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Volume 5 Number 3, Winter 2008

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Every day the WWM crew receives around 30 queries from fishkeepers around the world, covering topics from every conceivable branch of the hobby. A sizeable proportion of those queries have one thing in common: too many fish in too small an aquarium...Editorial by Neale Monks

Betta Behavior and Husbandry: Linking Betta splendens Aggression with Community Tank Preservation

Bright colors, elegant finnage, and a feisty attitude to boot….these are the traits that have attracted young and old alike to the remarkable world of the Betta fish. An article by Lonnie Lindberg

Crayfish Basics

Many people associate crayfish with their youth. Mention the word “crayfish” and people respond with something like “oh ya, I used to catch them down at the creek when I was a kid”...An article by Justin Pierce

First Steps in Marine Fishkeeping

I’ve been in the aquarium hobby off and on for more than twenty-five years. During my twelve years in the military, I’d stuck to small freshwater tanks due to frequent moves, growing kids, etc. Now that my life has settled down somewhat I decided it was time to get back into saltwater. An article by Michael Van Bibber

Phosphates in Marine Aquarium Systems

When talking about phosphate in aquariums, usually so called orthophosphates are referred to. These are (mostly) negatively charged ions containing phosphorus, oxygen and at least some of them hydrogen. An article by Marco Lichtenberger

Stocking 5, 10 and 20 gallon freshwater aquaria

“The bigger the aquarium, the easier maintaining it will be.” This is probably the single most important rule in the hobby, and for someone setting up their first aquarium, it is an absolutely essential fact of life. An article by Neale Monks

Surviving extended power outages: how to keep your aquarium alive!

Recently, many citizens of the southern United States were mildly to severely affected by the hurricane activity that took place there this summer, including ourselves. An article by Mike Maddox and Merritt Adkins
A Selection of questions and Answers from the WetWebMedia FAQ page's, selected by Andrew Nixon
If you fancy writing for Conscientious Aquarist, then read our instructions for authors. The aim of the
magazine is to publish articles that explain and extend the hobby in a responsible, ethical manner.



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