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FAQs about the genus Abudefduf Damsels

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Abudefduf saxatilis at the Waikiki Aquarium, Oahu, Hawai'i

Unidentified Abudefduf    2/15/08 Dear Mr.. Fenner, <Rokus> Last year in Hamata, Egypt, at a night dive I made this picture of a, I think, Abudefduf species. Because it's in the Red sea and it has no tail like a Scissortail sergeant it's probably no A. sexfasciatus. I think it must therefore be a A. vaigiensis, but nowhere I can find a picture of one in this colours, although I know some fish change colours at night. Since you seem to know a lot about the different species, I hope you are willing to help me out. <Mmm, did a search and re-sort through Fishbase for the Pomacentrids of Egypt: http://fishbase.org/Country/CountryChecklist.php as am away from my reference works... And looked at what images they have for the genus... And am surprised that this sort didn't include A. vaigiensis... (!). I do think this is your fish... with night time coloring/markings> I hope to hear from you, Best regards, Rokus Groeneveld Netherlands <Thank you for sharing. A very nice image/photo indeed. Bob Fenner>

Sgt. Major Bullying New Foxface! Sounds about right, doesn't it? ?#8364;" 04/30/07 Hey!.... I've told you before and ill tell you again.... GREAT SITE! haha. I notice you fellows here that alot. <No such word...> Neways.... <Ditto> I was wondering, I just added a Foxface to my 40 gallon tank.. Too small for a Siganid species...> All I have in it is 1 Blue Devil Damsel, 1 Sgt Major, and a small cleaning crew.  The Sgt. Major seems to be chasing the new Foxface all over the place. <What they do...> It is making me very angry because the Foxface is very cool and one third the price. It doesn't seem to be nibbling the fins of the Foxface but I don't want it stressing it real bad.... I have tried catching the damsel but its impossible <...> and am stressing the Foxface out even more... The damsel is much too quick for me haha...  I will  be very upset if I loose this guy over the Sgt.... I wouldn't want to get rid of the Sgt... What do you recommend? Thank you! Jason k Ontario, Ca <One needs to go... somewhere else. Bob Fenner, just back from Toronto>

Saying A Damsel Genus...   8/18/06 How do you pronounce *Abudefduf*< http://www.waterlifefiji.com/images/Abudefduf_Saxatilis(Sergent_Major).JPG> ??? A - BUD - EFF- DUFF? Cheers, Johnny. <"Ah-boo-def-duff" is how I say it, have heard many folks pronounce as... BobF>

Abudefduf 11/2/05 Hi Bob, I just wanted to let you know that I linked my photo of A. sexfasciatus http://www.pbase.com/fmberger/image/51591347/original  to your page. Thanks for this reference. Best regards, Frank <Nice pic. Thanks. Bob Fenner>

Use of Bob's Photo of Abudefduf saxatilis in Fishbase Dear Robert, My name is Jorge Ferreira and I am a Brazilian journalist. I write about environment and sport fishing in a daily of Rio de Janeiro. I am free-lancer and I ask your permission to use, free, your photo of Abudefduf saxatilis in Fishbase. Thank you, Jorge Ferreira <I grant you this use. Bob/Robert Fenner> 

Looking for an odd Damsel hi bob <David Dowless here> My name is Pete and I collect exotic fish. I was wondering if you knew where I could purchase a Abudefduf septemfasciatus. <?> Thank you and have a nice day. <Try MarineCenter.com>

Sergeant Major disease or aggression? Hi Doc, <Anthony Calfo in your service> I have a wild caught sergeant major (I caught him in Galveston), he is now about 3" and has had off and on missing scales/plates around one or both eyes every since he was 1/2" long. Also, there is never any pink or reddish color in this area, just white. I have a domino damsel that chases him frequently, but I never see him catch him. Is this a disease, or damage from rocks/coral? I never see him scratch against anything. Steve <the symptom you describe is not at all indicative of a specific or even a general common pathogenic condition. Indeed, without mentioning the Domino... I would have suggest mechanical injury. I would have speculated, for example, that the traffic pattern around near the tank (tank is near a door, large dogs or children in the house, etc) causes a sudden disturbance that send the fish into a fright. It is sad if this damsel has had to suffer the torment of the domino for months or even weeks. What an awful way to live. Despite your attachment to him, please consider removing him or the aggressive Domino. Anthony>

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