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FAQs about Aqua C Skimmers for Marine Systems 2

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AquaC Remora        4/30/19
Hello, hoping you may be able to assist please - I searched your forum but could not find anything relatable.
I purchased a replacement AquaC Remora Collection Cup but received one with a Drainage hole.
<Oh? With... or without?>
Do you have any instructions how I can modify my Remora Skimmer so the drain fits and I can utilise the overflow please? Thank you.
<Well; if there's a damaged drainage hole, you can/could seam up the damaged hole if it's only a crack (with most any Weldon acrylic) solvent...
Do you want to redrill the fitting? This can be done with a good sharp drill bit, taping the area over (helps prevent splintering) and applying steady, low pressure... Do you have the grey (Schedule 80) thread by barbed elbow? Mmm, and if you'd like to chat w/ folks re parts, poss. replacing the entire collection cup; contact the folks at Marine Depot: https://www.marinedepot.com>
Kind regards
Jason Moore
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: AquaC Remora        4/30/19

Hi Bob
Thank you for your prompt reply.
Maybe, I wasn’t clear with my message (sorry). I have had a Remora Skimmer for 10 years without the Drainage port at the side. The collection cup broke and I ordered a replacement. The cup I received (was the wrong one) and drilled for drainage (with hose plug connector).
<Mmm; am still not clear on what you have and want>
My question, are there any instructions available on how to modify/drill my Remora Skimmer so I can utilise the new drainage cup?
<Not as far as I'm aware. Do you have an acrylic fabrication shop near you that you could take the whole thing in to ask re?>
Also, has AquaC been sold? They don’t reply to emails anymore. Thank you again.
<Yes; to Cobalt Aquatics... Perhaps you can write them re. BobF>

AquaC EV-180 Skimmer…Input/Output Placement – 09/03/14
Hello Crew,
<<Hey Ed>>
I had a question regarding the placement of the skimmer output in relation to my trigger systems sump. Would it be best to have the input of the skimmer in the first compartment with the Mag 7 pump taking in the raw water from the display tank via overflow and then have the output of the skimmer going into the middle compartment where I will have my miracle mud and Chaetomorpha? Or should I house both intake and output of the skimmer in the first compartment?
<<The skimmer input pump should definitely be in the first compartment drawing raw tank water as you described…and away from your refugium critters. The output is a matter of efficiency/convenience here…were it me, I would just let it drain out to the first compartment as well>>
<<Happy to share… EricR>>

Overflowing Skimmer – 12/02/12
Dear WetWebMedia,
<<Hey Michele>>
I have had an Aqua-C Urchin Pro Skimmer running on my 75 gallon aquarium for 5 years.
<<I know these guys (Jason and Steve)…good skimmers, good people>>
It has always worked great.
<<No doubt>>
I have it set up to drain the skimmate to a collection container outside of the aquarium.  This week the skimmer went crazy!  It produced gallons of clear "skimmate" in one day.
I keep my tank lightly stocked and don't over feed, so it would normally take months to produce a gallon of skimmate.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice there was a problem until it had flooded my living room floor.
<<Yikes…been there>>
Fortunately, the skimmer was the problem.  I'm sure my blood pressure was quite high until I figured out the tank itself wasn't leaking.
The loss of saltwater was replaced by my auto top off system.  Enough freshwater was added to lower the specific gravity from 1.025 to 1.024.  The only recent change to the aquarium was the addition of a brain coral a week ago.  Other than that, nothing has been added, removed, changed, etc. in over 6 months.  Any guesses as to what would cause the skimmer to suddenly do this?
<<Some change/addition to water chemistry…hard for me to say>>
I doubt it's the brain.
<<Me too>>
I searched the skimmer FAQs.  I apologize if I overlooked the answer.  I found similar problems described with "cheap" skimmers and it was thought to be a design problem.  That's not the case with mine.
Is this problem typically fixable or is it time for a new skimmer?
<<Likely an isolated incident.  It’s impossible for me to say what happened with any certainty, but…perhaps airflow became restricted by debris causing the skimmer to overflow…or perhaps cleaning products were inadvertently introduced to the system causing the excess in skimmate.  It’s not likely the skimmer requires replacement, but should it continue do contact AquaC for their take on it (858-689-1121 or info@proteinskimmer.com)>>
Thank you for your help and the help you've given in the past.
<<Always welcome>>
I have a very healthy tank and I owe the credit to WWM.
<<Is redeeming to know>>
Thank you,
<<Happy to share…  EricR>>

Skimmer selection question     7/1/12
I am planning a ~200 gallon aquarium with a 40-50 gallon sump / refugium.
I have the opportunity to acquire either an ASM G3 (rated 250 gallons) or AquaC EV 180. I'm well aware of the Crew's enthusiasm for AquaC, but am I better to go for the G3 given my system gallon capacity?
<Mmm, I would... for service-ability and function, the AquaC product is superior. BobF>
Thanks, Dave
Re: Skimmer selection question     7/2/12

Bob, thank you. Having read through Skimmer selection FAQs, and not knowing dating of some advice, I wonder what is the Crew's current suggestion regarding systems with heavy waste/bioload.
<Mmm, we have a range of experiences and opinions... It's mine that more money, efficiency is not so much the route to go at some price point.
Better to spend money on water changes, the addition of an ozonizer, even a drier for it>
 I will have a FOWLR with messy eaters (porcupine puffer, etc). I see that Beckett skimmers are sometimes suggested in the FAQs for this application, over the spray injection AquaCs and needle wheel designs. Please let me know your current view of the best skimmer technology for my planned tank.
<I'd stick w/ the AquaC>
 Many thanks for all the responses. Dave
<Welcome. BobF> 

Pump Selection For Remora Pro - 06/01/12
Good afternoon crew,
<<Good Morning Alicia>>
I am writing because I have a question I cannot find an answer to on the net.
I purchased a used Remora Pro HOB skimmer for my all-in-one 60 gallon flat-back hex tank. It came with a Mag 5 pump, which I had to squeeze through the acrylic overflow openings (breaking some of the teeth). After much tweaking and fussing with the pump in order for it to fit the skimmer's intake nozzle, I got it running, but the pump vibrates loudly.
<<Mmm…perhaps due for a new impellor>>
So I was wondering if it would be prudent to run it with a Rio 1100 pump instead.
<<One sure way to tell…>>
I know that these skimmers are supposed to run with a Mag 3 or a Rio 1400, but I have a new 1100 available, not a 1400.
<<Then I say…try it and see!>>
A quick look at the flow chart tells me that at 1 ft. head (actual distance from the pump to my skimmer), a 1100 pushes 352 gph, whereas a 1400 does 367 gph. Does the 15 gph difference actually make a difference?
<<It could…though these figures are likely “generous” at best anyway and will be affected in different ways by the varying conditions of the installation, age/condition of the pumps, et al>>
Can I run this skimmer with a Rio 1100 instead?
<<I think it’s worth a try…what have you to lose?>>
By the way, my tank is somewhat heavily stocked with various corals and fish, albeit small, however, I feed daily.
<<Install the pump and see how the skimmer performs. If not up to par, do contact Jason and Steve at Aqua-C (info@proteinskimmer.com ), the makers of the skimmer. I know these guys, and they will do their best to help you match a suitable pump to the skimmer and your system>>
Thank you in advance for your help!
<<Happy to share… EricR>>

Remora Skimmer has been updated/improved, and new video    4/12/12
Hi Bob,
Jason has updated the Remora Protein Skimmer.  Looks like a good improvement.
<Ah, very nice. Will post/share. B>

What a stink!/Protein Skimmers    3/27/12
<Hi Pam>
Is there any reason that  the protein skimmer (Remora) needs  to stink all the time?
Every time I walk past the tank it's like low tide! UGH!
I empty and rinse it once a day and sometimes twice, (on my 75gallon, 6week old reef )... as it is quite the prolific skimmer!
Maybe this is because it hasn't cycled yet??
<Would have nothing to do with the smell from the skimmer.>
This is difficult to determine, as I added one large 8lb. chunk of LR at 3 weeks ,...got tons of brown diatom algae, then put in 35lbs of dry rock.
The dry rock is developing bits of purple algae and a film of brown algae.
At present, it's just starting to show  20 ppm for nitrates., 0 nitrites,   180 KH,   8.4 pH,   Ca 320
So, any suggestions for the stink?
<Next time you clean the skimmer cup, unplug the skimmer and on the following day see if the smell is still there.  Is possible something may be decaying/rotting in your tank or sump.  Also perform an ammonia test.>
<You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>
<<Mmm, and there are possibilities of placing a carbon contactor on top of the collector cup, or even carbon in the cup to alleviate some of the smell. More can be found by contacting Jason at AquaC (.com), the manufacturer. Bob Fenner>>
Re: More re: what a stink! Skimmer, AquaC...     3/27/12

Thanks for your input Bob.   I wanted to see if the smell was still there after not running the skimmer for a day.  Then I was going to refer her to Jason.
<Ahh, minds like ours stink alike! B>
What a stink!/Protein Skimmers 3/27/12

Carbon in the cup? Hmmm, good idea!  :)
<I'd still make sure the smell isn't coming from the tank or sump.  Just shut the skimmer off after you clean the cup and wait a day and take a whiff.  James (Salty Dog)>
Fw: Remora Query

See below Roberto.
Hi Jason,
 I received a Remora query from a gal today.  Other than what I replied to, is there anything she should look at?
James Gasta
Re: Remora Query    3/27/12
Hmm, sounds like the skimmer is working well and as a result, collecting lots of stinky stuff (a good thing).  Skimmate is a nasty liquid, indeed.
It might be possible to place a very loosely-filled bag of large grain activated carbon on top of the skimmer's collection cup.  The air that runs through the skimmer escapes from a little hole up there, and that's where the smell is coming from, no doubt.  That might help filter out some of the
Thanks to you both. Will post/share. BobF

AquaC Remora Skimmer/Skimmer Maintenance 12/2/11
<Hello Joe>
Noise levels on Remora skimmer...running Maxi 1200 and it makes a lotta noise. Any suggestion to get it quiet?
<I'd start by disassembling/cleaning the Maxi 1200.  Sounds like the impeller chamber may have some debris inside.> Also not much scum only pulls out greenish water and cuz of noise I only turn it on at night when we are sleeping.
<May want to remove the injector access screw (item 7) and run a small brush through it and clean that out.  Should be done periodically.  See attachment.  James (Salty Dog)>

Aqua C skimmer IN the sump 10/21/11
<Hello Sara>
I have consulted the archives of WWM many, many times in the process of setting up and maintaining my aquarium, and I have appreciated it very much.
Thank you for taking the time to help fellow hobbyists!
<You're welcome.>
I searched the archives but didn't find what I was looking for. if it's in there, please point me in the right direction.
I recently upgraded from a stock 55 with a Remora Aqua C HOB skimmer (no sump), to a 50 breeder with a 50 gallon sump and I would like to use my Remora in the sump. I have it hanging on the back of the display right now, but it's making a lot of micro bubbles and I would like to get it out of the display for aesthetic reasons as well. However, there are issues with putting it on the sump that have been covered here (waterfall noise, etc) and I have another issue, which is that I'm not sure if I have the head space needed to remove the skimmer cup if it's hanging on the sump since the sump is quite tall in the stand. I was wondering if I might be able to put the skimmer totally inside the sump. I measured the skimmer body and the water level in my sump and the numbers work out. It seems like the water level is just about perfect for just setting the skimmer body in the sump instead of hanging it on the outside. Is there some reason I can't do this?
If I were to try it, how would I ensure the skimmer body doesn't tip over?
<It's worth a try, I do not see any reason why it would not work. The Remora is basically the hang on version of the Urchin. The Urchin has an acrylic stabilizing leg to keep it upright in the sump. Take a look here. http://www.proteinskimmer.com/Product%20Pages/Urchin%20Series.htm>
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>
Re: Aqua C skimmer IN the sump/Follow up 2/15/12
Happy Mid-February Day, Crew!
<And to you Sara>
I know it's been quite a while since my original question, but I wanted to report back after giving it a good test period.  After getting the green light, I went ahead and put the skimmer right in the sump and it works wonderfully!  The water level in the sump is the perfect height.  It comes up to about the lip of the outlet on the skimmer, as it would if it was hanging on the back of the tank as it is meant to.  The skimmer seems to be functioning totally normally and I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary with it.
<Good, didn't think you would see any difference in operation.>
I just wanted to let you know in case anyone else out there is thinking of doing this.
Thanks again for the encouragement to try it!
<You're welcome Sara and thank you for the follow up.  James (Salty Dog)>

Pump Flow Questions/Skimmer Operation/Maintenance 7/30/11
Hello Crew,
<Hello David>
Hope everyone is having a good day.
<So far, so good.>
I have a Remora pro. I recently just changed out my very noisy Mag 3 for a Sicce Syncra 1.5. It has a flow of 357 gph so I thought it would be comparable. It's has lived up the silent billing so far. Very quiet which is great because the tank is in my room. The problem is it has been on there two days and still nothing has reached the cup, and the pump is on full blast. I can see that it is producing foam, but the foam isn't making it up to the collection cup. The cup is all the way down. The only thing I can think of is that the hose adapter reduces down to 1/2" from 3/4", but I don't know if that could restrict flow enough to cause the issue.
<Could, but more than likely is the newness of the plastic on the pump causing a reaction which breaks up the protein film the skimmer is trying to develop. A few days of operation should take care of the problem.>
Should I upgrade to the Syncra 2.0 (568 gph)? I can always turn the flow on that one down.
<I'd wait/see re above.>
I am nervous about the Rio 1400 because of all the horror stories, but I want to keep a pump with that type of cover over the intake. I lost a blenny to the mag's open end style, and the screen I put over the teeth of the pre-skimmer box clogs up. Thanks for the help.
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Noisy Pump    4/12/11
Hello again Crew,
<Hi Dave>
Hope you are having a great year.
<As good as it's going to get...Thank you.>
I recently have ran into a problem with the Mag 3 pump on a Remora Pro skimmer. I emailed Aqua C and while I wait for them to reply I thought I would get your thoughts on the matter too if you don't mind.
<Do not mind a bit. I believe the Remora Pro comes with the Rio 1400 as standard equipment from AquaC. If you chose the Mag 3 option, that is fulfilled by the dealer and is packaged separately from the skimmer.>
The pump has recently began to rattle a lot, and it seems to be stressing the fish. I lost a small blenny that went through the teeth of the skimmer and down into the pump. I took the skimmer box off when I replaced the fish so I could keep the cover and sponge prefilter on the pump to protect it. Last night I cleaned the tank and did a water change. I pulled the pump and cleaned it out just to be sure. When I put it back on it rattled like crazy and the new blenny went insane, once again trying to get into the skimmer box. I assume it thought it was an escape route. Do you think I should try to replace the pump?
<It may be just an imbalanced/damaged impeller or a faulty bushing. Look at the pump manual and
insure that the impeller assembly is put together properly.>
If so, would it be beneficial to upgrade to the Mag 5?
<AquaC does not recommend using the Mag 5 unless you install a ball valve between the pump and the skimmer.
Without doing this, the skimmer will likely overflow. Would be best to ask Jason this question at AquaC.>
I would like to be able to use the skimmer box.
<Meaning the surface skimmer?>
I think it makes a big difference.
<It does as most oils etc are at the surface of the water.>
Are there any other remedies you have dealt with for this particular situation?
<As above.>
I can always find ways to cover the pump, but in the long run it won't help if it is stressing the fish. I have heard good things about the Eheim pumps, and the 1250 is rated at 317gph. Would that be an acceptable change. I know I couldn't use the skimmer box anymore, but the health of the fish has to come before the appearance of the tank(though usually that goes hand in hand).
<Again, I would direct these questions to Jason and I will forward a copy of this query to him as well.>
Thanks so much for all of your help. The tank looks great thanks to the advice of you ladies and gentlemen.
<You are most welcome. James (Salty Dog)>
Re Noisy Pump 4/12/2011
I got that one response sent a couple of hours ago, this is probably redundant. I will paste my answer below:
Hi David,
Thanks for the message, I can help you out. That is some really strange behavior, I've never heard of or witnessed anything like that. If the pump is rattling or vibrating loudly, it could be that the impeller got damaged and it's spinning in a weird way. It's hard to say whether this really affects the fish, but I would speculate that it must affect their stress level to a certain extent.
One solution I can think of would be a DIY mod to your prefilter - you can try gluing or clamping a piece of fiberglass window screen material to the inside of the prefilter teeth. This will prevent fish from getting inside, and should preserve the surface skimming functionality of the box. You can buy this inert screen material at your local hardware store and it is easy to work with.
Upgrading to the Mag 5 will give you more water flow and foaming performance, so if your current pump isn't capable of producing a lot of wet foam, you would probably see a boost in overall performance with the stronger pump. However, if your current pump is already capable of filling the cup with wet foam, I wouldn't recommend upgrading. The Mag 5 is the same size as the 3, so it can be used with the same prefilter box.
I have attached a picture of a clear prefilter box on a Remora Pro with the Mag 3. This will give you a better idea of how it's supposed to look when installed. Let me know if you have any other questions and I can help out.
<Thanks Jason, much appreciated. I did not see any attachment though.
James (Salty Dog)>
Jason Kim
AquaC, Inc.

AquaC Auto Waste Container/Companion Review To The EV-180 Skimmer 4/4/2011
Hi Bob,
I've finished a review on the subject unit and should have it finalized tomorrow.
<Real good. B>
re: AquaC Auto Waste Container/Companion Review To The EV-180  4/4/2011

Just heard back from Jason and this review is good to go and is attached.
I am aware that Neale likes separate text and photos and have informed him that if the review(s) are accepted for WWM Digital, I will send these to him upon his request.
<Real good. I would await on Neale's resp. B>

Aqua C EV120 skimmer/Skimmer Operation 3/28/2011
Hi all at WWM.
<Hello Nicole>
Just ã quick question about this skimmer, is it possible to run this without ã sump?
<Yes, I run my EV180 outside the sump but there are some cautions you must be aware of. I've attached a PDF containing the EV120 instruction manual that will guide you in doing this.>
Could I position it behind my dt on ã stand level to the top of the tank (gate valve) and put the Mag 5 in the display, plumbed to the skimmer and add an extension on to the output to make sure it gets to the dt. Too risky? I have an opportunity to buy ã used EV120 for 50 dollars.
<Good buy.>
My Tank is 108 gallon mixed reef (mostly softies). Currently using Coralife 120, not happy with it, adjusted all the way down and still threatens to over flow collection cup. Its been running for 1 year plus. Any comments?
<I'm not familiar with the Coralife unit but generally the problem lies with excessive pump output and/or a clogged venturi tube. There should be a molded air line connection on the pump inlet, remove the air line a get a drill bit close to the same size as the air inlet and clean this tube out by rotating the drill bit with your fingers. If this doesn't help, you may want to install an air control valve in this line and throttle it down until the actual water level is below the collection cup of the skimmer. James (Salty Dog)>
Nicole Clark
Re Aqua C EV120 skimmer/Skimmer Operation 3/28/2011

Hi Bob,
Made a mental error in my reply. Disregard using the air valve to throttle down the air flow. If the venturi isn't clogged, this will just make matters worse.
<Mmm, actually, I like/use this idea myself. Best to have a mechanism to adjust the air/water mix. BobF>
Re Aqua C EV120 skimmer/Skimmer Operation 3/28/2011
Sounds good to me Roberto.
<Ah, bueno.>

AquaC testimonial, Ca conc./Alk non-anomaly   3/7/11
Hello gang,
<Howsit Cliff?>
First, a testimonial. I bought aqua c ev 120, mainly because WWM loves them. I was cleaning the injection part and cracked it. I wanted to get another and called aqua c to order another. After 2 days of trying to get someone on the phone, I emailed Jason Kim.
<The owner/mgr. and a friend... He's been out>
He was very apologetic and got it out that day. He was a joy to deal with. I told him I bought the skimmer only I really trusted of you and your opinions. Really makes owning the skimmer a joy to have Jason on our side.
Now, I did search this out on WWM, and did not find anything dealing with my situation.
My tank has been running for 6 months.
110 gallon w/ 1 1/2 live sand mixed with aragonite ( only 25 lbs aragonite)
all softies with some lps (Galaxea and bubble coral)
4 x 54 watt 4' long 2 -10k ,1- 6700, 1 actinic, run them 9.5 hours a day
about 100 lbs live rock with all different colors of coralline
30 gallon sump w/ refugium 4 inch sandbed
10x turnover rate right around 1000 gph with 800gph going through sump.
added one small powerhead. I had 1900 gph turnover, bud had a hard time getting water clear. Since I backed off water has cleared.
mated pair Clarkii clowns
yellow tang
sand sifting goby
5 small little blue fish (forgot the name of the fish- they are not damsels, they are very friendly
<More likely than not Chromis viridis>
Amon 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0-5
ph 8.2
phos not detectable (am using sea chems phos guard)
<Your chemo- and mixo-trophs need some HPO4>
calcium 520
<Too high...>
kH 9.5
am not testing any other param.s. These are consistent parameters
My question is about calcium levels. Is this high, or dangerous? it is consistent at 520. I do not use any additives except for ph, (SeaChem's marine buffer) without it ph stays at 7.9-8
<Due to the too high Ca... what re your Mg?>
If this is bad calcium levels, how do I lower them? raise kH? I just do not want to start adding a bunch of stuff I do not need and cause other problems. Or am I ok? I am new to reef tanks and am only going to do softies until I get more experience under my belt <Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/calcalkmar.htm
and the troubleshooting/fixing FAQs file linked above>
Thank you and Love all you guys.
<Whoa! Bob Fenner>

Aqua C Remora Pro HOT Skimmer- Still Wet Foam  1/7/11
I have a 75 gallon reef tank that has been running for about 6 years with the following parameters:
Ph: 8.3
Salinity: 1.023
<A bit low... I'd raise to 1.025-6>
<Borderline high>
<Too low for chemoautotrophs>
<Mg, NO3?>
I purchased an Aqua C Remora Pro HOT skimmer about 2 months ago. The micro bubbles are gone, but the foam is still wet. It is a light green tea color.
My previous skimmer was a BakPak and I always got a nice dark green skimmate. I'm trying to figure out what I may be doing wrong.
<Mmm, might not be you...>
The skimmer is level. I have the rubber ring as far down on the collection cup as possible.
I do have a hang on the tank refugium. The livestock are as follows:
1 yellow tang
1 maroon clownfish
1 true percula
1 flame angel
1 yellow watchman goby
3 peppermint shrimp
Various snails & hermit crabs
1 green emerald crab
1 Torch coral
1 long tentacle anemone
Button polyps
encrusting gorgonian
Plus about 70lbs. of live rock. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You for your time,
<Well... I might refer you to Jason Kim and folk over at Aqua C... but I suspect your unit is doing about what it should be... given (thank you for being so complete) the data you present. The fact that you have no measurable HPO4 leads me to believe that there isn't much food/feeding going on in this system... and hence not much skimmate likely. Do raise your S.g... and peruse WWM re foods/feeding of the livestock you keep. Bob Fenner>
Re: Aqua C Remora Pro HOT Skimmer- Still Wet Foam  1/8/11
Thanks Bob for the advice. I had some testing kits that were outdated and thought everything was in order until I had hair algae growing & couldn't quite figure out why.
A new batch of testing kits gave me a clue! I did some water changes and held back a bit on food, probably too much. I typically feed them a variety of frozen food, plus some phytoplankton.
<Umm, nothing you list as livestock eats/uses this. I'd leave out>
The fish are all healthy and the anemone is finally looking happy again. I will raise the salinity as suggested and get back to normal feedings.
<Real good>
Thank you for your help!
<Glad to share w/ you Angie. BobF>

in-line protein skimmer?   9/24/10
Dear WWM Crew,
I spent a few hours on the site (and the internet in general) searching for an answer, and haven't found one. I am really sorry if you have answered a question like this already. Anyway, I am not happy with my Red Sea Prizm Deluxe. It is difficult to adjust, and the skimmate is always very light.
<Not one of my higher-rated makes/models>
I just don't feel like it is doing a good job. I do not have room for an overflow/sump combo under the tank. I have a standard 29gallon tank (30x12x18) on a manufactured stand, and I already have a 4.5 gallon ATO reservoir in the stand.
I was thinking about plumbing the filter intake from a canister filter into an in-line protein skimmer,
<Mmm, no>
and then plumb the skimmer outflow into the canister, and then the canister outflow back to the tank. Is this a stupid idea?
<Too risky, fraught w/ potential for disaster to endorse>
Would it even work? If not, are there any modifications to this that would make it work effectively? If this is just a bad idea, do you have any suggestions for a good small-scale skimmer that is easy to adjust?
<Oh yes... My first choice, Aqua-C's Remoras... But please read here:
I know you get tons of questions, and I truly appreciate you sharing your time and expertise.
<Welcome! Bob Fenner>

Some Skimmer Advice, sel.  7/29/10
Hello yet again guys and gals,
<Hello Chris>
Much has changed since I last contacted WWM, mostly for the better, but I've got a few skimmer related questions.
I currently have 2 active aquariums, and one "on the way" (sitting in my garage, waiting for a stand and the rest of the build). My first aquarium is a 20H full mixed reef that currently is home to about 30 varied coral frags (as I'm learning what I like and don't like) along with 15 pounds of live rock, a serpent star, Coral Banded Shrimp, indigo Dottyback (adult), two percula clowns (very small, dominant one is about 2.5"), and a Red Barred High Fin Goby (I have a pistol shrimp on order with my LFS for this guy). All of this sits under a 70w MH and has 2 K-Nano 250 pumps and a little 50 gph power head to just give a tad more flow over the SPS section.
I also have a Whisper 40 on here full of macro algae that is lit 24/7 with a 6500K spiral bulb, I trim the algae by 50-60% every 2 weeks and nitrates are less than 3 via a LaMotte kit. I do daily 1 gallon water changes on this
tank to maintain calcium/Alk/and Mag levels without supplementation.
<Sounds good!>
My other tank is a 56 gallon with a 175W halide, Emperor 280 with filter floss only, a 1400 gph modded MaxiJet (great bang for the buck), about 40 pounds of live rock and the stock list (don't yell, the 90 gallon in the garage is coming VERY soon)...
<We don't yell.>
Two black percula 1-1/2 inches, 1 maroon (I know) about 2" who loves his RBTA that I'm nursing back to health (its name is Casper due to the color), two spot (blue eye) Bristletooth tang, one spot Foxface (both the tang and Foxface are 3", and were purchased as they will be the "big fish" in the 90 gallon), <Mmm, do you have some future plans for the "big fish" as they grow? That 90 will be a little cramped.>
4 Firefish, 1 small (half dollar or smaller) Flame Angel, 1 large pink/blue spot goby, and a Neon Dottyback, I
also have a fire/blood shrimp. This tank has almost no corals (just a big Kenya tree) and I do 10 gallon per week water changes.
I currently have a CPR BakPak skimmer, which has been on "back and forth" duty. Normally I fill the skimmer cup in 2 days when it is on the 20 gallon but if it is on the 56 it will normally take over a week to make half a
<Likely less nutrients in the 56.>
I've just been gifted a Remora skimmer because the previous owner didn't have the lid or the little screw for accessing the injector, but thanks to some wonderful customer service I'll have it up and running in a few days. So, the real question is - which tank gets which skimmer, and why (if possible).
<The Remora would be the one I'd put on the 90 as it is a more efficient skimmer than the BakPak but may still be undersized depending on stocking levels.>
I also plan on moving almost all the stock from the 56 into the 90 gallon (and likely not adding much more) and making it a reef (Flame Angel may or may not move, depending on it's behavior), and I would like to get an idea
of what skimmer would be good. I'm okay with the skimmer being expensive being I'll build my own stand, and create my own lighting, so I'm budgeting around $300. Someone in my local reef club told me with that much bioload I'm going to need something rated much larger than 90 gallons, and they suggested SWC's Mini-S or that minimally an AquaC EV-180, or better to get the 240. I'm wondering what skimmer you might suggest (I'm leaning towards Aqua C as I like to buy American and the customer service is stellar), so would I be able to use an EV-120 which is a little more in my budget, or should I skimp somewhere else for a tad and get the EV-180?
<The EV-120 would be fine with a sensible stocking level. If you plan on upgrading to a larger tank in the future, you may want to opt for the EV-180 or 240 depending on your future tank size. In that regard, you won't have to buy another skimmer in the future.
And I do agree with you on Aqua C's service. Jason will bend over backwards for his customers, a very fine company.>
Thank you folks again for all the help before, and in the future, <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Re Some Skimmer Advice 7/29/10
I am planning on a large skimmer for the 90 gallon, I am wondering which tank I should put the Remora on the 20H or the 56 gallon, and likewise which tank should have the BakPak.
<Remora on the 56.>
I do agree with you on the nutrient level of the 20 being high, I've brought a hair algae, Bryopsis, and Cyano bacteria issues under much better control of late with my water changes, while in the 56 the only nuisance algae I
seem to have is green algae on the glass (the kind you need to scrape, but not coralline). Do you think it could be that 175W MH on the 56 (which is 30lx24hx18d) is a low level of light?
<Would all depend on the height above the tank.>
The local experts in my reef club have told me that I really should have 250W halide (and I do have odd problems with coral, even Zoanthids don't like this tank, but I can grow leathers).
<Well, you can't have too much light, would be difficult duplicating the sun.
May want to read here on Zoanthids and their requirements/systems.
As far as stocking goes, do you think if I left the black clowns and Firefish in the 56 (I'm considering getting all Nano fish for this tank and having it very active with lots of fish, or exploring my interests in seahorses), would that make for a happier bunch in the 90?
<Depends on who is with who. Firefish do much better with fish of similar behavior.>>
I would like something "schooling" so I'm considering Chromis, but my desire to have something different than the green or blue that are just too common for my tastes has me digging and doing research.
<I'm not too fond of tying up a tank just for Chromis', too many other small colorful fish that would make a more stunning display.>>
Two I am considering right now are the black bar Chromis (Chromis retrofasciata), Limbaugh Chromis (Chromis limbaughi), the half and half Chromis (C. iomelas), and lastly Purple/yellow Chromis (C. insolatus). I'm not quite sure which, but the Limbaugh's just might be out of the budget, especially doing 6-10 fish in the $20 range, not good. Might you make a suggestion?
<I've always thought a Dartfish and Jawfish display would be interesting...all peaceful fish.>
Thank you again,
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

UV sterilizer use with Ozone Generator - Sure, just realize that they do two different things. 7/26/2010
<Hi Jeff.>
I've been searching the internet for the last couple hours trying to find an answer to my question with no avail. I do believe I've found the answer before, but I don't remember.
Anyway, I started using an Ozone Generator a few months ago. It's made by Supreme Aqua. I noticed a few weeks ago that the JG fitting on my AquaC EV-180 Skimmer had disintegrated .
<Not uncommon with ozone, it is a very strong oxidizer, and can destroy most plastics within a very short period of time. You really want fittings made out of a material called "Kynar" as it is ozone resistant>
I talked to Steve with AquaC and he promptly sent me out two replacement fittings. However, after cleaning off the skimmer, I saw the body of the skimmer was cracked across the spot where the JG fitting screws in and all
the way across the body and down the side. It was not cracked all the way through, however it looked like it might not be far from splitting in half.
<Hmm... may be a function of the JG fitting being tightened too much rather than ozone.>
I was greatly alarmed. I contacted Jason at AquaC and he gave me his cell number and sent me a replacement skimmer. Great Customer Service!
<Aqua-C is known for their excellent customer service. I'm pleased to say I'm not in the least surprised that you got such an excellent response.>
After hooking up the new skimmer, I decided not to take a chance with my current ORP controller and Ozonizer .
I ordered a Ozotech Poseidon along with a Neptune Apex controller.
<Good brands, but I don't see the point, obviously the one you had was producing ozone very well. The JG fitting failed because it was exposed to ozone, not because your ozone generator was an off brand.>
My current controller is off brand and was shipped from overseas.
<Most of them are made and shipped from overseas.>
I'm not sure it's the culprit , but I don't see anyone else using that brand or the off brand ozone generator so I'm not taking any more chances with cheap equipment.
<I use an Enley ozone generator I picked up on EBay over a year ago for less than $100 USD. Still going strong running 24 hours a day.>
My question is do I need to run my UV sterilizer along with the Ozone generator or is it redundant.
<They do two different things really. Ozone is used to burn off additional organic compounds in the water. UV is used to kill off bacteria, viruses, and the like. UV lamps DO produce ozone, but in a very small amount.>
Thank you,
<My pleasure.>
Re: UV sterilizer use with Ozone Generator Follow Up. 7/30/2010

<Hi Jeff.>
Thanks for your help.
<No Problem.>
Do you have any idea where I can get the kylar <Kynar> fitting to fit the AquaC EV-180 skimmer. I look on the Internet and at some plumbing sites, but I couldn't find the right fitting. Thanks!
<Check http://www.ozonesolutions.com/ They sell all things ozone related.
they are a little pricey, but that have most everything.>
- Jeff

Skimmer/Aqua C 5/15/10
Hi there how are you today?
<Hello, and I'm just fine.>
I have a quick question about the skimmer Aqua C remora Pro with Mag Drive 3. I have around 1 week with the skimmer and I see barely any foam on the cup, it gets fill every 2 days, half of it its green ugly water and the other half like foamy with bubbles, I'm not sure but I think this isn't normal.
<Mmm, the waste is normally a tan/dark tan color.>
I also have a Fluval filter 404 witch I clean every week, idk <idk??> if this is a problem.
<Using the Fluval is fine with your present maintenance schedule.>
Fish I got 2 clownfish small, 2 medium damsel, 3 snail, 1 crab, 1 scotter
<Scooter Blenny>.
So I want to know what can I do to make it right.
<If you bought the skimmer new, it can take up to two weeks for "break-in" before efficient operation/waste removal begins. The collection cup can be adjusted up or down to improve skimming efficiency, and you may need to raise the collection cup. This information is found in the manual that comes with the skimmer. You can also go to the Aqua C site, read the FAQ's on this particular skimmer and/or contact support by clicking on the support link.
Go here.
http://www.proteinskimmer.com >
Thank you in advance
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Cheap Skimmer vs. Quality Skimmer with Miracle Mud Ecosystem 3/6/10
<Hi Michael.>
Great site, thanks for your great resource. I have read all of the mud filtration FAQs but have a more specific question. I am currently having a refugium built for my 55 gallon mixed reef. A 10" wide x 15" long x 20" tall refugium. The refugium is where I will use 1" of Miracle Mud, a few pieces of live rock, and Chaetomorpha algae in conjunction with a skimmer in my sump. I currently have the cheapest skimmer on the market: a SeaClone 100.
<Not the cheapest, but perhaps the worst!>
Since the Miracle Mud ecosystem method does not require a skimmer,
<I would still use one on any marine system.>
is my cheap SeaClone sufficient to supplement filtration, or shall I opt for a better quality skimmer?
<I would for sure.>
I am considering the Precision Marine RL100.
<Good line, do also look at the AquaC line of in sump skimmers too.>
Thank you,
Michael H. Lobato
<Welcome, Scott V.>
Re: Cheap Skimmer vs. Quality Skimmer with Miracle Mud Ecosystem -- 3/6/10
I just need a small, extremely quiet, efficient skimmer for a total volume of approximately 70 gallons and the footprint must be smallest than 9x9 inches. How about the AquaC Urchin? I already have a spare maxi-jet 1200 pump to use with it too.
<This would be my choice here unless you plan on a larger tank to take the skimmer to later!>
Michael H. Lobato
<Welcome, Scott V.>

Re: Cheap Skimmer vs. Quality Skimmer with Miracle Mud Ecosystem.. Skimmer maint., AquaC...  3/8/2010
Great, sounds good. One last question I can't seem to find an answer to.
The Urchin can be ordered with or without the drain fitting collection cup.
What is this fitting for? Extended periods without emptying cup?
<Yes, exactly.>
Where would the drain run to?
<Into any container. Used milk jugs work well. The issue with these is that the collection cup should be cleaned every day or two anyhow, so the drain fitting would ideally never come into play.>
Thanks again,
<Welcome, Scott V.>

Skimmer Selection (AquaC or Euro-Reef) -- 02/10/10
Which Skimmer would you recommend for a 175g FOWLR lightly stocked? The AquaC EV-240 or a Euro-Reef RS180? The skimmer will run in a sump.
<<Both are fine pieces of gear from fine companies and 'either one' would serve you here. With only about a $50.00 difference in price it pretty much comes down to availability, personal preference, what 'fits,' or maybe just energy consumption (the ER uses a pump that consumes about half the energy of the recommended pump for the AquaC). My current fave skimmers are the needle-wheel units from Euro-Reef (I have an 'old' ER CS12-3), but I don't think you will go wrong with either choice here>>
Thanks for your recommendation & wonderful website,
Les Currey
<<Happy to share, Les'¦good luck with your skimmer selection! Eric Russell>>
Re: Skimmer Selection (AquaC or Euro-Reef) -- 02/10/10
Thanks Eric,
<<Quite welcome Les>>
One quick follow up question.
Considering both the Euro-Reef RS180 and the AquaC EV-240, will the RS180 properly handle my "true" water volume of 190g +/- 5g (160g display & 30g sump)?
<<It is 'my' opinion that it will, yes>>
I see it is only rated for 180g vs. the higher rated EV-240.
<<Indeed'¦ While I do not believe AquaC overrates the efficacy of their units (though some other manufacturers do, in my estimation), I do think Euro-Reef is a bit 'conservative' re the 'system capacity' of their skimmers>>
I'm leaning toward the Euro if it can handle the water volume.
<<Again, I think you will be very happy with either unit'¦so, make your choice with confidence>>
Thanks again for your help,
<<Always welcome>>
Wetwebmedia.com is a life saver!
<<Thank you'¦that is our hope and indeed our belief my friend>>

Aqua C ev-180 skimmer, sump inst.   -- 10/21/2009
Hello crew,
<Hello, Ed and/ or Lisa>
I have a quick one for you. I have my skimmer sitting in my sump, is there any way i can quite down the splashing of water coming out of the gate valve without affecting the performance? My gate valve opening sits about 1" above my water line.
<2 common ways: zip tie some filter wool or a filter sock to the opening, or make a platform out of something like eggcrate and place a sponge on top. I'm sure there are other ways; you can probably think of a few creative ways. You'll find that this cuts down on evaporation, too.>
Thanks again
<No problemo. Will N.>

Aqua C Remora Pro too big for my tank?  10/5/09
Hi there,
<Hey Sarah! JustinN here!>
I recently purchased a used Aqua C Remora pro with the Mag 350 pump from someone locally.
<An excellent, high quality skimmer with quite a reputation/following..>
I only have a 25 gallon tank and I am wondering if this skimmer is too large for it.
<Over-rated for the size of tank? Sure. Too large? Not sure such a thing exists!>
I'm pretty sure he will take it back if it doesn't work, but if it won't do any damage I would like to keep it. I know it is rated for 60 gallons plus (I think),
<Up to 125 Gallons for the Pro w/ Mag3..>
but the fellow I bought it off of said it would be fine on my tank.
<...And I would agree. Better to 'over-skim' than to under-skim.>
I'm just doing more reading and concerned about over-skimming.
Thanks very much,
<Well Sarah, your concern is understood -- but don't worry, there's no way you could over-skim the tank. Have a look over http://wetwebmedia.com/skimselfaqs.htm
and related links. If you decide to keep it (which, unless you have a specific desire to return it, I highly recommend keeping), it will do nothing but benefit your tank in the long run. Another way to look at it is, you've got a locked in upgrade if/when you decide to move to a larger display! Ciao! -JustinN>

Re: Aqua C Remora Pro too big for my tank? - 10/05/2009
Thank you so much :)
<You're welcome!>
The only reason I was concerned is because I was reading on WWM a similar question where the answer was the skimmer may be too big and there is such a thing as over-skimming :)
<Well, there are excessive levels -- but the range on these skimmers (which are admittedly in the lower end size-wise of what's on the market) is far from being excessive. You're not running a skimmer that expects more turnover per minute than you have in your entire display, so it should be fine.>
It's still quite noisy but I understand it will get quieter in a week or so and there are also mod.s which can quiet it down. The bubbles have gone down dramatically since first setting it up. At first my fish were
scared of them :)
<Yes, the bubbles will calm some, but fine-tuning will be necessary. If I recall correctly, the tuning is done by adjusting the height of the O-ring that is on the collection cup. As far as quieting it down, you could also
reduce the pump size on the skimmer to something like a Maxi-Jet 1200, and it would still be more than sufficient for your needs, while quieting it down quite a bit. My thought here is that if and when you decide to get a larger tank, you've got one of the more expensive single parts already purchased -- up to 120 gallons without a problem. Let me know if you've got any more questions! -JustinN>

Remora Overskimming 3/22/09
Dear crew,
I have a of late (about a month now) been having some problems with my Remora protein skimmer, using a Maxijet 1200 pump, it has been over skimming I guess you could say. I have been getting a very light, pretty much transparent skimmate which appears to just be water really. I have cleaned every part, from inside the pump to under the adjustment screw,
<Is not an adjustment screw, just a plug. Removing the plug allows access to clean out the spray injector tube.>
the foam tower, the collection cup and still same results, I have worked my way through the entire height adjustment on the collection cup, as well as the entire range on the adjustment screw.
<Are you talking about the water height adjustment screw here? I'm thinking so now.>
I have to assume I am overlooking something as I had success with this very same skimmer for over a year.
I have recently moved, however as I am using RO water and the same brand of salt I did not consider that to be too much of a variable, maybe I am wrong there. Current readings are ammonia : 0; Nitrites 0, Nitrates 0.
I have some nice macro-algae growing out of my live rock as well as a bunch (not sure on how many grams, but I leave about a handful) of macro in a refugium, only a very light film of algae need be brushed off the front glass every week. all fish (cardinals, of course :), thanks again Bob, am working on some other articles thanks in a very large way to your help) Zoanthids doing well, a few varieties, xenia, which is growing well, and a recent addition of an unidentified sps coral fragment.
Now on to the actual problem, it skims out something like 5 gallons, well maybe more like 3.5 gallons, over night if I fill the tank back up.
I believe that part of the extremely low nitrogen values result from this almost constant water changing I try through daily additions to keep the level about topped off, adding in RO water as needed to keep a constant SG of 1.025.
I am sure that I have overlooked something obvious in this but have gone through the FAQs in an effort to find a similar problem, I have seen similar problems with new ones but this skimmer is at least 2 years old and has been used consistently.
Please advise as to the best course of action.
<Some additives can cause this but you mention nothing in this regard. I suggest forwarding this to Steve at AquaC. www.steve@proteinskimmer.com.>
Thanks again crew,
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Protein Skimmer Question, op.  3/19/09
Hi crew,
<Hello Marc>
I have a question regarding my protein skimmer. I've had a Remora Pro running on my 75 gallon for about 15 months now. It was giving me about a cup of dark skim-mate every week. I gave it a vinegar bath about two months ago and about a month ago, I added an Emperor 400, that I'm only running charcoal out of. Since I've put that on, I've had no skim-mate.
I'm wondering, if because of frequent water changes, and a relatively low bio-load, can I get away without using the Remora if I do frequent maintenance on the Emperor (clean the housing bi-weekly, even though I'm not running filter pads, it still collects debris on the bottom of the housing)? And how about if I replace it with a hang-on refugium, I was planning on replacing the Emperor with one anyway, now I'm considering
replacing the Remora. Mainly because it makes so much noise, and is in the bedroom. Also, after every water change, it produces substantial amount of bubbles in the tank.
<Do you shut the skimmer off during water changes?>
My tank has 80lbs of live rock, two Hydor stage 4 powerheads and I do weekly 15 gallon water changes. For livestock I have a Yellow Tang, a Chalk Bass, a Royal Gramma, a Lawnmower Blenny, a Lyretail Anthias, three Green Chromis,
<I wouldn't call that a "relatively low bio-load".>
various snails and hermit crabs, Mushrooms, a Torch and hammer coral. My specific gravity is a little high ( 1.026), calcium 400, dKH 11, temp. 76, nitrates 0 and ph 8.1.
Any advise on how to proceed, or tips on how to quiet the skimmer would be greatly appreciated.
<Marc, if it were me, I'd use the skimmer along with a HOB refugium. The Emperor could be used periodically to polish the water and remove nutrients the skimmer cannot remove. Once seeded with pods, the refugium will also provide a source of nutritional food. The noise level would not be a problem in my bedroom, the decibel level of my wife's snoring would drown out any skimmer noise. Do consider wearing foam ear plugs. And yes, you could get away without the skimmer if it affects your sleep and providing your bio-load (fish) is not increased. And if you should do this, I would use Chemi Pure instead of the activated carbon, will be much more effective for you in your situation.>
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Re Protein Skimmer Question 3/20/09
Thanks again,
<You're welcome.>
I do turn off everything when I do a water change, should I not?
<Yes, is a good idea to turn off.>
Also, I have been considering purchasing the Remora overflow box, but have heard mixed reviews. Do you have any experience with this product?
<No experience with the overflow box itself, but I've read negative comments about them in customer reviews at the Premium Aquatics web site.
See here.
If you decide to order one, make sure you get the model for your pump as they do make three different styles geared to specific pumps. James (Salty Dog)>

Re: Suggestions...   skimmer sel., AquaC... pump for... gen. mar. maint.  2/26/09 Thank you Scott V. for your reply. <Very welcome.> Just found out about this site about a month ago, there is a ton of information on here. Thanks for referring to the other links. After more research, i agree with you and will go with Remora #2. Will put # 1, which has Maxi-Jet 1200 pump, on 55 gallon, and go with a Remora with a Rio 1400 or Mag-Drive 3 pump. One better than the other? <The Mag for my taste.> With being unable to install a sump right now, the Emperor 400 filter, should it stay or go. Would good canister filter be better? <Not really in this case, with the live rock you will basically just be using the filter for running a bit of carbon. You already have the Emperor and it is just easier to replace the carbon IMO.> I figure with the fishes, i need some kind of filtration besides skimmer? <With the liver rock and a bit of carbon, no, not necessary.> Didn't know that about sand sifting star. He, or she, is one of tanks first inhabitants. It is about twice the size as when first put in. Because of rock, it stays in about 1/3 of tank, in front. But if it is sucking the life out of sand, it will go. Will take to LFS and trade or give to. <The real issue is it will deplete the live in the sand until it has nothing left to live on itself.> What are other critters good at keeping sand clean? <Nassarius snails and the microfauna that will populate the sand from the live rock. See: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/dsbbiomakeup.htm for other options.> I test for salt, try to keep at 1.024, Ammonia, pH, Nitrites, Nitrates, Calcium, try to keep about 400. Anything else i should be testing for? <Definitely carbonate hardness, I would test for magnesium too though. And I would raise your spg to 1.025 too.> The Bubble Tip has been in tank about 5 months. It attached near bottom on rock, about half under a ledge over sand bed. It has never moved from this spot. The 2 Maroons have been in about a year. They were both about the same size at time. One has grown very little, about 2 inches. The other is now about 3 times it's size, female i figure, it now wants to keep all the sand blown away. Down to the glass. Like a bowl. I push sand back in and in short order, swishing and with mouth, she has her bowl again. Should i leave her alone? <Yes, not much you can do if the fish wants to dig, other than remove the fish.> The Anemone, it stays open for the most part, sometimes it gets in a ball, but it isn't filled out like at first. I hand feed it, once a week, a piece of raw shrimp about the size of a nickle. I was thinking of maybe feeding twice a week and soaking shrimp in some Zoe? <You can, yes.> Now to the 55 gallon. The rock i put in last week is doing good. No spikes at all. I've got some hitchhikers. After putting rock in i started hearing this clicking sound. I thought, oh no, sure enough, 2 Mantis Shrimp, that i know of. My first time to deal with these bad boys. I see now why Mr. Fenner says with any size these would be the T-Rex of the ocean. They are bad to the bone! <!> Will have to get these out before adding any livestock. Just a comment here. I think i have come a long way in this so far, but have so much more to learn, i thank you for your help. <I am happy we have been able to help out.> I have gotten a lot of compliments on my tank. Have had people come by, they see the tank, say, what's that, grab up a chair, sit in front of tank, they are just amazed, ask 400 questions, what's that, wow, look at that, is that alive. Now i have people come by asking, how's the tank? As always, thank you for any suggestions. <Welcome.> Larry

Experience With AquaC.. Beginning To End   2/23/09 Hi Bob/Crew, <Hello Ranjith> I have been a regular on the WWM website for over 2 years now. I was looking for a good skimmer late last year and after reading so much of positive feedback from the crew and recommendations from the crew, I went ahead and got an AquaC EV-180. I have not seen any feedback messages on the FAQ so please excuse me if this is improper. <Absolutely not.> Also, I saw quiet a few folks giving this brand a bad name saying it does not work. <My guess here is improper pump selection.> I hope my experience helps some other hobbyist. <OK> This is a slightly longish mail so please feel free to edit if you want to shorten it. Initially I was a bit worried since the shipping got delayed a lot and it took me a long time to get the skimmer. When I got it, I found it nicely packed and set it up. The setup took me all of 5 to 10 min. This was really impressive since I have always struggled with skimmer installations and my sump is really small measuring 20"x14"x20" (LxWxH). One thing folks need to know, is this is not a venturi skimmer and needs plenty of pressure to work. <Correct.> I connected to a 3000 LPH (as the manual suggests) Japanese pump (Aquanics) and got hardly any skimmate in weeks. I contacted the crew at WWM and pat came the response it is breaking in period. Even after 6 weeks, still no scum in the collection box. I had spent more than 400USD (shipping from US to India costs an arm and then more) and was wondering if this was a mistake. <I'm sure it was not.> I was interacting with Jason and we had dozens of conversations on how I could get this working. 3 weeks later, still no skimmate. Finally we realized it was the pump and Jason suggested that I need to upgrade my pump. Since shipping was the hurdle here and my budget was already way overloaded, Jason actually gave me one of his pumps for FREE and a compatible spray injector and clamps. <Aqua C is very customer oriented and this does not surprise me.> I now have the pump setup and the skimmer ROCKS :) Sadly I have the skimmer running at night only as it needs a power converter to make it work in India (220V / 50H) and the pump heats the 1KVA adapter it needs. Even still I need to cool it with a fan. But I think I can get away with it as the tank is a 120 (approx) and I have a light load ?? <Be cautious here Ranjith. A 1 KVA transformer with your operating voltage (220) is only good for 4.54 amps, max, and that is also going to depend on the duty cycle of your adaptor, hopefully a 100% duty cycle unit. Do make sure your total current load does not exceed this.> Jason could have easily said my bioload is less so that's all the skimmate I was going to get or let me go figure the pump problem out. Surely he need not have sent me a pump for free. <Is just another reason why Aqua C is highly rated.> Awesome and Outstanding!! Ps: In case you remember my blue linkia, <Linckia> it was attacked by my crab and had its leg torn off. It is almost back to being as good as new now in about 3 weeks. I guess the food works in my case as it would never have healed if not :) <Good to hear, and thank you for sharing your experience with us. James (Salty Dog)> Cheers Ranjith

Protein Skimmer Question, sel., AquaC  2/19/09 Hi All, <Hello Chad.> First let me say that I love the site! You guys, and gals are the absolute best at what you do! Many times I have referred to your website when all else has failed. So my many thanks! <Well thank you!> So, now to my question. I currently have a 75 FOWLR tank, but am going to be upgrading to a 120 in the near future. My current protein skimmer is an AquaC Remora Pro, and it has performed flawlessly. <A good skimmer!> I am afraid though that it will no longer be enough for the new tank. I would like to move from a fish only tank, to a more of a reef tank in the future. What would you guys/gals suggest for a new protein skimmer? I would like something that could run externally on my 40 gallon sump/refugium. Any suggestions? With so many different options out there, I guess I am just wanting the best "bang" for the buck. <The go to choices are still EuroReef or the EV series from AquaC'¦the new Vertex line of skimmers is a great performer too, and cheap! See which of these fits your budget and system design, you will be happy with any of these.> Thanks, Chad
<Welcome, Scott V.>

ASM G2 Or AquaC Remora Pro? 2/12/09 A HOB Skimmer Or A Sump With Skimmer Hi guys! <Hello David> First, and always, thanks for all of your help--you guys do a tremendous service and I truly appreciate it. <You're welcome.> I'm in the process of setting up a 92 gallon corner tank for the living room. The current plan is FOWLR, and I doubt I'll be going reef any time in the next year or two. The current set-up (all bought used but in fine working condition): 1. 92 gallon All-Glass tank, not pre-drilled 2. Odyssea PC lights, 4x65 3. Rena Filstar XP-2 4. 40lb of Live Sand (looking to add another 40lb) 5. 60lb of Live Rock 6. 29 gallon quarantine tank with BioWheel 200, and 3-4 inch layer of sand/crushed coral. The tank is currently cycling, and the livestock consists of a six hermits, six snails, and a shy peppermint shrimp. Next on my agenda and before any fish is choosing the right protein skimmer. <Yes.> Because the tank is not pre-drilled, I was not originally planning on using a sump. Instead I was going to invest in the pricey, but highly touted AquaC Remora Pro to do my skimming. I had some good skimmate with a CPR BakPak with an Acella pump on an earlier 75 FOWLR, but always found that my nitrates were high. So I did some research at your site and others and AquaC looks like a very good company. <It is and very good customer service.> I asked some friends what they thought, though, and they said I'd be better off with a sump than an HOB. One guy I know is downgrading and selling a CPR overflow, 30 gallon sump, and ASM G2 for about $100 less than the Remora Pro. (It's been used, obviously.) I like the idea of the sump because of the possibility of having a refugium, and although the tank is a corner unit, it's already off one wall 5 inches because my original plan was to have a HOB skimmer. What are your thoughts on the ASM G2--is it comparable with the Remora Pro (better/worse)? What do you recommend? <If it were me, I'd take the used package with the sump, overflow and the ASM G2. A sump offers increased gas exchange and a place to put your heater and protein skimmer. The HOB Remora has no external drain connection on the collection cup. That scares me, there is always the chance the cup may overflow getting the nice brown skimmate on your floor or carpet. If you go the HOB route, I'd suggest installing an external drain to the collection cup. As to which skimmer is better, I've never used an ASM skimmer so my first hand knowledge is nil, but from what I've learned about them, I'd say the G2 would have an edge over the Remora Pro due to your tank size. The ASM G2 is advertised to handle up to a 200 gallon tank where the Remora claims 75+. How far does + go, I don't know. I've also heard the ASM's are overrated as to the tank size they will handle. Just hearsay mind you, I have no facts. The ASM G2 also comes with a Sedra pump which in my opinion is a much better pump than the Rio 1400 that is included with the basic Remora  Pro package. You will be much happier with a sump and an in-sump skimmer.> Thanks always! <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

AquaC's Jason Kim Please forward to James (salty dog), Re: HOB Remora    2/22/09 Hi Bob, I was perusing WWM and came across this post from 2/12/09. If you would please forward this to James for me, I would appreciate it. I'll give you a call on Monday to arrange a meeting time next week, re the topics you wanted to discuss. "The HOB Remora has no external drain connection on the collection cup. That scares me, there is always the chance the cup may overflow getting the nice brown skimmate on your floor or carpet. If you go the HOB route, I'd suggest installing an external drain to the collection cup." All the Remora models (Nano, Pro, etc.) are available with an optional drain fitting on the collection cup. Most retailers charge about $10 for this option. More important, these skimmers will not overflow in the event that the collection cup fills up. The way the skimmer is designed, the cup is totally contained within the skimmer body and once filled it fills to capacity, any extra skimmate just drains back into the skimmer body. http://wetwebmedia.com/skimrs4sumpsf.htm ------------------------- Jason Kim President AquaC, Inc. 7949 Stromesa Ct., Ste. E San Diego, CA 92126 858-689-1121 phone 858-564-3419 fax visit us online at... www.proteinskimmer.com Re: please forward to James (salty dog)   2/22/09 Bob, Thank you for forwarding. The problem that can happen, and has happened on several occasions with my Urchin Pro is that once the collection cup gets full, there is very little room between the top of the riser tube and the collection cup cover. What happens when the cup is full is that foam is still being produced of course, and finds it's way out of the vent hole located in a corner of the cup lid. And if gone unnoticed for some time, the brown foam will seep out of the vent hole and find it's way to the floor. Not a biggie here, but can happen. My skimmer is an in-sump model so the foam seepage was never a problem. The other reason I like having an external drain is that the cup is never allowed to fill to a point where the skimmate can get remixed back into the system through the riser tube, and removing a full cup of skimmate is difficult to do without spilling through the top of the riser tube. I've always needed a bowl or something to hold under the cup to carry to the toilet or sink. I do agree with Jason that the actual liquid skimmate won't run down on the floor but the foam escaping through the vent hole could, have witnessed this. I also was not aware of the external drain option, good to know this. Regards, James 

Skimmer Selection Problems 2/7/09 Hello, <Hi there.> I am an aspiring first time reefer looking for a good first skimmer. I have researched online many times and (needless to say) still have more questions than answers. I have a 55 gallon tank that is (hopefully) going to be in operation one day as a reef tank. This tank is already equipped with a small (ten gallon) wet/dry filter/sump and another filter running activated carbon. I am looking for a reliable skimmer that has a good reputation and by all means WON'T overflow. The skimmer would also have to be easy to operate, set up, and clean (back to the fact that I'm a first-time reefer) and can handle the bio-load. Both of these are factors are more important than price. I do have live rock and live sand and I am planning on adding more soon. I did look at the Aqua-C Urchin series and Coralife needle wheel. I dropped the Coralife after seeing some of the terrible reviews for this product. (My LFS only sells one kind of skimmer which I have never heard of on internet forums - by Sealife Systems.) I was hoping you could point me in the right direction as far as skimmers go as there are so many choices out there. <The Aqua C hands down, the least likely skimmer out there to flow over and great skimmer for this size tank.> Thanks a lot <Welcome, Scott V.>

AquaC Remora Skimmer, op.   02/06/09 Good afternoon all, <Hello Matt. Minh at your service.> I have a quick question for you. I have had my AquaC Remora skimmer on my 55gal tank for about a year now and for some reason it just does not want to work correctly. I have about 50lbs of live rock, two common clownfish, and a couple mushroom corals. I do have a slight Aiptasia problem that I am trying to correct. The only chemical I have used in the tank was about 6 - 8 months ago to get rid of my red slime algae. Since then I have obviously done numerous water changes. Now to the problem with the skimmer. I cannot leave it on when I am not there because it fills up with water in about 10 minutes constantly. <Have you made any changes to the skimmer? Is it still using the factory pump? Are you using the pre-skimmer box?> I have the cup set up as high as possible as well and have also played around with the height of the white screw. <These are the actions I would have suggested as well.> I am at a loss as to what I can do about this. it basically started happening when I added the red slime remover, but that was 6 - 8 months ago so I cannot imagine that this is still the problem. Oh yeah, I also use my own RO/DI water and it reads 0ppm. Any help would be greatly appreciated. <Here are some more suggestions that you can try to remedy the problem. First, give the entire skimmer a thorough cleaning in warm freshwater to remove any chemicals that could possibly still remain on the reaction chamber. Second, run a small amount of granular activated carbon in your display tank to remove any chemicals that could interfere with the protein skimming process. Lastly, if the two aforementioned suggestions do not work, try raising the entire skimmer assembly an inch or two higher.> Thanks Matt <You're welcome. Cheers, Minh Huynh.>

AquaC Remora post 2/7/09 Bob, As to the below post, wondering if the querior ever removed the white nylon clean-out plug located on top of the spray jet tube. A brush is provided with the skimmer to do so. Debris can get trapped in this area and reduce performance. James <Dang! Wish I had the email addy to add to... B> Hi James and Bob, <Minh> I don't believe the querior attempted to clean the air injector via the Injector Access Screw. However, I don't believe this would affect the problem at hand where the bubbles in the reaction chamber are climbing too quickly and overflowing the collection cup. I do not believe debris caught in the air injector would attribute to this problem as that would actually reduce bubble production. If this is not correct, I could write the querior and give him that suggestion as well. Please advise. Thanks, Minh <I agree... much more likely "something" to do with the "algicide" applied, residual effect. BobF> AquaC Remora post Bob, Email addy is XXXX@yahoo.com J <Thanks. Have sent on. B>

Re: AquaC Remora Skimmer 2/7/09 Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. <No worries, Matt.> One more question. I do not have an power filter on my tank to run the carbon. Is there a way to run this without having a filter (maybe just placing it near a power head)? <Although that would a passive or inefficient way of using GAC, it is acceptable.> Also, I have read some good things about the Poly-Filter. Is there a way I can use this without a power filter as well? <Without a sump or wet/dry filter, media such as Poly-Filter would require a mechanical filter such as a power filter or canister filter to use effectively. Some people stuff such media in a pre-skimmer box or the return chamber of HOB skimmers like the Remora but that will interfere with the skimmer and the effort will outweigh the benefit.> Thanks for all of your help again. It is greatly appreciated Matt <You're welcome. Cheers, Minh Huynh.> <One more thing, Matt. If my suggestions do not work, you can contact Steve at Aqua C (steve@proteinskimmer.com) directly for further support. Aqua C's customer service is quite good. Cheers, Minh.>

AquaC EV-120 vs. Tap Water Conditioner - Round 1 1/23/09 Hi All, <Thomas.> I am just looking for a quick suggestion from you, if you would be so kind. <Sure.> My setup is a 135 gal mixed reef, mainly softies, some fish, and a 40 gal sump/refugium. I have a brand new EV-120 skimmer, and I've always used Tetra Aqua AquaSafe Tap Water conditioner with BioExtract to condition my 5 gal of make up water I add every 3 days or so. Apparently, this water conditioner causes the EV series skimmers to foam like crazy. I would really appreciate it if you could suggest for me: 1. The best method for removing the conditioner that currently remains in the tank. <Carbon or just time.> 2. A quality product for conditioning my make up water that won't cause the skimmer to foam like crazy. <I personally always used Kordon AmQuel in my pre RO days. See: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/treath2o.htm for even cheaper/better options.> Thank you very much for your expertise and time. Thomas Bolton <Welcome, Scott V.>

Re: AquaC EV-120 vs. Tap Water Conditioner- Round 2    2/2/09 Thank you! <Happy to help.> I just wanted to follow up to let you know that I have switched to AmQuel+ and have been able to slowly increase the output of the pump going to the skimmer as the days pass and the amount of BioExtract in the water disappears. <Great! Many of these bio mumbo jumbo concoctions are great for making a skimmer go nuts!> The EV-120 skimmer is pretty awesome, and I would recommend it to anyone. :) <Definitely.> Thanks for your help! Thomas Bolton <Welcome, Scott V.>

Re: Alkalinity/Calcium, Now AquaC 1/31/09 Hi James <Ranjith> Yes AquaC is well managed. Am interacting with Jason and he is outstanding in helping customers. <They are excellent in that regard. I have an AquaC Urchin Pro I am no longer using but did have a minor problem with, and the red carpet was always out when I contacted them.> Will post that in a separate thread though as it is the least I can do. <Bob should take care of placement, no need to post another thread. James (Salty Dog)> Cheers Ranjith

Good short skimmer, sel.  1/21/09 Hola Crew. <Como estas John?> I have a 75 gallon tank with a 30 gallon sump refugium combination. The skimmer chamber is approximately 12 by 14 and currently holds an ASM G2. While I like this skimmer I have a quandary. <OK> The cabinet is only about 23-24 inches tall and the cabinet trim and the sump height make it difficult to do cleaning and maintenance. <All too common my friend.> In addition, when I set the sump water level at 8-9 inches I have a lot of microbubbles. When I elevate the water level, the bubbles subside but the skimmer doesn't function well. I cannot elevate the skimmer within the tight height of the cabinet. I have decided to rebuild the sump with a shorter longer sump tank to maintain capacity but make maintenance easier. I would like to replace my skimmer with a shorter model, making maintenance, and perhaps elevation, easier. However I know that in general tower height increases efficiency. <Yes, but it is just one factor.> Do you have any recommendations on skimmers which support a 150 gallon capacity with SPS coral standards but which fit in a shorter environment? <Quite a few out there. Many of the Becket type skimmers are shorter and will serve you well. For my money in this situation it is time to look either the AquaC EV line or the ATI Bubblemasters. Both are great skimmers in short packages.> Thanks in advance. John / Fishnu <Welcome, Scott V.>

Re: Good short skimmer, sel. 1/28/09 Thanks Scott. <Welcome.> Any recommendation under 20"? <The Aqua C EV120.> What do you hear about Turboflotor 5000 Shorty? <It works fine, a descent skimmer. But for my money the AquaC is the way to go. Scott V.>

Re: Good short skimmer, sel. 1/28/09 Thanks Scott. Hadn't looked at the 120. I like the cup drain and the ball valve.... I had to mod my own ASM G2. This will give me SPS quality skimming for < 100 gallons? <Oh yes, definitely. A fine choice for your setup.>

Question about AquaC Remora Pro 1/23/09 I have read nothing but good things about this product. <For good reason!> I have a 72 gallon tank with about 80 lbs of live rock. I currently am running two (2) Emperor 400's and have been told to take them off and replace with a good protein skimmer. <I would too.> After considering this one, which pump should I go with and do I need the optional drain fitting and/or the filter box? <Hmmm, I would choose the Mag pump over the Rio. As for the drain fitting it can be plugged if you don't end up using it. The box is a bit tidier look in the tank IMO, but really personal preference.> I'm planning to let the tank finish cycle add anemones, coral, and fish. What do you suggest? <Careful research about the needs and compatibility between each other and your system! Scott V.>

Protein Skimmer, AquaC, sel.  01/20/09 Hi Crew, <Hello David, Minh at your service.> I recently purchased a 92 gallon corner unit. I would like to set it up as a FOWLR tank. <Congratulations on the upgrade.> As far as filtration goes, my current plan is to have about 75lb of live sand, 75lb of live rock, either a small sump or a Rena XP Filstar 2 (which I already own), and a protein skimmer. Right now I'm researching the protein skimmer and I see that you guys like Aqua-C. Before this tank I successfully ran a 75 gallon FOWLR and used a CPR BakPak skimmer with Accela pump, but that tank is now gone (sold) and I'm inclined to get something a bit better. Would you recommend the Remora Pro or the Urchin Pro for a 92 gallon tank? <The Remora Pro and Urchin Pro are essentially the same skimmer configured for different set ups. If you are going to go with a sump, then the Urchin Pro would fit the bill. If you chose to go sump-less and use your Rena XP filter, then the Remora Pro would fit that configuration.> Would it be enough in terms of protein skimming? <This would largely depend on the bio-load in the tank or the number and size of the fish. However, in most cases, the Remora/Urchin Pro supplemented by live sand and live rock would be suitable.> I realize that the Remora Pro is a HOT, but I'm not too concerned because the tank is already a few inches off the wall on one side. <If you do go the Remora Pro route, do consider the optional Pre-Skimmer accessory. This will increase the efficiency of the skimmer, remove surface protein build up and hide the unsightly feed pump.> As always, thanks for your time and advice. Sincerely, David <You're welcome. Cheers, Minh Huynh.>

Skimmer Query, AquaC EV180 11/13/08 Hi, <Ranjith.> I just got a new skimmer yesterday - AquaC EV180. <Nice skimmer.> It has been running almost 24 hours and I do not see foam rising into the tower. <You very well may not for a few days.> I have set it up as per the manual (at the base of the grey box).  I do not think this is due to a break-in period as my first skimmer (cut off coke bottle) started skimming almost within a couple of hours. <It is break in.> I also know that my tank HAS plenty of gunk to take out because even my Azoo skimmer was taking out ¼ cup of dark green liquid with particles in it. Can the problem be any of the following? 1. The hose connecting the power head to the skimmer intake is 2 feet long and is coiled (no hard bends) <Little difference.> 2. The pump is underpowered? (I use a 3000 LPH power head) <On the lower end, but still within recommendations for this skimmer.> 3. Skimmer is the one off faulty piece? <Doubtful, give it time.> Also, the dark green output from my previous skimmer is gunk right? <Yes.> The walls of the tower would have a thick slime coat each time I cleaned the skimmer. Tank specs 120gal bow front 4"-5" DSB 80kgs live rock Inverts: 1 mushroom colony, 2 Zoanthid colonies, 2 Palythoa colonies, 1 moon coral, 1 finger leather, 2 feather dusters, snails. Fish: 5" Volitans lion, 4" Skunk Clown Pests: 2" mud crab (not counting legs or claws) Ps: please could you hit the reply all :-) Cheers Ranjith <Scott V.>

Aqua C EV-180 11/4/08 Hi crew, I had a quick question for you as I have been interested in purchasing a new skimmer and have been looking into the Aqua C EV-180 as an option.  My question is whether this skimmer could function I inside a 20 gallon (standard tank) sump? I am moving soon and do not have the room for my 75 gallon sump anymore and the only thing that fits under my stand I believe is a 20 gallon tank. Can I use this skimmer inside this size sump? <Yes, it will fit.> Thanks in advance. <Welcome, Scott V.>

AquaC Urchin max operating depth. 10/22/08 I have a 55 gal with about a 20 gal sump. My question is about the skimmer that came with the wet dry filter. I am not using the wet dry. I don't care about bio balls too much. <Better off without them if you have other biofiltration.> Anyway it came with a AquaC urchin skimmer. I was going to use because it fits so well in the cabinet. <A good skimmer too.> My question is what is the max water depth they can run in. So I know how high to make the baffles in the sump. I want to make the fuge as deep as possible. I can not put the skimmer on anything to raise it up in the water. There is only about 2'' left above to skimmer after I lift the collection cup to remove it. I looked on Google but could only find the min depth. Hope you all know something I don't. <These can work fine with up to about an 11' water level. Been down this road too in the past!> Thanks <Welcome, Scott V.>

AquaC Remora Pro, op.  10/17/08 I knew that if I could get great advice anywhere, it would be here so here is my dilemma: after getting disgusted time and time again and having a few overflows with my Prizm Pro skimmer, I decided to listen to the consensus here and purchased an AquaC Remora Pro. <A good move.> I have never read anything but good about this skimmer here. <For good reason.> To get to the point, the problem is that I have been unable to adjust the cup level so that the water bubbles do not constantly come over as a very, very wet foam and spill over into the collection cup and then constantly run out into my external overflow (gallon jug for now). If I let it run like this, it will eventually empty my tank. If I adjust the O-ring at the lower setting (below the drain fitting elbow) than the foam level does not go up the column and into the cup at all. I got it with the drain fitting option, and was a bit dismayed that it did not come with a plug just in case I did not want to use the barbed elbow that it did come with. <This will be a regular plug available at any hardware store, most likely a ¼' or 3/8' pipe thread.> I will be calling AquaC later on today when they open, but any suggestions here will be very greatly appreciated. <A few things come to mind. First, do you use any additives on a regular basis such as Selcon or one of the many magic coral elixirs? Many of these can make a skimmer go out of control. Other point is, new skimmers can take a bit to start producing a good skimmate. It is common to set the collection cup too low to get something, and then it ends up being a very wet foam. The collection cup will need to be set higher, this is what the skimmate is telling you. Be patient, the foam will reach the top of the neck, again if this is a new skimmer it can take a few days.> Thanks for your help, Jeffrey Castaldo <Welcome, Scott V.>

Skimmer for 47 gallon reef 8/22/08 I have a 47 gallon reef tank that is currently running with a Prizm Skimmer. I don't feel that this skimmer is sufficient, and I am considering purchasing a Prizm Pro skimmer. I would really appreciate your opinion of the Prizm Pro on a tank of 47 gallons with moderate bio-load. It can be purchased for $160, but it is not so much the price I am concerned with, I want good skimming, and I hear from some people anyway, that it can be obtained with the Prizm Pro. <It can work fine, so can the regular Prizm. The issue with these skimmers is the need to constantly tweak the thing to keep it skimming, they are just a lot of trouble.> Some people love it, some people hate it. I know that a lot of people speak well about the AquaC Remora, but is the Prizm Pro such a poor performer as what I have read? <Considering they cost about the same, you need to know the Remora is in a whole different class. You will set the cup height and from there all you do is clean out the nasty that collects in the cup.> Thank you for your input, Jeffrey Castaldo <Welcome, Scott V.>

Aqua C Micro Bubbles 5/17/08 Didn't see an answer for my question in the faqs. If its in there, I'm sorry! <No problem, it is greatly appreciated that you looked first!> I just bought an AquaC Remora with the Maxi jet 1200. <Good setup.> I CAN NOT get rid of the micro bubbles. I'm not sure if the skimmate cup is too high and its allowing bubbles past, or what. I would appreciate any opinions! Thanks! <Everything sounds normal. As per Aqua C's directions, the skimmer will put out some micro bubbles while the skimmer is 'breaking in'. This has been my experience too. Give it time, they will disappear. A link to Aqua C's instructions below. Welcome, Scott V.> http://proteinskimmer.com/User%27s%20Manuals/Remora.pdf Re: Aqua C Micro Bubbles 5/17/08 Thank you very much! <Welcome very much!> It has already been a week, so hopefully it will end soon! <It will, with time. I find one week to be a bit conservative. Usually two or even a few days more.> This site is fantastic. You guys are all such a great help! <Thank you!> Thanks again! <Welcome, happy reefing, Scott V.>

Skimmer Upgrade? 5/10/08 I currently have a 125 gallon reef tank. The water currently flows downstairs into an Aqua C EV150 skimmer and then into a 58 gallon refugium filled with live sand 6 inches deep and it is full of Chaeto algae. The skimmer is in an acrylic box inside of the 58 gallon tank and water flows through this first, and then through the Chaeto. It then flows down into a sump (28 gallon trash can) and it is then pumped it back to the main tank with a Mag 18. Circulation is provided by a Sequence Dart pump on a closed loop. <Sounds nice!> The tank has been set up for about a year and I have a problem with some course wire like algae but otherwise it looks great and the corals are growing like crazy. The tank has 6 Green Chromis, a BlueBand Goby, A 12 year old Clown fish, <Wow!> and a 8 year old Yellow Tang. Lighting consists of 3 175 watt 10,000k halides with 2 20 watt Actinics. I change 16 gallons of water weekly, and top off with Kalkwasser. I converted 2 smaller tanks into this larger one last spring and love it but want the extra volume and security of a larger sump. <Larger never hurts with sumps.> I am upgrading the size of the sump to 75 gallons and was wondering if the additional volume would call for a larger skimmer? Since the bioload is the same I would think that it would not require additional skimming. <Your DOC's will be diluted a bit more, the skimmer sizing has more to do with the volume of water it can process more than anything. A larger tank does not require a larger skimmer to functionally skim what passes through, it requires a larger skimmer to have the ability to process enough water to accommodate the volume in the tank. But, all things considered you do have a fine skimmer for your system.> I figure the total volume of water in the system will be around 180 to 200 gallons. <Nice.> My thoughts are that as long as the bio-load doesn't change then the skimmer should not have to. The Below is a picture of one half of the tank. <Nice tank.> Thanks, Aaron
<Welcome, have fun.>
 <<nice! -Sara M.>>
Skimmer Upgrade? 5/10/08 Thanks for your advice. <Welcome.> The reef tank is doing great and Wet Web Media made it all happen. <Thank you, I will pass this around!> I spent days reading the articles and FAQ here prior to setting it up. I was a little concerned about the Blueband Goby since there are articles on here about them not eating well in captivity but he eats from my hand and seems to be thriving. <Great!> I tend to keep my fish around a long time and wanted the same for him. Keep up the good work guys. Aaron <Will do, thank you, Scott V.> 
Remora C Pro Skimming Wet, Very Wet -- 04/28/08 Hello WWM, <<Hiya Kim...Eric here>> I recently purchased a Remora C Pro w/ a Rio 1400 for my 120 gallon tank. <<Good skimmer and great people (Jason and Steve) and service>> I am not using any other pump parts, only vinyl tubing snap-lock hose clamps to connect the pump to the skimmer. <<Okay>> My tank is healthy and I perform 30% bi-monthly consistent water changes consistently. <<Excellent>> This tank is 1.5 yrs and has gone skimmerless since inception. <<I see>> I upgraded form a 55 that was also skimmerless for 5 yrs. I hooked up the skimmer, raised the cup to its highest position and screwed the injector screw in as far as it will go. Here is the problem, I was pulling soooo much water out, I had to make 20 gallons of saltwater to replenish the amount that was being pulled out. <<Hmm'¦certainly not desired (or typical) performance>> The skimmate was clear with just the slightest ting of yellow. <<Indeed'¦something amiss here>> I will need to mix another 20 gallons to continue skimming. <<I would remove the skimmer for the moment, until the issue can be resolved>> I posted on several forums with very little help, I Googled and did not find any similar experiences. <<This last is a good sign [grin]. As stated, this is not typical performance of this product>> I need help. <<Well Kim, I can only guess but if you didn't inadvertently hook up the venturi fitting (not used with the RIO pump), perhaps the problem is with the injection port, preventing the creation of a fine and forceful enough spray for proper bubble formation. I suggest you contact AquaC (I will CC them here as well), and let Steve help you troubleshoot the problem (info@proteinskimmer.com)>> TIA, Kim Gilbert, Az. <<Regards, EricR'¦Columbia, SC>>

Remora C Pro skimming wet, very wet... double posted. Grrrrrrr     4/28/08 Hello WWM I recently purchased a Remora C Pro w/ a Rio 1400for my 120 gallon tank. I am not using any other pump parts, only vinyl tubing snap lock hose clamps to connect the pump to the skimmer. My tank is healthy and I perform 30% bi monthly consistent water changes consistently. This tank is 1.5 yrs and has gone skimmerless since inception. I upgraded form a 55 that was also skimmerless for 5 yrs. I hooked up the skimmer, raised the cup to it's highest position and screwed the injector screw in as far as it will go. Here is the problem, I was pulling soooo much water out, I had to make 20 gallons of saltwater to replenish the amount that was being pulled out. The skimmate was clear with just the slightest ting of yellow. I will need to mix another 20 gallons to continue skimming. I posted on several forums with very little help, I Googled and did not find any similar experiences. I need help. TIA, Kim Gilbert, Az. <Something whacky here... What you describe sounds right to me. I would be calling/writing AquaC... they're very customer-oriented... Please find the contact info. et al. here: http://wetwebmedia.com/aquacskimrfaqs.htm Bob Fenner>

Query and my input, Re: Remora C Pro Skimming Wet, Very Wet -- 04/28/08   Bob, As to the below query. My tank was also skimmerless for about a year and I believe, because of the dissolved waste buildup, I too had very wet foam for a couple of months before it settled down. I found myself emptying the collection cup twice daily. Certain additives and foods will certainly add to the problem at hand. Running a filter with carbon/Chemi-Pure will also help calm the skimmer down, and is what I did. I too was in contact with Steve at AquaC. He even shipped me a new skimmer but the performance was the same. I can't say enough about the service at AquaC, is second to none.

Re: Remora C Pro Skimming Wet, Very Wet -- 04/28/08 Hey Eric, <<Hi there Steve!>> Thanks for your help - we'll do everything we can to help out the customer. <<Ah yes 'never a doubt, mate. Frankly, if folks only realized just how good your customer service is; not to mention the obvious expertise with the product, I doubt they would even bother with the likes of me [grin] >> Hope everything is going well, and hope to see you again soon! <<Have been and am still quite busy but doing well, thanks. Perhaps we can all get together with Bob for some diving on the Big Island again sometime. Cheers, my friend 'and do say hello to Jason for me. Eric>> Steve Prince Customer Service Manager AquaC, Inc.

Caulerpa prolifera, bad exp. related     2/16/08 Hello Crew, After reading many of the WWM Caulerpa prolifera links and FAQ's I would like to share my experience with this macroalgae. Tank: 29 gallon - BioWheel filter, 3 powerheads bounced off walls and moved 1-2 times/week, Fluval canister - carbon and sponge media rotated weekly. Water parameters test normal - Ammonia 0, Nitrates always under 10, Salinity 1.023-.025, Temp - 79-80 F. Do not dose - weekly 4-5 gallon water changes with Instant Ocean salt. Excellent LFS test my water for other parameters that I do not test for and all are within normal range. (Because I don't dose, I don't regularly test for Calcium, phosphates, other trace elements - rely on the water changes and the LFS for tests every 1-2 months). The inhabitants are 2 false Percs., a mating pair (4 clutches of eggs since Dec. '07) and they have been the only 'fish' inhabitants for 2+ years. Until recently, I had 4 hermit crabs (some 2 years old as well) and an emerald crab, happily there for almost a year. Tons of purple coralline everywhere, about 25 lbs live rock, several forms of red macroalgae, 3 thriving colonies of brown polyps and one lone mushroom (Ricordea) - polyps and mushroom also 2+ years in this tank. Several other types of macros - mostly red and not nuisance (Identified on your site - thanks!) Now to the Caulerpa prolifera - On January 2, 2008, I added a handful of the weed into my tank, along with a properly acclimated cleaner shrimp from my trusty LFS. The shrimp very sadly died within 48 hours - like it was being poisoned. I did water changes immediately and did not want to introduce another shrimp or any other creature. Within 10 days, my emerald crab was MIA and now presumed deceased. I am down to 2 hermit crabs. Polyps and mushroom are shriveled up and only partially extend after the water changes. Thankfully, the clownfish seem fine - still producing a clutch - but not like they were prior to the introduction of the Caulerpa prolifera. After reading everything I can find on your site and from the countless hours monitoring the health of my little tank, I think the Caulerpa is killing my inverts. Plan to carefully remove all of it today, followed up with even more rigorous water changes and increased carbon. I'll keep you posted on the progress. With a 29 gallon tank, the Caulerpa may be too great a risk - simply not enough water volume to handle any toxins released - even with water changes. Any thoughts on this matter? <Is a possibility here for sure> The recent problems in my tank brings me to another question. I do not have a protein skimmer because of the low bioload and frequent water changes and because the original inhabitants have been thriving for so long. <Mmm, would help> However, recent events have changed my mind - scared me, really and I'm going to purchase an HOB/HOT skimmer. Choices are the Tunze Nano or Aqua C Remora Nano (rated for 25 gallons). There are many reviews on your site - any personal preferences? <Both are excellent here> Do you think the Aqua C Nano is sufficient? <Yes, likely so> Is the Aqua C Pre-bubble box required? <Might be... try it w/o and see> (I don't plan to add anything else except 2-3 hermits and a cleaner shrimp if and when the polyps unfurl/things get healthy again) Thanks for this site and all your work. Cheers, Kellie McIvor <It will likely take a few careful vacuuming/water change procedures to rid yourself of the Caulerpa... but I'd proceed. I do encourage you to skim out the weedy bits, turf them into your garden and not down the sanitary sewer... if yours discharges more/less directly to the sea... as this noxious weed can be too-easily transplanted in this fashion. Bob Fenner>

Re: Caulerpa prolifera 2/17/08 Hi Crew, <Kellie> Thanks so much, Dr. Fenner. <Just Bob, please. I have no doctorate> Here's a quick follow up to the Caulerpa situation. It's been 24 hours since removal of Caulerpa and water change plus carbon. So far a few of the polyps have opened up a little bit - tentacles unfurled but not at full 'blast' - more than they have in past few weeks. I take this as a positive sign and will continue with aggressive water changes. <Good> Skimmer should be here in a few weeks so hopefully this is the beginning of the end of this Caulerpa drama. A cautionary tale for small tanks, perhaps. Will keep you posted of the changes over the next few weeks if you are interested. Don't want to burden an already swamped site but this might be of interest to those with similar issues. <Thank you for your input, resolve to share> Also, as someone who lives 2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, I really appreciate the warnings this site gives about proper disposal of used water/algae/general tank gunk. Although I cannot fathom how the creatures live in such cold waters. Amazing world, eh? <Ah, yes; quite a planet> This site and your book have been real lifesaver. Thanks for the reply and all the Crew's hard work and patience. Cheers, Kellie <And to you. BobF>

Re: Caulerpa prolifera control, Aqua-C...  03/14/2008 Hello Crew, <Kellie!> Another quick up-date on my 29 gallon tank. Happy to report that the frequent water changes and the addition of an Aqua-C Remora skimmer have made all the difference in the world. <Yay!> Polyps have never looked better - beautiful colour, fully extended and the lone Ricordea mushroom is huge now. The skimmer has been pulling incredible gunk every day. Also added a Chem-pure filter bag in my canister filter (with floss) and removed the Bio-wheel. The Caulerpa pro. pushed my tank to the edge but it was obviously not as healthy as I thought to begin with. I don't think my ramped-up water changes alone would have saved my tank from crashing. Skimmer has made all the difference. I resisted a skimmer for 2 years because I felt my weekly 20% water changes and very low bio-load did the trick. I was so wrong! All marine tanks need skimmers, especially smaller tanks! (Converts preach the loudest.) Thanks for your advice and expertise. Cheers, Kellie <Won't argue... Cheers, BobF>

Protein Skimmer for 28 Gal. 3/7/08 I was just wandering what in your opinion would be the best protein skimmer for a moderately stocked 28gal reef tank. Thank you! <The best is largely a matter of opinion, so I guess you will get mine. You should look at the AquaC Remora series. The nano can do a fine job for your tank, or you may want the full size Remora if you plan on a larger tank down the road. Welcome, happy reefing, Scott V.>

Re: Protein Skimmer for 28 Gal. 3/8/08 Hi this question is for Scott V. <Here with you.> I recently asked what would be the best protein skimmer for my 28gal tank and after looking at your suggested remora nano skimmer (which was just great by the way!) I quickly realized that my previous question was not specific enough. <OK> You see money is real tight and as much as I would like to get a remora it is a little pricey. But if you say it is really that great than I will cut back and buy it but for now if it is at all possible than I would like to have another option or two thanks love the site! <The cost factor is one of the main reasons I like the Remora so much, it gives a good bang for the buck. There are cheaper skimmers out there for your tank, none of which I would recommend when compared to the small price difference for the Remora Nano. At around $140 it is quite the deal! A person would be hard pressed to even DIY a comparable skimmer for the price. Sorry for not having a better solution for you, but this is a case of you get what you pay for. Although I highly recommend the use of a protein skimmer, a system this size can be well served by water changes; 5 gallons a week can have quite an impact on water quality here. Thank you for all the kind words, Scott V.>

Re: Protein Skimmer for 28 Gal. 3/8/08 The response I got from you was kind of what I expected, but upon further research I found an overwhelming amount of positive feedback for the Remora line of skimmers, the most convincing of which was your backing of the product so you will be happy to know that I have decided to buy the Remora Nano. Thanks for answering my questions so fast LOVE THE SITE! <Very welcome, thank you. Tis the reason I and other crewmembers like the AquaC line, as you have read! Have fun, Scott V.>

Aqua C Customer Service 2/29/08 Hi Bob, Now this is what I call great customer service. Had a problem with my Aqua C. See response below. James Hi James, I didn't know you were part of the WWM crew! I've had the chance to hang out with Bob and several others (Pete, Mike, Eric, and Michelle) on several occasions - all great people! I'm not sure what's causing the wet foam, but we can do one of two things. I can either send you one of the extended collection cups, which is taller and will give the foam more time to drain, or you can send the skimmer in for testing, and if we find any problems with the skimmer, we'll be happy to repair or replace it for you. If you want us to test it, you can just send that in to the address below along with a short note explaining why it's being sent in, and be sure to include your return address. Send me an email if / when you decide to ship that out, so I'll have an idea of when to expect it. Use a box large enough to have 3-4" packing material on each side of the skimmer (see attached diagram), and we recommend insuring the package as well. Let me know what you decide! - - - - - - - - - - - Steve Prince Customer Service Manager AquaC, Inc.7949 Stromesa Ct., Ste. E San Diego, CA 92126 <Outstanding... as usual. BobF>

AquaC Remora Setup 2/23/08 I have just purchased a aqua c remora with maxi jet 1200 and am wondering how to attach the maxi jet 1200 on. Do I just slip one end on the remora and put the adapter on the other end and put the skimmer box over the pump and I am ready to go? <This is exactly how you set this skimmer up, yes.> A picture of how it should look when hooked up would be fantastic. <I don't have any pictures to offer, but I can direct you to the AquaC website where you will find PDF files on exactly how to set these up. Have fun, Scott V.> http://proteinskimmer.com/Other%20Pages/Downloads%20and%20Tutorials.htm

AquaC EV240 Producing Microbubbles 2/16/08 Hello Gents - and thanks again for the fantastic resource. If only we all followed all the advice you give us! <Heee'¦and if gas were back to $1 a gallon!> Here's my dilemma - I have a 150XH fish only tank with a large wet dry and a Living Color coral insert. I run an Aqua C EV 240 on my reef and have one for this tank as well. I installed a new wet dry this week. Problem is that the skimmer is putting a tone of micro bubbles back into the display. <Was it doing this before the new wet/dry? The same manufacturing residues/oils that can cause a new skimmer to spit out microbubbles are present in the new sump. You may just need some time.> The sump is as follows - 40" long. From right to left, the tank drains into a 26" area of bio balls. I don't have enough room in the cabinet, so I use a submersible Mag9 as the return pump. Due to the fact that the last area of the sump is the only 'open' area, it's crowded. I have the Mag 9 tank return pump, the Ev240 and the Mag 18 that feeds the 240. <According to the AquaC website this pump overdrives this skimmer and may need to be throttled down a bit. This could be playing a factor in bubble return.> The skimmer water returns right to the area where the tank return pump is. <Tough situation, even the slightest amount of bubbles will be returned to the tank.> Unfortunately, I have VERY little space in that open area so I'm hoping to solve this problem. Any ideas? I can call Jason Kim on Monday as well. Thanks J <I would definitely contact Jason Kim for his input. In the meantime, you may want to try either some filter foam or filter sock types of materials between the skimmer output and the return pump to help catch the bubbles. Welcome and good luck, Scott V.>

Skimmer Pump Choices 2/11/08 With a slew of choices out there I am confused. I am presently looking at the AquaC ev120 for my 125 gallon tank. <This is a good choice for this size tank.> Also looking to purchase a Rio 2100 or a Mag 5 to power the skimmer. Your thoughts. <I would choose the Mag over the Rio.> BTW, noise is a factor in selecting the pump. Your thoughts pls <You may also want to look at an Eheim or OceanRunner pump of comparable flow; they tend to be much quieter and reliable. Have fun, Scott V.>

AquaC Remora/Questions 1/16/08 Hi all! I just recently bought and installed an Aqua-C Remora Pro Hang On Skimmer with the Mag Drive 3 pump and the skimmer box. It came highly recommended by your website and one of the good LFS in the area (1 of the 2 good ones in an area that has 3). Here's my question: Is that skimmer box a pain in the butt or is it just me? The three screws to hold it in place are, well, screwy. Only one actually clamps onto the pump, the other two are above and below. If I try to get the bottom one onto the pump, the box is too high and the notches are above the water. If I try to get the top one onto the pump, the box is too low and the whole box is under water. Because I've only got one, the box likes to tilt with the notches sitting higher than the output. This leads to the output side being completely underwater and the notched side not having enough notches underwater to provide the necessary flow of water. There is actually a TINY bit of margin for error. The margin is so little that the difference is less than 1 gal of evaporation in my 125 gal fish tank. I guess I'll have to drill the holes closer to get more screws onto the pump to keep it from angling? Also, because the pump sits way below the water, it doesn't seem to be very efficient at skimming the surface film. Is there an attachment I can use that isn't very loud to alleviate this "problem"? Or am I making a molehill out of an anthill? I'd like to keep the skimmer box because it hides the pump and the outflow lets me put in some carbon if I ever need to. The only problem I foresee about putting an attachment on the intake with the skimmer box is the space. The intake is really really close to the wall of the skimmer. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading this long message! <You're welcome Brian, but whoa....Do send this email to support@proteinskimmer.com Should not have to do all this, unit should work as is. James (Salty Dog)> Brian

Re: AquaC Remora/Questions 1/17/08 Hi again! This is the addition to the long question I had on my Aqua C Remora Hang On Skimmer. Steve sent me a reply pretty quickly with a picture to boot! I hope that pic stays attached because it helps out a lot. <Brian, good to hear and thank you for keeping us updated. James (Salty Dog)> Brian

Skimmer Malfunction 1/10/08 Hi -- <Hello.> I've run an AquaC EV-120 on my 75g for several years and it's been great. The other day it stopped foaming. Water and air are still bubbling at the base of the foam tower, but no foam. This has happened occasionally in the past and it's usually because the water-intake valve gets gunk caught in it where it pinches down to create the spray. <Happens.> No problem; it's easy to pull out and clean (water and a dedicated brush are all I use). However, it did not resume foaming as usual. In thinking about the problem, I realized that I threw a sponge filter from my brand new quarantine tank into the sump at about the same time it stopped foaming. Is this the cause? Were there oils on the synthetic sponge that are temporarily changing the surface tension of my aquarium water? <This could be the cause, it can happen.> And if so, is this a temporary problem that I can wait out or should I do something about it? <Should just be temporary. Maybe even pull the new foam out and your skimmer should start working within a day or so if this is the cause.> Your thoughts are appreciated. <Other factors could be anything else new to the tank (of course). Also certain foods or additives can cause this. I would also take a look at the skimmer's feed pump to make sure the flow is unobstructed. You may even consider cleaning the impeller/magnet in some vinegar to decalcify. > Thanks! Ed <Welcome, I hope this helps out, Scott V.>

Aqua C Urchin troubles 12/18/07 Let me thank you first for being a great source of info. But let me get right into my problem. I have a 65gal moderately stocked coral tank with a few small fish, 50# LR and a 20gal sump. After going through your site and the rave reviews I bought an Aqua C Urchin Pro with the Mag3. <Yes, nice skimmer.> The tank has been setup for about 2 years and the skimmer was installed about 2 months ago. The problem I am having is even with an under/over/under bubble trap in my sump, the tank is constantly being flooded with micro bubbles from the skimmer. I do not add any additives such as stress coat, and I rarely put my hands in the water. The sump is plumbed with sch 40 pvc. The sump flows about 400gph. I spoke with Steve at Aqua C, and he said it is normal for this to happen. It is very unsightly to see this in a show tank. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help. <A simple piece of filtration foam cut to fit between the baffles (I would put it where the water comes over and back under) will keep most, if not all, bubbles from reaching your display. Welcome, good luck, Scott V.> Nitrate: undetectable pH: 8.1 Ammonia: undetectable Phosphate: undetectable SG: 1.025 Calcium: 480 Alkalinity: 3 <meq/L I assume.> Temp: 82 day/78 night

Aqua C Remora, op./noise issue  12/15/2007 Hey guys, love the site. I have a 26 gallon bow front FOWLR. I bought an Aqua C Remora with the MaxiJet 1200 3 weeks ago because of the info I found on your site. While it seems to be working well, about a half cup of gunk every few days. My issue is with the noise, in the instructions it says the noise and bubbles will decrease over time but has not. Being that the tank is in my bedroom the noise can get quite annoying. Is there anyway to decrease the noise? <Mmm, possibly... by adjusting the flow, mix... or possibly switching out the pump (if this is the source of most the noise) for an Eheim hobby pump (MUCH quieter)...> Or would it be ok to put the unit on a timer, maybe 12 hours on 12 hours off. Would it still be effective? <Yes, might be the best idea here> And would it cut down the life of the pump? <Not appreciably> Thanks for your help. -Joe <Lastly, though it is not likely, this unit might be defective. If in doubt, do call on Jason or Steve at Aqua-C... they are both very customer service oriented... and fine young gentlemen as well. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Quick Skimmer Question, Op., Aqua-C, surface skimmer attachment  -- 12/11/07 Hello, <<Evening>> I just have a really quick skimmer question. <<Okay>> I have read on the WetWeb site, however have not found an answer... <<I see>> I just bought a brand new AquaC Remora Skimmer w/ the Maxi Jet 1200 upgraded pump for my 55gal. <<A most worthwhile investment>> I'm definitely excited about this upgrade, and it should be here within the week. My question is this: Can I attach the standard "surface skimmer" (not the item you can purchase from AquaC) but the "In store" version? <<I'm not familiar with this device, but yes, it will probably serve>> It's simply an intake tube connected to a regulator that, when attached to the pump/filter/etc. brings in water from the top and middle/bottom of the aquarium. (They sell for about $12 in most LFS's). I hope that's a good description. <<Good enough, yes>> I already own one, and don't think it will hurt to add, correct? <<Agreed'¦as long as it allows the pump to pull in enough water/does not 'starve' the pump>> Also, I went into the LFS the other day and saw one of the best looking aquariums I have seen... It's the "Current Solana Aquarium Systems 34gal tank." <<Ah yes'¦I saw one of these just this past week>> This comes with a globe shaped silver housing for a metal halide light fixture. <<Yes'¦looks quite interesting>> Have you heard of these? <<Only just>> They're expensive, (at about $550 for all above) but they look great. <<It is an attractive unit'¦though I do take issue with these 'all in one' back-of-the-tank filtration systems as the filters/skimmers are usually lacking>> Thanks in advance for your help! Eric <<My pleasure to provide. Eric Russell>>

Skimmer choice 11/29/07 Hey guys <Hello Matt.> I have a 400 liter reef with a Turboflotor 1000 protein skimmer which I'm not happy with. It only pulls about 1 inch of dark green stuff every week. I have 2 clowns, 3 snails, 8 very small unidentified hermits (can't find ID anywhere, but they do a great job of cleaning the sand of diatoms), and 1 coral. The tank is 2 years old and I have just noticed some hair algae starting to appear. I want to replace the skimmer. The two I like the most are the AquaC Remora Pro and the Deltec MCE600. The Deltec is more expensive but I believe it comes with a built in pump(?). <Yes it does.> Whereas the AquaC does not come with a pump. Any thoughts on these 2 choices of skimmer? Thanks in advance. Matt. <They have both been proven great skimmers, hard choice. This comes down to your personal preference. With the AquaC you will have a pump in your tank. If this bothers you then that may be your deciding factor. For the money I would personally choose the Remora Pro. The skimmer should help, but don't expect a cure all for the hair algae, something is spurring its growth. You can read through the FAQs for more info, I would start here http://wetwebmedia.com/algaeconMar.htm Welcome, happy reefing, Scott V.>

Seeking Urgent Skimmer Advice I have a problem, and need your help. <Okay> It would seem that I made a slight mistake when I built my sump. The skimmer zone is too deep, at least according to the fine folks at Corallife, who makes my skimmer. I noticed this week that the skimmer collection cup was filling quickly, even at the lowest setting. I assumed I my pump was too high in the water, <...uh, no> and caller the manufacturer to verify that theory. They indicated that the skimmer itself sits too low, and there is "not enough resistance." <Okay...> I am not certain what this means, but here's what I *do* know. There is not enough clearance on my rack to allow me to lower the sump, or to raise the shelf the skimmer sits underneath. What this means is I have an exceedingly tight space with which to work, and raising the skimmer is not possible. <... rats!> Additionally, hanging on the side of the tank is also not an option due to clearance issues. Damn! Here are some photos. Is there anything I can do, perhaps to mod this thing that will make it work? There's always SOMETHING.... <Really... not here with this skimmer, stand, sump... the best will be to switch to another brand/make of skimmer... Sell the one you have on eBay, Craig's List and get an AquaC... you'll be MUCH happier. Bob Fenner>

Re: Seeking Urgent Skimmer Advice >> Is there anything I can do, perhaps to mod this thing that will make it work? >> There's always SOMETHING.... > Really... not here with this skimmer, stand, sump... the best will be to switch to another brand/make of skimmer... Sell the one you have on eBay, Craig's List and get an AquaC... you'll be MUCH happier. Bob Fenner< Happy is relative. Maybe... <Mmm, can be... though in my working def.s of such, the terms love, beauty, goodness and happiness... and truth are sensorially linked... the first being the expression of truth, the second its semblance, the third its quality, the last its feeling/realization...> This will be tough to swing financially. I own a small HOB skimmer by AquaC and have been a bit disappointed. Is there any reason why you would choose that particular brand? <Their in-sump models are worthy... See here: http://wetwebmedia.com/aquacskimrfaqs.htm and the linked files above. BobF>

Feel free not to post this. Unhappy with his Aqua-C  8/14/07 Hey all. <Hello> Based on what I've read over the past couple of months on this site, I purchased an Aqua C Remora (Maxi Jet 1200 pump) for my 65g mixed reef to-be. A week prior to adding 70lbs of nice, cured live rock (cured yes, but definitely smelling of a limited degree of decaying matter) from my LFS. A week prior, I began running my new Remora to "break it in", so it'd be ready to start skimming once I added my rock. Well, it's been a week now, and from the skimmer I'm getting the same daily collection of 1/5 of a cup of cloudy water that I was before adding the rock. Definitely not anything that would qualify as skimmate. When I move the O-ring down to raise the cup in hope of getting dryer foam, I get absolutely nothing. Feeling curious, and a bit frustrated, I decided to search the popular reef forums for other folks' experiences with the Remora. To my astonishment, I found the consensus of opinions regarding it's performance to be less then mediocre--and in many cases quite bad. Now I consider your crew to be the most reliable source of info regarding this hobby, which is why I went out of my way to invest in the Remora. But I have a bad feeling that I was steered wrong in this case, and there are too many negative testimonials (check the "Aqua C Club" at RC) identical to mine for me to believe that I just unluckily received a "lemon", or that I installed a "peach" incorrectly. Yes, I will contact your friend in San Diego for technical advice. Just saying... Sincerely, Eric S. <Everyone has different experiences with products, all I can add is I have been running an Aqua-C Remora for 5 years now and am very happy with its performance, but of course not everyone has had the same experience. I do encourage you to contact Aqua-C and see if they can help you out. I will add the perhaps the bio-load is just not high enough to get a lot of skimmate right now, but time will tell.> <Chris>

AquaC -- 7/3/07 First let me say what a terrific job you all do for the marine hobbyists. While I don't have a question today, I would like to use this forum to more publicly thank Jason Kim at AquaC for his courtesy, generosity, and rapid response. Mr. Fenner, et al, have frequently commented on the excellence of the AquaC skimmer products and, as I use an Urchin Pro on my 90 gal. reef, I couldn't agree more. These skimmers without a doubt offer the biggest bang for the buck. You have also commented on what a great person and business owner Jason is. Again, I wholeheartedly agree. <Ahh!> It is rare that products and companies fully live up to their advertising and marketing, but AquaC surpasses expectations as a product and a business. Please pass this along. <Will do so> Once again, thank you, Mr. Kim. And thanks to the folks at WWM. Roger Lea Prescott Valley, AZ <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Bob Fenner>

Skimmer types... Not liking his AquaC  -- 07/03/07 Hi crew- Thanks for a wonderful aqua portal! I have a CPR SR-4 in the sump of my 75g reef tank. I am not sure about the efficiency of "Rejuvenation Venturi Technology", as they call it, and have not been thrilled with the nutrient export performance of this skimmer. Are these low-grade skimmers? <Mmm, no, not IMO> I have been considering an upgrade to a used Euro-Reef RS80. <Also a good unit, product in my estimation> Any sense of how much better this unit might perform? <Perhaps a bit better, but not a big difference> Got any advice for me? So long (and thanks for all the fish) jimgray <Heeee! It may be that the make-up of your system/water at this point has little to skim... Bob Fenner... Not Doug Adams, but alive... and will gladly settle for the difference>

Big Change: Water Evaporation   6/24/07 Hello WWM, <Hello, GrahamT here tonight!> You are a tremendous resource and we can't thank you enough for the time and effort your whole team puts in to making this wonderful hobby even more enjoyable. The daily questions are a daily read for us - more so than the newspaper. Thank you again. <Thank you for your kind words on behalf of our dedicated crew! I am convinced that reading the dailies... well, daily, can make an advanced hobbyist out of any of us!.> We have a 75 gallon FOWLR which has been running nicely for three years now. As per your recommendation, we upgraded to a Remora Pro skimmer about six weeks ago. This has been maybe the best thing we have ever done for our tank. Producing an incredible amount of the nasty green stuff. <Very good to hear. Some people can fine tune the amount of food they give by the amount of gunk collected in their skimmers.> When we first introduced the skimmer, we had a difficult time keeping the temperature steady as the Mag 3 pump gave us 4-5 degree fluctuation daily. It was easily fixed by adding a small fan blowing across the top of the tank. <Ahh, yes... evaporative cooling can be very useful and economical.> Our tank temperature is now consistent at 76 degrees. The problem we are having is with water evaporation. <Hence the term, "Evaporative cooling".> Before adding the skimmer, we would have to add a couple gallons every couple days or so. Now we have to add three to four gallons per day. <Happens, I'm afraid...> There are no leaks anywhere and we are wondering why this is the case. At first we though maybe it was due to summertime, but we haven't had this issue in the past. <You're experiencing one of the drawbacks to evaporative cooling. Really, there isn't much to say here, since slowing down the evaporation means warming the tank. You should be ok with letting the temps rise slowly to 78-degrees, if you have a lower speed for the fan you use. Other than that, I think you're stuck with it. One thing you need to watch out for with increased water-loss through evaporation is the problem of concentrated "leave-behinds" that are being reintroduced every time you top-off, and as the water leaves, the levels are rising. If you use purified water and perform frequent water changes, this may not be a concern. Food for thought...> Thanks in advance for your help, Tracy and Scott <You are most welcome, folks! -GrahamT>

Remora Skimmer Broken?  6/23/07 So I have a 55G reef tank with a variety of soft corals, inverts, and a small number of reef safe fish (Anthias, shrimp goby, etc.) I have a HO filter that I run chem-Zorb and Purigen in. Tank has been up and running for two years. No problems, no worries. Ammonia/Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 5 ppm (But steadily Rising) Calcium 450ppm <A bit high... your alkalinity hopefully isn't suffering as a consequence... I would be testing> Anyway the core issue of this question is the protein skimmer. I have an aqua remora HO that over the course of the past month has decreased the amount of waste until it is now not producing anything. <Happens... your system is "centering" in a fashion in which there isn't much of anything to remove in this fashion> I have contacted Steve at AquaC and he is trying to help but seems to be out of options. I have cleaned and scrubbed the whole unit, <Highly unlikely it's the skimmer itself...> including removing the screw on top and cleaning that passageway. I have the optional box that the pump sits in. A few days ago I picked up a new pump praying that would solve the problem, it didn't. The water just isn't reaching the tube, it isn't really even close. According to Steve replacing the pump should solve the problem. Is there anything that can be broken, or wrong per se with the skimmer unit itself? <Nothing likely "wrong" here period> Nothing else with the tank has changed. There is no new equipment (besides the new pump), there is no new livestock. The feeding has never changed from two frozen Mysis cubes per day. I just can't figure out what the issue is with this because, as you are well aware, the skimmer is essential, vital to the health of the tank. The corals already look unhappy, I am doing frequent water changes to try to compensate. Any thoughts? Much appreciated. <I would NOT worry re... but I WOULD keep it running... and measure your alkaline reserve. If you'd like to read re other folks having the same experience you can scan the WWM FAQs re Skimmer Op./Maint... Bob Fenner>
Re: Remora Skimmer Broken?   6/24/07
So there is an interesting update to report. I took my other remora skimmer, same kind of unit, same kind of pump, off of my FOWLR tank and installed it on the reef tank where the skimmer is not producing anything. Within minutes the skimmer from the FOWLR tank began producing thick, copious amounts of waste. So I wonder again, can the skimmer itself be broken? Two remora units, the same age, the same pump, the same tank, one works one does not. And the one that does not has the advantage of the skimmer box and a brand new pump. What could possibly be wrong with this skimmer? Thoughts? Thanks again. <Mmmm... either the aspiration device or... I'd ship it back to Aqua-C for their look/see. B>

Skimmer Installation -- 6/8/07 Hey. <Hey!> I have a question about installing my protein skimmer. I recently purchased an AquaC Remora Pro with a Mag 3 pump for my 55 gallon mixed reef. I have a medium to high bioload so I went for the bigger skimmer. <Smart. I wish I had gotten the pro version.> I'm writing because I read somewhere that skimming is much less efficient if the water is drawn from anywhere other than the top inch of the aquarium and would like your opinion on this. <True, but may be exaggerated.> I have recently noticed quite a bit of dust and oil on the water's surface but unfortunately have no way of installing a sump or any sort of overflow in my current setup. <I threw together a siphon overflow box and a sump made from a Rubbermaid container, returning with a Maxi-jet 1200. Very simple. At a minimum, you can and should remove the dust and oil with paper towels by hand. Even a skimmer box might not get a persistent oil slick.> I wanted to run an idea by you and was wondering if this is worth doing and if it would work. I wanted to install a few elbows and a short section of pvc pipe to basically bring the prefilter up horizontally at the very top of the aquarium. This would draw the water from the top 1-2 inches of water and maybe even some from the surface, all depending on water level of course. I understand that this runs a risk of sucking in air <yes, would have to keep the perfect level constantly for this to be at all effective> and even possibly running the pump dry and burning out the motor, but I top my tank off everyday and would install it low enough to compensate for a few days evaporation. This would of course extend the length of the intake pipe and add a few turns to it. I estimated the total length of the intake pipe including the 3 elbows would be about 15 inches. Do you think this would significantly reduce the pump's output? <Yes, and this is the biggest thing affecting the performance of the AquaC skimmers.> Is this something worth doing, or am I just making things difficult? <I think this is over complicating it. They do offer a skimmer box to fit over the pump that will accomplish this for you with fewer losses. If you want to DIY, you could use the concept of a box with slits at the top as a container for your pump, instead of inline piping. I personally found that the reduction in pump efficiency from being in the box was more than the benefit of skimming from the top of the water. Mine skims best without the skimmer box. And you will have the same problem with the fluctuating water levels. When the tank water drops, the pump will suck air and you have to train any house mates and tank sitters what that means to avoid burnt out pumps, or get an automatic top off system. Much easier to install a sump.> Thank you for you input. Jon <You are welcome. Alex.> Here is a quick sketch of my idea, to help illustrate it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ water level .......................... l prefilter l l................... l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l outflow to skimmer l l l l l l ........l......l........ l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l mag 3 l l l l l l l l.....................l l l l l l l l l l l...............l l l.............................l intake  

Remora Skimmer question   5/24/07 Hello Crew, <Ed>    This is my first question submitted to you.  First off I'd like to thank you for your time and your website which I have found to be an invaluable resource as a beginner in reef keeping (which is the very reason I've not had to actually submit a question until now).    A little background; I have recently set up and cycled a 42 gallon hex with about 50 lbs of live rock and 3 inch sand bed (mixed coral sand and live sand).  It cycled relatively quickly (about 2.5 weeks) I think because I got a really good batch of cured live rock.  When levels reached 0's I added my cleaning crew, which have been doing great so far.  No corals or fish have been added yet.    My question is in regards to my Remora Protein Skimmer.  It's been running since the start and has been skimming OK, but I noticed there are a few gaps in the divider between the intake and the output compartment. Sometimes there's alot of microbubbles escaping directly back into the tank since the gaps are very close the top of the divider, right where the output ramp sits.  Is this normal or should the two compartments be completely sealed from one another? <Mmm, am referring your question to owner/manager Jason Kim here... But I suspect all your skimmer needs is a bit more "break in" time with your still-new system...> If sealing is needed, what should be used to close the gaps?  Thanks for your time and keep up the great work! =D
<Thank you. Jas? BobF>

Remora question resp.   5/24/07 Hi Ed, Bob at WWM forwarded me your message, I can help out.  I'm not exactly sure which baffles you are talking about, but allow me to explain what they should look like.  There are three baffles inside the Remora - one of which is located deep and somewhat hidden, so I doubt you are referring to that one.  The other two baffles - one is long and runs the length of the skimmer body, and the other is much shorter and shaped like an "L".  The long baffle should be solidly connected to both sides of the skimmer body - you shouldn't see any gaps along its length.  A gap along that baffle would be a manufacturing defect, and we would replace your skimmer with a new one. The smaller L-shaped baffle should be glued to one side of the skimmer body, and there is a small gap along the other side of the skimmer - it isn't sealed off completely.  The reason for this gap is to allow excess water that splashes around due to the spraying action, to drain back into the skimmer body. It sounds like you might be looking at that gap? One of the reasons your skimmer is releasing extra microbubbles is due to the fact that your tank is so new, with no livestock, and relatively fresh live rock.  Any of those factors would probably lead to a microbubble problem, and you've got all three at the same time.  Over the next few weeks, as your tank matures and you begin to add fish and/or coral, you should definitely see a reduction in the number of microbubbles.  Nothing to worry about now, although I know it is an aesthetic nuisance.  Certain water conditioners, trace element supplements, etc. can also contribute to this situation, so let me know if you are using anything like that I can figure out if they might be playing a role. If you have any other questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us! Jason Kim President <Thanks much Jas... Man, you're quick! BobF> AquaC, Inc. visit us online at... www.proteinskimmer.com

Re: Remora question   5/25/07 Hi Bob,     Thanks so much for forwarding my question to Jason Kim at AquaC.  Turns out their office is right down the street from mine so we've resolved the issue (in record time taboot) and I'm going there tomorrow to see about getting a replacement.  You guys rock!  =D Ed <Ah, we are all in about the same neighborhood! BobF>

Re: Remora question -- 5/25/07 Hi Bob, <Ed>      It is indeed a small world.  Are you in San Diego as well? <Yes... same zip... 92126, in East La Jolla... Okay, Mira Mesa...>     Quick update:  I met with Jason this morning and he confirmed that yes my skimmer was leaking through the main baffle and he provided me a new skimmer body as well as letting me keep the old one (which I think I can seal and use as a backup or for another tank later).  Jason is a super nice, stand up guy for sure.  Thanks again for hooking me up.  I think you've helped me more in setting up my new tank than anyone...and you didn't even know it!  I greatly appreciate you, your time and knowledge and your website  =D Ed <A pleasure and honor to serve. BobF>

AquaC EV120, A satisfied customer   5/20/07 Hi Everyone! <Hi David, Mich here.> I am currently in the process of curing my live rock.  I have a 125-gallon tank with a 25-gallon sump and a 50-gallon refugium with 150 pounds of Lalo rock from Drs. Foster Smith.  I chose the EV120 as the best skimmer I could afford based on my research.   <An excellent choice!  I too use an AquaC Skimmer and am very impressed with its design and performance.> I had it running for about  2 to 3 weeks and then all of a sudden when cleaning the collection cup I noticed millions of cracks radiating from around the drain fitting, some inches long.   <Uh-oh!> I contacted Marinedepot.com who I had purchased it from and copied in AquaC.  My Email was sent on a Saturday. By the end of the day I had a response from Marinedepot.com.  On Monday I was contacted by both Marinedepot.com and by several people at AquaC, the president of AquaC included. <Yes, Jason Kim and Steve Prince are wonderful people, both professionally and personally.> The replacement part was shipped on Monday and I had it in my hand by Thursday.  I offered to ship back the old cup but they declined so I didn't have to do anything but send a few emails.   <I'm not surprised.> I have never had a problem with a product that was resolved so easily without mounds of paperwork, hours on the phone etc. The people treated me like they were getting a huge sale from me, not just fixing my small problem.   <This is wonderful to hear.> Marinedepot.com does not always have the cheapest prices on all items, but there is a whole package to consider.  Getting a problem like that fixed immediately is worth paying a few bucks more.   <I would attribute your positive experience more to AquaC, they have a reputation of producing a high quality product with superior customer service, not that there is anything wrong with Marinedepot.com.>   The EV120 works like a champ, I can't empty it fast enough. It quickly fills with a thick density green foam. When I go to work I put the hose in a 5-gallon bucket because I am afraid it will pull out enough to flood my utility room. <Yikes!> The design is also easy to clean and quiet.   <Yes.> If you are in the market for a skimmer I would definitely buy one from Marinedepot.com.  I stumbled across AquaC here so thought you might like to know my experiences with them. <Thank you for sharing!  It is always nice to read a letter of satisfaction!> Sincerely, David Matza <Again, thank you for contributing!  Mich>

HOT about Aqua-C's HOTB Skimmers'¦  -- 05/07/07 I've been in the reefing hobby for a couple years and the fish hobby as a whole for around 20 or so. <Okay'¦> I've built my own skimmers and have modded many as well.   <Neat.> I'm not quite sure why the aqua c remora pro is still recommended by your moderators?   <Oh and on to the meat of the query'¦a loaded question 'Well Luke unlike you I'm not going to list my aquarium credentials here I'm just going to let facts and logical anecdotes speak for themselves.  First off you said moderators so I don't know if you meant those who keep up our chat forums or the crew who answers queries'¦..I'll assume it's the latter. I know that me personally, and many current and past members of the crew including Bob (as seen in his writings, advice) have had very good experiences with the Aqua-C company as a whole.  They are consistent at building quality equipment that is simple yet effective to use, when used properly. Many aquarists send us in anecdotes on there dealings with the company, and have told us that they are not only very helpful when it comes to advice on their products but are very professional and quick to respond to problem arising with the products 'helping their customers troubleshoot and make the product work as it was intended.  As far as the remora-pro, I recommend it to the casual aquarists on a regular basis because of it's simplicity of use for the most part and the reputation of the company, rather than fringe companies who are 'iffy' untested.  While there are better skimmers out there, the Remora is still near the top of the list for hang-on applications.  In fact the only Hang on skimmers I prefer to it are the Deltec'¦but it is considerably more pricey.  I understand that you are a DIY and modder type guy but you have to understand that most aquarists are not.  I find it also important to point out that we do not recommend this product exclusively it is simply another option that we give, there are other brands mentioned just as much in the FAQ's.> The remora pro is an outdated skimmer <How so? Most skimmer designs haven't changed much over the years other than that some of the previously high end-designs have become more economical for the public to own, i.e. recirculating models and that brands previously not attainable in the U.S. are now available, i.e. bubble king, Deltec and H&S.> that may have served well years ago but has been surpassed by many cheaper alternatives. <Again proof, examples please 'data?> The remora pro says it will pull a full cup of dark green skimmate once every two weeks, no matter how large the system. <Well first off I wouldn't use the remora pro on a system that is 80 gallons or larger. Again the remora is made to feel a niche, as a hang on skimmer and it does this application quite well 'are there other larger skimmers that are better suited to larger systems 'of course. And personally I have seen the remora, and many other skimmers, pull out a cup of day of skimmate when properly tuned; see Anthony Calfo's writings for more on skimmer adjustments in general.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the Aqua-C's use a different design than most of the other skimmers out there, air-induction I believe they call it 'while a lot of other companies seem to go the way of the needle wheel or Becketts.  All designs have there pros and cons and it is a personal choice...my observation with the Aqua-C's is that they are more difficult to break in and fine-tune but once they are, work just as well as any other design.> A cup every other week is far from decent imo <'In my opinion'> <Mine as well, and again set-up properly your skimmer should be able to produce more than this, please do see the Anthony Calfo readings I mentioned.> and I just wanted to see what the reasoning was behind this.   <Well you have my answer but as far as I can see you aren't attempting to converse really'¦.you may want to contact Aqua-C directly.> The Bermuda HOT, D&D typhoon, Odyssea ps160 and a handful of others are much better and much cheaper. <Cheaper yes'¦better I'd be inclined to disagree. Keep in mind that experiences are anecdotal and that many aquarists are not willing to modify and tweak'¦we live in an instant gratification (plug and play world). whether that's good or not, that's how it is.> Just wanted to pass along the info. <Duly Noted my friend.> And keep up the good fight, you guys do a great job with the volume of questions you get and this site has great info available. Thanks, <Welcome.> Luke Woehler <Adam Jackson.>

Aqua-C input, who is this?  -- 05/08/07 Thanks for forwarding Bob, I have no idea who that is.  I appreciate Adam's response, he took a lot of time to write that out!  Feel free to have Luke contact me directly if he has any specific questions or had a problem with his Remora Pro. ------------------------- Jason Kim <Thank you Jas. BobF> President AquaC, Inc. visit us online at... www.proteinskimmer.com

A Positive Note on Aqua-C's Skimmers... Dear Adam or whatever crew member may be responding to this, <Adam at your service...on the self-appointed insomniac shift.> I was reading the daily FAQ's, which I find interesting and resourceful. <Thank you.> You recently had a fan write in about how the Aqua C skimmer is inferior and outdated. I just had to laugh out loud to myself. This isn't a question more than it is a statement. I personally own an Aqua C Remora, and it has performed nothing short of outstanding. I encourage your team to keep encouraging your readers to purchase one of these fine skimmers. Not only is the company more than willing to assist the average customer, their product does exactly as they claim. Once again, I found it amusing how many people write to the crew with ridiculous opinions and excuses. Keep up the sound advice, <Thank you for sharing, Eric.> Eric Virginia Tech Graduate '07 <Adam J...and congrats on graduating, I shouldn't be to far behind you (In Junior year here in Cal-State System).>

Skimmer Problems...Looking For New Choices - 05/01/07 Hello, <<Morning Ron>> I was hoping that someone could pass on a little guidance and possibly some past experience. <<Happy to share what I can...>> My skimmer malfunctioned over the weekend causing a major flood. <<Mmm, yes...does happen...and one reason I am fond of "in-sump" skimmer models/installations>> I have been wanting to replace it (AquaC Remora Pro) because I have not been happy with its performance. <<Hmm, generally a very good skimmer choice.  Have you tried contacting Jason Kim (owner) at AquaC?  I am sure he would do his best to help determine/fix the problem>> There are so many choices and everyone says this one is great and that one is excellent.  Very confusing. <<Indeed...and does help to hear from those who own/use the models you are interested in to help "you" make an informed decision>> My setup is a 75 GAL with a 37 Gal sump.  My quantity of live rock is increasing every month.  I have a moderate fish load; four Tangs and the rest is small stuff.  I would like to start adding corals to the tank.  The skimmer and live rock are my primary filtration. <<I see>> Could you offer any suggestions to help me make a sensible choice? <<I think I can, yes.  My current fave skimmer is the Euro-Reef.  I employ an older model CS12-3 on my system...I think the RS100 would be about perfect for your system with an average stocking load, or the RS135 if you plan to stock heavy.  Though I haven't used one myself, I've been quite impressed with what I have seen of the H&S skimmers...quality construction employing Eheim pumps...and the performance looks very similar to the Euro-Reef in my experience.  Either of these skimmer brands would serve you well>> Thank you for your time, Ron <<Happy to assist...  I do think the AquaC line is also a good choice, especially for systems in your size range (excellent quality/value for the price)...perhaps their in-sump model (Urchin Pro) would suit better.  Regardless of what brand you choose, I suggest you still give Jason a call and discuss your issues with the Remora Pro.  EricR>>
Re: Skimmer Problems...Looking For New Choices - 05/01/07
Thank you so much for your help; it's time to do a little comparative shopping. <<Yes indeedy>> I will definitely contact AquaC. <<Please do, at least give Jason the opportunity to address your concerns/issues...you may find you don't need another skimmer after all>> Thanks so much. <<Quite welcome.  Eric Russell>>

Customer Feedback, Aqua-C  -- 04/22/07 Dear Mr. Kim, <Hey Jason!> We first learned about the Aqua-C protein skimmers on Bob Fenner's amazing web-site http://www.wetwebmedia.com < http://www.wetwebmedia.com/>  .  Our 130 gallon reef tank has used an EV-120 operating continuously for 18 months now.  What a great skimmer!  It is easy to clean and works very well. We are writing to thank you for the fine product, and to thank you for supporting one of our favorite websites for aquarium research and expert advice. Sincerely, JB Fite   FITE BROS L.L.C. <Thank you for CC'ing me/us JB. Much appreciated. Bob Fenner>

AquaC - EV-180 Collection Cup Drain -- 4/17/07 Hey Guys <Hi Jim, Brenda here> Quick question on an EV-180 I just bought 2nd hand.  The manual states that using the collection cup drain is optional.  However, they don't tell you what to do with it in order for the cup to fill past it if not using it? <You will need to empty the skimmer's collection cup when it gets to this point.  <<Or plug it. RMF>> Why not use the drain option?  All you need is some tubing connected to the drain, use a small plastic container, such as a 12 oz. soda bottle.  The collection cup on the EV-180 is not very large.  It will likely need to be emptied often to be functioning properly.> I know this may be a dumb question, but my last skimmer (Urchin Pro) didn't have one, and I don't really have room to add one either. <This skimmer will usually take some getting used to, and some adjusting.  AquaC has great customer service.  I have had to contact them myself when I first started using it.  Don't hesitate to contact them.  Their website is: http://www.proteinskimmer.com Thanks, Jim B. <You're welcome!  Good luck with your new purchase!  Brenda>

Re: AquaC Drain   4/19/07 Bob,    I seen your suggestion from yesterdays FAQs regarding plugging the AquaC EV-180 drain.  It won't skim if you do this.  It is important that that drain remains open.  Once the skimmate reaches a certain level in the collection cup  (without using the drain) it will stop skimming.    Brenda <Thank you for this... of course, the cup has to be drained at some point... but I thought the capping would give the reader/s more time twixt... Will accrue. BobF>

Re: Was: Mercury UV sterilizer bulbs, now more skimmer, AquaC ref.  2/28/07 Bob, Thanks so much!  I agree about the opportunity cost issue.  Good point. Turns out my city offers a "toxic waste day" once a year they will take whatever you have and deal with it. <Ah, good>   This is not a huge issue, but I think I needed something else to worry about for a break from worrying about the dang BGA. <I can and do understand> To clarify, my sump is about 10 gal of water in a 19 gal Rubbermaid container.  I am never sure which measurement to describe.  The amount of water seems most relevant.  I agree, I will be doing more with this area very soon.  It is the weak link in my system. <Ahh!> I threw it together to try and keep some algae going for my tangs, and the algae didn't make it, but I like having the increased water volume/surface area and a place for critters to grow.  I will be upgrading this area soon.  I did get a real overflow box to replace my homemade one (which worked but didn't have enough elevation change to get a fast flow rate).  I will be reading and planning to enhance this part of my system. <Good> This morning my tank looked awesome before the lights came on, not much algae to be seen.  Afraid to get my hopes up as it always goes crazy during the day when the lights are on, but it did look significantly better.  The UV installed last night could be helping already with the water quality.  I will let you know how this turns out.  If the UV makes a significant difference in the algae, I'd like to share that with others.   <Please do> Speaking of lights, I see conflicting views on the impact of lighting on the BGA.  I don't think my lighting should be a problem, although it does grow like crazy when the lights are on, and recede when they are off.  I have a brand new Coralife Deluxe PC w/ daylight and actinic (4 x 96 W total).  There shouldn't be a problem with dimness or frequency shifts.  I have not tried starving it of light, as that doesn't seem to be recommended and doesn't seem like it would be too good for the other tank inhabitants for very long. <Agreed>   I had half the wattage before this new fixture, also PC, and the new lights had no effect on the algae (nor did replacing the bulbs in the old fixture). <Other issues...> The area I have been struggling with is my skimmer, which I added hoping to fix or at least improve the algae problem.  I searched all your skimmer pages for details about what else I could possibly tweak to get more out of my Remora.  I emailed Steve at Aqua-C, <A very nice fellow... He and Jason (Kim) were out visiting a few months ago in Hawai'i... They are "fishing fools!" as well as earnest entrepreneurs.> and he felt I am getting enough skimmate (under 1/4"/day usually).  I think I should be getting more, with 3 tangs, maroon clown, a damsel, a flame angel, watchman goby (15 inches total fish) and a few shrimps and crabs, Xenia, Euphyllia, mushroom polyps, Zoanthids, and live rock. <Mmm, the amount and quality of skimmate depends much on other influences... that you are getting some is indicative that the unit is working...> Last night I tried taking off the skimmer box (I know that should only make it worse) to see if easier flow to the pump might help, and had 1/2" this morning, an apparent improvement, but that doesn't make sense.  The only other thing I can tweak is the water level in the tank. I had already raised it some and that seemed to help the first day, but then it dropped back off.  Do you know what water level might be optimal for the Remora with the Maxi-jet 1200 pump? <About half an inch of water below the collector cup...> Do you know what else I can try to improve its performance? <Definitely no more or better than Steve or Jason> I used to have a modified Lee's (I made it longer), which worked really well, but replacing the wood diffusers was really the only problem and everyone said we had to go venturi. <This is a feeble unit... only fine for very small, way-under-populated systems...> Then I had a useless Sea-Clone (bought right before I discovered your site!!).  I was expecting great things from the Remora.  I am afraid I am missing something obvious, or I got a dud.  It seems pretty foolproof. <Is... likely your system is in a sort of "balance mode"... not much to actually skim>   But I know there is a lot of nasty stuff in my tank, and am not getting as much skimmate as I should.  I have cleaned the injector.  The collection cup is set to the lowest point.  I am out of ways to tweak the unit.  I have tried cleaning and tried not cleaning the riser tube.  Should I try a different pump??   <Mmm, not likely... Do give Jason.K a call here though> I would really like to have to empty the cup every day or at most every other day. I should have good oxygenation, good water movement (filter, sump return, 2 power heads, and now UV return), good lights, mechanical/chemical filtration (Emperor w/ bio-wheels, alternating change of filter cartridge), denitration from live rock and small plenum and aragonite substrate (still trying to read and understand why some of you don't like this substrate).  SG 1.025, nitrates 0, phosphate 0, pH 8.2, Ca 360, Alk 8. <Do check your Magnesium...> Haven't retested since adding 2-part Ca/buffer (Kent) a few days. I expect Ca and Alk to improve. <What you relate is fine> Before I had any coral I maintained Ca and buffer from aragonite substrate and water changes.  Increased demand is affecting this I think.  And I got a 32 gal Rubbermaid trash can to get set up to do larger water changes with aged water, as I have had to do 5 gal changes with my current tools. I'm hoping my husband doesn't notice the lovely 32 gal trash can sitting in the dining room. Ha!  Oh, where do you get the dolly for moving the trash can?  Can't find at Wal-Mart or Lowes. <Try a "Maintenance" or "Janitorial" supply type of store... Out in the west we have "Smart & Final's" that offer very nice Rubbermaid Brute units...> If any of you have any ideas about how to further tweak my Remora, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Alex Miller <Bob Fenner>

Aqua C EV 200 question   2/6/07 Hello, I have a question regarding the older Aqua C EV 200.  I recently purchased a used one of these for my future 240 gallon setup.  I am upgrading from a 135 reef.  The 240 will have SPS, LPS, and a fair fish load.  Will this skimmer be sufficient or am I in trouble? <Mmm, I'd upgrade myself> Also, I am wondering what the most efficient way to plumb this is.  I have seen the changes made to the newer EV-240 model and am wondering if the EV 200 can be modified to increase efficiency in any way. <Mmm, I'd contact Jason Kim at AquaC (addy on WWM) and ask re>   Also would like to have the Calc reactor output flow into it as the new EV 240 does.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  Thanks, -Jason <I'd have this discharge directly into the sump myself. Bob Fenner>

Protein Skimmer For A 210 Gallon Tank 2/1/07 Dear Crew, <Paul> I have a brand new Aqua C Remora HOB protein skimmer. I originally planned on setting up a 75 gallon FOWLR which is what the Aqua C was planned for. However, good fortune has allowed me to get a 210 gallon tank instead.  I know the Aqua C would not be enough for this size tank. However, I can't return it and know how well they work.  In your opinion would I be okay if I added another Aqua C Remora and use two together.  Additionally, since I will now be able to have a sump, would it be okay to use the HOB type and one in the sump.  I thank you for your time and help as you have assisted me in the past as well. <Sure, no such thing as overskimming.  You may be surprised with the AquaC HOB.  My feeling is they are underrated and you may be fine with this providing your animal load isn't too high.  If nuisance algae starts to invade the system, then go with an additional skimmer.  You may want to try and sell it on EBay or elsewhere and just buy one large enough for your tank. James (Salty Dog)> Paul Demas

One comment and two questions, Aqua-C, mud in a 'fuge and feeding Scler.    1/27/07 Hello WWM Crew, <Bart/holomew!> Thanks you so much for the wonderful service you provide.  I wanted to comment on the great service I received recently from one of your sponsors.  I love my Aqua-C skimmer!  The O-ring dried out and cracked (as O-rings do). I made one phone call, waited two days and TWO new O-rings arrived in the mail.  No muss, no fuss, and NO CHARGE! <Hee heee, Freeeeeee!> This is a great company and they will be skimming for me till I no longer need to skim.  Now, two quick questions if I may:  I am running a closed-loop return manifold that I constructed using Anthony's informative article on my 72 gallon bow-front reef system.  It was fun to build and works great with the old-style external Quiet-One pump that I have.  My question has to do with the intake.  I used my miter-saw to make cuts half-way through a ¾" piece of PVC to make a strainer.  Over this I have placed a coarse sponge filter to keep the tiny snails I have all over my tank from getting into the pump. <Good design>   I dislike the sponge filter because I have to clean it and because I suspect it is a source of nitrate in my tank.  It is the only mechanical filter I have on the system as I use a refugium and skimming for water treatment.  Do you think I could remove the sponge? <Mmm, no, I'd leave it, or something similar in place... as a screen>   Would the tiny snails be able to stop the pump? <Possibly, yes... and/or cause trouble in being crushed, dissolving...> Secondly, I have an assortment of Caulastrea and Euphyllia corals (widely spaced, of course).  Do you have a recommendation as to a food of the appropriate particle size for feeding these animals? <A mix of live or frozen/defrosted zooplankters... "of small size", 1/16" diameter nominally will do> I suspect the Mysis I feed the fish is a bit large for these corals to utilize. <Yes, likely so> Thanks again for the good work you do. Best Regards, Bart V <Welcome... Oh and please do read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/faviidfdgfaqs.htm and here: http://wetwebmedia.com/caryfdgfaqs.htm Bob Fenner>

Quiet and Quality Protein Skimmer    1/5/07 I have a 50 gallon salt water tank with fish and live rock.  I currently use a Prizm Deluxe PS-RS50181 Protein Skimmer.  Though the system works great, I makes too much noise.  What other options do I have for a Protein Skimmer that is "quiet".   Thanks in advance for your help. <I highly recommend the Remora AquaC; in fact, based on personal experience and reviews, it's likely the only skimmer I'll ever use. Best regards, Jorie> Dan.

To Upgrade Or Not? - 12/12/06 Good Afternoon Guy's & Gals: <<Good evening Jeremy>> I have a quick question that I value your opinion of. <<Okey-Dokey>> I have a 75-gallon reef tank with a 20-gallon sump.  I currently have an AquaC Urchin skimmer rated up to 75-gallons. <<Great little skimmers...and I had the pleasure of meeting the company owner at Bob's place in HI last month>> Do you think this skimmer is undersized for my setup? <<Probably not...These skimmers are "sized" very accurately...unlike the boasts of many of the lesser quality skimmer manufacturers>> Should I look to upgrade to something a bit more substantial? <<Up to you...why not give Jason Kim a call at AquaC (or send an email) and see what he suggests?  I'm certain he won't steer you wrong>> The skimmer does pull out about a half a cup dark skimmate every 3-4 days. <<Much like "watts per gallon" for lighting, there are many factors to determine "how much skimmate" your tank should be producing.  Rest assured you have a quality product>> Bioload consists of: *Fish:* Yellow tang, 2 blue-green Chromis, convict blenny, pink skunk clownfish, algae blenny *|* *Coral:* Ricordea yuma mushrooms, yellow polyps, devils hand (Lobophytum sp.), frogspawn (Euphyllia divisa), Torch (Euphyllia sp.), various Zoos & 2 Acropora frags *|* *Inverts:* coral-banded shrimp, 10 blue-legged hermit crabs, two astrea snails. I plan to add maybe 1 more fish and a lot more corals. <<Do keep in mind that "corals" place a bio-load on the system just as fish do, albeit usually somewhat less...and not without other considerations such as allelopathy>> Your input is appreciated. <<Hope you find it useful>> Jeremy <<Regards, Eric Russell>>

Protein Skimmers...Tiny Bubbles Do Not Make Me Happy 12/8/06 I'm hoping that someone there can help out with a question in regards to protein skimmers. I have an Aqua C Urchin Pro driven by a Mag 3 pump. When I turn it on it fills the top <of the> tank with micro bubbles within minutes. I have tried turning it on with different water levels in the sump, I tried all possible cup placements, no luck. I contacted Aqua C and went back and forth with them a few times and they feel it is something in the water. <I tend to go along with them.  Some additives can/will cause this.  Have you used any additives recently?> It's a 75 gal. tank with a 37 gal. sump. I moved the water from my 50 gal. tank into this setup and filled the remainder with saltwater that I mixed from an R/O. The tank has been running for approximately 4 weeks. I can not run the skimmer because it fills the tank with micro bubbles. <Ahh, did you put any Stress Coat or similar product in the water on initial set-up?> At this point I would like to consider replacing the unit out of frustration. I have been on your site and have become very confused, some people swear by the ETSS, then others say it's too loud and cumbersome to clean because of the bio balls. Others say that Euro Reef with an Eheim motor and not the proprietary motor from the manufacturer is the way to go. <All good skimmers, and the Euro Reef/Eheim combo is a good choice.  The Eheim pumps seem to last forever.  I like skimmers that offer the least amount of adjusting/tuning, etc. I'm using a Tunze and find this skimmer to fall into that category very much.> Based on what I have described can you offer any suggestions which would make this decision easier? <I wouldn't throw the towel in yet.  Get yourself two units of Chemi-Pure and place in the sump where some water flow will go through the bags.  If there is anything in your tank that could cause the micro bubble problem, this will remove it.  I feel the Aqua C skimmers are a very good and hear very few complaints about them.> Thank you very much in advance for your help, <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Ron Kennedy

Re: Protein Skimmers...Tiny Bubbles Do Not Make Me Happy 12/11/06 Sorry I just noticed a typo, I meant to say that I did use stress coat <Stress Coat> when I made up the water. <This will definitely cause your bubble problem.> On 12/8/06, Ron Kennedy wrote: >> Thank you for the quick response, I did use Chemi pure <Chemi-Pure> when I made up the > water. I actually have two new <units of> Chemi pures <Chemi-Pure> in the container. My sump is a 37 > gal. tank with a glass divider about two thirds of the way over, will it > work if I get a specimen container drill holes in the bottom and hang it > over the divider with the Chemi pure <Chemi-Pure> in it. Do <Does> the Chemi pure <Chemi-Pure> need to be > fully submerged. Also, how long do you think it will take for the Chemi pure <Chemi-Pure> > to work. ><Does need to be submerged or have water flowing through it.  The Chemi-Pure, depending on the flow rate through it, should take a couple days to remove the Stress Coat.  Please check your caps and grammar before sending so we do not have to do it.  Our time per day is very limited.> > Thank you so much for your honesty!!!!!!! ><You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

Skimmer Choices/Selection -- 12/01/06 Hi all, <<Howdy Tim>> I'm planning on a 75g reef tank with SPS, LPS, and maybe a clam with perhaps 8 fish.  I'm having difficulty picking a skimmer that would best serve my needs. <<Hmm, should be pretty simple...choose a reputable brand/manufacturer and follow their recommendations>> One of my fears is that I need a skimmer which is $600+ (Euro-Reef, H&S etc.). <<Debatable for sure...but the high-end skimmers really do perform better/give more value for money in my experience/opinion>> Do you think this is a likely scenario or will an AquaC or less expensive skimmer be adequate? <<I consider AquaC to be one of the better choices in skimmer selection...very good quality/customer service...an AquaC skimmer would be a fine selection>> In addition, what is the difference between a recirculating skimmer and a non-recirculating? <<A recirculating skimmer is generally "gravity fed" from the display tank and the pump then pulls water from/returns water too the skimmer body in a "recirculating" fashion.  A non-recirculating skimmer generally feeds water to the skimmer body through the pump from an outside source (sump)>> And is one superior to the other. <<The recirculating skimmers are considered by many to be superior in performance (all things being equal), but that's not to mean the non-recirculating skimmers aren't excellent choices as well>> Thank You, Tim <<Quite welcome.  EricR>>

Re: Quarantine Tank Size -- Now, a follow-up   11/24/06 Hi Bob!, <Hey Q, JustinN with you today> More of a comment here than a question (though I will sneak a question in towards the end!) <Hehe, ok> Following the advice and good reviews on this site, I replaced my Red Sea Prizm protein skimmer with an AquaC Remora. <An excellent decision, IMO> I received the unit about 1 week ago, gave it a quick cleaning with warm water and set it into my tank.  I was a little nervous at first because the unit was not producing any skimmate at all.  The bubbles didn't seem able to make it even half way up the neck of the collection box...  Having read (here) that these units require a "break-in" period, I shelved my concerns and sat back to wait.   <Always a good idea with a new addition, equipment-wise> After about the 3rd day of operation, the skimmer appeared to suddenly kick into action, producing a large volume of organic laden bubbles.  With some minor tweaking (I was very familiar with making tiny adjustments after my aggravating experience with the Prizm) <I know this all too well, am awaiting the arrival of my Tunze DOC 9002 to replace my Prizm as well...> I had the skimmer producing a nice dry foam that resulted in a good volume of dark skimmate... Much more than I'd ever seen from the Prizm. <Excellent to hear> Thank you for the great advice. <Hehe, wish I could take credit for this one *grin*> What do you think about the twice a week, small volume (5%) water change regime outlined in detail on your site?  because I've noticed that my fish seems to react positively to a water change, I was considering going with this 'system'.  Would you vacuum the substrate every water change?  (this is not covered in the article).  Will this be stressful to the fish? q <I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of twice weekly, lower percentage water changes. I utilize a 3-4 gallon water change, twice a week in my 40 gallon aquarium. Usually, I don't disturb the sand bed unless there's a need. Instead, I use a small powerhead for water change purposes. My storage container sits next to my aquarium, with the pump laying in the bottom for circulation. I attach aquarium tubing to the pump, then place the pump in my display. Using the hose and flow from the pump, I start by blasting my rockwork clean and getting the gunk into the water column. Next, I direct the water out of the tank into a bucket for disposal. Then I simply toss the pump back into the storage container, and return the water to the tank. I see no reason that this would be stressful to the fish. Hope this helps you out! -JustinN>

Skimming too much  10/26/06 Hey all. <Jas> I have an Aqua-C Remora Pro hang-on skimmer.  I have been using it for a few months now and have seen some good results.  But lately it has been skimming too much and just filling up with water. <Needs adjusting> I have the o-ring as low as it can go on the collection cup and after about 8 hours, it is full of fairly clear water.  Sure, there is a little green to the water, but not the coffee-black stuff we like to see. <Need to raise the collection cup up... leave a gap for the bubbles to coalesce... pop upward...> I can hardly get the water to stink.  I miss that, sort of. I am using the Mag drive that came with the skimmer.  The folks at Aqua-C say I must have got some kind of soapy/oily substance in the water.  I suggested maybe it was the petroleum jelly that I put around the o-ring as the directions advised. <... What? No to using such solvents on O-rings... No petroleum products period. Silicone lube solamente por favor. Petrolatum will dissolve the material>   Maybe that got into the water.  But anyway, this has been going on for about a month now and I'm getting tired of paying big bucks to get the "good stuff" that should be trouble and maintenance free. Only to have more problems.  I know, wah-wah. I have a 120 with a fuge and 200 lbs live rock.  Several corals and three clams.  Everything looks great, but for how long who knows.  With that o-ring being the only point of adjustment, I don't know what else to do. <I'd give Jason Kim at Aqua-C (another) ringy dingy or email... he can/will explain the simple adjustment here> Can you offer any suggestions please and thank you. Jason <Bob Fenner>

Skimmer Choice ... Aqua-C, Euro-Reef  10/7/06 First I'd like to thank all of you for putting up with all of us and our repetitious questions. <Heeeee!> Now for yet another skimmer dilemma.  I've narrowed down my choices, as have many others, to an  Aqua-c 120 or 180, and a Euro-Reef RS100. <Good units/manufacturers> It seems to me as I read through your responses to similar questions that you prefer the Euro-Reef while stating that the Aqua is also a fine choice.   <Mmm, could proffer a more discrete recommendation. Really depends on the sort of system... livestock choices, arrangement, choices of other gear...> Could you be more specific.  Why is the Euro-Reef preferred over the Aqua-C? <The livestock make-up mostly... more crowded, "reef" I'd go with the Euro-Reef product by a small margin... For the vast majority of hobby systems, the Aqua-C is preferable...> Does it produce a more concentrated skimmate ? <Either can out-compete the other depending on adjustment...> Is it easier to adjust? <Mmm, no. Both about the same> Is the NW simply a better way of making tiny bubbles?  Is it simply a more reliable and consistent performer? <Both have their promoters/detractors... do require the same lack of actual attention once set-up...> I have read through countless forums in an effort to sort this out and  have ascertained only that skimmer choice is a leap of faith. <Heeee! This is often the case in pet-fish matters> No one is doing any comprehensive product testing. <These are about, though generally not at all, let alone well-indexed... Most pulp 'zines in our interest don't make their way into citation services... mostly a lack of bibliographies... An issue I've gone over and over with publishers, editors... But Bob Goemans among others has tested, reported on skimmer "choosing"> That said, I hope you can provide some solid reasons for choosing one over the other. P.S. I'd also consider an H&S if their distribution network was better. Thanks. <Again... there are (IMO, not a matter of any scientific data, testing), no great discernible functional differences twixt these lines... Both do work well in doing what they're intended to do. Bob Fenner, who will further gladly admit that the makers/owners of both companies are indeed also friends>

Refugiums/Selection 10/4/06 Hello crew, <Hello Mike> I have read though the questions on the hang on tank refugiums and did not find my answer. In the future I will be converting a 125 gallon fresh water over to FOWLR. I only have room for hang on tank refugiums. I was thinking about 2 of them on the back of the tank spaced out evenly. It will not be a heavy bio-load, maybe 10-15 small peaceful fish. My question is, are the protein skimmers that come along with some of the refugiums are of the quality to handle this or should I purchase them separately? <The CPR's incorporate their Bak Pak skimmer in their hang on refugiums.  A decent skimmer, but I would rather go with skimmerless refugiums and an efficient hang-on skimmer.  Seems to me like you are helping to defeat the purpose of a refugium by having a skimmer incorporated into it.  Much better to surface skim water to the skimmer.> I have a Remora on my 46 gallon now it works great (thanks guys & gals ) on that one. Any input or suggestions will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. Thank you in advance and for all the help in the past, Mike, your fishing buddy. <You're welcome Mike.  James (Salty Dog)> Re:  Refugiums/Selection  10/5/06 Thank you for the lighting quick response Salty Dog. The way you explained it makes perfect sense. I will purchase a separate skimmer as suggested. Thanks again, <You're welcome, Mike.  James (Salty Dog)> Mike.

<Aqua-C> Skimmer rave and Angel Question  - 09/14/06 Hi Crew: I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for recommending the Aqua-C Remora.  I replaced my Prizm with one and had some trouble getting it to work. I emailed Aqua-C and the quickly responded to me that my fake decor could be the problem. They recommended I remove it and rinse it all 3-4 times for an hour at a time.  Needless to say my skimmer is working like a charm now.  They mentioned that fake coral is notorious for causing issues with the skimmer due to the oils that leech into the water. <Yes... a problem that a couple of friends in the manufacture of this are earnestly endeavoring to fix> For anyone that is considering purchasing an Aqua-C please do! They have amazing service and the difference is unbelievable in the skimmate that they collect.  Now for my question, sorry to go on for so long. My local fish store is very good and separates all of the Angel fish that they have. <A wise move> I noticed that the only exception to this is that they always keep Flame Angels and Lemon Peel Angels in the same tank.  I questioned them and they said that they are the only ones that are compatible together.  Have you ever tried this mix? Would you recommend it? Thanks for everything, <Mmmm, by and large, no... have seen this and other combinations of Centropyge together... with and w/o success/compatibility. I would not give carte blanche to this combo. Bob Fenner>

Aqua C adjustment?  9/10/06 Hello Crew: <Hey, Mike G with you tonight.> Thursday I replaced my Prizm skimmer with an Aqua C Remora after the excellent things I have read.   <A good decision, indeed.> It has the prefilter and a Maxi Jet 1200.  It has been hooked up for 2 days now and is still very loud and has not produced anything at all. Would you say that this is normal. <If the Prizm was producing the same amount (none), then, perhaps, your water may be "too" clean for even this more efficient skimmer to find anything to remove. I doubt this, however. Is it possible that the skimmer was not installed/assembled correctly?> From what I have read I had visions of cups full of nasty skimmate the morning after installation. The tank is a 55 with 2 Clowns a Sixline Wrasse, a Royal Gramma and a Neon Goby so I'm sure that it has plenty to skim ( Not that the Prizm did anything). <Hmm. Again, perhaps there really is nothing to skim. Check your remora to make sure that it is assembled properly.> Should I be concerned that something is wrong or give it a couple more days. Thanks for the advice, <Good luck, Mike G> Craig

Is it worth it? Upgrades to a FOWLR/Reef... Skimmer and circ. concerns  8/28/06 Hello again WWM crew! <Mohammad>     I'm currently planning to upgrade my new FOWLR into a reef aquarium. Currently, my circulation and the Protein Skimmer are not suitable for a reef setup.     My preferred place for a Protein Skimmer is in a sump. <Mine too> I currently don't have a sump for my 100 gallon tank. I have very limited space for a sump, around 12.5x14" footprint, and about 22" height. I thought maybe I can use an AquaC Urchin Pro for it's slim profile, but after thorough reading in the net and WWM a small sump won't be easy to make (That is, for a 100 gallon).    Would it be a better idea to use an AquaC Remora Pro H.O.T. instead? <If the space limitation is as you say, yes> Or do you think that making a small sump with the Urchin (I personally don't think that I can even squeeze 5 gallons in there...) is a better idea? <Mmm, too little "room to spare" IMO>     My second question concerns the circulation. I came to understand that corals in a reef tank prefer random turbulent flow. <Most species, communities, yes> I plan to buy two Tunze Turbelle Streams (6060) to place on opposite directions of the tank. Since Tunze Streams are very powerful, I believe they should only be placed on the top of the tank. Will this cause dead spots to form in the bottom of the tank? Or is it not a problem? <Not likely on both counts, due to the force and volume of flow> I appreciate your help. Enjoy. Mohammad <And you, Bob Fenner>

AquaC Skimmer Selection/Stand Modification - 08/05/06 WWM Crew, <<Scott>> I am going to be setting up a 180 gallon acrylic reef system with LPS corals in the near future. <<Neat!>> I currently have an All-Glass stand (24" tall), but don't have the tank yet.  I have recently been told that since I am setting up an acrylic system (this will be my first), that acrylic tanks need support for the entire tank and I will need to attach a sheet of plywood to the top of the stand (no problem).  Is this true? <<That is correct, and keep in mind this is all that will be supporting the tank in the center of the stand...I suggest a "minimum" thickness of 3/4".  And since I like my tanks a bit higher than "standard" tank stand height anyway, I would even consider two layers of plywood>> Now for the skimmer, I recently read your skimmer articles (thanks...they were extremely helpful) and it appears as though you have nothing but good things to say about the AquaC line of skimmers and that their customer service is 2nd to none. <<Indeed, have spoken with the owner/President (Jason Kim) on occasion...an extremely nice/helpful fella.  There are other great skimmer brands out there (Euro-Reef is my current fave), but I think you'll be quite happy with AquaC>> The EV 180 is rated to 200 gallons and the EV 240 is rated to 350 gallons (of course you already know this).  Since my stand is 24" tall and the 240 is 26" tall, would the 180 run the tank efficiently or would I be better off somehow modifying the stand (any suggestions) to accompany the 240 (not sure how much additional space I would need to remove the collection cup). <<Well Scott, as I recall, Jason's design allows you to remove the skimmer cup with as little as 1/4" clearance, but that still won't allow you to put the 240 in your current stand.  If I were to have a look at your stand/had a detailed description I could recommend a way to increase the height (if possible), but otherwise I'm reluctant to make suggestions.  As for the EV-180 servicing your system, yes, I think it would unless you plan to stock very heavily in which case a larger/different brand that fits the stand might serve better>> Thanking you in advance for your feedback and keep up the great work.  This is a great forum. <<Thank you for the kind words'¦for writing so well>> Scott   <<Regards, EricR>>

Recirculating EV-180?   7/26/06 Hi Crew, <Tom> I have an EV-180 and am a fan of Aqua-C's quality, design & low maintenance but have been kicking around an idea, for a modification to make more foam/smaller bubbles, that I'd like to get your thoughts on. I'd like to try putting a closed-loop pump on the skimmer that would draw water from low inside the EV-180 body, add air, chop it up with a pinwheel impeller, then return the micro-bubble mix back into the EV-180 body, right below and close to the foam tower.  Clearly not an original idea, it's the same concept as the Euro-reef RC line of skimmers. Can you comment on whether you think this idea would work, and if yes then how best to try it out? If it doesn't work I can always plug the holes in the EV-180 body and be back to where I started. Thanks, Tom <Mmm... likely will not work... You might contact Jason Kim, owner/operator of AquaC re this idea... but his method of jetting/aspirating water to produce bubbles will be negated by introducing more air into the water here. Perhaps worth experimenting, but I doubt if efficiency will be improved, and there may be many tiny bubble issues. Bob Fenner>

Skimmer choices amongst Aqua-C products  7/23/06 After lots of reading here, I've decided to upgrade my anemic, frequently-adjusted, and now leaking Prizm skimmer to the highly recommended Aqua-C remora. <You will be delighted with this choice> My system is a one year old 36 gallon bowfront with polyps and soft corals, a few clean up hermits and snails, one coral banded shrimp, Falco hawk, pajama cardinal, cherub angel, 3 inch DSB, about 50 pounds live rock.  I have a hang-on AquaClear 50 filter for mechanical/media, and 2 AquaClear 50 powerheads in the top back corners pointed at the front middle of the tank.  I'm considering a pair of percula clowns, but that's going to be it.  Is the Remora sufficient, or would it be worth spending the extra money for the capacity of the Remora Pro?   <I would go with the former, unless you have clear intentions of up-sizing your system, getting a larger tank> I worry about too much flow in this size tank, as those powerheads already seem to push around a lot of water.  The fish look like they're on a rollercoaster near the front of the tank. <Heee! And likely enjoying it> I would love any other suggestions you might have about how to arrange flow, as the returns from the hang-on filter and skimmer and the powerheads are limiting for the placement of the corals, and I'm space-limited so I cannot set up sump... Thanks... Tim <Best to direct such flows toward one corner to the central lower face of a panel at a right angle... Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/circmarart.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Skimmer Question  5/31/06 Greetings Bob & Crew! <James today.> Got a question that I need a speedy reply to. I am going to upgrade my skimmer on my reef system (125 DT with 40 sump/fuge).  Currently running an Urchin pro but loosing the war on hair  algae. Will be adding a Ca reactor soon so I want a skimmer that I can run  the effluent to (EV series). <A good idea, the skimmer will reduce excess CO2 from the reactor.> I was debating between the EV-180 and the EV-240 when a deal was  offered to me for a EV-400 with pump at about the same cost as the EV-240 with  pump.   The question is:  would the EV-400 be a little overkill for my  system? <If you were planning to buy the EV-240 anyway, then I'd go with the EV-400 if the cost is the same.> If so, should I get the EV-180 or the EV-240, keeping in mind  that money is a little tight.  I know you can't over skim, but I am not  looking for overkill either.  I just want something that can handle my  bioload (which will be growing after Ca reactor addition.....getting stony  corals) without a problem. <In this case, the EV-180 should work well for you as it is rated for up to a 200 gallon tank.> Thanks!! <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> -Ray Aqua C and ozone  5/29/06 Good day, <Mark> First, I would like to thank all of you for your wonderful support you give to people like me. Your answers have helped me out tremendously. I will try to keep this simple (I hope). I have a 75 gallon reef with a tidepool 2 sump, a refugium, Eheim pro and both the rainbow mechanical and chemical filter. I had added the Aqua C remora pro per the countless recommendations from other hobbyists. I would like to add an ozonizer to my system, however upon e-mailing Jason and his group the protein skimmer is not set-up for ozone systems. Do you know a way to "rig this" safely? I really do not want to give this skimmer up. Thanks, and sorry this was long. Mark < http://www.google.com/custom?q=Aqua+C+and+ozone&sitesearch=wetwebmedia.com The above from putting your subject/title in Google... Bob Fenner>

Aqua-C Remora Pro Skimmer Modification? - 05/11/06 Good afternoon, <<Hello>> I have been using a fantastic hang-on skimmer over the past 8 months. <<The Aqua-C Remora mentioned in the title line...I agree>> I'm getting close to two full cups a week of nasty scum.  I've recently converted my tank to a sump system and attempted to convert my skimmer to accommodate. <<I see>> The skimmer comes with about 2" of hosing which connects the Mag3 pump to the intake piping.  It wouldn't be safe for me to fill my sump that full of water in order to use just that 2" hosing because if my sump pump failed, my tank would be overflowed. <<Indeed>> So, I matched the hosing and added about 12" of hosing and have the Mag3 pump sitting in the same chamber as the sump pump. <<Mmm...think I know where this is headed>> In theory, I figured this would work... but it seems as though my bubbly froth does not quite reach the chamber of my overflow container. <<The pump is working against too much head pressure for its size>> I'm assuming it's because the pump needs to shoot the water at an appropriate velocity up the 12" instead of the 2"??? <<More like an appropriate "volume", but you're on the right tract>> Was curious if anyone else has attempted to convert an Aqua-C Remora Pro skimmer for sump use? <<I'm sure someone has>> Am I doing something wrong? <<As you've guessed...not using a large enough pump>> Do I need to get a more powerful pump to handle the extra 10" of hosing? <<I would...a Mag5 "might" do the job, but I would be inclined to go with a MAG7...and install a gate-valve between it and the skimmer for adjustment of flow as/if needed>> Regards, Dave Brynlund <<Cheers, Eric Russell>>

Upgrade Skimmer?  - 04/19/06 Hi Crew, <Hello there Tom.> Looking for your opinion on a line of products you often recommend, the Aqua-C skimmers. <One of the 'good-ones'.> I currently have an EV-180 on a 125G mixed reef with a "medium" bioload, around 2 years old, and it's working fairly well. <Great.> The tank is healthy, and nuisance algae is pretty much under control. <Great.>   I like the quality of construction and ease of maintenance of the EV series. Based on your experience, would we see a big enough improvement in waste removal by upgrading to an EV-240 to warrant the purchase of the larger skimmer (and new pump)?  Would we be able to carry a substantially larger bioload? Can you give me an understanding of benefits we would really gain? <If this was a first time purchase I would say get the 240, but since you already have the 180 I would stick with that, seems to be working smoothly for you. As far as water quality control 'why not add a refugium? -- That is if you don't already have one.> Thanks, <Anytime.> Tom <Adam J.>

New skimmer gone crazy?    4/14/06 <Hello Josef - Tim answering your question today!> I am setting up my new 75 reef ready tank, and ordered an AquaC EV-120.  It arrived broken (thanks UPS...) and after a month and a half, I finally have a new, working skimmer.  The whole time I was waiting, the tank had been set up and was running fine.  It had 15lbs of semi-cured Tonga deepwater rock and a 2-3 inch bed of sugar size sand.  I did not wash the sand, I should note. After just a day, the skimmer started skimming like crazy.  However, it was skimming out fairly clear water. <This is typical for new skimmers - it has to do with the chemicals used in the production process. You should find that this will stop within the first 2-3 days of operating the skimmer. If not, give the skimmer a good rinse with warm soapy water and ensure that you subsequently wash away all the soap - then give it another day or two to settle down.> The water in the tank is a bit cloudy from the silt that has settled out and occasionally gets kicked back into the water column by my Maxi Jet powerheads and the return from the sump. <This will not be helping your skimmer - the 'cloudiness' will prevent foam from forming properly and thereby lead to your thin skimmate.> I turned the skimmer back as far as I could, but still it's producing a gallon of slightly cloudy but otherwise normal water every 10-15 minutes.  I am baffled by this, so I'm wondering what your thoughts are. Is the sand terribly dirty with organics, and that is why the skimmer is going insane? <I do not think that an overload of organics is the problem as this should still result in thick smelly foam, not the watery substance that you are obtaining.> Even if this is the case, would it be so dirty that the skimmer goes crazy no matter how far back I try to turn it?  I know the skimmer's not defective; it's doing a dang good job.  Too good of a job as I am observing. I will be adding 65 pounds of uncured branch rock soon and need to remedy my situation before the rock comes.  What actions would you support me taking? <Stir the cloudiness up a bit and then do a partial water change to start removing some of these particles from the system. Also, if your skimmer does not settle down, give it a good clean as suggested above.> Should I try a massive water change, assuming it's the dirty sand that's causing my overactive skimmer? <Not massive but considerable - maybe 25% I would recommend> Should I try running Poly Filter or carbon to try and get the water a little clearer and maybe pull some of the stuff from it? <I do not think that would be necessary. Though carbon may help remove some of the cloudiness that is to fine for your filter pads.> Or should I just run the drain line into a bucket a couple hours a day and just keep adding newly made saltwater until the skimmer stops freaking out? <I would actually allow the water to run back into the aquarium for a day or two - true, you will not be removing any DOCs from the system, but that should not be a problem in the short run. Then keep an eye on the skimmer and once it settles down, start collecting and removing the skimmate from the system. That will save you the hassle and costs of unnecessarily replacing water in the aquarium.> Or should I just add the new live rock and see if the rock can help filter out whatever's gotten into the water? <Well, given that the rock is uncured, I would wait until the skimmer is working. Adding uncured rock to your established rock could cause ammonia and nitrite spikes as the rock cures/cycles that can be very detrimental to the life on your established rocks - the effects of which would be reduced if your skimmer was pulling out DOCs.> It's just really perplexing to me the way the skimmer is acting.  I mean, for it to be skimming clear water tells me I must have a pretty bad nutrient problem in there right now or something.  But maybe that's not it and you have a better idea.  I don't know, I'm just perplexed right now! <Just hang in there - the problem may very well just be the result of your skimmer being new. If things don't improve, follow the above suggestions and I am sure you will have your skimmer functioning properly in no time - allowing you to then focus on the more enjoyable aspects of reefkeeping!> Thank you for your help.  Your site never fails to help when I have a problem! <Hopefully this will not be the exception to the rule! Best of Luck!> Joe Schneider

Continuing skimmer woes...   4/18/06 I wrote a few days ago about my skimmer foaming like crazy and producing almost clear skimmate.  Unfortunately, I have to write again. It was recommended that I do a partial water change to remove some of the silt that was in the water column.  I changed 20 gallons of water out (approx. 90 gal total in the system), emptied the sump, and cleaned all of the silt out, as this is where most had settled out.  Finally, I gave the skimmer a good bath in warm water and thoroughly rinsed it out. <Better to use a light vinegar/acetic acid wash and bottle brushing, freshwater rinsing...> For two days, all was well, but today it started skimming like crazy again.  The water has never been clearer, and the skimmate is virtually crystal clear. <... Your skimmer is mis-adjusted... too much bubbling and/or high flow, and/or too high in the contact column...> I can't imagine it's a silt problem anymore, given the tank is just as clear as my RO/DI water that I mix with.  So once again I'm baffled at what would be causing my skimmer to foam like crazy. <Presence of phobic molecules in the water... fatty foods?> So, back to all of you for some advice.  What else might be causing an EV-120 to go crazy in tank without any life in it? <Adjustment and the polar molecules...> And what would you recommend as a next course of action to take?  Short of tearing the whole tank apart, I can't imagine what else I can do here...  The water is great (all tests show zero or are at normal levels) and the system is just screaming for the box of branch rock I'm waiting to order. <I'd order and place it/this...> All that's left to do is figure out why the skimmer is acting up.  As soon as I can get the skimmer under control the tank is ready to start the cycle. Loving skimmers but hating them sometimes :-) Joe Schneider <... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/bestskmopfaqs.htm and the linked files above... or maybe just the ones on Aqua-C's line... contact Jason Kim there... Bob Fenner>

Protein Skimming/Operation    4/6/06 Hey guys - I recently installed a sump on my 55 gallon, and moved my AquaC Remora to the sump.  The sump is simply an 18 gallon Rubbermaid container.  My problem is the protein skimmer is no longer producing foam.  I tried forming a "skimmer compartment" by placing the skimmer intake into another perforated (6 small holes) container inside the sump.  This eliminates the current in the sump, but the skimmer is still not producing foam. The only other modification I made was lengthening the tube that connects the powerhead to the intake of the skimmer to about 3" so it can reach the water level in the sump (still skims off top of water level).  This hasn't cut down on the power of the pump as far as I can tell, so I don't think that would be the culprit.  Any idea why my skimmer is behaving this way? should I move it back to the main tank?  <Chris, this reaction is due to the newness of the Rubbermaid container, needs to age a bit.  This should pass in a week or two.> Thanks  <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

Skimmers Coralife vs. AquaC 3/20/06 Bob, in reading through the FAQ info on skimmers here, (lots of great info, thanks for keeping this up!!   I'm a bit overwhelmed though, and have not seen a lot of info on the AquaC EV line..... I have a question (or maybe 2) I'm setting up a 120gal reef tank. (replacing my current 55 gal). I'm looking at an AquaC EV-180 or a Coralife Needle Wheel ( up to 220gal size) the EV-180 is 340$ and the Coralife is 190$. Can you tell me if the EV-80 is that much better of a skimmer,? I'd like to not have to tweak and adjust it daily... cleaning the cup and riser tube daily is no problem. Thanks, Mike <<I don't have first hand experience with the Coralife skimmers, but from comments that I have heard, they seem to work OK.  Based on similar sized needle wheel skimmers, I would guess that these two skimmers are roughly equal in performance.  That said, I would expect a much higher degree of quality from Aqua-C (Heavy duty acrylic vs. cheap injection molded parts).  I don't know what kind of customer support Coralife provides, but I know that Aqua-C's is second to none.  Another good option to explore is the All-Seas G series.  They are essentially "Euro-reef clones" at a much lower price.  Best Regards.  AdamC.>

Skimmers Coralife vs. Aqua-C part2 3/20/06 Thanks for the reply!! Looking at the all-seas, they are also made from extruded and injection molded parts, I'm assuming then that the Aqua-C is probably a better unit... Do you have any comments on how much ongoing tweaking and adjusting there may be between the Aqua-C and the All-Seas? (I'm also assuming that the EV-180 is a better skimmer than the Aqua-C Urchin Pro? <<Indeed, the all seas are made from injection molded parts, but they are fairly robust.  They are still no match for Aqua-C's build quality.  All-Seas, like Euro-Reef are among the ultimate in plug and play, set it and forget it skimmers.... they are almost idiot proof.  I would expect the Aqua-C and Coralife to require a bit of occasional tweaking.  I would definitely choose the EV-180 over the urchin.  Best Regards. AdamC.>>

Skimmers Coralife vs. Aqua-C part 3 3/24/06 Went to order the AquaC local, when I called back, they had misquoted me and the pump was not included in the price. I'm ordering a All-Seas G3. most likely will not fit in my current sump, but I'm making a new one anyway for the 120. Thanks again, Mike <<I think you will be very pleased with the performance and value of the G3.  Best Regards.  AdamC.>>

Skimmers Coralife vs. AquaC part 4 3/30/06 I lied... Actually looking at a EV-180 on eBay. I emailed AquaC's tech support and they are sending me a couple pieces for my urchin.. At no charge.. VERY IMPRESSED with that kind of service.. Also, everything I read says nothing but good about their support and quality. I'm not one to sell something in a year and buy a different one.. I want to do it right the first time... So, all that to say, I'm still looking and reading all I can about them on your site and other links as well.  Thanks again, Mike <<There is no question that AquaC is the industry leader in build quality and customer service, however I would give the dollar for dollar performance edge to the ASM's.  Good luck either way!  AdamC.>

Re: Aqua C EV 180 protein skimmer & stocking opinion differences   1/19/06 Hi Bob,              I contacted the customer service agent at Aqua -c and he said that they changed the manual and now recommend running the water level at the dark gray box level or sometimes higher for the New EV model series. <Thank you for this info.> Quick question, I discovered the marine fish supplier Marine center, (which comes highly regarded from many people I know including some people from your site) states that fish such as the clown trigger at full size can be kept in a 30 gallon aquarium by its self, honey comb morays in 55 gallons, and other large fish is much smaller tanks than I have herd anywhere else. <Yes... we do have differences of opinion here> Maybe this is plausible but would impact my design on how I could stock my tank in the future.  What do you think? <These species need/deserve more space>   I also visited my local fish store and talked to the manager, highly regarded as wise fish geniuses and has been in the hobby for many years, I discussed with him my tank size(110) and future tank mates and he said I could keep a porc puffer Diodon holocanthus, clown trigger, Bluelined grouper, zebra moray and several other rather large fish in this tank indefinitely except for maybe the porcupine What are your thoughts about this? <I disagree... the likelihood of real trouble... fighting, anomalous loss, maintenance headaches is too large to suit me>            Thank you for your valuable time and consideration,                   Chris <And you for yours. Bob Fenner>

Protein Skimmer Choices  - 01/12/2006 Hello, <Hi there>      I am currently running a 72gal FOWLR tank with aspirations to jump into reef-keeping within the same system. I have a 30gal sump with 30 lbs of live rock for biological filtration. I use a micro-fiber sock with activated carbon for mechanical and chemical filtration for the time being. <Sounds good> I also have a, what I view as a complete waste of space, Seaclone 100 protein skimmer. <Not of much use... better as a mechanical aerator than skimmer.> I am going about buying a new skimmer now and I would greatly appreciate your input. I am stuck on trying to decide between the last 3 products I have read up on because they've all come back with good reviews. In your preference, which would you see fit: Aqua-C Urchin, Coralife Super skimmer (needle wheel), or Aquamedic Turboflotor T1000? <The Aqua-C hands down> Or do you know of any other 'ready-to-go' skimmers within that $200 price range? Thank you so much for your input! Your website has been a godsend throughout my endeavors in aquarium keeping.                   Thanks again!                      Justin <Gladly to share, Bob Fenner>

Aqua-C Vs. Coralife  12/24/05 Hello, I am setting up a 55Gal FOWLR tank with the intentions of   adding some corals and inverts over time. I am trying to decided on a   protein skimmer I thought I was set on an AquaC Remora, but someone   said I should get the Remora Pro instead. Do you think the Pro would   be that much better? Im kinda on a budget here and the Remora is   rated for 75Gal, I would think that would be sufficient. I am also   looking at the new Coralife Super Skimmer, which has gotten good   reviews, but still leaning toward the Remora. which would you   suggest? Remora, Remora Pro, Coralife? <Coralife has gotten some favorable reviews on their new skimmers but the Aqua-C brand is tried and true, and in this case that is my choice. As far as the remora vs. the remora pro, while I am a fan of LARGE skimmers on tanks, the standard remora will do just fine on a 55 gallon tank, assuming you go with responsible stocking levels. One more note: When choosing the remora, choose the model with a 1200 Maxi-jet pump and not a Rio pump. Adam Jackson.> Aqua C EV-90  12/7/05 Hello crew,  <Hello Mark> I have just a quick question. I have a 30 gal. tank, 20 gal. sump, and a 10 gal. refugium. Would an Aqua C EV-90 w/mag5 pump, that is 5 years old and looks to be in good condition work well with my setup and would it be worth $100?  <All of the Aqua C EV series are very good skimmers. The EV90 has been replaced by a more compact EV120, but to answer your question, yes, the EV90 would be a great skimmer for your tank. If the pump and skimmer are in good working order I'd think 100 bucks would be a fair price.> Thanks  <You're welcome, James (Salty Dog)> 

Conversion to Reef and Skimmer Selection 12/1/2005 Hi, <Hello Rob.> I have a 55 gal FOWLR tank that I would like to turn into a reef setup. <Welcome to the addiction.> I currently have a ViaAqua canister filter and Prizm skimmer. I intend to remove the canister filter and add a refugium <Great move.> and new skimmer (probably modify a 20 gal tank to contain a protein skimmer and the refugium) and rely on the skimmer, refugium and LR for filtration. The tank is not drilled, so I would have to use an over flow. I've read mixed reviews on your site. Have you had any experience with the CPR or Marineland SOS overflows? <Generally not a fan of any hang on overflows but I know people who have had success with those manufactured by CPR and All Glass Aquariums.> Also, I was hoping you might be able to recommend a better skimmer than what I have now. I have been considering the Turboflotor 1000 or Aqua-C Urchin. Would these be good options? They seem to get a lot of good review on your site. Most of the stores in my area seem to carry the Coralife Superskimmer, CPR Bak-Pak and Pro-Clear Aquatics skimmers. Do these work well? <The Aqua-C Urchin will easily out perform the others you have listed.> I appreciate any help you can provide. <Hope this is what you were looking for.> Thanks, Rob <Welcome, Adam J.> 

Re: Reef Conversion and Skimmer Selection  12/03/05 Thanks for the response. <Quite welcome.> One quick follow-up question. For the size setup I propose, would you recommend the stander Aqua-C Urchin or the Urchin Pro? <If you have the resources I always say the bigger the better, I don't "believe" in over-skimming.> Would the Pro skim too much? <See above.> Thanks, Rob <Welcome, Adam J.> 

Urchin Pro skimmer  11/20/05 Hi, <Hello> Thanks for all the help I got so far!  I have a good chance to get an Urchin Pro skimmer - used and for cheap.  I'm setting up a 125 gallons aquarium with 20 gal sump. FOWLR for now, planning to add corals later in my live. I'm wondering if Urchin Pro will do the job. Rating says 75 gal +. Thanks again! Inna <Should be a fine addition. Bob Fenner> 

Cleaned Skimmer Not Working - 10/30/05 Hello... great site! <<Thanks>> I have looked for an answer to my question but haven't come across it. <<OK>> 4 days ago I combined a 70 gal. reef and a 50 gal. reef in a new 130 gal. tank. I probably used 60% old water and 40% new. I have an AquaC-150 that has worked well in the past. I gave it a thorough cleaning with vinegar as it was very dirty and calcified. It skimmed the first night for a couple hours and has done nothing since. I believe the water level is where it should be. <<Hmm...are you sure? After such a thorough cleaning you may need to raise the water height a bit for a while.>> There is no obstruction in the nozzle. The sump water level is consistent and the water comes directly from the overflow to the pump but the foam does not build up in the tower. <<Raise the water height until it does.>> I am wondering if my cleaning has screwed it up or if the tank move and all the new water have resulted in nothing to skim? <<Always something to skim. As you surmise, the cleaning has changed some properties in the skimmer...but no worries...make adjustments to get it working properly and keep an eye on it to make more adjustments as necessary as it "ages" again.>> Like I said, it has been 4 days now and I am confused, especially since I thought there should be some die-off with a move and a small cycle (which is why I would really like the skimmer working). Any insight and recommendation would be appreciated. <<Adjust and monitor...>> Troy <<Regards, EricR>>

Re: Cleaned Skimmer Not Working - 10/31/05 Hi, and thanks for your prompt response. <<Welcome>> I thought it must be the skimmer as you suggested so I moved my Remora Pro from the other tank I have running onto this new tank since I am concerned about the small cycle I may go through. This old skimmer was working fine on the old tank and now has the same problem in the new tank... no foam buildup. This makes me think it is something with the water in the new system preventing foam buildup. I have tested for all the usual and everything seems fine. Perhaps more telling is the fact that every living thing in the system seems fine, including 4 Crocea clams. Do you have any ideas? <<Hmm...most any system will produce skimmate with a good skimmer (like the AquaC you have), it is rare that a system would be so devoid of waste products/decomposition as to not produce anything...but that doesn't mean it can't be so.>> By the way, I used RO water and no chemicals other than salt. I am not really panicking since everything seems fine but I sure am puzzled why the skimmer would not even foam for a few minutes in 5 days. Any more insights are greatly appreciated. <<Trust your instincts for now, keep the skimmer running and keep an eye on the system. I'd be interested to hear how things progress.>> Thanks, Troy <<Regards, EricR>>

Re: Cleaned Skimmer Not Working (Update) - 11/02/05 Hi Eric (my father's name by the way), <<Hello Troy>> That's why I like you guys... because you're very knowledgeable. <<I like the sound of this. <G> >> The Remora started skimming after 24 hours of "settling in" and so it appears your first assumption, that the cleaning I gave the EV150, was indeed the problem. <<Heee!...I love it when I get one right!>> Incidentally, it is still not skimming after 1 week. I emailed AquaC (great service) and it seems the skimmer is functioning properly so it just may take some more time I guess. <<Hmm...possibly...>> At least I have another skimmer now working on the system in the meantime. Anyways, I just wanted to give you kudos for helping out and being right in the first place. Troy <<The pleasure is mine. EricR>>

Diatom Delight - 10/28/2005 Hi, <Hello> I've got an algae problem that is slowly taken over the substrate in my tank. <That's always fun.>  It is brown in color and looks like there is thin pieces of hair attached to it. I'm assuming "hair algae" :) <Sounds like a diatom problem.> I've checked my water and all is good. Amm0, Nitr0, Nitri0. I use RO water, do 5 gallon water changes a week(55g tank) My lights have been on up to 12 hours a day..........I'm thinking that is probably my problem. <I doubt it.>  So I'm cutting that way back to 6 hrs. <I wouldn't. Anything else I can do in the meantime? <You haven't mentioned a skimmer. If you don't have one that is likely your problem here. Here are some links to get you started. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/brownalgcontfaqs.htm  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/brownalgcontfaq2.htm  > Thanks <Sure. - Josh> 

Re: Diatom Delight - 10/28/2005 I do have a skimmer (Prizm). <Ah-Hah!>  It works pretty good. <Not from my experience.>  So you think the 12hrs of lights are ok.....? <Yes.>  From all the FAQs on diatoms I've read I've come up with the following conclusions... this is expected of a new tank (mine is 6 months old), monitor feeding amounts, weekly water changes, aggressive skimming... <This is likely your problem.> Do you have anything else to add? <I'd look for a much more capable skimmer.> Thank you again <You're welcome. - Josh> 

Re: Diatom Delight 10/29/05 Thanks for that speedy reply! <I must've sprained something on that last one. It's taken me four hours for this one!> Ok, now I'll put you on the spot and ask which skimmers do you recommend? <I don't really feel on the spot, but you should know we only speak from experience here (we don't endorse products). I was duped into a Prizm once also and decided to research my next choice. I've been quite happy with the AquaC line since then. Check out some forums for others input here. - Josh> 

Re; Diatom Delight - 10/28/2005 Hey, no complaints! <Glad to hear!>  An answer in the same day is good enough for me. <Whew!>  I've pretty much decided on turning in the Prizm for a Aqua C. <You won't regret it. Good luck on turning in the Prism though (you may be able to pay someone to take it).> Thanks again.....I'm sure I'll be back :) <You're welcome...we're not going anywhere. - Josh> 

AquaC Remora Micro Bubbles with Bubble trap - 10/17/2005 Hello and thank you for your support and help. I appreciate this wonderful site. <Hi there, and glad you enjoy it!> My question is how I can reduce the micro bubbles in my tank that are coming out of my AquaC Remora as I am using a bubble trap but bubbles are STILL going through the foam in the trap and back into the tank? Is there a "break in" Period? <Yes. I believe they say to expect this for the first two weeks. About right IME.>  Also, should I rinse out the Remora as I ran the Remora from the very first moment I filled the tank? <I would.>  At that time is was REALLY cloudy from fine aragonite substrate dust and everything was coated with a film. I have cleaned everything EXCEPT the innards of the skimmer. <Likely the skimmer is quite dirty from the dust. Cleaning this out will help maintain its efficiency.> The tank is a 75g in its first week of cycling. I am only using Kent Stability chemical to aid the cycling process. <Well, you've got a good skimmer. This company has excellent customer service as well. Contact them here for more advice on how to optimize its performance (pump upgrades etc.) as I believe this skimmer is rated up to 75g. - Josh> 

Protein Skimmer Selection 10/7/05 Hello Guys, <Hello.> I just need advice on hanging the Aqua C Remora Pro in the sump?  Do you think this will work as I don't want to put it on my main tank. <Yes this is possible, have seen it done before.> The CV 120 will not fit in my small sump and the Urchin, I've heard it's not as reliable. <In my experience the Urchin is just as reliable as the Remora. Its when you compare the Urchin to other in sump brands like ASM, Euro-reef and Deltec that it tends to look 'weaker.' Having said that it is still a quality protein skimmer. I would go with the Urchin for your set-up.> cPls advise, as I really want to get this product, my CPR really sucks! <The urchin will definitely outperform the Bak-Pak, hands down.> Thanks guys , you really help a lot of people that are involved in this hobby...keep up the good work! <Thank you.> Nemo1 <Adam J.> 

Re: Protein Skimmer Section, Aqua-C Urchin (good review)  10/19/05 Hey Guys ! <Hi Again!.> Finally purchased an Urchin Pro as per Adam J's suggestion, I salute you buddy!!! <Oh thank you, glad everything it is working out for  you.> this piece of equipment is the best investment I have ever made, it really ROCKS! <Awesome.> I should have known this website a long time ago.  <Trust me I feel the same way.> I wasted a lot of money on   protein skimmers from Berlin to Bak Pak and nothing really works like an Aqua C, it's not even 48 hrs since I install this skimmer and you won't believe how much gunk this thing is collecting from my tank.   <Yes a great brand indeed.> Hail to this crew!!!   Adam J, next time you visit this side of town (LA) let me know,  I will treat you so good that you don't want to leave. Once again, my thanks to all of you...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! <Thank you again my friend.> Nemo1 <Adam J.>

Re: Live Rock or Not? 9/5/05 Ali, I received my Remora Pro with the Mag 3 filter. WOW it is much quieter than the Prism even for a break in period. Thank you for the great advice. <Ginette, just wait until the unit breaks in! It'll be jammin'> I called every LFS and no one carried the AquaC products. I ordered through Marine Depot (yeah free shipping). <Ah, next time you call MD ask for me!> I am happy to say the 13lbs of LR is not dying so far on me. I am seeing some purple buds growing and found some tiny snails. I removed the air stones. Am I correct that the skimmer will give me the same effect and that this will reduce the salt creep? <Salt creep is only caused when saltwater comes into contact with aquarium edges and/or equipment, generally due to splashing or 'saltwatery' hands/towels touching them. You really don't need to be utilizing air stones so you did the right thing by removing them as the new skimmer will be much more efficient. I would highly recommend adding as much water circulation as possible, without blowing your sand all over the place, during the 'cycling' phase. This can be easily achieved by utilizing small powerheads such as the MaxiJet 900s (roughly 230gph while being an energy efficient 8 watts). Good luck Ginette! - Ali>

More Setup Advice (Skimmer Preference) - 07/23/05 Regarding the extra protein skimmer, you guys have a very high opinion regarding the AquaC skimmers. <<Yes, considered a fine skimmer by many...though my current favorite is EuroReef.>> If the cost is not a big issue would you recommend the Aqua-C EV- Series as being the top model. <<Is a fine choice and will likely serve you very well, but not "my" first pick.  My first choice is EuroReef.>> As I live in Thailand it is difficult to get high quality products as the Thai's always seem to opt for low cost, thus low efficiency.  I am not happy with AquaMedic skimmers, or their customer service, but it was the best I could find here.  Over in Thailand a Multi SL 1000 will set you back $500. <<Mmm...pricey, yes.>> I will e-mail AquaC and check out suppliers. <<I have spoken with them (Jason) in the past, very helpful/willing to assist, I'm sure they will do all they can to accommodate you if possible.>> Again thanks for your great website and all the information provided. Regards Alan <<Good luck with the skimmer search, Eric R.>>

Quick Skimmer selection question 7/7/05 Greetings Bob & Crew! <<Hello Ray>> I am in the process of moving and upgrading my reef tank.  I  currently have a thriving 55 gal reef and when I move later this month, I will  be upgrading to a 125 gallon with a 30-35 gallon sump/fuge (caught a deal on the  tank online, going to build the stand). Now, I have been using an AquaC Remora and have had great results  so I plan to stick to the AquaC line.  Since I will have a sump, I am  looking at the EV series.  Either the EV-120 or the EV-240 (have seen many  of each online).   My concern is this.  If I do go with the 240 which is rated  for 80-360 gallons, would I be overskimming my system? <<No such thing as overskimming.>> Also, would my pH  be affected by such a large skimmer such that I would need a calcium  reactor? <<No, you will be helping the pH by more efficient removal of dissolved proteins.>> Any input you have would be appreciated. Thanks again for all your help! <<You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>> -Ray

- AquaC Prize Winner - Good day to all of the wetwebmedia crew.  No question here, just a simple thank you.  I currently run a SeaClone skimmer on my 29 gallon tank which is in the process of becoming a reef tank.  Needless to say I have not been very impressed with the Aquarium Systems skimmer, which is unfortunate because they are an otherwise quality company.  I had purchased this skimmer prior to my discovery of your website.  I saw that Aqua C was a sponsor of your website, so I decided to visit their site.  I noticed they were doing a raffle with a chance to win a new Aqua C skimmer.  To my amazement I was picked as the winner (out of over one thousand entries)!  No longer will I have to struggle with an under performing skimmer.  I would like to wholly thank the crew for their insight on Skimmer Impressions (especially Steven Pro).  Once again your insightful advice has led to another positive influence on my behalf as well as countless others. They are giving me a choice on the model options:  Remora, Remora-Pro, Urchin, Urchin Pro, or EV-120.  Not yet sure which one would benefit me most. <Depends on the size and set-up of your tank. If you have a sump and the room for it, I'd run the EV-120.> Happy reef keeping, Eric <Thanks for sharing. Cheers, J -- >

Skimmer Insight, Tweak a Remora (but not on the nose) Hello Crew, <David> While searching through all the FAQs on protein skimmers, I noticed that many people have had problems with Aqua-C Remoras not producing much foam over time. I had the same problem with my Remora. Initial foam production was very good, but eventually it took two weeks to produce half a cup of skimmate. Even the larger Maxi-Jet 1200 that Aqua-C recommends did not solve the problem. <Ah, yes... an issue (pump selection, flow and pressure) I've talked over with owner/mgr. Jason Kim a few times over the years> However, I think I have found a solution, and was hoping to share it with those who actually read your FAQs before emailing questions. I think the real problem with these skimmers is that the pumps they recommend are not strong enough. I retrofitted a Rio 1400 (420gph) to my Remora, and foam production has increased significantly. The skimmer now produces at least a full cup of skimmate per week, and nitrates have dropped from 5-10 to barely detectable. I was a little worried the larger pump would make the skimmer too noisy. However, it is not any louder now than it was with the Maxi-Jet. <Good> Thanks again for the great site. If I had only known of it when I was starting out in the hobby!! I am sure my early days would have been much smoother and less expensive. <Thank you much for this input. Will post, send along. Bob Fenner> 

Ozone on a Remora Pro Good Morning Crew! <Good Afternoon, Andy>       I just want to start out by saying Thanks for all the info you've given me; I've had a Marine tank for about 7 years now, and if I would have found this website things would have gone A LOT more smoothly in the beginning! I also want to take a second, and tell you even after all this time, I still learned a million things while reading The CMA, and I'm in the middle of Reef Inverts; great work, It's amazing how much information is in these books! <Thank you for your kind words.>       On to the actual question, though... I'm going to be moving my aquarium to a different room in the home (Actually, starting a new one, and tearing the old one down slowly), and after much research here, and on other sites, I've decided to try using O3 on the Aquarium with an ORP/Controller unit, still unsure on the brand, but positive it'll make a nice addition to the tank. I have e-mailed Aqua-C directly a few months ago, and was told that they don't recommend running Ozone with the Remora Pro, but stumbling through your FAQ's, I see that the crew has given people some instructions on how to do it. I've got some questions on the logistics of it, if you can help.       1. The skimmer has a Mag-3 pump, and I understand that most recommendations are to effectively "T" in an ozone line between the pump, and skimmer inlet. Are there commercially available T's, even with modification, that you know of? Or would it be better to feed the ozone at the pump Inlet? I can fab something up there...       2. The addition of "air" to the pump will produce a drop in flow; is there a way to calculate the drop, and up-size the pump accordingly? The skimmer works VERY well, I don't want to slow that down.       3. Can carbon be placed in the Pre-filter/skimmer box to filter the return water? And is it safe to have it dump into the main tank like this? I can place this in my sump if necessary, it's just a tight fit.       4. Is this thing even "Ozone Compatible", or would it just be easier to just buy a cheap, venturi skimmer not to skim, but to ozonate? If so, do you have any recommendations?       5. Or is there a better way to do this, like putting a JG fitting in the body of the skimmer?       Just some thoughts; I figured I'd ask this time, instead of doing things "My Way" and ending up with another box full of stupid equipment modifications and purchases (Anyone want a Sea-Clone 100, or a Nitrate Reductor? :)  ). Sorry for my verbose question; I've been rolling this one around in my head for a while now... :) <Andy, before I answer your questions, please reconsider using ozone.  It isn't a bad thing to do, it's just that if a tank is properly maintained, ORP levels of 300+ can be maintained without the use of it.  I only say this because of the cost of an O3 generator and controller is kind of pricey and I can think of much better things to spend money on than an ozone system.  If that is what you want to do, I'll go through this with you.  James (Salty Dog)> Thanks very much for your help- <You're welcome.>             -Andy Broczkowski

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