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Editors' Notes


As we begin a new year here at Conscientious Aquarist, it seems only fitting to pause and reflect on what is really important to us as hobbyists.

The recent disaster in Asia made us all realize how very delicate life is, and how thankful we should be to have people in our life who care for us and support us in our endeavors. I know that I couldn't enjoy my hobby nearly as much if it weren't for the support of my significant other.

Despite the occasional admonitions not to spill water on the floor, or to stop stacking all of those wet towels on the furniture, I know that it's great to have someone to share my frustrations, joys, and adventures with! The truth of the matter is that this hobby is so much more enjoyable when we can share it with others.

It is really neat to get that new protein skimmer or that rare Discus, but what what is really important is to enjoy the hobby as part of the rich tapestry of our lives.

Thank you for enduring the slight "post holiday delay" in launching this issue of Conscientious Aquarist!

May 2005 bless us all with health, happiness, success, and the company of others to share our lives with.

Scott Fellman, Co-Editor


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