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About Pre-mixed Synthetic Seawater

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Seawater... Buy Bottled Or Make It Yourself? (I Think That's What This Is About) -- 07/24/07 Hi, <<Hello>> I hope this isn't too stupid of a question? <<Only if you don't ask>> Am I better off using 2-month cycled water with no nitrates or is R/O water mixed a day before fine for a partial monthly water change? <<Hmmm...not sure what you mean by 'cycled water' here...>> I was thinking that R/O would have to cycle a bit with a water change. <<It is best to let it 'mature' (aerated/moved about with a power head) for a day or two before use, yes...and if/when mixed with salt, to let all continue to mature for another couple days or so>> Is there any benefits either way? <Maybe I'm being thick this morning, but I'm not real sure what you are trying to ask here. Maybe this will help: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/rofaqs.htm>> My son likes to drive and buy cycled water for a buck a gallon and I told him that premixed is fine? Can you settle a disagreement? <<Do you mean 'premixed' seawater? Best to do-it-yourself in my opinion...more economical in the long-term, better quality control, etc.>> Thanks Rick and Rick Jr. <<Still not sure I answered your question. EricR>>

Re: Seawater...Buy Bottled Or Make It Yourself? (I Think That's What This Is About) -- 07/24/07 Hi, <<Hello again, Rick and Rick Jr.>> I guess what I am asking is my son likes to go buy water from the LFS that is out of their 8,000 gallon reef for a buck a gallon for partial water changes and I said and always have mixed my own with R/O water. <<Mmm, I see...so the store is selling their 'discard' water for other folks to use for their water changes...and darned expensive too!. Though there is no real way to tell, this water will be lacking in trace elements (have been utilized by the organisms in the reef) and may even contain pest organisms. Cheaper and better to mix your own>> The LFS store's water is perfect with 0 Nitrates and my son he likes to use that because he thinks his tank might crash if he mixes his own. <<Sounds like superstition to me>> Could it? <<Stands to reason that it would not considering the majority of hobbyists and commercial aquarium facilities use their own mixed saltwater every day>> I have always just premixed mine and did a 20 to 25 percent a month. <<You are in the vast majority>> Can a tank crash if you do a big water change with premixed R/O water. <<A tank can 'crash' for many reasons, including doing too many/too big water changes...but not because the change was done using R/O water and a properly prepared quality salt mix>> Thanks for settling this. Rick and Rick Jr <<Hope this helps. EricR>>

Buying Water or Mix My Own? I am very new to this hobby. My tank is only 2 weeks old. I have been getting my water ready mixed from the LFS. When I checked the spg, it was only 1.019. <Fairly normal for industry types.> According to the FAQs I have been reading on your very helpful site, this is way too low. Should I mix my own water to bring it up and keep it up to 1.023? <You probably should learn how to mix your own water in case of emergencies (water changes after store hours) and from the point of being cost effective. A S.G. of 1.020-1.027 is good depending on your animals (fish only, Red Sea fish, inverts, etc). Take a look at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/spg_salinity.htm> And does this mean I should put new fish in the quarantine tank at the same spg as from where I got it and slowly bring it up to the same as the main tank? <Yes, exactly. And you said you were just a beginner.> Thanks in advance.  <You are welcome. Steven Pro>

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