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Editorial: What WWM is and is not
WetWebMedia is a place to get expert advice and inspiration. As of 2008, some twenty to thirty some thousand people use WWM daily. The crewmembers are all experienced hobbyists who want to supply visitors with a valuable and reliable source of information and inspiration. Every day we answer dozens of queries from hobbyists of all levels of experience; sometimes those questions are easy to answer, but often they're not.

In other words, running the WetWebMedia FAQ page is hard work. To really fulfil our ambition to provide the best service to all our visitors, we need your help. More specifically, we need you to understand how the site works before you send us your questions! A lot of the time we're answering questions that are answered perfectly well elsewhere on the site. This is bad for you: why waste a day waiting for a reply when you could get your answer right away?

WWM is indexed and catalogued
There's a contents list on the front page, and a Google search box as well. Use them.
Question about Goldfish? Start from the Index, and go to the Freshwater page, then the Livestock 1 section lists Goldfish among other fish. Go there. Scroll down that page and you'll find links to dozens of articles and FAQs on Goldfish running from basic maintenance and housing through to diet, breeding and healthcare.
Pretty much everything can be got to in two or three clicks from the starting page. Even allowing a bit of time for scrolling and browsing, you're still going to find what you want in a few minutes. Compare that to waiting a day or two for hearing back from the FAQ crew after sending them an e-mail. It goes without saying that the time saved can make the difference between life and death were emergencies and acute health problems are involved.

WWM is a reference work
WWM is developed, built and maintained by fellow aquarists of proven expertise and experience, offered free to the public. There are articles on just about every topic within the fishkeeping hobby: tropicals, coldwater, brackish water and marine. There are lots of articles on ancillary topics as well, from conservation and diving through to good business practice.

WWM is not an all-inclusive reference work
As deep and inclusive as WWM is, it can't pretend to be the last word on every topic. It isn't a replacement for a good guide or textbook. Though we try to cover as much as we can and hope to provide valuable direction and inspiration, it is not our intent or purpose to be all things to everyone. Instead its our aim to fit in between the good in-print reference works in the bookstores and the hobbyists who need additional information and explanation before they can put what they've read into use. Think of us as interpreters and helpers.

WWM is not a bulletin board or forum
We do in fact have our very own forum, and that's the place to share ideas and discuss experiences with other hobbyists of similar mind. Much as the crew here on the WWM FAQ team would like to spend all day chatting about fish, we're an all-volunteer brigade and have to fit in our work here with our jobs, families, friends and of course our fish!
By all means send us comments and criticisms, but please be patient and understand if we have to prioritise our replies to get back to those who need urgent help.

WWM is not an advocate of products, manufacturers, brands or services
Crewmembers are at liberty to state what they have found works well, and what doesn’t, in their experience. Out of necessity this means that sometimes crewmembers praise some products and condemn others. In turn we'll freely post good and bad experiences of those who've sent in queries and comments. But we have nothing to sell, no palms to grease, no axes to grind.
You may find us promoting something produced or traded by a given sponsor, but you'll also find other folks being promoted alongside them, folks who aren't sponsors or affiliated with WWM in any way. The opinions expressed here are just that, individual insights and views. Accept them as such, or if you disagree, write in and we'll post your comment alongside.
WWM is here to help

Please do write to us if you find that your particular problem or issue is not sufficiently detailed elsewhere on the site, or the information given not specific enough to your situation. All of us on the crew enjoy helping other hobbyists in the fishkeeping pastime we enjoy so much!

Bob Fenner

Copyright © 2008 All rights reserved.


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