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Questions and Answers.

Questions and answers from the WetWebMedia database.

What can I keep with Aulonocara ‘ Ngara’?

I have a trio of Ngara peacock cichlids that I would like to breed. Ihave them in a 90-gallon aquarium. Is it possible to add additional cichlids to add life and color? I do worry about hybridization so I know other peacocks are out. If the answer is no, could I add additional Ngara to the tank? What cichlids would be appropriate based on the low aggression level of the Ngara? Thank you inadvance for your help.

Hybridization should always be considered when stocking cichlids, and I am very pleased that you are doing so! Aulonocara
stuartgranti ‘Ngara’ is only at risk of cross-breeding with other Aulonocara spp., so provided the other fish in the tank were from other genera, you'd be fine. Obvious choices for tankmates would be yellow Labidochromis caeruleus and Iodotropheus sprengerae, both peaceful and hardy Malawi cichlids. Avoid mixing Aulonocara with Mbuna; Aulonocara are simply not aggressive enough to do well. One possible exception might be Pseudotropheus ‘acei’, a reliably docile member of the Mbuna group. To some extent this would depend on the design of the tank -- the Pseudotropheus ‘acei’ like to hover above piles of rocks, whereas Aulonocara will utilize open sand areas. For more on selecting tankmates for Malawian
cichlids, have a read of the African Cichlid Compatibility FAQ at WWM.

Can I keep a brackish-water pufferfish in freshwater?

I wanted to know if it was okay to keep two Green Spotted Puffers with a couple a cichlids? I know they are brackish fishes. But can they still tolerate the freshwater? I really want to get one and I don't want to buy another tank. Any suggestions? I also know they are messy eaters, so I will do 50 percent water changes every week. Do you think it will be okay to keep it with freshwater fishes andaquarium? Why would you want a fish to just "tolerate" it's living conditions?

Yes, you will need to wait until you can set up the proper environment for these high-end brackish fish, that do quite well in marine conditions as adults. You absolutely cannot keep this fish in freshwater conditions indefinitely. Keeping any fish in conditions other than what is best for it will lower it's immune system, causing stunted growth, disease & shorter lifespan. See this article on WWM for more information.

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