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What's So Special About The Aquatic Hobby?

Recently, while flying home from a major aquarium hobby conference, I paused to reflect on what it was that I enjoyed the most about the weekend. Sure, it was neat to hear lectures from some of the hobby's brightest "stars", and I really enjoyed the opportunity to see all of the latest gadgets. However, what I enjoyed the most was the chance to sit around a table with my fellow hobbyists-ordinary folks like you and me - and share stories and experiences about the aquatic hobby.

You only need to spend a short time talking with your fellow "fish nerds" to get a real sense of what is so special about the aquatic hobby- the people!  It seems that there is always someone out there who has tried-or is willing to try- that new technique, gadget, or procedure, and better yet- is willing to to share what he or she knows. The free exchange of ideas in this hobby is truly remarkable.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a hobby conference, local aquarium club meeting, or even to chat with some fellow hobbyists on line or at the local fish store, you'll immediately realize that our hobby is as much about people as it is about the creatures that we keep.

In a pure sense, a magazine like Conscientious Aquarist and a website like WetWebMedia is really about people! After all, we are compelled to visit this site because other people have taken the time to share their knowledge and experiences. We, in turn share our knowledge and experiences with others- ad infinitum!

As we release the second issue of this magazine, Adam and I can't help but feel that we are part of something much larger than a magazine. We are all part of a wonderful community of interesting people, brought together by our love of aquatic life. It is in this spirit of mutual love for the hobby that we invite you to enjoy, to learn, and to share.

Scott Fellman



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