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Volume 5 Number 2, Summer 2008

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The editors take a look at Wet Web Media: what it is, and what it isn't
Every year many new cichlid species arrive on the market, with cichlid enthusiasts willing to pay high prices to obtain a few specimens for their collections or breeding programmes. Sometimes the fabulous, astonishing, new Callochromis.... An article by Daniela Rizzo
Although Lake Malawi is a little smaller than Lake Tanganyika, it is home to several times more cichlids species of cichlid, with current estimates putting the number of Malawian cichlids at around 650 species compared with around 200 for Lake Tanganyika.... An article by Neale Monks
Moray eels without a doubt are among those fish you’d call oddballs if they were from freshwater. Most specimens usually hide their long bodies in narrow gaps and holes all day, but if they leave them for food or explorative purposes..... An article by Marco Lichtenberger
I have just returned from the last International Marine Aquarium Conference and I thought it would be a good time to review the status of copepod products which are available to home hobbyists.
An article by Dr. Adelaide Rhodes
Elasmobranches are fascinating creatures. They have stirred the interest of man for literally thousands of years, and are well documented for hundreds of years in cultural foods, paintings, dances, superstitions, reverence, folklore, fear, respect, and many other forms... An article by Adam Blundell M.S
A lot of newcomers to the hobby rely on advice from the guy in their “local fish shop”. They often report back that their LFS guy said that they could have this fish or that invertebrate, or that they needed to buy this gizmo or use that medication. An article by Alison Pride

Would you like to get pictures like these of your own pond? Record your pets’ markings for posterity? Or just visit their world?... An article by Maxwell Smith


A Selection of questions and Answers from the WetWebMedia FAQ page's, selected by Andrew Nixon
If you fancy writing for Conscientious Aquarist, then read our instructions for authors. The aim of the
magazine is to publish articles that explain and extend the hobby in a responsible, ethical manner.



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