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FAQs about the Yellow Band (and Asfur) Angels Compatibility

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Koran with Maculosus; comp.     7/31/17
Hello Bob -
<Hey John>
I think that I know the response you'll provide, but it's worth asking just in case, as you have far more experience than I do. Net-net, I have an 8 inch Maculosus Angel in a 265 gallon (been there around a year) FOWLR and with some noxious soft corals, i.e.; mushrooms and leathers (completely leaves them alone). He's been quite healthy, an excellent eater, but loves his cave and honestly doesn't come out much except to feed and sometimes
with the "moon lights" on. None of the other fish mess with him, nor does he chase anyone around unless if they dare to poke their head in his cave and he'll quickly chase them out without attacking them.
Here's my question. I've come across a beautiful (great condition, great eater, great demeanor) 10 inch Koran angelfish that has been in captivity for about 4 to 5 years and that was raised from about 3 inches. It's at a
LFS and was traded-in as it out grew its 125 gallon. What are the odds I could keep this Koran with my Maculosus successfully or am I playing with fire? Thank you as always!
<About 50-50... Would be better, maybe 80 some and the diff. IF the Koran was much smaller (let's say 3-4"); or best if both were. Worth trying? Bob Fenner>
Re: re: Koran with Maculosus     7/31/17

Thanks Bob! Better odds than I would have thought.
<Well; you do have a good-sized system, and both Pomacanthids have been reared in captivity a good long while. Both important factors>
Frankly, I wouldn't have even considered it much, but the Koran is such a nice specimen, has been in captivity for so long, and I have the history on it, that it's very tempting. Do you consider the Koran's aquarium conditions, i.e.; water quality (frequency of changes...etc.) and hardiness to be the same as the Maculosus (which has been very healthy)?
<They are close; I give the Angels of the (sub)genus Arusetta bit higher marks here. Bob Fenner>
Re: re: Koran with Maculosus     7/31/17

Awesome! Thanks again Bob!
<Welcome John. B>
Re: re: Koran with Maculosus    8/1/17

I thought you might like to hear back as I took the plunge yesterday and introduced this Koran with my Maculosus. I can gladly report that going on close to 24 hours together, there hasn't been a single issue.
<Ah, good>
The Koran has curiously and carefully peeked his head a few times into the Maculosus' cave with no issues whatsoever. They have both crossed paths a number of times while out and about swimming and with no issues,
not really even a flinch between either of them. I suspect the fact that the Koran has been in captivity for 4 years or so and grew up with other fish helps, plus that the Maculosus has always minded his own business unless somebody dared to challenge him which he has always quickly addressed. Further, I am sure the Koran feels much better in a 265 gallon vs. the previous owner's 125 gallon. : - )
<Thank you for your (upbeat) report John. Bob Fenner>

Asfur angel beh.      2/22/13
How's everyone? I have an asfur angel (little over 4") in my 90g Fowlr and he constantly chases other fish with occasional fin tears.
<To be expected... due to nature of the species and the small tank size>
How bad is this?
I mean,  they all hold their own and they're rather aggressive themselves (Flame Angel, Banana Wrasse, Maroon Clown, Dogface Puffer and Powder Brown Tang). I just want to make sure I'm not shortening these fish lives with the occasional chase and fin tear/nips.
<Can't tell from here. I'd add habitat to make more out of sight and hiding spaces, feed more often, and get a larger system ASAPractical. BobF>
Re: Hey guys....
Definitely plenty of hiding spaces and I really try not to feed too often... But i will feed more.... Thank you
<Not more volume/amt., but more frequently. B>

Asfur Angelfish     7/24/12
Hi my fellow aquarists. I found a 3.5-5 inch Red Sea Asfur Angelfish I can get for 189.00, U.S.
<A bargain>
 I read Mister Fenner's article on them and how hardy they are. My only question is a stocking one. The Aquarium it will live in is 96x36x36. It's inhabitants are as follows: 5" Bowers parrotfish, 4" Red Sea Purple Tang, 2-4" Yellow Tangs. 13" Vlamingi Tang, 6" Porcupine Puffer, 8" Pink Tail Triggerfish, 3" Huma Huma Triggerfish, 10" Coral Rabbitfish. Do you think I have room here for this fish?
<Yes, I do>
 I have a heavy duty Protein Skimmer, Heavy Filtration, 500 pounds of Live Rock, 5" of Live Sand, and 4 Koralia 7's, pushing 11,000 GPH, with the Main Pump turning the aquarium over 8 times an hour. I have to turn the Pump back a bit, as the overflows wont keep up with it on full strength. Thank you in advance for your help. I will await your reply, before moving forward here.
George Link.
<This will soon be your favorite fish. Enjoy it. Bob Fenner>
Re: Asfur Angelfish     7/25/12

Thank you Mister Fenner as always, for the rapid response. I ordered the Asfur Angelfish and it will arrive Thursday. I re-read your article on this fish and I will re-do an area of Live rock, after Drip Acclimating, and just before adding it, to give it a nice cave to retreat to. I will of course let you know when I get it established and how it is doing with it's Tank Mates. Thank you.
George Link
<Thank you George. BobF>
Re: Asfur Angelfish     8/9/12

Ok Mister Fenner, here is the update on my Asfur Angelfish. It arrived at 3", adult coloration, and looking great.! It is quite a gutsy fish, as it was constantly trying to hang out in the Yellow Tangs lair, in a large cave, only to be continually chased out. Finally I guess the Asfur won the battle of wills, and was accepted into their lair.! It stayed close to there for several days, venturing out slightly for a bit of food. After several days, it began to swim cautiously around the 500 Gallon Aquarium, picking at food and Algae. For the last several days, it is constantly all over the Aquarium, grazing. It loves my Selcon, VitaChem and Garlic soaked Spectrum Pellet, along with ANYTHING else I put in the Aquarium.! As you advertised in your article, this is a very personable and magnificent, beautiful fish, and I am truly enjoying, kicking back on my sofa in the fish room, and watching it.! Thank you so much for the advice as always. I am looking forward to watching this fish grow and thrive, hopeful for a long time.! Thank you.
George Link
<Thank you for this report George. B>

Mac Angel/ Sem. Butterfly compatibility  12/20/09
Hey Crew, you guys are really helpful. Thanks. I have learned a lot about Cyano bacteria control and fish compatibility here. While looking thru the questions on Semilarvatus Butterflies I saw a comment by a crew
member other than Bob (Eric R./Anthony maybe?) that advised someone against adding a Mac Angel in with this butterfly.
<Hmmm, they, these species are found in close proximity in the wild>
Well, I have one of these, and was considering a Mac or Asfur. I love these angels for their coloring and hardiness. I saw that about a week ago, of course I cant find it in the questions section now. Why wouldn't the Mac work with the Semilarvatus Butterfly?
<Got me.>
My tank is 240 gallons. Thanks again.
<Should work out fine IMO/E... the Angel will eventually be "too large" for either standard shape 240... 8 by 2 by 2 feet or 8' X 18" X 30"... Will suffer psychologically at several inches in length, need larger environs to do well. Bob Fenner>

Re: Mac Angel/ Sem. Butterfly compatibility 12/22/09
Oh man, cool, thanks for the feedback. Yep, I do have that first tank dimension you described.
I'd hate to stifle any animal. I already have a harlequin tusk, a Scopas tang, a banana eel, in addition to the one red sea butterfly in there. I'll just stop where I'm at on the stocking list. I had to give away my French angel last year, it got too big.
I don't want to start one I can't finish, you know?
<I do>
I wish I'd gotten a taller tank though! You guys are the best, thanks.
<Welcome! BobF>

Asfur Size question, and comp.   10/1/08 Hello, <Mornin' Ross> I've enjoyed your site for several years now. I have a question that seems simple, but I've had a hard time finding answers in the literature. I have an Asfur Angel. He's been in my one year old fish-only, resin insert 500 gal tank (+180 gal sump with AquaC EV1000) since the start. He survived the Ich that killed a lot of his friends. He's bossy, but tolerated 2 other angels (a smaller Asfur and a Majestic), before the ich got them. The tank is stable now that I've gotten a temperature controller. He shares it with 3 Chromis, 2 fairy wrasses, a Lyretail Anthias, Lawnmower Blenny, and 2 Heniochus Butterflies. It's pretty empty for a tank that size. <I can imagine> My question: How big will he get? He has grown from 6" when I got him to 9" now. The books say he can hit 15", but I have searched everywhere for an aquarium reference. No one seems to really know how big he'll get in the aquarium. <Mmm, can make a good guess... would grow to an overall length of 15" or so over a number of years, but will be slower as time goes by... Likely an inch or so a year till about a foot... then more like half an inch more in successive years> The reason I ask, is I am considering adding fish now that the tank is stable. I am curious about a queen angel. <Mmm, I would look to other families of fishes other than Pomacanthids... perhaps a leaning toward a biotopic arrangement (other Red Sea life)... Do give a look here: http://wetwebmedia.com/redseafwgv1.htm and the linked files above... I'd be asking about for some of the species of Wrasses, Tangs... found here> I am interested to hear what you think. Ross Kaplan <You have. Bob Fenner>

Large angelfishes in 170 gallon tanks   8/19/07 Dear Bob and friends, <Hey there> Thank you for all your previous answers to my questions. I spent so much time reading through. I have two tanks and they are both 170 gallons. I only want to keep two large angelfish in one tank and 7 green Chromis and 2 clownfish in each tank. My question is can I mix one Pomacanthus Asfur with one Pomacanthus Imperator in one 170 gallon tank with 7 Chromis and 2 clownfish. The other 170 gallon tank with one P. Maculosus and a Scribbled Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus duboulayi). There will be no other fishes. I really love to keep only large angelfishes. Thank you and I would really appreciate your answer. It would be so helpful for me. Thank you again. <Mmm, I would not do this... Some folks, companies have very good success actually crowding Pomacanthids (et al. families) together in greater numbers in large marine systems... but in this case... One's company, two's an untenable crowd... I would just go with one large Angel species in such a size tank... and the Red Sea Angels, larger tanks at that. Bob Fenner>

info's about big Mac and Asfur   6/12/06 Dear WetWebMedia, first of all i <I> want to thank you guys for the help giving me to solve the problem of my imperator. Now everything is solved! I have a Maculosus in my tank (around 600 ltr) <Will need more room> and i was wondering if it could be possible to purchase an Asfur too. <I would not mix these congeners in this sized system> I know it might seems weird, but i really love the little Arusetta! <These are gorgeous, intelligent marine Angels... but not compatible in any but huge systems> I've heard that the fishes from Red Sea area are downright friendly, surely less problematical than other specimens. <More so of the same species than elsewhere in their range in general... but not all by far> My question is: Can i purchase the Arusetta and store it together with the Mac without a massacre or a fish-carnage? Thank you very much! Best greetings Luke <Again, I would not do this. These animals don't associate in the wild... in fact, they are rarely seen "paired" with their own species. Bob Fenner>

Asfur Angel/Compatibility    4/15/06 Hello, <Hello Photon Fan> I enjoy your site and find it to be one of the most helpful on the web... <Thank you.> I have a 125 gallon reef tank. I recently purchased and just introduced a Flame Angel (about 3 inches long) a pair male and female Ocellaris clowns, a small blonde Naso and a Kole Tang. I was reading up on the Asfur Angel, it seems to be one of the more reef compatible angels out there. Is this true? <With caution, they are known to rip at hard and soft corals.> I have a large leather and a smaller leather that is a light blue color that I cannot identify, along with hammer, torch and a large colony of metallic green mushrooms and three large groupings of Xenia( they don't stop multiplying) and a soft moon coral. Are these corals considered noxious? <Wouldn't think so, just prolific.> And can I add the Asfur to my reef? <That will be your decision to make, no angel is completely reef safe.  Do search/read on this fish before making a final decision.> I also have 2 Burgundy Seastars and one large coral banded shrimp...Thank you  <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

Stocking Levels   3/3/06 Hello, <Hi there> I have a 150 Gallon FOWLR tank with a 75 gallon sump.  I have a skimmer that produces 2 cups of skimmate per week.  My current stock includes a 4 inch maculosus angel (very timid), <A showcase beauty though... will become more forthright with time> 2 pajama cardinals, 2 percula clowns, a 4 inch Soldierfish, 3 Heniochus diphreutes, and 1 Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura.  I am looking to add another fish to my tank.   Please let me know how any of the following would do. Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis Chaetodontoplus caeruleopunctatus Chaetodontoplus duboulayi Pomacanthus Paru <I'd leave off with adding any other large angel species... In fact, you'll need a system of double this size in time with the Mac.> Centropyge loricula a member of the Fusilier family Longnose Hawkfish Coris gaimard <... Mmm, of these, I'd go with the Hawk... most likely to get along... Or consider adding another Heni, or Velvet Wrasse females...> Thanks for your help, and if you have any other suggestions of possible fish please let me know. Jeff Tulson <Be thinking of that larger tank... where's it going to go? Bob Fenner>

Star Destroyer! Hi Wet Web Crew, My Juvenile (1-2") tank raised Map Angel (Pomacanthus maculosus) just tore apart my orange Linckia star, two legs are now missing. <Bummer) Now I have the star in plastic container inside the tank.  They are both in my 80 gal reef and have been together for about a month.  I have noticed the Angel picking at some other corals (leathers) but not doing much damage but now he needs to be moved. <It's just going to get worse, in most cases. Good idea to relocate him before more damage is incurred> I was wondering if I could put him in my 75 gal FOWLR, the current inhabitants are a 2' zebra moray 18" snowflake moray and a 2" fuzzy dwarf lion (Dendrochirus brachypterus).  They have been with smaller fish before and have been fine (1" blue tang).  Thank you for your reply and providing this great website. <I think that he will be okay for a while in that tank. However, this tank is getting to be on the crowded side. The fishes in that tank are messy, voracious eaters that can degrade the water quality in even the best-maintained aquariums in relatively short time. Plus, the size that the angelfish will ultimately attain dictates a much larger aquarium (150gal plus) if you want him to live a long, healthy life. Good luck! regards, Scott F>

Asfur Angel and tank mates Bob, this is the guy who merged the 55 to the 225 (72X24X30) over the weekend.   I believe it went very successfully as my water quality seems to be fine (no surge at this point).  Once the cloudy water cleared up I was ok (so far so good). <Ahh, good> I plan on waiting about a month or so to add other fish.   I am going to use my old 55 for a quarantine tank.   <Good plan> I want to eventually add a few fish only as I believe in keeping these fish happy for the long-term (I have kept Angel fish in the past for 10 + years and they really can become a "Family" pet).  I know I want to add a Sohal tang and possibly a Red Sea Raccoon).  By then my Asfur will be territorial.   How do you recommend the order for doing this or will it even work?   <The Sohal should go in last... put in the Raccoon.... and maybe a few Golden/Gold Mask Butterflies... first> I believe the Sohal will go in ok but the Asfur may attack the butterfly???   What other Red Sea fish would make a good tank mate for the Asfur.    <Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/redseafwgv1.htm> I plan on having no more than 4 fish that grow to any size and many inverts (shrimp, starfish and the like).   Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for all your help.   Over the years, I have found you to be the most knowledgeable, assessable, and helpful person on any subject of Marine Aquaria. Thanks again for all you do. Andrew <Thank you my friend. Bob Fenner>

Important: Need clarification on Pomacanthus maculosus and Scarlet Cleaner shrimp Hi Bob, <Jessica> We received this Angel as a gift (shipped) for our 150 gallon tank. I found the fish profile on your site. It stated that he will eat everything in the tank as far as anemones, algae, tubeworms, corals. My question is will he eat Cleaner Shrimp, Red Reef Hermit Crabs and Turbo Snails? <Probably not. If there is sufficient hiding spots for the shrimp, they can likely hide out during molts> He's been in a 40 gallon quarantine tank with a Decorator crab and a Purple lobster for six weeks and couldn't care less. I've moved all my corals to a smaller tank. He seems to have a great personality, if that doesn't sound crazy. <Not crazy at all. This is my opinion as well for this species> He's currently about five inches long and acts like a hungry dog. In the 150, I have a Forcipiger Longirostris, Centropyge bispinosa, Cirrhilabrus luteovittatus, Amphiprion Ocellaris (2), Pseudanthias squamipinnis, and Chrysiptera taupou. They've all been together for almost three years and get along great. The tank has 160 lb. of live rock, EuroReef protein skimmer, U.V., lots of circulation and plenty of swimming room. I know he'll reach 11" to 12." The only other fish that will reach any significant size is the Butterfly at 9", currently 5 1/2 ."  Eventually I'll work my way into a bigger tank, literally. <Yes> Thank you for all the information provided on your web site. You guys are a wealth of information and support! James Thomas Plantation, FL <Thank you for writing. Bob Fenner>

Good News From the Quarantine Front! >Hi Marina, >>Hi Kurt, nice to hear back from you. >Well everyone is back in the pool after an 8 week fallow period and everyone is doing fine (keeping fingers crossed). Spotless and eating like pigs.   >>FANTASTIC! >I have only 1 problem. My Mac is picking at the starfish and urchins. >>Aw.. <sniff sniff>, he's being a true angel fish.  I'm Faklempt. >No damage yet, but it has me a bit concerned. My Yellow Tang has 2 more weeks in quarantine but after she is introduced, do you think she might distract the Mac enough to stop this? >>Heh, probably not my friend.  Try adding some Nori (sheets of seaweed) for the angel to nibble on all day long is my suggestion, but now that you'll create "The Poop Machine". >Any ideas, or just time.  Thanks for your advise, help.  Kurt >>It's been my pleasure, Kurt, especially knowing that you're now meeting with success!  Our collective goal is accomplished.  Marina

Maculosus Angel and Maroon Clown I have a 55g tank with a 3.5 in. captive-bred Maroon Clown (Crusty), 2.5 in. captive-bred Orchid Dottyback (Mr. Pink), a 1.5 in. Eibl's Angel (Rasta) and about 50 lbs of rock.  Everyone is getting along great even though Crusty is the dominant fish.  I have an opportunity to get a 2 in. tank raised juvenile Maculosus Angel and I will be stepping up to a 150-180g tank within a year.  I know the Mac would be much smaller than Crusty but I understand that Macs usually establish themselves as the dominant fish.  Do you predict a battle that could end in a casualty if I introduce the Mac? <Possibly... but at least too much tension than I would like... Even the larger tank will not be big enough for more than a year or so... psychologically for the Maculosus> The bigger tank would lower the threshold of potential conflict but because the Mac is tank raised and I don't come across them very often, I want to get it right away.  So I'm seeking expert advice before I get into something that may not turn out good.  Thanks. <I would switch out the Maroon/Crusty if you feel you must have the larger Angel. Bob Fenner>

Asfur Angel Stocking Concern Dear Bob (or one of your associates): <MikeD here> It's been some time since I've last written, but I would like your input regarding a 180-gallon FOWLR tank that's been up and running very well for exactly 10 months.  This tank houses two smaller wrasses (a golden wrasse and a tricolor wrasse)<Here's hoping that these two stay compatible as they grow.  I'm not familiar with either under those trade names with many wrasses get extremely intolerant of relatives as they grow and mature.>, a pygmy angelfish, a Flameback angelfish < the same problem here....the Flameback IS a pygmy angel, with no way to tell which other pygmy angel you're referring to.  I'd use caution in adding any other small angels as those two have obviously adapted and established territory by now.>, a medium-size Foxface and a beautiful fish I added about four months ago -- a 4-inch Asfur angel with full adult coloration.  The Asfur was so perfect and priced so right ($69.99) that I just had to get him, and I did.  Also in the tank are two cleaner shrimp, four large Trochus snails, and a couple of white sand-sifting starfish. The tank has been doing great and all of these fish get along just fine with very few problems.  Keep in mind the Asfur was added last to this group.  Here's the problem.  The Asfur, despite his smaller size, is in full command of the tank.  I've tried to introduce several fish since he was added and he has zero tolerance for newcomers.  A large Auriga Butterflyfish was restricted to an upper corner of the tank and could not settle in.  He had to be removed.  Other fish have been met with the same determined resistance. I'd like to stock more fish in this tank so I'm interested in your recommendations.  I realize that I could always remove the Asfur, introduce more peaceful fish, and then re-introduce him at a later time.  But, that does not always guarantee compatibility -- especially in tanks with live rock where caves and hiding places are fiercely guarded.<Sadly, in an established tank there are rarely any guarantees, but your idea of segregating the Asfur may well end up being your method of best result.  The Foxface eliminates adding any further Rabbitfish, as this is the most aggressive of the family and usually doesn't tolerate relatives, even remote.>  What other types of fish would you consider adding that would be able to hold their own with a dominant Angel such as this one, yet leave my invertebrates alone?  Would a medium-sized Sohal Tang be able to handle this situation?< A tang, of course , is a possibility, and a Sohal of comparative size to the angel may fight back enough to fit in, keeping in mind that tangs too are usually "one to a tank per family" fish.>   Any other fish without making this tank "too" aggressive?<Possibly a Heniochus (Bannerfish), as far as larger, open water species? While the triggers of the genus Xanthichthys are attractive, active and peaceful for the family, they may well decide to remove the cleaner shrimp, so would be risky and still might be too docile for the angel at the same time. Some of the larger sand-sifting gobies might be worth considering as well, being of a type often ignored by angels.  As you've found out the hard way, small mouthed is not necessarily peaceful.>   As always, thanks for your input. Sam Mancini

Asfur Beat up by Purple Tang Hi Crew, <Mike> How's everybody in the wet world? My tank is 8x2x2 has been running for 4 months So far 80lbs of live rocks whooo it ain't a joke trying to fill this up. Tank is running excellent current inhabitants: 1 Ocellaris, 5 Green Chromis, 1 Purple Firefish, 1 Coral Banded Shrimp, 1 Lawnmower Blenny and my Current addition from the QT the pit-bull Purple Tang!! <Yikes, a new breed!> He's been in the main tank for a week. And I purchased an Asfur that's been in the store for 4 Months 4 inches adult coloration. When I released him in the main tank I didn't bother to QT as I've been watching this guy for quite sometime co'z no money = ) He went straight in to the Purple Tangs hang out place inside the big shipwreck when I turned the lights on he has so much scratches on the body with a long slice on the right side and a deep dent. My jaws just dropped Pomacanthus got his butt whoop by tang what is going on?? <The tang is bigger, badder, was there first...> He ate like crazy and the purple tang was still jerky every time he goes inside the shipwreck freaking shipwreck last night I wanted to throw it away. He is swimming around with pit-bull watching every moves. After I fed them I turned off the lights and went to bed thinking about my beautiful asfur. The next day I sat by the tank turned on the lights he was swimming and the tang seems to calm down except wherever the asfur goes the tang just keeps on following him and swimming closely to the rockwork. My question is I am worried about this scratches and the dent on my Asfur's body will this be permanent or scar? <Likely not> I am watching with fingers cross that he doesn't get a infection what are my chances? <Pretty good... large tank, otherwise healthy specimen... very likely tank bred, reared... so low stress> He is breathing normally. I just need to hear it from you guys. for peace of mind if I lose him my wife would definitely kill me please I need your expertise what should I do?. Thank you again more power to WETWEBMEDIA!!! Regards to all Aquarists!! Mike- <Bob Fenner>

Maculosus angel reef safe 8/9/05 Hello, <Hi Rob, MacL here with you today.> Simple question for you - Is a tank-raised maculosus angel less likely to eat corals than a wild caught specimen?  I have a couple of brain corals, star polyps, lots of mushrooms, Zoanthids, two different leathers and various inverts.  I am moving the corals into a separate tank but not for a couple of months.  I have the opportunity to get a tank-raised maculosus angel now.  How bad would he be in my reef for a couple of months?  I have raised an emperor angel in this reef tank and he barely touched anything, he recently died after 4 1/2 years and I would like to try again with a different species. <I did this myself with a tank raised maculosus and the only thing I had problems with were sponges and tunicates. He just chowed down on them. I think with most corals you would be fine.> Thanks for the advice and as always - love the website. Rob Mancabelli

350 Gallon Marine Fish Livestocking Hello, I got a question about a tank that I am going to be setting up in the next six month's it will be a 350 gal. I am going to put the fish i have in my 125 in there. <How nice for you, and your fishes!> Right now I have a stars and stripes puffer an Assasi trigger and an asfur angel. Will I be able to put a mappa puffer, a sohal tang or powder blue which would be better? <The Sohal by far... though this species can be/get feisty... the Powder Blue (Acanthurus leucosternon) is not typically hardy, would not be happy with these other fishes, and is a very common carrier of parasitic disease... a nightmare to cure/treat in a 350... Please do read over the Tang sections on the site: www.WetWebMedia.com and the associated FAQs files... on the Sohal (Acanthurus sohal) posted there> also a Conspiculatus angel fish i have heard they are hard to keep but i can get good condition specimens at the store i got to do you think they will do good together with the other angel. <Tough call here... the Asfur would/will be happiest being the only large Angel species... Read over the "Angelfishes of the Red Sea" and "Fishwatcher's Guide... Red Sea" sections on the WWM site (a full length version of the Fishwatcher's Guide is available in my latest book> The Hawaiian black trigger I would like to put also. But I can not find them often. <Actually this is a very common fish... worldwide in the tropics in fact... just not a great beauty (as in the market), and therefore not frequently collected... a hardy fish species. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>
Re: 350 set-up, stocking...
Hello, I just emailed you today about the new tank I am going to be setting up i am going to use one of the steel galvanized pools have you ever heard of someone trying to do this.  <Yes... and I encourage you to look into the Rubber Maid (tm) polyethylene tubs/troughs instead... the galvanizing in the metal can be trouble... even in freshwater... marines? A disaster... even if coated, lain over with liner... I would NOT trust this use> I was thinking of this because it would be more gallons than a 350 and it is cheaper because I have seen these steel pools for around a hundred dollars.  <Can't be used...> Then i would have more money for a sump and more in live rock i only have 150 pounds now isn't it recommended to have at lease a pound to a pound and a half per gallon i was thinking around 300 pounds to stay under my  budget.  <Look for multiple box deals from your LFS or mail-order, internet suppliers> How many fish do you think i can hold in this i already have a stars and stripes an Assasi trigger and an asfur angel i have a blue throat but he has been messing with my fish so i will take him back to the LFS. <Too many variables to give a rule of thumb> What is the average price for the Conspiculatus angels i have seen them at this place called the marine center that has them over the internet would it be good to buy from their? <Have heard they are reputable, have just signed on as advertisers on the Wet Web Media site.> all they say for price is call the website is www.themarinecenter.com . Would these two big angels live happily in here or would some thing like an emperor or queen work better. <Better to have only one large Marine Angel species, even in a large system as this...> Also what about a mappa puffer because you didn't give a reply about him being okay with my puffer <Should be fine> and i for sure want to add a sohal tang but will i be able to put other tangs in there to? <Yes, many other species could be mixed in... best not to be similar in appearance... read over the WWM site on the family> I just got my asfur angel yesterday he will not eat anything else besides the seaweed selects so far and i have tried angel formulas and flake food is this just because he was just put in yesterday? <Yes, takes a few days to settle in... no worries> Can you send me all the information you know about the Asfurs. <You can read all I have... on the site: www.WetWebMedia.com> What other foods should i try i also tried frozen shrimp.  <See the site. Bob Fenner>

Maculosus Compatibility HI, I have a Maculosus Angel in my 135 gallon tank. He is about 6" long and has been in the tank as the only angel for about 3 years. Can I add another angel such as an Annularis or French??? If yes, what size? <Mmm, well... not really... though the Maculosus is an "easier-going" species... three years is a long time to be boss then having to share... and a 135 is on the small side for two large angel species> Other fish in tank are: Bird Wrasse, Sohal tank, tomato clown, 2 damsels, 3 PJs and 2 small hawks. Filtration includes wet dry, ETS skimmer and UV. Thanks Jonathan <I'd look into other species. Bob Fenner>

Compatibility I hoping you can give me some good information. I have a 75 gal tank. It recently completed it's cycling. I have about 30#'s of live rock, 60#'s of live sand, 2 white-striped maroon clowns, 5 yellow-tailed damsels. I am factitious about taking care of my tank. I want to add 3 more fish. An Asfur Angel (3"), a Red Sea Raccoon,(4"), and a bicolor Foxface (4"). I understand that the Asfur will get very large. ( I will have a much larger tank in a couple of years). Will these fish get along, and how would they be introduced to the tank?  <Your Maroons may become/display a bit of obvert territoriality with age/growth toward all, but this is a "mix-able" assemblage. I would place the Butterfly, then Foxface/Rabbitfish, and lastly the Asfur, a good week or more apart> I do not intend to add any more fish to this tank. I will be adding snails and shrimp, possibly a starfish. What do you think? I have been advised against the Asfur. I have been told that they get quite large and can become VERY aggressive.  <About a foot long in two, three, four years... and not aggressive, or more aggressive than most marines... Especially now that this species is tank bred, reared, it is much more easygoing... and never was "that mean" for a large Angelfish> Presently the Asfur is in a tank with a 2" clown. She has been eating very well, ( even flake ) and seems very content. The fish store owner has had her for about 4 months. She seems great.... <Yes, a gorgeous centerpiece species> I appreciate your help. You have a GREAT and informative site. Thanks again. Kevin M. Mickey <Thank you for writing. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Red Sea Angels Mr. Fenner, Last week I emailed asking a question concerning mixing angels. I have a Red Sea Juvenile Imperator and you informed me that it was better to stick with species from the Red Sea (don't know if this included angels from the same family). Anyway, I found a small Asfur from the Red Sea, would this be wise to mix with the Imperator? <If you have a large enough system (depending on the size of the two angels to start a couple of hundred gallons), this should be fine. It is so that "generally" large Pacific and Indian Ocean Angels/Pomacanthids of similar size, color especially, don't mix well... but the Red Sea is a "different" place in many ways... Bob Fenner> Ron

Angels (compatibility) Hey there! <Hello> So I need some advise on how to make my angels get along. <A formidable task. Many possibilities...> I have a thousand gal tank with four large Angels. (15x4x2) I have a Mac (12") that has been with me for two years Emperor red sea (8") two months Blue face (6") two months Majestic (5") two months. The Mac just terrorizes the Emperor, so I put a divider in the tank now and he terrorizes anything else that is close to him in size (Desjardin tang). I have about 500lb of live rock in the tank. Do you think the problem may go away if I isolated the Mac by himself for a couple of months and upped the live rock to 1000 lb. <Worth a try. Some individuals do "settle down"...> You see the live rock offers restriction to currents and that is part of the reason I don't have the whole tank full of it. Please do advise. I love the Mac who is named after you (BOB) since your book convinced me to purchase it. Are they normally this territorial? <Less nowadays... with folks using "cultured" individuals of the subgenus Arusetta and starting from small size there is less frequent behavioral problems. Bob Fenner> Thanks.
Re: Angels
Hi! Bob, Is it possible to catch the MAC angel and clip of his gill spines with nail cutters or is that a bad thing to do? Would that stop him from hurting the other fish. Or will isolation take care of the problem? Please advise. <Is possible. Might result in a secondary infection there, elsewhere due to chasing, netting... the trauma might well "cure" the aggression for a bit to permanently... May not do much on the other hand to alter its behavior. I would just isolate this specimen for a few days. Bob Fenner> Thanks

Wrasse and angel Hi guys, 2 Quick questions. Tank is 72"x18"x18". Home to my Asfur angel and volitans lion. Each about 2.5 to 3". (1). I know how big Asfurs get in the wild, but how big is he likely to get in my tank, given an average diet and water quality. <About eight inches standard length, ten overall (ends of unpaired fins)... six in a year... the rest within two likely> (2). I love a lunare wrasse (Thalassoma lunare). If I got a small one, is he likely to cause havoc.  <Should be fine with the Asfur. Bob Fenner> I had one before, but I was very inexperienced, and I made the mistake of him being one of the first introductions to the tank ..... as he result he was a bit of a bully. Cheers, Matt

- Pomacanthus Maculosus Compatibility - Hi Guys, I received him as a gift without notice (shipped) and he's about 5 inches long. <Goodness...> I'm currently keeping him in a quarantine tank with a one and half inch Purple Lobster. I'll start with what I have and you tell me if I'm going to have a problem. <Actually, you already have a problem. Lobsters are not to be trusted with anything. You should keep lobsters only by themselves. Please separate these two or you may be quite sad.> Fish: Forcipiger longirostris Centropyge bispinosa Cirrhilabrus luteovittatus Pseudanthias squamipinnis Amphiprion ocellaris (2) Chromis atripectoralis (2) Chrysiptera taupou Inverts: Scarlet Shrimp (2) Astrea Snails (10) Scarlet Reef Hermit (3) Button Polyp Yellow colony polyp Mushroom coral Toadstool Green Starburst Polyp 3 Large Feather Dusters 150 gallon tank; 30 gallon reservoir tank connected. CPR Refugium Sump with EuroReef 25 watt U.V. 180 lbs. live rock You guys are great, thank you!  Carmina <Well, a fabulous fish, provided it survives the lobster would make a great addition to any tank, but you should be cautioned - it's very hard to predict what an angel might choose to take a pick at. Any coral is a potential target. Best to get the fish accustomed to eating intended food during the quarantine period and see how things go from there. Cheers, J -- >  

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