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FAQs on Aquacraft (Marine Environments, BioSea...)  Synthetic Seawater

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Which Salt? 3/2/08 Hi guys. Jake here I know you guys must have a forum on this, but I looked forever and could not find anything on it. I was at the LFS and they told me that that marine environments and BIO-SEA salts were a million times better than IO. <There is a minimal difference, if any. Instant Ocean is a constantly good salt.> I use IO and have a pretty good bit of nuisance algae. They said the IO salt was a cause for that. <Hmmm, no, do look into other factors. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/avoidingalgaeproblesm.htm and related FAQ's, articles.> I was just wondering is the BIO-SEA salt really that much better than IO? Is it really worth the money? <Not my money. I have nothing against the Bio-Sea, I just have no problems with Instant Ocean either.> Thanks again you guys, Jake <Welcome, Scott V.>

Synthetic salt question I was wondering about a good aquarium salt.  Sorry to have to ask you guys this question you've probably answered hundreds of times.  But I could not find any info on the Bio-Sea marine mix salt.  I know you guys highly regard the Instant Ocean salt mix.  For an aquarium with live rock and a piece of rock with colony polyps and one with Ricordea mushroom, and an anemone, what would be you're recommendation between Instant Ocean and the Bio-Sea marine mix? <I do like the Bio-Sea salt mix brand (one of a few good products from Marine Environments), but slightly prefer the IO over it... a bit more consistent in make-up, some small amount more soluble, greater biomineral content...> I definitely want a salt that has good carbonate like the Instant Ocean to hold ph more stable.  Is the Bio-Sea more pure?  I also use the reef solution by ecosystems if that has any bearing on which salt would be best.  I appreciate your help, and just wanted to say your site seems to be the most informative and thorough on all needed topics.  Again thank you very much!! <Most salt mixes are "ninety five, ninety eight percent" alike IMO/E... best in these cases though to get a bunch of folks input. I would try the BB's... ours: http://wetwebfotos.com/talk/ Bob Fenner>

Which salt? What are your thoughts on Aqua Craft's Marine Environment Dual Phase salt? What about this S-15 report that is being used to compare salts? Is there much validity to this or is this someone's marketing hype? "Pete"... <This is a fine product... on par with many of the other American made synthetics. The stated "report" is not "good science" (no declaration re study methods... dubious scoring  percentages..., study paid for by them...) and has been derided since its production... there are numerous independent studies by marine hobbyists/chemists of various salt brands... though they are not easy to reference (some on on-line 'zines, others as part of the now-defunct Aquarium Frontiers and AF online zines...). A good product in my estimation however, though this "report" is more hype than reality. Bob Fenner>

Re: Aqua Craft? Hello, yet another question from me.  It is sometimes very difficult to get past marketing hype to find out what are the really good products and what are not.  I'm curious as to your opinions regarding Aqua Craft synthetic salts.    http://www.aquacraft.net/ http://www.aquacraft.net/w0018.html http://www.aquacraft.net/w0002.html I am very skeptical to say the least.  Any information concerning this company would be welcome, as I seem to be hearing praise and hate towards their products, but in equal amounts, so it is hard to filter out the facts. <These are all fine synthetic salt products... I have known the owner (Mike del Prete) for many years... and wish he had not produced his "study" (S-whatever "report") (which had poor scientific test protocol)... and instead relied on the merits of the products, acceptance instead. I rank Mike's salts just below Aquarium Systems products, which in turn I consider slightly less efficacious than Tropic Marin... but all are within a percent or two in utility. Bob Fenner> Thank you again for your time!

Salt Mixes <Anthony Calfo in your service> I have read in the site that Instant Ocean is as good as any salt mix. <or better... they have extraordinary quality control and consistency> I came across this web site (http://www.aquacraft.net/s9911.html) that claims the result of an independent study shows significant differences in the composition and batch-to-batch consistency of various brands. What is your opinion about the "S-15 Report" that makes these claims? <the report is ancient history and very biased/inaccurate according to many respected industry professionals whose word I am likely to heed> Instant Ocean is rated very low and Bio-Sea Marine, Coral Marine and Marine Environment are rated very highly (of course they sell all of these brands too). <now you are talking <wink>> Is there a real difference? Cost isn't particularly high for these, compared to buying Instant Ocean at a LFS so I would give them some thought if they were really better. What is your opinion on the brand names mentioned above? <In my Mariculture greenhouse and retail store in the past ten years... I have used literally tens of thousands of gallons of Instant Ocean. I have had giant clams spawn sexually in it, corals reproduce asexually and sexually, fish spawned and reared their own fry unassisted by me, and I watched jellyfish medusa grow to full adulthood (over 6") over a two year period all in Instant Ocean seawater mix. I have absolutely nothing but respect for Instant Ocean and highly recommend it to anybody who wants something tried and true. Best regards, Anthony Calfo... author of the Book of Coral Propagation, Volume 1>

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