved specimens for scientific work. IF they're cut into, it's almost always on the "right hand side">
I am a professional photographer and I follow many odd and often illogical superstitions, but it is always fun to know the meaning behind them.
Chris Behunin
<Mmm, I do also think that this is more standard practice due to the western print world, folks opening magazines and books right to left... with the organisms pointing to the to-be-turned page...
Cheers, Bob Fenner>

slideshow: Human Planet from BBC  3/26/11
*These are special photos from around the world displaying the immense diversity, yet basic similarities of our precious earth inhabitants. Take 7 minutes to open your heart and soul to our diverse family.
One family, one home...
*Subject:* slideshow: Human Planet
Human Planet
From mountain tops to ocean depths - stunning images from the BBC landmark series.
< http://www.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/news/world-12618167 >
*Andrea Jackson*
Humanizing. Thank you for sending this along Andrea (woman of the sea).

Looking for photos   1/12/11
Good Morning!
<And you>
I am working on a project for Children's Hospital in Boston. They have two beautiful saltwater aquariums, and many beautiful fish in them. I was asked if I could create some ID cards to place near the tanks for educational purposes. I have started on this project, but I haven't been able to locate good quality pics to use that are copyright free, to use in the public domain.
Do you have any suggestions?
<My work is free to use for non-commercial purposes. See here:
and the on-site search tool for images by scientific names. Bob Fenner>
Thank you,
Wendy Amaral

Wet Web Media   1/10/11
Hi Bob, we have been putting together information on as many tropical marine fish as we can along with images on our forum, http://www.reef-face.co.uk . I wondered if it would be possible for us to use image content from Wet Web Media, with a Wet Web Media reference under the image?
Mark Briggs (aka Reefaddict)
<It appears you are a non-commercial concern (hobbyist). Hence you are free to use my content per our posted policy:
Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>
Re: Wet Web Media   1/11/11
Thanks Bob, much appreciated.
<Ah, welcome. BobF>

B&W Collapsible Hoods 1/7/11
Hi Bob,
<Hello James>
Have you ever tried the B&W screw on collapsible hoods. I bought one for my 60mm macro and they are indeed slick and rather inexpensive. They make excellent filters so I thought I'd get one. What's nice about them is when you collapse the hood, you can still put your lens cap on. Take a look.
<I have used similar hoods/attachments to discount errant light and help prevent scratching lenses (by my own darn clumsiness, bumping into things mostly). Very worthwhile... and much better than thread on filters that cause one to lose parts of F-stops... having to make up for in other ways that "cost" one color richness, acuity. BobF>

Your image is live on ARKive   1/4/11
Dear Bob,
I hope you are well. I am pleased to tell you that your image of Butis butis is now live on ARKive. You can find your image by following the link to the species profile below:
Once again, many thanks for contributing your images and supporting the ARKive project. If you have any problems or questions please do let me know.
Best wishes for the New Year.
Kind regards,
<Thank you Claire; both for your efforts and your courtesy. Ciao, Bob Fenner>

would like to use a fish photo  10/2/10
Dear Mr. Fenner,
I am the person that makes the fish labels that are displayed above the tanks at the Birch Aquarium. I came across your photo of a Marine Betta fish, Calloplesiops altivelis, in our data base(we used your
photo in an old exhibit). I am having a problem trying to photograph that fish (hides too much). Can I use your photo? They only problem is that I need to drop out the background and substitute a more natural environment rather than the tank that he is in. Do you charge a fee?
Thank you for your time.
Mary Rose
<I do grant you free use of my content... Oh, per our/my policy posted here:
Bob Fenner>
Exhibit Preparator/Naturalist
Birch Aquarium at Scripps
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
9500 Gilman Drive, Dept 0207
La Jolla, Ca 92093

Photography, BIIIIG Tanks      9/7/10
I have read several articles discussing how to photograph aquariums. My question is what gear would be recommended to photograph really, I mean REALLY large aquariums?
<Mmm, a good DSLR camera body, some good quality wide angle lenses... perhaps some reflective umbrellas/flashes... and control of all outside lighting!>
I have an opportunity of mostly unrestricted access to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Trying to get new ideas on how to light or photograph a 2 story aquarium? We will be allowed to use everything from battery flash to full strobes and hot lights.
<Practice on high ISOs (800 and above to a few k), long/er exposures... 30th of a second, even longer...>
With equipment like this how do we minimize flare from the Acrylic and what have people done to minimize reflection?
<Shoot at an angle to the viewing panels, turn off ALL outside lighting>
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Duane Murphy
<And you, Bob Fenner>

Your image live on ARKive - thank you! 8/9/10
Hi Bob,
I just wanted to share the link to your image that's now live on ARKive - I hope you're pleased with it.
Many thanks for your contribution!
Kind regards,
Katrina Armour
ARKive Media Researcher
<Thank you for this Kaz. BobF>

image request, Panulirus interruptus juv.    2/8/10
To whom it may concern:
My name is Christine Merrick, and I am working on a photo research job for a Solomon Biology text book, and I need an image of a spiny lobster larvae (Panulirus Interruptus) available for permission in high res 300dpi format. Can you help me with this? Please advise. Thank you,
Christine Merrick
Account Manager
<I don't have such, nor know of folks currently who might, but would you like me to post your contact info. on the site in hope that someone who does will contact you? Bob Fenner>
Re: image request   2/8/10
Yes, that would be wonderful. Thank you so much for your quick response.
Christine Merrick
Account Manager
<Will do so then. BobF>
K1 Creative
271 West 1st Street
Eureka, MO 63025
e: cmerrick@k1create.com
p: 1-800-886-6122
Oh, Christine... it dawns on me to mention Norbert Wu... have you contacted him re this Palinurid image? He has considerable work of juvenile and micro-crustaceans from off the N. Am. coast. B
Re: image request   2/8/10
No,...can you tell me how to reach him?
<... http://www.norbertwu.com/>
Christine Merrick

Aquarium Photography... not reading  8/29/2009
I was wondering what is the best conditions to take pictures of my corals I was thinking of getting a inexpensive under water digital camera. Any thoughts please and thanks.
Sent from my iPhone
<Please start by searching wetwebmedia.com for information on aquarium photography
A quick search turned up:
hy.htm . If you have any more specific questions that are not addressed on the website please feel free to ask.
Josh Solomon.>

You can mass market your coral pics   3/9/09 Bob <Dan> You may be able to make some decent money on this link Found a site where I can download images for as little as .28 cents each They do NOT have a massive number of salt water fish but they have at least 100 different species that I have downloaded. The pics they have an NOT properly labeled therefore your may get substantially more Visibility thus... more money for BobF They have No good coral pics You can probably make out very well on this. I have tons of coral shots that I might upload http://www.dreamstime.com/sellimages <Mmmm> When I found it thought of you Dan DiCarlo
<Thanks but no. BobF>

Birch Pics - eat my megapixels (attn: ScottV) 1/4/08 Hey Scott, <Folder N.> Check these out... *http://picasaweb.google.com/sihaya/Birch010409?feat=directlink*<http://picasaweb.google.com/sihaya/Birch010409> Dude, my shoulder and hands hurt from the 300+ pics I took today at Birch, but I think a few dozen of those came out ok. Still think my D90 isn't any better than your D60? :-P <Well my arms do not get tired after a bit of shooting, something to be said there! I would not trade the 60 for the 90 any day (yeah right).> Keep in mind my complete ineptitude with photography... <The pics look good...I am jealous you live so close to the Birch!> Cheers, Sara M. <Thanks for sharing these. Talk soon, Scott V>

Thanks Scott, for the rest of the crew, it might be easier to view the pics here: http://www.marineaquariumsa.com/showthread.php?p=176926#post176926 If it means anything to anyone, they were taken with the Nikkor 60mm lens (had to use it in manual b/c the lens is "too old" for the D90-- or so they say!). Don't ask me what aperture I set it at, I kept changing it with every picture... not sure I knew what the heck I was doing though. :-P Cheers, Sara M.

Oh! And just a note to anyone in the San Diego area... I got into the aquarium for FREE just by showing that I have a Bank of America checking account (just had to show my debit/atm card). I don't know how long this "deal" lasts, but there was no end date on the sign. So if you have a B of A account, be sure to visit the Birch Aquarium while it's still free for you! Cheers, Sara

NightSea Fluorescence Photography Equipment Group Buy 11/15/08 Hi Bob and Crew, I just thought I?d put it out there for everyone in WWM land that is interested in photography, that I?m putting together a group buy for the NightSea fluorescent photography equipment. Charlie the owner has agreed to give about a 20 percent discount, so if you?ve ever been interested in this at all, now would be a good time to buy one. All the information is listed in this link. http://www.my1uplife.com/2008/11/night-sea-fluorescence-photography-equipment-group-buy I?m also attaching a small picture that was taken with this equipment. Jessy <Neat site, offer for night vision look/see. BobF>

What is the best camera to use to take pictures in an aquarium?    10/3/08 <As with all other photography: it couldn't matter less. It's down to how skilful the photographer is. I've sold numerous photos of aquarium fish to magazines and web sites using a $250 consumer-grade camera. So rather than worry about the technology, work with what you have, developing your skills. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/volume_2/cav2i2/aquarium_photography/photography.htm Cheers, Neale.>

Re: Copepod Mania; CA magazine... Image/Content Use f's   - 7/24/08 Hi Neale - Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I found a few errors in the article which are important to fix. I am attaching the rewrites, which are in almost every paragraph, so please read through it again. For example, males do not release their sperm into the water like corals, they impregnate the females and she releases her fertilized eggs into the water. This differs from the copepods that hold onto their fertilized eggs until they hatch. So, I made a mistake by calling them "broadcast spawners", they just broadcast fertilized eggs. I also found several other biological and grammatical errors that were not caught in your rewrite, so I have hopefully uncovered and fixed all of those. I would donate pictures, except that the copyright and photo credit information was removed from the last set I sent to the magazine for my last article. Because I am frequently ripped off by less experienced people, I would prefer to have any images with a watermark or identifying copyright information retained. I am not sure what Bob's policy on this is, but it really irks me when I see some guy on eBay using my pictures he copied from your magazine. I hope you understand. It is more difficult to prove my case when the picture has had all identifying information removed. So, Bob - what do you suggest? <Hey Adelaide... my/our content use policy is posted here: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMUsePolicyStmt.htm Basically I allow all non-commercial uses gratis for my content... A bit of gray area for uses that include "some" promotion/paid advertising... But to be clear, my work is free to both of you for whatever use. For all others (other than myself) we purchase/buy "one time, non-exclusive use" of work... i.e., it's not ours to sell, offer for free to anyone else... As with "taxes" in their various formats, taking other people's property w/o their express consent is thievery... Though, as you state, almost impossible to police on the Net... We've had "good luck" thus far w/ folks not lifting other peoples' works... Cheers, BobF, out in HI, where he wishes you and Neale were visiting> Thanks, Adelaide <Will these work? Have attached thumbs of the two more commonly kept Callionymids and some LR pix. Pls make it known if you want larger, in other formats. BobF>>

Pic of the Day - 4/15/08 Hi, I was wondering where do I send my image for the SW picture of the day? Thanks, excellent site by the way. Mark <Ah, this be the place. Cheers, BobF>

Re: Pic of the Day Thanks for the fast reply, here is my favourite picture of my brain coral, hope you like it! Cheers, Mark <Very nice Lobophyllia Mark. Will post, when I don't know. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Selling pix... Hello, <Hi there> I am a member of ReefCentral.com and one of the members told me to get a hold of you and ask how I can make money with my Reef Photos? I was told that some of mine are very good and that magazines will snatch them up when they're really good. Thanks! J Stacy Fralish < Well... the best approach (most sure of sale, acceptance) is to "write against them"... that is, include your image work with articles on related subjects... And make presentations of same together to hobby magazines, both pulp and on-line... Have you published your writing? I will gladly help you... to edit same, advise you on where you might send. Please do send all future correspondence to me by way of Crew@WetWebMedia.com; I nearly deleted your mail as one of many "junk" bits I get a day. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Aquarium Photography Epiphany! 03/14/2008 Just had to write you a hearty and heartfelt thank you. I'm a total nincompoop with my new digital camera and have absolutely no photography experience. After struggling for a few days trying to get decent pictures of my husband's new corals and fishes -- they are all blurry and BLUE (not sad, just blue) -- I tried searching on Wet Web for help. Found your article on taking pictures. I read your comments about "White Balance" (huh??), and speeds and aperture. Grabbed the camera, set it on Manual and started pressing buttons and trying different f-stop and speed settings. SO COOL!!! Not sure how I came across the "white balance" feature on the camera, but I found it! That's what really made the difference. A little miracle happened right before my eyes. The "blue" torch coral was suddenly creamy white. The dull frogspawn was the lively florescent green I knew it was. I even got the teeny clown goby perched in his lime-green Montipora cup, crystal clear and true colors. I can't wait for my husband to come home from work so I can show him what I did today. Thank you so much for helping me enjoy my camera again. Aviva <And to think/realize that I struggled with reading the manuals for so long! BobF>

Fish Database of Taiwan asks for your permission to use your FishBase photos    2/21/08 Dear Sir/Madam, The Fish Database of Taiwan (http://fishdb.sinica.edu.tw ) tries to construct a webpage with information about the ornamental species which were surveyed on Taiwan's aquarium market previously. We have long-term collaboration with FishBase for several years, including assisting the establishment of the Chinese FishBase Mirror Site and the multilingual interface for the FishBase website, and we know you had provided excellent fish photos to FishBase, so we would like to ask for your permission to use your picture as the illustrates for the specific species in the Fish Database of Taiwan. If you agree, we will give credit (citation) to you. Besides, we will watermark the image resource (your name) on the image(s) you provide. Thank you very much! Sincerely yours, Alex Chen Research Assistant c/o Kwang-Tsao Shao Ph.D (Chairman of the Fish Database of Taiwan) Research Center for Biodiversity Academia Sinica, Taiwan <As an educational institution I do grant you free use of my content. Do feel free to peruse WetWebMedia.com and WetWebFotos.com for a sampling of other photo work, and to call on me if I may be of further assistance. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner, student of Lo-Chai Chen, San Diego State University... many years ago>

Macro Photography Question 1/2/08 Bob, Experimenting with the new camera in macro mode. Any tips for sharper images. Seems like the glass may be creating a problem for some but not all pictures. What is your method? James <Mmm, a few things (do see the piece on WWM re aquarium photography: http://wetwebmedia.com/aqfotography.htm "and the linked files above"... Check your camera, the manual... for what "Macro" settings it offers... CLEAN the outside and inside of the viewing panels of the tank well... SHOOT at an incidental angle... but not too much of a degree. Experiment with your equivalent aperture and shutter speeds... Use ancillary (slave) strobe lighting if you have it... BobF>

Re: Reef Lighting/Selection Query. More re Above Water Photography   1/5/08 Boy did I open a can of worms with the Reef Lighting/Selection Query, Whew. I believe much good was done here, especially regarding the Odyssea MH fixtures. For the price, it appears they are a quality fixture. <Yeah... I read this ten bazillion times, and I still find it hard to believe> On another note, why are the manuals you get with cameras so vague? <Wish I knew> Tells you want does what but not why or why you should use certain functions. Oh I wish I had my Nikormat 35mm camera back. What a joy to use and great pics. Didn't have a menu with 500 options. Sheesh. Time to start looking for a book on the G9 that is more user friendly. Wonder if there is anything out there like that. James|<The very best thing to do here is to search on the Net for folks who have used the model, or one close to it... for their insights into use/settings... Believe me. B> <The very best thing to do here is to search on the Net for folks who have used the model, or one close to it... for their insights into use/settings... Believe me. B>

Re: Pics  1/6/2008 Bob, Was experimenting and now I can see where I would want a photo editor such as Photoshop. Can't do much with the software that comes with the camera. <There are some simple, useful programs that likely came with, are on your computer... try right-clicking your mouse... "Open With" options...> I'd like to be able to zoom and save. Can you do this with Photoshop. <Oh yes... and much more> The Watchman Goby/Pistol Shrimp photo would be great if I could work with sharpness, etc. The Coral Beauty photo isn't too bad. Will learn improve skills. James <Keep studying, shooting... and organizing! B>

Re: new photos will be sent  9/7/05 Dear Bob, No trouble with the typhoon here. <Ah, good> I just sent the CD's to you by EMS, so I think that you could receive them within five days.  You may use some of them on the web. Enjoy them. All The Best, Hiroyuki <Thank you my friend. Will post, with credit to you. Doomo, Bob Fenner> >A short note; I will have a big typhoon from now so I could send items on Wednesday. Give me a little time. >All The Best, Hiroyuki ><No worries my friend... "First things first"... do be careful. BobF>

Small reef, photography 7/9/05 Bob,  <James> Resending one pic of the mini reef I'm playing with using bare essentials only.   Enjoying quite a bit of success using only Sea Chem's Reef Builder and the dry form of calcium supplement <Beautiful color on those clowns> .  Only other sup is iodide.  Unfortunately, this area of the tank has the least amount of coralline.  Pics aren't coming out that sharp.  Have a good camera with ap/shutter preferred feature.  Any suggestions from the pro? <Mmm, I shoot manual... rarely shutter or aperture priority... try setting your aperture for about what you think distance and guide number/ISO film-wise... and the shutter speed... I mainly shoot 125th of a second... but a sixtieth or more... BobF>
James (Salty)

Looking to Use Photos for Book Hi there, I work for New Holland publishing in Cape Town, South Africa. We have offices in New Zealand, Australia and in London. We are currently busy doing research for the photography for the new Tropical Fish book. This will be an International title, World wide rights will be required for any images used and the photographer will be credited accordingly. We are looking at about 180 different species. The images that we are looking for have to be of high quality. Please see the list below.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best Wishes Tamlyn Beaumont-Thomas Picture Researcher International Division New Holland Publishing <We do have a good number of images of fishes on your list. Am referring you to Jason Chodakowski who handles these matters. Bob Fenner>

Permission using one photo Dear friends, <Hola Pablo> We are a Spanish group of friends who have a web about marine aquariums.  This is a non- lucrative web: www.infopez.com <Que bueno> We are working in a guide of fishes, because we can't find good information about marine fishes in Spanish. <Yo miro> As our web page is not for profit i.e. is non commercial, we ask you for permission using your photograph of Amphiprion akindynos so long as we place credit, that is your name as photographer and your web, next to every photograph. <Mucho gusto. Para mi, Roberto Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> You can see in the web that its a non lucrative web. The server belong to one of the members, and we have now 2 sponsors that don't pay anything, they only offer special conditions to our members. <Entiendo> We wait for your answer. Thank you Pablo Palomo Moderator Infopez <Be chatting, Bob Fenner> 

Calling on Zo Hi Bob, Congrats on your fabulous site! <Thanks> Marcus here from Montreal, Quebec <Howzit!> I'm posting on a French speaking (France) reef keeping forum, and I would like to show those Frenchies some 'corals shops' like the Tropical Illusion pictures made by Lorenzo. The problem is that I cant seem to find his e-mail address to ask him the permission to show his pictures. Could you give me his address? Or, if you think he would not allow it, could you just tell me, so I would not have to ask him for nothing? Thank you,  Marcus Gilias <Mmm, he has an addy here. Zo, are you there? Bob F> Yes, Marcus, you may use my photos to illustrate whatever you wish on your forum. Please leave my copyright/credit intact. Here is a link to all the Tropical Illusions photos on WetWebFotos, in case you do not already have this: Tropical Illusions photos I appreciate your asking permission - I have discovered my photographs in many situations without permission or credit, and this always annoys me.  Kindest Regards, Lorenzo Gonzalez 

Fishbase.org for fish ID's I have been unable to find a picture of a red checked butterfly fish anywhere on the web. Can you help me?? Email me back please. Thanks Bunny <Bunny, try going to fishbase.org.  They have a good database of all different types of fish including butterflies.  MikeB.>

Photos Hi Bob (or Robert), <Either one> I am a reef passionate as well as photographer. Here are a couple of pictures. Let me know if you like them. <Very nice. What sort of gear do you use? All above water? What do you hope to do with your photo efforts? Bob Fenner> Thanks. http://www.infophoto.net/webcam

Marine posters hello all, I'm looking for some marine posters to frame and put on my walls.  Do you know of anyone or place that sell full posters or photos of real marine fish or the like, not really looking for drawn paintings.  thanks <Can't find their website, but "Pet Connections" advertises often in Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine... and they have some very nice marine organism posters... often seen in LFS's. Bob Fenner>

First Annual Photo Competition (Corydoras World .com) 5/29/04 http://www.corydorasworld.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2949&st=0 Hi Bob. I was wondering if you would do me the honour of helping with the judging of our first annual photograph competition? I will be doing it in stages which I will upload to a secure part of the forums for voting. I will create an account for you and let you know password and URL's for the competitions if you think you could help. I have secured prizes from Eheim, Fluval and Freshwater Aquarium Plants, I hope to get more for next year. Tim <Glad to help Tim. Do you want to send along a URL to post for folks to send in their entries? Bob Fenner>

RE: First Annual Photo Competition IT is just for my members Bob, they have sent me in their entries which I will post on 1st of June, I will let you know the URL's when all ready. Thanks for agreeing to be one of the judges. Tim. <Ahh, understood. Real good. Bob Fenner>

Looking for specific fish images Bob,  <Randy>  I am looking to purchase images [digital files] of reef fish, [see list below] .  <I have image work of most all of these>  The images need to be close to full frame and close to side-on to allow easy viewing of the essential characteristics of the fish.  <Okay>  The image, or an appropriate portion cropped from the image to give a full frame view of the fish, should be at least 1100 x 900 pixels. The images will be printed at or smaller than 3.5" x 2"..  <I see>  The image should not have much if any blue cast - either correct flash or color correction.  The subject should clearly stand out from any background - either through selective focus, contrasting colors or other means. I can't say much about the nature of the project as I am under a fairly strict non-disclosure agreement with the client.  Please let me know if you have any images that meet the specification above and with fish on the list below.  I'd appreciate the price per image at that resolution and any  discount on the price for purchase of multiple images at the same time.  <Depending on the specific use... existing scans are priced at ten dollars per internet use, twenty for print in quantity...>  Please e-mail me low-resolution JPEGs of potentially interesting images. If we reach agreement on the images and price, I'd like the full resolution images in uncompressed TIFF format, Macintosh byte order, on a CD-ROM.  <You can see a sample of my/our work on WetWebMedia.com or WetWebFotos.com>  Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Randy   P.S. My apologies - my client didn't provide the Latin binomial for the fish.  <Most of these are good common names, no worries. Bob Fenner, in HI till the end of the month, and out of the country for most of May>

Re: Looking for specific fish images  Bob,  <Randy>  Thanks,  I'd looked at WetWebMedia.com and now will look at WetWebFotos.com. I'd assumed only a small portion of your images were online.  <Yes... have a few hundreds of thousands of pix...>  I'll get back after I've looked over both sites. Randy  <Real good. Bob Fenner>

Fishy Pictures Hello, I just have a seemingly simple question; how can I get the best pictures of my fish? I've already discovered that the flash cannot be used (reflection on the glass), so when I take pictures I put in a nice bright bulb to illuminate the tank. But the fish are like little kids- they will not sit still long enough to get their picture taken. Is there an easier way, or is it merely a process of trial and error? <There is no 'easy' way... patience is the real key. Any photographer will tell you, for any given roll of film, there's usually only one or two gems and the rest go in the trash. Digital photography at least gives you the option to shoot as much as you want without having to have the film processed. If it's in your budget, a remote flash with a cable would help, allowing you to use the strobe off-angle to avoid the flash reflection on the glass. More information for you here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/aqfotography.htm > Thanks, Dave <Cheers, J -- >

- Photo Use - I think then your Dascyllus article is very nice. I'm from Poland & I keep some of marine fish... it's a beautiful hobby. I have a question to you... I've write it some time ago but you don't answer. Can I use your Dascyllus photos to make an article in polish Fish magazine? <The price to use our photos in print is $20 US per image.> Of course all of photos will have your name. <Much less important to us than payment for use of the images.> Thank you. I'm waiting. Michal <Cheers, J -- >

- Photo Sales - Thanks for the reply. I was browsing through your image gallery and realized that the majority of the images specify that the  highest resolution i.e. 300dpi will print at 3.5"x 2" are there any larger ones or is this what I'm going to have to work with? <When folks pay for the images, we tend to be real cheerful about rescanning the slides to a size suitable to the purpose, although we may have the larger images in digital storage locally. Let me know what you need - just give me the image ID numbers you found so I can match up the slide. Also what resolution/file size you were looking for. Cheers, J -- >

- Image Work - Hi there, I sent over a few email but had not heard back from the "crew" so I thought I would send it once again. I would like to purchase the following images to use in a brochure that will be printed. I therefore would like to obtain the following images at 300dpi. Image # 1878 Emperor Angel Image # 2850 Queen Angel Image # 1925 Regal Angel Image # 2028 Perc. Clown Look forward to hearing from you shortly as I would like to get these brochures printed sooner than later :) Regards, Nuri <Please send payment for $80-US, payable to Wet Web Media to 8586 Menkar Rd., San Diego, CA 92126 - As soon as we receive payment, we'll put the images together on a CDROM and send it back to you. Cheers, J -- > - Image Work Follow-up - Thanks for the reply. Am I able to pay by Visa and download the pictures online? Timing is of the essence at this point. <We can upload the images to a site of your choosing or place them somewhere for you to download. We can take credit cards if you choose - let me know a time I can call you and we'll complete the transaction.> Please advise. -Nuri Fisher <Cheers, J -- >

Nikon Flash and Body Hey, Bob - After having now just read your position on zoom/tele/macro lenses, I deeply regret telling you that earlier today I "impulse-bought" - off of eBay - a supposedly mint Vivitar 75-205 f3.5 macro zoom (Nikon AI mount) for $30.  We'll see... <Likely will work out fine... there is only a few percent difference in most all "real" lenses... much more variance in terms of "user application"> What I'm hoping you can tell me is: 1.  as far as aquarium, photography goes, should I keep it or either sell it at our next garage sale/use it as a paperweight? <I'd keep it, try using it, trade it in if you find something better> 2.  if I should keep it, what would be a good, reasonably-priced (old) used Nikon body to mate it with to take through-the-glass pictures of my several 2-3", quite active/mobile tank specimens?  I understand that at least some of their AF body's will accept this lens - is this true? <Mmm, most any 35 mm. SLR with autofocus ability... the 00 series (e.g. 8008) would do fine... An N90 would be very nice> 3.  I have done this type of photography before (With a Canon A-1 and their 200mm macro about 10 years ago - of course, all good gear which I no longer own...) with great success (one of my photos got published in a FAMA article written by my friend Tom Giovanetti), but would like your guidance on which flash(es), etc... to purchase for this Nikon rig I'm now trying to assemble. <I see> BTW, we just picked up your and Anthony's book on reef invert's. It's making my brain very full ("may I please be excused?") <Burp!>    Thanks so much for all you do for us hobbyist to help us - indeed - become conscientious aquarists. - Garland Gray <Thank you for writing and good luck in your further photographic ventures. Bob Fenner>

Pictures? Hello, I've seen your impressive photos, great work! I'm planning small private site (non-commercial, just inform) with database of freshwater fishes, could I use your photos to illustrate this? This site will be in Polish only...;))) Best regards, Pawel <You are welcome to use our content/images for your non-commercial projects. Our policy toward such uses can be found here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMUsePolicyStmt.htm Good luck, life to you. Bob Fenner>

Images for Aquarium Dear Bob Fenner, <Greetings Jonathan> As part of the design teams Terry Heard Designers and Gottschalk+Ash, I am working on the graphics program for a new aquarium called Aquatopia. Opening to the public this summer, this 3500 square meter facility is located in Antwerp, Belgium. <Another outstanding addition to this timeless town> One aspect of the graphics program includes Species Identification panels for each tank, for identification and naming of the animals. There are 26 species for which we have not yet been able to source a photographer. A Google-Image search for one of these, Hemiscyllium ocellatum, brought me to your website. <I see> Through your contacts on the website, I'm hoping you will be able to assist me in contacting photographers who might have the images for the species listed below. We require high resolution images at least 1571 Pixels Wide, 1122 Pixels High. If only slides are available, we can scan them. Any pricing information you or other photographers might have would be useful. Thank you, Jonathan Picklyk <Will look through your list, ask other content providers to contact you. Bob Fenner> Species Images Required: Aurelia aurita Avicularia metallica Boulengerella maculata Chaetodermis pencilligera Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis Crenicichla reticulata Dendrobates ventrimaculatus Echinometra mathaei Echinometra mathaei Hemiscyllium ocellatum Himantura undulata Macrodactyla doreensis Melanotaenia parkinsoni Melanotaenia splendida inornata Melanotaenia splendida rubrostriata Pachycerianthus mana Pachycerianthus mana Phobaeticus serratipes Pseudoplatystoma corruscans Pygocentrus cariba Pygocentrus cariba Rhinobatos typus Rhinoptera bonasus Rhynchocinetes uritai Selene vomer Sphyrna tiburno <Jason, will you please follow up with what we have in our files? Bob Fenner> Jonathan Picklyk <jonathan@gplusa.com>

Purchase of Photos Hi Bob, <Leslie> I just noticed that you have photos for sale. They are beautiful.  Are these digital images that you are selling or are they prints? If the photos are available as prints what sizes are available and how are they priced. Could you send me a price list please. <My images are all transparencies... we can/do scan at whatever resolution, format folks are looking for. The price per use is a function of type of placement. On the low end, ten dollars per for 'general' internet use, two hundred plus dollars for product labeling. What do you have in mind? Bob F> Thank you so much, Leslie Leddo

Purchase of Photos Hi Bob, <Hello Leslie> Thank you for the quick reply I was thinking more about personal use .......as art work,  a print one would hang in their home. In addition I was looking for general pricing information. Carol Cozzi-Shamarr suggested I get in touch with you re pricing. I am a amateur photographer that just happens to turn out some very professional looking photographs, so I am regularly told, quite to my amazement and dis belief. I knew they were good....again because I keep getting told,  but the notion of someone wanting to purchase them from me just sort of blows me away. TFH recently purchased 101 slides in addition to several other images to be used in Alissa Abbott's book on Dwarf Seahorse husbandry.  There have been several other people interested in purchasing them of late and I had no idea what the going price ranges are. <"What the market will bear". Mark Smith has sold batches of slides for ten dollars per... others charge more, myself included> Carol is interested in selling some of my prints on the OceanRider website as well as at their booths at the upcoming MACNA and IMAC conferences. My images are transparencies as well as 6.3 MP digital images......mostly of my own personal fish and tanks..... seahorses and some other fish which would be considered seahorse safe, as well as my Black Dogface Puffer and his friends.  Pete Giwjona has also asked me to do most of the photographs for his book which will be with TFH as well. <Outstanding. You're well on your way. Bob Fenner> Thank you again for any information. Leslie

Fishes IDS/pics - www.fishbase.org 7/13/03 Dear wetweb, my name is Sanusi. I'm a student of Diponegoro University Indonesia. I have a problem in my thesis about damselfishes. it is because there's a problem in finding picture of the species. Could you help me to send me pictures of damselfishes especially these species: Pomacentrus cyanomous, Abudefduf melas, Dascyllus reticulatus, Abudefduf assimilis and Abudefduf leucogaster. Thanks for your attention. Sanusi <cheers, my friend. Let me direct you to one of the finest databases on the Internet for pics of fishes/IDs: http://www.fishbase.org you can use their search fields to find pages on the species you seek. Kind regards, Anthony>

Aquarium photography as a living? (Note: Add link) Hi Bob, don't know if you remember but about a year ago I approached you with an article, "Using the Internet: A Reefkeeper's 10,000 Best Friends." <Yes, thank you again Travis for sending this along> Your information and help were priceless in preparing the article and selling it to TFH -though it has yet to run...   <Ah, good to hear/read> I have since found yet another creative outlet- and talent within myself-  for expressing my appreciation for the beauty of ocean life- photography. <Outstanding! A trait we share> I've created a web site, www.reef-life.com, and so far the response has been incredible. I assure you a stroll through my gallery will be well worth your time. <Very nice. Looks like you're culturing zoanthids as well> I'm still finding my way as a small side business, but in the end my current profession doesn't provide me with the fulfillment I would like... my dream is to make just enough to squeak by while taking photographs of sea creatures, in the environments most of us enjoy them- aquaria. <A worthy goal> My question to you, and request for advice, is about selling photography for publication. I honestly believe my photographs would be well-suited for publication in many of the popular aquarium magazines and possibly books. However, I have no idea where to begin. I purchased the 2003 Photographer's market and was disappointed to find little information pertaining to aquarium publications. <Mmm, there is a bunch to state here. What you have in mind can be done... will take several years, but can time-frame can be shortened by "expanding your view", including other photographic markets. There are professional associations, many editors (who don't "stay put") to contact, skills to develop... and most importantly your catalog to generate. You are strongly encouraged to keep writing (to go along with your image submissions and promote your work), make submissions (of covers/verticals, features, article series...) and KEEP SHOOTING! There are quite a few hobby and industry publications in our interests (pet-fish, underwater natural history, sport/adventure travel/diving...) to make offerings to, in the U.S. and internationally. You can "find out" about these (who, where, how to mail them) in a few ways... there are photographic and writing "Buyer's Guides" with listings, large (college) libraries carry many of these 'zines... AND specialty book publishers (ones in the same genres) purchase image (and writing) work... Is there something in particular you're looking for in the way of information that I might be able to render? If you have the time, inclination, I suggest coming out with us on a photo-travel jaunt for "immersion" (literally and figuratively) in chatting about these possibilities and making photographs. We get out most months to go traveling, diving (on Thursday to Mabul for a couple weeks, a week later in the month to Hawai'i, two weeks in August to N. Sulawesi...) or even just a visit to San Diego for aquarium photography, a run up to L.A....> I've noticed you're an accomplished pretty-much-everything-in-the-trade (my hero :)  ) including photography. I would treasure some words of advice not only about approaching these publications and common usage fees, but also your honest feedback concerning my photography. <Wish I were so organized or capable of a/the "Vulcan mind meld" where I could impart what is pertinent to you here. Need to know you better, your desires, current knowledge and abilities... as I say, experience (making submissions, listening carefully to feedback, traveling and making photographs) is your/the best "teacher"... but does take years, assuredly> Your kind advice and unique voice have been and continue to be an asset to our hobby, and for that I thank you for us all. I hope to meet you some day and thank you in person. Just barely missed you at MACNA. <Ah, a shame, as I see you live in/near Dallas/Ft. Worth. There will be time. Bob Fenner> Sincerely, Travis Staut

Re: Aquarium photography as a living? Bob, Thanks so much for your response. I'm reading... re-reading.... absorbing.  :) <Good> I'm sure you'll hear from me soon but you've given me enough to chew on for a while. <Okay> Wish I could hop a plane to Sulawesi or Hawai'i or even San Diego. Sounds like something to work toward. :) <Someday soon. Is your reservation due to time, money constraints, or something physical, more profound? Let's chat this possibility up. Bob Fenner> Travis  

Re: Aquarium photography as a living? Money, Time (in that order) to be sure. Nothing else would hold me back. <Ah, good... these aspects are easily solvable> Starting the business on credit and trying to keep the day job until enough comes in from the "night shift" to squeak by... between both probably 80-90 hrs/week and no time to even shoot my own tank lately. Also a wonderful, intelligent little six-year old is depending on me - complicates decisions yet washes away the all the worries in the world with a single hug. <Much to consider, prioritize, examine in a well-worth life> One thing I'd like from you specifically if you don't mind- I have plenty of hobbyist and family critique of my work, and my own instinct. It would be profoundly helpful to have the honest opinion of an accomplished professional such as yourself- strong points, weak points, suggestions for improvement. Pats on the back from friends and family are great and needed but do little to help me develop as a professional. No need to pull punches, if you recall I'm in an industry where people aren't shy about criticizing my work. Honesty is appreciated more than politeness in this case, though you seem to have a shortage of neither. :) Travis <Okay... looking briefly, at your work posted on your site... you could/would improve your chances of selling by shooting, offering some verticals/portrait oriented images (some friends just shoot covers and inside work for ad.s... all verticals). Lenses: are you shooting with a telephoto lens? Your images would be sharper, the corners more "flat" with brand name "standard" lens use. How are you scanning these images (all slides hopefully... not digital (yet))? There are better and not-so-good scanners... we use Nikon's ED series (4000)... strobes: whose? More than one? Have you read over the survey piece on WWM re above water photography? Particularly the areas re composition might be of interest to you. Bob Fenner>

Re: Aquarium photography as a living? Thanks again Bob. I will take your advice to heart. To answer a few of your questions, I'm shooting with a Canon 10D Digital SLR. Lenses used in pics are probably a 50/50 split between  the Canon ef 100/f2.8 macro and the canon ef 28-135 IS. I researched both lenses and they came highly recommended from aquarium photographers and photographers in general. I have a Canon 420ex Flash and off-camera cord, I think maybe seven or eight of the pics on my site were taken with it. <This gear should do. Most of the larger houses, publishers still deal in transparencies... just two by slides, or scans thereof. Digital is sufficient for smaller, inside work, but not covers or full-page in most all cases> Are you suggesting I go with a more wide-angle lens or perhaps shoot with the 28-135 more on the 128 side? <Mmm, no. Just that you would do well to shoot and offer a mix of lens/shots in your portfolio. Glad to see you have landscapes as well as pet-fish imagery> I've been considering the Canon 50mm f/1.8, supposedly a remarkable optical quality for the buck. Downside to the 10D (which believe me I adore) is that digital 1.6x "crop factor." So a 50 would be more like 80mm. One other thing I forgot to mention- I need to learn how to dive. :) Can borrow equipment from a LFS owner/friend but once again need to find the time/money. Underwater photography is very much a long-term goal, but from what I understand the first several dives I should focus my attention on staying alive. :) Travis <Yes to diving and underwater photography. Not a difficult activity, but one that takes a few goes at to become comfortable. Bob Fenner>

Re: Aquarium photography as a living? Thanks again Bob, I will certainly take your advice to heart. Would love to keep in touch and show you some improvement if you don't mind. <Fine> FYI, the camera is a 6.5-megapixel, the resulting JPEG is 11x17@300DPI (150LPI). Don't know if this will be sufficient or not, but I'm ready to find out! <Fine for most pet-fish writing> If you have any contact information you wouldn't mind sharing, I would very much appreciate it and give you my word not to go around, "name dropping." If you feel uncomfortable doing so, I completely understand. <No worries, concerns on my part re sharing whatever I have. A long time back I made a journey to the SIO library (Scripps, a part of UCSD) and wrote out the names, addresses of a hundred or so magazines in the pet-fish, dive/adventure and natural history genres (both business and hobbyist) and wrote them an "offer" letter of writing and photography. Do this as well, reading through an issue or two to see if they print work like yours. Ask for submission guidelines (ask if they are looking for same), ask who specifically you should direct your work to... If you have a bunch of pix, consider submitting them to a "photo bank" even Corbis like internet sites... the splits are brutal, generally 50:50 (and don't sign up to have your property included in "catalogs" with them)... Look through the huge market of "In-flight magazines". A very big and good market for specialty pieces... with pictures! But, whatever you do, keep on shooting, sending out your work for consideration, asking editors what you can do to make your work more saleable. Bob Fenner> Talk to you soon, Travis

Re: Aquarium photography as a living? (see below) Hi Bob, <Hello Travis> I've been reading John Shaw's book, "The Business of Nature Photography." It was just what I needed. I would say his insights and yours closely match, and together it has been a good reality check regarding selling my images for publication at this point. <Thank you for this citation> (Since this email is going in your FAQs, I'd like to highly recommend this book to anyone thinking of selling their photography.) <Okay> Seems quantity is as important as quality (would be better to say the combination of both is crucial) and I should not be submitting photos with my current library of maybe 100 worthy images. <Mmm, if you had/have a few (a handful) of cover images... this is sufficient for submission> Okay, sounds like this market is significantly less competitive than Mr. Shaw's territory, nature photography in general. It also appears that digital submissions may be an issue. In 2003 Photographer's Market, AF clearly states "no digital submissions." TFH, FAMA were no-shows. <<I see. A shame. Can, will send this note to Sue.S, David.B of these publications re. Don't leave out submissions to "foreign" magazines, pet-fish book publishers>> My question is, round number, how many photographs should I have available before even approaching magazines such as TFH/FAMA/AF?  I was thinking in the neighborhood of 500? I certainly understand the importance of first impressions and self-promotion- and would hate to introduce myself as "small potatoes." <Are you hoping to be an "Aaron Norman", "Mark Smith"? Or specialty provider?> Okay Bob, I'll admit you stumped me on this. Was not familiar with either name. After a bit of quick research, I would have to say the Aaron Norman would be my best approach...for now. I'm 28 and already working on my second career, no telling where or how far it will go. Wouldn't rule out anything a few years down the road. But I am aware of the competition and flat-out market saturation in the general "Landscape/Outdoor photographer" community. Seems the bulk of the aquarium photography in publication comes from a few talented and prolific individuals such as yourself and Julian Sprung. <<Aaron and Mark "do this" (pet-fish photography) for a substantial part of their incomes>> Sounds like the book publishers are a ways off, but nobody said this was a business of quick or easy success, and I'm quite looking forward to enjoying the journey (those Zen guys really hit the nail on the head with that insight). <All will be revealed> Did a paying "portrait" job last weekend and was sure to take lots of verticals.  :)  Some very good exposure ("publicity" type) attached to this one and the photos have turned out wonderfully. Travis <<Ahh! Good to hear/read, understand. Bob Fenner>>

RE: Aquarium photography as a living? Man, you work fast! Already got an e-mail from Susan S inviting me to submit a couple cover photos. Very, very much appreciated Bob. Thank you. <You're welcome my friend. Keep on keeping on. Bob F> Travis

Re: Aquarium photography as a living? Hey Bob, a little update and hopefully some quick advice if you're around... <Still> Your putting me in touch with Susan at FAMA has resulted in them buying a shot for their Oct. '03 cover. Thanks again! <Welcome> Also, I was just contacted by an aquarium supplement manufacturer wanting to buy one of my photos to use on the packaging of a new product. He wants to know how much I want for the usage, and I'm quite frankly clueless. Any advice, perhaps a ballpark? This isn't a "major player" company but I'm sure you've heard of them. <I have given pix to friends/associates that didn't have money for such... and sold work to people who do for a few to several hundred dollars per. This is one of those situations where you are virtually selling exclusive, universal rights to your work (which I avoid if possible)... consider what the one or few images "really" cost you... time, gear, all those other pix not going to be sold... Bob Fenner> Thanks, as always. Travis

Re: Aquarium photography as a living? Hi Bob, just got a response form David B. at TFH, he's quite interested in using some photos. <Ah good. He's a great fellow as well as an able editor> Question though, is this payment structure for real? Hard to believe FAMA pays twice as much for a cover as TFH... I didn't expect to become a millionaire, but $20 for unlimited usage seems quite low to me. <Yes... but this is their going rate... and more than FAMA for inside work (they pay nothing in addition to purchasing rights for text generally)> "Payment Most articles are bought in the $150 to $200 range. We buy all publication rights. Photos are paid $20 each for multiple non exclusive rights, meaning we can use the photo as we wish, but so can the owner. If and when a photo is selected for a cover, a bonus of $80 is paid." <Yes... have seen, complied with this issue for years. One of the reasons I and others don't send our "best photo work" to them. I understand the rationale (profit), but do wish this policy would be eliminated. Bob Fenner>

Re: Aquarium photography as a living? Interesting... for the purpose of establishing a name for myself, still an excellent opportunity so I do believe I'll jump on it; figure out what to do with the "established name" later. <A good path, attitude> Thanks for the insights. <Welcome> I thoroughly enjoyed your recent article on coloration, the Garibaldi pic was exceptional. <Actually, Jason.C (a friend who lives with us, does a good deal of scanning work) and I were chatting and "something" went amiss with the images to that piece... they're way too dark> I am also familiarizing myself with the credit lines "A. Norman" and "M. Smith" since you have mentioned them. <Ahh, like knowing a good-looking woman with a white van... pretty soon, they're everywhere (the cars). Be chatting, making submissions. Bob F> :) Travis

Pictures for your website Hi- Noticed you do not have pictures of two of the fish I have in my tank - C. joculator or Pseudanthias  fasciatus so I have attached both.  Please feel free to use them on your website if you so choose.  The joculator angel has been a model citizen in my reef tank.  I bought it locally at a exceptionally low price of $350.  I have two of the Redstripe Anthias - both came from The Marine Center and ate within 10 minutes from being released from their bags.  Hardy, but large (6+ inches) and aggressive Anthias.  Also have included a picture of my juvenile Goldflake Angel from last July.  It was about 2 cm long at that point.  Now has full adult coloration and is near 5 cm.  I also have Nemanthias carberryi and Pseudanthias marcia if you are interested in pictures?  I enjoy you website - keep up the good work. John Boe <Thank you for your generosity, sharing. Will post, with credit to you. Bob Fenner>

Hello from Aqua Marines Hello Mr. Fenner, <Hello Erik> My name is Erik Reynolds my Father is Dennis Reynolds who owns and operates Aqua Marines here is Los Angeles.  He wanted me to send his regards and say hello to you. <Hello to your father> I have been working with a variety of different friends and associates in the industry i.e. Scott Michael, Mike Paletta, Eric Borneman, Julian Sprung, and most of the major stores here in the U.S. Recently we have been acquiring a great variety of very rare & unusual items that have never made there way into the trade before.  One of the first steps we like to take when coming across such unbelievable specimens is to contact people such as yourself that would have interest in such awesome specimens.  I wanted to write you this quick Email in hopes that we could pass on some of these wonderful acquisitions to you in hopes of sharing information, classification, and all the wonderful things that go along with new discoveries in the industry. <Very nice> The list of specimens is extensive and always changing, although I do have a website www.am4fish.com it is mostly for my retail customers and will not always list the items we would be interested in sending to you, talking about, or taking photos of.  Mainly because I only acquire one or two specimens and my customer demand would be too large for such items.  So hopefully we could open the channels here a little and share with you what has been an exciting time for us recently, join our resources and build a symbiotic relationship we could both benefit from. Feel free to call or Email  Aqua Marines Thank you, Erik Reynolds <I thank you, and do think we would both benefit from such an alliance. We're down in San Diego, and drive to L.A. to visit the trade about once a month. Perhaps we can meet and chat briefly re this possibility. I do write for a few of the hobby and industry periodicals in the interest, as well as provide image work to book publishers... and Anthony (Calfo) and I are next to work on a book on Reef Fishes... so would appreciate the opportunity to make pix, cite your business. Bob Fenner>

Fish pix Bob, The last name "Evans" will do.  How much do you desire new pics?   <Mmm, not too much. A whole bunch of projects otherwise going on for the next few years. I suggest you consider penning a "what's new" type article/column for one of the hobby mag.s (maybe FAMA or AFM)... with some by-line re these new arrivals>   I could connect you with an indo exporter I know.  He is usually the first one to get the new fish that come out of indo, and he does have a Digi cam. I am sure he would love to have his/ his company name credited on your website, and he gets some pretty weird stuff. <Do send this persons info. along and I will post it. Bob Fenner> -Josh

Re: Catfish Photos: Hi Bob: <Howdy> I just finished reading your article in this month's TFH on South American catfishes of the family Loricariidae.  I really enjoyed seeing these beautiful catfishes and reading about them.  Since I have been a hobbyist since I was 12 and later a professional ichthyologist (Fishes of Arkansas, Fishes of Oklahoma) here at Southern Arkansas University, I have always loved the catfishes, especially the old "Plecostomus." <A standard, for sure> Your photos were outstanding.  Could you please tell me how you took these pictures? <Yes. Much of the gear, technique is presented here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/aqfotography.htm> What camera did you use? <Mainly Nikon (N-90) bodies, but sometimes Pentax> lenses? <Nikon's, 105mm, 60mm, 28-85 telemacro, with or w/o diopters> film? <Mainly Velvia (50 ISO slide), some Provia (100), some Kodak (EDP)> flash? <Nikon's SB series> I am currently doing a book on the "Natural History of Arkansas" and I will be the sole writer and photographer for the book.  The writing is no problem, but I am only an amateur photographer and will need lots of photos of native fishes of Arkansas, thus my interest in your photo techniques. <Do take a look through the bibliog.. on the piece on WWM cited... there is a few excellent references (Dr. Randall's in particular) that you ought to peruse> Thanks for any comments/hints, etc. you can provide me on taking fish pictures.  Again, I thoroughly enjoyed your article. Blue skies, Rob <Thank you for your kind words. Do make it known if I may be of service. Bob Fenner> Henry W. Robison, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Southern Arkansas University P.O. Box 9354 Magnolia, AR 71754-9354

Thanks (Soapfish, cameras) Hi Bob, Thanks for the identification. I had an inkling that it might be the Sixline Soapfish, but all the websites I visited only had the juvenile fish, without actually saying that they were juvenile. <Ah, a common oversight> Yes, I did use my Pentax fitted with a 50 mm macro lens to take that photo of the fish in an aquarium! What do you use? <Do have an "above water" Pentax kit (with various off-brand lenses), but mainly Nikon products... both good companies> I must take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy your articles in FAMA and with all those photographs, they are an excellent reference resource. <Ahh, thank you. Your image work has become better and better with time as well. Bob Fenner> Best wishes, Iggy

I need to get out and take more pictures... I think you'll like this quote... Take photographs. Don't just snap what's in front of the lens. Don't set out to recreate the visual clich?you saw in a magazine or book. Forget every visual clich?you have ever learned. Look for new angles and new times of day that bring out unusual aspects of color, texture and form. Although you don't spend as long looking at one thing as with drawing, you will have visual records to keep and study later. A photograph is a very special thing: - photons from the sun, ricocheting off earthly objects, striking the plane of your film and altering molecules there. It is reality's self portrait in light. And for you it is a disciplined exercise in the perception of reality. <Very nice Miguel. Bob>

Pseudojuloides cerasinus (Halichoeres) Bob- Attached please fine a picture of what I believe is a female Pseudojuloides cerasinus. I was unable to find a photo on your site of the female, so wanted to submit this to you. This is the best shot out of about 20. :) <Thank you for sending the image along... but am almost sure this is a Halichoeres garnoti (initial phase)... a wrasse from the tropical West Atlantic... Please see here re: http://www.fishbase.org/Photos/ThumbnailsSummary.cfm?ID=4851 For Pseudojuloides cerasina http://www.fishbase.org/Photos/ThumbnailsSummary.cfm?ID=3663 and http://www.wetwebmedia.com/halichoeres.htm For Halichoeres garnoti> I'll be working on getting some better shots, if you have any interest at all, please let me know your preferred sizes. <Most anything in focus, colored, balanced... suitable for Net presentation (up to a few hundred kilobytes) is fine... you might want to place your pix on our sister server/site: WetWebFotos.com > Thanks for the great web site- <A pleasure to share. Bob Fenner> Brent Barr

Photographing fish Dear Anthony, I'll try! Please email my Discus and ask this particular one to be still in front of my tri-pod and pose just right! Get back to you later! Charlie <heehee... true. Seriously, though... net catching and photography for this purpose are very fine first thing in the morning right when the lights turn on... fish are usually slow and in a sleepy torpor. Do consider if necessary. Give up on asking a fish to "vogue" or give a "pouty" look. Lord knows I've tried. Best regards! Anthony>

Re: two for the price of one > I hate the yellow color produced by the flash... any thoughts on this? Nice pic. I've been trying to figure out how best to cool that silly warmth as well. I've discovered that on my camera, the 'evaluative' white-balance setting does far and away the best job... but isn't always usable, because it needs a white card to sample! This is handy when shooting my freakin' quarantine tank, since I can take a white-balance reading off the wall behind the tank, but that's no fun, shooting the q-tank! The 'flash' setting is good too for some tanks, and the 'tungsten' setting is even better, for some of them. You can see how that would make sense - you're telling the camera "this scene is really orange, due to tungsten lighting, so cool it during data processing"...Really, the best color is from tanks that are so dang bright you don't need the flash at all! <Agreed... some films are better than others, changing to hotter flashes (as with fish tank lighting)... more than 5,000 K is ideal... Bob Fenner> good luck, Zoster

Slide scanner Bob... <Antoine> Steve and I have been chatting about buying a slide scanner. I think we are agreed that the purpose is to primarily have a digital quality of scans simply for cataloguing and some web quality publications.... but not necessarily for print. For demanding print quality... we'll just pay locally for those select few hi res slides to be scanned as necessary. <Mmm, okay...> I myself have boxes of slides of my greenhouse that I'd like to scan and post on my site and any you might care to have for WWM. <Would enjoy perusing, using them> To the point... we have seen scanners running from $200 to over $1000. <Or more> The question is, do you think that one of the low end scanners will satisfy our desktop and web publishing needs. The res on some of the lower end models doesn't seem all that far off from some of the pricey ones. <Let's chat this all the way through... I sent my older HP Photosmart to Zo... think his wife is still using it... will cc him. You could try one of these (maybe check with ubid.com re what they have on offer from time to time)... I skip a generation or so w/ most high-tech gear (I use), and have a Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 now... and it is FABULOUS... You're welcome to come out, scan here to your hearts delight, burn CD's or take along one of the 40gig ext. HD's with your scans... Do you think you might be doing a bunch of photography for sale? Mmm, I would save up and get a Nikon... Bob F> Any suggestions on qualities to look for in a scanner? Thanks, bud... Antoine

Re: Reeflands Photo Contest Hi Bob! Sorry about the e-mail. We sent out a bulk e-mailing tonight to all the members of the board advising them of this contest. Sorry to bother you with it. Hope all is well, Scott Z. <Yes my friend. Never a bother. Bob Fenner>

Reeflands Photo Contest BobFenner, <Appreciate the offer, but no. Would not want to deprive others of winning as I do this for a living. Bob F> We want to invite you to participate in Reeflands new Photo Contest, located here: http://www.reefland.com/cgi-bin/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6698 Two winners take home prizes worth over $180.00 so be sure to check it out! Reefland.com

More Q's (batteries on the run, copper-electrical removal) Reminded by recent queries: What do you use to recharge your American electronics (rechargeable pc, camera batteries, travel iron, etc) when overseas? <Almost always (nowadays), rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydrides (NiMH), and adaptors to the electrical outlets to fit with step-down transformers (for 220 v, 50 hz)... with small, light-weight "smart" rechargers that condition the batteries, shut themselves off... I rarely use gear with any "throw away" type, size batteries these days. Mainly AAs (all my Nikon gear), D's for u/w lights, strobes...> And do you recall the chemical cocktail (years since I can remember) for breaking the bond of copper with calcareous media? I'm thinking I read it in a Spotte book somewhere. I'll dig for it unless it is fresh in your memory. <Mmm, danger here, Will Robinson... I would not do this, definitely not relate same over the Net. Such cupric ions can be easily scavenged by commercial products like PolyFilter... Bob Fenner> Thanks...Antoine

New Camera Bob, After reading extensive reviews and comparisons I decided to buy a new digital camera--> http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canondigitalixusv/ I got a super good deal on it, it used to sell for $500 and I am getting it for $399 with free shipping, no tax and about $150 worth of extra goodies with it. This camera is really cool, it's as big as a credit card which makes it more likely that I will be willing to lug it around. It also has a stainless steel body, 2X optical zoom lens, 2.1 Megapixel resolution (that's all I need). Canon also sells a neat little UW housing for it that only goes down 3 meters (good for snorkeling) that sells for $129. There goes all of my commission for selling the ad space on the WWM. I Need to sell more, NOW. See you tonight at the run. I'll probably only run about 20 minutes and then come back and help you guys out with the food serving. <All sounds good. See you then/there. Bob the Soupman> Mike

Olympus 4040 Digital U/W Photo Rig Jack et al. This is a list of components, options, prices... for the underwater photo rig Laura used in Fiji. Camera: Olympus 4040. I got from Camera Zone (.com) over the net for $759 plus shipping. Can be had from elsewhere on the web, maybe Fry's... Do make sure and get US Warranty model (not gray market import)... and I did not buy bait/switch other gear ploy... Ask if camera only is really in stock, will ship... Housing (Olympus PT-010), Strobe, slave switch, arm (Ikelite 50 DS Kit), tray (Base Tray)... I got from Marine Camera Distributors: http://www.marinecamera.com/  Tom and Lee are friends. Call to make sure have in stock, have put together for pick up... check with them to make sure someone will be there (Sorrento Vly) for p/u. They also have the ext. thread-on lenses... I'm going to get the close-up... About $800 for all but the ext. lenses.  Storage Media (Smart): Get from Costco (or try Fry's)... 128 megs for about $60... get two or have Tom at MCD show you their spiffy small storage device... or both knowing you. Batteries: Time to get out all of the battery-operated gear you have, send away for NiMH rechargeables and a fast charger (or two). I get mine from SmallPower.com on the net... shoot for the larger milliamperehour rated AA's... at least 1,600 rated... Laptop computer... I'm a big fan of Sony's Vaio line as you know... Whatever model you get, do have at least 128 megs of RAM (I have 256), an extra battery (about $275 ouch!), and 20 gigs of HD... for editing video, manipulating all your stills... viewing DVD's when you want to... even playing music.  Questions, problems, suggestions, call, write/email me. Or, we'll go shopping as I said I would. Bob F

Re: Daily Fish Email out WWM Do you think that a digital camera or an SLR is better for a learning photo pupil? <Boy... a tough question... having helped teach folks for many years with analog... But, you know, the trade-offs of being able to rapidly see results, improve technique, compositions... makes digital the easy winner here (sigh, am getting old). Bob Fenner> Todd

Re: FAMA Photo Bob, Thanks very much for the copy of the FAMA cover photo! It's a sweet photo and I have it hanging up next to my desk. Please let me know when I can return the favor! <Ah! A pleasure. Remember back to the time Jeff Turner came into town and presented the Birch with some specimens? You were kind enough to show us about and that's when/where I photographed this little Baja Angel. Hope to see you soon. Bob Fenner> Fernando Fernando Nosratpour Senior Aquarist Birch Aquarium at Scripps 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, CA 92093-0207

Slides (analog to digital) I wanted to know how one went about scanning or otherwise processing a slide into some sort of digital image. I know you do it regularly, so are there any tricks? <Many, and I am sure I only know a very small bit> Can you do it with ai normal scanner?  <Hmm, what is "normal?"... I have some inexpensive slide and film scanners and one of the newer middle quality Nikon (4000 ED... Super Coolscan models... it is "the bomb"> Do you need some special hardware or software? <Software comes with all> I took some new shots that turned out rather well, thanks in no small part to attending a very, very small workshop on aquarium photography. <Ah, great... take a look at your local camera, digital shops... maybe a campus or film-business friend... and practice using their gear. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Steven Pro

Slide Follow-up When I said "normal scanner" I meant something like an HP flatbed type scanner.  <No to flatbed scanner use for slides, negative films... HP does have a third generation PhotoSmart product that I've used... and is a good unit for not much money (about four hundred US on the e-biz circuit)> I looked up your Nikon 4000 ED Super Coolscan on Adorama.com and it looks like anything but a flatbed scanner. <Agreed... is a slide scanner... or negatives with an adaptor> Is it even possible to do on a flatbed?  <Yes, there are such tools... not very satisfying though in terms of resolution/acuity, color richness, other features...> I will probably stop at one of the local hobby photo shops and talk to them about it, too. <Good idea, or come on out to California for a few days (we can travel about doing "fishy" things... the Birch Aquarium, LA wholesalers, some really neat manufacturers in the field... and I'll show you the gear (and at least how "not" to use it!) here. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Steven Pro

Photos (of aquariums) I took two different rolls of film of my tank and neither came out right. I first shot it with 400 speed print film. When using the flash, some of the colors were washed out. It appeared too bright/over-exposed? <Maybe... perhaps the flash light temp. is off though... needs to be "matched" to the film...> I then shot it with 200 speed slide film and those shots came out too dark. Should I be using something else? I was thinking of trying 200 speed slide film again, but setting the camera for 400 speed to take in more light. Any tips would be appreciated. <Wish you were able to attend one of my three pitches at the WMC (on Aquarium Photography... maybe I can offer this in PA if folks have time, interest... or give you my PowerPoint rundown... am working on same today... yikes... Yes to a bunch of things to try here... Principally to extend (lengthen) your exposure time... and/or use a "faster" lens (with lower F stop numbers), and/or a lens with a shorter focal length (like a 20, 28 mm...)... and possibly change the lighting "outside" the tank, use a secure base (not hand hold) for the camera, a bulb release or timer (to discount shake...)... All these in an attempt to get more light onto the film plane... stably> I also tried taking pictures of Bob Nell's 450 gallon reef tank. You saw it last year and will again this year. It is 4' wide x 6' long x 30" deep with two ATS/RDP dump buckets. I used 100 speed because of all the lighting he has and again the pictures came out too dark. Did any of the pictures of his tank that you took come out? Do you know what you were using? Thank You, Steven Pro <Can't wait to see you, go over all this... Don't know about past photo attempts by and large... as do shoot most weeks and am feeble of mind/memory... but okay in the here and now (!) All will be revealed. Bob Fenner>

Photos (Above Water) I had a couple of specific questions on taking photographs of aquariums. Please keep in mind that until this week I had never taken a picture with anything other than a point and shoot camera. I have a Canon T-50 with a remote flash and two different lenses, a 50mm 1:1.8 and a 80-200mm 1:4.5. I have borrowed all of this from my father-in-law. <Good gear and good idea> 1.) What lenses do you recommend? I cannot zoom in close enough for my liking with the 50mm but the other goes too close and is hard to focus. <For above water, a sixty or so macro (your fifty is fine and fast with an F-stop at 1.8...), a 110mm or so with close focus possibility, possibly a "fish-eye" type lens (28, 20, down to 15 mm) for specialty images... Close up attachments (extensions vs. diopters)... for extreme close-up detail shots... I don't advise tele-macro like the 80-200... the explanation/comparison I like to offer here is with "street" versus "dirt bikes/motorcycles"... the compromises of knobby tires, splash guards, lights, licenses... make these "both" bikes/lenses, actually "neither" in application... Better by far to have two lenses... let's say an 80 AND a 200 mm rather than the 80 TO 200 mm for functional reasons (sharpness of focus, speed (f-stop), planarity... The best demo., most convincing experiment/experience here is for a person to just try the three lenses on their camera (the 80, 200, and 80-200mm) and look and compare a few of the same views through their camera...> 2.) What speed film should I use? Is there a particular brand that you prefer? <Good general and difficult questions. Should just be honest (that's all I can do) and look at my own film bag (on the table adjacent). I almost exclusively (as the trade does) shoot transparencies (slides), most anything ending with -chrome (AGFA, Kodak-...), mainly Fujichrome... and principally Velvia (brand name), their superb 50 ISO super color rich (red biased) product... and carry around some of their 100 ISO films (Provia and cheapy Sensia mainly)... And some, not much of Kodak's E100 VS for "landscape" (whole tanks!?) image making... and a smattering of 200, 400 (the latter I use in Nikonos point and shoot 35mm cameras which I use as "tank weights" in my BC (buoyancy compensator) w/o flash, should I come across a large animal (with a 20 or 28 mm lens on a Nikonos 4 or 5...), landscaped, naked mermaid...)... and that's about it... Have tried MANY other films (some are good, I'm lousy), and in a pinch most anything on "sale" is worth trying... An important note... let me read down below to see if you ask this time... Nope... is cost and availability. I buy most film in bulk as twenty roll "bricks" in the trade (yes, I'm a mail-order scumbag), from Adorama and other outfits (most all have workable websites), and even some processing (five pack and multiple film mailers from Fuji) for "local consumption... Larger trips to expensive places I gladly pay about double for developing and mounting from local color labs (Chrome, Nelson are excellent here in SD)... Otherwise, the "aging", keeping film "temperature controlled" to me is a bunch of hooey (you may quote me)... as I (and all others) are hauling the stuff around in all kinds of weather... Do try to cycle first in/first out... getting ahead of self here I guess.> 3.) I have seen "Print Film and Slide Film" being sold. Can you only make prints from print film and slides from slide film? What is the difference? Is one better than the other? <Color transparency and color reversal... well, actually one can be made into the other (prints/slides), but far better to start with slides/transparencies IF you're making images for sale, for print, to show to others... Prints are for home, hobby and some specialty use at best IMO... You can scan both (digitally)... slides are better...> Thank You, Steven Pro <Thanks for asking... will be presenting my views, a given "standard" approach to "aquarium photography" at the WMC coming up in Monterey... need to organize my thoughts, images... yikes, it's right around the corner! Bob Fenner>

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