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FAQs about Commercial & Custom Tanks for Marine Systems By Manufacturer/Brand: BioCube

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Should I buy a Biocube?   6/12/2011
Dear Crew,
<Howdy DG>
I was thinking it is time to transition into saltwater aquariums. After doing research I learned about the Oceanic Biocube. From what I have read, they seem to come with everything (except a protein skimmer and a few others) that I would need to have a healthy aquarium; even sufficient lighting for some basic soft corals. Though, I have one question. Is it better to buy a regular tank then buy the other supplies or should I simply get a Biocube and do some upgrades as I go along?
I know a Biocube is expensive but wouldn't having to buy everything separately even more expensive?
Thank you very much for the reply,
Dante G.
<Good questions... Years back, when we had/ran retail fish stores, the "all-in-one" units were, to put it absolutely, "crap"... Starting 5-6 years ago, some very nice boxed systems have been produced... and I do like the Oceanic line. As a related note, the last 2-3 years I've penned a "small marine system" column for the UK hobby 'zine "Ultramarine Aquarium"... and now an example small system column for TFH here in the US (and abroad to be accurate)... Have had occasion therefore to make close examinations of
these units... and I like most all that I see.
How to put this succinctly? We're it me, I'd purchase this/these units.
Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Coralife Lighting/Oceanic Biocube Lighting 10/17/10
Hello crew,
<Hi Sam>
As a present a friend bought me a 14g Biocube a few years back. Tank has been running well, but recently one of the lights went out. Later after buying a replacement 24 watt actinic I realized it was fried wiring (tried to place the "good" fluorescent in its place and it still didn't work). I literally scoured the internet for hours trying to find a replacement (it is one of those special brand specific parts . . . I need to have the same brand or the light wont plug in). Unfortunately, I have no idea what the name of it is. I'm thinking it's called a ballast, but none of the images I've seen of them include the wiring and special coralife lighting outlets.
I rang customer service for Oceanic and got a robot, so before I scrap all hopes of getting my lighting back to normal without starting over, do you have any idea where I could find a replacement? (I tried Marine Depot and several other sites, but there may still be some places with it)
<I believe your best bet would be to contact Oceanic by email. Go here and click the "contact us" link. http://www.oceanicsystems.com/>
Best regards,
<To you as well. James (Salty Dog)>
Sam Sutonovski 

Help for a novice? Certainly! Nitrogen cycle new tank questions: 11/13/2009
First, thanks in advance for any help you can give me and for a fantastic website!!!
<Hi Alice. It is our pleasure as always.>
Ok, I'm very, very new to all of this.
<Welcome to the hobby.>
Silly me started 3 wks ago with promising my daughter a Nemo after a 10 gallon garage sale tank for $25.
Well, we went to a local chain got a heater, water, & 10# live rock.
Took some water in 1wk later told us that tank was cycled and ready.
(b/c that's what he told us to do). Now that I have been reading your website, I don't think it really could cycle that fast.
<If it was good cured live rock, it is possible in such a small tank.>
Bought a clownfish, shrimp, and turbo snail. It is now two weeks later and they are very happy. I have tested the water since and ammonia and NO2 are 0, NO3 20ppm before the 2gallon water change.
<With those test results, yes, your tank is cycled.>
In the meantime, we felt very sorry for the fish in such a small tank
<Yes, a 10 gallon is really to small for any marine fish.>
We bought a biocube29.
<A nice setup for a small tank.>
Everybody seems to say that the cube needs to be modified (getting rid of the bioballs).
<Not necessarily, bio-balls do become nitrate factories though. Read here:
I have the protein skimmer in 1st chamber with stock filter. (Despite many posts flow thru chambers
seems fine). I have filter floss in chamber 2 with plans to add a fuge with Chaeto. Chamber 3 will get a bag of Purigen.
<Sounds fine.>
I bought 30# of live rock with the most beautiful royal purple coralline algae from someone
taking his tank apart . It was still in the tank and beautiful. It took about 1-1.5 hrs to get it into water. I added 20# live sand from the store. I have not seen any ammonia spikes so today (day #4) I added some fish food (10 pellets). Do I need to put in more?
1. Is it possible the tanks won't really cycle b/c the live rock was already in a tank and ready?
<Very possible.>
2. How quickly will I see an ammonia spike after the fish food I added today if it isn't cycled yet?
<Again, if it was good live rock, you may never see a spike.>
3. My beautiful coralline algae is now 80% a grey purple instead of that gorgeous royal purple, I added some 'purple up' once, but not sure if I should keep it up if it is just the process it is supposed to go thru.
<It is suffering some die off. Coralline algae needs high calcium, and alkalinity to grow:
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/corallinealg.htm >
4. Now I am seeing a ton of green algae all over the coralline.
<What kind of algae?>
Should I put my turbo snail in now or wait until I know for sure the tank is cycled?
<I would add the snails.>
Will it go away on its own?
<Depends on the algae. Algae outbreaks are very common in new tanks--
usually a diatom outbreak (Brown scum) and then hair algae.>
If I don't take care of it now will it kill my coralline algae?
<Possibly, though with the right conditions, it will grow back.>
5. Are the mod.s to the tank ok?
<If everything is working fine, no worries.>
Am I missing anything?
<Probably, but don't worry.>
Do I need the fuge if it is a FO tank?
<They help with nutrient control, but are not mandatory.>
Thank you for any advice
<Here are a bunch of articles geared for the new marine tank owner.
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/greenalg.htm >

29 gallon bio-cube marine tank, 10/8/08 Hello to all. <Hi> I work at a pet store and saw a 29 gallon bio-cube tank. My husband and I have been wanting to start keeping marine tanks. We live in an apartment so space is limited. We want a fish only tank with a starfish. <I would suggest at least investigating live rock, it makes maintaining a marine tank much easier. As far as starfish go, stick with serpent stars for this sized tank.> I have talked to several people about the bio-cube and have heard several opinions on weather it is good for a small reef tank. <It is ok, but I prefer a more normal shaped tank with more surface area and ala-carte equipment which tends to be of better quality than what you get in all-in-one packages. If memory serves this setup also lacks a protein skimmer which I personally would not run a tank without.> I have always gotten great advise from you guys when it come to my fresh water tank so I was wondering what your thoughts were on this tank. Thanks again for all the great advise.. Virginia Hulse <My personal opinion is to get a regular 29G, a quality skimmer, LR, and a couple powerheads. I think you could probably do this cheaper than with a Bio-Cube.> <Chris>

Lighting, BioCube... nano nanooo  03/30/2008 Okay, I have had a 14 gallon BioCube since October of 2007. A few weeks ago the lights started to act a little weird. I woke up one morning and tried turning on the lights for the aquarium and they did not work. The next day the light did work, but the day after that it wouldn't work. It keeps working every other day (Yesterday they worked, today they didn't). Do you know what may be causing this, or what might be wrong? Thank You!! <<Sounds like an issue with the timers to me.. another tank to test them on perhaps? To many variables to be able to give any more best guess's>> <<Thanks, A Nixon>>

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