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FAQs on Amblygobius Gobies, Behavior

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Amblygobius phalaena (Valenciennes 1837), the Banded Goby.

Dragon Sleeper Goby, cloudy/sandy water...    5/31/11
Hi there, I bought a dragon sleeper goby today from lfs. I freshwater dipped him.
<Amblygobius phalaena?>
I have a 180 marine tank with 55 gal sump and a skimmer. He eats very well. My question is does the dust go away?
<... what dust?>
Me beautiful tank has sand dust everywhere.
<... how did you rinse your substrate before placing?>
I have mushroom coral and its upset. I have way over a 100pounds of live rock and do not want to pull it out to get him.
<?... to get him?>
I really want this fish to work out. Hopefully things will be better thanks, Jim
<... Please read, re-read what you've sent here. What is it you're asking?
Bob Fenner>
Re: Dragon Sleeper Goby   6/1/11
Hi Bob, I have been living on this site for a month now and love it! I am sorry for the misspelling. My Wife is asleep and not here to correct me.
<Ahh, do learn to use such tools as "spelling and grammar", built into your word-processing software Jim. Is to a large degree how I learned English>
I bought 180 tank that has been set up for three years. It had a few corals in it, but I got rid of them due to I was worried about the fish I was getting in the future eating it. The sleeper banded goby (Amblygobius phalaena) has been sifting through the sand and there sand blowing all over the tank.
<Is what they do>
The tank has a light cloud to it now. I checked my skimmer and its working fine. I was just wondering maybe if the sand is dirty and will be clean once he goes through the whole tank?
<Almost always such incidents do "settle down" with time (a few weeks)>
The guy I bought the tank from only fed his corals and fish flake food with no direct feeding to the corals.
<Can often "work" in a large, established setting w/ plenty of life/production on and in substrates>
Hopefully that helps for more info. It also has a blue tang that is very skinny.
I bought red, green, brown algae, new life spectrum, and krill to fatten him up.
<Ah, good>
The tang so far has no interest in algae only flake food. Any Ideas to curing the problem would be great! Thanks, Jim
<Do read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/paracfdgfaqs.htm
Bob Fenner>

Ranford hiding 2/20/06 I put my Ranford goby into my 42 gallon reef tank a month ago and have seen him only twice since.  Once, immediately after we released him into our tank and then once more about 2 and a half weeks later.   I haven't seen him since then (about 2 weeks ago).   Are these fish prone to hide away for that long?  My first thought was that he got sucked up, or jumped out of the tank (which they aren't prone to doing) but then I saw him swimming around just fine 2 weeks after I put him in.  I turned my back and poof, he was gone again.  I didn't think Rainford's liked to hide away.    BTW - great website.  Ken Greenwood <<Like most similar bite-sized reef fishes, these guys actually can be quite shy.  Their shyness will be increased if they are housed with aggressive tankmates (even if the aggression isn't obvious.  Also... the more hiding places and "bolt holes" they have available, the more secure they will be to come out into the open.  Best Regards.  AdamC.>

Update regarding my Hector's Goby. 1/5/05 Adam,  My tank has barely been fallow for 2 weeks after an ich outbreak and the Hector's goby hasn't eaten in days and has started to look worse than the picture on the WWM website showing one that's too thin. So I put him in the display, since he was not going to survive another 6-8 weeks in the QT! Hope I don't regret this too much... <I hope so too.  QT for these fishes is difficult since QT conditions don't provide the security and substrate necessary for normal feeding behavior.> Since technically my tank is infested with ich and there is a potential host in there now, I've decided to not add a second fish. So the 1.5" goby will have a 72Gallon tank all to himself, until he needs to be fished out for some reason and the tank has a chance to go fallow for at least 8 weeks! <The problem with this strategy is that even without obvious signs of infestation, your little goby probably will keep enough parasites alive to cause a new outbreak when more fish are added.  This is especially true since your goby may develop natural immunity which your new additions will not have.> Do fish need to interact with other fish to feel more 'comfortable?'  Narayan <Not this one.  Some shoaling fish are more secure in groups, but most are happy or happier alone.  Best Regards.  AdamC.>


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