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About The Magazine

Conscientious Aquarist is an on-line magazine dedicated to the sharing of information about the aquatic hobby. Content is intended to promote the husbandry of aquatic animals in a responsible and ethical manner. Material presented includes information on freshwater, marine, reef, reptile, amphibian, and pond care, animal selection and general husbandry.

Our intent is to provide content which will inspire the beginning hobbyist, encourage the intermediate hobbyist, and provoke the advanced hobbyist to investigate new areas of the art and science of aquatic husbandry. Of foremost importance is that this magazine serves as a forum by hobbyists, for hobbyists, and that the content be presented in a straightforward, friendly, and non-intimidating manner. Particular emphasis will be placed on a “how I do it” point of view, without excessively scientific material, which might be intimidating to a novice hobbyist.

Article Submission Guidelines

Articles should be submitted via email as an attachment as either an RTF or Microsoft Word formatted document. The email should include the author’s name, address, email address, website URL (if applicable), and a brief “autobiography” of the author. We encourage contributors to present a “casual” autobiography covering their hobby experience and interests,
not simply a “resume” of hobby and academic achievements. We welcome submissions from hobbyists and authors at all levels of experience. Be sure to include any photos, illustrations, and artwork that is appropriate for the article. An appropriate bibliography and list of references are encouraged. Since we have access to WetWebMedia’s vast
library of photos, please advise if you require a specific photo or photos to


Once accepted for publication, we will make payment directly to the author at the rate currently in use ($150.00-$200.00 per article as of 2008). The author should specify if payment should be made via check or PayPal.

Conscientious Aquarist shall retain the right to use the material used, including text, photos, and illustrations in archived back issues of the publication or for educational purposes on All authors will be appropriately credited. The author will retain all subsequent rights beyond those described. By submitting material to Conscientious Aquarist, the author is expressing a warranty that the material is unpublished, original, and does not infringe upon the rights of others.

Conscientious Aquarist cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage of submitted material. Every effort will be made to properly store all material submitted. However, it is our recommendation that the author retain copies of said materials.



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