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Volume 6 Number 2, Spring 2009

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Is “advanced fishkeeping” the same thing as “marine fishkeeping”?

...Editorial by Neale Monks

The Chocolate chip sea star (Protoreaster nodosus)
By Marco Lichtenberger

Common to both the pet fish and souvenir trade alike, the Chocolate Chip Starfish is well known among aquarists as well as to tourists and curio collectors.

A New Look At Loaches By Neale Monks
Loaches have become steadily more popular in recent years, and more species are available now than ever before. Some can make excellent community tank residents, but others are challenging fish that demand special care.

A Saltwater Puffer Primer: Big Pufferfish! By Mike Maddox

Marine puffers are fun, cute, interactive, yes, but they’re also big: all the true puffers in the marine aquarium trade attain at least 12 inches (30 cm) in length!

Making Vegetarian Gel Food for Fish: Five Minutes, Five Easy Steps by Nicole Putnam

Anyone who keeps fish will quickly learn that not all fish foods are created equal; some are definitely better than others, relying on any one type of food can lead to nutritional deficiencies in the long run.

The Use of Kalkwasser by Russell Schultz

The use of kalkwasser (lime water or calcium hydroxide) is often debated very strongly amongst its adherents and opponents. Although I do not use it, I have to admit that used properly, Kalkwasser is a safe, effective and economic supplement of both calcium and alkalinity in reef aquaria.

Reef Safari! By Alexander Thomasser

For all Mac users out there -- no, I am not referring to your web browser! Instead, I’m writing about keeping zebras in your reef tank; how cool is that?

Understanding Bacterial Disease in Aquarium Fish by Myron Roth, Ph.D

Recognising that your fish is sick is easy for most aquarists. Knowing what is causing it to be sick can be elude even the most advance aquarist.

A Selection of questions and Answers from the WetWebMedia FAQ page's, selected by Andrew Nixon
If you fancy writing for Conscientious Aquarist, then read our instructions for authors. The aim of the
magazine is to publish articles that explain and extend the hobby in a responsible, ethical manner.



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